MMS is a 2012 found footage horror film based on the 2011 film Ragini MMS. The film was directed by James Isaac and stars Rooney Mara and Kyle Gallner, who previously co-starred in the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street reboot.


Neil (Kyle Gallner) takes his girlfriend Kirsty (Rooney Mara) to a secluded house in the woods for a weekend of fun. Kirsty is unaware that Neil has set up cameras around the house and plans to record himself having sex with Kirsty and post it on the internet, hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming a porn star.

The couple are interrupted by Kirsty's friend Priya (Aarti Mann, in a reference to her Big Bang Theory role) and her boyfriend Dylan (TJ Miller), who tells them of the old legend surrounding the house. The woman who lived there was discovered to be a witch and was subsequently killed. However, it is rumoured that the family who moved in after her death had framed her in order to obtain the house. Regardless, the woman's spirit returned to haunt them, eventually driving them out.

After the group throws a small party, Priya and Dylan leave. On the way, Dylan has to stop to pee, while Priya waits. Priya starts to call to Dylan, but he does not respond. She puts her phone down, with which she had been recording him, and walks into the dark forest to find him. After she disappears from view, a shadow is seen moving across the screen.

Finally alone, Neil and Kirsty get on the bed to have sex, with Neil handcuffing Kirsty to the bed. Neil's head is suddenly jerked back while kissing her and he senses another, eerie presence in the house. During a heated exchange with Kirsty, Neil lets his intentions slip and she figures out what he wants her for. They get into a worse argument which ends with Neil storming off, leaving Kirsty still cuffed to the bed.

Suddenly, Neil tumbles back into the room, bleeding heavily. As he tries to crawl towards the terrified Kirsty, an unseen force grabs hold of him and drags him away. Kirsty hears Neil screaming outside the room. She calls his name, but is greeted only by silence. Suddenly his body falls back into the room and lies dead on the floor.

Next, the unknown attacker begins to molest Kirsty, desperately thrashing on the bed. She is forced to cut her own hand with broken glass to get out of the cuffs. While trying to hide or escape, she finds one of Neil's cameras, which she initially uses as a weapon, swinging it against the attacking force. Suddenly, all of the lights explode and the house goes completely dark. Kirsty uses the cameras night vision to search the house. She almost makes it to the front door when the force grabs her and drags her back up the stairs. During the ensuing struggle, the camera captures several images of a ghostly face before Kirsty is launched through a window, the camera landing next to her. The film ends with Kirsty's body lying next to camera. Mere seconds before the footage ends, Kirsty's body is dragged out of shot.

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