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M (aka m (2006 - 2022)) is an American YouTube animated fictional adventurous internet series, currently consisting of 16 episodes.



In late 1998, an unknown preschool teacher, located in Tucson, Arizona, came up with an idea for a preschool targeted animated television special.

Being planned to air over Nick Jr, the special would contain episodes that would specifically teach children the English alphabet, along with alphabet in different languages.

On January 6, 1999, the teacher signed up for animation class to soon begin working on the special. Accordingly, she was in animation class sessions until she fully learned the techniques on animating and quit in mid 2001.


On June 1, 2001, the individual pitched her project to Nick Jr, but was unknowingly rejected for the idea "feeling blank". Instead, it was pitched to LeapFrog.

Strangely, LeapFrog decided to change the show's subject to make it become a fictional adventure show, targeted for older children/young and old teenagers, and it being a special, became a web series.

The series pilot was advertised online from early 2002 to mid 2004 as a promotion for the upcoming series. The series was named "M" on February 5, 2002 for a reason meant to explain that it was termed "because we felt like it".

On April 20, 2005, LeapFrog announced for the series to be published onto YouTube.

Production on the first episode for the show began on February 1, 2006 and ended on February 22, 2006.



M is the main character in the series.


M appears as a lowercase letter M in the color black.

In the pilot, M appeared in the Comic Sans MS font, but wasn't accepted because of it being too "childish" to have as a role for the character.

On July 30, 2021, LeapFrog planned to "resize" the character.


N is the deuteragonist in the series.


N appears as a lowercase letter N in the color black. On July 30, 2021, LeapFrog planned to "resize" the character.


Each episode usually has a white background, plastered.

Each episode usually begins with the main character (M) appearing on the screen in any random movement made possible.


Episode name Episode number Synopsis/Description Official release Viewership
m: Pilot 0 Pilot episode. February 10, 2002 4,290 (2002)

32,390 (2004)

m 1 M is wandering around, moving randomly. How basic. March 1, 2006 15,300 (2006)

98.5M (2021)

m 2: Next 2 M's second time online. It looks like he is continuing to wander around though. APRIL FOOLS! He's actually doing something for once. April 1, 2007 12,446 (2007)



m 3: Meeting N 3 M meets his brother, N. May 1, 2008 33,210 (2008)

62.3M (2021)

m 4: Calendar Confusion 4 N gets confused with a calendar, so M comes in to help. June 1, 2009 30,595 (2009)

93M (2021)

m 5: Needs 5 M needs a number, specifically the number 5, but why? July 1, 2010 50,562 (2010)

77.0M (2021)

m 6: Summoning 6 M summons the devil somehow, but thankfully, Satan was literally being beaten the living shit out of himself. August 1, 2011 19,396 (2011)

42.4M (2021)

m 7: 7 O'Clock 7 M and N randomly decide to move through future dates at a same time (7:00) to find out more. September 1, 2012 40,384 (2012)



m 8: Bad Horror 8 M gets kidnapped and N tries to save him. October 1, 2013 79,293 (2013)

56.1M (2021)

m 9: Aging Up 9 N meets elderly people and help them out. November 1, 2014 99,012 (2014)

39.8M (2021)

m 10 10 The tenth episode. December 1, 2015 302,395 (2015)

105.2M (2021)

m 11: Anniversary 11 THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! Let's party! March 1, 2016 894,110 (2016)

38B (2021)

m 12: Loaded 12 A different letter decides to possess N and forces him to threaten M with gun violence. April 1, 2017 988,546 (2017)

28M (2021)

m 13: The Age of a Teen 13 M notices the episode number and compares it to various young teenagers. May 1, 2018 1.40M (2018)

35.2M (2021)

m 14: Incoming Exit 14 M and N find strange exit doors and discover them thoroughly. June 1, 2019 3.28M (2019)

41.3M (2021)

m 15: Indoors 15 M and N act out weird activities during their quarantine sessions. July 1, 2020 8.03M (2020)

49.9M (2021)

m 16: Car Like 16 N decides to drive a car for the 16th episode. How relatable. August 1, 2021 50.7M (2021)
m 17 17 TBA September 2022 TBA


  • In the pilot, M appeared in the Comic Sans MS font, but wasn't accepted because of it being too "childish" to have as a role for the character.
  • The second episode is meant to be a real episode, but the subject of the episode was meant as an April Fools joke.
  • The sixth episode is meant for Christian audiences who are against Satanism.
  • The fifteenth episode is themed on the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In the first, second, third and ninth episode, the animation was intentionally meant to be cheesy for an unknown reason whatsoever, but still looked fair enough to approve.


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