Mad Max: Wasteland is a 2019 Australian-American post-apocalyptic fantasy action film written and directed by George Miller. It is the fifth instalment of the overall Mad Max film franchise, distributed by Universal and Village Roadshow Pictures in conjuncture with producer Jason Blum and his distribution company Blumhouse Productions, a division of Universal.

Following on from the events of the previous 2015 instalment Fury Road, Wasteland oversees Max Rockatansky align with an aboriginal female warrior Bindi Jedda, her young brother Waro, elder Omeo and the dystopian Australian faction Gibber as they combat the twisted ruling Wasteland outer reaches groups: The Bassinests led by the cultist Cradle Anders and mutant collective entitled Lustre.

Tom Hardy and Angus Sampson reprise their roles from the previous film while the rest of the cast is rounded by a new ensemble, including Yasmin Honeychurch, Aaron L. McGrath, Margot Robbie, Abbie Cornish, Jacki Weaver, Hamilton Morris, Rose Byrne, Joel Edgerton and Bryan Brown.


Following the events of Fury Road, Max finds himself after parting ways with Furiosa out on the Wasteland Plains, where salvaging supplies with a group he is attacked the mutant collective Lustre: led by the Sand who massacre everyone but Max and companion Ildy. Max and Ildy take off by vehicle as Ildy is fatally wounded in combat with the Sand, the two are forced after a collision to seek refuge in a nearby crevice, where Illdy succumbs to his wounds in Max's arms.

The Lustre led by Sand reconvene with leading Wasteland faction The Bassinets: a cultist group headed by mother Cradle Anders and her two daughters: Desertine and Jewel.

Max follows them out on the plan of launching a final revenge assault against the attackers, but due to his own injuries finds himself immobilized not far from their meeting point. He is saved by aboriginal warrior Bindi Jedda, of the thought extinct faction Gibber, heralded by elder First Nation combatant Omeo.

Bindi brings Max back to the Gibber's secret Outback village Nilma, where Omeo in audience with Max requests his help in taking down the Bassinets and Lustre. Max initially declines stating he has places to be, and is set to travel on to his own home. His mind is changed by Bindi and her younger brother Waro, as their own backstory correlates with his tragic history, including the recent massacre of his aiding friends.

A group of Gibber warriors known as The Warragul, a secretly stashed away Waro, Bindi and Omeo accompany Max back out to the Wasteland to strike the two factions at their main bases. They first travel their way to the Hazelwood Plant, the set-up of the Lustre, but along the way lose three men at nightfall to radiation affected dingoes. A sandstorm hits as they reach the Yinnar Chasm, which forces a jump as exiled Lustre mutants known as the Heretics attack them at the border of the chasm, hoping to bring them to former leader The Sand and barter readmittance.

The Heretics are undone as they in a jeep face off, crash into the open chasm, leaving behind only their renegade leader Millos, who is taken captive by Max and the others.

The group then arrives at Hazelwood and proceed to sneak into the power plant but are thrown off as Millos reveals their location and watch him be shot down by Lustre guards.

They descend to the distillery and face off against The Sand and his generals.

In the end The Sand in leaves Max and Bindi with the directions to the base of the Bassinets: the old Sydney Opera House. Warragul warrior Trenton is revealed as being radiation affected and begins to mutate, leaving in a monstrous state, having already killed off several other Warragul squad members. He releases a vat of sulfuric acid upon the room, killing himself and unfortunately Omeo, who self sacrifices to allow Waro to successfully climb ahead of him on the ladder out.

News of Max and the group's plan to bring down the Bassinets reaches Cradle after the destruction of Hazelwood Plant and death of The Sand, leaving her to dispatch four assassins known as The Elementals: Firaga, Aquina, Pyros and Aero.

At the spot of the Murray river a memorial Dreamtime ritual is held in Omeo and the lost Warragul warriors' honour, where Max is welcomed in by Bindi to honour his deceased wife, child and all the others' lost along the way. Max demands Bindi take her brother back to Nilma and he will deal with the Bassinets himself.

Unfortunately by morning as he has drugged them and plans to drop them back at the Marker heading home, the Elementals attack, using elemental attacks against them. They are revealed as harnessing energy from the core of Hazelwood and are killed in battle against Max, Waro and Bindi.

The rest of the Gibber arrive as contacted by Max to bring back Waro and Bindi following the battle, despite Bindi's objections.

Max reaches the Opera house ruins by nightfall and is captured by Cradle's daughters Desertine and Jewel. He is brought to the throne of Cradle, who aided by her ex-husband and amplified mutant bodyguard the Berserker sets a cult ritual, to sacrifice Max to God. Desertine however betrays her sister and mother, releasing Max and fights her sister, falling into the pit of discarded Bassinet community members who appear as skinless, monsters left to rot by Cradle after her many failed experiments. Jewel is rescued from being torn apart by the Discarded as Desertine pulls her to safety.

Max is ultimately killed by the Berserker but is saved as Bindi, Waro and the rest of the Gibber arrive, armed and do battle with the Bassinets. Max gains the upper hand and stabs the Berserker in the head, which in a final moment of life utters thank you to Max, for releasing him.

Re-animated undead warriors encased in stone from the walls are released by Cradle who ultimately injects herself with the core chemicals taken from Hazelwood, contained in a syringe. Her body however struggles to contain the transformation she begins to undergo, and she is ultimately disfigured and left to collapse into the Pit and be devoured by the Discarded.

Waro sets off explosives as Max, himself, Bindi, the Gibber and the Anders sisters escape to the surface with the Opera house collapsing.

Max bids farewell to the others as the Anders are coronated into the Gibber tribe who take dominion over the Wasteland and utilize it's resources to build a better home. Max in a final goodbye to Bindi leaves her with his car, as he leaves by jeep to head home.


  • Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky
  • Yasmin Honeychurch as Bindi Jedda
  • Aaron L. McGrath as Waro Jedda
  • Margot Robbie as Desertine Anders
  • Abbie Cornish as Jewel Anders
  • Russell Crowe as The Sand
  • Judy Davis as Merimbula Penns
  • Luke Hemsworth as The Berserker
  • Joel Edgerton as Danbar Rogers
  • Rose Byrne as Grenadine Walters
  • Miah Maden as Marlee Killda
  • Hunter Page-Lochard as Djalu Nilma
  • Jacki Weaver as The Cradle Anders
  • Hamilton Morris as Omeo The Overseer
  • Bryan Brown as The Ranger
  • Eric Bana as Warrigal
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