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Macabre is an American animated television series. The series focuses on the exploits of a group of teenagers as they explore "Heck", a ghoulish realm inhabited by monsters, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and zombies and "The Normie World" , a realm inhabited by humans.


Monsters who lived in hiding in fear of persecution.


Main Characters

Barnabas- a zombie who is very fond of gore and has a morbid sense of humor.

Winona Bellows- a teenaged goth girl who is a descendant of the notorious Bellows family.

Deetz -Gina's elder paternal half sister.

Dakota- Kodi's cousin

Dakota's foster sister

Jason- Kodi's boyfriend


Kodi- Jason's boyfriend

An African American teen love interest

Gina-Deetz's younger half sister.

Eve- a half human half ghost hybrid and best friend of Gina.

Vlad- A vampire who is the prince of the vampires.

Kevin- a hunchbacked

Tipp- a female frankenstein. She is later revealed to be bisexual as she is briefly shown to be attracted to Barnabas and later dates Blaine Rotten.

The ruler of the Underworld who is feared by all

Emily: The neglected daughter of an upper class family and a descendant of the town's founder. Unlike her cold hearted parents, she is sweet natured, yet timid. She later leaves her family.

Secondary Characters

Sindy- She used to be a friend of Winona. She is revealed to be a member of House Vlad as she is the granddaughter of Vlad, the elder sister George Vlad.

Sindy's half human half vampire mother and the daughter of Vlad from a previous marriage.

Sindy's step grandfather

Sindy's human father.

Eve's mortal father

Eve's ghost mother

Vlad's older brother

Anna- Kodi's sister

Kodi and Anna's mother

Kodi and Anna's father

Deetz and Gina's father

Deetz's stepmother and Gina's mother

Jacque Bellows- Winona's warlock father

Catherine Bellows-Winona's vampire mother.

Blaine Rotten: An insane teenaged ghoul who enjoys torturing other people for her own amusement and satisfaction. Whenever she tries to do something nice, it always backfires.

A half human half werewolf love interest of Vlad and later girlfriend/soul mate.

Skully- A skeleton who

The leader of a trio of con artists

A member of a trio of con artists

A member of a trio of con artists, he develops a crush on Emily

A member of The Council and. She was revealed to be Sindy's maternal grandmother

Father who has a mistrust towards monsters, especially vampires,


Boogeyman- A ghost After he had married to Deetz, he had learned to care about others According to the series creator, he is pansexual.

Bloody Mary-


What about that time you didn't help me when I got stabbed?

(speaks in a polite British accent) Oh, i'm sorry dearie, I think you have the wrong number. (hangs up) Ha! Moron.

Dude, you're a demon!!

  • Blaine Rotten: At least I gave you something for your birthday.

You gave me a heart attack for my birthday!

Well, it counts as a birthday present.

No it does not!

Blaine Rotten: YES IT DOES!

The morgue must called and they said they want their corpse back

I believe it's time for you to go back to a crypt where you belong, you old hag!

What kind of chaos is this?

Chaos is what killed off the dinosaurs; I only consider this an experience of a lifetime.