Macabre is an American animated television series. The series focuses on the exploits of a group of teenagers as they explore "The Underworld", a ghoulish realm inhabited by monsters, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, and zombies and "The Normie World" , a realm inhabited by humans.



Main Characters

Barnabas- a sarcastic zombie with suicidal tendencies.

Winona- a teenaged goth girl who is an aspiring

Deetz- Winona's elder sister.

Vlad- A vampire who is the prince of the vampires.

Kevin- a hunchbacked who is Winona's friend and love interest.

Tipp- a female frankenstein with the mind of a 50s teenager.

The ruler of the Underworld who is feared by all

Secondary Characters

Lane Rotten: She was the spirit of an insane teenaged serial killer sent to the Underworld. She enjoys torturing other people for her own amusement and satisfaction.

Skully- A skeleton who



Bloody Mary-


What about that time you didn't help me when I got stabbed?

(speaks in a polite British accent) Oh, i'm sorry dearie, I think you have the wrong number. (hangs up) Ha! Moron.

Dude, you're a demon!!

  • At least I gave you something for your birthday.

You gave me a heart attack for my birthday!

Well, it counts as a birthday present.

No it does not!


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