A police detective lost everyhthing his parents his friends wife and 2 childs after bombing attack.After this attack is most wanted and everyone chasing him and he seeks revenge from the man who took everhting from him.


Giannis Chronis as detective shawn smine

Mitro Markovic as al jareed the main antagonist

Samuel L Jackson as corupt police chief anderson

josh brolin as detective alex mahone

william fichtner as detective ayala

timothy olyphant as jim parrish

mila kunis as mona sax

nina dobrev as liza minsk

bella thorne as jeena bourne

aksel hennie as jack

billy conoly as thompson

sedef avci as turkish model

noris hakani as albania mafia leader

rena milili as monica alexon

katelyn tarver as alikana

david blaise as singer at buat

ashley greene as lina

jason statham as the killer


mitro markovic kills

5 friends of shawn

wife of shawn

2 kids of shawn

3 cops

122 people in Dubai after bombing

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