Maculo Aula Ut Vos Ingredior is the tenth album from Norwegian technical black metal band Nocturna, released on May 3rd. It follows 2008's The Rotting God: Lacuna Morbus. Nocturna Sublimina Sepulturum has said: "we've taken a lot of influence in terms of lyric from the vampire".


Maculo Aula Ut Vos Ingredior recieved an early review from MetalHeaded. They generally praised the album, saying its technically and lyrical intrigue is what people have come to expect and receive from Nocturna. "Though undeniably lyrical different from The Rotting God: Lacuna Morbus, this album is definitely a decent black/death hybrid you don't see these days. It seems Nocturna will apparently never go stagnant, or have yet too. Another strong release from Norway's black metal vets".

Later reviews were also favorable: "Nocturna are one of the most definable and longest running black metal bands today. Their undeniable amalgamation of black and death metal has earned them thousands of fans the world over, the Macula Aula Ut Vos Ingreditor only reaffirms their status as a uniquely powerful metal band. Another, not surprisingly, strong release from Nocturna. 10/10".

BlackMetalCave was equally impressed: "With close to 20 years under their belt, Norway's Nocturna are probably one of the most interesting and genre-bending black metal bands of their ilk and age. Their tenth effort, since 2006's The Rotting God: Lacuna Morbus, is Maculo Aula Ut Vos Ingredior. It opens with the atmospheric "Master of Dreams"; full with the dirging guitar work from Abyssus, and the constantly slow to fast drumming of Varghulf. Following on is a more rapid but none the less brooding "The Devour". Another few rapid black metal-roots tracks follow with "Maculo Aula Ut Vos Ingredior", "Abysseum", and "Dracul", the latter featuring excerpts from Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 Dracula. By the time the two part Valacchia arrives, the vampiric undertones are beginning to become evident, but no less interesting. "Death Creeps" is another gothic-esque track, as is "Descent Into Crimson Surrender", though bearing some obvious death metal hither and tither. "Bloodie Masquerade" is once again return to the band's black metal roots, and contains a keyboard intro from Lady Death as well her backing vocals to make the song almost gothic black metal. The final track "She'll Burn In The Infernal Abyss" comes as almost a surprise, as its dirgy almost doomish tones render for a slower, more blackened doom song with intrigue and sorrow to match. While this all would seem to be a jumbled collective of the band's many genre influences, it all flows fluidly as a vampiric tale, littered with all different manner of sounds. Another strong, intricate, and broad release from Nocturna".

Confirmed tracks

  1. "Master of Dreams" - 7:00
  2. "The Devourer" - 5:55
  3. "Maculo Aula Ut Vos Ingredior" - 8:45
  4. "Abysseum" - 4:04
  5. "Dracul" - 5:00
  6. "Valacchia Part I" - 3:44
  7. "Valacchia Part II" - 4:15
  8. "Death Creeps" - 9:00
  9. "Descent Into Crimson Surrender" - 9:00
  10. "Bloodied Masquerade" - 7:55
  11. "She'll Burn In The Infernal Abyss" - 5:55
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