MAX is a action-thriller film, starring Victoria Justice, Taylor Lautner, Kendall Schmidt, China Ann McClain, Chandler Riggs, Caitlin Carmichael, Jessica Biel, Lucy Hale,


At the beginning of MAX, the Flock is requested to go to the Day and Night School. This frustrates Max, and she heads out to fly for a little while, but is shot in the wing and is captured by Mr. Chu. He asks her to join his cause, which she turns down. They stay at a safe house, but are eventually discovered and attacked by M-Geeks (who are working for Mr. Chu). At the same time, Max's mother, Valencia Martinez, is kidnapped and the Flock must go and rescue her. They leave to rescue her, but Nudge stays behind, in hopes of learning at the school. They are assisted by some CSM members who get the help of the Navy. They arrive at a Navy training camp, where they go through "BS." Fang finally takes Max out on a date, but they are attacked by M-Geeks and are forced to end the night early. They fly out over the ocean, where they run into the rest of the Flock (Nudge included), where they take Gazzy back to the base to get treated for jellyfish stings. They are informed about the mystery of some sea monsters (The Krelp) that have been attacking sea vessels as they embark on their journey on The Minnesota. All throughout the search, Angel rebels against Max's authority. Eventually, they figure out why Mr. Chu wants the CSM to stop what they are doing--he is dumping radioactive materials that mutate sea creatures, creating the Krelp. Max and Fang develop a new power--gills, so they can breathe underwater. The group enlists the help of the Krelp, who tell them show them where Dr. Martinez is. Max and Fang eventually share a kiss (Nudge comments, "ZOMG") before Max goes out to save her mother, who they find trapped in an underwater dome. As they head for the surface, they are attacked by more M-Geeks, who Gazzy and Iggy, with they help of a Navy weapons specialist, turn them into "popcorn."


  • Victoria Justice as Maximum "Max" Ride
  • Taylor Lautner as Fang
  • Kendall Schmidt as Iggy
  • China Ann McClain as Nudge
  • Chandler Riggs as The Gasman a.k.a Gazzy
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Angel
  • Jessica Biel as Dr. Valencia Martinez
  • Lucy Hale as Ella Martinez
  • Russell Wong as Mr. Chu
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