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Macy's Market is a spinoff of the popular Paradox Seris The Junkyard Kids. The serie follows the employees of Gretdale's market as they try to run a normal business in a not so normal town. The series was greenlit by Brooke Jordan in late 2013 after the communities strong enjoyment of the crew in the market, and Dixon's desire to expand the lore of the town through another show.  

The show ran for four seasons and was cancelled in 2020, ending with a four part finale that took place at the same time as the events of the third season. The show sparked controversy for being able to release four seasons int he same amount of time that the main show released three seasons. Ana Dixon said that because of the shows fewer episode count, less of a story, and cheaper animation, the show could be churned out faster. However, people still remained angry. The show was cancelled because Season 4 barely made a profit, and Jordan was worried a fifth wouldn't break even. This was the same reason Life is Boring was cancelled as well. 


Main Cast

Macy Francis (Voiced by Eleanor Greene): Macy is the owner and manager of Macy's Market. She is an elderly woman, old enough to remember when the worlds biggest problem was global cooling. She is an ally of the Junkyard Kids, and the reason they appear on thes how. Her voice and personality was based on Carrie Fisher. 

Bryce Bates (Voiced by Nathan Everett): Bryce is the box boy. He's in charge of unloading trucks and stocking the shelves. 

Steve (Voiced by Declan May): Steve is the butcher of the market. He is a large muscular man who scares away children. He has a large motorcycle collection, and that's probably the reason he still lives in a trailer. Steve has been divorced three times. He has an active rivarlry with Stacy because he likes meat very much and she's a vegan.

Stacy (Voiced by Grace Lane): Stacy is a cashier at the market. She is a student at Henry and Melissa's school, and because of this, isn't at the market during the school day. Stacy is an advocate against animal testing, and attempts to get the others to participate in her protests. She is a vegan, which has caused her rivarlry with Steve. 

Taylor (Voiced by Marissa Robins): Taylor works at the Pharmacy inside of the market. She does not take her job seriously and is constantly skipping work. She is fired in the Season 2 finale, but returns to work in Season 3 because Macy couldn't find anyone to fill the position. Taylor attends school with Henry and Melissa. It is unknown why she was hired to work the pharmacy, considering she isn't a pharmiacist.

Justin (Voiced by Nathan Everett): Justin works at the bakery of Macy's Market and is in charge of serving customers. When the bakery is closed, he's working as a cashier. Justin is always a skeptic of the towns paranormal properties, despite coming face to face with them every day. 

Hazor (Spaghetti Yeti) (Voiced by Gunnar Lambert): The Spaghetti Yeti is a Yeti who lives in the freezer of the market. He ran away from the North Pole after almost getting the village revealed to F-PID. The Yeti's name is actually Hazor but was given the nickname Spaghetti Yeti by Macy's grandson because his favorite food is spaghetti. That is his nickname that the store staff call him, but Macy and Steve call him Hazor. 


Dale Brown (Voiced by Walter Stevens): Dale a part time cashier of the market. He's 16 and goes to school with Henry and Melissa, and is often at school, and not working. He spends his free time watching as many movies as he can, and is often quoting films, and comparing events to film.   

Jack (Voiced by Walter Stevens): Jack is the sole worker at Stan's Mini-Pizzeria, and is considered by Macy to be a part of the stores family. He dreams of leaving his position and opening his own pizzeria, but he cannot do this because he's poor. Jack starts dating Taylor in the third season, but they break up because Taylor is doesn't care about Jack. 

Walter (Voiced by Tanner Woods): Walter is the baker of the market. He is always cooking up new baked goods for patrons to purchase. Walter also gives free samples to everyone but Taylor. It was hinted that they previously dated. This was confirmed in Season 2. Despite being the baker, Walter goes to school with Henry and Melissa.

Anthony (Voiced by Max Anderson): Athony is the janitor of the market. He and Steve are usually the first two sent to handle a paranormal crisis. 

Rachel (Voiced by Blake Byrne): Rachel is a new cashier that started working at the market in Season 2, following the events of Help Wanted. Rachel keeps to herself, but Taylor pulls her out of her shell quickly. She is currently attending a community college which, while unnamed, fans believed to be the same one from Community College. This was deconfirmed by the show-runner of Community College because he didn't want to have to try to explain how paranormal activities can exist and yet never show them on the show. 

Madison (Voiced by Lily Raymond): Madison is a general helper of the store. She is usually helping either Steve at the Deli or Bryce with unloading the delivery truck. She comes from Texas and moved to Gretdale to help her uncle tend the farm. She got a job at the market so they could buy a tractor. 

Reverend Peters (Voiced by David Prowse): Reverend Peters is the reverend of Gretdale's church. He is a regualr patron of the market and is always helping out the people affected by the towns paranormal properties. 

Sheriff Douglas (Voiced by David Prowse): Sheriff Douglas is the Sheriff of the town. He is a regular customer at the Market, and is always investigating new leads. He is a typical family man. His many experiences fighting the anomalies in Gretdale have made him a very sarcastic person.       

Henry West (Voiced by James Hill): Henry is a member of the Junkyard Kids.

Melissa May (Voiced by Allison Brie): Melissa is a member of the Junkyard Kids. 

Lilac Waters (Voiced by Lori Anderson): Lilac is a member of the Junkyard Kids.

Bridgette (Voiced by Lori Anderson): Bridgette is a member of the Junkyard Kids

Jake (Voiced by Tyler West-Halse): Jake is a member of the Junkyard Kids.

Minor Apperances

Sheila Jones (Voiced by Chloe Rogers): Sheila is Steve's second wife. She makes two apperances in the series. 

Stan (Voiced by Aiden Conhart): Stan is the owner of Stan's Pizza and has become rather wealthy because of it. The show has a running gag of showing him with a different woman everytime he appears. However, he rarely appears so the gag doesn't have a full effect on the audience.

Farmer Bill (Voiced by Adam Bradley): Farmer Bill owns a farm in Gretdale and is Madison's uncle. He is a major agricultural supplier of the market and if his crops have trouble, the market as a whole runs low on supplies. 

Claire (Voiced by Danielle Burke): Claire is Madison's roommate in College.

Anna (Voiced by Jackie Buscarino): Anna is Macy's 21 year old granddaughter and heir to the Market. She is ungrateful and controlling in her first appearance, but as the series progresses, she becomes much more tame. In The Yeti Project, it is revealed that she is a lesbian who is struggling to come out.

The President (Voiced by Anthony Atamanuik): He's literally just Donald Trump.

Episode List

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 15 July 10th, 2014 March 26th, 2015
2 15 May 5th, 2016 February 16th, 2017
3 18 June 7th, 2018 February 14th, 2020
4 12 June 25th, 2020 2021

Season 1

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate Prod. Code
1 1 "Pilot" July 10th, 2014 8-1
A monster is living in the dumpster behind Macy's Market and no one knows what it is. Macy invites the Junkyard Kids to investigate the case. 
2 2 "Store Brand" July 17th, 2014 8-2
Macy becomes angry when people aren't buying the Macy's Market brand of products, and hires a professional advertiser to make the product more appealing. Taylor sells a product that Macy told her not to, because it had been recalled.
3 3 "In the Bag" August 7th, 2014 8-3
Dale and Stacy compete in the Yorster County bagging competition. Justin and Walter try to sell their baked goods at the competition to get name recognition. 
4 4 "Quarantine Zone" August 21st, 2014 8-4
With Arkin's Flu rappidly spreading throughout Gretdale, Taylor becomes angry that she has to work the pharmacy. She tries to switch with Steve, but he likes decapitating pigs too much. Macy decides not to go to the market because she is old, and the flu could kill her. This causes the rest of the staff to ditch work as well, leaving members of the town without needed food and medical supplies. 
5 5 "Healthily Inspected" September 11th, 2014 8-5
The health inspector comes to Gretdale and his first stop is Macy's Market. Macy scrambles the staff to prepare for his inspection, and Steve and Dale are tasked with taking Hazor somewhere where he can't be caught by the inspector. 
6 6 "Stake Out" September 25th, 2014 8-6
Sheriff Douglas tells Macy that he and his deputies have been attempting to capture a serial killer in hiding for a month, and wants to use the Store as a stakeout location. Each member of the stores staff plays an integral part, but Taylor is angry that the stake-out is happening at the same time as the dinner she planned with her friends, and skips it. This prevents the plan from being executed properly, and the crook get's away. 
7 7 "Hot Pursuit" October 2nd, 2014 8-7
Steve and Hazor chase after the Glass-Killer after his escape in the previous episode. Macy get's angry with Taylor, and puts her on probation. Bryce's sister steals some items from the supply area of the store while he's restocking. 
8 8 "Power to the Protest" October 9th, 2014 8-8
Stacy convinces the store's staff to go to a protest to protest animal testing, but Steve and Taylor aren't interested. Taylor because she's lazy and Steve because he's a btucher. 
9 9 "Stan's Pizza" January 8th, 2014 8-9
Macy agrees to allow Stan to open a second, smaller pizza location inside her market, but because of the stores limited space, customers have troubles ordering their pizza. Heather Brown, the owner of the town's new Pharmacy, tries to convince Macy to close down the Pharmacy and convert it into Stan's Pizza. Taylor, realising her job is at stake, ditches work to go to a movie.
10 10 "THERE'S SPIDERS IN THE TOMATOS!" January 22nd, 2014 8-10
When a fear of spiders living inside of tomatos rise, Macy bans all tomato sales until the USDA or FDA make an official statemnet. This hurts Farmer Bill's crop sales, and he becomes angry with Macy and starts to hate her. As their feud starts to ramp up, two teenagers attack the market, destroying its windows and starting a small fire. Walter and Justin attempt to sell their products outside of the market as to not associate with the fued or the tomato crisis. 
11 11 "Curse of the Deli Ham!" January 29th, 2014 8-11
People of Gretdale become afflicted with a curse, and the Junkyard Kids trace it back to the Deli Ham. Steve's deli abilities are brought into question. Macy believes some sort of witch is behind the curse.
12 12 "How I Divorced My Wife" February 12th, 2014 8-12
Steve's ex-wife Sheila comes to the store to try to get her tape recorder back, which Steve claims he did not steal. A new state policy about prescription drugs makes Taylor's work longer and harder, which makes her slack off even more then she had before. 
13 13 "Others" February 26th, 2015 8-13
As the town continues to be attacked by 'Others', Macy and the others fortify the market. Stacy belives Dale is actually an 'Other'. An 'Other' with supernatural powers begins attacking the town. Hazor joins the Junkyard Kids in their fight against the 'Others'. 
14 14 "Store Improvment" March 5th, 2015 8-14
Macy is apporached by an architect for designs to rebuild the market. Because of the market being destroyed, the townsfolk have to rely on the train to deliver the towns food supply. However, a group of giant vultures attack the supply train, bringing a shortage of food to the town. The Junkyard Kids help out Steve and Hazor take out the vultures while Macy and the others work on rebuilding the market. 
15 15 "The New and Improved Macy's Market" March 26th, 2015 8-15
The new and improved Macy's Market finishes construction and Macy gives the staff a tour of the new place. A large gas company, Havoc-Master, offers to build a gas station on the property and promises Macy a cut of the profits. Stacy is not happy about this, because Havoc-Master is responsible for multiple oil spills in the Pacifiic. The head of the company tries to get Stacy fired. Jack tries to handle the new drive-through installed in the Mini-Pizzeria.

Season 2

No. in
No. in
Title Original airdate Prod. Code
16 1 "Help Wanted" May 5th, 2016 8-1
With the Market larger then before, Macy feels the need for more employees has come. Many people apply, including a crazy southern girl, and a man who claims to speak to dead people. Walter and Jack make a bet to see who's kiosk can make the most money by the end of the week.
17 2 "Game Night" May 26th, 2016 8-2
The employees of the market play board games inside the store late at night because they haven't had a single customer in six hours. 
18 3 "Spazz Day" June 2nd, 2016 8-3
Taylor, in an attempt to pull Rachel out of her shell, takes her, Madison, and Stacy on a girls day out to the spa. However, the girls end up surounded by a pack of 'Spastic Sheep' who shake uncountrlably and want to eat them. Macy convinces Steve to get a colonoscopy. 
19 4 "12 and Under" June 9th, 2016 8-4
A 13 year old girl is angry that the free cookies at the bakery only apply to kids 12 and under. She decides to not only steal the cookies, but rally a gang of angry 13 and 14 year olds bitter about the 12 and under rule. Stacy reminds Hazor hitting kids is illegal. Steve wants to start serving child meat in the Deli.
20 5 "Home on the Ranch" August 18th, 2016 8-5
Madison becomes homesick and wants to return to her families farm in Texas. Her parents however, do not want her to miss class, and do not let her come back. Her dormmate, Claire, becomes angry with her when she redecorates the dorm to look like a farm. 
21 6 "FDA Approved" August 25th, 2016 8-6
The FDA announces that certain food products have been banned, but a miscommunication between Macy and Bryce causes customers to continue to purchase the product. That would be fine if F-PID wasn't breathing down Macy's back. 
22 7 "Photogenic" September 1st, 2016 8-7
Stacy and Dale's school project includes them taking photos of their favorite place. Naturally, they choose the Market. Steve doesn't want his picture taken, and get's angry at them, causing them to get revenge on Steve by filming him sing while slamming a Pig's skull with a hammer and showing it to the store's staff. This does not fare well with Steve, who uses the store's security office to his advantage. 
23 8 "Witch Pursuit" October 13th, 2016 8-8
When the witch from the previous season returns with a vengance, Macy leads a 'Witch Pursuit'. Justin and Steve try to use Taylor as bait for the witch. F-PID attempts to capture the witch before the towns folk. 
24 9 "Special Delivery" October 27th, 2016 8-24
Bryce is restocking the shelves early in the morning when he is attacked by a haunted slice of bread. No one at the store belives him when he tells them, especially not Justin. However, when an apple explodes, Macy calls in the Junkyard Kids to investigate what is happening to the store's food.
25 10 "Special Forces" November 17th, 2016 8-10
F-PID Agents have begun to mistreat the staff at the market, and have started stealing food. Hazor, angered by this, attacks two agents one day. Director Smith orders the market to be closed down, and Hazor to be captured as a 'Cryptid' as they call him. Macy leads a rescue mission to save Hazor.
26 11 "Founding Day" November 24th, 2016 8-11
It's Founding Day! Macy closes the store down so the entire store staff can attend the celebrations. However, F-PID attempts to shut down the parade, and uses tear gas on the children biking. Macy fears the worse when she learns that the Junkyard Kids have gone missing.
27 12 "Tanked" December 1st, 2016 8-12
F-PID seizes control of Gretdale. SilverStorm INC. is angry that the invasion is tanking their stock, and recruits the other businesses to lobby congress into stopping the invasion. Director Smith tries to persaude the president into declaring Martial Law in Gretdale. A National Guard Tank has somehow gotten under control of F-PID, and they begin using it to assert dominance. 
28 13 "Crisis at SilverStorm" February 2nd, 2017 8-13
SilverStorm INC. nears bankruptcy after F-PID's invasion of Gretdale. To combat the crisis, they raise prices. Macy cannot afford to purchase their products for the store anymore, and regretfully stops buying from the company. Their CEO, Richard Hitchwater becomes angry and starts to resent Macy. 
29 14 "Self-Checkout" February 9th, 2017 8-14
Macy installs Self-Checkout systems into the market to increase profits, but customers begin abusing the system to steal items. 
30 15 "Incompetency at it's Finest" February 16th, 2017 8-15
Taylor causes a fire at the store, which results in Macy finally firing her. Nothing she can say will change Macy's mind. Not even a surprised convincing from Rachel and Madison. Meanwhile, Jack is approached with an offer.

Season 3

No. in

No. in
Title Original airdate Prod. Code
31 1 "Lovebirds" June 7th, 2018 8-31
Taylor, still coping with her being laid off at the end of the previous season, seeks comfort in Jack. Macy searches for a new Pharmacist, but the Gretdale Pharmacy is doing everything in there power to stop Macy. 
32 2 "Supermart Named Rothlin" June 14th, 2018 8-32
SilverStorm opens a new Supermart named Rothlin's Wholesale Club in Gretdale, posing true competition to Macy's Market. Rothlin's is better then Macy's in everway. Meanwhile, Jack and Taylor go on a date to the towns local five-star resturant. Macy continues to search for a pharmacist. 
33 3 "Taylor the Sailor" June 28th, 2018 8-33
Taylor and Jack go on a sailing trip together. Meanwhile, Macy finally finds a new pharmacist. A Norwegian man named Rolf. Businesses begin to close after Rothlin takes away their business.  
34 4 "Rolf's a Pycho-Alchoholic" August 17th, 2018 8-34
35 5 "Officers, I Swear I Didn't Kill That Kid" August 8-35
36 6 "Aisle 7 1/2" September 8-36
Rolf declares the creation of aisle 7 1/2, a sub aisle dedicated entirely to toilet paper, despite being a pharmacist.
37 7 "The Fire in Aisle 7 1/2" January 8-37
38 8 "Giving In" March 8-38
Macy rehires Taylor after Rolf burns the toilet paper aisle. SilverStorm announces a second store in a nearby county. Macy 
39 9 "Hail to the Chief" March 8-39
Macy's granddaughter Anna comes to the market to be trained by Macy to take over once she retires. Anna is left in charge for a day, but uses her new position of power to make the most money possible, and mistreats the workers. Including a newly rehired Taylor.
40 10 "The Yeti Project" April 8-40
Dale interviews Hazor for a school project, but when his teacher wants Hazor to come speak to the class, Dale and Hazor are confused on how to move forward with the project. Anna confides in Rachel and Stacy. Steve tries to convince Macy to start selling goat meat.
41 11 "Coming Out" May 8-41
Rachel and Stacy help Anna come out to her grandmother. Steve moves ahead with 'Operation: Goat Time'. Dale's teacher wants him and Hazor to teach multiple other classes about Yeti history.
42 12 "Employee of the Month" July 8-42
The employees of Macy's Market compete to be employee of the month. Madison, having been taught to hunt and fight, is the most ruthless of all the contenders. Macy and Hitchwater cut all remaining contracts between the stores. 
43 13 "Bricking Around the Issue" November 28th, 2019 8-43
When the entire town is turned into Lego, the Junkyard Kids pursue the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Macy tries to comprehend how she can sell plastic food to plastic people without mouths. Jack and Taylor get into a fight.
44 14 "My Needs" December 5th, 2019 8-44
Jack breaks up with Taylor because of her mistreatment of him, which devastates himself. Taylor on the other hand, immediatley starts dating another man working at Rothlin Supermart. Hitchwater worries as Rothlin starts to lose money.
45 15 "Royalty Free" December 19th, 2019 8-45
Princess Gwendlyn Stoyer is staying in Gretdale as a pit stop for her tour in the United States, and is being very rude to Macy's staff, which makes her ban Gwendlyn from the store. All is good until her father, the King, persaudes the new and impresionable U.S. President (Anthony Atamanuik) to shut down the market. Dale and Stacy face major problems when the music they used in a school project is copyrighted.
46 16 "The Right to Protest" December 26th, 2019 8-46
With almost every major business closing in Gretdale, the populace finally starts to protest Rothlin. Hitchwater, in response, hosts a mega-sale to lure them back to being customers.
47 17 "The Day of Rothoning is Upon Us" Part 1 January 31st, 2020 8-47
48 18 "The Day of Rothoning is Upon Us" Part 2 February 14th, 2020 8-48


The show was originally controversial because it centered around such absurd characters, and fans believed that the show would hurt the already drought/delayed filled scheduele of the main series. When this did not happen, and the show pulled off it's characters and theme well, fans turned around. The second and third season were regarded as the best, because they focused more on the elements that made the original show so popular.   

DVD Release

Season 1 released on DVD in September of 2015 and Blu-Ray in October 2016. The entire Junkyard Kids Saga, including all fours seasons of Junkyard Kids and Macy's Market, all of Life is Boring, and the movie were released on Blu-Ray in a collectors box in 2024.