Machimosaurus (SciiFii)

All known three colorations of Machimosaurus modernus.

Machimosaurus modernus is a species of teleosaurid crocodyliform that was originally from the Late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian and Tithonian) and Early Cretaceous, it was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii. It was originally going to be featured in Cretaceous Park after twelve of the Machimosaurus modernus eggs were created, but due to an incident from some intruders stealing eggs of Machimosaurus modernus and releasing them into coastlines of California, Machimosaurus modernus now lives throughout the coastlines and shallow seas of the Pacific coast of USA and Mexico. Machimosaurus modernus is not only both the largest teleosaurid and thalattosuchian, but with a length of about 7.2 metres (skull length 155 cm), it is among the largest crocodyliforms in the wild. The Machimosaurus modernus is solitary most of its life, only coming together with other Machimosaurus modernus during mating seasons. The lifecycle of Machimosaurus modernus is almost identical to that of saltwater crocodiles, other than living only in coastal areas instead of freshwater. The conservation status of Machimosaurus modernus is Least Concern due to abundant food sources and wide range, despite the conservationists' efforts to eradicate Machimosaurus modernus from modern Pacific coasts of USA and Mexico, the populations of Machimosaurus modernus is actually flourishing, so the population trend is increasing.
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