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This sequel will feature most of the returning actors from the previous film, along with some new additions. It will feature Dylan O'Brien, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Willem DaFoe, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Austin St. John, Zack Roerig, Eric Knudsen, Dominic Purcell, Amy Jo Johnson, Lulu Wilson, Fiona Fu, Caroline Cave, Taylor Lautner, Ricardo Hoyos, Amandla Stenberg.......and Johnny Depp.
This sequel will feature most of the returning actors from the previous film, along with some new additions. It will feature Dylan O'Brien, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Willem DaFoe, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader, Austin St. John, Zack Roerig, Eric Knudsen, Dominic Purcell, Amy Jo Johnson, Lulu Wilson, Fiona Fu, Caroline Cave, Taylor Lautner, Ricardo Hoyos, Amandla Stenberg.......and Johnny Depp.
== Synopsis ==
== Main Cast ==
*Dylan O'Brien as Thomas "Tommy" Oliver (Green/White Ranger)
*Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger)
''They say whatever doesn't kill you simply just makes you stronger, more durable, reliable and just more experienced then before. Unfortunately, you don't keep beating up a horse that's already dead, right? ''
*Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart (Pink Ranger)
''Well.......In the case of one RITA REPULSA, that would also appear to be the case.''
*Ludi Lin as Zachary "Zack" Taylor (Black Ranger)
''She has failed TWICE to destroy the Power Rangers and both attempts were crucially for her to get her hands on the Zeo Crystal, which is a crystal containing a TREMENDOUS amount of expanding energy. For a long time, it remained lost.....that was, until the Zordons new league of Power Rangers (Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, Zack) found it and somehow FUSED with it in a victorious effort to stop her and Goldar from using it themselves. ''
*RJ Cyler as William "Billy" Cranston (Blue Ranger)
''And even when she came back TWO MONTHS later with a new gameplan set in mind with the '''GREEN RANGER''' and '''SCORPINA''', nothing went in her favor in the end. ''
*Becky G as Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger)
*Bryan Cranston as Zordon
''And ONE person......has HAD ENOUGH.''
*Bill Hader as Alpha 5
*Willem Dafoe as Lord Zedd
''The Dark Lord, '''LORD ZEDD''', whom Rita had been taking orders from is now far fed up with Rita failing constantly trying to do one simple task for him. It's been forever since he's been in control, but if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself.''
'' seems more than likely that Earth is in EVEN MORE danger than it already was. The only difference here is that THIS TIME, our young hero team of six might not have what it takes this time around.......''
== Cast ==
*Dylan O'Brien as Thomas "Tommy" Oliver (Green/White Ranger)
*Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger)
*Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart (Pink Ranger)
*Becky G as Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger)
*RJ Cyler as William "Billy" Cranston (Blue Ranger)
*Ludi Lin as Zachary "Zack" Taylor (Black Ranger)
*Bryan Cranston as Zordon
*Bill Hader as Alpha 5
*Willem DaFoe as Lord Zedd
*Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
*Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
*Austin St. John as Lucas Scott
*Zach Roerig as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
*Eric Knudsen as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
*Amy Jo Johnson as Debora Oliver
*Dominic Purcell as Steve Oliver
*Lulu Wilson as Pearl Scott
*Fiona Fu as Zack's mother
*Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
*Amy Jo Johnson as Deborah "Debbie" Oliver
*Taylor Lautner as Adam Park
*Jason David Frank as Jeffrey Oliver
*Ricardo Hoyos as Rocky DeSantos
*Amandla Stenberg as Aisha Campbell
*Austin St. John as Lucas Scott
*Johnny Depp as Rito Revolto
*Kayden Magnuson as Pearl Scott
== Plot ==
*Zach Roerig as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
As we transcend and slowly fade out from black to white, we are seen at an overhead shot above a Hummer-like vehicle with its headlights barely visible and the constant pitted-patter of rain droplets showering the car and the streets endlessly with no signs whatsoever of slowing down.
The thunderstorm soon begins to roll over as the unrecognizable image of someone mildly walks up, opens the door on the side of the van and then it suddenly shuts. Slowly but surely, the cars 🚗 wheels slowly start to turn over on itself as it finally moves from its current position and then takes off
*Eric Knudsen as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
Soon after the car leaves, we revolve upwards towards a nearby driveway/garage area as three shadowy figures are barely visible. But they soon step out towards the light as Jason Lee Scott (Dacre Montgomery), his mother Beverly (Caroline Cave) and his little sister Pearl (Lulu Wilson) look out of the driveway of his house and onwards. With one calmly holding onto the other, they all look out towards the car and wave goodbye at it.....
*Fiona Fu as Zack's mother
.....for the father, Sam Scott was driving gay same car. He would be going away for awhile, and only time would tell when he would come back.
*Mila Kunis as Melanie Sheer
In fact, Pearl soon turned away and laid her head onto Jason's chest, for she depended on him just as much as she depended on her father. It was clear she'd miss him.
*Christian Keyes as Chief Colton
*Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
*Fiona Fu as Zack's mother 
Jason: *'''sighs'''* Don't worry, don't worry. It's alright, Pearl.
*Erica Cerra as Trini's mother
Pearl: I know.
*Patrick Sabongui as Trini's father 
Jason: If anything, he'll be back in a few days......hopefully.
*Anjali Jay as Maddy Hart
Pearl: What about Uncle Lucas?
*Robert Moloney as Ted Hart 
Beverly: He'll be here shortly. For now, lets get back inside. The weathers only gonna get worse from where we're standing.
*Lisa Berry as Candace Cranston 
*Will Sasso as Ernie
*Taylor Lautner as Adam Park
They all looked down at each other and eventually walked back inside his house as a rapid shift of angles and velocity suddenly kicks in and transcends all the way up to the outer realms of space and way past the stratosphere. And to make matters even more interesting, as we orbit around the orbiting Moon.....again......we are taken aback by a HUGE tower embedded onto the surface on the moon itself.
*Ricardo Hoyos as Rocky DeSantos
Gigantic, huge, complex and undoubtedly menacing from every corner, it seemed like only a megalomaniac would consider even LIVING in here.
*Amandla Stenberg as Aisha Campbell
*Johnny Depp as Rito Revolto
However, I guess it's safe to say there WAS a megalomaniac inside of there. For it was she, the self-proclaimed empress of the Galaxy, Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) inside that same possibly the worst condition in her entire life. She was seen lying down onto her knees, whimpering, terrified and her eyes literally drenched with tears we look over we see her golden staff......
== Synopsis ==
They say whatever doesn't kill you simply just makes you stronger, more durable, reliable and just more experienced then before. Unfortunately, you don't keep beating up a horse that's already dead. In the case of one Rita Repulsa though, that would also appear to be the case.
She has failed TWICE to destroy the Power Rangers, nothing went in her favor in the end and ONE person......has HAD ENOUGH. The Dark Lord, '''LORD ZEDD''', whom Rita had been taking orders from is now far fed up with Rita failing constantly trying to do one simple task for him. It's been forever since he's been in control, but if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself. Now it seems more than likely that Earth is in EVEN MORE danger than it already was. However, THIS TIME, our young hero team of six might not have what it takes this time around....
== Plot ==
Coming soon.....
But....THAT WAS for a multiple thunderstorms clashed together over the tower, a large throne surrounded and covered in solid stone was present in front of her, with its back turned. It SLOWLY rotated itself around, as a a dark, ugly figure covered in shades of red burnt skin and silver armor appeared.
The figures appearance alone made Rita even more terrified than usual, especially when it stood up, holding up a SNAKE around its arms......and then as energy surged through it, it took its own form, transforming into.....a solid bronze "Z" scepter.
Which pretty much meant one thing.......
This dark figure.....was '''LORD ZEDD''' (Robert Patrick).
Lord Zedd: '''You.....are nothing......but a DISGRACE!!!'''
His yell echoed emphatically throughout the entire realm of the castle as well as the surface of the throne room itself.
Once again, it terrifies Rita to almost EVERY extent.
Lord Zedd: I sent you to bring me back the Zeo Crystal, and you wasted EVERYTHING! Leading both Goldar and Scorpina to their destruction, wasting your own power coin only to create a new Ranger standing with Zordon himself?! I wish you could truly see what you have done to not only me, but to YOURSELF!!
Rita: My--my lord....please....give me another chance....I will not fail again....
Lord Zedd: '''SILENCE!!''' There will be no other chances for you.....but now that it comes to me, I have more important matters to attend to. I will DEAL with YOU later........
Zedd immediately zapped his scepter over at Rita, as she hopelessly tried to defend herself. But to no avail, Zedd made her vanish completely just like THAT.
With her out of his hair for the moment, he steps out from his throne and looks down towards the Earth
Lord Zedd: Now....where are the earthlings that incontinent, incompetent Rita Repulsa wasn't able to wipe out?
He boldly looked away from the Earth and swiped his scepter in front of him as it showed an energy wave depicting a very watery vision, viewing down to Angel Grove, California. And in that brief moment, he managed to pinpoint and track down every Ranger's current location. well as that specific time of year it was for them.
Lord Zedd: So.....summer vacation, eh? No matter....I COULD just dispose of them now......but once they're all regrouped once more.....I will give EACH and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them a very fond they receive the gift of their doom......without a gift receipt......and with NOTHING ELSE TO LIVE FOR!!!
Zooming downwards towards the Earth and flying over Angel Grove to Reefside to the mountains all the way down to the Pit, a demonic theme eerily picks up as it picks up speed with each passing second until...... stops.....
.....and faded out......
Rarely three months have past later as the date progresses onwards to August 22nd in Angel Grove and from the looks of it......all seemed fine and dandy.
People were doing their daily routines, coming and going from work, walking routinely. Everything was going fine as of right now. As a matter of fact, there was and IS a reason behind this, due tell by the increasingly huge number of posters stapled and spray painted images on deserted walls.....
.....not to mention theme tributes......of none other than....
Power Rangers!
Since then, the times of disaster hasn't been back to claim more lives or harm anymore innocents, a good majority of the citizens of Angel Grove have never felt more safer or grateful to anyone other than the Power Rangers themselves.
However, there were a few that....weren't so grateful to them being criminals, psychopaths, outraged citizens, the type of people who just aren't really fond of people like them taking over for the police. They just don't like those types of people.
And speaking of criminals.....
An explosion rocks the Angel Grove Bank disturbing and alarming the residents, cashiers, security guards, EVERYONE in there. Only few seconds later Ayer the explosion rocks the building, gunshots start popping out from the smoke, immediately putting down the guards in there.
The situation was ever so clear: the bank was being robbed by armed men in...."Clown masks"?
Leader: Nobody move! Down on your knees! Now!
They immediately shot their guns up to the ceiling as people screamed hysterically and leaned down just as they all instructed them.
The clowned criminals took time to tie up the hostages as another one of them just started cracking the safe, but unfortunately for them......they had a little company..... the form of a flute.
As that familiar tune rocked the entire bank with noise, it caught the "clowns" off guard while they were keeping the hostages at bay, and pretty soon, a barely visible spark of light emerges from the entranceway.....
.....only for one of the "clowns" to be taken aback by a unidentifiable flying object as it moves with so force and velocity that it knocked about half of the crooks down.
And believe me, they rest of the goons were just as confused as the hostages were.
Hostage #1: What was that?
Clown criminal # 1: What in the hell....
Pretty soon, the barely visible light from the entranceway gets brighter and brighter until it finally shows the outline of a certain somebody embodied and cover with green armor and a golden chest piece.
It then sticks its hand out firmly as the object from earlier suddenly flys back in its direction and then catches it back into its grip.
Turns out that object was apparently the Dragon Dagger and that outlined figure......
Clown criminal #2: YOU!
......was the Green Ranger (Dylan O'Brien)!
Green Ranger: That's right; it's me!
Since the others went out of town for their summer, Tommy had spent a significant amount of time during HIS whole summer making up for the destruction he caused while under Rita's spell. How did he do that: simply by fighting crime and serving up his own brand of justice as the Green Ranger.
The rest of the clown crooks were just about to fire their guns at him, but he quickly threw his dagger again as it disarmed them all, knocking each and every single gun out of their hands.
As the crooks immediately swing their heads back to him, Green Ranger just paces himself at a very calm, mild manner almost as if he's EXPECTING them to make another move.
Green Ranger: I wouldn't go back for 'em if I were you. Souvenirs are available in the gift shop.
In a rather stupid move, almost all the crooks went back for the guns and Green Ranger immediately got the jump on them. He quickly leaped up and pounced on the back of one of them as he quickly rolled off and sweep another one by the leg.
Another crook tried to hit him with its own gun, but that only got him so far as Green Ranger grabbed the gun during a counterattack......before breaking it clean in half.
He then proceeds to smack him around with it until he senses another crook coming up from behind him and in one swift move, he executed that famous swing kick and it knocked down the rest of the crooks surrounding him.
As he breathes in and out heavily, he once again brings his Dagger back to him as almost immediately, the entire bank was drowned in cheering from all the hostages there.
The only thing was they couldn't clap cause their hands were bounded together.
Green Ranger: Hold on, Imma get you guys out of here. Just hold still.
Moving fast but efficiently, Green Ranger took his time untying the hostages and making sure everyone else was safe, sound and accounted for.
As for the hostages, they took their time, making sure they thank him for his deeds. Even more so when it came to the guards and bank manager.
Green Ranger: Hey, Man. Good job.
Guard: No. YOU good job.
Bank manager: Hey.
He turns towards him.
Bank manager: I really don't know what to say....thanks for everything...
Green Ranger: Oh, I'm only being a concerned citizen. Besides, I....really owe it to you and the world after......
Before he could finish, he heard sirens barely rushing through the outside as the cops were already beginning to pull up. Knowing this, the Green Ranger just chuckled mildly.......
Green Ranger: Sorry. Gots to go.
.....and quickly leaped out of the bank through the ceiling before making a sprint down into the back alley adjacent to the bank. Even more so to that matter, it seemed as if he attracted an audience.......
.....which was correct.
Pretty soon as he continued to run further, he noticed that was followed by some people (mostly teenage girls) and somehow, the sight caught him off guard as the crowd of people just kept on cheering and going hysterical for him.
Girl #1: Take me with you, Green Ranger!
Girl # 2: No, take me!
Girl # 3: No me!
(Guess Tommy's gotten more popular with the ladies....)
All he did was chuckle slightly and wave down at the crowd before the sphere reappeared above him and as its energy fused with his, it blinds everyone with a bright light......and then.....
......he was gone.
Sometime later after the Green Ranger fled the scene, the police who showed up during his departure were seen exiting the bank, with the cuffed robbers in arms while a few feet away, a news reporter was in the middle of a shoot, talking about the earlier event.
Reporter on TV: I'm standing here live beside the Angel Grove City Bank where, just moments ago, was held by clown masked robbers in the attempts of making a heist. That was the case until, beyond our surprise, the menace turned hero simply known as the Green Ranger, new member along with the incredible Power Rangers, made a daring attempt and succeeded in stopping the robbery from taking place. We are loud to say: no one was hurt or harmed in the events of this robbery. Joining me right now is a live witness who was a part of this debacle as one of the hostages who luckily experienced the entire thing. Tell us what you saw.
Woman (Karen Ashley): Oh my god.....that.....that was so incredible. As soon as I heard the gunfire, I immediately hit the deck and hid as far as I could from the counters. And yet, they still found me either way and had my wrists tied up together. I quickly began fearing for my life. And not before long.....this brave man came out of nowhere, before throwing his dagger all over the place and then BEAT them down. I swear, this guy was like Superman and Spider-Man mixed together.
Reporter: Well, there you have it folks--
As the reporters continued onwards, we revolve over down to Reefside. As we cut down to a district area, we're seen through the window inside of a hotel room, which shows a proud and very delighted.....Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott).....from the other side of the TV. With only her hair growing back to a longer state, the real expression spread all over her face made it clear that she was very fond for knowing what her.... boyfriend.....was doing all summer long.
A part of her wished she could've been there; helping him alongside the rest.
She momentarily had her eyes glued to the TV and her face frozen due to the news report, but it wasn't long until the voice from her mom called her out from the other room
Maddy: Kimberly! Dinner's ready, hone.
Kimberly: I'll be there soon.
While she did get up from the couch, she took the last few moments she had to keep staring staring at the report on the screen.......before blowing a kiss to the TV.....and then turned it off.
As Kimberly went off, we once again cut over to later; only this time at a middle aged roadside home over at the mountain side away from the which one Zack Taylor just so happened to catch the events of the news from earlier in his TV as well.
He was sitting near the side of the bed as the news continued onwards and as his mother (Fiona Fu) sat up from her bed to view the news as well, the image made her peek up a smile briefly.....
.....before she started coughed excessively.
Zack: '''Māmā. Nǐ hái hǎo ma?''' (Are you ok?)
'''Authors Note''': ''Zack and his mom speak Chinese in the movie at certain case you didn't know what language it was.''
Zack's mother: *'''coughs'''*  '''Duìbùqǐ......''' (Sorry.....)
At that point, she once again looks back towards the screen as it showed footage, very brief footage, of the Green Ranger thwarting the bank robbery from earlier.
And for the first time in......a long time, his mother.....spoke English.
Zack's mother: F-first.....their were five warriors.....a-and now, there's six?
Zack: Well, there's always been a six. The more the merrier, they say.
Zack's mother: How you know about that?
Zack: old saying?
Zack's mother: I suppose. Strange.....VERY strange.....that he was once working alongside that awful least, now he's doing the right thing.
Zack: Well, he was always good, mentally. He just wasn't himself 'till the Power Rangers redeemed him.
Zack's mother: And is that supposed to be an old saying too?
Zack: Uhh....
It got awkwardly silent for a moment as Zack almost stumbled on himself and got caught in his own words, but luckily he didn't give himself away.
Zack: Actually, that's a lucky guess....
Zack's mother: Well....I'm going to sleep.
As she did as she said she would, Zack happily tucked her to bed and eventually she was out like a light-bulb. Eventually, Zack left out of the room and by the time he went to a window....
.....he sees a storm beginning to brew in. Something about the way the clouds looked didn't push him in the eigh way because those clouds looked WAY LARGER then the cumulonimbus clouds that normally come around......EVERY once in a while.
But he wasn't willing to fret about it, for he was sure that the storm would pass......
As Zack turns away and shuts the window to obscure the vision of the upcoming storm, it then cuts down a few minutes later over to the COUNTRYSIDE of California as we then see some sort of farm-house on a plain grass terrain, only to see Trini Kwan (Not Dee Dee) (Becky G) on the inside of the actual farm-house.
Apparently, she had spent HER summer along with her grandparents.....since her parents were......getting TOO "normal" to be around. But that might've not been exactly wise, especially since at this moment, she was being taught by her grandpa on how to MILK A COW.
Trini: This is SO embarrassing.
Grandpa: Now, don't be nervous. It's real easy, isn't it?
Trini: Not with this smell. Pew!   
The smell was rather repulsive to say the least, mostly because Trini wasn't used to being on a farm.....or even in a rural part of the country. So this was REALLY out of her comfort zone.
Trini: Do I really have to do this?
Grandpa: Longer you wait, more it's gonna take.
Trini: EXACTLY what my mom says. Then again, it's not I don't want to do this, it's the fact of the matter that I DON'T KNOW how to do this.
'''''Umm, if you don't mind......'''''
The sudden voice startled both of them as they immediately look around frantically, almost as if there was a GHOST in the room.
But really, there was no ghost around.
As they both look out towards the entranceway, they both are taken aback by the appearance of a familiar friend......along with some extra company.
Jason: Maybe I you out with that?
Trini couldn't help but to blush a little bit, upon seeing him......luckily Jason didn't see that.
Grandpa: Who are you?
Jason: I'm uh....Jason Lee Scott. I'm a friend of your granddaughter from Angel Grove High.
Grandpa: I see....
Jason: My sister and I were just on our way back to our uncle's house.....from back to school shopping and....uh..... when I happened to see Trini here, I'd  thought we stop by.
Grandpa: Well, any friend of Dee Dee (Lol) is a friend of mine. You two chat and I'll be back with a snack.
Trini: It's......Tri-ni!
Grandpa: Oh, excuse me.
He quickly scurried out and exited the room as Pearl giggled.
Jason: Hold up......he calls you Dee Dee too?
Trini: Actually....he's WHY people call me Dee Dee.
(Oh....THAT explains everything)
That response was something Jason had to sink in for a second because it didn't make a whole of sense to him.....
.....but he went along with it.
Jason: Did he nickname you that?
Trini: No! He's just.....old enough to confuse my name.....and not only that, he kinda spreads it around. Again, my family is....."normal".
Jason: With only one exception.
Trini: *'''chuckles'''* Yeah. How did you find me?
Jason: We were in the area and spotted you, like I said. And......oh......Trin, this is my younger sister Pearl.
Pearl: Nice to meet you.
Trini: You too.
They shake hands.
Trini: Jason, I didn't know you had a sister.
Jason: I'm used to keeping a lot of secrets. I have a bunch more stored up in here.
Trini: Any specific number?
Jason: WAY too many to count.
Pearl: More like 52.
Trini: *'''chuckles'''*  You counted?
Pearl: He can try, but every chance I get, he SLIPS.
Once again, the girls chuckle mildly as Jason just smiles and looks out towards the moon and the constellations of stars formed all around the sky. It was quite a beautiful sight out there.....cause it made you just wanna get lost.
But at that instance, Jason remembered something......
.....and he felt it necessary to talk to Trini about.
Jason: Ummm, Pearl? I need to talk to Trini for a few. You mind if we get
Pearl: Why do I think you're gonna do---
Trini: Nope, nope, no, no, no, no, no. It's not happening, ok? Just head inside for a little bit. Grandpa will keep you company, ok?
Pearl wasn't so.....cooperative with that statement, but she did so anyways and went inside.
Finally, it was just the two of them.
Jason: *'''sighs'''*  Ok......I'm just gonna say it: I can't help but get the feeling that there's been something going on between the two of more ways than one, I mean.
Trini: Wha--y-you say "the two of us" like it's a--
Jason: Trini, come on. You know what I mean by that.
She DID know what he was taking about, not only because they've thought about it, but because they also made it very VERY obvious between the two.
It was only a matter of time.....
Trini: know......when Zack mentioned I was having "boyfriend troubles"?
Jason: Yeah?
Trini: So um.....*'''chuckles'''*......yeah. This is one of those few positions in which I always turn them away.....even when it's..... obvious that I have a thing for 'em. I never hated boys in any way, but......I feel very detached from them.
Jason: I guess I could understand that.
Trini: Mhm-hmm. So why exactly do I get the feeling you're just gonna hit on me?
Jason: Hey, I'm not that kind of guy.
Trini: You'd have to convince me otherwise.
Jason: that case, here's another secret of mine:.....
Jason:.....I've had MANY types of girl troubles before Kimberly came along last I've never felt a connection with most of the girls down there. And it was frustrating. But, Kim......when she....paired up with Tommy.....I...I don't know. I mean we did have SOME moments, during the incident a few months back but.....
Trini: Jason--I--I--
Just before she could finish the sentence.....
Another storm began to brew in onto the farmland and almost thinking alike, Jas and Trin knew they had to get out of dodge and fast. However, as the two quickly bolted inside the house......
......and back outside......
.....the wind current suddenly started to pick up at such high velocity and got so heavy, the end result became a TORNADO.
It currently resided between Category 2 and Category 3, but with each passing minute, the wind speed increased dramatically and Jason and Trini had to pick up their speed and keep running for the cellar like it was the last lap of a cross country meet.
If that wasn't alarming enough, bolts of lightning began STRIKING down upon them.
Trini: AHH!
It took them close to 2 minutes for both of them to get inside of the cellar in time, and both of them weren't even drained of energy yet. Luckily though, Trini's grandpa and Pearl were down with them as well.
Grandpa bolted both of the double doors shut and just stood back, almost certain that it was gonna work.
Pearl: Is--is this gonna keep us safe?
Grandpa: Guaranteed.
Jason: I wouldn't bet my wobbly on it.
Pearl screams as the doors started banging and banging continuously, over and over again. No question about it, the weather has kicked into overdrive and was only getting worse with each passing minute.
In fact, the hinges on the doors guarding the shelter were bending rather quickly that the leftover erosion on it had broken off like glass.
Trini: Ahh!
Grandpa: Here!
He quickly gave Pearl back to Jason and TRIED his best to keep both of those doors closed as much as he could......but to NO AVAIL
The added effects of the weather; the thunderstorm, the tornado and the wind current completely blew open the cellar and ripped the doors off its hinges completely. However, the Grandpa was almost immediately sucked in.
Trini: GRANDPA!!
But luckily, Trini wouldn't let hat happen. She immediately jumped up and grabbed his hand tightly, and thanks to her superhuman strength, she prevented him from going off too quickly.
But she slid along the outside as a result.
Grandpa: Don't.....don't let go!
Trini: Trying......too......hard!
Indeed she WAS trying too hard as her grip suddenly began to weaken over time and the grips of both of them loosened quickly.
However, it just got worse for her. A price of flying debris came flying around from the tornado and even though Trini saw it coming, she jumped up to dodge it......
......only for it to knock her back and let go of her grip, leaving her Grandpa to be sucked into the tornado as she flies back into the cellar, knocking herself into Jason.....
.....yet catching himself at the same time.
As soon as she got up though,  she immediately made a run for the outside, but Jason had to stop her for going back out in that weather meant SUICIDE.
Jason: Trini, not wise!
Trini: Get off me!
Jason: You don't wanna do this!
Trini: NO! NOOO!!! DAMN IT!!!!
She shrugged Jason back, but her grabbed her again, holding her back as she yelled out and cried for her grandfather.....just as ANOTHER lightning bolt strokes the INSIDE of the cellar, knocking both of them back.....
......and causing a blackout.
It took HOURS upon HOURS later before this so-called natural disaster finally ended.....and yet, it took only 3 hours into it before it was featured all over the news.
As the news of this disaster spread from Angel Grove to Reefside to early all over the entire state of California, people were once again severely and utterly worried.
Questions began running through their heads like: Is this a global warming effect? The holy hand of God? Maybe even a geostorm was occurring?
Nobody knew, and it didn't make any lick of sense.
As a matter of fact, these repetitive constant news reports bolted Tommy out of bed at 5:00 in the morning, while he was still tired and mentally beaten as hell.
But the news on its own was difficult for Tommy to watch because of everything that the reporters were saying.
It seemed completely unrealistic.....AT FIRST.
It was possible that it was just to effects of the weather itself, but Tommy knew from his past experience between SEEING THINGS and KNOWING WHAT WAS REAL. So there was one thing he knew for sure.
Tommy: This isn't normal.
He immediately bolted off his back and borrowed the van again as he took off like a rocket launcher and drove ALL THE WAY from his house all the way over to the mountain side.
He quickly parked the car above the collapsed mine wall (it's STILL not fixed yet) and as soon as he gets out and turns around, he sees Billy Cranston (RJ Cyler) ALL THE WAY up towards the cliff.
As soon as he sees him, he sprints towards him as fast as he could possibly go until he finally caught up with him near the edge of the cliff.
Tommy: Billy.
Billy: Tommy. Did you see the weather?
Tommy: Saw it in the news. Definitely not normal, if you ask me. Wh-where are the others?
Billy: I don't know. But they ain't here yet.
Tommy: YET?
Billy: L-look, I-I-I don't know where they are or what exactly is going on. But the bottom line is we need answers.
Tommy: Well, there's only one person who knows.....and the only place we're gonna find them is down there.
Billy: Alright then. Down we go.
They both jump off the cliff at the same time......
.....and splashed down into the submerging water before landing feet first down in the Pit......and then strolling through.
Billy: By the way dude, I saw you on TV too. You were out kicking ass out there.
Tommy: Yeah well....I still owe it to everyone else and myself after what Rita made me do. I spent my ENTIRE summer training with Zordon and Alpha like when you and the others trained with them.
Billy: God....our training was a nightmare. There was even a point where Zack took the Mastodon out for a joyride.....and he damn near killed us.
Tommy: Yeah.....*'''chuckles'''*.....Jason told me about it....but yeah, at least we're all on good terms now. Hell, I even helped build their new center.
Billy: Man, how do you even get around to this?
Tommy: You'll see....
The both of them took their time as they walked through the ship, and eventually walked through the morphing grid, but.....uh......Houston, we have a problem.
The power was out.....again!
But at least, this time it wasn't from another blackout or hostile invasion.
Billy: Damn. It's dark in here.
Tommy: EXACTLY. It's dark only IN this.
He quickly takes out and holds out his green coin towards the center of the grid.....while Billy played along and did the same.
Soon enough, energy began warping around both of them as it lifted them off of the ground before spinning around them at a very rapidly increasing rate until the energy just EXPLODED.......
.....taking them along with it.
But little was known, and the two eventually transported themselves into.....their new personal center......
The Command Center.
Billy: Holy shit! Where are we?
Tommy: Billy, feast your eyes.....and witness this. our command center.
Billy: Where?
'''''Our command center.'''''
As soon as the voice boomed into the room, the mechanisms and electrical systems kicked in as the lights turned itself on while everything else like they all had minds of their own.
It was quite the visual sight.
Tommy: I know, right? New beginnings......
It wasn't long before an old friend emerged out of the shadows in front of them, embracing them with another warm, heartfelt welcome.
Alpha: ''Welcome back, Green and Blue Ranger.''
Billy: Alpha? Man, we're still in the ship, are we?
Alpha: ''In a way of speaking, yes. We're actually UNDER the ship, for reasons that only one person can explain. But I know he won't. Anyways, our ENTIRE Command Center. And yes, it's the same center from you stumbled upon before.''
Billy: Wow. This looks exactly like something out of Star Trek......
Tommy:.....just not as colorful.
Billy: Man, there's plenty of color here already.
Tommy: Yeah, but I haven't finished the paint designs yet.
'''''Tommy.....Billy.......welcome back.'''''
As soon as the three heard that familiar voice in the room, they all looked up to see a huge light dawn above a huge cylinder shaped time warp chamber centered directly above a.....certain crystal.
And in a moment of silence.......
Zordon emerged through the warp chamber as his head came through the Crystal itself.
Tommy: Amazing, right?
Billy: *'''chuckles'''* Zordon. That you man?
Zordon: ''Indeed it is, Billy. And we are currently settled. While you and the other Rangers were attending summer break, Alpha and I have been setting for our new Command Center....however, it was at a certain risk.''
Billy: Meaning you couldn't establish one above ground.
Zordon: ''Yes. So we had to settle here beneath the ship. And with it still barely in one peace, no one would suspect anything out of the ordinary.''
Billy was still beside himself upon seeing all of this. It was right up his comfort zone, and it almost made him nerd out.
Billy: So, this the center you mentioned two minutes ago, Tommy?
Tommy: Yeah.....I kinda helped built it while training with them. But, that's not the half of it. Check this out.
He quickly showed Billy behind him as he was shown to some kind of giant pulsating ball with a crystal stuffed inside of it and based on the way it looked, its obvious that whoever put this in here was either creative or just not in his right mind.
Billy: Is-is that---?
Tommy: Yep.
Billy: Did you---?
Tommy: Had some help, but......yeah.
Billy: H-how were able to manage this thing? I'm pretty sure the Zeo Crystal wasn't designed as a beacon for search or discovery. I'm mean, that isn't why it was made, right?
Zordon: ''That is very true, indeed. But as realms of time and space passed on, the Crystal developed more in strength and Power with each passing generation. So theoretically, it's powers and abilities are potentially unlimited.''
Alpha: ''But that unfortunately, is why so many of our natural enemies like Rita want to help tear us apart from the inside just to get their hands on it.''
Tommy: Umm.....speaking of Rita, I just have to ask: that thunderstorm extravaganza or whatever that happened yesterday......
Billy:......that wasn't normal.
Zordon: ''You are right, the both of you. That was NOT normal at all. No normal thunderstorm would have that many natural events occur under a very rapid and short period of time.''
Alpha: ''It's practically impossible for something like that to happen.''
Tommy:'re saying this was triggered by someone?
Zordon: ''Indeed.''
Billy: By whom?
Alpha: *'''sighs'''*  ''You're probably gonna find out sooner than later, so its only fair if we tell you now. All I will say is......IT'S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT. Please observe the viewing globe.''
Both Tommy and Billy turned towards the viewing globe as the Crystal started to spark with energy as mini bolts of lightning sparked from inside the globe and finally, a cloud of smoke showed up in the viewing globe and showed them a visual.
And what did it show?
It showed absolutely......
But as luck would have it, the feedback eventually came through as a static image of the farmhouse prior of the tornado attack showed up on the globe. It had already caught their attention due to how devastating it was, but Tommy managed to look to the left for a SPLIT second......and he only saw a brief image of a face stuck in a cloud.....
Tommy: Woah woah woah. What's that?
Zordon: ''Pause it there, Alpha.''
Alpha did pause it, freezing the image and immediately putting the rest of the image into focus.
All except for that FACE.
Tommy: What is it?
Billy: I don't's something but it's out of focus.
Zordon: ''It's a very mere's--it's....''
Tommy: What?
Alpha: ''I think he's trying to examine the image. But's more difficult than we thought.....''
Zordon: ''It'll take some time, but we'll manage.''
Billy: Why does it always take time?
Alpha: ''Cause life's a....and I quote: bi-yatch......*'''shrugs'''*....that was dirty. But anyways.....''
Tommy: Is it JUST that? there more you're not letting us on, Zordon?
Zordon: ''Well..... *'''Sighs'''*'s safe to say that we think this unordinary storm has something to do....with either Rita.....or the Dark Lord.''
Billy: You mean....the guy that twisted Rita before? Who is he anyway?
Zordon: ''We'll come to a conclusion......when the other Rangers are here. It's best if you all know together.''
Billy: Oh boy....say do we get out of here?
Alpha: ''You can use the teleporter to exit.''
Billy: Teleporter??
Tommy: Oh, Man. You're gonna LOVE this. I first went on it on the fourth of July.
Billy: Lucky.
Tommy: I know.
Alpha eventually led both of them to the teleporter in the back and what surprised Billy the most, in a most good way, was that it had a total of six platforms that matched each of the exact colors of the Rangers.
Billy: Holy----that's definitely out of Star Trek.
Both of them took their time as Billy stepped on the blue platform and Tommy stayed on the green. Soon, they just prepped themselves and waited.
Alpha: ''Prepare for teleportation.''
Alpha went back to the panel and with a few clicks and switches, he activated the teleporter as a large AC like wind sound blew out of the exit trajectory down towards the both of them. Not only that but Billy glew up in his blue color and Tommy glowed up green.....
.....meaning it was only a matter of time.
Tommy: WHOO!
Billy: Whoo! Happy trails, Hans!
They soon vanished up and out the center as Alpha just quickly looked away and then back up to Zordon......
.....with only ONE question in mind.
Alpha: '' is HIM, isn't it?''
Zordon just nodded firmly at the expense......because he knew what would happen eventually when HE would come along.
Alpha: ''Ayi-yi-yi.......''
At that point in time, as the actual time crosses by, as the clouds FINALLY pass by over the horizon as a little bit of light shows itself from the sky....and glimmers all over Angel Grove and beyond the boundaries of the entire district.
Meanwhile back at the farm cellar, the damage was insurmountable. So much damage was caused from the storm yesterday and if you think it was bad from the outside of the cellar.....
.....on the inside, it was a disaster.
And yet, Jason, Trini and Pearl were knocked out, yet STILL IN ONE PIECE inside that cellar.
Not too far away from them, a van ends up driving up on the outside of the cellar. Almost immediately, the door swings open and Lucas Scott (Austin St. John), Jason and Pearls uncle steps out and slams the door.
He observes the damaged cellar from the outside before nothing the damage from the doors being ripped off......
.....and that's when he saw Jason, Trini and Pearl knocked out cold.
Lucas: Jason?
As soon as they heard the voice, Jason, Trini and Pearl started to wake up.
Jason: Uhh....wha---?
Pearl: Un---Uncle?
Lucas: The hell did the three of you get out here?
Trini: grandpa.....
Lucas: We-well, what happened?
Pearl: H-home. T-tak--take us home.....please.......
Lucas found it very difficult to argue with her, especially since all the others nodded towards him in agreement of her statement. Everyone felt sort of empty inside already, but Trini was by far in the worse condition.....
She didn't even bother moving when the others got up. She just sat right where she was, emotional, covered and drenched in her own tears for the loss of her grandfather. There wasn't much that could be done at this moment.
So Jason had to hold her up as she continued to cry on his shoulder and eventually, they all made a break for the van.
By the time they actually got on the road, everything for REAL quiet. With Lucas driving, Jason was on shotgun and Pearl and Trini in the back seats, nothing out of the ordinary was happening.
Although, Trini was STILL breaking down. Luckily, she had Pearl to try and cope with her.
Lucas: What happened back there anyway?
Jason: Thunderstorms, wind current, tornadoes......they all hit us.....they all came at us.....when we least expected it.......
Jason: Trini's granddad didn't make it.
Lucas: Ah that's awful. She ok?
Jason looked back behind him, seeing Trini sobbing with her knees up to her face .
Jason: What do you think?
Lucas: *'''Sighs'''* You're right, you're right. Sorry.
Considering the fact of the matter that it was unusual for THREE natural disasters to happen all at once, it seemed logical that SOMETHING was happening. But Lucas didn't know yet and he wouldn't know until he asked Jason about the situation.....
.......especially since he knew his secret.
Lucas: Hey. Did it have anything to do with.....
He was gonna mention Rita at that point but.....Pearl was back there and it got a little awkward around then......
.....but Jason had a feeling on WHO he was talking about, especially when he looked back at Pearl.
Jason just nods silently.
Lucas: You know....
Jason: I DON'T know.....but maybe....
Pearl: What you guys talking about?
Once again, it was a risky move to not give Jason, Trini or the other Rangers away. So they both just went with a natural gut reaction.
Both (Lucas, Jason): Geostorm.
Pearl couldn't understand. She knew WHAT a geostorm was, but something just WASN'T clicking right with her.....
.....and it started getting really annoying.
As the annoying thought kept ramming through the back of her head, it cuts back over to the suburban part of Angel Grove as the damage caused all throughout the city on each side was negligible in every sense of the word.
The death toll had since then gone up slightly, surprisingly.
In terms of what the Rangers were concerned about at that point in time, from where they all were, it was clear they were taking this situation seriously.
For Zack, Billy; Trini and Jason, they had a feeling that whatever was coming, it was only just the beginning.
But then again, that was something they all probably knew, or should've known.
At that point, Kimberly was head over heels terrified about what else would come in the next few days. Since she had no idea where the others were, the first thought that came to her head was to go to the Olivers and check up on Tommy.
So that's what she did.
As soon as she parked outside of their house, she immediately bolted out of the car, stormed up to the front door and knocked.
One time.
Two times.
Three times.
Still no answer.
Just as she was about to knock for a fourth time, the door FINALLY swung open as a familiar someone opened the door and looked straight at Kimberly.....with a look of worry.
Debora (Amy Jo Johnson): Kimberly?
Kimberly: Where is he? It's urgent.
Debora: Tommy?
Kimberly: Yeah. I'm just concerned and all 'cause I just got back in town and when I heard about the uh.....storm.....I....
They both hear the voice and they both look over to see Tommy staring at them both with a gym bag and covered in sweat.
It LOOKED as if he had came back from the gym, especially considering that it was QUITE the distance away, but.....HONESTLY, it was really from another joyride as the Green Ranger fighting crime.
It wasn't long before Tommy caught Kimberly staring at him from the doorway.....and it took even LESS time for him to smile.
Tommy: Hey......
Kimberly: Tommy....
She immediately rushed over to give him a tight hug as Deborah nodded slightly and grinned with her arms crossed
Tommy: Everything ok?
Kimberly: Yeah, it's just.....about that, I.....uh.....
She knew WHAT she had to say, nonetheless HOW she had to say it. But the problem is.....she's a Power Ranger. Tommy is a Oower Ranger. And it wasn't wise to talk about these type of things in front of anyone else who wasn't aware of the situation.....
......cause no ones supposed to know what or WHO they really are.
But finally, Kimberly looked over at Deborah and said.....
Kimberly: Mrs. Oliver, would it be OK if I stole Tommy for a while?
Deborah: Oh sure.....take your time.
Tommy: We won't be long, ok?
As the two left out and shut the door, we later move over to the Krispy Kreme Donut Shop (Of course) usual......
.....not much was happening apart from the normal stuff.
As for Kimberly and Tommy they both sat at the same table with coffee and a box of glaze donuts (God I love those).
And based on what they were talking about, it was very, very serious.
Kimberly: The news has just been crazy all week. These storms brewing are nothing compared to ones that would NORMALLY happen all around the world.
Tommy: much as I hate to say this, your hunches are correct. Cause I've got the feeling that Zordon knows something about it. I've been spending my summer training with them.....while they were building their Command Center.
Kimberly: Did they finish?
Tommy: They did. However....they've been acting suspicious the entire time.....almost like they know somethings going on. But they did show us a view of a farm on the countryside that got wrecked in almost no due time at all. That was ALL OVER the weather channel.
Kimberly: Farm?
It took Kim a few seconds to get the pieces aligned before something clicked through to her.
Kimberly: Oh god, no.....Trini has grandparents that live on a farm outside town....
Tommy: Oh man, yeah....I had a text from Jason not long ago and....Trini didn't fare that well during the storm...
Kimberly: Oh poor Trini....she's gonna need us more than ever when school starts.
Tommy: Yeah. As soon as she's up for it, we'll all need to head the ship to see what Zordon knows.
Kimberly: Yeah.
They both stay silent for a few seconds before Kimberly reaches out and held his hand from across across the table. Tommy soon intertwines his hand with hers.
Kimberly: I promise to you.....we're gonna find out what's happening.....and we're gonna make it through this together..... we've always had, Beautiful.
The two smile deeply at each other and soon shared another passionate kiss.
Soon enough......August was over. September was just on its way and so was school. It was now Jason, Tommy, Kimberly and Billy's senior year at Angel Grove High with the exception of Trini and Zack.
It's safe to say, however, that not much had changed after the last time our heroes were back at the school they brought them together.
Especially when it came to Zack, because he was NEW to the school, despite being unsure what grade he was in.
One thing it was DEFINITELY doing to him was only making him anxious and.....a little out of it.
Zack: Holy smokes.....*'''chuckles nervously'''*......where do I go from here?
So Zack slowly takes his time as he travels through the halls, trying to find out his homeroom so he can figure out where to start.
And it wasn't long until he got lost.
Zack: *'''Sighs'''* Seriously?
'''''Well, well, well......'''''
He heard the voice, but it was just unrecognizable. Completely unrecognizable. Zack could figure out what it sounded like or what it was supposed to be addressed to. At that point, after ignoring the call, he got bolted around and then slammed towards the lockers.
But acting on gut instinct, he immediately pushed him off as he came face to face with TWO GUYS:
Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier......
.....and Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch.
Zack: Do---*'''chuckles'''* I know you?
Bulk: I think the bigger question here is.....WHY are YOU here?
Skull: Yeah, why ARE you here?
Zack: Look, Man. I ain't trying to start something. I'm just a new arrival.
Skull: More like a part-timer. That's what you....CLEARLY represent right now. I mean....look at 'cha.
The way Skull blurred out that comment somehow got through Zack's head as he just gave them a smug expression and just tossed his bag down beside him.
Zack: You busting ME for part-timing school? Well EXCUSE ME, Larry and Curly (lol), but unless I need to lower the dose of the drugs you'd be inhaling, I'mma let you know......
He steps forward to both of them and drops a bombshell.
Zack:.....I could do this PART-TIME thing better than you two could ever do it FULL TIME.
That SET both of them off......mentally.
But on the outside, they both maintained their swave composure.
Bulk: Oh now, I see. You wanna be thought a lesson, don't cha?
Skull: Yeah, you wanna be taught a lesson?
(Classic, both of them)
It was a clear two on one disadvantage for Zack, but it wasn't long before Billy actually came up alongside him and gave him some "backup", if it can be called that, against these two goofballs.
Billy: Hey. Can't take a hint? He said "Back off".
Zack: If you know what's best, you'd "Whoop whoop whoop" back to your homeroom.
Skull: Pfft......
Bulk: Oh really? An even bout? Looks like someone ELSE needs to be taught a lesson here.
Billy: Hey man, c'mon......🎶Why you wanna be startin' something? You gotta be startin' something? Say you wanna be startin' something......🎶
(Lol, I HAD TO)
As Billy continued to tune to Michael Jacksons "Wanna Be Startin' Something", Zack couldn't help but to join in it as well. But it became apparent that it was pissing Bulk and Skull off a LOT.
Only thing was Bulk was MORE tempted to do something about it.
Bulk: So you wanna play pop-n-balls, huh? Well....this is gonna hurt.
He sluggishly and very obviously made a swing fist at Billy's jaw but....because of Billy's Ranger powers, when Bulk hit him, the same result happened when Colt Wallace did it that time before. His skin became impenetrable and Billy barely flinched. He made it look like it was a human hitting Superman.  Bulk let out a soft he just stood there for a brief moment while he attracted a crowd of on-goers. But then at that moment,  he immediately reacts with a head butt towards Zack.....and the exact same thing happens.
Only thing is the headbutt didn't knock himself out.
As he fell loopy down to the floor, groaning and holding his head, the crowd surrounding them laughed their asses off as the two goofballs of Angel Grove made fools of themselves yet again.
Skull: You ok, buddy?
His expression once again made everyone around them burst out laughing EVEN MORE until the two of them just felt more embarrassed then they already were. Soon enough, Skull just carried Bulk around his arm as they just wandered down to the stairwell, only for for Bulk to trip over his loose shoelaces, tripping both him and Skull making them BOTH fall down the stairs.
Once again, the crowd erupted in laughter.
Zack: What was THAT all about?
Billy: Let's just say that Bulk and Skull....are this schools version of Beavis and Butthead.
Zack could not help but to snicker and crack up at the expense.
Zack: If that's the case, I might just have fun this year.
Billy: Don't get your hopes up, man.
As the two causally walk by trying to forget that painfully short encounter, we cut an hour or two later at the gym during the P.E period. Freshmen and sophomores were doing all types of stretching and training exercises out in the middle of the floor......while Trini was all by her lonesome, sitting by the bleachers. It was clear she hadn't gotten over her grandpas death yet, as she's still moping around, all silent about it. But that's where Jason soon approaches her
Jason: Hey.....mind if I join you?
Trini: Be my guest.
He did sit down next to her, but everything just went silent after that.
That was until he said......
Jason: I'm sorry about your grandfather. He seemed like a good man. And I know this is hard, but....
Trini: There's something more to this. This did not seem like a natural disaster. It felt like someone or something was triggered this. Like--like a--like a geostorm or something. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Rita again but....
'''''Hey! Hey! Hey!'''''
The yell cut her sentence off, forcing her to turn over and see Billy and Zack walking by them.
At that moment, Jason just bolts up from the bleachers.
Jason: Uhh........What's up guys?
Billy: Well....we ran into Dumb and Dumber earlier. That's what. And let's just say.....Zack still hasn't gotten the hang of his schedule.
Zack: I didn't have mine up 'till second period.
Jason: Staff is getting kinda slow this year.
Zack: It's not a bad place so far.
Jason: Yeah, well....just don't get yourself stuck in detention. We were there all last year.
Trini: Have any of you guys seen Tommy and Kimberly?
Zack: I hadn't seen Tommy since yesterday. Now, Kimberly.....I don't even know.
Jason: Well, they got to be around here somewhere.
'''''Meaning us?'''''
The four turned their heads directly to the same direction as they finally see Tommy and Kimberly hand in hand approaching all of them.
The whole group was all together again.
The rest of the group smiled and were quick to embrace with both of them as well as each other.
But at that instant, they all gave each other a VERY serious look of concern and it became clear they were all thinking the same thing.
Tommy: Know about the weather?
Billy: Highly unlikely for something like that to happen.
Trini: Whoever's behind this......definitely must have some sort of death wish.
Zack: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Jason: Mhm-hmm. We go to Zordon after school.
Kimberly: Screw after school, we go right now.
They all just look towards her......but she just nods firmly without saying another word.
Meanwhile outside of the school, and down over to the docks, the weather was still cloudy with a little bit of rain dropping down above.
But that only lasted for a VERY short period of time. Almost suddenly, thunder started to BOOM through the air as more cumulonimbus clouds began to roll over the horizon.
More and more and MORE Thunder began to crack underneath the clouds as most of them began to cluster and form together over one abandoned ship at the docks.
It took damn near forever before a huge......
......sound resonated from the huge cloud as it struck dead center in the middle on top of the ship and the light flashes SO BRIGHTLY, everything becomes dim rather quickly.
But as soon as the effects of the bolt wore itself off, its gone before the disfigured yet powerful '''Lord Zedd''' steps through and emerges out of the lightning bolt looking MORE menacing then he ever was before.
As he breathed in.....and a Darth Vader type of way, he surveys the rocks around him as well as the city of Angel Grove ..... and as expected, people who DID see him did what they always did and ran in terror as far away from him as he could.
At that point, near-by cops just so happened to run towards the situation and that's when they see Zedd himself perched on the ship inside the docks. Reacting sorely out of fear and instinct alone, they both panicked and pointed their guns directly at him.
Cop # 1: Buddy! Whoever you are in that costume, don't take another step!
Cop # 2: You put down that stick and get your hands in the air!
Zedd could hear the voice from ALL the way where he was on that ship.....and it seems like it takes very little to piss the guy off. He IMMEDIATELY snaps his head back towards them and the cops immediately back up in fear.....yet they still kept their guns pointed at him.
Even when other cops began to pull up along with the other two, it was clear Zedd was not amused by this sight.
Lord Zedd: You fools don't have the slightest idea who you're dealing with! '''I am Lord Zedd, emperor of all he see's. And I am here to claim what is rightfully mine!'''
He then leaps off of the ship ALL the way down to the road where the cops are and when he lands, it cracks the pavement......and the cops back up even more than before.
Lord Zedd: In fact.....why don't you ALL take a DIRT NAP?!
After hearing that, the cops immediately blasted at Zedd with their pistols and bombard him with bullet after bullet before discovering that.....lot and behind......regular guns have no effect on him. They barley even sent a single scratch on his skin......
....and that TERRIFIES the rest of the cops.
Lord Zedd: '''MY TURN'''.......
He charges up his scepter and blasted  at the cops with high velocity, disintegrating and killing them all instantly.
Once again, people were yelling like crazy and running around like wild banshees after witnessing what they had just seen. But Zedd just chuckled underneath his breath before looking up towards the mild rainy sky and deciding.......
Lord Zedd: Seems the weather could use.....a little.....complexity......
He tapped his scepter onto the concrete  road and almost immediately, the weather effect seemed to change dramatically. The mild light rain soon began to increase in quantity until the streets were drenched with rain, Thunder and LIGHTNING......almost as if a hurricane wave was coming down to the city.......
.....but one thing was made clear from this.
He wouldn't find Zordon here......but he DID KNOW where he WILL find him.
At that point in time, it cuts back over to the ship as we revolve inside where the main six came inside of the morphing grid......
.....only to see all the lights pitch black like it was before.
Zack: Oh.....kay......this is not what I had in mind. They're normally here.
Trini: Yeah, where are they?
Tommy: You'll see. Billy?
Billy: You got to hold out your coin towards the wall. It'll sense it through their cause of the energy depletion or something. I don't get how it works, but that's the way it is.
Despite the glaring confusion, everyone DID take out their coins and held them up to the all the coins glowed their separate colors and, just like before, surrounded them with that glazing ball of energy......
.....before it transporting all six of them down into the Command Center.
Kimberly: What in the....
Jason: The hell are we?
Tommy: Trust me when I tell're gonna love this.
Billy: Just wait 'till y'all see the teleporter.
As soon as the voice boomed overhead, mechanisms and electrical systems kicked in as the lights turned itself on while everything else like they all had minds of their own.
Everyone else was ABSOLUTELY amazed.
Zack: *'''laughs'''* This is sick!
Trini: Spiffy new tech. I like it.
Jason: More like LOVE it! I mean.....this---this--
Tommy: Hey, no worries. Thank me later, ok?
Kimberly: You did all this?
Tommy: With some assistance.
He points up to the huge cylinder warp chamber up the wall, as they all look towards it. Immediately, the chamber warps itself around.....and Zordon of Eltar himself appears.
Zordon: '' the command center.''
Jason: Zordon?
Kimberly: Is that you in there?
Zordon: ''Yes. The same me.....only in a new position.''
Alpha: ''I, on the other hand, just navigates.''
Trini: Alpha.....
Zordon: ''Rangers......''
They all look towards him.
Zordon: ''I need you all to listen to me carefully. The thing I have feared the most has finally happened.''
Everything went silent for a brief moment.....until he ushered out......the one thing.....he wished he didn't have to say......
Zordon: '''''Lord Zedd'''......has returned.....''
The name......didn't ring a bell to ANY of them at all, but they knew it was FAR from a good sign.
Billy: Lord Zedd?
Tommy: Is-is that the Dark Lord you kept mentioning from time to time?
Without even hesitating, Zordon firmly stated.....
Zordon: ''Yes.''
Jason: Wh--what the hell is going on here?
Zordon: ''Rita had warned us time and time again and as luck would have it, she was right. Lord Zedd has arrived here on your home, as he plans to carry out what Rita could not.''
Zack: Hold up, he wants the Crystal too?
Trini: So all this time, Rita needed the Crystal for him? Is she......into him or something?
Billy: I WISH you hadn't said that.
Alpha: ''No, Trini. She SERVES him; she's done so ever since betraying Zordon and his original team for reasons she's already explained to you.''
Jason: Yeah, I remember.
Tommy: Where is he?
The contents of the earth began to shake from above them very slowly and while they weren't effected by it, they could still tell the effects from where they were.
Alpha: ''Oh no.''
Kimberly: He's close.
Tommy: A little too close. Wait. Lets check the globe.
Thinking alike, they all went to the viewing globe as the Zeo Crystal worked its magic yet again and this time, the visual was clear enough in order for all of them to see......
.....Lord Zedd......
.....heading in their direction......
Tommy: Oh Man.....
Kimberly: Eww......
Billy: Ok, he looks WORST then "The Thing".
Jason: Worse or not.....he's heading right for us....
Tommy: There's no time to lose them. Let's go in and kick his ass.
Zordon: ''Not so fast, Tommy.''
The response seemed to confuse them all for a few seconds.
Zordon: ''I'm not sure if either one of you are truly ready to face Lord Zedd. Nor his dark magic......''
Zack: But Zordon....the dude's heading for us. How do we draw him away?
Zordon: ''YOU leave that to ME. In the meantime, you're ALL needed back in Angel Grove. The aftermath of a hurricane has flooded the town and people need your help. Proceed to the teleporter immediately.''
Kimberly: Teleporter?
Billy: What I'd say? You'll love it.
Tommy: You'll see, babe.
Zack: Shit! It's gonna be a doozy!
As soon as everyone tuned around, they saw what was meant by teleporter. The sight alone couldn't usher any words from them......for words were already spoken from that standpoint. Without waiting any further, they all stood on their correct color platforms on the teleporter one at a time as Alpha bang to run through the mechanisms to start it up.
Alpha: ''Alright, this should get you all back to either Angel Grove or Reefside in only a few seconds worth. But as soon as you all reach there, search the area and see if there's anyone in need of help.''
Trini: And if trouble brews?
Alpha: ''Then you know what to do.''
Kimberly: Alpha, you guys really SHOULD let us help you. We can hold him off as much as we can.
Alpha: ''I'm sure you can, Kimberly. In fact, I KNOW you can. But Zordon, being our leader, is right. None of you are at the caliber, acceptable enough to face Zedd one on one......and we cannot go against his wishes. But don't worry. He knows what he's doing.''
Jason: I'm putting my trust in you, man. I hope you're going through with this.
Tommy: Trust me, I know he can do us no wrong.
Jason nodded towards him.
Alpha: ''Ohhhhh......kay! I'm setting the coordinates. Starting teleportation: Now!''
This time, the entire Ranger group glew brightly into their colors as that familiar AC sound from earlier blew down upon all of them......until they all shot up and out the center as the fluorescent lights from their colors glew out like a mirror......
......and then vanished.
Zordon: ''Alpha. Monitor their progress down here. I'll try to keep Zedd occupied at the grid.''
Alpha: ''Sir, you're vulnerable behind the wall. How will you--''
Zordon: ''You must trust me, Alpha 5. It's the only option we have at this matter. Please lock down the Command Center.''
He shut himself off from the time warp cylinder, shutting down everything else in the Command Center and then ended up back inside of the wall above in the morphing grid......
......just for the entrance door to blow up!
Zordon could barely see anything in his line of vision with all this smoke obstructing his obstructs line of trajectory.
That was 'till....
'''''Don't fret, Zordon. It's just an old friend, coming by to say hello.'''''
It wasn't long before a familiar entity came out through the smoke dramatically as Zordon just kept this blank yet obvious angry stare smeared across his face, having to remember that dramatic, traumatic image from his past come face to face with him again.
And sure enough.......
Lord Zedd: '''Hello......Red Ranger.......'''
In that meanwhile, the effect the weather had on Reefside was......very difficult to try and explain. The only way to describe it was: WREAKED.
Everything was wreaked and completely drenched and destroyed down there: from the houses, the pavement on the roads, the sidewalks......EVERYTHING. It would NOT be a pleasant view for any sudden arrivals here.
Speaking of sudden arrivals, the giant sphere once again reappears through the moderate rainstorm and almost immediately, out heroes come through it........
.....only to be taken back and drenched by the effects of the rain......
Trini: Argh!
Zack: Just a little storm! Ain't no big deal!
Billy: If this is "little", I ain't gonna bother asking what's your take on "MASSIVE"!
Tommy: Guys, c'mon. We gotta keep moving.
Despite the huge quantity of rain flooding down from the sky in buckets, they continued through the streets while looking around through house after house after house after alleyway.....and the search kept going on....
.....and on.....
.....and on.....
For only 17 minutes.
They found NO ONE.
Kimberly: Oh no......
Tommy: I know, I know. This guys worse than I thought.
Jason: Wait.
Everyone stopped dead in their tracks.
Tommy: What?
Jason: Did you hear that?
Kimberly: I don't understand.
Tommy: Wait......I hear it now. What is that?
He got a bit of the hint as Tommy slowly backed up for about two steps and then turned around behind him, and what he sees......stops him dead in his tracks.
Pretty soon, the others notice his stare and soon turn their attention to what he was staring at and it really was something.
The pavement on the road they were on slowly rips apart as leftover pebbles and ashes fall into the chasm. Pretty soon, fire starts to spark from out the chasm and without warning or other signs of anything worse to occur.....
.....puddies literally start raising up from out of the fiery pits and start slugging their way towards them.
Zack: What the f--?!
Kimberly: Oh my god.......
Pretty soon, more and more of those puddies came crawling out of the chasm and headed towards our heroes. The only difference was their skin was covered THIS TIME in molten rock, ashes and lava.
And based on the looks of it; the rain wasn't doing a thing to them. The molten lava stored inside the puddies was still visible and flammable as the rain did little to put out their flames.
Zack: Ok......any idea on what we should do next?
That was primarily a trick question.....because they all already knew what they had to do next. It became even more clear when everyone looked and smiled at each other.
Billy: You guys ready?
Trini: Oh yeah......
Jason: Alrighty then, lets show these rockheads how we handle our business......again.
At that point, they all brought out their portable morphers and they each separately glowed up.
Tommy: Ready?!
They all activated their morphers as the Power from their coins unlocked the armor hidden inside them and it began to rapidly wrap around all of them.
From their heads, hands and feet, they were completely covered.
The Power Rangers were here.
They all stood side by side one another as the quantity of lava puddies just kept increasing with each passing second, but they knew it wasn't gonna be any easier.
Red Ranger: Well; they asked for it......
Black Ranger: And they gonna get it.
Pink Ranger: Here we go again.
Green Ranger: Hey. Mind if I show you what else I learned?
Pink Ranger: I'd love to, babe.
At that point, the lava rock puddies finally lunged forward and attacked.
Both (Green, Red Ranger): Everyone, lets go!
The main six lunged forward as well and charged at the new and improved puddies. But just as the they were about to attack......
.......we're back in the morphing grid as it became apparent that Zedd was wasting NO TIME at all torturing Zordon as he continued to fry and blast at the screen he was stuck behind with his scepter.
And just like before, it took a LOT out of him.
Zordon: ''AHHHHHHH!!!!''
Lord Zedd: You should've known this punishment would come sooner rather than later. I'll only ask you this one time.....''where is the crystal?''
Zordon: ''Go to Hell, Zedd''.
Unsatisfied by the response he received.....even though there was no question it was coming, he blasted at him again as Zordon bellowed in agony
Lord Zedd: Trust me......I can do this ALL DAY, Zordon. Just make it easy on yourself and tell me where you stored my precious crystal.
Zordon: ''Do your worst......but whatever you do to me.....the Rangers will be there to stop you.''
Lord Zedd: Hmmm.......*'''chuckles sinisterly'''* EXACTLY what you said......right before I took Rita away from your grasp......I became everything to her that you WERE NOT......and now, look what happened to your poor team.
Zordon: ''You had plenty of faith in you should've. But then again,  she ain't good at finishing what you started, is she Zedd''?
Lord Zedd: '''ARGH'''!
He ferociously zaps him again, causing him to bellow out again.....and if there's one person who wasn't enjoying that other than Zordon...... was Alpha.
All the way down in the Command Center, he could physically SEE Zordon writhing in agony from his own portable viewing screen as well as the head the effects as well......since Zordon was literally up ABOVE him. It was clear he couldn't bare to watch his leader/friend suffer no more.
Alpha: ''Argh! C'mon, c'mon, there's got to be SOMETHING I can do. Maybe.....''
At that point, he got the idea.....albeit rather foolish. He rushed or skimmed his way to the control panels and somehow switch the power stored in the teleporter and......restore it into the center of the morphing grid.
Alpha: ''Ayi-yi-yi......if this doesn't work.....I don't know what will.....but here goes....NOTHING!''
Thinking fast and rather furiously, he pressed TWO buttons at the same time  and with Lord Zedd literally in the center of the morphing grid, it was able to INSTANTANEOUSLY teleport him out of the ship...... that.
Zordon: ''Ugh.....*'''sighs'''*....Thank you, Alpha 5.......''
What Alpha didn't mention is that the teleporter has this RANDOM effect on teleporting certain people to places.....if there's no direct location set. Unfortunately, that was the mistake Alpha apparently made...... Zedd was teleported downtown at REEFSIDE on the edge of a rooftop to see the storm still raging onwards.....
......but boy, was he flustered.
Lord Zedd: '''What?! WHAT?!?!?''' Ohhhh......Alpha.....
He began to hear fighting noises from below him and once he looks down from the corner, he see's our heroes battling his lava rock putties.
Lord Zedd: So....these are the "worthy ones" carrying out Zordon's will.....and they're only children! I cannot believe Rita was beaten by nothing more than mere infants! Sometimes I wonder if I was right to even CHOOSE her as my worthier.
Zedd continued to stare on as the Rangers worked as a team to fight onwards. Mostly though....he mainly had his eyes fixated on the "It" couple of Tommy and Kimberly......
Tommy interested him because he took Rita's place.....but Kimberly was a utter mystery to him and not a good one at best.
But he continued to watch.
Red Ranger: Ugh! Back to back!
Green Ranger stepped back towards Red Rangers back and both of them covered each of their positions in time
Yellow and Pink Ranger did flip kicks and spinning kicks, rarely PUSHING the Putties back where they originally crawled out of.
As for the Black and Blue Ranger, they did a tag team effort of switching positions and running alongside each putty pushing them back and  knocking down each putty that came at them.
As time eventually went onwards, every single one of them were beaten down as the rain finally seemed to douse out the lava and molten rock stored within them.....
.......until finally, the rain began to lessen.
Green Ranger: That's the last one.
Yellow Ranger: Damn, theses ones were stronger than the others.
Red Ranger: I know, I could feel the heat from that lava under my armor.
Pink Ranger: What kind of putties were they?
Blue Ranger: Don't look at me; I'm still trying to shake off the flames from my blue bunions.
Black Ranger: Maybe they're from that Zedd guy?
This type of maniacal laughter startled the lot of them from where they were standing. It's safe to say that this laughter was worse than the evil Green Ranger laugh......on a technicality, that is.
Green Ranger: Oh god......tell me I didn't sound like that when I was evil.
Pink Ranger: Nah, this one sounds much, MUCH worse.
Blue Ranger: Be honest I'd rather have your laugh than this one, Tommy.
Green Ranger: Would you prefer me evil again, Billy?
Blue Ranger: That wasn't what I was suggesting.
Red Rangers: Stay focused, guys. For all we know, it could be that Zedd guy.
Pink Ranger: Ummmmmm.......and you would be right!
Kimberly quickly pointed up to that same rooftop not too far away from them and as the heroes looked up to that direction......they saw......
.......what was by far....... be their greatest enemy yet.
Blue Ranger: Oh shit.......
Lord Zedd: Well......*'''chuckles'''*.....if it isn't Zordons Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Why is it so hard to believe that you defiant, selfish little brats are the only thing stopping me from plunging the universe into eternal darkness?
Green Ranger: Maybe it's because regardless of what or who's invading our home, there's ALWAYS gonna be someone to put a dent in their tracks. It's more than about the costume and powers that give us strength. It's who and what we are inside that really empowers us.
Lord Zedd: '''SILENCE!'''
He immediately blasted his scepter over at Tommy, but Tommy's armor shield plating absorbed the blast energy completely......
.....before launching it back to Zedd.
Unfortunately, that reflection didn't even do much as dent Zedd, let on push him back a few feet. He stayed in he same position he was, directly still; showing no signs of intimidation whatsoever.
Yellow Ranger: Ok, he's got some skill.
Green Ranger: Yeah.....this is gonna be rough.
Zedd finally ushered to move as he slowly cracked his neck from both sides before leaping off the roof.....and then smashing down onto the concrete, causing a huge crater where he now stood.
The Rangers just brought out their weapons and got in defensive mode, for they had no idea what to expect from their new adversary.
Lord Zedd: If any of you even present so much as a challenge......
He holds his hands out to his side while still holding the scepter in his other hand.
Lord Zedd:.....come and face me now......
He was actually giving them the chance to attack him. That was just unusual to ALL of them......
.....but that didn't mean they were gonna sit back and do nothing.
Red Ranger: Alright then.....
He holds his hand out to the side and his resonating Power sword pixelated out of thin air and attaches onto his arm.
Red Ranger: You want a fight? I'll give you a fight!
Jason charged at Zedd with his sword and as soon as he attacks.....Zedd deflects it with his scepter and after a.....not-so-close encounter, he quickly knocked the sword out his hand and UPPERCUTS him with so much force, it sends him FLYING off his feet.....
.....before he crashing down onto the pavement.....HARD.
Green Ranger: Jason!
Seeing his friend manhandled like THAT made Tommy the next one to go forward. He then pulled out his power sword.......
(Once known as the sword of Darkness)
......and he too attacked Zedd who, ONCE AGAIN, deflected it HIS with his scepter.
To be tolerable, their fight lasted a little longer than Jason's since Tommy's armor protected him from most of the damage. And Tommy did get a little offense in, but he wasn't able to land a single hit on Zedd anywhere.
And THAT is when Zedd finally got rid of him.....for now. He quickly swung his scepter around, which clocked the Green Ranger square across his helmet and leaves him woozy, as he stumbles to the ground......
.....but just as he gets back up, Zedd blasts him back.
Pink Ranger: Tommy!
Yellow Ranger: That's it! This guy is pissing me off! Attack him at once!
The rest of the Rangers, stuck in desperation, went forward to attack him with their own weapons......but once again, it didn't do them any good at all. Zedd continued to block and counter EVERY SINGLE one of their moves to point at which it seemed like fighting a self conscious computer A.I in a video game.
It didn't matter what the team did; whether it was one on one, double team, behind, front, all sides.....
Zedd had them flustered and beat at every corner.
It even got worse when Zedd struck his scepter down deep into the ground, causing an INTENSE lightning strike from above as the team barely managed to avoid some of it.....
......but they ended up getting blasted back and stuck down by the rest of the lightning bolts.
It seemed like even as a TEAM, Lord Zedd was just WAY too strong and powerful for them to handle......which only proved relevance to Zordon's original point he said to them.
Lord Zedd: You mortals......are useless against my power. '''Zordon should've never sent CHILDREN to do a MAN's job.''' matter. For what it's worth, you all held your own. For that reason alone......I WILL spare your lives if you all swear loyal to me or......
Suddenly, at THAT moment, Zedd got interrupted by an unexpected yet very FAMILIAR laugh from behind him.....
.....just as a orb of energy flies from out of nowhere......and strikes down the Blue Ranger who was just greeting back up on his feet.
And just as he feared, Zedd looked over his shoulder to see......
Rita Repulsa.....on the other side!
Green Ranger: The--RITA?!
Rita: Very well done, my lord.....but if you don't mind, I will prove my worth to you by finishing them for you!
Lord Zedd: No, you stupid---
Alpha saw what was happening down there on the viewing globe and as expected, he almost freaked the freak out.
Alpha: ''Oh, this is so bad''.
Zordon: ''Alpha, bring them back here by setting the teleporter to get a reverse-lock to their location. Hurry''!
Alpha: ''On it''.
As he managed to set the teleporter on the reverse setting, Rita foolishly stepped ahead in front of Zedd as her staff charged up BRIGHTLY. The light practically blinds both Zedd and the Rangers at the same time. But just as she steadied herself, ready to take her shot with her FIXED scepter at the Rangers.....
.....the Rangers just held onto each other as they all INSTANTANEOUSLY teleported out of the area, just as Rita had struck with her scepter.......
.......meaning Alpha got them all out of there in the nick of time.
Rita: Uh....oops.
"Oops" was apparently right. Once again, Zedd was fed up and absolutely FURIOUS over this interruption. Regardless of whether Rita meant it or not, the simple fact of the matter was the fact that she let the Rangers get away.
Lord Zedd: '''You incompetent minx!'''
He immediately grabs Rita by the threat and completely holds her up in the air, as the very force of his metamorphosis began to choke her out.
And for some looked like tears were beginning to flow down her face. It looked like she was crying.
Lord Zedd: I had the Rangers under my feet and YOU had to come in with your cockiness and arrogance to let them slip from my fingers! '''NOW YOU HAVE MADE ME VERY ANGRY!!'''
The tears continues to flow down her face as an anonymous shadow surrounds the both of them.....and they both end up back in the tower......
......ON THE MOON.
Afterwards,  Zedd immediately lets Rita loose of his grip......and then punished her for her foolish act by zapping her with his scepter...... she screamed in agony, watching the effects of the scepter began to burn off the contents of her armor and skin.
But that's when he stopped.
Lord Zedd: I don't know why I selected you as my empress in the first place.....sometimes I wished I picked Zordon. Then again....'''he'd be no better with his generous ways'''! From now onwards, I have no use for you anymore.
As Zedd stormed out of the throne room, Rita just knelt down on both knees and proceeds to keep crying silently.......
In a unfortunate matter, however, the "Tears" sliding down from her eyes weren't actually tears when you cry for some reason.....
.....Rita was actually faking it.
The whole time.
After re-emerging herself, she firmly stood back up on both of her feet and just looked around her as the look on her face spelled out absolute anger. People had seen her before like this and this would have others worried......on what new horrors would befall them if Rita would be provoked.
That's when she looked out the balcony towards the sun as the light flashed right in her face amongst her eyes as the rest of her body felt cleansed with....all she done previously. But she then turned away......feeling confused but angry still....
But it seemed as if a part of her had changed.....or did it.....
Rita: You want the crystal, Zeddy? Not before I get it FIRST.
She began to walk slowly without making any other drastic movements......
.....before disappearing from the throne room.....
......just as our team of six teleported back down to the Command Center as they all looked and felt utterly beaten.
Even as they struggled to get to the front of the chamber, they all had to carry each other just to get to that point and Zordon and Alpha didn't try to say anything at that point.
They were more concerned about the safety of well being then being disappointed in them.
Zack: J-Jesus---
Jason: Ugh....Argh....
Tommy: What--what in the hell was that?
Kimberly: We couldn't even get a single hit on him.
Zordon: ''I must say: you all are very lucky to be alive. In that last second, you would all would have been obliterated.''
Alpha: ''That's only because I was able to get a lockdown on your location and reverse the effects of the teleporter, he said, y'all are lucky. But.....we had already told you: you're not ready to face Lord Zedd''.
Jason: Hey....hey easy, Alpha.....we practically had no other choice at the moment. He CAME AT US, so we had to defend ourselves.....
Zordon: ''That's besides the point, Jason.  Lord Zedd is NOTHING compared to Rita or anything you see on this.....this thing you call.....TV. He's a serious amount of evil that is no laughing matter''.
Trini: Hey....we understand. We just need more training, right?
Zordon: ''Wrong''.
Everyone just stood in silence together as Zordon paused in his thoughts......once again remembering what happened to his team......for Rita killed them all....only because Lord Zedd corrupted her and made her into one of his slaves......and now that he's here....he couldn't bare for it to happen to them.....not when they were starting their lives.
Even more so when they were just as big of a family to him as his team was.
Zordon: ''Guys''.......
So, much as it was gonna come back to bite his head later on......he had to make the hardest decision that he'll ever make......
Zordon: ''I need you all to give back your coins''.
All (Including Alpha): WHAT?!?!
Tommy: Why??
Jason: What for, man?
Zordon: ''This matter is highly dangerous for you all.....however, you all have honored the Power Rangers memory over the past and gave the world hope when they were less of it.....and for that, I cannot thank you enough.''
Trini: But why let us go?
Kimberly: Yeah, you need us.
Zordon: ''I had no right to put you kids in the thick of any of this. I refuse to let you continue on any further. You all have your lives ahead of you. But mine had already ended long ago. I-I could never be that selfish keep you all endangered here.''
Billy: Yeah, but you weren't selfish enough to give my life back.
Kimberly: Plus, you came around for us when NO ONE ELSE WOULD.
Zack: We were all outcasts before any of this.
Trini: But things changed since then. You made us all into a family.
Jason: None of us would even be together if it weren't for you. Plus being Power Rangers was the only thing that gave us hope as well....for us.
Kimberly: You can't imagine what it was like for us before this.
Tommy: We mainly agreed to this.....because it's what we want, Zordon......and we knew what we signed up for. You know that.
It grew silent for a second.
Billy: Zordon?
Zordon:''......Stupid kids.....I already KNEW what I signed up for years ago when I first DID this and I carried it out with EVERYTHING I had. But I had hoped that the next REAL Rangers would be more prepared and more ready for the upcoming threats ahead. But the simple fact of the matter is.....I can't say the same for you all; because none of you REALLY know what you want. You never did.''
All six of them COULD NOT believe what they were hearing from the ONE person who they looked up to as their.....OWN father figure felt like another gigantic slap to the face to every single one of them.
And they didn't take it well.
(This is getting to me.....)
Jason: Fine......
Pissed off and feeling betrayed YET AGAIN, he rips his red coin out of his portable morpher and then throws it down on the floor as it crashes with an audiable thud.
As he looks sternly at Zordon with a thousand yard stare, the others seemed to be agreeing with his recent actions.
Kimberly was next to throw her coin down.
Then Trini......
.......then Zack.......
......then Billy.......
.....and although Tommy took a LONG obligated moment to ponder in his thoughts......
......he too surrendered and dropped his coin just as they all stormed over to the teleporter.
It was hard to tell whether or not Zordon was practically feeling any type of emotion or regret during this, but Alpha was definitely feeling bad for even being INVOLVED in this......cause it hurt him just as much as it hurt them.
Alpha: ''Listen.....listen, guys....for what it's worth....''
Kimberly: Save it!
This point up to now had gotten Kimberly so emotional, tears began to steam down from her eyes, as it was clear she was visibly and emotionally shaken and stirred from what she was forced to do.
Kimberly: *'''sniffles'''*.....J-just take us home.......
Tommy quietly wrapped his arm around her as she buried her face into his chest. He looks back towards the others before looking towards Alpha.....and nodding at him. As Alpha just sighed and brought his face down to try and block the shame from his eyes.......he unfortunately......
.......connects with the panel......
......and teleports every single one of them back home as he looked back to his leader who......just made the same facial expression.
Alpha: ''Ayi-yi-yi....''
Eventually, the main six quickly reappeared back into the streets of Angel Grove and landed firmly on separate sides of the streets, with most of, if not all their emotions crumbling into a white hot ball of rage after being DISOWNED by their own mentor.
Nobody said a word to anyone else. They all just nodded towards each other and began to part their ways.
Jason went first.....which was understandable.
Zack left next......
Trini went after him.......
And surprisingly, Kimberly stepped away as well. But not before she turned to Tommy and asked him.....
Kimberly: Will you be alright?
Tommy: Y-yeah, no worries. I'll find my own way.
Kimberly just nodded firmly at him, still with tears in her eyes as she finally turned herself around and walked off.
The only ones......
.....who stayed right where they were on the streets.....
The only ones......
......who weren't ready to give up on this life yet......
......was Tommy and Billy.
It became apparent as they looked towards one another and then looked back behind them as they saw the mountain side all the way down.
Tommy: A-are we done?
Billy, surprised at hearing this response, just chuckled underneath his breath and wrapped his arm around him.
Billy: No, man. We're friends.....and friends don't quit.
At that point, they both just start walking.
Billy: I guess it's just us.....whatever's left of us, that is.....but, that makes me wonder: what'd we do now, Tommy?
Tommy: I don't know....I guess we'll what we do best. I mean--I--I don't even know what I do best anymore right now......if I'm gonna be honest with you, being the Green Ranger was practically the ONLY thing that I was best at.....
Billy: The Green Ranger......or Kimberly?
That was, in fact, a question that Tommy had thought to himself a COUPLE of times; but....still, it WAS an excellent question to answer or at least ponder about. As he looked back towards where Kimberly left, he really couldn't help but to think.....what is it really that he's best for and when it came to made him begin to question....
'''''Do I Kimberly......more than I love being a Power Ranger?'''''
As the large, consuming number of days began to pass by the team or.....the former team.....they didn't seem to mind as much. They all  just took up time for their daily routines again.......and being normal teenagers.......
.....even though, they still got tossed about and treated like shit like they used to.
Tommy and Kimberly kept their relationship going onwards and strong......well.....without bringing up Zordon that is.....
Zack still did his best to attend and aid his sick mother
Billy had, however, lost his...."fans" coming by the lunch table cause......since the gang gave up their coins.....they lost their powers as well.
He didn't like that.
Trini and her family attended her grandfather's funeral and she had to stay behind with her grandmother for the rest of the time in order to help her grief
As for Jason....
He mostly kept to himself.
However, he did spent most of his days after school kicking it at Ernie's molt shop and at the gym.
But he wasn't alone.
In fact, Tommy went down to the gym as well and mostly he mostly saw him a lot when he worked out there.
A couple of times, they struck a few gamers and had some eye contact, but nothing went too far.
However, one science class......
Tommy was doing his best to TRY and stay awake, but he couldn't help it. He was BORED out of his mind while the science teacher continued to speak on.
Science Teacher (David Yost): Now.....once the UV rays from the Sun shines down  on our formerly enhances the Earth's hemisphere feeding on it's heat while emitting......
As he spoke on, Tommy just REALLY couldn't help but to notice that Jason's seat had been EMPTY for the past few DAYS worth. At first, he didn't mind because he knew he needed to cool his head......but NOW, he just....could not bare it any longer.
As soon as the bell rang, Tommy bolted out of his seat and exited.
A few hours later, he came by to the Youth Center and entered.....only to see Jason with his uncle Lucas and Pearl by the molt shop.
He didn't know how he was gonna bring himself to actually get a response out of Jason, if ANY.
But he had to take the risk because as much as the situation from before severely hurt them, he couldn't stand by and let this silent treatment continue on any further.
Lucas was rather quick to notice him.
Tommy: Hey.
Lucas: Hey, must be Tommy, right?
Tommy: Yeah, Tommy Oliver.
Lucas: Hey, pleasure to meet ya. I'm his Uncle Lucas and.....
Tommy: Well.....I'm guessing you must be his sister, right?
Pearl: Mhm-hmm. I'm Pearl.
Tommy: Pearl? Nice. The names too familiar.
Pearl, in fact, had to look away when he said that because she knew where the name came from.
Tommy: Jason---?
Lucas: He should be alright, right?
It was clear he was nodding over at Jason, but with Jason's back turned towards everyone, it was unclear whether or not he was even listening to ANYTHING.
But Tommy made the bold move and went up to him firmly as he flat out stated.......
Tommy: We need to clear the air on this, Jason. I can't stand back and watch you hack yourself to pieces over this, ok?
Jason just sighs heavily......and doesn't say a word back to him. Not at all.
Under the assumption that Jason wasn't gonna even bother speaking to him, Tommy just nodded silently and was about to walk off.
That is.....
.....until Jason suddenly grabbed his arm.
Jason: Uncle, take Pearl.....and get back.
Pearl: Jason......
Jason: Get. Back.
Unwilling to argue any further with him, Lucas took Pearl in his grasp and slowly backed up from him as the other people surrounding the molt shop just gathered around.
Jason finally threw his cup away as he just sighed heavily.....with this disturbing look stained all over his face as he bolted up from the counter and SLOWLY turned towards Tommy......
......before letting go of his arm.
Jason: Do you---do you even know what it feels like for someone to just throw you away after everything you've done for them?
Tommy: More then you could possibly know.
Jason: I REALLY don't think you do.
Tommy: Hey, come on. I've already told you what the hell I've been through, plus you and I are practically identical in some areas. Sure, the links in our chains make us seem completely confusing or unethical to others, but that's only what strengthens the bond between us and the others. That's what made us--
Jason: Made us WHAT? One big happy family?
He eventually bolts himself out of the chair and faces him again.
Jason: This is the real world, ok? In the real world, there's no one way to get through all this. It's either your way or the highway. And I've ALWAYS had to deal with everything MY way because "happily ever after" doesn't exist. That only exists in the damn fairy tales.
Tommy: Hey, I can promise you that you won't be thinking like that when this is all said and done.
Jason: *'''scoffs'''* Is--is that a CHALLENGE?
As the taking faded for a second to the background, we see Jason stepping forward towards Tommy......while rolling up His sleeves......and it startled him. It definitely wasn't very long 'till Bulk and Skull got wind of the situation as they walked in, noticing the heat between the two.
Bulk: Hey, check it out.
Skull: Ooh....this looks interesting.
Tommy: Jason, I don't want to do this....
Jason: But it's what you're good at, isn't it? That way you ventured on fighting bad guys like something out of a comic book.
Tommy: You do know we're in public, right?
Bulk: Boys......
They see him and Skull approach both of them in a rather saber yet ridiculous fashion. But none of it bothered them.
Bulk; I'd say......perhaps this can be settled in....a more manly, less fishy way.
Tommy: Come on, man. Not now.
Jason: Whatever it is, I'm game for it.
Tommy: Jason, why are you acting like this?
Skull: Perhaps we can open a competition here.
Tommy: Forget it, Man. I ain't doing this, ok? No.
As Tommy begins to walk away, unwilling to let himself get dragged into the fight......
......Jason once again scoffs as he pushes Bulk out of his way and let his ego get the better of him as he blurts out......
Jason: Aww come on. There you go! You talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk when it's time to eat your damn chalk?! I don't see the complexity here. You man enough to take Kimberly away from me, but you don't have the balls to actually stand up and fight for her damn honor?! HUH?!
As soon as he heard Kimberly's name brought up into this conversation, Tommy just stopped dead in his tracks. He literally just stopped and didn't move a muscle.
But then his eye twitches......
......and his fist balls up.
Finally, he takes a few steps back behind him before storming back to the front and face-closing Jason REALLY REALLY close up.
Tommy: What the HELL did you just say?
Jason: You heard me. You a fighter, aren't you? How about we do this right here, in exchange for her hand? You and me, Mano e Mano.
Bulk:'s coming. It's coming!
Tommy: Don't you do this, Jason....
Jason: Why shouldn't I? Kimberly was mine before you. You knew that since the beginning. I was there for her before you ever stepped foot in the damn school. Not only that......but things would have gone SOOOOOOOOO far if we weren't called in that one night she snuck into MY room.
This was just a ticking time bomb just ready to set fire and explode at any moment, because Tommy was no longer trying to hide his anger inside.
Jason: It went just as I actually thought it was gonna go out in my head.......and when it happened......when SHE KISSED ME......
This made Tommy ball up his fists yet again. was nothing like the way she does it to you. It meant something to me.......*'''chuckles mildly'''*.......and the taste.......
Tommy: Oh god, don't say it.
Jason: The taste......
Tommy: DON'T SAY IT.
Jason basically massaged his fingers around his lips and, shortly afterwards, he says EXACTLY what Tommy didn't want him to say.
As soon as he heard that......Tommy immediately SPIT right into Jason's eyes as the crowd forming around them gasped. Even Lucas and Pearl couldn't really believe this level of tomfoolery.
Jason just calmly wiped the saliva from the spit off of him and just glared back at Tommy, for it was clear he was PISSED off at just how far Jason was willing to take this conversation. It was at that point that he wasn't going to take this new talk from his brother or......more like former brother figure......anymore.
Tommy: You just earned yourself a ticket to Hell. You want to settle this? Fine.
Bulk: Skull? Get some tickets ready. We're about to get rich.
About......a few miles away from where the Youth Center was, Kimberly was just walking out of the Krispy Kreme shop all silent and all...
.....a poster stapled onto a street light caught her attention.
She quickly ripped it off the staple on the street light..... and it read.......
'''Round up Karate battle at Angel Grove Molt Shop '''
Tommy Oliver vs. Jason Scott.
Tickets on sale for $5 by Youth Center
Runners: Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier and Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch''' '''
Kimberly: Oh my god....
She reached in her purse, pulling out her cell to make a quick call to.....
Kimberly: Billy, it's me. We got a problem.
It quickly cuts BACK to the molt shop OUTSIDE the Youth Center as everyone piled outside to see Jason and Tommy getting "comfortable" (if I can even call it that) and ready for both of them to lay this out and settle their "differences".
It was SO obvious that Bulk and Skull were enjoying this as they kept moving around each other uncontrollably.
Lucas and Pearl however weren't looking forward to this, AT ALL.
Tommy: Last chance to back out, man. I don't wanna fight you.
Jason: I wouldn't wanna fight me neither.
Tommy: Man, you ain't no Flash Thompson, ok? Enough?
For the few seconds, nobody made a move as they just stared down at each other. But finally......
.....Jason made the first move.
He threw a one-two punch combo which Tommy easily dodges. It was clear that Tommy wasn't gonna go in the offensive unless provoked.
But Jason attacked yet again and unleashed a fury of attacks that SURELY would've gave the people a run for their money. Yet, right when he was about to land another punch, Tommy reversed with a block-check strike combo as he soon ended up behind Jason and put him in a reverse choke-hold.
Jason: Argh!
Tommy: See, I told you he taught me a lot then.
Jason: Man, just forget about him!
He firmly stomped on his foot, twisted Tommy's arm around and hit his elbow hard, almost snapping it. But Tommy did a little roll maneuver before kicking up and then knocking Jason down with an arm drag.......
.....knocking him back towards Lucas.
Jason: Damn it......
Lucas: Jason, you better get out of this now. This is the last thing my brother wants from you.
Jason: Get off my back, Man.
He immediately takes a running start and charges at Tommy, but Tommy leapfrogs OVER him and then kicks him right in his calves. As Jason groaned in agony, Tommy attempted to latch around him for a submission, but Jason thought a little quicker.
He kicked Tommy in his leg as well and when Tommy went for another move, he tripped him down and started socking away at him as the competition soon turned into a full on brawl.
And the crowd was REALLY getting hooked.
All except for two.
In fact, Pearl actually had the haul to move herself away from Lucas and shrug her way towards Skull in an attempt to call the match off.
Pearl: Hey! Call it off!
Skull: You ain't the one oullin' the reins here, kid.
He just kinda pushed Pearl away from him by pushing on her forehead. However, she didn't take too kindly to that as she balled up her face in anger.....
....and FIRMLY kicked Skull in the area where the sun doesn't shine.
Skull: YE-OWWWWA!!!
As he held his cell and firmly jumped around like he was doing hopscotch, the brawl confused onwards and Pearl could suddenly see a cut over Jason's eye as blood started to pour down his face.
And she wasn't liking it at all.
Pearl: No, no, no, c'mon! Jason, get up! Somebody DO SOMETHING!
Luckily, her wish was granted as a van pulled up besides the Youth Center as Kimberly and Billy immediately shot out of the van and both of them got involved, admist the brawling; officially separating the two from inflicting any more damage.
Kimberly: Enough, boys! NO!
Billy: Hey, man! Get back, c'mon!
As they both separated Jason and Tommy from tearing each other apart, it became rather apparent that this might've just further cracked and broke the cementing friendship that the two had just earned for each other.....
.....and it was all for what?
Kimberly: Tommy, what the hell happened?!
Tommy: Don't look at me, it was him!
Kimberly couldn't help to look back at Jason, while Billy was holding him back.
Billy: Jason, what were you thinking?
Jason: What was I THINKING? I'll tell you what's going on....just count back. Just TRY to count back to everytime we turned to people for help, only for them to turn away from us. Nothing has ever changed. They just......TAKE. They take and they don't give nothing back, and I'm SICK of being kicked around by the rest of this world.
Billy: Ever heard of "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me"? Self-CONTROL, man.
Jason: I CAN'T! Ok?! We're all messed up in here, nothing here makes any sense and we can't benefit for SHIT here!!!
Kimberly: And THAT gives you a right to take it out on your friends?!
Jason: What....
Kimberly: Yeah! The ones that stuck by you since birth, the ones that always had your back in and out of the depressing times and NEVER turned away from you?! Remember that?!
Jason just stood there in silence and soon just looked around in utter disappointment in himself after letting his own emotions cloud over his judgement for yet ANOTHER time......which proves back to the points that were protested about him months ago......
'''''I don't think we're ever gonna understand each other......'''''
'''''We were both reckless with our teams......'''''
'''''I-I was stupid......and as usual, I-I made the wrong decision. Out of fear, out of anger.......but most of all......I was just......SO.......ANGRY.......'''''
Replaying all of the images of his greatest mistakes felt like being resurrected and born again. He didn't like it. And when he faced towards Tommy, looking at the bruises he JUST gave him....... was all too much.
Jason: Tommy, I....I....I'm......
Without saying another word, he just suddenly just bolted and ran away, leaving his Uncle and sister behind as the other three just looked at each other.....and looked back towards Jason's direction.
At that instance, it cuts back up to the moon and into the tower where Zedd himself was seen in his hidden chamber......tightly grabbing something out of a container.......and as more cuts come forward, it looked like he was forming something out wax.
Lord Zedd: Perfectly nearly complete. The last time I used this was when Rita gave her loyalty to me. With just one simple touch.......she linked her power to it.....but along with it......just like Zordon......she passed it down to another that I NOW control with this.....
He turns away for a brief second before his scepter sparked......and he once again swiped his scepter in front of him, showing the energy wave depicting that watery vision again..... it, this time, showed him what or WHO would be next in line for his plans.
And the face couldn't be any more familiar.
Lord Zedd: '''TOMMY OLIVER.'''
It showed a very blurry image of his face before it cuts to more images of him of how he was when he actually WAS under Rita's influence. But, it seems as if Zedd had no intention on making the same mistake as she did.
Looking away from the image shown by his scepter, it appears the process was finally complete as the object that was now gripped into Zedd's hand was......
.......the GREEN Candle!
Lord Zedd: Yes. In just two days time, the candle will rot and burn out and with it, the Green Rangers powers will be transferred to me. ALL OF THEM. Either way I see it, I WILL reclaim its power.
He takes his sweet time with himself as he walks into another dark room, specifically built for the purpose for concealment and confinement. Not before long, he lights the candle with his scepter and then sets it in that room......
......before walking back to his throne and looking out towards the balcony to our planet Earth.
Lord Zedd: Hmmm......comes to remind me.....I must awaken the '''Serpentera''' from it's final resting place.....since the Cenozoic era, Zordon and his team buried it somewhere. But no matter.....
He continued to walk towards the outside and looks out towards the atmosphere.
Lord Zedd: I will have my victory over his pathetic army of kids soon enough. And also.....with Rita useless to me as a damn dead horse, it is time.....for a new queen! '''And I know just who it will be!'''
As he basks in the air of the view outside his tower, we cut back to the ship where down in the Command Center, Zordon had Alpha desperately (and I mean DESPERATELY) searching for "New" worthy ones to carry the coins AND the will of the Power Rangers.....much to BOTH of their dismay.
But....Alpha REALLY could not help but to protest on it even MORE.
Alpha: ''Sir, forgive me for protesting.....AGAIN. But... we shouldn't have let them go like that. They're probably the only chance we have at stopping Zedd.''
Zordon: ''You know just as well as I that Zedd is too powerful for them.''
Alpha: ''You sure about that? We haven't even told them about the thunder zords. Not even about---''
(Can you guess what he's about to say?)
Zordon didn't even bother answering back. He gave Alpha another one of those thousand yard stares, implying that "You better stop or else"......
......and if course, Alpha couldn't help but to sigh and proceed forward.
However, Zordon DID understood what Alpha was feeling. But he only thought and acted on what he believed was for the best for the group.
Zordon: ''Alpha....I grew attached to them too. It's the main reason why I let them go.''
Alpha: ''And I always respect your reasons, Zordon. But what if we find no one else in time? What if Zedd comes crashing in like he did before for the crystal? We almost lost it twice and this could very well be the last time. And the rang----those kids....are the only thing standing between us, Zedd and anything that comes crashing down to Earth. And you know they'll be others, sir. They're ALL WE HAVE LEFT.''
Zordon: ''Believe me, Alpha; I AM aware. It's just.....they became so close to me in the past year. And.....and to think, what happened to my team......I......I refused to have them suffer the same fate as my own. But......maybe......maybe at this rate, the Dark Lord will leave them be.''
Alpha: ''Are you--Is that---How do you know that for sure?! He's killed twice as many innocents as Rita did before not just her, but in every corner of the universe, perhaps across many galaxies! Ain't that why the elders created the Power Rangers in the first place?''
Zordon did pause in his thoughts, realizing how much validity was behind Alpha's question, cause it was as excellent as hell and for good reason......
Zordon: ''As much as I want to.....we can't. We cannot risk their lives against Zedd. They're much safer this way, Alpha. It's for the best.''
The statement really didn't give Alpha any sense of satisfaction whatsoever......because he knew just how wrong his leader was, just letting the team go like this.
At that point, he had already made up his decision on what he wanted to do.
Alpha: ''Sir.....this is NOT justified. This is just wrong on every conceivable level and you know this. You never gave up on your team even when all of them were long gone; you STILL made it your prime duty to protect this holy place. There's no way that, under circumstances, this should be the only exception.''
Zordon: ''Alpha, are you-''
Alpha: ''Yes, I'm directly and deliberately going against your will.....whether you have something to say about it or not. If you won't do anything about this, guess I'll have to improvise.''
He takes a moment to crack his neck a full 360 degrees before breathing in and out, calmly.
Alpha: ''It's what's best for all of us, sir. We need them back.''
He clenched his elastic hands into the cerebrum latched onto his head as he released a mild whirlwind of sparks and energy surrounding him......
.....and then he just vanished.
As that just happened, we cut back over to the Oliver residence when the time was nearly at 7:41 p.m and up at his room, Tommy was being tended to by both Kimberly and Debora while his father Steve (Jason David Frank) sat beside him on the bed.
He wasn't mad or disappointed, but he just couldn't understand it.
Steve: I---*'''chuckles'''*---I don't know what I'm gonna do with you, Tommy.
Debora: Baby.
Kimberly: Mr. Oliver, it wasn't his fault.
Steve: I'm very well aware of that, but.....still, Tommy, you should know better. I mean....I've always found it stressful whenever you fight OUTSIDE of your karate classes.....because I know someone else is making you defend yourself.
Tommy: Hey, if I didn't start it, you know I didn't finish it. But I get what you're saying. It IS more then likely th---Argh......
Suddenly, something about him gave off a red sign. Tommy suddenly felt a HUGE temptation in the lit of his stomach and suddenly felt somewhat sick. Both physically and mentally. It sorta got to the point in which he couldn't get his arms or fingers to function properly.
Almost immediately, he tried standing up from the bed, only to collapse on himself and fall over.
Both (Debora, Steve): Tommy!
Kimberly: NO!
Debora: What's wrong with him?
Steve: I don't know. I'll call 911.
Soon as the Olivers left the room, something unusual about Tommy and the rest of his body spoke a bad note to Kimberly: his skin tone as well as the rest of his body began to glow in a very bright green.....
.......and the color continued to pulsate like a LED light every few seconds. It looked as if she realized this might have something to do with Lord Zedd. But she was so worried that she rushed downstairs JUST to stop Steve from calling the ambulance, otherwise she'd expose their secret.
So she did rush down the stairs, only to grab his shoulder.....and say......
Kimberly: Wait, Mr. Oliver. I'll take Tommy myself.
Deborah: Honey, are you sure about this?
Kimberly: I can get him there faster if it's something serious. Trust me on this.
Steve: Well....
Deborah: Steve. I trust her.
Steve: Alright. But YOU call us when you get there.
Kimberly: I will.
She rushed back up to notice Tommy had stopped glowing in that color which was odd, but at least it made her sigh softly in relief as she helped him up...... it quickly cuts to in the van while Kimberly was driving it on the way past to the mountain side. With Tommy completely knocked out beside her on the passenger seat, Kimberly reached for her cell while her hand was still on the wheel and called.......
Kimberly: Billy? Get the others, ok? It's urgent. Yeah, I know, but something's wrong with Tommy! He just collapsed and he.....glew green. I don't know what's happening to him, but maybe the professionals can find out. Just find Trini and have her get Jason. Zack can find his way. Hurry up!
She quickly hung up the phone before throwing it down beside her......and that's when Tommy began to regain his consciousness.
Tommy: head....
Kimberly: Tommy, what happened?
Tommy: I--I don't know. I felt a little light headed at first. But suddenly...I feel like I been sucked half way dry.....
Kimberly: Well, when you were unconsciousness, you were looking an awful lot of green. I really don't know if your coin was calling you back or the same time, you just said it was like you were being sucked dry.......
She noticed getting off topic and getting ahead of herself, so she had to correct it so.
Kimberly: Look, I just called Billy. He's gonna find Trini and Jason. Right now, I'm checking you in the hospital.
Tommy: No, no, no, no, no. I'm fine, ok? Forget the hospital. We're gonna go back to the ship and we're gonna get some damn answers.
Kimberly: Tommy, he just kicked us out!
Tommy: He didn't mean it. I know actions speak louder than words but I've been around enough people to know if they're being serious or not whenever they say something.
Kimberly: But--but what if he doesn't let us in?
Tommy: Trust me, He WILL. I'll make sure of that because I don't think this Lord....Edd (Lol, remember that from the show?) or whatever he is won't let us go. He needs us more than ever now.
Now that Kimberly knew that he hated giving up their powers and wanted to go back and help, she was much more confident about what he originally thought and what he had just said.
In a bold move, he firmly stood himself back up......
......and kissed Kimberly square on the lips, catching her off guard and pulling her in.
As soon as they pulled away from the kiss, Tommy firmly stated......
Tommy: We getting the team back.
Kimberly: Then lets go get Zack.
She smiles boldly at him as they continue driving. Pretty soon, they end up at the restricted mine zone nearby the mountain side. As they parked alongside the entrance and trudged through the large quantity of pebbles on the ground, they eventually end up on top of a mild cliff, staring at the collapsed mine wall that started it all for them.
And as luck would have it, they see Zack near that same wall with a pickaxe in hand, smashing a few rocks.
Tommy: There he is.....
Kimberly: ZACK!
He hears them calling him out......and he stops what he's doing as he turns around to face them. Oddly, though......he smiles.
Zack: What up, fellas?
He once again picks up the pickaxe and starts swinging away at the collapsed wall.
Zack: If you're gonna ask me about Zordon.....I wouldn't mind. Cause if you ask me......I know that was an overreaction, what he made us all do in there.
Tommy: So you know he didn't mean it?
Zack: Yeah. I know. But....
He sighs to himself heavily and then held up his pickax to his shoulder, facing Tommy and Kimberly.
Zack: Thing is....I really REALLY do think that Zordon did what HE thought was the best for us......I mean, there's not much I have to do here in this world and yet I got a sick mother to attend and a house to run.
Kimberly: Your mom will probably need the Power Rangers just as much as she needs her son, ok?  *'''sighs'''*  Look, we're re-forming the team and getting our coins back, whether Zordon likes it or not.
Zack: You think walking up to him and demanding our coins back is gonna change anything?
Kimberly: Maybe....maybe not....I don't really know, but he needs us now. More than ever.
Tommy: It--it may be difficult to understand such a long, complicated story, but Zack....whatever's Zedd is doing.....I ain't letting it happen. Right now, we're the best chance this world has.
It did take Zack over a FULL minute to think over this situation because......well, he wasn't really sure whether or not to accept the latter.
I mean, why would he NOT?
But it's safe to say he made his decision once he dropped his pickaxe and looked back up at the two.
Zack: Let me get my mom to her doctor's appointment.....and then I'll meet you guys at the ship. Make sure you WAIT for me.
As both Kim and Tommy nod in delight and agreement, we transcend and cut back to the suburban part of Angel Grove as Jason is stuck in his garage......taking his guilt and frustration out on his heavy bag that was just hanging up near the wall. Apparently, that event with Tommy just stifled him in everything else in between because once again, his emotions unleashed the flawed demeanor of his personality.
So he continues to hit the bag harder and harder and faster and faster until.....
Trini, who had met up with Billy earlier, came running up into the garage with him, until they both see him dishing out the punches.
After stopping his barrage of punches, he takes a moment to catch his breath as he looks back towards the garage entranceway, seeing Trini and Billy approaching him.
As he sighs heavily, he takes the heavy bag off its original position and hangs it up.
Trini: Jason, there's something wrong with Tommy.
Jason: I didn't mean it.
Billy: Jason, c'mon. We know you didn't mean it. That's not the person you are, but you still gotta know to control your temper.
Jason: Easier said than done, Billy.
He stops moving for a second and tries to explain.
Jason: You know what the worst thing about what Zordon said was?
They lean in closer.
Jason: He was right.
Trini: No, Jason. That's not true.
Jason: It IS.....and you know it too. Even when I DID sign up, I-I didn't really know what I would expect or what I really wanted to do with myself. I had everything that I needed here......but my ego got the better of me and I THREW IT ALL AWAY!
His yell forced the both of them to back up. Despite the outburst, Jason eventually calmed himself.
Jason: I....I try.....and I try.....and I try.....but somewhere down the road, I--I......lose. Everyone who's had my back before turned away from me, because of whatever I've done. I don't.....I don't want that to happen to you guys. Especially Tommy.
The talk was really getting to both of them as they both get the picture behind his state: Jason was more emotional and broken then they originally thought.....and it getting through to Trini.....a lot.
Trini: Hey.....
She went by his side and sat down beside him.
Trini: Why didn't you tell us this sooner?
Jason: I....didn't want you guys to take the story lightly......think I was some kind of.....outcast.
Billy: That's B.S, ok? We would've still been behind you either way.
Trini: He's right, you know. You're just as imperfect as everyone else around here, but that's what makes you human. It's what makes us human.......and that's what brought us all together.
Jason wanted to believe it, really he did. But it was so hard after all he's been through and all he's done.
It was very difficult to get it through......but that's when Trini grabbed the side of his face.
Trini: Jason......please, just listen.....
She was suddenly surprised at just how far she was going at that moment with her hands literally on the side of his face.
She was suddenly surprised at just how far she was going at that moment with her hands literally on the side of his face.
(Oh boy)
As Jason was completely clueless as to what was about to happen next, Trini slowly leaned her face towards him as Billy's eyes just bulged up.
But just as she was about to make that move and kiss him......
A sphere of energy appeared out of nowhere between them......
....and Alpha showed up there.
Billy: Alpha??
Jason and Trini both looked over at him.
Jason: Alpha?
Trini: *'''Whispers'''* ''Dammit...''.
Alpha: ''Hey hey hey, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I had to find you guys. I JUST had to. ''
Trini: But why now?
Alpha: ''Because Zordon doesn't know it, but he still needs you all. He only did what he did because he thought was protecting you for real''.....
Jason: What?
Alpha: ''Zedd was the REAL reason Zordon lost his team in the first place. Even though they died by Rita's hands, he was JUST as responsible for what happened sixty five million years ago. When they died.....he lost everything and he's lived in fear ever since then, dreading the day it would happen to the next Rangers he chose and he didn't want to have to go through all of that again all were like children to him.......And like any good parent would do.....they only wanted their children to be safe. THAT's how much he loved his team. They were all he had....they were his family......''.
It grew silent for a moment before Alpha spun his head around and ushering.......
Alpha: ''But y'all are his family too.''
Something about Alpha's speech made a lot of sense and it sort of gave them all a wake up call.......especially when it came to Jason.
Billy: Big head.....and a big heart. I gotta give it to the guy.
Jason: God.....I didn't know we meant THAT much to him.
Alpha: ''He tries to deny it if he can. But is true. So don't be this hard on him or yourself. With Zedd still out there, he's gonna need you more then he then he ever thought he would, ok? ''
Billy: Well....I say....I'm in.
Trini: Me too.
They all turned to Jason during a moment of silence, then....
Jason: Same.
At that moment, all of them, including Alpha HELD hands together and concentrated with their eyes closed as the sphere reappeared around them, while it sparked with energy. Eventually, it worked its magic as they all disappeared.......
......and then transported outside the ship, just to see Tommy and Kimberly pull up.
Trini: Kimberly!
Kimberly: Hey girl.
As the girls hugged, Tommy and Jason had this awkward type of the good type of way. It caught the others attention too.
Billy: Oh god......
Considering what happened about a day ago, the question remained as to whether or not gets get over that. It's clear Jason wanted to put the matter to rest, but did Tommy think the same way?
Surely enough, they found out.
Jason: Listen, Tommy....
Tommy: Jason, I--
Both (Tommy and Jason): I'm sorry we fought---
That statement caught them off guard since they both said the same thing simultaneously with no warning it was coming. But....
Tommy: Jason, you can't blame all of this on you, ok? It's LIFE. Life just happens regardless of whether we approve of it or not, and we both acted like morons. I mean, I had to fight all my life and...I guess that'll never go away. But I'm optimistic about the future. You just gotta pick yourself up and keep trudging forward, that's how it works.
Jason: *'''sighs'''* I guess I can understand. I think, my temper problem won't go away either.....unless I take some management classes. But either way.......we both need ourselves in a way.
Alpha: *'''sighs'''* ''Well, at least we got that out of the--Wait......where's Zack?''
Trini: Seriously?
The others except for Tommy and Kim were confused as to where Zack was.....
......unaware that at Angel Grove general, Zack was the waiting room (as he should) to hear word on his mother's condition.
After a few minutes, a doctor came out of that ER room and he stood up immediately.
Zack: How is she?
Doctor: Well, the surgery was difficult to say the least.....and he needed a CAT scan for wherever the source of her condition was......but I think she'll be O.K?
Zack: You're positive?
Before the doctor could answer THAT specific question, they heard an loud BOOM going off below them as the alarm (if hospitals have alarms) went barking off. The doctor quickly made a scuffle for safety as Zack just looked around him seeing others running like hellish chickens and confused him......
......but he knew it wasn't good.
And that's when Lord Zedd and his fiery putties came crashing in from downstairs.
Lord Zedd: Find the crystal and kill any you see! But I want the Rangers alive if they're here!
The putties did manage or tried to carry out his orders as they ravaged, scurried and pillaged trough anything and everything they saw, resulting in tons of doctors, staff and incident civilians getting hurt, injuries or WORSE.
But that was all on the second level.
Zack and his mother were on the top floor, and it wouldn't be long before they got to where he was.
In a moment of clarity and panic, he quickly rushed to the bathroom and locked the door behind him so he can change and morph.
But that's when he remembered: he didn't have his coin with him......which also meant he didn't have any of his abilities.
Zack: Argh!!! Shit!!!
With no other options left other than so what he could, he immediately burst out of the bathroom and rushed down to his mothers room, as fast as he could possibly go.
But that's when he heard the explosion just down the hall from him.....and it filled with him with dread.
More puddies were making their way up and were NOT gonna hesitate to kill anyone in their path, so Zack knew the only chance he had was to get his mother out of there.
Upon rushing into her ER room, he made quick time getting her freed of the equipment around her.
Zack's mother: '''Zhèlǐ fāshēng shénme shì le, Zachary?!''' (What's going on here, Zachary?!)
Zack: '''Bié dānxīn, Nǐ shì ānquán de Gēn wǒ!''' (No worries, You're safe with me!)
He immediately lifts her up in her arms and rushes out the room and quickly makes a right down the hall. But before he can get to the exit......
.....the lava rock Puddies immediately rear their ugly heads and surround him completely while he desperately holds onto his mother who's still in his arms.
And if that wasn't bad enough, he heard.....
Large, booming, thunderous footsteps begin to approach from behind him and he didn't have to get a mild concussion to know what was coming his way.
As soon as he turned around, the dark demanding yet burnt and disfigured shadow of a figure steps forward to him and shows himself once again.
Lord Zedd: '''Zack Taylor'''.
Zack just gulped at having to look dead in the eyes of this monster......
.......the same way Trini did when Rita confronted her.
Especially with his mother in her arms, it was almost obvious that Zack's identity was exposed.....
Too bad his mother didn't know of it.
Lord Zedd: Black Ranger, I see......Quite the rebel life, am I right? Always full of yourself, yet you're DRENCHED in fear. For the ones you love, the ones you cared for, even the ones you've left behind.......such as YOUR DEAR OLD FATHER......
(Oh shoot......)
The mention of his father made Zack look down for a moment, for he knew much about his own flesh and blood as his mother had most likely told him years before.
Zack: It's hard to have love and respect for a guy you never knew.
Lord Zedd: Well, seeing how you've openly come clean, especially to mother dearest there in your arms, I will ask you one time and ONE TIME ONLY.....
He holds the snake in his arms again as it reverts BACK into his scepter. He then holds it up and out in the air as it points it towards him as it glowed up with energy.
Lord Zedd: '''WHERE.....IS MY.....CRYSTAL???'''
Zack: I don't know where it is. And even if I did, I wouldn't tell you either way.
Silence was deafening at the moment.
Lord Zedd: Sadly......I believe you.
But that silence was broken as soon as Zedd quickly shot his scepter up and BLASTED at him WITH HIS MOTHER IN HIS ARMS!!!!
The blast (I shit you not) GRAZED HER yet the full effect of the blast hit Zack square on, knocking him back and causing him to drop his mother as she fell with an audible THUD......
......and didn't make another sound or scream afterwards.
As soon as he got up and recovered, the Putties immediately got up and surrounded him, firmly holding him in his grasp as Lord Zedd just chuckled softly and approaches him.....
.....but not before he causally steps over her body, rendering Zack completely helpless and furious without his powers.
Lord Zedd: Or what?
The least he could do was attack with a headbutt, but.....the end effect was more like Zedd feeling like a steel wall......and Zack nearly gave himself a headache.
Zack: Ugh! Argh!
Lord Zedd: Ha! What's the matter, Black Ranger? Where's your courage? Where's your strength?
He then forcefully grabbed him by his neck and held him up to the air, prompting the rest of his putty army to back up and allow their master to do what he normally does best.
Lord Zedd: You don't know, huh? Well, in that case....I got a message for Zordon and the rest of your friends. You tell him.....'''the GREEN CANDLE has been lit'''.
Zack: W-what...?!?!
Zedd quickly just slammed Zack trough the wall into an empty ER room and left him barely reeling as Zedd left the room and the hospital followed by his putties.
As Zack stumbles and crawls out of the room and to his injured mother, we cut to downstairs OUTSIDE of the the five and Alpha re-appeared, thanks to the sphere.......only to see the destruction that happened here.
Trini: Oh my god....
Tommy: What a mess.
Jason: Looks like Zedd came to visit a sick friend after visiting hours were over.
Billy: If he has any friends.......but I'm more then positive that this was for something else.
As soon as they heard footsteps and the door sliding open, they immediately turned towards that direction, prepared for a fight.....but.....there wasn't really any need for it.
There was no need to be defensive, for it was Zack......carrying his mother once again.
Kimberly: Zack!
She ran to him up to him, but then she stopped dead in her tracks......and gasped, covering her mouth as did Trini and the boys.
What they saw in front of them was gut-wrenching and shocking.
Alpha: ''Oh no''......
They all saw the huge burn impalement mark through her chest as they saw her cold emotionless face drenched with LOTS of pale. It might've been PAINFUL for Zack's dead mother......
......but it was WORSE for Zack himself.
His inner child was already crying out in tears over the shock and pain and agony of what he had just experienced, and even though he was desperately trying his best on the outside to block out the pain...... was all too much.
He didn't have anything to say.....nor did he want to say anything. He finally broke his silent phase and just started bawling (crying) IN FRONT of them.
The others were emotionally effected by this and wasted no time gathering around him and comforting him as he dropped down to his knees and let the tears run loose down his face.
Even Alpha, especially, was close to breaking down from fact, he was so emotional, that he contacted Zordon through his wireless communications chip and flat-out said......
Alpha: ''You need to see this, sir''.
He brought up his viewing screen and it updated to footage viewing as it showed the rest of the team confronting Zack over his dead mother......
......and the video feed cut back to Zordon himself.
Zordon was always to see the footage.....and boy, was it difficult to keep his composure behind that wall. Once again, this CONSTANTLY reminded him of the position he was in when his team died......and now, a family member from his new one just suffered the same fate.
At this point, he really had no one to blame but himself.
''~Two days later~''
It took little to NO time for this to happen now.
Zack's mother's services was held at the Angel Grove St Union Church early in the morning, where while a vocalizing choir was singing......
.......Zack was one of the Pallbearers, carrying his mom's casket as well as the rest of the group, along did Pearl.
As for Lucas and the Olivers, they were seen sitting in the front seats, all emotional and synchronized with all of the silence.
A tear fell from Zack's eye as he carried the casket and looked towards the framed picture of her.
After the speeches, the prayers and paying respects, while EVERYONE else seemed to have left, Zack seemed to be the ONLY ONE still standing in the church, at the chapel, by the coffin. It almost seemed as if he couldn't bother to look at his mother dead like this, so he resorted to looking at the framed picture of her.
It was the ONLY thing he could remember her back when she was actually alive.
But during his own privileged moment of silence, it looked as if he, in fact, was NOT alone as the other five including Lucas, came back inside to check in on him.......
.....cause they knew he needed it.
Trini: Zack?
Jason: We wanted to make sure you were ok.....
There was a moment of silence 'till.....
Zack: I didn't know.....who my father was......I told Zedd how you couldn't love or miss someone that you really never knew.....and that's what really sucks about it the most. was.....the strongest part of my life.......and now she'll never get to--to--
He was very close to breaking down again over this.
Kimberly: Your mother was a great woman, Zack. There's no question that what Zedd did was unforgivable.
Tommy: Listen, Man. I promise to you that he will face justice for this.
Zack turned around, sponsoring this overly serious look glaring all over his face.
Zack: The sooner we get his ass, the better.
All of a sudden, Tommy once again felt that HUGE temptation in the Pit of his stomach and suddenly felt somewhat sick. Both physically and mentally. It sorta got to the point in which he couldn't get his arms or fingers to function properly. Eventually, he fell to his knees and collapsed......
......and of course, the first to notice this was Kimberly.
Kimberly: Tommy!
The others quickly looked back and all, including Zack, attended to aid him.
Lucas: What's wrong with him?
Jason: I---I don't know.
He began to glow straight through all of his clothes, and if it wasn't already clear enough thanks to the ominous green glow...... proceeded to once again, blink repeatedly like a flash-light, which completely implies that the green candle had begun to take it's second and FINAL effect.
Kimberly had remembered that image from last time.....but she also forgot to tell the others the whole story behind it; as they were busy helping Zack through his grief.
Kimberly: Guys, I meant to tell you this earlier but.....I already told Billy this on the phone, but....this happened to Tommy days earlier. Kept saying something was being sucked out of him.
As he heard "SUCKED OUT OF HIM", Zack started to get flashbacks to the last two days and that's when he remembered what Lord Zedd told him: to tell Zordon about the Green Candle.
Finally, he realized what he meant by that after seeing Tommy glow up like that.
Zack: "The Green Candle has been lit".
Billy: What?
Zack: Uhh.....guys, we better get him to the ship....I already have a feeling what's going on with him, but we gotta get him to Zordon.
Lucas: Hey, you guys go ahead. I'll keep everyone else from getting suspicious in the meantime.
Jason: Thanks, Uncle.
As Kimberly and Jason both helped Tommy up on the shoulders, they proceeded to follow the others out until--
Lucas: And Jason?
He stopped and then looked back at him, worried.
Lucas: Good luck.
Jason nodded with that familiar smirk on his face and proceeded moving as the team helped Tommy in the back of the van before Kim started he engine to said van and drove off.
As they made their way back towards the mountain side, it might've been at a lost cause.....because there was a certain SOMEBODY who was watching them from above and was very observant in the way they were going off.
The good news wasn't Zedd.
The bad news was still bound to be a HUGE problem.
Cause it was RITA REPULSA who was watching the team take off in the van.
As she stood up from the edge of the roof and smirked, she somehow turned her attention to.....
......Lucas and Pearl.......
.....who just so happened to be walking out of the church at THAT moment.
Pearl: How long is Jason gonna be gone?
Lucas: Uhh....he'll call us to let us know. Anyway......*picks her up*.....what do you say we go out for ice-cream?
Pearl: Yay!
'''Little early for dessert, isn't it? Not even dinner time yet'''.
That booming voice stopped both of them instantly. As soon as the two looked over and turn around; they see Rita pointing HER scepter directly at them both. Pearl was so scared that she got out of Lucas arms and hid behind directly behind his left leg.
Pearl: I-I know you....
Rita: As I KNOW're a close relative to the Red Ranger. REALLY CLOSE.
Pearl: Red....Ranger....??
(Uh oh....)
Rita: Trust me, YOU KNOW. HE and his other geeks have something that belongs to me......and I'll be damned if Zeddy gets it first before I do. So it seems.....I have to use persuasion.....UGH. So grab your brat there. We're going for a ride.
Lucas: Listen up, lady. If you want anybody......just take me, but not Pearl. She's only a child.
Rita: Sorry, pops. Need BOTH parties.
Lucas: My niece is NOT going anywhere and that's FINAL.
Rita: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. THIS IS FINAL.
The tone implicated in her voice let them know that she was serious about this......but that's when she placed her scepter down away from the two of them.....
It looked like she was just gonna give them the idle threat.
But that's when she stuck her hand out to Pearl, and by some sort of gravitational force, it sucked her into her hand as Rita grabbed and picked her up by the neck, causing her to scream hysterically.
Rita: One thing you must know about me: I'm way more than a pretty face. And I'm not one to be taken lightly upon, so don't think I'm not going to CUT her open.
Pearl: NO! Please, no.....!
Rita: You want her to live? Then you'll do EXACTLY what I say.
Lucas: Ok, ok, just calm down....! I'll do whatever you want, please.....
As he DID do what she said and took them all off in his van, we're back in the Pit and eventually inside of the ship where Jason and Kimberly continued to carried Tommy all the way into the Morphing grid with the others not far behind.
Alpha: ''Oh my....what's wrong with Tommy''?
Zack: I already got a bad hunch on that, but we need to talk to Zordon about it.
Alpha: ''Well.....if that's the'll be needing these''.
He once again spun his head around a full 360 degrees as the centerpiece of his head opens up......and what he pulls out of it.....
.....are their Power coins.
As soon as Alpha presented them their coins again, they all get ecstatic and happy to see them again after long days without them.
As they all individually get their coins back, Billy then grabs ahold of Tommy's coin for only a short period of time......just as Tommy soon began to regain consciousness once more.
Kimberly: Hey....
Tommy: *'''grunts'''* Hey.....
Jason: How you feeling, bro?
Tommy: I don't know......ok, I guess. It's--Wait.
It doesn't take him long to recognize the sight around him.
Tommy: Are we--we where I think we are?
Kimberly: Hehe, what'd you think?
Tommy: Wow.
Billy: That's right, man. We're back in business. And we could use your help, buddy. So.....I think you'll need this.
As Billy hands him back his green coin, Tommy smirked and firmly took it he once again felt the sudden regime of energy and strength boom back within him, just all the others.
The re-united and returning heroes all held their coins up to the center together and once again transport back down to the Command Center with Alpha along with him......only to find themselves staring down Zordon while he had them all in his line of sight.
Upon seeing the others again for the first time in weeks worth.......he finally perked a smile.
Zordon: *'''Sighs'''* ''Welcome back....Rangers''.
Upon coming back to terms on his original thought process, it was now clear to him that letting go of the only thing he had left was a big mistake.
And the others could clearly see that.
Tommy: It's good to be back, man.
Billy: You ask me, I knew you wouldn't give up on us. That just wasn't like you.
Zordon: ''I know, Billy. And I'm sorry. I only thought I was doing what was best for the team......worried that you might suffer the same fate as my own''.
Tommy: Well, things are different now. We're the key towards the future, and believe me, the only way to get there is together.
He looked back towards the others and thinking alike, they all nodded at each other.
Jason: Ok; no time for recuperating. We have a problem.
Kimberly: TWO problems actually.
Zordon: ''I AM aware of the senseless lost of your mother, Zack and my condolences go out to you''.
Zack: Thank you.
Tommy: But its not only that. I think there's something wrong with.....Ugh......ARGH!!!
The effects of the candle were entering the final stages of effect and at this point in time, it almost trapped Tommy in a state of paralysis as it made him crash hard onto to the struggles to get back up.......
......causing him to glow green AGAIN.
While the others took a few seconds to react to it AGAIN, it didn't take Zordon any time at ALL to notice that fluorescent glow.
Zordon: '''t be''!
Everyone just looked up at him, suddenly.
Kimberly: You know what's wrong with him?
Zordon: ''I thought it was broken....gone......I--thought it was forever rid of existence until now.....''
Jason: Zordon, just tell us what the hell's going on with Tommy?
Zordon: ''A long time ago, Lord Zedd created a candle linking it to the power of the Green Ranger, just in case Rita ever had the courage to turn on him. It is said that once the Green Candle has been lit, it will drain away his or her powers the minute the candle burns out completely.''
Zack: "The Green Candle has been lit"....
Zordon: ''What was that, Zack''?
Zack: When Zedd killed my mom, he told me to tell you....."The Green Candle has been lit".
Zordon: *'''sighs'''*.....''so all this time, Zedd has either been saving it.....or he's restored it since the last sixty five million years''.
Tommy: But I don't understand? How are my powers linked to a single candle?
Zordon: ''Do not question the candle's capabilities, Tommy. The power is only linked to it once the Ranger touches the wax''.
Tommy: But I never touched it.
Zordon: ''But, RITA did......when she was the Green Ranger......and ever since then....the coin has been linked to the candle, regardless of who the host might be''.
Tommy: Then that means it's passed on to the Green Ranger will be history.....
Kimberly: No can't give up, Tommy. You're one of us?
Zordon: ''Don't worry, there IS a way to prevent this from escalating. You must simply put out the fire to the candle before it can burns out the wad completely. If you do that, the link will be broken and the power of the Green Ranger will remain......but I'm afraid you'll only have 'till midnight to put it out''.
Billy: MIDNIGHT?! Oh my....Why is it ALWAYS midnight?!
Alpha: ''Don't worry, Billy. We all still have time. But now that we're all here again, let me take this time to introduce you to your new zords.....''
As soon as they heard "ZORDS", everyone just turned back towards him.
Trini: N-new zords?
Billy: How new?
Alpha: VERY NEW. Out with the old, and all. Sorry, that's just the way the world works. Lets take a look, shall we?
The others take their time to look back towards Tommy and he boldly, and without regret, tells them.....
Tommy: Go ahead. I'll be alright down here.
They nodded back towards him as Alpha concentrates manually and teleports himself and the others back up to the morphing grid.
As for Tommy, he pondered the thought of losing his powers for a little while longer then he should've......especially since the coin AND the power wasn't His to begin with. But it did give him an idea.
Tommy: Midnight, huh? That means there's only 9 hours left.
As he pulled out his green coin and took one last look at it, he gripped it tightly and stood up as much as he could with the abdominal pain still showing.
But once he DID stand up......he firmly stated......
Tommy: Zordon......I request something new: We must forge.....a new power. A new coin.
Meanwhile, above them, the main five were guided by Alpha all the way back into the Pit. It was the same area where their zords were revealed to them. Only a MUCH bigger surprise awaited them.
Zack: Argh.....we there yet?
Alpha: ''Almost there.....gotta keep moving,....depends if you've been exercising''.
Jason: Please.....try running 4 miles at the rate you're at.
They all chuckle in the playful kind of way.
Alpha: ''Ha-ha-ha. Very funny, but be honest think you can handle the type of workout you'll get with THESE???''
He moves out of their way as their eyes revolve over to what was in front of them.
Cause it really WAS something.
Zack: Oh......
Billy: My......
Both (Trini, Kimberly): God.
Upon the sight, they realized that their original Dinozords were gone.....but their parts and assemblies were recycled and re-used in a clever intuitive way...... our team was confronted by their new zords.....
The Thunder Zords!
Jason: Wow.....
Alpha: ''"Wow" is right. These posed some  really interesting dynamics which did present some problems.....but luckily, Tommy helped us out with that.''
Kimberly: Tommy?
Trini: He helped you make these?
Alpha just nodded......and continued onwards.
Alpha: *'''clears throat'''*.....''So, the rundown: Jason, from the confines of what WAS your Tyrannosaurus zord, I give you the Red Dragon.''
It roared very loudly.
Jason: Its huge!
Alpha: ''Quantity matters as much as quality does. Remember that. Oh and......your zord has the basic functions to convert on its own merit without requiring extra accessories.''
Jason: So, it could transform into a zord on its own?
Alpha: ''Yes.''
BIlly: Woah, whoa, that---?
Alpha: ''Yea, Billy. That is your zord......and it's a unicorn.''
The comment caused Billy to snicker in some if it didn't mind him.
Billy: Ok....ok....ok, I'm better. I'm better now. What does it do?
Alpha: ''Well, you'll be surprised---''
As Alpha went through talking to Billy about his thunderzord, Jason backed up for a little bit......and felt his phone vibrating.
He quickly answers, to see it was Lucas calling him. So he picks up.
Only problem wasn't really Lucas......
Jason: Hello?
'''''Hello, Red.'''''
His HEART SINKS as soon as he hears the voice from the other side of the phone.
Jason: Y-you.......
His sudden stuttering over his words caused the others to look back at him in concern
Kimberly: Everything ok?
Trini: Jason?
Jason: Yeah, uh....I'll be...right back...
As Jason quickly Power-walked his way behind the rocks on the far side of the Pit, it left all the others confused, but that exit just made Alpha all the more suspicious about it.
By the time Jason came around to the other side, he just launches himself behind some of the rocks and just breathes heavily in and out......for he wasn't expecting to see or even HEAR from Rita again after their duel in the summer. And the fact that SHE put of all people had HIS phone number (although temporarily) definitely raised red flags.
It was nightmare overfuel for him.
'''''I know you're there......I could practically SMELL you from over here.'''''
Jason didn't keep Rita waiting much longer as he picked his phone back up, speaking into it again.
Jason: What'd you want, Rita?
'''''I think you KNOW the answer to that, sweet Red; and I know under no circumstances that you WILL give it to me....that is, in only ONE exchange.'''''
Jason: What you talkng about?
It goes silent on the other side of the phone for a brief few seconds before Jason finally hears something that sends a very deep and cold chill running down his spine....
Lucas: ''Jason, stay away!''
Pearl: ''Jason!''
Jason's initial reaction to hearing them over the phone made what he needed to do next even more complicated then it already was. This prompted Jason to try and run to the others but .....I guess Rita already figured out what he was going to do
'''''Don't. You. Do it!'''''
Jason boldy hears the voice and....unwillingly stays back.
'''''That's right. You'd be wasting more of my time then yours if you DO one thing to attract attention to yourself I promise you I'll kill them BOTH!'' '''
Jason: Just let them go, Rita. If it's me you want fine. But don't bring anyone else into this anymore ok? I'll do whatever you want.
'''''GOOD! You probably know what I want then right? Bring me MY crystal back at sweet Uncle Lucas's house .....and you bring it to me ALONE. if I see any other colors than red with you you'll be wearing their brians on their brains on your coat!'''''
Pearl: ''No! LET ME GO! '''SCREAMS'''''
Jason could hear Pearl screaming hysterically over the phone and it was clear that nobody else was enjoying this except for the self proclaimed empress herself
'''''Have I made myself clear to you....Jason?'''''
It was essentially a gut reaction to Jason at that point in time for all he knew it could just be a ploy to get at him alone and she may not leave up to her promise but he didn't have long
As he looked back to the others with Alpha just showing Trini her Griffin Zord held his head down....before speaking back into his phone and giving Rita the answer she wanted to hear
Jason: *'''Sighs'''* long as you guarantee they'll be safe....I'll bring it to you.
'''''GOOD.....VERY GOOD, Red. Thank you....for being so weak. You have 30 minutes to bring it here......oh, SCRATCH THAT. Make it 10'''''
She hangs up on the other side, as it just left Jason pondering to his thoughts yet once again it left him completely outraged at the potential outcome that it left him cursing himself on the inside
....he took a look at his red coin reflecting upon the other times he let his family and friends down....especially when it came to Billy's death Tommy under Rita's spell of the Green of evil and his brawl with him but upon doing seemed like he had already made his choice for it seemed to be clear
He pushed himself off the rock and then wandered off
Alpha: ''And Kimberly? Last but certainly not the Firebird Zord''
It screeches very loudly
Alpha: ''It's yours to command.''
Kimberly: Least I'll still be taking the skies....again. And for good reason too.
She pulls him aside and tells him.....
Kimberly: Alpha? I highly request I get the candle myself
Alpha: ''What? You?! Kimberly, that....that is far out of your comfort zone. The end of the result will more than likely be deadly dangerous.....''
Kimberly: Good chance of death?
Alpha: ''EXACTLY! Which is why you all got to work as a team and use the full power of the thunder megazord. It's the only way to defeat Zedd.....and HIS.....ZORD.''
Billy: What...wait, wait, wait....are you saying Zedd has a zord of his own?!
Alpha: ''Oh...uh....hehehehe.....I guess I meant to mention that before...''
Zack: Well next time do SPEAK UP Alpha. So.....what exactly does Lord Zedd have? Rita had Goldar and Scorpina so what's Zedd's monsters?
Alpha knew he had to come clean here....
Alpha: ''Ayiayiayiayi....ok...ok....I'll tell you but you all might need to sit down for this.''
As Alpha sits the others did so too and he tries to explain himself even though he didn't want to there wasn't to there wasn't really anything stopping him from doing so
Zack: Well.....
Alpha: Uhh......
Trini: C'mon, Alpha.
As he STILL tries to find the right words to blurt it out Jason quickly teleports himself back down to command center and quickly made his way to the front.......
......only to see Tommy wasn't there....
.....and the green coin was gone too
But that didn't bother him as much as the fact that Rita was holding his uncle and sister at will
He had to tell the situation to SOMEBODY....and Zordon was that somebody
Jason: Zordon? Shit is about to roll over!
Zordon: ''English, Jason. And language.''
Jason: *'''Sighs'''* Zedd isn't the only problem we need to worry about. She's got them. Rita's got my little sister AND my uncle. You know what that leads to right?
Zordon: ''A negotiation....for the crystal.''
Jason: Zordon I'm sorry.....but I need the crystal to save my family. Rita will kill them if I don't.
Zordon: ''Jason, I understand.....but know what will happen if the Zeo Crystal falls into the wrong hands.''
Jason: What am I supposed to do? Let my Uncle and sister die?!
Zordon: ''No, of course not....listen Jason.....I have a plan.''
Jason looked up to him then cutting back to Alpha and the other four where they all were just......HORRIFIED of what Alpha just told them
Kimberly: My god....
Billy: That is messed up.
Trini: And I thought Rita was the worst in the universe. But a monster like that? That just takes the cake
Zack: I don't even know what to say myself.
Alpha: ''Which is EXACTLY my point. That's why you need to continue to work together with the Thunder Megazord. Your old Dino Megazord just isn't strong enough to defeat Lord Zedd this time around.''
Kimberly: I assure you we won't let you down, Alpha. But first we got to get that candle ALL of us.
There was a moment of silence then they all nodded in agreement and held their coind up in a grip before ending back up in the Command Center.....and as for Kimberly and Trini and they decided to look for Tommy and Jason
Kimberly: Tommy?
Trini: Jason?
Zordon: ''They're not here, Rangers.''
They all just look up to him in confusion
Billy: Where they go, Z-man?
(Z-man? Nice one Billy)
Zordon: ''I sent Jason on another assignment and Tommy will have to rest till we get that candle.''
Billy: Probably a good idea he rests. He may not be strong enough with that candle wearing him out. It's for the best.
Trini: But what assignment is Jason on?
Zordon: ''Another disturbance on whatever Zedd's up to. He'll report back soon. For's time to get that candle.''
Kimberly: In that case....
They pressed down on their morphers and once again.....the armor pixelated and formed around them all.
The Power Rangers had returned!
Blue Ranger: Damn! I missed wearing this armor!
Yellow Ranger: I feel alive again!
Black Ranger: You're in for it now, Zedd!
Pink Ranger: Alright, let's rock!
The Heroes stepped into the teleporter with Alpha activated the transportation sequence and as the four glee up into their colors......they were transferred.....into.....
......ON THE MOON!
And boy.....was it frustratingly least based on the way it looked on first sight once they started looking around.
It was.....super creepy.
Blue Ranger: Whoa......
Black Ranger: Holy S---
All: SHHH!
(Couldn't resist that part)
Black Ranger: Alrighty, never mind. Well, uh......
As he looks around, he doesn't really discover much apart from the texture of the walls, floor ceiling and not much else. But it wasn't until he dug a little deeper that he already discovered a fatal problem with this plan: this tower was INSANELY HUGE and VERY COMPLEX.
With multiple false directions and misleading rooms scattered from room to room, it was gonna be almost guaranteed that they were gonna get lost in there.
Black Ranger: Oh god....
Yellow Ranger: What's that?
Black Ranger: Too many floors; too many stairs, too many's almost as if he PURPOSELY designed this heap of a castle just so nowhere would be able to find him.
Pink Ranger: Well, that wouldn't be the case for anyone who KNOWS this monster.
Blue Ranger: Guys guys guys. We have lives at risk here, lets deal with this at a later time. First things first, we have to.....
They finally get to the main stairwell and......
.....their job just got harder.
Blue Ranger: Son of a---
As he sighs heavily and turns back towards the others, he immediately just spits out the first thought that came through his head.
Blue Ranger: We go upstairs?
Pink Ranger: Yeah; we start upstairs.
As the team heads on up, we come back to the streets of Angel Grove as the desperate and fear-ridden Jason Scott had just teleported outside of his uncles house......a minute earlier then he should've arrived...... least according to his watch.
As he sighs heavily and tries to keep his anger buried inside, he walked forward with his bag strapped to his back (the Crystal is inside the bag) and as soon as he walks into the door......
He sees Rita holding Lucas and Pearl against their will.....and she just happens to turn around to see Jason entering.
Rita: You're early.
Jason: I'm not so slow these days.
Both (Lucas and Pearl): Jason!
Rita: You have what I want?
Jason takes his bag off his back and then holds it up to her firmly as she smirked.
Jason: Let them go......and it's all yours.
Rita: Throw it to me! Then then you can have them.
Jason knew how formidable of an enemy Rita was, for he faced her in the past many times. Unsure of whether or not she's keep her promise, Jason knew he had to think he looked over to his family.
And they seemed to agree.
Lucas: Do it, Jason.
Pearl just nods quickly with the tears still drenching her cheekbones.
But at least Jason knew what to do now.
Jason: Alright. On the count of three.......I'll throw you the bag.
Jason: Three. Two. One. CATCH!
He threw the bag up in the air, but just as Rita approached and held her hands up to catch the bag.....
......Jason quickly auto-morphed back into the Red Ranger as he flipped directly over Rita while catching the bag at the same time.
As soon as he caught it, he went over to Lucas and Pearls side and quickly cut them loose with his regenerating sword.
(I know his sister was there but she kinda found out already earlier anyway)
Lucas: Ahh! I owe you one.
Pearl: Jason! You're a--
Red Ranger: No time, just GO!
As Red Ranger turned back towards Rita, she shrieked in anger and immediately swung her scepter at him, but Jason quickly blocked the attack with his sword and the two clashed on......
......forcing Lucas and Pearl to leave.
Cutting back to the.....freakishly......large.....tower on the moon, the other four explored the entire tower (right, left, up, down, all around) for hours worth.....and there was STILL no sign of the Green Candle.
Cutting back to the.....freakishly......large.....tower on the moon, the other four explored the entire tower (right, left, up, down, all around) for hours worth.....and there was STILL no sign of the Green Candle.
It got to the point where they all formed up again on the very top floor, exhausted and worn out.
Black Ranger: I wasn't expe--*'''breathing heavily'''*--expecting it to be this hard.
Blue Ranger: No question. We been searching and checking every single area in this castle and there's not a single scrap of green flavor wax anywhere.....*'''sighs'''*.......but we can't give up though. We don't get to that candle in time, he loses his powers......
Pink Ranger:......or worse.
However, from a distance away.......
That distant shout from afar made all of them rush towards that location where they find Trini standing outside of a room. Her eyes were fixated on what was in front of her and eventually, so were the others as they stood in front of, and across from.....
.....half of what was left of the Green Candle still lit.
Black Ranger: Is that it?
Blue Ranger: It's gotta be.
Pink Ranger: Only one way to find out.
Kimberly took a mild step forward before looking back behind her and observing the surrounding area......before making a dash sprint to the candle.....only to be BLASTED from behind, and away from her path of trajectory......
The other three weren't that quick to react to Kimberly being blasted at as they all heard that wicked demonic laughter come up again.
Yellow Ranger: Oh don't tell me....
Lord Zedd: Right you are, my dear! Try as you might, but once you fail, I will make sure you watch your poor green friend's powers slip away.....'''ALL OF YOU WILL SUFFER TOGETHER'''!
He immediately struck his scepter down as it unleashed some type of lightning ground earthquake strike as it heads towards our heroes. The attack explodes on impact, as the smoke blocks their point of view for only a moment......
.....before Billy, Zack and Trini burst through the smoke with their weapons intact and charge at him.
But the end result was exactly the same as last time.
Zedd kept overpowering them all at every position they could try and think of and he wasn't able to get hit once. Hell, there was even one point where they all went to attack at the same time and Zedd just sweeper his scepter around at them and damn near DECAPITATING them with his power.
However, as luck would have it, they were FINALLY able to get a hit on him when Zedd picked Billy up by force and kicked him back. At that point when his guard was down, Black Ranger slammed his axe down onto his right shoulder from behind......and it stung. Zedd immediately swatted Zack off of him, but Yellow Ranger immediately drop-kicked him back even further than he was before.
He blasted at her again, but she used her super speed to ran alongside the walls to dodge the blasts and launches both of her daggers around him as they simultaneously bring him down to a knee......
.....and that's when Trini leaps off the wall and kicks him square across the face......
.....knocking him back into the throne room.
As he stands back up to recover, he's confronted by all three of the Rangers again.
Lord Zedd: The more time you waste with me, the more certain it becomes that you've sealed your friends have only '''ONE HOUR LEFT.'''
Black Ranger: Trust me, buddy. One hour is all we need. '''Wǒ huì bàofù wǒ de mǔqīn! '''(I will avenge my mother!)
As the main three continued onwards, Kimberly was just regaining herself at the moment, for the blast took most of the energy out of her.
But she looked out ahead of her, and she saw the candle quickly burning out more and more. She DESPERATELY needed to get back there in time to put out the flame.
Pink Ranger: Come on.....come on. It's right there. Lets go.
As Kim desperately starts to crawl towards that candle, we go back to the Red Ranger/Rita brawl and as for the majority of it, it was very fluent if not shaky at best.
Red Ranger: Never should've messed with a mans family.
He stares directly at her as she comes up to a knee and once again chuckles before she gets back up completely.
Rita: I will give credit where is due: you are FAR more formidable as the Red Ranger......MUCH more than Zordon ever could. You do have what it takes to achieve your goals. However.....
Rita: I have one last surprise in store.....
And it was a surprise, indeed as Rita just closed her eyes gently......seemingly doing nothing.......before gripping her hand tightly and then holding out.....the GREEN coin!
Red Ranger: What the--Tommy's coin!
Rita: Hmph......I suppose Tommy forgot to mention this as well: even if a coin chooses a new host, it can still answer back to it's original host.....if it chooses. seems.....poor no longer worthy of such praise, such divine power as long as it once more responds to my will.
She firmly grips the coin tightly before  holding her scepter high and SLAMMING her coin into the center of  it as a shockwave immediately shook the the entire household, knocking Jason back.
But that is when we experience Deja Vu.
As her scepter melted and then re-formed into the Sword of Darkness, green metallic pixelated armor began to formulate over her from head to toe as it glowed that familiar color.......before the light surrounding the armor toned down.
The original Green Ranger had just made her return.
Evil Green Ranger: At are mine!
Back inside of the depths of the tower, we saw the shadow of Zack getting launched back OVER the rest of the rangers as he crashed into the wall and fell flat besides the rest. At that point, all three Rangers were completely beaten down and too weak to carry on any further.
Lord Zedd proceeded to laugh in victory until he realized that it wasn't done yet. He chuckled he turned slowly around behind him, only to see Kimberly desperately crawling faster and faster to the candle with each passing second. But just as she was getting EVER SO CLOSE, she was struck by a warning shot near the side of her head, forcing her to cover up her head and scream. 
Despite being nearly injured, Kimberly wouldn't stay down even if she wanted to. She stood up very wobbly.....while Zedd methodically approached her.
Before she could make a move, Zedd held his hand out and Kimberly got caught in his grasp as he then lifted her off the ground.
Lord Zedd: '''Not only will you lose a comrade, but you get to watch your world BURN before you'''.....
Pink Ranger:!
He forcefully held her close and in a more disturbing and.....disgusting way.....before slowly reaching for her helmet.....and then ripping it off her completely, revealing her face to him for the first person.
As he tosses the helmet aside, and Kimberly glimpse back to the burning candle, Zedd pulled her close yet again......and began talking to a very creepy yet seductive type of way.......
......and he awfully wrapped his hand around her face.
Lord Zedd: My poor pink princess.....why do you subject yourself to this? You deserve much more opportunities then this. '''I could teach you more than THEY ever could'''. You won't have to suffer as the others......and the world could be yours......just as mine.
Kimberly: Ugh.....
Lord Zedd: For I always had a soft spot....for Zordon's pretty Rangers. But perhaps it wasn't always meant to be. Even when I chose Rita as my empress, that decision proved fruitless. Which is why, now.....'''I offer it to you'''.
He lets her go from his grasp and then he suddenly blasts at her AGAIN. Kimberly covered herself in a shameless desperate attempt to shield herself, but after on a few seconds, she found herself..... completely unharmed.
But there was something else to it.
She also just so happened to be in the EXACT same green armor as Rita's from before and as soon as she felt the texture and saw the reflection from Zedd's staff, she gasped.
And that's when he held her close......REALLY CLOSE.
Lord Zedd: '''What do you say.....Empress Kimberly'''?
Upon looking over at the scepter now in her hands, there really was no telling what Kimberly was thinking at this moment. But she gave her answer...... SPITTING directly at his face.
At that point, he just looked directly back at her with anger building up in him as he sees her place her pink coin in the center of that scepter...... her back into the Pink Ranger.
In an instant gut reaction, both Zedd and Kimberly ended up blasting each other with their respective staffs as a huge wave beam collision unsure between the two.
It would've been a close bout.....if Zedd wasn't the stronger one out of the two.
As Kimberly struggles to keep her balance against this monster, his blast began to overtake hers......
......that was until......
......a blast resonated behind Zedd......and eventually struck at him, launching over Kimberly as he bounced hard off the ceiling and down to the floor.
That was quite a surprise right there. She wasn't expecting that, nor was she expecting to make it through that. She assumed on of the other three Rangers helps her out.
But when she saw them recovering as  well, she knew that was out of the question.
However, a sight did catch ALL of their eyes. As they all turned behind them, they were witnessed to the new eventual member of their team......
'''Authors Note''': ''That's right. He's finally here.''
Upon looking at his glistening White and gold combo along with a new sword, helmet and a very out of place chestpiece, this supposed new Ranger.....had a very intimidating and interesting appeal to him......OVERALL''.''
The other four were just so in awe of what they were seeing that they didn't even bother trying to say anything. They just stood back and let him do his thing''.''
But that's when they notice he was staring down over at Zedd. And that's when he said......
White Ranger: Eightball.....corner pocket.
He quickly went over towards Zedd as he immediately shot back up and blasted at him with his scepter, but the White Rangers chest piece immediately absorbed the energy blast......
''.....''and then SHOT IT BACK at Zedd as he launched back towards the wall, crashing into it.....
......and knocking the candle over''.''
Yet, the flame was still on-going''. ''
The White Ranger just stares briefly over at Zedd as he growls ferociously and then just.....
At that point, all four rangers just STARE at the White Ranger boldly wondering what his next move was''.....''
But he walks towards the candle.....
''......''and then stops''.......''
''.........''just as it cuts back to Red Ranger/Green Ranger brawl again''.''
The two of them continued to clash onwards with their sword duel, which was apparently messing up he entire household as it spawned from living room, to the bathroom, the bedrooms.....
''.....''until finally Red Ranger knocked the evil Green Ranger back over the "balcony" and into Jason's backyard.
He leaps off the balcony as they once again clash on.
It was at this point, however, that Rita finally had an open spot to take advantage of the situation. As the two continued to miss strike after strike after strike, they eventually hit each other and knock each other back, disarming them both. But just when Jason lunged at her "Chronicle" style, Rita blasts him out of mid-air...... he crashes into one of the leggings holding the "balcony" and falls flat down while the rest of his armor was sparking and fizzing with damage''.''
Evil Green Ranger: '''Hmph'''. I should've known it was just a ploy. No matter. You delivered on MY behalf.....and with my Zeo Crystal in my hands, neither Zordon or Lord Zedd will stand a chance against me''. ''
She held her hand out and after a few seconds'', ''a'' WOOSH ''sound shook Jason as the bag immediately shot into Rita's grasp. Quickly opening the bag, it seemed as if Rita's smile for wider as the crystal shined over her helmet.
She didn't last too long to grasp it, though....... she suddenly began to feel the systems within her body failing as she dropped down to a knee and started groaning in pain. In other words, she was suffering the same effects that Tommy had earlier.
At that point, it only became a few seconds before her entire armor began glowing green rapidly''.......''
......and Jason couldn't believe it.
Back at the tower, Kimberly was over the shock and awe of the appearance of this new Ranger as she quickly realized that the candle was only a few minutes away from burning out completely.
Pink Ranger: QUICK! The candle!
She was about to make another mad dash for it......but then......
.....the White Ranger.....grabs her arm.....and stops her?
White Ranger: No.
Pink Ranger: What...But....
White Ranger: Its for the better''.''
Pink Ranger: Are you--How do you not see?! We don't put out the candle, Tommy loses his powers''.''
White Ranger: We don't get back to him in time, he loses his LIFE. Which is more important''? ''
Once again......another good question''.''
White Ranger: Trust me, Kimberly''.''
Her initial reaction was......there was none.
She was just so stunned on how guy already know her name and....the sound of his voice began to get familiar to her. She already had a strange feeling.....but in the end, she just wasn't sure as to how.
But her feelings told her to just go with it.
And just she turned around one last time to face the Candle..... at that hour of midnight''......''
''......''the Green Candle....had burnt out completely......along with the wax''.''
The others were shocked and confused beyond all shadows of a doubt as to why this mystery Ranger let the Candle burn out.
But if there was one person who wasn't confused about was Jason himself.
As he watched the Green Ranger armor from Rita glow for the finally time, the armor over her suddenly hardened and then began to erode, crumbling off of her......
''.....''resulting in Rita passing out......
''.....''and the Green Coin being depleted completely''.''
Red Ranger: *'''breathing heavily'''* Tommy....
At that instant, Jason suddenly disappeared into energy.....along with the others.......and then they all ended up back up in the Command Center this time.....including Rita, who was still out like a light bulb.
Yellow Ranger: What in the''....''
''Zordon: Alpha. Get Jason to the medic room, and get him checked out. I have to speak with the rest.''
Alpha did as instructed, leading Jason into the medic room in the very BACK. As for Zordon, he lifted Rita off of the ground telepathically very slowly.....before opening up a plasma force field in the corner of the room near the back of the panels.
Zordon then flew Rita into that same grove field as she floated in there.
Impatient and antsy, the others chucked off their helmets and turn directly to Zordon''.''
Trini'': ''Zordon! Explain yourself, ok?!
Zack: This guy just stopped us from getting the candle......
''Zordon: Yes. Because I told him to.''
''Rangers: WHAT?!?!''
Once again, they were dumbfounded.
Zordon'':....I knew it was a matter of time before Rita would try and reclaim what was once hers. It is true that Tommy was losing his powers, but when I found out Rita had the opportunity to use it.....I let her take it. ''
He looks down at her, still unconsciously floating in that force field.
Zordon'': And she definitely paid for it was the perfect bait: When the Candle took her Power away, it was enough for Jason to apprehended her.''
Kimberly: But, what cost? Tommy still lost his powers.
''Zordon: Not exactly. ''
There was a moment of silence.....until....
Billy: How--how exactly did you plan to work your way around this?
Zordon'': I just kept it simple......White Ranger....the time has come......''
As everyone SLOLWY turned towards the White Ranger, he briefly nodded before turning his back from the attempt for some secrecy. He placed his hands around his the confines of the helmet automatically detached......allowing him to manually remove it on his own.
The others were just mildly anticipating as to what was about to go down.....and as for Kimberly...... felt like she was gonna faint.......
........and she did.
Billy: Kim?
He was about to go wake her up, but Zack had to stop him from doing so at that moment.
They all kept their eyes glued on the White Ranger when he finally removed his helmet completely......feeling some familiar sense or vibe of Dejá Vu choking the air around the room.
And for good reason too.
As soon as the White Ranger turned around to face them......
......they were confronted by a very familiar face.....
......and they couldn't believe it.
Tommy: Guess who's back.
The three of them almost couldn't contain their excitement at this point. The former Green Ranger turned White Ranger was once again with them, despite the fact that this was something completely out of the ordinary and rather unheard of. But this was a very memorable and heartwarming moment.....for all of them.
Zack: *'''chuckles'''*
Billy: No way, man.
As he smiled lightly, the three went up to embrace their buddy as Zordon couldn't help but to smile and chuckle at the sight.
Trini: Something told me it would be you, Tommy. I mean, it was good enough having you around, but this......
Zack: Man, this is phenomenal.
Tommy: Or should I say......morphenomenal?
Billy: D-did you just make that up?
Tommy: I sure did!
The others couldn't help but to laugh and cheer when they heard that term.
But that's when Tommy looked over Zack's shoulder and saw Kimberly unconscious on the floor.
Tommy: Hold on a second, guys.....
He  goes over to Kimberlys side while she still lays knocked out and eventually, he holds her up in his arms, like it was his own child.
Tommy: Hey, Beautiful. Time to wake up.
She does eventually come to.....although when she first opens her eyes, she was blinded by a white light (get it?) but eventually, her vision cleared......
......and Tommy's face was the first face she saw.
She smiled.
Kimberly: I-I don't believe it.......I must be dreaming......Is it really you?
Tommy: In the flesh.
They both smile at each other and immediately grab each other in a tight hug.
Admist the hug, we see Alpha helping Jason, who had just recovered, out of the medic room and it wasn't long 'till he saw his best friend in this new armor of white and gold and black.
Jason: Tommy??
Tommy and Kimberly turn their heads sideways from that hug and both of them smile.
Tommy: What you think?
Jason: *'''chuckles'''* I don't know if I should be jealous or just amazed, but that is the coolest armor I've ever seen.
Tommy: Well, what can I say? Zordon had to walk me through this process when I was losing my powers.....and it resulted in a new coin.
He takes the coin out of his slot in his morpher and showed it to him....... it was basically the same as the others, just with glimmering White in the Center.
Billy: I have to be honest. You are TRULY legendary material at this point. There is no question about it.
Zordon: ''Correct. Ever since his episodes as the Green Ranger, Tommy has proven himself worthy and true. From fighting crime, saving countless innocent lives and being an overall great teammate, it justifies that Tommy is be the new leader of the Power Rangers. ''
As soon as they heard that, everyone quickly turned to him awaiting his response. But Tommy's eyes were filled with anxiety.....and confusion.
Tommy: What?? No....Zordon, I couldn't. Jason's the real leader.
Zordon: ''Originally, yes. However, Jason's worth was to be leader of the original FIVE rangers to SIX.....with the addition of the Green Ranger. The White Ranger carries the will to be the REAL leader.''
Tommy: But--
Before he could protest, Jason just grabbed onto his shoulder. Not too tight and not too lightly.
Jason:'s ok. Maybe you deserve it more than I do.
Tommy: What?
Jason: I acted like a bastard to you before and I'm sorry for that. We've both put this team into the worst of positions......but at least, you try to make up for it unlike myself. So with my blessing.....I pass down my position as leader to you.
Tommy just sighed on softly as he looked back and around to the others.
Tommy: I'll only accept.....if you all still stand with me.
Jason: Course we will.
Billy: We're a team, dude.
Trini: You been one of us since the beginning........
Zack:.....and we couldn't ask for anything better.
Kimberly: It's what we love you most for.
It was safe to say Tommy was emotionally touched by all of their states of approval. Once again, he was back where he belonged.
Alpha: ''Congratulations, Tommy. You are now the new leader of the Power Rangers.''
There wasn't much else for Tommy to say at the moment. He was overtaken by all the emotion that there was really only ONE thing to say.....
Tommy: Ah man, it's good to be back.
While that bonding moment takes place, we're outside of the city an hour AFTER the midnight hour as nothing seems to be happening apart people apparently still out walking out this late and the over-cluster of cars on the road, trying to get where they had to go.
However, Zedd manages to reappear far away from where most of the city was, and just humbles down to both of his knees. Humiliating was the best way to describe his last encounter with the Rangers.
To have the upper hand on the team, only for this new White Ranger to crash in and completely outclass him was just embarrassing. Now feeling completely and utterly broken, in the same position Rita was in, he now knew how frustrating it was to be in her shoes.
And boy, was he pissed.
Lord Zedd: I won't stand for it......'''I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS'''! I've had all I can stand for of this peaceful, happy world.....and I don't need this blasted planet anymore. I'm going to get that crystal even if it means '''I WILL DESTROY THIS TOWN AND EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH!!!!'''
He holds up his scepter angrily before holding it up to the air and then blasting away.
Lord Zedd: Rise, my powerful zord rise again and be whole once more......'''RISE!!!!'''
The blast landed flat and FAR onto the streets out onto the distance and almost immediately, it craved a HUGE crater into the everyone who WERE on the roads, in the street or just hanging by once again ran in terror.
And it just so happens that the Olivers (Steve, Debora) were amongst some of those people. But instead of running, they actually DECIDE to stay where they were and WATCH.
As they both just watch onwards, the pavement underneath the contents of the crater began to rumble and crack as the actual tectonic plates near San Francisco rolled down all the way over to the streets of Angel Grove.......
.....and eventually, the ground began to open and split apart like an actual earthquake was causing a rift underneath the surface itself.
Suddenly, SOMETHING BURSTS out of the crater and it becomes so freakishly large and long that by the time it gets up to its tail, half of the road was already destroyed.
This huge mutated robotic dragon-like creature was one of Zedds own personal toys.....
As it stands firmly on its own two feet, it roars with so much intensity it practically would've broken any type of glass that a sonic boom wouldn't have done.
Lord Zedd: My comrade......come to me.
Hearing the voice from its master, Serpentara slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) turns around towards him.....and approaches him with each step echoing through every mile of the city. As soon as Serpentara comes face to face with Zedd......he holds his hand out towards he steps on it and carries him up.
By the time Zedd shows up in the main control hub of Serpentara, he boldly sits down in his own throne.....and starts to take control.
Meanwhile.......back at the ship.......
Alpha: ''Tommy? I'd like you to follow me......for YOUR Thunderzord has not yet been shown''.
At that point, curiosity and interest went up. As we transcend later up in a darker cave connected to the Pit, it just went pitch black the moment everyone entered.
Zack: Why is it so dark?
Jason: We're still in the Pit, it's not supposed to be so bright.
Zack: Yeah, but this is--
Tommy: Shhh......everybody calm down, ok?
Trini: You hear that?
Billy: I don't hear anything.
Suddenly, the light immediately switches on as bright lights shined practically everywhere, almost blinding everyone there. But that was a minor issue for the most part.......
.....cause what they saw in that cave had them shocked and amazed.
All: WOW......
Alpha: '' leader of the Power Rangers? I would like to present to you.....The WHITE Tigerzord''.
The camera rotated up to the Tigerzord as it roared like a real tiger stuck in a speakerphone......just like the Red Dragon from earlier.
Billy: HOLY S---
They looked at him AGAIN.
Billy: S--sorry.
Alpha: *'''chuckles'''* ''Anyways, this zord is VERY similar to Jason's Red Dragonzord. It CAN convert to a fighting mode.....which can also be manually controlled with your new weapon known as Saba. Saba will assist you in battle and control the White Tiger at the same time. And there's even a bigger surprise when all thunder zords combined with it ''
Both (Tommy, Jason): Damn.
Kimberly: That is gonna rock the world.
Tommy: How will my own weapon assist me during the events?
Alpha then turns his head back another 360 degrees as energy starts to sparkle out of thin air.....and then out of nowhere, the white sword known as Saba magically appears in the grasp of his hands.
Trini: Woah.....
Zack: Far out, Man.
Alpha: ''When the time'll know. ''
He took his time to observe over the sword and look at it briefly......
......but it didn't last long, cause the alarm went off again.
Kimberly: Aww, come on! Now what?!
Jason: It's Zedd. He's not finished with us yet.
Alpha quickly went through his data back and pulled up his viewing screen in front of ALL of them in order to observe the events that's happening outside.....and that's when they became horrified.
Trini: Oh god....
Billy: Freaking A.
Zack: That's got to be one savage monster.
Kimberly: Alpha? Is that the thing you told us about before?
Alpha: ''I....don't want to say Yes is.....the Serpentara. It's Zedd's most destructive weapon. I haven't seen it since Zordons team first assembled as the Power Rangers. ''
Tommy: looks like it's back in the game. So we better stop it before it's too late.
Alpha: ''Tommy, I advice you take this with you. ''
He opens up the Centerpiece of his head yet again after turning ANOTHER 360 degrees......before pulling out the Zeo Crystal......
.....and then handing it over to Tommy.
Alpha: ''As much as I want to go against this, it's power is too much for Zedd to handle, so you will need it.....for it will have the will to form the Mega TigerZord. But you have to use it at only the RIGHT time. Cause you'll only have one chance to use it. Please tread with caution, because the Serpentara will NOT be so easy to defeat. ''
He takes the Crystal.
Tommy: We understand. Well, guys?
Jason: You're the leader now, man. We'll follow you to the end.
They all look to him and then nod.
Tommy: Alright....IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!
Almost immediately, the team crystallized with the armor forming around them and along with Tommy, the full six Rangers transformed as a bright white light blinds the screen......
.....and then goes to black.
But after a few seconds, we hear a roar and out of the darkness, the White TigerZord bursts out of the mountain side and starts charging towards the city.
Tommy didn't need to get used to the control mechanism because the way the White Tigerzord worked was almost the same way the Dragonzord worked.
(And yes, Saba does talk in this)
White Ranger: Woah! This is definitely a story worth telling down the road! Guys, you catching up?
Almost immediately, the mountain bursts yet again as the Unicorn, Griffin and Black Lion Zord come charging in behind him. Finally, the Red Dragon and Firebird soared in above him and stayed in constant motion with all the others.
White Ranger: Guys, you read?
Black Ranger: Check.
Yellow Ranger: Right behind you.
Blue Ranger: I'm all in; lets finish this.
Pink Ranger: Once a Ranger.....always a Ranger.
Red Ranger: Its Go-Go time.
Staying together as one modified Wolfpack of animals, they all made their path down to the city.
However, upon their arrival, everything they ended up seeing was just  the destruction Serpentara was causing on the streets of their town.
From a distance, it already looked like a massacre......which only made them dread what it would be like by the time they actually get up close to face this beast.
Pink Ranger: Guys! Our town....he's destroying it.....
Blue Ranger: Just like Rita.....
White Ranger: Not for long, he is
Saba: ''Time to activate the TigerZord in battle mode''.
White Ranger: Huh?
He just looks around him, before getting a good idea at where it came from.......and looked at his sword
White Ranger: What the....did you just talk?
Saba: ''I am programed to assist you, White Ranger. It is my duty.''
White Ranger: Well---yeah but I didn't think....
Pink Ranger: Babe, what's going on in there?
White Ranger: Uhh.....I'll tell you when we get back.
While they continued to move towards the scene of the event, the Serpentara was wreaking as much chaos and destruction as it could possibly endure. From breathing and blowing fire out of its mouth, and rampaging across the streets and avenues, it truly was a machine of destruction and death.
As for Lord Zedd......he was sitting in the throne inside of the Serpentara as he proceeded to speak in a VERY self-serious manner to the people running in terror.
'''''People of Angel Grove.......I AM Lord Zedd. Emperor of all he see's. You have avoided the outcome of your punishment for FAR TOO LONG. Turn in the Zeo Crystal to me along with your precious Power Rangers. Your reward: I will let all of you live.'''''
At that point, the zords were finally in the depths of the city and were getting ever so closer to their target.
Blue Ranger: There it is. That's definitely not friendly at all. We need to find a way to direct its attention towards us.
Yellow Ranger: I've got that covered.
Pink Ranger: I'll be right behind you.
At that point, they press down as the Firebird and Griffin begin to fire from their mouths and shoulders. The blasts seemed to have no effect on Serpentara or his monstrous size, but as both zords flew above the head of the Serpentara shrieking...... caught Zedd's attention.
Lord Zedd: '''What?!?! '''
At that point, he caught more attention coming his direction.
The Red Dragon roared above in the sky as the White Tigerzord  charged along with the Unicorn and Lion zords not too far behind the other.
As soon as they got close and the Firebird and Griffin came back around, they all stopped and stayed together as all six zords proceeded to "HOLD THE LINE" just like they did with Rita. The White Tiger, Unicorn and Lion stayed centered right on the ground while the Red Dragon, Firebird and Griffin floated center above them.
And as expected......this promoted the large abundance of terrified citizens to come back and observe, especially the Olivers, who had come out of hiding then.
Lord Zedd: Well well....looks like Zordon gave the children new TOYS! Time to break them!
Red Ranger: Alright guys, time to go Megazord battle mode!
White Ranger: Way ahead of you, partner.
As the White Tigerzord reverted its legs and arms around to different positions, a new set of legs and arms showed before it stood firmly on the concrete. Finally, its head popped up from inside as its red eyes glows brightly, constructing.......
.......the White Tigerzord in its Warrior Mode.
Some seconds later, the Red Dragonzord entered into its warrior mode, and  just then, the thunder zords all formed together in its correct position as the Unicorn and Griffin attached around the legs, the Firebird attached around the waist and the Lion attached to the chestpiece and arms.......forming into......
And upon viewing this sight, the people from down below gathered around and immediately cheered as did the Olivers, for they knew their heroes had returned in style......
.....but not only that, Lucas and Pearl were also in the crowd and they just so happened to catch a look at it as well.
Pearl: Yeah! My brother's up there!
Lucas: Whoa whoa, Pearl. Keep it down.  No one can know your brother is one of.....them, ya know? He didn't tell us avoid....whatever happens if the world knows what they shouldn't know.
Deborah: This just keeps getting better.
Steve: What will they come up with next? Turbo force?
(Tribute to the Turbo movie)
Once again, the staredown between the three of them continues.
Lord Zedd: Impressive, my powerful friends.....what happen to your dino toys? Did they grow extinct and you all traded the bones for endangered species? Hahahaha!
Pink Ranger: Ugh! This guy disgusts me.
Red Ranger: Stay focused, guys. We can't let him get to us.
White Ranger: I'll go in first. Take your chance when he's open!
The Tigerzord in battle mode DID go forward as it swung it's power sword at the Serpentara causing it to roar and attack back.
As the White Tigerzord kicked it down to a knee, the Thunder Megazord attacked next from behind, grabbing it's tail; but the Serpentara swung it off rather fiercely causing it to fall back and lose its balance.
Meanwhile, the White Tigerzord was still neck-deep in the confrontation at the front side of him. After throwing a few punches, Serpentara quickly slashed back with its talons, scraping the paint job of the zord itself before sweeping it down and back with u s tail.
White Ranger: ARGH!
As it rolled back a few feet and tried to recover the best way it could, White Ranger had to ask.......
White Ranger: Saba, any strategies?
Saba: ''Use the thunder bolt.''
White Ranger: Wait. The what?
Distractions once again caught him off guard as the Sepertara literally JUMPED up and knocked him back with its feet as Lord Zedd laughed maniacally at them.
Even when the Thunder Megazord proceeded with some wild kick combo, Serpentara shrugged it off like it was NOTHING.
Lord Zedd: You power brats have no chance. Give me my crystal or my Sepertara will be eating your city for lunch!
Red Ranger: In your dreams, Edd.
(Lol! I had to)
So, once again, the Megazord and Serpentara clashed onwards as the White Tigerzord finally had this opportunity to recover from the previous attack.
White Ranger: Alright.....let's try this again. Launch the thunder bolt!
Just like he instructed,  the White Tigerzord repositioned itself until the mouth of the actual Tigerzord opened up.....and then launched the bolt......which HIT the Serpentara.....
......but only JUST damaging it......
Lord Zedd: Ooooh.....good hit, but '''NOT GOOD ENOUGH! '''
The Serpentara quickly blew out fire from it's mouth like a real dragon, which forced the Tigerzord to block the effects with its sword. Yet, the effects from the fire were still getting through to Tommy from the inside as he quickly started to sweat, barely holding onto the controls.
Saba: ''Damage retention at 46% capacity.''
White Ranger: How about that?! ARGH!
Unfortunately, try as he might, the fire breath consumed the entire Tigerzord in a blanket of fire as the Thunder Megazord and the Rangers inside were forever to watch from afar.
As soon as the fire breath doused, they saw absolutely NOTHING THERE.....
......and all of them were losing their minds.
Black Ranger: The hell?! What the hell?!
Yellow Ranger: PLEASE tell me we didn't just see that!
Red Ranger: It looks like we did.....and I ain't pleased about it!
Pink Ranger: TOMMY! NOOOOOOO!!! 
The graphic image depicted towards them was too good to be true at the moment. On one hand, It couldn't have been THAT simple to get rid of Tommy again.
But on the other hand, they didn't see anything emerge from out of the fire, and that really scared them. But there goes the unfortunate mistake on not taking your eye off your opponent as Serpentara literally lunged forward and tried to bite the damn head off the Thunderzord.
But luckily, it didn't get to far as the Thunderzord grabbed its head and pushed it back as much as it could to prevent it from decapitating it.
Blue Ranger: ARGH!!!!
Yellow Ranger: This guy......this guy won't give in.....
Pink Ranger: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
In a bold yet uncanny move, Kimberly moved the right leg of the Megazord as it kicked the Serpentara square in the area where the sun doesn't shine.....and the pain showed......
.....which gave the team the opportunity they needed to recover.
Pink Ranger: Guys, come on. Lets go!
Unwilling to get Kimberly even more pissed off than she already was, the others just went forward with it and charged at Serpentara again.
However, as luck would have it, even though the fire was completely doused, there was NO SIGN of the Tigerzord anywhere.
The Thunderzord clashed on with Serpentara as it punched him square across its face before knocking him back with a drop kick.
Serpentara slid along the pavement, scraping the roads. But it didn't knock him off its feet.
But then......
.....a BLAST comes from out of nowhere and it hits Serpentara square across the face.....that it actually knocks him COMPLETELY off the road and OFF his feet as he crashes onto other suburban houses.
The large monstrous giant Serpentara rises up to its back to see it was the White Tigerzord who fired that projectile blast out of the actual mouth of the tiger head.
White Ranger: You missed me.
It then cuts back down to the Command Center in which Rita was ONCE again being kept and contained in a plasma force field, bound and tied up, unable to get out.
However, it took a few seconds before Rita began to regain consciousness and once she regained her eyesight, she was able to see where she was.
But that's when she also saw the force field surrounding her. Now, you think she would've tried to escape.....but......
She just stayed inside.
Once again, this sight worried Alpha for good reason.
Alpha: ''You think it's a good idea keeping HER in here?''
Zordon: ''Until we know what to do with her, we must keep her contained at all costs''.
Alpha: ''Yeah, but last time, she blasted her way out of here. What if''---
Zordon: ''You worry too much, Alpha 5. Rita is powerless without her coin and scepter. I can assure you that there is no need for concern.''
However, it appears as if Zordon had spoken too soon. As Rita just sighed softly inside of that force field.....
A deep booming voice echoed through her head and mentally woke her up and rejuvenated her. She gasped silently as she recognized and began looking around.
She didn't know where it came from, and it looked like she was the only one who heard it.....but she knew she wasn't imagining this.
And guess what?
She heard it again.
'''''My dear sister'''''.
Rita: Brother? Where are you?
'''''I've been trapped in some timeless imprisonment. You must release me, Rita. '''''
At that point, another tactic seemed to formulate from inside of Rita's head as she suddenly......felt a huge pulse of strength and energy beam through her, in every aspect of her body. As he left eyes glowed that familiar color, it became clear that something had happened to her.
But she was aware of what she had to do now.
Rita: Gather your strength, brother. I will come to you soon.....and the crystal will be ours this time.
She mildly smirks and chuckled as her entire body began to resonate and glow YET AGAIN, and after a few seconds...... explosion ROCKS the Command Center, knocking Alpha back and causing Zordon to look away in desperation.
As soon as the smoke from said explosion wears itself off, they both look over to the force field where Rita was ring held.....
......and they saw that the field was completely obliterated and Rita was no where to be seen.
So she did, in fact, escape......
Zordon: ''Damn it.''
Alpha: ''Oh my---I hate to say I told you so, but......I told you so.''
Zordon: ''Yes, you did. And I apologize''.
Alpha: *'''sighs'''*  ''I knew this was going to happen again. But.....I promise you, the next time we see her, we MUST take her head.''