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M.M.P.R is a 2021 live action, adventure, drama and comedic superhero movie and is the sequel to 2019 film Green With Evil: Power Rangers and the 2017 Power Rangers reboot movie. It's based on the same superhero team from the same name from the 90's TV series "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" and features a few of the same actors from the original show and the reboot film. The 2017 reboot, under some miracle, managed to OFFICIALLY green light a sequel and the end result to that went better than they had anticipated. Green With Evil: Power Rangers received more positive reviews from critics and fans alike and made even TWICE as much money then they made the first time around. This success, however was shortlived as Lionsgate sold the films rights to Paramount when presented with an offer the higher-ups said they couldn't turn down. Instead of rebooting the franchise however, Paramount found potential in the previous film's developing storyline and enticed Saban Films to return to green light and produce ANOTHER sequel.

Other sequels are once again, still in question but are being discussed behind the scenes.

This film is directed once again by Dean Israelite, produced by Haim Saban, rated PG-13 and distributed by Paramount, Saban Films, SCG Entertainment, Allspark Pictures, etc. However, after butting heads with Paramount over the intended vision for the film after two and a half weeks of filming, he left the directors chair and Ryan Coogler was hired to carve the way and finish the project, combining his vision with Dean's.

This sequel will feature most of the returning actors from the previous film, along with some new additions. It will feature Dylan O'Brien, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Willem Dafoe, Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Bill Hader and many more.

Main Cast

  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas "Tommy" Oliver (Green/White Ranger)
  • Dacre Montgomery as Jason Lee Scott (Red Ranger)
  • Naomi Scott as Kimberly Ann Hart (Pink Ranger)
  • Ronald "RJ" Cyler II as William "Billy" Cranston (Blue Ranger)
  • Becky G as Trini Kwan (Yellow Ranger)
  • Ludi Lin as Zachary "Zack" Taylor (Black Ranger)
  • Bryan Cranston as Zordon
  • Bill Hader as Alpha 5
  • Willem Dafoe as Lord Zedd
  • Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Deborah 'Debbie' Oliver
  • Jason David Frank as Jeffrey 'Jeff' Oliver
  • Michael Chiklis as Jacob Hogan/Goldar
  • Eiza Gonzalez as Aubrey Hogan/Scorpina
  • Austin St. John as Lucas Scott
  • Kayden Magnuson as Pearl Scott
  • Zach Roerig as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier
  • Eric Knudsen as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch
  • Mila Kunis as Melanie Sheer
  • William 'Billy' Brown as Lt. Jerome B. Stone
  • Jaime M. Callica as Officer Bebe Stone
  • Christian Keyes as Chief Colton
  • David Denman as Sam Scott
  • Caroline Cave as Beverly Scott
  • Fiona Fu as Monica Taylor
  • Erica Cerra as June Kwan
  • Patrick Sabongui as Buford Kwan
  • Anjali Jay as Maddy Hart
  • Robert Moloney as Ted Hart 
  • Lisa Berry as Candace Cranston 
  • Will Sasso as Ernie
  • Justice Smith as Adam Park
  • Ricardo Hoyos as Rocky DeSantos
  • Amandla Stenberg as Aisha Campbell

  • Johnny Depp as Rito Revolto


They say whatever doesn't kill you simply just makes you stronger, more durable, reliable and just more experienced then before. Unfortunately, you don't keep beating up a horse that's already dead. In the case of one Rita Repulsa though, that would also appear to be the case.

She has failed TWICE to destroy the Power Rangers, nothing went in her favor in the end and ONE person......has HAD ENOUGH. The Dark Lord, LORD ZEDD, whom Rita had been taking orders from is now far fed up with Rita failing constantly trying to do one simple task for him. It's been forever since he's been in control, but if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself. Now it seems more than likely that Earth is in even more danger than it already was. However, THIS TIME, our young hero team of six might not have what it takes too cheese their way out alive....



Smoldering embers.

Pulsating magma.

A smitten rainfall of ashes, dust, and unyielding heat trickling down like a simmering waterfall in slow motion; practically hail in the form of stationary fire. Tectonic plates within the gravelly earth shift and slide underneath each other well over four times per month on this planet. Usually, a thin, heavy oceanic plate subducts or moves under, a thicker continental plate. When this happens, the ocean plate sinks into the mantle.

All the water that could’ve been harvested now laid bubbles, broiled and cooked by the disastrous heatwave.

The flow, then, had meandered black with vivid red cracks, lazy like treacle.

Similar to that of Venus, its atmosphere is made up of nitrogen and clouds of sulfuric acid with air so dense that by mass, the small traces of nitrogen are four times the amount found on a particular planet that actually harvested human life, although nitrogen makes up more than three-fourths of the terrestrial atmosphere. Here though, said effects were multiplied thrice over.

Volcanoes were even more common, four of which were active and in full functioning order and simmering about in a violent stew lying craggy against the rocky mountains and murky purple sky, like bombs in wonderland. There is no timer, no red wire or green, the unlucky inhabitants of the planet live never knowing if the raining lava and rock will one day destroy them and all they have worked for. But like anyone who lives in constant danger, you learn to put it out of your mind.

The grand palace and fortress situated at the very peak of the planet; the most pulsing, scorching hot, pyretic arena of heat in the entire M51 Galaxy? A palace built on top of a road that spirals up to its front gate and is guarded by various dragon-men and goat-men in red uniforms and giant Salamander under its bridge?

It would be safe to assume it wasn’t so much the stroking heat rivaling Muspelheim on this rocky desolate world that entices such skepticism and striking fear into the hearts and souls of the Gorvinians.

Today proved to be their lucky day, however. In tiny, minuscule abstract bites.

Such a desolate castle, projected to be the crown of an entire landscape and a sign of protection for or against ancient people. Built of stones of varying sizes and shapes, each one was unique. From a distance it is uniformly coated in grey, from up close it is a mosaic of humble rocks, each of them nobody would think anything of were they loose by the roadside.

The castle was bold in the stretches of the purple beyond. It stood there as if conjured from the foulest depths of Hades, choking out the closest artificial moon within its reach. And then suddenly, as if starlights were pulsating in the graphite sky, thunder stirs about rumbling up above….

….and lightning strikes the castle, phasing through the peek.

Said lightning illuminates a brilliant pathway above, lifting Gorvinian eyes skyward, bringing even the slowest soul-pulses back into a steady and strong rhythm. To think such a phenomenon could actually be summoned at will.

Their ruler, their king had, for now, vanished.

Unfortunately for the homeworld inhabitants, their king had a….volatile temper and flair about him, almost living entirely in anger and bitterness and despair, almost as cartoon characters do, so lost in that moment and the torment his brain was in. If that was all he was known for without the extensive meat and potatoes regarding his actual abilities, they wouldn’t have been as terrified as they did upon the sight of a lightning bolt carrying him away.

That only meant another world was destined to have to face his wrath by the end of the day and it seemed unlikely that he would walk away empty-handed.

His next quarry: Earth.

And with Earth, came the Moon, its natural satellite that orbits around the planet.

The last time the Moon had been under any strict investigation, outside of playing football on it or standard field trips arranged by NASA….was the revival and resurgence of Rita Repulsa, the alien invader and former Green Ranger hellbent on making Earth’s people suffer following her humiliating defeat by five extraordinarily gifted individuals. Her second attempt didn’t fare any better….

….and it was in that defeat, that perception and common sense finally prevailed, provoking the government to, at least, investigate Rita’s resting place on the moon. Anything to gather the smallest shred of intelligence on her kind, with rare but lenient sources hinging very strongly on the possibility that others like her would come.

And two Astronauts were on the investigation with....APEX logos on their left shoulders and after APEX's last mission they were more curious to get to the bottom of the real identities of the earth's So called heroes: The Power Rangers

And they figure given Rita had disappeared and knowing she stationed on the moon they could find leads they stood outside the palace and amazed and curious at it

APEX Astronaut # 1: Director. We're outside the palace. Sure looks deserted.

Leave nothing unchecked. I want full statues that can help us find out the identities of the Power Rangers.

APEX Astronaut # 1: Yes maim. Alright you heard her. Got the camera.

APEX Astronaut # 2: In my hands. Let's just get this over with. This place gives me the creeps.

The first Astronaut took a heat wave from the tool bag to burn their way in and walked in they explored the place with the 2nd astronaut took pictures in every inch they were in and minutes later.......

.......they entered Rita's thrown room

The second Astronaut took pictures of the thrown as the first one walked out to the balcony with a view of the earth where he saw....a clashing lightning hit the moon outside of the palace

APEX Astronaut # 1: What in the name of----?

APEX Astronaut # 2: What is it?

APEX Astronaut # 1: I don't know looked like a lightning bolt. I couldn't make it out.

APEX Astronaut # 2: That's impossible! Space don't have lightnings.

APEX Astronaut # 1: I think after the last two events that went down in Angel Grove I think the reality rules went down the drain. I'm gonna check out where it hit. Won't take long.

The first one left the throne room as the second continued to shoot satellite

Cutting outside the first Astronaut was in contact with Director Sheer reporting what he saw

Astronaut # 1: I'm telling you director. It looked like a lightning bolt. Did the satellite pick it up?

It did. And by the looks of the result we picked up something moved away from where it hit but we couldn't get a visual.

Astronaut # 1: I'm heading there now. I'll contact you if I find anything.

He cut off and approached where the bolt hit and all it was a smoking charted hole nothing uncommon a lightning bolt would do

The Astronaut was about to leave the area until something else caught his attention.....

.....burnt charted foot prints

APEX Astronaut # 1: The hell?

He fallowed them to some large moon rock and heard some kind of......

....deep growling noise

He frowned and looked behind it.....and gasped in horror screaming as something or something attacked him

Back at Rita's palace the second APEX Astronaut finished taking the pictures and automatically sent them all to their satellite

APEX Astronaut # 2: Jones. Got what we needed. What's your status?

All he heard was static....but through it was his partners screams and pleads


Concerned and worried he hurried outside trying to make his way to where the bolt hit looking for his partner but at first nothing but the hole....and the foot prints

Curius as he was he fallowed them too only to find.....a blood trail across the area

APEX Astronaut # 2: What the hell? Director Jones is missing! There's a blood trail and I....can't make it out.

Find out what's going on and get me pictures.

APEX Astronaut # 2: On it.

He fallowed the trail taking pictures of it.......

......and at the end of it few minutes later.........

......he found.....

....his partner's lifeless body cut up and covered in blood

APEX Astronaut # 2: HOLY----OH MY GOD!!

Rogers report! What's going?!

He turned around and looked in horror as the same unknown figure grabbed him by the collar of his suit dropping the satellite camera

And automatically flashing pictures at what was happening while we hear the second Astronaut was screaming and cutting noises and blood splattered on the camera as it kept flashing

Black Out


A newly radiant sun steps forth from the spring time, wrapping us in her warm and brilliant rays. Summertime had arrived to Angel Grove, California.

It comes by fast, as music turned up to full volume. The sky blazes blue and the sun is a celebration of yellow, free and bright. The trees rise to the occasion, donning their best verdant hues, and everywhere are the flowers, the scattered rainbow that they are…..

….and one could count on a single hand the subsequently asinine amount of lucky townsfolk that could give the furry crack of a rats behind on what season the weather dawned on them. Not even a full month and a half after the last Kaiju-like monster attack, Angel Grove was about three tumbleweeds short from becoming a goddamn ghost town.

The infrastructural damage inflicted on their small town severely soured the mood of most who inhabited it, and yet another quarter of poor Angel Grove was stuck on the back-burner after yet ANOTHER attack by the villainous Repulsa.

MORE residents bailed out of town the instant they had a chance and most houses, buildings, offices, and businesses could barely afford to stay in business, let alone stay embedded into the ground because pay disparity was everywhere. For the ones left behind, that only meant more relocations towards the Angel Grove Central Park Refugee camp…..and the sudden uprise and surge in homeless folks eventually led to talks of developing another camp.

A lot of parties were perceived guilty in the wake of the madness that would come to cast the town in what appeared to be eternal darkness; parties mainly whittled up and narrowed down to three sources.

The police department for not doing their jobs efficiently enough and to APEX, the shady black ops organization that made the Power Rangers their primary target hiding in plain sight, for simply not getting involved and/or further perpetuating the violence.

But the biggest culprit of all in the eyes of many?

The Green Ranger.

Rita’s means of retrieving the Zeo Crystal the second time around, Mr. Green, Dark, Shiny, and Brooding came the closest, THE CLOSEST to actually fulfilling Rita’s wish and exacting her vengeance; destroying the Power Rangers zords, nearly submerging the town to Atlantis with his own walking dragon and reduced the already small population of Angel Grove’s 376,000 to only 321,000…..

….with the number continuing to decrease.

Pure luck and battle of attrition was the only feasible way the Power Rangers were even able to beat him completely and it almost didn’t matter that he DID come around in the end to rebel against his creator, most of the town simply wouldn’t give him the time of day.

And that spoke wonders towards the few unfortunate souls down on their luck who looked to take advantage of the town’s already decaying, fractured state and take the gamut for themselves.

Smugglers, bank robbers, a few attempts at a supposed gang were popping up on AGPD police radars and radiating a lot of chatter in the coming days…..

….but eventually, they died down not even a few hours later.

A mystery, indeed.

Authorities and civilians often wonder what was the cause it many was the Power Rangers

They saved their town and world from Rita TWICE but weren't seen in months not since before the summer

All but one....and who is yet to be the real mystery to us

But that mystery is yet to be solved where we come to the cause of it as large black cars pulled up by the Bank of Angel Grove and men in ghoulish clown masks with wide smiling and sharp yellow teeth and in leather jackets and hoodies

They ran up to the front door of the bank and the main clown fired his nine milliammeter causing a panic and people staff and clients all screamed and ducked down


He fired again making his threat legit to everyone and all kneed down with their hands up too some ducked their heads down as the masked men grabbed some employees pulling them over the wide front task throwing them on the flour

Clown Leader: You two! Get to the safe! The rest of you watch everyone! I'm gonna work on our get away! But make it snappy!

The goons went on their assignments as people were scared some of the women there even cried thinking they were going to die

As minutes passed Angel Grove's finest arrived on the scene but knowing they had hostages they couldn't make a move without putting innocent lives in jeopardy

Chief Colton (Christian Keyes) came out of his care tending to get to the bottom of this walked up with a police speaker tending to make a negotiation


The two crooks at the safe nearly cracked it with the data decrypting

Clown crook # 1: You almost there?! Sounds like the cops are already here!

Clown crook # 2: I'm almost there.

He was the final lock and the guy behind him felt hard grips on the back of his shoulders he looked down just when he felt himself being pulled away letting out a loud grunt

It caught the other's attention and to his surprise a green armored boot kicking him and hit the safe hard knocking him out

Out in the front lobby the remaining armed robbers were keeping everyone down as the waited for the other two to come back out with the money unaware of their......

....knockout fate

Clown Leader: What's taken those idiots so damn long?!

Clown crook # 3: I'll check boss.

He walked back to the safe only to find the first two out cold on the flour

Clown Crook # 3: What the f-----

Suddenly he got elbowed from his left side and was kicked out the lobby which caught everyone's attention landing hard on the front desk knocking him out and the clown robbers looked to safe entrance and who appeared out.....

.....was the one.....

.....the only.....

......the legendary.....

.....GREEN RANGER AKA Tommy Oliver (Dylan O'Brian)

The people gasped in horror only those who knew him as the attacker of Angel Grove last time but some others....a Ranger here to save them

Since the beginning of the Summer Tommy spent all month receiving the same training from Zordon and Alpha but cause of his guilty conscious of what Rita made him do under the Green With Evil curse Tommy had been using the Green Ranger mantel to make up for all of it by fighting crime and saving the innocent

Yes it was Tommy subduing Angel Grove's most wanted and no one knew who it was till now

Yeah you could say Tommy is playing like a comic book superhero but he felt this was his way to make up for his own crimes he committed out of his control

The gang looked at him in shock as the boss observed him confused and angerly with Tommy walking in front of his path with the Dragon Dagger in his grip

Clown Leader: Who the hell are you?!

Green Ranger: You probably don't watch enough news. But you wouldn't know the real story about me. I'm the TRUE Green Ranger. And I suggest you clowns let these people go and turn yourselves in.

Clown Leader: And what'd you gonna do if we don't leprechaun?

Green Ranger: You really don't want to find out.

Clown Leader: Hell with you! SHOOT HIM!

And so they did, for about a full minute and forty-three seconds of continuous hailing.

Two bullets per second were unloaded, leaving the cartridges released of their powder and the empty vessels clanging beneath them on the floor; the actual bullets weren’t even close to being fired about the same amount around the same time. The clown ringleader’s 9 millimeter Beretta model blew out bullets at a cycling rate of 1100 RPM, but only in 3-round bursts while the others packing submachine guns fired at rates as high as 650 or more rounds per minute.

Not a single dent in the Green Rangers armor. If anything, half of the bullets flat out bounced off of his shoulders, chest, and abdomen while the rest of them ricocheted.

The few that bounced off the countertops and lamps and the marble floor startled everyone in the vicinity, including the intruders.

Finally, common sense was drilled back into the ringleader's head and he screams, bellows from the top of his lungs for the rest of his men to stop shooting. For once, those henchmen actually listened and were left at the mercy of a man who didn’t have a single protruded dent or crack in his helmet, visor, pulsating blue chestpiece….


Panic quickly begins to settle in.

Green Ranger: Let me give you some trivia.

Clown Leader: St—stay back.

Scurrying away from him on his elbows and knees, his fight or flight was kicking in and he immediately began separating himself from him.

Green Ranger: Crystalline metal, fully materialized in a molecular transmutation process around my entire body; one of the most powerful processes I’ve been gifted with. My bodily tissues have been steadily enhanced by this physiology…..

He’s rudely interrupted by a trash can coming down on his head, splitting the can into literal pieces with metal shrapnel coating the floor.

Once more, there’s no damage.

Green Ranger:….and this extra casing? That’s one of twenty-seven elastic, durable layers of indestructible metal plus an extra titanium-dipped tri-weave fiber mesh just for good measure.

Unwilling to hear it, another blunt object bludgeons Tommy over the dome of his head, cracking down onto his neck and shoulders and again, no budging.

The pompous refusals from the clown leader to accept defeat admittedly tested Tommy’s patience quickly; there was nothing funny about begrudgingly pushing forward on a task that was proven and shown to be impossible, it was just sad. Linkara had a great quote for this: ‘I’m not sympathetic to stupid people’.

And the tone in which he asked the ringleader, piqued but understanding in his failure hinted at that.

Green Ranger: You done yet?

This was just embarrassing, watching this supposed leader of this operation quickly whittling away from him, horsing and scratching amongst the floor like a toddler crawling on all fours.

The man finally pointed his 9 millimeter up at the Green Ranger, frantically shaking and stirred.

What’d he get in return?

His hand nearly crushed within Tommy’s grip, yet still gripping the handle as Lonnie forced the barrel up to his forehead, crunching the carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges bones in his hand before only just bending back the radius of his wrist bone….

…forcing him to pull the trigger.

Everyone jumps, ducking for cover or just closing their eyes. At this point, the ringleader was left doing the same because what choice did he have? Spraying this armored vehicle of a man with bullets the equivalent of B.B guns didn’t work.

And neither did beating him over the head with a foreign object.

If anything could’ve stopped him, it’d have to be one lucky shot straight through the brain.

And lo and behold, nothing.

All Tommy could pick apart through his visor under the helmet was the complete deterioration of courage and false bravado this man built up with the rest of his crew and how effortlessly he shattered that mask. He was now scared shitless, to the point where Tommy was left holding onto the 9 millimeter out of pure reflex.

Being scared comes of the emotional scar, from a time one needed safe harbor, shelter from a storm. To frighten others is to alter the way the brain is functioning at that moment and alter its biology. The prefrontal cortex is hindered, stress hormones and adrenaline are raised.

Mr. Ringleader Clown was, at that moment, more vulnerable to harm and coerced control.

Green Ranger: Let’s try this again…..

He informs him, crunching down on his gun until it shatters like glass.

Green Ranger: GET. DOWN. ON. YOUR. KNEES.

The leader was scared and did what he said getting on his knees with his hands up

Clown Leader: Ok....I give up.

Green Ranger: Now that wasn't so hard was it?

Tommy looked over to make sure everyone was ok but unaware the leader grabbed a near by gun standing up to fire at him only to be knocked out from behind which caught Tommy's attention

A woman (Karen Ashley) knocked him out saving him not that she needed to given the shot would deflect off his armor but better safe than sorry as they say

Green Ranger: Whoa thank you.

Woman: We should thank you. We thought you were a monster but....we were wrong after what you've become a hero.

Green Ranger: Just trying to clean up my own mess maim. Police are right outside. Soon as I'm gone head for the exit.

Green Ranger tied the bank robbers together in some binding wire and Tommy took his dagger playing his flute on it and outside the police caught sights of the Dragonzord flying out of no where

At panic the SWATS opened fire but hardly dented it till Colton ordered them: HOLD YOUR FIRE!

Tommy leaped up through the skyline and with how high he reached he landed on the head of the Dragonzord as it roared

Green Ranger: Alright big guy. Back to the ship.

The hatch on the head opened and Tommy leaped in closing the hatch and the green dragon robot......flies away leaving everyone at shocked and amazed as it disappeared in the clowns

Many of the former hostages cheered him on when they came out of the bank Chief Colton.....just gave a nod watching where the Dragonzord flew away

As time flew by press and ambulance came to the scene as the officers rounded up the subdued criminals and reporters went live on the scene

Reporter: I'm standing live of the city bank of Angel Grove where minutes ago a bank robbery took place but was sabotaged by one of the incredible Power Rangers. Joining us an eye witness an employee of the bank. Maim tell us what you saw.

It was the same woman who helped Tommy earlier

Woman: Well I'll never forget it that's for sure. I was in my office when I heard gun shots I was scared to death I didn't step out of my office till I heard shouts and more gun fire. I gave into my curiosity and looked out and saw.....the Green Ranger taking them all out. It was amazing. And when the last guy was about to shoot him from behind I thought fast and grabbed the nearest object and hit him from behind. I tell you he was like Superman and Spider-Man mixed together. Despite him attacking the city before he saved all our lives. If he was watching this....thank you Green Ranger.

Reports like these…..were probable, not certain signs of comforting relief, especially on the behalf of those actually doing their job to keep the city from falling apart however they could. People still had jobs to go to, bills to pay, and wages to sign off of and this was making the feedback process a silver easier to bear.

Opinions will forever be opinions, be damned, but the sight of the one who nearly wrecked their home sweet home actually doing his part to make up for the damages he caused? It was a sign of good faith.

A sign that appeared to be rubbing off rather well, from Tommy’s positioning in the cockpit of his trusty Dragonzord, the HUD display still showcasing the reporter discussing not just the bank robbery but other miscellaneous cases with patterns all pointing back to him in a lively blue feedback glow. He simply looks back and away at the screen…

….before nodding with conviction.

Given he was off for the summer and with not a whole lot to do, simply fighting crime and serving up his own brand of justice as the Green Ranger was the best significant amount of time he had dedicated both to this town and to himself to make up for the destruction he caused while under Rita's spell.

His appearances since his attacks under Rita’s spell have been more frequent than the other Rangers combined, so more of the civilians, in general, saw a lot more of him.

Not to mention he had attracted somewhat of an audience in passing.

The news of yet another of his heroic summer deeds went viral within hours, which attracted even more attention.

Not all of them were warranted, expected.

While the standard civilian remained skeptical of the Green Rangers' sudden 360-degree shift in attitude, style, and direction, they weren’t nearly as big of a threat to him as, perhaps, APEX.

APEX was also keeping a close eye on the news for good measure, given their last encounter with the Rangers. Director of APEX, Melanie Sheer (Mila Kunis) just stood there in her office, glancing off at the screen with an uneven crooked grin, as if this meant nothing to her. She hadn’t forgotten their last encounter and planned to keep special tabs on the Rangers by any means necessary to prevent them from causing another outbreak amongst the town.

The Black Rangers speech about responsibility still echoed heavily in her head, her moral conscious currently wrestling with the prospect of duty.

In the district area via a hotel room, a proud and very delighted Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott) is shown from the other side of the TV, binging the news. With only her hair growing back to a longer strand of brunette and medium brown, the expression plastered all over her face made it clear she was very fond of knowing what her friend was doing all summer long.

A part of her wished she could've been there; helping him alongside the rest.

The same could be said for Zack Taylor (Ludi Lin). His phone pinged as he stood outside his middle-aged roadside home over at the mountainside away from the city. Billy had sent him the news report of Tommy’s deed at the bank earlier in the day.

He smirked.

Jason Lee Scott (Dacre Montgomery) took a while to catch the news properly, for he was busy conducting a more traditional workout style back at home. Sure, the training down in the Pit remained a hassle just to maneuver around the first ten minutes just because that style of training was so unorthodox for him, regardless of how much he had gotten used to it.

But sometimes, the traditional sets of pull-ups, push-ups, tried and true gym techniques were all one needed to keep the body active, the mind fresh and morale just a tiny bit more cleansed.

When the microwave is on, he’d do jumping jacks. When the kettle boils, then comes squats.

When the adverts are on between my programs, he’d lift hand weights. After the washroom break, Jason alternates between different kinds of push-ups. Keeping fit is simple when you add these simple, and mostly bodyweight workouts, to everyday living. It's not about going to the gym (unless you want to), it's about making the most of those otherwise stationary few seconds work in your favor.

And in that favor came delight.

Catching himself at a break, the tissue was his blanket, wiping the excess sweat off his forehead and brow and allowing himself to catch his breath. Eventually, his eyes turn to the radio; reporters commenting about the bank robbery and connecting the dots when Green Ranger popped up was child’s play.

Now nothing but joy and respect glistened through him, regarding his new partner.

Jason: Attaboy, Tom.

Ever since Tommy joined the team Jason started to warm up to him like a brother he never had all though he had mild mixed feelings for him but rather more fond of him and Jason could understand with Tommy's routine of catching criminals just to earn back more of everyone's approval

Jason gave a grin and nod to the radio for his friend and went back to hit the shower from the workout

Next thing we catch is at a farm house in the living room the small screen tv was playing the live report where we join Trini Quan (Becky G) with her guitar

She started practicing on it as she caught the whole thing giving a smirk and a nod

Trini: You must love comics Tommy. But I'll admit I'm impressed. I just hope Angel Grove's really ready for you.

Trini continued playing her guitar as an elderly man in his mid 70's walked in which happen to be Trini's grandfather who she spotted coming in stopping her plays

Trini: Gramps.

Gramps: Well if I known we were starting a band I would gotten out my drums.

Trini: I thought you retired from your band.

Gramps: Cause I had a family to provide gummy bear.

Trini chuckled for since she was born her grandfather always called her gummy bear

Gramps: What'd you watching anyway?

Trini: Oh....just catching what's up at home.

Gramps: A bank robbery. I never really liked Angel Grove. Told your mother it be a bad idea. And now knowing there's aliens out there....proves my point.

He was about to walk out till....something made Trini call him back

Trini: Gramps?

He turns back to her

Gramps: Yeah?

A moment of silence accrued after Trini placed the guitar next to her on the couch

Trini: Was mom? Ever tell you things? Things that a little off?

Growing concern he walked over to the other couch across from her and sat on it

Gramps: What'd you talking about Gummy Bear?

Trini: There's something I don't know how to brake to my folks. And I wondered if mom confessed anything to you when she was young took as a shock but were you ok with later.

Gramps: Course. Only thing that worried me was whatever it gets her into. But that was a father's job. Even a grandfather's job. Mind me asking why you asking?

Trini: It's hard to describe it's something I don't know to tell them. The only ones who my friends in Angel Grove.

Gramps: Gummy Bear whatever it is I will never judge you. I know you been tough time and wherever you'd go there will be no place that I won't be with you. And will always stand by you.

Trini was touched to hear her Gramps's touching statement apparently the only thing that ever struck her by the heart in a long time and felt safe to confine in him

Trini: The truth is Gramps.....I'm a lesbian.

It still surprised him as he lifted his eye brows all the way up

Trini: I haven't told my family cause of how strict they are. I confessed it to my friends cause a lot happened in our Detentions. A whole lot and if anyone had to know besides them....I feel it had to be you.

Gramps: And like I said Trini I would never judge you. And I know your parents are hard to get by with. Especially your mother. But never anything wrong with what you are or who you want to be. Our choices always matter.

She nods with a grin and the Gramps stood up giving his granddaughter a kiss on the head and left for the kitchen as Trini took her guitar and played it again

In the morning light, the wooden guitar was deep hue of caramel, the kind of brown that can melt a heart and warm a soul. In her hands sang the language of the universe, those serenades that come to the heart in quietness and are born to us as a song.

Just like William ‘Billy’ Cranston’s (RJ Cyler) receiving the serenades that came to the heart in anxiety, the amygdala once again overriding his core perception of fun in that moment and replacing it with pure dread and worry.

But hey, that’s what Five Nights At Freddy’s does to you.

This classic indie survival click and point game had the goal of surviving five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza while avoiding getting caught and stuffed into a mascot costume, thus getting killed by the animatronic characters; this is done by tracking their movements via the restaurant's security cameras.

The problem was Billy’s battery percentage was drained to around 10 percent and the lights were seconds out from shutting down and leaving him in eternal darkness.

And with that came the tune that nightmares are made of.

Billy: Turn, turn, turn! Turn the clock! Please don’t eat my guts out.

The foreboding eerie tune continued to drone about in his ears.

Billy: C’mon, turn! 6 a.m!

Billy only had a minute left till suddenly.....

....Foxy the pirate jumps up in the screen shrieking scaring the JEEBS out of Billy screaming pushing his chair down by accident and falling on the flour


As Billy got back on his knees he ranted in frustration slamming his fists on the flour

Billy: FREAKING.......NUTS!!!!!!!!!! I TRIED TO PUSH IT!!!! OH HO MY GOD!

Outside the house came Tommy himself he was in a green and blacked squared jacket and jeans and came by to check in with Billy

The gang haven't been together all the month and since Billy was the closet still in town he thought why not catch up

He walked up to the porch and rang the bell and who answered a moment later was Billy's mom Candace (Lisa Berry)

Candance: Thomas.

Tommy: Hello Mrs. Cranston. Billy home?

Candance: He's right up stairs. Come on in.

Candace let Tommy in for the only time he visited this place was when they're in the garage where Billy made their communicators

Candace: Billy's room is just three doors to the left upstairs.

Tommy: Thanks Mrs. Cranston.

Tommy made his way up stairs walking to the end of the hall lied Billy's door and walked up knocking

Tommy: Billy?

Just a minute!

Tommy heard things being knocked over and he heard feet landing on the flour and things being moved and another second......

......the door was pulled open revealing Billy out of breath

Billy: Tommy my man. What's going down?

Tommy: Oh I was just in the neighborhood.

Billy: Well don't just stand there Mr. Crime Fighter give me some.

They high fived and fist bump and Billy let him in his room shutting the door

Tommy: I'm guessing you been catching on what I been doing?

Billy: It's all over tv and the radio bro. You been busting in on thugs and playing cops and robbers. We had no idea what was going on till that bank robbery came on. You kicked the nuts out of some circus clowns.

Tommy: I know Dark Knight reference.

They chuckled

Billy: Does Zordon know what you been doing.

Tommy: Haven't told him but he hasn't ask. In fact I been spending training with him and Alpha in the pit. On my free time I been catching criminals.

Billy: Yeah. I'm a superhero fan myself but....if you don't mind me asking what made you get into that. Missing saving the world already?

Tommy chuckles

Tommy: No. It's not that. crimes I committed when I was under Rita's curse is still getting to me. Part of me often wondered if there was any way I could have stopped myself and I don't even know if.....people died cause of me. I even tried to kill you guys and....I regrated every minute of it. It got me so deep I decided to fight criminals maybe.....clean up my own mess anyway I could.

Billy: I get it you're trying to make up for your dark deeds. But we told you Tommy none of it was your fault. Rita just pulled your strings. She's where she belongs now.

Tommy: Yeah but....I can't help to remember....she said someone was coming. Someone was coming cause she failed. Think it's something we should worry about sooner or later?

Billy: I don't know if she watched Men In Black cause I would know the line anywhere.

Tommy: Billy.

Billy: Sorry I couldn't resist. I don't know who she was talking about but......nothing's happen ever since. You thirsty? I got gate raid down stairs.

Tommy: Why not?

The boys went down to the kitchen as the screen cuts to the camera in the fridge Billy opened the fridge door grabbing two full gaiter aid bottles he gave one to Tommy opening their caps and took a sip

Tommy: You hear from the others lately?

The delayed response from Billy came from an accelerated sip that ended up becoming more than just a sip. Long hours of draining his throat dry by being paralyzed in fear required something resembling a respectable thrust quench. Regardless though, he subsided in that moment.

Billy: Can’t say Jason and Zack have been doing much, just…..enjoying the scenery. Two birds simmering back into hibernation.

Tommy: Doesn’t sound like a Jason thing to do.

Billy: Nah, that’s more Zack’s tastes; Mr. Shang Chi putting himself on the backburner. It’s the ladies being more active this summer.

He says as he takes another sip out of his ironically chosen blue Gatorade, quickly wiping the excess droplets off his lips and chin.

Billy: Begrudgingly, that is.

Tommy: Let me guess, Trini?

A smile perks about his face and he just points up towards Tommy in admonishment before peppily spinning back towards the refrigerator

Billy: For such a desolate outsider, never imagined Trin really wanted away from her parents that much. Took her twin brothers to the countryside for a little bit.

Tommy: Any other relatives?

“Grandpa”, Billy clarifies, finally closing the refrigerator door, finding nothing of interest. “Former lead guitarist of a band back in the day that burned themselves out.”

Eyes lighting up and his eyebrows perching, Tommy found the threadbare line of expository information soothing. It had hardly been a few months since he had even associated himself with this band of misfits and remarkably enough, Trini ended up being the biggest outcast of the pulmonary group….

….with the least amount of talktime shared with him and her.

Hearing her momentarily move away from all the bustle of the streets and turgid civilization towards somewhere more confoundingly appropriate of her inner child was blooming excellent for Tommy to hear. Something he wished he had the guts to do back when the chips were stacked against him the option presented himself.

But he was now in a state of recovery, so better leave than never.

And so that left the final contestant.

Tommy: And……Kim?

Unexpectedly, Tommy found Billy chuckling to himself under his breath, shaking his head in amusement with an ever so mischievous grin curving up from the left side of his cheek. But it came out of a place of love.

Something Tommy suspected the longer it took Mr. Cranston to answer his question.

Tommy: Well?

Billy: My man. When are you going to tell her?

Tommy: Tell her what?

Feigning innocence could only get the poor boy so far.

Billy: You know.

Tommy: What am I---?

Billy: Tommy for God's sake.....I seen the way you look at Kimberly. It's no secret you got a thing for her.

Tommy: What does that mean?

Billy: Look I may not an expert of relationships but I can tell when someone's got it bad for someone. And you my friend got it so bad.

Tommy: Even so......I'm not the only one who has a thing for her. I know Jason does too.

Billy: And is he the only reason you hadn't made a move?

Tommy: Not exactly. But....he is the main reason. Kimberly told me about his temper problems. I know it's not his fault it's the same with my bad habits of getting into fights. As you remember at the bonfire I asked if they were a thing.

Billy: Kimberly said they weren't.

Tommy: And Jason said they were.

Billy: Look that's not the point. The point is.....You need to get it off your chest and don't let Jason stop ya. His anger problems wouldn't do him any good. I would know cause......about when you disappeared Kimberly thought APEX had you.

Tommy: What made her think that.

Billy: Well since Rita's first attack they been on her ass. She suggested we find out what they were planning and Jason got on hinge about it. He started angry at everyone till I......put my foot down on him.

Tommy: You??

Billy: I know but we had bigger problems. You. APEX. Rita. I didn't think I was capable of it not even capable to stand up to the Hogan twins.

Tommy: We still haven't found them. Who knows what they're up to out there.

Billy: Indeed. I'm more surprised they never came me since summer vacation started.

Tommy: I guess without Rita they don't have anyone to lead them against us. I been catching criminals they probably caught on and just laid low.

Billy: Maybe. I just hope we don't have to worry about them anytime soon like I hope we don't have to worry about whoever Rita was talking about. But....we're getting off topic back to Kimberly. You ever gonna make a move?

Tommy chuckled in embarrassment

Tommy: I' on it.

They chuckled and talked more and when enough time passed they walked out of Billy's house to the garage for they.....were going to the ship

Billy: So tell me again why we're heading for the ship if not we're not saving the world training or even finally swinging the axe at Rita.

Tommy: Cause during my training Alpha and Zordon have been making some improvements. REAL improvements. Something that will give us more advantage on whenever we have to save the world again. I'll explain on the way.

They hopped in the van Billy took the wheal with Tommy in shotgun pulled out of the drive way and made their way through the neighborhood

Given it was still mostly light out and the rain had only just lightened up, the two were allowed to go but not before Billy further eased himself up in the driver’s seat; this being the first time he’s driven an actual vehicular automobile with wheels since the detention incident.

They could’ve taken Tommy’s new hog for a ride instead if the former really felt like it. But there’s nothing like getting your own ride back after so long.

Eventually, the outskirts of Angel Grove were long past the two and it was over to the mountainside and past the goldmines and buried deep beneath the crevices of the mountainside underwater was where their base of operations laid submerged.

And where arguably, their greatest battle with Rita reached a surprisingly hearty penultimate state of affairs that eventually turned the tide in their favor.

Now came the tiring lines of tedium that would come just to get a word in with the big bossman up front: dipping down through the stagnant, half-frozen water. Dropping into the underground cave while avoiding the stalagmites at every crevice.

To think maneuvering out of the sub stop that was the Pit was the easiest part of this hassle.

The doors of the caved-in alien spaceship magnetically pull apart and slide open as the two finally approach the base of the entrance after 70 steps later and many ledges traversed, for the only way to gain access to the spaceship was with any of the supernatural crystals connected to the Morphin' Grid. Granting them access, the two trudge inside.

A full three minutes of wandering up another flight of stairs and up to and through the main hull, the path than on was relatively straightforward. It led them down to the Command Center where normally, the avatar of their mentor would be present just from an omnipresence shade of light 12 feet away. Not to mention the light from the Morphin' Grid's multiversal energy field in the middle of the room bore no emanating energy at all.

Alpha was nowhere present in the area also, despite Billy’s best efforts to draw him out.

Billy: Alpha? Alpha?

No semi-robotic fluctuating vocal chords or that warbling metallic ting strung back at him to respond; it was only his echoes that greeted him through the desolate sound of silence.

This left Billy unusually psyched out, for normally whenever they enter the ship, they’re normally greeted with an answer. Zordon or Alpha; one of the two. Neither of them answering only enticed the worst memories of events only a few months prior.

And Tommy’s steady silence didn’t help matters.

Billy: What are you doing, Tommy? Where’s everyone?

His only response was a crooked smirk.

Tommy: Step on the pads.

Said pads were Morphing Grid Platforms meant to ease the transformation process while also allowing them access to the Grid for new Rangers before being able to morph at will. Their respective Power Coins functioned as a connection between a Ranger and the Morphing Grid…..with the rare exception that Trini and Zack took Billy’s own flux capacity to search for Zordon’s essence lost behind the screen.

The possibility of the Morphin’ Grid being utilized for anything but simply transforming and utilizing armor paved the way for this next stunt that Tommy and Billy were about to attempt.

Bringing himself to step on his grid platform on the far left, Billy had to keep mind of Tommy stepping into Jason’s grid platform and gripping the bars on the side.

After a few seconds, the sphere connected to the platforms warps with energy eloping out in itself, engulfing both Tommy and Billy in an indivisible force field of controlled air and mass.

The energy eventually reaches a massive override, light glistening up to the ceiling and the static screen until it finally dies down. Tommy and Billy have now vanished.

Pitch blackness engulfs the cast emptiness of the terrain for the remaining duration of this dark void. Luckily, two bright lights engulf the premises, carrying Tommy and Billy from the Command Center of the ship down into….


Darkness came like the thick velvet curtains of the theatre. It was as if the daytime had been one part of a play and the rest was to come after this intermission of night. Billy let his eyes wander the trippy vastness of nothing, his eyes quickly adjusting to the purple-bluish sponge array of glossy grey.

No such deviations from the pitch black came into fruition. At least…..

….not yet.

Systematically, all thrown in at once at the home stretch, suddenly ten lightbulbs shone down on Tommy and Billy in a circular motion. Said refraction of the light quickly reflected off of the emblem carved into the floor beneath them.

An emblem also shaped in a giant thunderbolt.

The lights eventually spread elsewhere, as the darkness faded and gave birth to marvels beyond Billy would ever deem possible.

The main room was a brightly-lit oval chamber with a large set of sliding double-doors at one end, opposite of a pulsating cylindrical energy tube. A large, low, circular podium was present which people could walk, with computer consoles arranged around its edge; one console had a rotating light within a pink-orange crystal that served as an alarm.

Beyond the ring of computers,!spaced differently around the room, leaving space for coloured glass columns of indiscernible purpose, were no walls, but rather a vast blackness of brown and dirt, resembling the solid earth this construction now bared itself in. There were no obvious doors leading into or out of the main room, as of yet, but computer-generated doors were accessible to access secret locations.

Such as the medic wing and elevator.

Mouths and eyes agape with all these technical marvels splashing him in the face, Billy had a faint idea on what this meant.

Billy: Tommy, is—is this—?

He can only nod.

Billy: Did you—?

Tommy: Mhm-hmm.

The brand new Command Center; based on the holographic design Billy stumbled across previously.

Welcome home.

The voice bungled them, mostly Billy, in knots, taken aback by the ambiance of any other voice in the vicinity other than just them two.

And then the tube in the middle of the room turns on, with more stagnant, frozen cyro-water inside. The cylindrical plasma tube was in fact a time warp chamber specifically meant for the avatar of Zordon (Bryan Cranston) to slowly descend down into the tube via glitching floating head.

Billy: Zordon?

Zordon: How do you like our little surprise? Alpha has been working on it for months. I am sorry for keeping this from you as we did not want to worry you unnecessarily.

Tommy: I'm sure it's understandable.

Billy: Zordon is that really you in there?

Zordon: Indeed it is Billy. This is my time whorp. A power source that fuels myself the ship. And our newly command center.

And that's just half of it.

Turning around to that voice behind them Tommy and Billy entered the alien shapeshifter Zordon's noble and loyal assistant Alpha 5 (Bill Hader)

Billy: Alpha?

Alpha: Long time Bill. I recon Tommy had no trouble bringing you here.

Billy: It's been whacky. What'd you guys been up to here?

Alpha: Besides filling Tommy's training we set up shop under neath the ship to build more further room in the pit storing the new technicians. We assembled the finest command center to prepare for the later and bigger threats to come. These control pads run every power in the center and the ship. And for new transportation.

Alpha showed them a machine with pads matching all six colors of each Ranger

Alpha: This is the teleporter. To make your travels from here to Angel Grove and possibly anywhere around the world. I've even took the liberty to link your coins to it to transport yourselves by your own will through it.

Billy: Damn. That's like stuff out of Star Trek.

Alpha: I never heard of a star called trek.

Billy: It's a sci-fi series we watch.

Tommy: Well either way Billy what'd you think?

Billy: This place is amazing. Boy the guys are gonna freak out when they see this.

Zordon: *That's not all my young friend. Billy I present to you.....the viewing globe.

Tommy and Billy turned around and the Billy's surprise this newly viewing globe.....was the Zeo Crystal. Bigger and much more powerful than before

Billy: Zordon is that....the Zeo Crystal?

Zordon: *Yes. Alpha and I enhanced it to increase it's power allowing us to see anywhere around the world.

Billy: Anywhere?

Tommy: Anywhere anyone anything. Let's observe it. Alpha can you show us Rita's cell?

Alpha: As you wish.

Alpha pressed on the controls as the crystal showed an image of Rita herself (Elizabeth Banks) laying on her bed and legs crossed in her cell since the second attack they could even hear her what she was saying.....more likely what she was singing

94 bottles of slime on the wall. 94 bottles of slime. You take one down pass it around 93 bottles of slime on the wall.

The boys couldn't help but to laugh

Billy: What the heck she singing?!

Tommy: Sounds like that old song 99 beers on that wall only she's using slime.

Zordon: Yes very amusing.

Still, it wasn’t so much that that struck Tommy as off: it was her entire appeal and appearance. The last time they spoke, Rita muttered “You ARE different” with a sick smirk before being carted off. It didn’t add up to her.

The feeling of similarity was staggering. It’s like.....Tommy almost wanted to say he felt like she had already seen her before.

In a past life.

Billy: H-how were you able to manage this thing? I'm pretty sure the Zeo Crystal wasn't designed as a beacon for search or discovery. I'm mean, that isn't why it was made, right?

Zordon: That is very true, indeed. But as realms of time and space passed on, the Crystal developed more in strength and Power with each passing generation. So theoretically, its powers and abilities are potentially unlimited.

Alpha: But that, unfortunately, is why so many of our natural enemies like Rita want to tear us apart from the inside just to get their hands on it.

Tommy: Argh……

Billy happen to notice Tommy looked like he was having a headache

Billy: Tom man what's wrong?

Tommy: I don't know. I just feel a little----

Tommy gripped both his hands on his head and fell

Billy Zordon and Alpha (All): TOMMY!

Tommy's eyes FLASHED for he was having another vision the first one since.....he found the coin setting off a vision he and the other five saw together but this Tommy was the only having this one

And what he saw was glimpses of Rita's thrown.....but.....with a new giant chair with the letter Z on it

A candle

A snake

And an image of a man in some staff with a Z too even seeing those APEX Astronauts being murdered by the unknown creature from the moon

Tommy gasped out of it waking up back to reality with Billy and Alpha kneed down to him aiding him

Billy: Tommy! Speak to me man!

Alpha: Tommy are you alright?!

Tommy: I....I don't know. Feel like my skull's on fire.

Billy: I almost thought you were having a heart attack.

Tommy: My heart's fine Bill. It's my sanity I'm worried about. I'm seeing things.

Zordon: Tell us about it Tommy. Maybe we can help.

Tommy looked up at him and after minutes passed Tommy told him everything he saw

Tommy: And then there was.....staff I've....never seen anything like it. And just like the chair it had a letter Z logo or something. And then there was this....snake....real nasty one. Looked like a python. And those Astronauts that were attacked....I saw the APEX logo on them. They must have been looking into Rita's palace till they were attacked.

Both Zordon and Alpha looked a little puzzled on what Tommy was telling them like something from their past was coming back to haunt them

Billy however was curious about it

Tommy: I really don't know what it was but I was sort of like that nightmare I had when I found the Green Coin.

Billy: What nightmare.

Tommy: I don't know how to describe it I going Zordon?

Zordon: Not at all Tommy. It's possible the Green Coin is making you see her memories during her time as a Ranger out of a side effect from the Green with Evil Curse even that we removed it. You won't see them in fully detailed but they will trigger other visions that are not even her own. We'll have to work on it soon but in the meantime we'll find out for sure if these premonitions will come to pass. I wouldn't doubt they just may.

Billy: How'd you figure?

Zordon: I'll tell you and the other Rangers soon. But we need to be sure first.

Tommy: Understood Zordon. Shall we get on with training?

Zordon: Not tonight. Tomorrow morning yes. Meantime as soon as you two hear from the other Rangers bring them all in. Because your trainings are gonna take up to an advanced level and they'll need to be to prepare you for what awaits you.

Billy: Hey we got all summer. No detention holding us back now.

Zordon: Excellent. Dismissed.

The two boys stepped on the teleporter on to their color pads as Alpha prepared the transportation

Billy: Hey Alpha.....this isn't gonna hurt is it? I mean....will it feel like we're on an amusement park ride?

Alpha: A little bit but it'll be over in seconds. You both will just end up outside your house.

Tommy: Got it.

Billy: Wait a minute....the van's out-----

Alpha had already punched it and both boys shined into their own colors and disappeared

After they were gone Alpha faced down as it went silent in the Command Center both Alpha and Zordon were chilled to the bone

Alpha looked up to him in worry

Alpha: Sir.....we both know what and....WHO Tommy was talking about.

Zordon: I know.

Alpha: If the dark lord has returned we need to have the new zords ready soon the new weapons everything.

Zordon: They need the proper training first. Otherwise it'll justify them and everything we swore to protect.

Alpha: I suppose so. Meantime....we need to get to the bottom of learning if Tommy's vision is true. And I know just where to start.

Alpha went on to the main computer to log into the APEX data base records

Alpha: After Jason and Kimberly infiltrated the APEX base I hacked into their data base to know their every move in case they ever found us. If any of their men were attacked on the moon they might have records.

Zordon: Good. Keep tabs on them on every hour.

Alpha: Ready, willing, and able.

Taking the initiative once again, this divide and conquer strategy is what made this Edenoion semi-robotic assistant and his giant floating headmaster such a formidable duo. Despite the fracture of their previous team millenniums before being awoken into the present day, the chemistry and comradeship between these two sentient foreign beings could not be overlooked.

Similar goals and mindset apart despite being rather paternalistic in the ‘how’s’ of their day-to-day ordeals, the simple fact of the matter was when push came to shove, and more often than not it did, neither Alpha or Zordon would always be fully equipped to combat the coming threats ahead.

But the very least they’d damn do was put their best foot forward to try.

A little lesson in perseverance that the Angel Grove Police Department was severely lacking. And this was not for lack of trying.

Rita and her three puppeteering minions royally screwed up the pecking order for how things were normally run in this town; not to say crimes, forgery, embezzlement, and other law-breaking bubbles popping wasn’t common even a town this small but her arrival….

….let alone the Power Rangers intervening left the entirety of the police department in the same predicament as the rest of Angel Grove: barely gasping for any air.

Following the major job cut after the aftermath, the AGPD was forced to let go of a lot of people either due to money and budget restraints or per the employees’ requests. Those who stayed behind to help out with the reconstruction process were squeegeed back into the fold in such a way, one would think the police department was actively exploiting the rest of their people for their passion. While that was far from the case, morale at the station and other substations was less than substandard.

Many veteran cops, officers, or rookies had to try and find second jobs just to pay rent and others had to live in communes or reposition at the Refugee Camp just so they wouldn’t go homeless.

Officer Bebe (Jaime M. Callica) was one of the unfortunate victims of this long process of being cut. Except the only explanation that was given out to him was a preliminary note via email saying that he was being let go due to “undisclosed circumstances brought forth by the Lieutenant.”

Not because of money issues or even personal befuddlings on his behalf. And not even the decent courtesy to tell him in person.

He felt the need to take this matter to the Lieutenant himself.

And that would’ve been just fine….if the Lieutenant hadn’t been Jerome Stone (Billy Brown).

A lieutenant is responsible for overseeing operations in police departments, evaluating departmental cases, cooperating in law enforcement investigations, monitoring internal activities, and ensuring the safety and security of the premises.

Jerome had been doing a terrible job at managing even that, through no fault of his own. The fact he was having to sweatshop some of his fellow officers and/or let them go at the same time resulted in what might as well be a Ferris wheel turning counterclockwise.

And that’s on top of more paperwork being piled up on his desk and pay disparities running rampant everywhere he looked.

Speaking of rampant, it was about that same speed where Bebe pushed his way through the door of the Lieutenant’s office, the loud dislodging of the doorframe from lock mechanisms and wide open blank space letting in a loud gust of air.

Success; he got the Lieutenants' attention, his eyes quickly traversing over to the former disgruntled officer as he let the door slam shut behind him.

Bebe: Three and a half generations etched in stone here at the Bureau and I’m the first one to get the pink slip?

Jerome: Would it kill you to knock so you can alert me?

Bebe: You know you could’ve told me the same face to face and I wouldn’t be barging in like this.

A hefty sigh bellows out from the Lieutenant. He had been harrowingly avoiding the inevitable conversation until now.

Jerome: Bebe, I’m not happy about letting you go.

Bebe: Then why?

Jerome was about to reply but they were walked in the Chief

Colton: Am I interrupting anything?

Bebe: No sir we were just----

Jerome: Catching up.

Colton: Well hope it's not a bad time. We got units chasing a couple sickos on 4th wall avenue.

Bebe: I'm on it Chief.

Bebe exited himself pass both his father and boss and already Colton could tell he really interrupted something

Colton: I guess you still haven't patched up since you came in.

Jerome: Letting him go was the worst mistake I ever made sir.

Colton: Don't be hard on yourself. I had many disbands with my own son.

Jerome: Did he ever opened back up to you?

Colton: Every time. Deep down Bebe knows you still mean well. Your his father. Plus when Lucus Scott was doing his time he mentioned he had a fallout with his brother. But his nephew still looked up to him.

Jerome: How has Scott been doing?

Colton: He's still behaving. In fact I hear he's been volunteering on rebuilding the damage from the Dragonzord attack.

Jerome: Then maybe he is reformed. But anyway.....I'll get on that chase.

Colton: Jerome....if you need more time I can.....

Jerome: No. I should get back to work.

Jerome walked out too and the Chief fallowed him

Out on 4th Wall Street there was a literal chase cops were chasing two goons that broke into an auto shop and stole a black sedan and were on the road being tailed by three police cars the criminal in the shot gun took an actual shot gun and rolled down his window


He squeezed through the opened window pointed his gun shooting at the cop cars tires causing them to loose control

Each crashed into different directions

The first one into a building second to another car and the third into a shop window thankfully none of the other officers were harmed

But the goons were on route for a getaway as the first one pulled back in the car

Criminal # 2: Nice shots.

Criminal # 1: Those suckers didn't know what hit em.

Criminal # 2: Next stop: Angel Grove Molly's Jewlry----

Suddenly they heard a loud thump and felt the car shaking they screamed as they felt and saw through the wind shield......the car being lifted up

Criminal # 1: WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON?!


The car was being carried by......the Dragonzord

Guess after Tommy and Billy parted after being teleported home Tommy felt like going on patrol again morphing into the Green Ranger calling the Dragonzord back out of the pit with the flute of the Dragon Dager

And the Green Ranger was running the zord manually and carrying the car

Green Ranger: Whoever really owns this car just hope they have insurance. Alright let's get these guys to the Police Station.

The Dragonzord roared as it flew straight up above the town and the criminals came out of the windows seeing the zords and both yelled: DRAGON!!!! and screamed

The Dragonzord flew off with the car

At the AGPD the father and son cops came out of the station and about to get in their cars Jerome however looked over at his son walking to his car and couldn't.....

.....hold himself from walking to him

Jerome: Bebe.

Bebe: We got a job to do dad.

Jerome: I know. But......I figure....maybe we could catch up afterwards maybe.

Bebe: Dad I don't want to talk right now and quite frankly......HOLY SHIT!

That outburst caught Jerome off guard and turned around to see......

.....The Dragonzord flying down at them with the stolen car roaring

Not to mention the bloody metal beast gripping ahold of the black sedan in its back talons with the unfortunate criminals still trapped inside; none of whom would stop screaming. They couldn’t exactly leap out the windows per the chance they want to plummet to the Earth and have their organs explode.

But luck and choice were completely out of their hands.

Green Ranger: Special delivery! Thank me later!

He says before the giant Dragon slowly flaps its giant wings downwards, descending the mythical creature down to only 10 feet above the ground, his underbelly blocking the entire road to and from.

The Sedan is eventually dropped off on the Lieutenant’s left, finally situated far enough to hear the bloodcurdling screams of terror screeching out from the masked bandits, even after no longer being thrust 100 feet in the site against their will. The hull of the car thumping beneath them, the tires crunching…..

….who’d thought there’d ever be a giant dragon in the modern-day?

Not them. And certainly not the father and son cop duo.

Luckily for the former, the latter seemed to have his attitude momentarily shifted following that unorthodox method used for capture. Between the Uber serious reality of being let go from the force out of a father's natural instinct to protect their kid and the multi-colored Trix alien battle warriors making their jobs a little bit easier on the forefront….

….it was somewhat of an uplifting sign that maybe, this was an over stick on his behalf.

Bebe: I’ll call you later tonight.

Jerome: Same time and place?

Bebe: Mhm-hmm.

A verbal reaffirming of plans set as opposed to letting the question drag on while he soaks himself in disappointment. That was his sign of saying ‘This is the least I can give you, Pops.’ And off he goes to his cruiser, like before.

Shutting the passenger door before scooching over to the wheel, there was still frustration in the way he moved…..but not nearly as much as earlier in the day. So he was taking up his dad’s offer.

That’s all the Lieutenant wanted. To talk.

With the sirens coating him in red and blue before the Doppler effect carries the churning metronomic waning of the siren further away from Jerome, Deja Vu brought him back to the first time he went off in that same cruiser to get to the bottom of his first case.

November 16th, 1998.

But the circumstances surrounding them have now been drastically altered to where there was hardly any control over what they did or mattered anymore. And keeping Bebe involved in the police world had more hazards than benefits; despite his regrets over letting him go.

Clearing the air was the only logical place these two now stood…..

…..which was the bridge that still needed narrowing out for Lucas Scott (Austin St. John) and his brother Sam (David Denman).

Lucas wasn’t nearly as laser-focused in what he planned to do with his life as his brother; every time he was offered a respectable or lower-paying job (one in which Sam thought be substantial enough for his brother), he screwed up. At some point, Sam just stopped giving him chances to prove himself and the final in the coffin was during a time of near-financial destruction for Lucas.

Desperate for some cash flow, Lucas initiated a bank robbery and got caught, thanks in turn to San ratting him out when he went to him for help. Since his incarceration, the two hadn’t been on speaking terms and even once he got out on good behavior, the two continued to be strained throughout…..until a couple months ago.

The events of Angel Grove’s totaling finally opened Sam’s eyes, ever so slightly, to consider that maybe Lucas was worth the effort letting back into the family.

In his own words: he didn’t like where he was headed with it. But he was willing to try. And Lucas couldn’t be any more proud to be given that chance, finally accepting a job as a construction worker to actively help make his peace with the family and himself.

Now on this day, it would be considered his big test.

Sam had to decided to leave the house and the family in Lucas’s care, for he had to attend to some business outside of Angel Grove for a couple of days. Even his fishing business got curtailed by the destruction rates that literally cut the city in half and running errands to errands here and there wouldn’t be enough to bring it back up to more financially durable circumstances.

The best play, for now, was to re-arrange something out of town in hopes of striking a deal to help out both his family and his business.

Lucas was lucky to only be situated within the inside of the metal frame of the revolving panel door, with the constant pitter-pattering not too high above where he was standing. He could tell from there was rain incoming.

Not that he paid it any mind.

Jason gets home from the gym just as the rain began picking up; rain so generous upon the blacktop roadway bringing memories of hydroplaning and the need for safe driving. He took that in mind as he parked his pickup truck near the curb behind his dad’s Hummer.

Just in time too.

He noticed Lucas, his father, Sam, his mother Beverly (Caroline Cave), and his little sister Pearl (Kayden Magnuson) all standing outside distances apart from each other with only Sam leaning against his Hummer. Jason came back just in time to say goodbye to his pops, who only time would tell when he would come back.

With its headlights barely visible and the constant pitter-patter of rain droplets showering the car and the streets endlessly with no signs whatsoever of slowing down, the thunderstorm soon begins to roll over.

Sam just mildly walks up, opens the door on the side of the van, and then shuts it. He turns back towards his brother, daughter, wife, and son as an uneven smile creeps upon his face….

Sam: I’ll be back in a few days.

….and jumps in with a group hug, all five of them embracing the collective power of family. Family, ironically, was what the women loved for and what the men couldn’t escape; this was what they were. This was their life, their forever, their promise.

Their ride or die.

Eventually, Sam pulls himself away before heading off to his car and piling himself in. Slowly but surely, the wheels of the car slowly started to turn over on itself as it finally moves from its current position and then takes off.

Soon after the car leaves, Jason, Lucas, Beverly, and Pearl look out of the driveway of his house and onwards from the garage. With one calmly holding onto the other, they all look out towards the car and wave goodbye at it.....

In fact, Pearl soon turned away and laid her head onto Jason's chest, for she depended on him just as much as she depended on her father. It was clear she'd miss him.

Jason: Don't worry, don't worry. It's alright, Pearl.

Pearl: I know.

Jason: If anything, he'll be back in a few days.

Pearl: What about Uncle Lucas?

Lucas: I’ll do my best with this place.

Beverly: For now, let's get back inside. The weather's only gonna get worse from where we're standing.

Everyone went inside when the clouds started getting bigger with mild thunder running

At the Angel Grove Docks everything there was catching worse around the water two security guards came by near the boat house

Guard # 1: This storm is picking up fast.

Guard # 2 It's pretty odd to me. The weather channel confirmed it be sunny all week.

Guard # 1: It probably changed from another coerce. Let's check the last iles then get inside.

They went in separate directions as the thunders grew louder and then......a lightning bolt hits the water and.....

....just less than a minute later.....something flowed under the water towards the pier and then.....the next thing........ arm all burnt like what we saw on the moon attack burst out of the water grabbing hold of the edge of the pier

And whoever or whatever it was......came crawling out of the water stepping out of the water speaking in a growling voice last.

The figure's face turned to reveal to be.....a demonic face

It was some kind of man-creature (William Dafo) whoever he is is yet to be foretold and made his way to the center of the docks where.....

......the first guard spotted him

Guard # 1: Hey you! The Docks are closed!

He didn't acknowledge him but when he shinned his flashlight on him.....

....the creature turned around growling and seeing his horrifying face with glowing red eyes and pointy teeth he yelled out which caught the second guard's attention and ran to that direction

By then the guard was already dead with his slash marks on his face and the Creature went in the boat house and he took a hoody hung up there to disguise himself and heard voices outside

Guard # 2: Kurt?! KURT! Good god....what did this to you?!

No need to wake him.

He looked up gasping at the demonic figure from the approaching him carrying the hoody

Creature: In fact....why don't you take a little nap YOURSELF!

He held out his left hand with his metal clawed fingers and he SLASHED him in the chest dropping him down on the wooden

Injured and wounded the guy grunted at the burning pain of the slash of his chest looking up in horror at this figure who looked down at him with it's eyes glowing red

Guard # 1: What.....what the hell are you.....?

Creature: I am Lord Zedd. Emperor of all he see's. And this world belongs to me now.

He stomps on his face likely killing him and this creature calling himself Zedd looked up to the cloudy skies

Zedd: And now Zordon.....prepare for my return!

Zedd morphed into lighting flying up to sky increasing the storm to get really heavy the wind the rain....even.....the lightning

And at Trini's grandparents farm house it was really picking up

Thunderstorm: an electrical storm or lightning storm characterized by the presence of lightning and its acoustic effect on the Earth's atmosphere, known as thunder. It was as a molten silver sky, quenching the earth she cocooned in black. Bequeathing a percussion of rain upon the rooftop of the farmhouse shed, the sporadic flashes of light shone brightly but in the twilight of the clouds.

But not nearly as Earth-shattering Thundercrack pealing, snapping, tearing away before the main Thunder. Those were normally at the fault of a streamer of positive charge going up from the ground. One streamer connects with the downward stroke to make the lightning circuit, but many others do not and make a faint sound without even being visible. And from those small branches up to the main strokes mean…..




They were loud, startling, scary and all Trini’s twin brothers, Keenan (Keenan Reynolds) and Jackson (Jackson Croom) wanted was to get away from the window. And so they did.

But not without trampling over each other as the first to get back to their rooms; a momentary brain fart while getting completely caught up in the moment. Thunder wasn’t going to go away because they were cooped up in their safe-havens. But….

….boys be boys.

Another crackle echoes through the windows and Trini finally closes the blinds and walks away from the windowsill.

She was downright lucky compared to the animals over at the Angel Grove Zoo, aka, the only coming attraction before and after certain alien attacks that anybody bothered trying to visit.

The weather was still cloudy with a little bit of rain dropping down above over at the zoo; those who weren't deterred by the massive rainfall trickling down from above were lucky to have come equipped with raincoats, umbrellas, the whole kit, and caboodle. Poor animals.

But that only lasted for a VERY short period of time. Almost suddenly, thunder started to BOOM through the air as more cumulonimbus clouds began rolling over the horizon. More and more and more thunder began to crack underneath the clouds, most of them clustering and forming together over the giraffes' pen. None of the chimpanzees or orangutans, lions, bears, sloths, whomever unfortunate mammals encompasses posed the cages.

A huge crack of lightning eventually resonated from the cumulonimbus as it struck dead center in the middle on top of the ship and the light flashes SO BRIGHTLY, everything became dim rather quickly.

The bolt wore itself off eventually.

The giraffe in the paddock leaned its long neck over toward its mother, resting its head against her silky fur and half closing its eyes in bliss. Then as if right on cue, the smaller giraffe's long trunk-like neck snapped up vertically before creeping around the mother's legs and looking the way of the bolt, its eyes a rich brown.

Then she knew why - it was the moment she realized that there was someone in there, someone sentient.

Before long, the disfigured yet powerful Lord Zedd steps through and emerges out of the lightning bolt looking MORE menacing than previously, rashly breathing in and out like he was on life support. He surveys the pen and padlock around him as well as the outlook of the entire zoo.....entrenched in his own shower of rain, coating him.

The rain had lost the ambient temperature of late spring, freezing and hardly paling his skin on contact. The path through the zoo is muddy water in motion, filling deep puddles that hide the ruts of dryer weather. A crack on the left of his neck could be heard before taking a single glance outwards beyond the confines of these flabby bars...

....and leaping over the pen.

And as expected, the few people left at the zoo who DID see him did what they always did and ran in terror as far away from him as he could.

At that point, nearby guards just so happened to run towards the situation and that's when they see Zedd himself perched on the ship inside the docks. Reacting sorely out of fear and instinct alone, they both panicked and pointed their guns directly at him.

Guard #1: Buddy! Whoever you are in that costume, don't take another step!

Guard #2: You put down that stick and get your hands in the air!

Zedd could hear the voice from ALL the way where he was on that ship and it took very little for their mere presence alone to piss him off. He IMMEDIATELY snaps his head back towards them, striking pure terror into the hearts of the cops as they immediately back up.....yet they still kept their guns pointed at him.

Even when other cops began to pull up along with the other two, it was clear Zedd was not amused by this sight.

Zedd: How gullible.

After hearing that, the guards immediately blasted at Zedd with their pistols and bombard him with bullet after bullet before coming to the realization that, lo and behind, regular guns have no effect on him.

They barely even dented this creature's already ashy, sun-dried tomato skin. Not a single scratch on him or through him. No bones, lacerations, not even so much as a bruise. No ricochets though, luckily.

If the rest of the guards that came trotting their way weren’t terrified before, they are now.

Zedd: MY TURN.......

His eyes radiate with infra-red energy before releasing massive amounts of solar energy stored within his body through the eyes, in focused beams of heat.

Emitting it in fiery optic blasts, a single strand of lasers cut through the guards in one fell swoop with high velocity, disintegrating and killing them all instantly.

Once again, people were yelling like crazy and running around like wild banshees after witnessing what they had just seen. But Zedd just chuckled under his breath.

Zedd then turned around walking into the reptile exhibit where more people ran out in panic and Zedd came across a king cobra's pin and Zedd gazed at it more sinisterly for it lied there still as most snakes do

Zedd then burst into the screen of it's pin shattering the glass gripping it by the throat which startled the snake biting him with no avail

Zedd pulled the snake out gazing at it more for it hissed at him spitting venom at him with also no avail and Zedd casted some kind of spell from his grip morphing the snake......

....into some kind of giant staff with a Z on it like in Tommy's vision

Zedd: Yyyyyyyyes. Perfect.

Zedd stepped out holding the staff and gazed up to the storm

Zedd: Upon the powers of darkness may the world now know the name of Zedd through FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Zedd's staff casted lighting as he laughed and burst into lightning flying up to the clouds

Back at the farm house was no better

Trini held her little brothers close for the loud howling of the wind and booming lightning was scaring them

Keenan: Trini....I'm scared.

Jackson: I want to go home.

Trini: We will. I promise. We're safer than you know.

Trini may have to spoke to soon but the wind didn't stop didn't stop picking up for the glass of the window shattered scaring all three of the Quan siblings the little boys more and who came in was the Grandfather


The Quan siblings fallowed their grandfather out back where the wind and rain blew on them hard Jackson let out a high pitched scream but Trini kept hold of him along with Keenan

She then looked up to the lightning clouds and what she saw....was......the same...... Z from Zedd's staff

Unknown to her no doubt Zedd was controlling this storm

Trini was puzzled about that Z but turned away reaching the shelter where their grandmother was already in

The boys yelled: GRANDMA! and hugged her as Trini and the Gramps held the door closed tight as possible

Gramps: I've never experienced a storm like this before.

Trini: First time for everything Gramps

The storm outside picked up super fast pretty soon they couldn't hold the door much longer

Not even Trini's Ranger Strength was enough the door tore opened Trini screamed and her Gramps pushed her down to save her and he was pulled a tornado leaving out screams echoing

Trini: GRAMPS!!!!!!

Jackson: GRANDPA!!!

They all screamed and cried no doubt their grandfather was lost in the storm

No use trying to barge the doors shut now.

The added effects of the weather; the thunderstorm, the tornado and the wind current completely blew open the cellar and left all four of them completely left out in the open. However, this left the two young boys as sitting ducks.

Keenan and Jackson were almost immediately pulled up off the ground by the rapidly increasing air current, nearly being sucked in not too far behind.

But luckily, Trini wouldn't let hat happen. She immediately jumped up and grabbed both of their hands tightly, and thanks to her superhuman strength, she prevented them from going off too quickly.

But she slid along the outside as a result.

Keenan: Don't.....don't let go!

Trini: Trying......too......hard!

Indeed she WAS trying too hard as her grip suddenly began to weaken over time and the grips of both of them loosened quickly.

However, it just got worse for her.

A price of flying debris came flying around from the tornado and even though Trini saw it coming, she jumped up to dodge it. Despite nearly twisting herself in knots to keep her grip sturdy, more debris came hurdling her way and in a short spurt of luck, knocks her twin brothers back into the cellar.

And that’s before an oblong piece of wood chucks its way towards Trin and knows her back inside as well, flying back into the cellar and knocking herself into one of the few cabins inside, yet catching her twin brothers almost unequivocally safe on clustered piles of haystacks at the same time.

As soon as she got up though, she immediately made a run for the outside, but her grandma had to stop her, for going back out in that weather meant SUICIDE.

Grandma: Trini, not wise!

Trini: Get off me!

Grandma: You don't wanna do this!

Trini: NO! NOOO!!! DAMN IT!!!!

She shrugged against her in anguish, yelling out and cried for her grandfather on the verge of tears.....just as ANOTHER lightning bolt strike the INSIDE of the cellar, knocking both of them back and causing a blackout.

Dead silence.

It was total darkness only for Trini to feel her grandmother to let go of her and hear a drop on the flour scaring the two little boys scream more

And when Trini turned on the flashlight of her cell to find her Grandmother.....on the flour.......lifeless and smoking for she was struck by the lightning bolt right before Trini and the boys very eyes

Trini: Grand......oh god Grand.....

Jackson: Grandma.....?

Keenan: Oh no Grandma........

Trini kneed down to her and with her covered in crisp and lifeless the Quan siblings now lost both their grandparents

But out in the storm the howling clouds shifted......with Zedd's face laughing

I am Lord Zedd.....

His voice saying his name echoed as the face dissolved

Finally when the storm passed the very next morning we come back to the Scott Residence Jason was in the kitchen pouring coffee while Lucas was on the stove making pancakes listening to.....the Power Rangers theme on his ear plugs

Lucas: Yeah! Go Go Power Rangers!

Jason snickered at his uncle and looked out the window to the boat house to see the storm created a mess there too

Jason: Duuuuuude. Hey Unc.

He didn't respond given he didn't hear him through his ear plugs Jason tapped his shoulder getting his attention Jason pointed at the window with his thumb telling him he needs to show him something out there

Lucas pulled off his ear plugs and both looked out to see the boats flipped over floating in the water and in trees with Lucas letting out a loud whistle

Lucas: That storm must have hit harder than we thought.

Jason: Yeah. Just lucky none of the boats hit the house.

Lucas: Yeah you're old man wouldn't be happy to come back to that. I'll call the repair crew.

Jason: I could just put the boats back with my bare hands.

Lucas: You could....but your mom would freak out.

Jason: Fair point.


The two looked back seeing Pearl run in a hurry and like it was urgent

Pearl: Your friend Dee Dee is on tv!

Jason: It’s Tr—

The urge to correct that common blunder upon his friends' name remained alarmingly high; his on grievances with being called ‘Boss’ sarcastically played hand-in-hand to that eerily similar predicament. But it wasn’t taken about in a playful, friendly matter.

Pearl’s eyes were wide agape, the light reflecting off her almost dimly absent. Something was very seriously wrong.

Catching the hint, Jason quickly abandons his post, sprinting to the living room like a jackrabbit on steroids. Dipping past the lamp and jumping on the couch, he snatches the remote and immediately pressed the volume button to turn it up all the way.

The sight before him; farmhouse shed being laid out and crumbled down into dusty, eroded debris out in the rural area of Angel Grove was sickening enough to just watch. But something about the fact that Pearl told Jason about this before the news spoiled it for him was of some relief.

It, at least, meant there’d be no really large chunks of information to gut punch him or take him off guard. But hey, that’s what the actual reporters were supposed to do.

Reporter: Well, as you can see; there’s almost literally nothing here. The farmhouse, the shed, even the house have been completely mutilated as a result of the tornado and the massive thunderstorm that rolled its way into Angel Grove yesterday in the late afternoon. The residents of this house, former guitarist of the band MWC, Nolan Kwan, and his wife Wendy appear to be the latest victims of the massive thunderstorm that has already claimed the lives of well over 39 people in just the last hour. Trini Kwan and her twin brothers Keenan and Jackson appear to be the only survivors, thanks in turn to Nolan’s last-minute efforts. Ms. Kwan has refused to answer any questions as she is still mourning the loss of her grandparents.

Having heard enough, Jason mutes the TV. Dropping the remote off to his side, his hands immediately go off to the side of his head, merely ready to rip out a few strains of his hair.

Even on break and out of school, bad luck continues to follow them.

Jason then turned to Lucas who looked up to him and nodded at him knowing what he needs to do

Jason turned away rushing up stairs with Pearl looking up at her brother in wonder and.....first suspicion but mostly figured he was concern for his friend which he was of course

Jason entered his room shutting the door and then eyed down to his red walkie talkie made by Billy before the summer with his color all the Rangers had one with their matching colors even Tommy got his when they broke the curse and he joined the team

He takes the communicator pressing the center of it and speaks

Jason: This is Jason to any available Ranger. If anyone's hearing this please respond.

At first there was static till....after minute.......

This is Tommy. Long time partner.

Jason grinned hearing thee voice of his newly best friend

Jason: Sure has been. I been seeing you on tv a lot kicking the crap out of thugs. You trying to become the next Superman?

I don't know why I told ya that.

Jason: Well anyway....did you hear about Trini?

Tommy: Was just watching it with my parents.

It was playing on Tommy's tv too with Jeff (Jason David Frank) and Debbie Oliver (Amy Jo Johnson) on the couch in shock knowing that's their son's friend and the nice girl from the Krispy Kreme

Tommy: You heard from her?

Was hoping she heard from anyone?

Tommy: Mostly Billy.

Why don't you bring him over to Ernie's.

Jason: We'll head over there with the van.

Yyyyyyeah that's the thing Jas.

Tommy: We left the van near the ship.

Then how we gonna get to Trini's farm.

Tommy: Oh we'll show you a trick Zordon showed us when we meet you. See you in 15 minutes.

Tommy cuts Jason off and reaches Billy

Tommy: Billy come in.

Talk to me.


Satellite pictures were finally being developed as images of the moon palace the bloody trail and the two Astronauts being attacked it packed disturbing images

Doors open with agents walking down the hall lead by Director Melaine Sheer (Mila Kunis) as they approached down the hall other agents she passed saluted to her

In a meeting room she observed one picture to another flipping one behind the rest and didn't know what to make of this given Zedd was in them out of focus due to the attack

Most of the Agents in there were disturbed more than the rest

Agent # 1: I've never seen anything like it Director. Whatever's out there must be some rabbet animal. When we retrieved the bodies from the transport they wore torn open from top in to lower in.

Agent # 2: Probably another alien.

Agent # 3: Meaning we're in for another invasion.

Sheer: All more reason.....we cannot cause a panic. And I'm sure Angel Grove will be their first hit.

Agent # 2: Funny you would mention that Director. Our people from the inside reported strange grisly murders at the Docks and a Zoo. Real shit went down bad. And the thing is.....eye witness's confirmed the MO on the pictures match the creature responsible.

Sheer: Which supports my theory even more. This thing must have connection with the Power Rangers....the Hogans.....and Rita Repulsa.

Agent # 2: Besides the Green Ranger.....the rest of the Rangers the Hogan Twins and Repulsa have gone under ground. Vanished. Our spies in A.G. were never able to find them we couldn't even catch up to the Green Ranger's trial each time he was seen. It's like he's able to cover his trail.

Sheer: Then that settles it.....we're going back to Angel Grove. I want to know the identity of the Power Rangers and find this thing who killed our agents Repulsa and the twins.

Their meeting was eased Alpa and Zordon through the Zeo viewing globe

Alpha: Sir did you hear that? They're coming back.

Zordon: I had a feeling they might. Soon as the Rangers regroup we need to prepare them for what awaits them. But first get an image of those pictures.

Alpha: I can't Zordon. They're too blurry through the viewing globe. We'll have to get data from the satellite ourselves to get photo copies of our own. But they may take days.

Zordon: Do what you can Alpha. We need those pictures. If my theory is correct.....the evidence of The Dark Lord's likely to be confirmed.

As if the probability of that supernatural viewing from the skies that plummeted down onto the terrains of this Earth wasn’t highlighted and showcased at its highest velocity. The fact that only 39 people in total lost their lives in the thunderstorm/tornado clashing together was both inconsequential and a blessing, given the towns been through enough hell and high water.

Of course, none of this really mattered to Trin.

Farmhouse, gone. Shed, gone. House, gone. Plains? Totaled.

Fields? Decimated.

There was almost nothing left outside of charred wheat fields and black stains from the lightning strikes and tornado debris.

The only viable place she could’ve sat was on the clumped up, lumpy stacks of hay, most of which now laid scattered amongst the rural grounds like shredded pieces of paper…..or the inside of one of a CNN news van.

She urged her brothers to choose the latter and begrudgingly, as they both knew their sister wanted to be left alone, contemplated doing just that. But who were they to ignore her in her time of need?

Keenan and Jackson stayed with her, directly by her side, legs crisscross applesauce in the clumps of hay, leaving the older sibling in company comfort but more alone than ever. All she could do was stare down beneath her, the nylon strings of her guitar violently yanked out, plucked away or missing.

It’s neck snapped into threes.

It’s wooden body caved in with hole after hole after misshapen hole. The broken saddle now soaked in Trini’s tears; the first time either brother had actively seen her cry.

Amid the wheat, amid the soft golden ears, moves the unseen wind. It moves her hair and sea of summer grass all the same. In these moments on the farm, there was an eternity in each second, a joy that came in the free birdsong and a steadiness to her heart and soul. And supporting all this is the humble Earth, that sweet rich brown that brings all this in concert with the sunshine.

One of the few places on this Earth where she could truly be at inner peace with who she was, what she wanted to do or be…..and in one feel swoop, it was ripped away from her. If she could wish for peace within this human body and all around, she could wish for no more.

Trini: I have…..dreamed…..a dream. But now that dream… gone from me.

Keenan: Umm, Trini?

The former was really contempt to ignore his cry for her name; her entire life was an endless barrage and bombarding of smacking her in the face with unwelcome surprise after unwelcome surprise, day in and day out. From constantly being on the road to never getting any real friends to discovering the truth of her own sexuality and now being violated of the few places where she can freely be herself and losing the two people who supported her secret?

Couldn’t she get a break now?

Momentarily, it turns out… she soon found out after wearily inching her head upwards to see an extended out towards the bridge of her nose.

Zack, Billy, Jason, Tommy, and Kimberly. They were all there.

And Kim was the one that extended her hand in support.

Kimberly: We're here for you.

Her inner child was already crying out in tears over the shock and pain and agony of what she had just experienced, and even though desperation was sinking in, trying her damnedest on the outside to block out that pain, too much sometimes was simply…..

…..too much.

Trini had nothing to say nor did he want to say anything. The silence was finally broken by a stream of endless tears as she took Kim’s hand; In tears, the inner angel pleads for help and there, at that moment, is a chance to reach in and give the kind of nurture that changes lives forever.

The others were emotionally affected by this and wasted no time gathering around her to comfort her, dropping down to their knees while letting the tears run loose down Trini’s face.

She reconciled in them, letting the hug last far longer than she’d normally attend them to. This was a first for Zack, for any of them, seeing Trini in this state, at least not this broken or vulnerable.

No use in asking if anybody saw the storm. Everybody who at least watched the news either saw it or witnessed it and that she was lucky to be alive while offering condolences to her grandparents.

Jason’s pickup truck wasn’t far from the wrecked fields, curbed up along the gravel road as a means of transportation; the leader not being the only one catching on with the new teleportation schtick of the new Command Center and having to drive Kim and Zack down here early as a result.

Twenty minutes had to pass before the six and two others were on the road again.

With Jason now driving, it left Tommy riding shotgun and Trini in the backseat. She didn't even bother moving when the others got up. She just sat right where she was, emotional, covered, and drenched in her own tears for her loss. There wasn't much that could be done at this moment.

So Kimberly and Billy had to hold her up as she continued to cry on their shoulders, sandwiched in-between her and Zack in the backseat…..

…..and her twin brothers.

It wasn’t unusual for a thunderstorm and tornado to be clumped together to create one large natural disaster within a short timespan but for it to happen all at once, it seemed illogical. And then add the fact that a face was barely visible within the clouds, as evidenced from both attacks and only two forgone conclusions could be drawn from this.

First off: SOMETHING was happening. And secondly, whatever was happening was no random force of nature. It wasn’t a what behind it but a who. But nobody knew as of whom at this moment; a thought that didn’t exactly pass Jason’s notice.

Jason: Hey, Tommy. You think this has anything to do with-

Tommy has to stop him, shushing him. He couldn’t blame Jason for thinking what he was thinking as most signs probably did point back to the blatantly obvious…..unless a new threat actually did arise to oppose them similar to what Rita once promised. But with that being the case, Tommy redirects his attention to the backseat where the twins sat opposite of each other from the windows.

And looking back at Trini essentially put the puzzle together; he had to try and defuse the talker quickly.

Jason just nods silently.

Tommy: Can we talk about this later?

Jason: Do you know.—

Tommy: I DON'T know.....but maybe....

Jackson: What you guys talking about?

Dead silence between the two. It grew annoying remarkably fast between everyone else exchanging the same deadpan flashes of worry and fake shock. From a sleep-deprived Billy to a still-grieving Trini, the last thing they wanted to was to spill another secret for her to keep from them.

She had suffered enough, so they were quick on the offense to cover themselves.

Jason: Just teenage stuff kid.

Tommy: We're also sorry about your grandparents.

Jackson: Thanks. It was a scary storm. We saw Grandpa fly away. And that lightning hit Grandma like a bug zapper.....

Tommy then turned to the little boy

Tommy: What's your name?

Jackson: Jackson.

Tommy: Well Jackson I just want to say you're a brave boy. When I was your age there was so much I had to went through that scared me to death.

Jackson: What happened?

Tommy: Let's just say.....when I was in third grade there was a fire drill when I was in the bathroom I got so scared I jumped out of the stall but got cornered by kids who use to push me around. I thought there was a real fire and pleaded them to not do this but when they continued to torment me.....let's just say.....that was what got in my first fight. They ran out and then I did to catch up with my class.

As Tommy continued to talk to the little boy with Keenan listening to them Kimberly and Trini couldn't help but to smile the way he was comforting them

Kimberly was widening her smile more than Trini with her secret feelings for him it was even growing them more

Trini however was more appreciative knowing she needed someone to help her brothers feel better

As soon as they stopped everyone got out and Trini however turned to Kimberly and took her hand compelling her to look towards her

Trini: Kim? Mind....if we have a little.....girl talk?

Kimberly: Oh of course Trin.

Trini: You boys mind watching the boys for a minute?

Billy: Not at all Trin.....take your time.

Trini walked over a direction with Kimberly fallowing her but not before she bumped on Tommy came out

Tommy: Oh sorry!

Kimberly: Sorry!

They had stare to one another and Tommy kindly let her pass for her to fallow Trini with Jason looking at them silently nodding and facing down

Trini was just silent and in thoughts watching her grandparents go like that structed her more than anything else which is untestable

Kimberly noticed she was quite which drew concern

Kimberly: You alright?

Trini: Would you be?

Kimberly: I know I wasn't after my dad and brother.

Trini: When the summer started.....I got back more into music. That drew my Gramps to confess he was in a band before settling down.

Kimberly: Was he a rock star?

Trini: He said he had drums so I guess so.

Kimberly: Trini. I meant what I said earlier. We are here for you.

Trini: I know.....I just don't like being pitied.

Kimberly: No one's pitying you. It's ok to break now and then.

Kimberly placed her hand on her shoulder Trini looked back to her feeling the warmth of her hand noticing a tear shattering from her right eye

Trini turned away kneeing down with Kimberly looking down at her with more concern

Trini: When I was ten my Gramps dragged me out in the lake for a fishing trip. I guess that would give Jason's dad a run for his money and there was another storm during then.....I fell off the boat and I couldn't swim through the raging current it was creating. And Gramps......dived in to save me.....but it almost cost him his life even then.

Kimberly: What happened?

Trini: He had a heart attack the minute he pulled me out. Thankfully my Grand was near by and she called 911 but Gramps was.......was in a coma.....for a month.

Kimberly: A month?

Trini: A month. He managed to recover......but the fishing was over for his dream........

Kimberly: Trini don't say things like that. When things fall apart....we always find a way to get back up. I mean we helped each other get back up during our detention days.

And now that brought her back.

When the chips were down in their fight against Tommy and almost everyone was THIS close to throwing in the towel, Kimberly herself, who almost considered the same course of action, got her second wind and merely pulled everyone back into the light. Rallying everyone up, she went so far as to say that the day they all met each other at the goldmine was one of, if not the best day of her life.

Not an ounce of regret or remorse about that day has since surfaced; and normally, it’s Jason or even Trini doing some of the rallying in moments of crisis. The roles having been reversed, albeit momentarily, the tears eventually subsided trickling back into her eyes.

But then comes an interesting nugget of information now inclusive to the debacle…..

….one that Kim picked apart not too long after arriving to the farm and dissecting all that was destroyed around her.

Kimberly: You wanted away from your parents, right?

Trini does raise her eyebrows at the statutory question but the shock quickly dissipated. Why else would Trini go to all this trouble to get this far away from her own flesh and blood AND take her brothers along for a ride that inevitably put them in just as much danger as her?

No point in pulling the wool over her eyes, she just nods; the guilt registering back at her made it difficult to avoid the truth. Anything to not have the Gaul to tell her parents face-to-face about EITHER secret.

Kimberly: You know you’re gonna have to tell them eventually.

Trini: They won’t accept me if I do.

Rather derogatory in hindsight if history spoke correctly to her. That didn’t stop Kim from gripping her by the shoulders, almost like it was if someone were to shake you awake.

Kimberly: Them? Or just your mom?

No comment.

At first.

Trini: They’ll blame me for putting Jackson and Keenan in harms way. I already got enough on my plate without worrying when the last straw will break.

Another thing they shared in common at one point.

Sensing another potential breakdown, Kim just takes the initiative and pulls Trin into another hug, one she accepts without batting an eyelash.

Trini snuggled in, "You're the only person I know that gives the best hugs."

Kim snickered, "Well, that's what I'm here for, right?"

At that moment the arms squeezed a fraction tighter and Trini breathed more slowly, her body melting into Kim's as every muscle lost its tension to the summer air. This was life, real life.

Unfortunately, warm fuzzies were all but depleted over at the outskirts of Angel Grove, far beyond the goldmines.

Heavenly Hills Sawmill; twelve miles outside of Angel Grove.

Quite the appealing title for such a disastrous-looking hideaway that barely anybody would use. Well, anybody except Jacob (Michael Chiklis) and Aubrey (Eiza Gonzalez) Hogan, the mutated Goldar, and Scorpina that were reduced to simply monsters of the week after suffering the same embarrassment of defeat that Rita once endured.

Only they took the loss a lot more harshly given they straight upon bounced out of town and went back to their old hideout and refused to show their face again.....

… least until another force of nature arrived to call on them to finish the job.

Regular kids who had a loving family amongst a rather small, desolate town, their lives took a turn for the worst when Billy Cranston accidentally killed their dad during a mining accident, the same one that murdered his own dad. Despite his obvious guilt toward the situation, neither of them took it lightly. Once their mom got sick, they took their anger out on Billy one night.

Luck was on his side for once as cops actually took the two away and be locked up…..only for the arrival of the green coin to blow them out of jail. The Goldar dust was a blessing in disguise that landed them firmly in Rita’s grasp, in return for the destruction of the town that abandoned them and the man who took their family away.

Plans failed. So it was back to the drawing board, sort of.

If said plan consisted of warming their mutated golden-crusted hands by the smoldering fire, bodies slinking next to each other like any brother and sister would in the cold. This abandoned sawmill glowed golden in the light of the afternoon outside, its' stones finding their way to join the dawn chorus.

Jacob: Staying out here is dumb-ass risky. What if Rita comes back?

Aubrey: Or him?

He nods.

Aubrey: The former’s incarcerated, HE has made no jurisdiction to come here yet and besides, the cops aren’t looking for two former juvenile delinquents out here. They’re too busy dealing with the end of days out there.

Jacob: A testament of how miserably we did our jobs.

He says as he inches his eyes down towards his lower body and back. A lot had changed since their defeat and with that, came major detractors and common denominators for the both of them.

Wings had been clipped.

The barbed tail was cut off.

Talons and claws were clipped; they were reverted back to their half-hybrid forms.

Aubrey: We don’t gotta worry about this for long. Right now, we head south and finally leave this waste of a town once and for all.

Jacob: Or we go back and finish the job. Cranston’s still at large.

Aubrey: Jacob—

Jacob: We need this. We don't get closure; they won't let us hear the end of it. Isn't this what you wanted?

She does nod, begrudgingly.

Aubrey: But we don't have many options now, do we?

Misery, misery, misery. Is that what you're choosing?

Startled by that growling voice the twins looked behind them and approaching them was......that same being that caused the moon docks and zoo attacks

Lord Zedd came upon them in a hooded cloak carry the Z staff the twins were paralyzed with fear with this unknown man size creature

Zedd pulled off his hood revealing his burnt deformed face actually making Aubery scream really she was more disturbed with Jacob he was curious on him as well as scared

Either way they both know who he is from the memories of Goldar and Scorpina

Jacob: L---Lord Zedd has returned!

Aubrey: He's gonna kill us both......

Zedd: Kill you? If I wanted to kill you you both be dead the second you knew I was here. But don't get me wrong I find you BOTH a disgrace for failing to get me the Zeo Crystal. But lucky you....I blame most of that on the incompetent Rita Repulsa. Especially she gave Zordon back his precious sixth Ranger.

Aubrey: None of it was our fault. We lost our father and we only signed up with Rita to get who was responsible----

Zedd: BOO HOO! My father wasn't all father of the universe! And for what I have in stored your miserable human sides are USELESS to me. I need the REAL Goldar and Scorpina!

The Dark Lord pointed his staff at them both and blasted some electric blast at them casting on them stunning them on their knees and....their mutations took over.....COMPLETLY......AGAIN

Only this time....Zedd's spell had a bigger effect on them than Rita's the remains of Goldar and Scorpina took over their minds and bodies completely

If there were anything left of the twins they were trapped inside their hybrids in control and begging to be released.....but they never would....unless Zedd's hold on them was broken

When Goldar and Scorpina regained focused they gazed in shock of Zedd's appearance and both bowed before their newly master

Scorpina: My lord!

Goldar: We welcome you back my Emperor.

Zedd: Just to be sure you both embraced your true potentials identify yourselves.

Goldar: Excellency! Surely you remember us.

Scorpina: Goldar and Scorpina your faithful servants.

Zedd: Ahh yes. Now you remember. The Grophling twins.

Scorpina: We surrender ourselves to serve and obey you only.

Goldar: It is good to have you back Lord Zedd.

Zedd: Your spineless sniveling attitudes lead me to believe you BOTH will serve me well.

They both nod still bowing

Zedd: Then I shall award you both of what was once taken away.

Zedd zapped them again restoring Goldar's wings and Scorpina's tail

Goldar: Lord Zedd we thank you.

Scorpina: You will not regret this.

Zedd: Then see that I don't. Now....where is Rita. She must be made to pay for her failures!

Little did the two siblings know Zedd already had an idea as to where.

As evidenced to where the six teen adolescent young adults made their way back to the very edges of the chasm upholding the large body of water that separated them from the Pit. Understandably, Trini decided to stay behind….

….in the van.

She knew she was going to get answers as to what occurred a few days previous and the last thing she wanted was for her to do something she’d deeply regret. Thank god they dropped her brothers off back home so they wouldn’t have to see what’d she do in her spare time.

Keeping Rule #3 was crucial; that could never be broken.

This left only the main five at the proverbial one-to-five step procedure on getting to the root of the solution to even pick out the actual root of the problem.

Diving into the water.

Sliding down into the Pit.

Granting themselves access to the hull of the ship.

Facing Zordon and Alpha near the screen near the warping Morphin’ Grid was the only slight change to the proceedings as Tommy explained to them. So heading up towards the platforms where they all officially morphed for the very first time was definitely a strange inclusion…..

….until this invisible wave of energy rushes through them and holds them all briefly motionless.

Eventually, the Morphin’ Grid light engulfs the room and everyone disappears.

The underground Command Center was their next destination; everyone except Tommy and Billy stumbled out of place upon discombobulation with the teleporters optics. But once that wore off, all sights were set on the scenery in front of them.

Mechanisms and electrical systems kicked in as the lights turned itself on while everything else like they all had minds of their own.

Just as Billy predicted, they were amazed.

Zack laughs loudly, clapping aboard like he was at a auction house.

Zack: This is sick!

Jason: Spiffy new tech. I like it.

Kimberly: More like LOVE it! I mean.....this---this--

Tommy: Hey, no worries. Thank me later, ok?

Jason: You did all this?

Tommy: With some assistance.

He points up to the huge cylinder warp chamber up the wall, as they all look towards it. Immediately, the chamber warps itself around and Zordon himself appears.

Zordon: the command center.

Jason: Zordon?

Kimberly: Is that you in there?

Zordon: Yes. The same me.....only in a new position.

Alpha: I, on the other hand, just navigates.

The sight of him waddling out from the corner puts a large smile over Kim’s face.

Billy and Kim just walked up to him, grabbing Alpha in a tight hug, for it was clear that they missed him. It hadn’t even been that long for the former but it was just an excuse to have it play out.

Normally, too much affection for Alpha got squeamish. But time has a strange way of mending the oddest of quirks and

No more love and care, however. They came here, on their own accord, on business. Their friend almost got killed and they needed answers.


Zack: You’re aware of the news, right?

Zordon: Indeed; Trini barely survived. My condolences to her and her family.

Zack: Is this what we think it is?

Alpha: No…..

Drawing everyone’s eyes and ire over to him, they were treated to an unusual sight: Alpha breathing….rather frantically. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for Alpha to express concern for others' well-being but he’d, at least, be level-headed about it.

Not this time.

This was him on panic mode; kind of intense worry that you could override if you wanted to, that in this panic, painful though it is. Practically, chronic stress.

Alpha: Aye-yai-yai……it’s worse than we thought.

Zordon: Alpha....what's wrong?

Kimberly: Alpha you look like you saw a ghost. What is it?

Alpha: Sir.....that storm that killed Trini's grandparents was no ordinary storm. Your predictions were correct.....he has come back.

Tommy: "He"?

Zordon: No....I hoped I was wrong.

Jason: What's he talking about Zordon?

Zordon: To answer your question Jason: I'm afraid this will not be an easy task for you and the other Rangers to accomplish. I was even hoping you wouldn't have to face.....HIM.

Kimberly: "Him"? Zordon tell us what's going on?

There was a long pause but Zordon knew he couldn't hold this in with what awaits them they may need to know of this new threat but feared......a tragic history is about to repeat itself

Zordon: Rangers.....what I'm about to say is something I hoped I wouldn't have to but the thing I have feared most has happened. Lord Zedd....has returned.

That name chilled the young heroes to the bone like ice they never heard that name before but it still spooked them

Billy: Who's Lord Zedd?

Zordon: The Dark Lord I mentioned before. Rita's mentor lord and master.

The way he mentioned that something was starting to make sense

Yes Zordon and Alpha did mentioned a dark lord to them but not by name they even remembered after Tommy was free from Rita's hold on him with the Green with Evil curse she mentioned someone was coming cause she failed

And with the way Zordon was mentioning it now.....the last puzzle pieces were coming together

Kimberly: Wait a mean to say.....Rita was working for someone else all this time.

Zordon: That is correct. Eons ago Zedd sent Rita to harness the crystal for his own will. But now that she has failed to do so....he's come back to finish what she started.

Jason: Wait wait so..........Rita was never asked the crystal for herself she wanted it for this Zedd guy?

Billy: She was just a pawn like the Hogans?

Zordon: I'm afraid so. Lord Zedd is the cause of Rita's betrayal to me and the original Power Rangers. Due to my young arrogance and own greed.....Rita placed her full trust into Zedd manipulating her to become his right hand. When my team and I first faced him Zedd observed us and knew more than we thought. He watched us. Studied us. Building a bigger interest in Rita. Seducing her to his dark tempts. And....because of the fall out between Rita and was easy for Zedd to twist her the evil Rita we know today.

Billy: And....when you said he he'd seduced her......were they......a thing......

Zordon didn't answer that and he didn't need to his silence said it all Kimberly was grossed out more than the others

Kimberly: Ew! Ew!

Tommy: So what do we do Zordon? Will we be able to defeat him?

Zordon: I do not know young one. I do not think your powers weapons or zords are strong enough for Lord Zedd and his dark magic. We weren't.

From the sound of that the Rangers knew there was a darker history with Lord Zedd than Rita's and were eager to know more

Kimberly: Zordon.....tell us what happened. We won't judge you for any faults you have in this. We need to know what we're dealing with.

Zordon took a moment and Alpha was scared what the Rangers were asking for and what Zordon was about to tell them but not more than the mentor himself

Zordon never thought he'd ever have to tell them the horror story of Lord Zedd.

Zordon: Very well.....before I tell you my part of this must know....his origins.

The screen slowly cuts to a flashback taking back long before Zordon's time as a Ranger we come back to Gorvinos long before it was fiery and volcanic

It at first was bright and blue with a rain forest and at the center.....a palace that held the royal status of Gorvinos

Everything happens as Zordon narrates

A Millinia ago long before my time as Ranger a young prince ruled the planet Gorvinos. But was orphaned at an early age. The prince was raised by his own servants but use to getting what he wants influencing be cruel the Prince lacked with his power he became greedy for as he reached his 21st. He became obsessed with dark magic and power. He tended to take all power to in slave the universe. His subjects could not bare the dark deeds he was plotting.....and as it pained them to do so.....his servants tended to kill him in his sleep. But before they could as they entered the Prince's chambers.....a volcano erupted consuming the castle with lava consumed the castle completely. It was unknown if anyone made it out in time....but yet given it was suppose to put the cruel prince to rest for gave birth to a new evil.

From the ashes of the castle.....rose a demonic burnt hand

The birth.....of Lord Zedd.

Stories are an anomaly, both in the best and worst of ways. The story setting is ever the stage for the good vs evil, the love-nexus vs the money-nexus, battle of our age.

Startled and taken aback these five were as if they had just witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime national treasure be unearthed before them. Might as well have been a bedtime story, the book being several hundred white pages, each gentle to the fingertips. Upon them was the wisdom of Zordon’s soul; those feelings channeling through great knowledge and a lifetime of meditative contemplation; the liveliness of his brain.

Yet another vision that Tommy had quickly unveiled before his very eyes: showcased through his eyes.

Tommy: So you……you said you deeply involved in driving Rita to him. What exactly happened?

If Zordon could breathe, heavy sighing would’ve been but a blimp in that tube.

Zordon: I was waiting for someone to ask.

Alpha: Zordon, you don’t have to—

Zordon: I DO have to.

Essentially putting his foot down without any physical force, it immediately shuts Alpha up; his intentions were made perfectly clear while also keeping in mind Alpha’s words many months ago.

‘Have no time? Then make time.’

God knows the first thing he’d ever actually want is to take all of that trauma and hatred and anguish back…..

…..if he only spares himself a little bit of that.

Zordon: Around the time of the Cenozoic era on Earth, there was a Power Rangers “resurgence” long after the disappearance of the original five. There were five new members, all of whom were training since they were kids……and I was one of them.

Not much about that expository exposition dump was particularly interesting. Except for two things: the fact that he and other Rangers had to train for the profession since they were kids…..and the revelation that Zordon and the rest of his members WEREN’T in fact, the actual original Rangers.

Just the next people in line to carry on the legacy.

Zordon: Rita……came shortly after.

Alpha: Three years after Zordon officially was bestowed the title of leader.

Billy: THAT’S what you call short?

Time is universal. And back then, three years would’ve probably flown by within a minute compared to nowadays.

Discipline and duty still carried many principles even in the days of old. Billy saw that he had no right to judge; nobody else did.

So the story continued….with the proverbial stink on Zordon’s shoe being statically shredded off the side of his cheeks the longer he droned on explaining.

Zordon: Rita expressed interest in joining and becoming our sixth ranger. Her father was adamant on her training elsewhere but Rita refuses, saying that it’d be time she forged her own path. In time, Rita was allowed to join the Power Rangers and after more grueling years of training, luck came her way when she was gifted the Dragon Power Coin.

Jason was the first to notice a small indelible crack in his voice. This was rather difficult for Zordon to lay out in full detail.

In his stillness, it actually scared the others for a little.

Perhaps it was the pale blue moonlight reflection of the cylinder tube making his skin so pale, of the lack of wind letting every pore on his skin pop without movement. He didn’t even blink, just kept his eyes on the team he began to look over as more than that….

… if the whispering trail of secrets was finally tearing down his mask.

Zordon: I gave the team a pretty hard time. I always tried to ‘act’ out the leader without having much knowledge of what was ahead of us; my calculating and selfish nature did not escape Rita’s notice. She tried to present us with battle tactics and strategies that would’ve gone much better in our favor but my growing ego wouldn’t allow that.....

More deafening silence.

Zordon: She put up with it, with me for as long as I could remember....until a certain battle in the outer realms of the Vica Galaxy…..

Cutting back to another flashback during the tragic Cenozoic Era Zordon in Red Ranger armor along with the original Rangers stood face to face with Rita in Green Ranger armor standing by......the Dark some....armored mask with red eye face shield

Original Red Ranger: RITA!

They looked down to them with Zedd staring deadly at them

Lord Zedd: Ahh....Zordon. So you've returned but I'm afraid you're afraid you're too late. The universe is now mine to command. now my loyal empress.

Original Pink Ranger: No.

Lord Zedd: Goldar and Scorpina are now proceeding to the destruction of your planet. And the crystal will be mine.

Original Blue Ranger: You'll never get away with this!

Original Green Ranger: SILENCE! You pathetic power geeks are finished!

Original Pink Ranger: Why are you doing this Rita?

Original Red Ranger: She's under Zedd's spell. If we take him out....we'll free Rita.

Original Green Ranger: Is that what you believe Zordon? Or is it you're afraid to admit....that all YOUR FAULT?1 You used me! Cast me aside! And no longer live in your shadow! This is the end of the Power Rangers!

Original Black Ranger: TRAITOR! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!

Original Red Ranger: No! NO!!

Without hesitation Rita BLASTED the original Black Ranger.....DEAD right before the old Rangers eyes their fallen comrade KILL another Lord Zedd laughed maniacally knowing Rita was now willing to destroy the only thing that stands in his way

The Dark Lord turns to his newly Empress of Evil

Lord Zedd: Do what must be done Empress Rita. Do not hesitate show no mercy.

And then that's what began the tragic battle that we saw at the beginning of 2017 the tragic fall of the Original Power Rangers sixty five million years ago

When the meteor hit Zedd laughed out with Goldar even Scorpina in giant sized with....another giant figure behind them in the smoke ending the flashback

The Rangers were chilled to the bone from everything Zedd told them

Billy: Rita went Revenge of the Sith on ya.

Zordon: Lord Zedd had tempted Rita into a path of evil. She wasn't the same friend....or sister I grew up with when Zedd pulled her into a dark path.

Jason: I know this will sound like another Star Wars joke but I'm guessing from a certain point of view the Rita you knew was destroyed by Zedd's will.

Alpha: That's.....a nice way to put it Jason.

Tommy: But now that he's here.....what are we suppose to do? I mean we can't just let him tare up Angel Grove more than Rita already has.

Zordon: We'll need to begin training but more harder earlier.....and longer. This must be treated cautious Rangers. Lord Zedd is a grater evil that is beyond ALL imagination.

From there the Rangers were feeling more uneasy about what's to come

Cutting back to down town we finally come to Ernie's bar where Trini after another fall out with her parents like she knew there would be about her Grandparents tragedy tells Ernie (Will Sasso) about it

Ernie: Trini I'm really sorry. Are the kids ok?

Trini: They're in shock.

Trini took a slurp from the straw of her root beer

Trini: To see that at her age likely scar them for life. And my parents are beyond pissed.

Ernie: It wasn't your fault. It's not like you can control the weather.

Trini almost replied till outburst voices caught them off guard and to both their surprises was a familiar duo from AG High

Bulk (Zach Roerig): Hey Ern! Where are sandwich's to go?!

Skull (Eric Knudsen): Yeah! Move it or loose it! We haven't got all day!

Both Ernie and Trini were taken back nodding and Trini made a mild smirk

Trini: Excuse me but does that excuse your rudeness?

The two goofballs smirked with Bulk sitting on the bar staring down the distraught heroin

Bulk: For your information Kwan. Skull are just in a hurry because we're on a secret mission.

Skull: Yeah. A secret mission to find.....the Power Rangers.

Bulk slightly slapped him in the head

Bulk: BONEHEAD! What don't you understand about the word: SECRET?!

Skull: It just came out!

Bulk: Your brain is what came out!

Trini and Ernie looked at each other smirking at the duo and Ernie went back made their sandwiches minutes later and handed them to Bulk and Skull in bags

Ernie: Here you are boys. Everything as requested.

Bulk: Keep the change.

Trini nodded at them again and when Bulk handed Skull the bag he looked towards Trini giving her a smirk like he won a freaking contest

Bulk: Once we find the Power Rangers we're gonna be famous and you're not.

Trini: I thought it was suppose to be a secret.

Bulk's smirk dropped open feeling embarrassed and awkward but second later he turned around to walk out but Bulk walked on wet flour where the janitor just cleaned it

He slips and slides down bumping on Skull causing him to fall and drop the sandwiches and splatter on both of them causing people to laugh even at them even Trini and Ernie

They got up with filling all over them both feeling dumbfounded and walked out

Ernie: Bulk and Skull maybe the worst but they know how to make a laugh.

Trini: I'll give them credit for that.

Trini's cell vibrated and she picked it up it was a text from Kimberly

I know your grieving

but Zordon needs us

we have a new baddie.

Trini read the text carefully with it from Kimberly she always opened up ever since their talk after capturing Rita and given Trini's......sexuality being in the Rangers knowledge Trini always lets Kimberly in when she knocks

Trini placed her phone in her front pocket and placed a tip on the bar for Ernie

Trini: I gotta go.

Ernie: Take care Trin.

Trini walked in with Ernie filling another drink

Back at the moon palace The Dark Lord and the Hybrate twins returned there to set up shop and plan for their first attack to draw out and destroy the Power Rangers and Zordon find Rita to punish her for her failings and claim the Zeo Crystal to harness it's power not only to rule the earth....but the entire universe

Lord Zedd was a warlord bent on enslaving anything in his way and slaughter all who resist him

Zedd opened a safe looking for something and what he found.....

....was the mask he Zordon's flashback

Zedd: Yyyyyyyes.

Zedd took hold of it observing it closely and turned it to it's back opening the attachments placing it over his head attaching it on officially dawning......

.....the return of Lord Zedd

After wards he dawned silver armoring on his body looking like what he did in the flashback more Zedd was now geared up......

....for his conquest with both Goldar and Scorpina bowing and Zedd walked to Rita's thrown but cast a spell increasing the thrown's size and the letter Z marked on the back and was able to turn on all sides

Zedd sat with the hybrids standing back up when they got to the palace Goldar and Scorpina told the dark lord everything that's happened

The Krispy Kreme the Prison they even told him about Tommy was Rita's new Green Ranger under the Green with Evil curse only later to fullfill Zordon's prophecy of the return of the sixth Ranger

Lord Zedd: So.....this Tommy is who Rita chose to carry her green coin only to give Zordon back his precious sixth hero?

Goldar: Yes master. Tommy Oliver has even been fighting earthlings what the humans call criminals from the memories of Jacob Hogan they been keeping tabs on every one of them while they hide.

Scorpina: We know their identities too. According to Rita they're teenagers with attitude.

Lord Zedd: Rita was defeated by children?! Yet she dares to call herself an empress of evil! The previous Rangers were no where near as immature as them!

Goldar: But now that you're back my lord we can launch an attack of putties to draw them out

The Dark Lord laughs maniacally at him which made the hybrids feel uneasy

Lord Zedd: You're rolling stone putties are as useless to me as you two are! May I remind you gold belly rats that I have my own army of putties. Putties that leave hellfire and brimstone in their wake. Observe my slippery friends.

Zedd cast another electric spell at near by wall debree melting them into lava they grew by Zedd's dark power spawning them into fiery putties new and improved from the old rock putties

Even when far away from home, the scorching hot trail of Gorvinos wasn’t far behind the former Prince of the lava planet.

And it’s that very trail that would soon trickle all over the newly team of six for the new generation of Power Rangers, a little-known certitude that would not come to pass as of right now. Our team needed to re-adjust to the strenuous and laborious practices of actually superhero-ing when the time came to do the dishing out for later uses.

Back to the Pit for everybody.

The underwater cave and training area that quickly became a hazardous sub-stop for everyone that they’d hope to avoid was now the prime destination for the chosen few destined to save their town from the depths of yet another madman destined to finish what Rita started, essentially. After all, in the wake of uncertainty, failure, and dereliction, this cave became a sanctuary in the storm, to regroup and become stronger at times.

And if Zordon’s recollection of events was anything to go about, the former alien turned sentient being had a knack for pissing off the wrong crowds. So if he said this was serious and they needed to be prepared for the worst, the kids certainly knew better than to doubt his wisdom…..and vice versa.

At least to everyone except Trini.

Dropping through the frozen water and into the cave, sunny rays dissipated into those rocky wombs, the stalagmites in the ceiling and boulders encased into the ground was the treading of familiar ground to Ms. Kwan.

And then there were her friends: the only welcoming blue eye whenever she’d have to re-enter this damn cave. Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Jason were all at the foot of the training pad while Tommy was the one positioned nearby it atop the third-highest rock surface in the entire rocky terrain, arms crossed over behind his back.

Nobody was smiling. Not a single person in that room had a definitive answer or response to what needed to be said or what was gonna happen next. And Trini caught on pretty early.

Alpha: Welcome back to boot camp, kid. We can’t hope to slack now.

The slow faint crunch of gravel and pebbles beneath the muddied soles of Trini’s Off The Wall Vans echoed her similar descent into doubt and uncertainty as she entered a familiar battlefield under an entirely different frame of reference. And her teammates could detect her waning, her confidence shaken and clouded with an overwhelming urge for answers.

Confusion comes as a fog to a once clear and sunny day, and just as in those times one seeks a flashlight and waits for clarity to return. It was anxiety in a different cloak.

No hope of curing that here, however; even as Zack and Billy went up to confront her again.

Trini: What’s—what’s going on?

She questions, only now bringing up the frigid rearranging of the Pit and everyone just standing about, not doing anything.

Luckily, her leader, THEIR leader provided a release from the awkward tension.

Jason: We……it’s safe to say we found who killed your grandparents.

Billy: Rita’s master; some fried tomato from a faraway galaxy who sent her here to find that Zeo Crystal. They call him Lord Zedd.

All that registered through to them was this thousand-yard blank stare. Not so much Trini ignoring everyone but still blocking them out.

‘Rita’ was the only word out of that entire exchange that she heard: now the utter bane of her existence. Who was once a very strong nuisance, a fly buzzing about in her ears for the pettiest of reasons…..was now #1 on her shit list.

Trini: Where’s Rita?

Alpha: No. No, Trini…..listen, this isn’t the ti—

Trini: I want a personal one-on-one with that bitch. Give myself the satisfaction of watching the light in her eyes dwindle.

She nudges past Jason, hardly even exchanging looks with him before Kim comes up from behind and grips her from the waist. She wouldn’t let her move forward.

Trini: Get off. Kim—Kim, get off.

Kimberly: Not until you cool off.

Trini: I’ll be plenty cool when you take me to that son of a bitch.

But then here comes the equalizer to dull the pain, if only for a little bit.

Jason: You see her, it only ends one way. Last time wasn’t too pretty now, was it?

Jason, now comfortably leaning into his own image as a leader, needed only but one lineage statement to set the brakes off in Trini’s mind; her rash course of decision-making already heavily mirroring one of his own that led to drastic consequences early down the road.

Such consequences led them straight into what might as well have been a bloody massacre with their first official meeting with Rita at the pier as a team: an encounter that saw all of them outmatched, outgunned, and hilariously out of practice. Billy’s death that followed was the catalyst to officially bring the team together long enough to put a dent in her plans the first time around, for the better; but what remains a factoid is how drastically events would’ve changed had Jason taken a more calm, tamer approach. Not that he would change anything about that night now as it’s why the majority of them are stronger than spit’ n’ glue…..

…..but it’s a memory that will forever bite at him through his frontal and temporal lobe; the certain kind of Deja vu Trini quickly caught herself straddling.

Unballing her fists.

Wasn’t any easier than inching closer up against Kim’s thighs, a purely accidental coincidence that the former didn’t notice until finally pushing herself away. For now, this left the yellow tiger-based ranger at bay with her thoughts still spinning but somewhat clear.

Kimberly: Easy, it does it.

Jason: Calm yourself. Your time will come……maybe sooner than you think.

Trini: What makes you say that?

Jason: Cause at least you’ll get to let out the aggression in a few minutes on our instructor today.

And he just guides his hands out towards Tommy, who only nods in approval at the plan set in motion.

No amount of obvious finger-wagging between the two could hide what was going on here.

Zack: So so, wait. Tommy, you’re teaching today?

No easy way to be blunt about the obvious. So with an uneasy shrug of the shoulders, he also added an admittedly wry…..

Tommy: Needed permission first.

And his eyes gaze back down to Jason, whose eyes now come under view with everyone else, other than Alpha.

Jason nods.

Tommy: Ok, guys…..

Everyone turns to him. Even Alpha whirs his way about to paying him attention.

Tommy: Now you all know…..I gave you a difficult time under Rita’s influence. I was, and still am, someone who didn’t want to put up my fisticuffs unless absolutely necessary…..and that went straight out the window on more than one occasion. Rita essentially took out my motor cortex and I lost proper functioning.

Sounded like the makings of a long lecture. This was exactly what they hoped to escape when they finally got out of the dreaded Saturday detention and graduated high school all together.

Here though, they could tell it had to lead up to a point.

Tommy: And yet somehow, you all beat me. Now why is that?

Zack: Divide and conquer.

Billy: Being in the wrong place at the right time.

Trini: Surveillance and a solid gameplan.

Jason: Learning from our mistakes.

Kimberly: Luck and misdirection.

Nice comments to hear.

Not only nice to see these five actively learn and incorporates what Zordon and Alpha taught them into the present time, it’s proof that it’s these lessons that actively changed them for the better. Otherwise, their encounter at their first bonfire with him would’ve went a lot differently. That being said, this was the first time they were all in the Pit together since Rita’s arrest.

And they were all slacking.

Tommy: You’re all correct. But seeing as it’s been a while since having actively used that, I’ll be making sure to incorporate that in today’s lesson.


Tommy: Today, it’s simple: hit me.

Kimberly: Seriously?

Tommy: Seriously. Everything you learned from me, Zordon, Alpha, hell, even Rita……take everything you remember and try to land a hit on me. And to guarantee the absence of boredom, let’s raise the stakes: whoever lands a single punch or kick on me within…..

He looks down at his watch.

Tommy:…..5 minutes gets to teach for the rest of the summer.

Trini: And the same applies if we don’t?

Once more, he nods.

Now Trini understood what Jason meant by her getting the opportunity to take her anger out elsewhere. A tactic as bold as it was potentially ruinous if she deliberately went overboard, it at least would give her a chance to freshen up.

Give everyone a chance freshen up and home in their skills again on the off chance they have to face against a stronger opponent than Rita. Who better than the man who almost whooped them thrice over?

Tommy: Any objections?

No one says anything.

He nods firmly…..

…..before reading himself.

Tommy: Good. Then hit me……if you can.

Kimberly gave Tommy a mild smirk and growing confidence in her Tommy smirked back as he and Kim stood face to face there was a new between them and the only who notice was Jason he never took his eyes off them mainly Kimberly

The way she was smirking at Tommy made Jason feel a bit off despite knowing Kimberly no longer felt the way he felt for her as he did due to her growing feelings for Tommy Jason couldn't help but to feel his jealousy was MILDLY coming back on

He didn't act on it with the respect he built for Tommy all though it was still getting to him a little Jason shook his head snapping out of his thoughts

Kimberly then balled up her fist reached back and then took a swing but Tommy easily countered her by grabbing her wrist

Tommy: You moved too slow.

Kimberly: Or did I?

Tommy frowned in confusion just when Kimberly tripped him with a kick in the ankle

Tommy hit the flour with Kimberly smirking walking by him Trini even chuckled the way she was being cocky

Kimberly: Your flaw was you were open to attack.

Tommy smirked and he leaped up landing back on his feet and then both Kim and Tommy stood in combat position

Kimberly: Ha!

Tommy: Yah!

Tommy flew a punch Kimberly a kick and BAM

Kimberly and Tommy countered each other from each blow and at the same time they were having fun each time they clashed they kept smirking at one another

Kimberly pushed him off with a combat yell and he avoided falling this time just to avoid another attack from Kimberly

He grabs her by the arm only for her to flip over him and throw him off just for Tommy kicks off the cave wall and launch himself at her just for him to land on her both landed on the cave ground and him on top of her

Tommy: Your holding back.

Kimberly: Yes.

Tommy: Don't.

Kimberly makes another smirk and kicked him off her and they went at it making Billy and Zach cheer them on as Trini and Jason looked at them off

Trini: Do they think this is a wrestling match?

Jason: It kind of is.

Tommy and Kimberly flipped up on cave pillars and kept countering each other off and a few times grabbing each other getting up close to one another but push off continuing the spar from one to another

No more practice. Now the challenge, so the speak, could properly begin.

Tommy: Start the clock.

Alpha: Five minutes starts now.

Ever the opportunist, Kim initiated the attack once again with a strong front kick. The attack blocked, she inches in with a right punch before switching to the left, both of which were evaded with ease.

Tom was agile enough to push aside the left punch before sweeping his arms aside in a wheelbarrow position following an dangerously close elbow nudge. His attempt at a right punch fell on deaf ears as Kim hastily down-blocked the attack, painting the fence so to speak. She’s quick to go for a fake-out attack, starting low to his left knee…..

…..and almost clocks him in the left side of his head. Thank god Tommy narrowly ducks his head back to avoid the strike.

But as quickly as he was on the offensive, Tommy switched gears. Immediately bombarding Kimberly’s field of vision with a forward axe kick, it throws her whole rhythm off and she’s forced to reevaluate tactics.

One left punch here and another right punch there, Tommy swings wildly with a backfist before cupping his left leg for an angled kick to the chin….both the former and the latter Kim blocked. She ducks the incoming overhead chop before blocking the incoming front kick with both arms; the attack having enough force to render her wobbly in her stance.

Not even thirty seconds into the timer and Kim was already feeling the pressure; not unexpected however. This was the new kid: the one who nearly whooped all their asses and did have additional karate training before even stepping into this group.

Adding to that point, Tommy immediately dips in her direction with a jumping front kick which Kimmy sidesteps. Not to be outdone, Kim swings either a jumping crescent kick and an added leg sweep for good measure but both miss with Tommy jumping and sucking them both. The error comes when she goes for yet another kick to head...

....thus leaving her guard wide open.

Tommy takes advantage and nails one kick square to her abdomen.

She stumbles off the rocky platform and the rest comfort her.

Trini: Kimberly?!

Jason: You okay?

Tommy hopped down concerned for himself but Kimberly opened her eyes didn't the acknowledge them she just flipped back up and kept her eyes on Tommy still smirking which caught everyone even Tommy himself off guard

Kimberly: That all you got Mr. Crime Fighter?

Tommy and Trini both chuckled at the same time Jason was more off Kim wasn't acknowledging they're concern the other three wanted into the action now and all surrounded Tommy with Billy cracking his knuckles and Alpha.....

.....just enjoying the show

Alpha: Here we go.

Billy: You owe us a rematch Tommy.

Zach: When you were on Rita's side you got off lucky.

Tommy: Hey in my defense I had no control of myself. Plus I been training all month. The criminals even gave me a workout.

Trini: True but we been in this longer than you have. Making us more experienced.

Kimberly: think you can take us all.

Jason: That will only prove if you're a worthy Ranger.

Tommy: Is that a fact partner?

Jason: Just don't hold back.

All Rangers stand in combat around their sixth member as he did the same thing and then.....

.....all yelled out at once attacking him and then......flipped over Billy and Trini and lunged them from behind

Two simple streamlined kicks to the shoulders and the two immediately buckled and tripped over, allowing Tommy the element of surprise when they turned around.

A Mae-ren geri, double front kick clobbered the Blue and Yellow Ranger while giving Tommy ample opportunity to anticipate…..and then corkscrew through an incoming merry-go-round roundhouse from Zack, almost barrel rolling on through and away from the sole of his left sole. Still rolling on through however…..

….Tommy knocks Zack woozy with a roundhouse of his own, but it actively woke him up further as he immediately lunges for Tommy’s face with a high knee and then suddenly came a barrage of strikes aimed at the elbows, arms, abdomen, legs.

Every visible aspect of Tommy’s body was being assaulted and it was only by pure luck and recognition that he could barely slither out from being hit. Not to say Zack was making it easy on him.

A fake-in punch was attempted as Zack feigned stepping upwards to give Tommy the illusion of an upcoming attack; instead, Zack jolts his right elbow upwards to clock him in the nose and the only reason why Tommy completely avoided said attack was because he too got pulled back by the collar of his shirt.

Amidst the onslaught, Jason sought his opponent and after jerking him back forward, came an attempt at a running reverse elbow to the back of the head. Tommy flawlessly bends his back down Matrix style, barely avoiding the strike. Jason comes at him again with a crouching gut kick and a follow up roundhouse, both of which were blocked.

Kimberly sought to lunge at him from behind but Tommy just ducks, causing Kim to roll over and in front of him. No luck with a wild backhand; Tommy just blocks that and then pushes her towards an rejuvenated Trini.

Eyes were exchanged for a seconds notice before the sound of more grunting turned them back towards the boys.

But that, in turn, meant another opportunity for Tommy found with Jason; the former this chance to wrap his legs around Jason’s arm following a clothesline attempt as soon as it whiplashed back in his direction.

Having to roll on over with Jason to apply the lock effectively meant rolling off the training platform and back down onto the gravelly dirt of the Pit’s rocky ridges. Tumbling and tumbling and tumbling down further, guaranteeing they were in need for a three hour shower in the coming hours.

Finally; the leader and second in command come to a stoping point and Tommy finally locks in the arm bar and yanks back on Jason’s shoulder.

Alpha: Three minutes left.

Tommy is quick to trap Jason’s arm between his own legs and torque the elbow unnaturally into an armbar. Squeezing his legs towards his body and pulling the arm towards him, Tommy was not giving his own leader a second to breathe…..if not for the fact that Jason gripped his own arms together to alleviate the pressure.

While not flailing around hyper-extensively like a fish out of water, Jason was still desperate for some kind of leverage to get out of the hold. And leverage did come.

In the form of an attempted double foot stomp from Zack.

Tommy had to manually convert Jason’s body weight as his own to roll on through and away the stomp before doing the same towards an incoming big boot from Billy.

Jason, finally on his knees, grips ahold of Tommy’s arms and legs before purring; purring back up to a vertical basis. Essentially catching Tommy right where he wanted him, it was a one handed powerbomb splat just waiting to happen.

All he had to do was just plop him down and he won.

Oh, what a just world it would be if it was ever that simple.

Tommy instead unhooks his legs around Jason’s arm and roundhouse kicks him with the left leg before once more, wrapping his right leg around the base of his neck and dragging him back down to the floor with a head scissor.

Barely breaking a sweat, Tommy barely had this in the bag.

Alpha: One minute left.

Now desperation was sinking in. While nothing much was really on the line here aside from teaching credentials for the rest of the summer, this was everyone else’s only fair chance to try and get Tommy’s number.

Smack dab in the center, a prying eye in the center surrounded by a pack of hyenas, Tommy found solace but also mild disappointment in his comrades.

They were far from bad. But given the incoming threat on the horizon, their best wasn’t good enough.

Eyes wandering all about to Billy and Trini double-teaming him again, Zack crawling up to his feet and Kimberly helping Jason up, there was hardly any time left for them to even attempt to have a solid punch or kick connect on him.

Tommy: C’mon now! Stop trying to hit me and hit me!

And from that moment Trini found an open spot and took it with a right hook and Tommy didn't notice till at the last second she landed the punch RIGHT in the jaw knocking Tommy off his feet and land hard on the dirt cave flour just when time run out

Alpha: Time!

Every Ranger stopped in their tracks as Tommy sat up holding his jaw with Trini helping him up offering her hand he took and she pulls him up

Tommy: Nice shot.

Trini: Sorry. But you had it coming.

Tommy: True.

Alpha: Alright Rangers. Gather around.

They have with Jason and Trini in front and Billy and Zack behind them and in the further back Tommy and Kimberly came waaaay close to one another where their shoulders bumped on each other

Which caught their attention eye to eye

Kimberly: Sorry.

Tommy: Sorry.

Kimberly chuckles

Kimberly: We're doing that a lot.

Tommy: Guess it's our better luck.

Kimberly chuckles again and placed her hand on his shoulder

Kimberly: You did great earlier.

Tommy: Wish I could say the same about my jaw.

Kimberly: Yeah Trini packs a wallop.

Tommy: She clip you in the jaw too?

Kimberly almost replied till they heard Alpha clear his throat pulling their attention to everyone looking back at them

Alpha: Tommy Kimberly. I hope I'm not boring you with my briefing.

Kimberly: Sorry Alpha. Just distracted.

Both Jason and Trini looked odd at them which raised Trini's first suspicion herself at first was LITTLE BIT intense about it like Jason but really.....grinned at them

Everyone turned to Alpha as he cleared his throat again

Alpha: all did well. And I do wish it was enough to prepare you all to face and defeat the Dark Lord but with the weapons and abilities he possesses it's going to take a hell of a struggle.

Jason: We've all been through a hell of a struggle. I'm sure we can manage.

Alpha: This isn't like your Saturday detentions Jason. Nor your house arrest timing. You've never faced Lord Zedd. He's the purest of great evil. Corrupted by the dark magic that makes him stronger. Zedd carries the will of death.

Jason: Alpha we get it he's a real bad guy. We'll just keep training till we're strong enough.

Alpha: Jason. Remember the last time you said that?

Jason couldn't help but to remember that indeed when Tommy was under Rita's will they all almost paid the price with their lives cause his over confidence got the better of him..... they are again

Jason: Sorry Alpha.

Billy: There maybe one advantage.

Alpha: Billy.

Billy: I'm going somewhere with this. All though: You might not like it Alpha.

Zack: Dude just say it. How bad could it be?

Billy: Bad enough.....we talk to the expert.

Jason: Zordon?

Billy: Not.....exactly.....the.....other one.....?

Everyone stood in silence......then everyone's eyes widen getting Billy's idea

Trini: Son of a bitch.

Rita herself Zordon's former friend original Green Ranger now Empress of evil laid on her bed in her cell throwing a cup up and catching it again.....again....

.....and again

All the chips now laid squarely on Rita’s hands

It made sense in the grand scheme of things: Zedd was only here to unscrew Rita’s screw up so she was just as responsible for dragging his ass over to Angel Grove as Zordon was for messing up all those years and as the actual team was for just doing their damn jobs. However, that put the entire safety and jeopardy of Angel Grove into question.

They only JUST stopped Rita from doing them in the first time around, somehow merging the Crystal with their zords on accident to give them a fighting chance. Said Crystal now laid seemingly out of sight and away from the gaze of the Dark Lord…..

….at least for now.

Best bets were laid down onto the table that Rita knew something. If she wouldn’t cooperate, then she’d spill a few beans pertaining to her and Zordon’s past and just how deep into the thick of it he and she were. If, and when, all else failed, they’d gain something.

Of course, the main debate up for grabs was just how much did she know?

It was left firmly up to Tommy, Billy and Trini to find out; leave it up to one half of the team, the ones who have a legitimate beef with her, to strangle the strands of memory cramped deep into the back of her hippocampus region.

Through more agreement to disagreements on Alpha’s behalf, that request was eventually granted.

Using the teleporters to beam back up to the ship above, it made their destination all that clearer. Those three took the initiative to go ahead and see her, leaving the other three back at the center. But Alpha went alongside them just in case.

Zordon had a hidden cockpit chamber outside of the main room with an elevator designed to lower them down into an old prison center that had, since up until the Cenozoic Era, been long defunct.

Said elevator was just a plain silver cylinder with plain silver buttons and plain silver doors. I guess it was the perfect surround if those four were the picture within.

Alpha: Ok. Are you guys sure you want to do this?

Tommy: She has to answer to us as much as she does to you and Zordon.

Billy: Yeah. This is personal. We have more rights to ask her what she knows if she won't answer to him

Trini: Damn straight.

Alpha: Fine. But....don't let her get to your heads. That's my only condition.

With that being said, he decrypts the security code on the door, allowing the three in. Being the sensible one of the three, he willingly stays inside as the door closes, taking him back up.

And there, in one of the holding cells, laid the familiar and treacherous empress of evil.

Rita Repulsa was lying in her bed, twitching and twiddling one last gold piece in her thumbs in remembrance of Goldar, her old friend. ‘How do the villains always keep themselves entertained behind metal bars’, Billy pondered to himself.

It took a solid minute for her attention to briefly wear off and catch a glimpse at visitors right outside the cells. The three Rangers just stood and stared at her with grudges as she smirked sitting up from her bed

Rita: Well well......look what the saber-tooth tiger dragged in.

Trini: What's my name, Rita?

Rita: Want me to spell it out for ya?

Billy: Trini....focus on why we're really here.

Rita: Say Blue.....Where’s's his round head?

Billy: Think you're hilarious, don't you?

Billy just pulled off his backpack, unzipping it with Tommy turning to Rita.

Rita: My sweet Green Ranger.

Tommy: We have questions.

Rita. Did you come to interrogate me? You three hate me more than the other three. What is it that you want to question ME of? What does it look like I would know about? Try to enlighten me a bit.

Tommy: We want you to tell us about Zedd.

Rita flinched and stared at Tommy with bolting eyes before that animalistic mirth in her smile crept back upon her face.

Rita: Hehehehe….. you brainless twits. I may no longer be of your concern but you forget I once hailed from a place of ‘greater’ importance. All you need to know is that great Lord Zedd….is not to be trifled with.

The next minute was more bickering between the four before Rita retraced over the same origin story for how Zedd came to be, explaining more and more how Zedd isn’t one to be messed with.

Sounded incredibly cliche for the three but in defense of Rita, for what she gave out, she didn’t sound wrong. The matching images of strength, power, and appearance bared similarly to what they faced earlier.

Made even more sense why Rita went to him out of all people to satisfy her lust for the crystal and solidify her revenge on Zordon.

Rita: When our Master sent Zordon and me on another mission, we encountered Zeddy for the first time, terrorizing a village. While we never officially spoke at that moment, I could tell he took more interest in me....cause he sensed my pain.

Billy: Like the pain you caused when you betrayed Zordon.

Rita: The pain HE caused ME, Blue! Zordon is not always noble as he's made you believe. Zedd saw right through me when he paid me a visit like I did you......

She sneers, her eyes and hands glancing over at Trini barely holding herself together.

Rita: Opened my eyes to the truth. Saw the real dangers Zordon was leading us to. And from then on, we....he and I.....uncovered a deep understanding: connection to each other.

Tommy: So from there I can only assume the rest is history. You set up the blueprint from behind the scenes, waited for the right moment to strike and laid waste to your team. Would’ve killed Zordon had he not fired that meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Rita: I was always the outsider to them.

Billy: Is that what he made you believe?

She nods ‘No’, finally sitting up from the bed and approaching the cell bars, leaning her face close to it, breathing on it. The boredom of solitude for months in this cell led her to lick the grease off the bars, sickening Trini to no end given how she did the same with her.

Billy just backed off.

Tommy was unfazed.

Tommy: So all the lives you took months ago? Goldar? Scorpina? Brainwashing were doing all this to carry out this guy's orders? Or are you after something more?

Rita: Either that or I could have taken it myself....but since you all foiled all that....we’ll never know what could’ve been.

Billy: Rita. Unless you want your head piked on a wall the next time he sees you, you need to tell us how to stop him.

Rita: Stop him? STOP HIM? You may have bested my abilities but Lord Zedd's power is far greater than your puny morphing grid. Once you cross the dark’ve signed your death sentence.

Trini: Listen to me, Cruella. Trini: 38. 38 people, good, hardworking, INNOCENT people flushed away because of your head honcho's hurricane storm of judgment. My grandparents were whisked away because of the mess YOU CAUSED. You and I both know the vulnerability behind giving out too much and too little—

Rita: Oh boo hoo, boohoo. The poor kids and elders; I didn’t know I was listening to Sally Struthers.

Against Alpha’s wish, one little off-handed comment and off-handed refusal to give them any useful information, and the normally mysterious but bright teammate was a few seconds off from popping a blood vessel.

Had nobody restrained her, she would’ve reached through those metal bars and squeezed the life out of Rita until her face turned blue.

Trini: Bitch, you—

Tommy: At ease.

Trini: Tommy, she—

Tommy: AT EASE.

Begrudgingly, there was no way around it. They’d be falling right into her trap if Trini gave in to her emotional turmoil.

Rita tried to hide it, inching herself away from the grimy cell bars as slickly as she saw fit but her body language betrays her. The elongated amount of time the team had communicated with her was well long enough to know not much easily gets through to her.

But the previous visions he was granted told Tommy everything he needed to hear let alone see: that Rita was…somehow.....fearful.

They’d get nothing out of her.

Tommy: We’re done here. She’s got nothing left for us.

Trini: Can’t tell us or won’t?

Billy: You already know the answer to that.

Rita: But I couldn't if I wanted to. Zedd's beyond Zordon's even my own. When he picks a target....he never stops. Nothing can stop him.

Billy: You sound like he scares the hell out of you.

Rita: If you knew him as I do....he'd scare you too. You should be afraid of him as I am.

Tommy: We can offer you protection.

Rita: Protection?! Hahahahaha! You'd die trying. We'd all die less than a minute. Don't you power geeks get it?! Lord Zedd's out four blood. His wraith is unquestionable. The only chance you'd have on defeating the LIGHT.

That confused the three more than anything else

Billy:'re saying he has vampire weakness's? The sun would burst him into flames?

Rita: NO YOU IDIOT!! It's a lost energy! Never been found for centuries. They say it's a light of goodness that if one proves to be right and true.......then can gain.....the White Light.

This brought more confusion to them but at the same time......curiosity.....

.....and before they could ask Rita kept on

Rita: I didn't even tell you Power Geeks the best part. The Dark Lord.....has a zord of his own.

That drew their attention more

Trini: We're listening.

Rita: Do you take me for a fool? This nothing compared to your pitiful pet dino-zords. In fact it's a zord destroyer.

Billy:'re saying this Zedd guy's zord is anti-zord.....KILLER?

Rita: Nice way of putting it.

Tommy: So....what is this thing?

Rita: Now that would just spoil the surprise. Why learn it from me when you can learn it when it CRUSHES your zords like bugs with you all in it?

Trini: That b a pointless surprise. Cause when Zedd's done with us no doubt he'll come for you.

Billy: And wherever the Hogans are now....if Zedd finds them he'll likely make them tell him what they know....if they know you're here.....they'll spill it.

Tommy: And if he comes for Zordon.....boy you're so screwed.

Rita: So worth it....just to see you all go down for once.

This plodding weight on her shoulders… wouldn’t be lifted like this, no matter how long the wait. Decayed and decomposing in front of their very eyes with almost nothing left, Rita’s stake on both the Rangers and her former master could not have been any less poetic. Revenge is a close cycle of emotional immaturity and underdeveloped emotional intelligence. It is the logic that if they feel pain there must be a person who deserves punishment for it.

Revenge was childish. However, it was all she had left and the lengths she’d go to get closure were unprecedented: shedding the skin of her former teammates just to prove a point.

But the plot thickens; Billy and Trini’s eyes gradually move up to Tommy and his glazes back over to them who exchange confused glances across the room.

There wouldn’t be a snowball's chance in hell in the dead of summer that Rita would know that much and for Zordon to not catch on. Was the White Light another crucial element in her and Zordon’s history?

What was it?

How was Zedd tied into that?

The questions pondered up and out through then.

But that left the Rangers slacking in arguably the one area where they crucially needed to be doing some work: out in the field.

That was now left in Melanie and APEX’s hands; the former of which finally caught on to the mysterious creature that massacred a few of some of her finest astronauts up in space a few days ago. Photos that were collected had nothing to show for it but just the mutilated remains of some of their own skinny-dipping in a massive crater of blood and guts.

And ash-ridden debris left sprinkled all over the scene of the crime. Whether intentional or otherwise, it was a calling card. The instant she heard of a skinned monster massacring innocents out by the docks, she had found her best.

So she was out doing what they do best: showing up late to actual crime scenes and taking care of the situation at hand regarding alien activity.

Not even Zedd was immune to the prospects of human testing as residue from his ashy skin at the docks left more than enough for a possible sample. Melanie, determined to catch ahold of and stay ahead of the threat Zedd planned to dish out, ordered the men to take ahold of more samples….

….and head down to the zoo to shut down the perimeters until further notice.

Sheer: You got lucky before, Rangers. But you’re not getting to him before us.....

She says while inching a foot over the now charred, body-covered remains of these docks, the charred ashy residue somehow bleeding through the white sheets and through what was left of the wooden deck.

Well well...

That familiar voice made Sheer turned her back seeing Colten and Bebe coming to her direction neither one of them were happy to see one another

Sheer: Chief. Deputy Bebe.

Bebe: Director.

Colten: You got some serious balls coming back to Angel Grove. This is a crime scene not government contracts.

Sheer: Unfortunately this has been my case longer than it's been yours. I have strong reasons to believe we have another murdering alien in our mits. Two of my men that were investigating Rita Repulsa's base on the moon were killed by the SAME creature that killed the victims here.

Colten: That's a very serious acersation Director. Your evenanace?

Sheer handed out the satellite pictures

Colten took them and was....

....spooked as well as Bebe

Bebe: Good lord.

Sheer: I would not be any surprised if the Power Rangers had any involvement in it.

Colten: You blame them for everything Sheer!

Sheer: Yet one of them nearly destroyed Angel Grove two months ago.

Bebe: And that SAME Ranger has been helping us clean the scum off the streets.

Sheer: Please chasing clowns and purse snatchers. It would take more than just playing Cops and Robbers to make up for utter distruction.

Colten: Either way this is STILL my case director. Last time you took charge you locked down the whole city many people died cause of you. Making you just responsible for the disaster in my town as well as Repulsa and the Green Ranger.

Sheer: How dare you lecture me on the chaos. I did EVERYTHING in my power to insure order!

Bebe: And that's all you're about. Order. And didn't stop those titans did it?! So whatever you want from the Power Rangers as far as we're concerned they done better for the city than you could.

Sheer: Yet how much destruction they caused in the process?!

This negativity was getting heated between the two on one

But from a distance.....

.....Bulk was looking through binoculars seeing the scene with Skull behind them

Skull: What'd you see buddy?

Bulk: Looks like APEX is back in town. Some heavy shit must have gone down for them to come back.

Skull: Correct me if I'm wrong....but don't they have an obession with the Power Rangers as we do.

Bulk: Maybe more than we do. APEX could be the biggest lead we have since the Green Ranger started catching criminals. I bet if we break into the APEX HQ we might find out what they know about the Power Rangers and on where THEY'RE HQ is!

Skull: You seriously want to break into a government facility... only to see if they have....leads?

Bulk: You got any better ideas?

Skull: We could always search Death Valley. That's where most of the putty fights took place.

Bulk: And rumor has it....The Hogan's are hiding in a cave up there.

Skull: Exactly. So besides APEX we could get the Power Rangers to come to us if WE found the Hogan's before they do.

Bulk: Fair enough. But I still think we should keep tabs on APEX they got more on the Power Rangers than anyone.

Bulk looked through the binoculars again

And almost instantly, the two dumb-dumbs 15 seconds of fame came to a drastic halt.

Stakeout was about as exciting as sitting on a park bench for nine hours. In the movies they sit slumped over cold take out, but drama is never far away. Inevitable the bad guy shows up, there's a chase and the plot moves on. Real life stakeout is different…..

….as prying eyes would be everywhere.

Amidst the scuffling and rummaging of potential evidence with the residue and Colton and Sheer being very unprofessional, Bebe was the only actually keen on doing his job now after the blowout boiled over well beyond his power. Scrunching up his nose in irritation and vexation with his hands on his hip, his eyes finally pull up towards the entrance of the dock.

Out of the corner of the wooden deck entrance, above and beyond the yellow tape, those binoculars stood out.

Bebe: Hey! What’re you think you’re doing?!

Skull: Shit shit shit!

Not keen on taking the warning, Skull immediately pulls Bulk down and essentially forces him to follow him out the docks. They were long gone before Bebe could even properly catch up to them.

Bebe: No trespassing the scene of a crime, boys!

But luckily, they were out of his hair now.

Unluckily, that statement appeared to be short lived: a pair of binoculars were dropped in a hurry by the two shortly after they were spotted. Sighing heavily at the sight, Bebe knew there was a lot more going on with the Rangers and Rita then even Sheer could’ve known.

Back in the days, the very beginning had proven to be the most annoying part of the job for Bebe.

And with Sheer having already deciphered a big piece of the puzzle for him, and now with these regime kids not staying away from the action but carving out their own piece of it? It was bad enough people kept on abandoning their holes and loved ones just to save their skin but now, they’re actively getting involved in his business?

Everyone else’s business?

This once quiet town was digivolving into a war zone the longer the beef between the Power Rangers and Rita bled out, inadvertently proving Sheer right yet again.

Kneeling down to the binoculars and gradually picking it up by the eyelense, made gradually easier by the gloves on his hand, something needed to be done about this. And who better for Bebe to call….

….than the head honcho himself. One phone call later and his pops is on the line.


Bebe: Dad, listen. Down here at the docks, things have snowballed pretty quickly. More murders coated in lava and APEX is on the scene—

Sheer? What’d she say? Besides the usual?

Bebe: That this monster also made a scene at the zoo and if we didn’t pull our heads out our asses and arrest the Power Rangers, we’d all be screwed.

Now that, Bebe? You’d have to kill me to get me to make that call.

Bebe: I know. But what shall we do?

Unnerving silence plagued the wave lines for an undetermined amount of time. Might as well be white noise polluting the airwaves until, finally…..

We gear up.

… answer is ushered.

Bebe: Seriously?

The Power Rangers will take care of this but until then, we gotta make due with what we got. I’ll alert the station, tell everyone that we need every officer in the precinct available with a gun and badge waiting at our beck and call. Set up a perimeter back at the outskirts of the city limits. Can’t risk anyone leaving.

Bebe: Wait, Dad. One more thing.

He looks down at the binoculars again.

Bebe: These two kids…..came snooping by the crime scene with binoculars. I think they know more than I want to assume. I’m gonna get these binoculars to the lab: think you can get a fingerprint off them to identity who we’re looking for?

I don’t mind doing that. But I’m curious as to why.

Over at the other side of the docks Bulk and Skull barely got away and out of breath unaware they left their binoculars behind

Skull: That was too close.

Bulk: You think?

Skull: Just saying. Bulk this APEX thing.....maybe suicide. If they caught us....who knows what they would have done?

Bulk: I guess so......

Skull: So what'd we do now?

Bulk: We'll call it for the day. Tomorrow we'll go to Death Valley.....see if the Hogans are out there. And will lead us to the Power Rangers.

Skull: That maybe MORE suicide. I mean they mutated the night they broke out.....they'd kill us.

Bulk: It's not like we're gonna fight them Skull. We just need to keep tabs on them and when the Power Rangers come to look for them....we'll fallow them to their secret base and learn their secrets. And low and behold the fame and fortune smiles upon us.

Skull: Right. Assuming the Hogans are even out there.

Bulk: You give up too easy.

The duo left on their merry way

Back at the ship it was already sunset and the team of six took the van on their way back home they would have used the Teleporter but since Tommy and Billy left the van there last time they were there they had to get it back to it's proper place

Billy took the wheal with Trini in shotgun while the others sat in the back

Tommy Trini and Billy told the other three everything Rita told them

Zack: So let me get this straight: This Zedd dude has a zord of his own that kills other zords?

Kimberly: And the only way to defeat him is some kind of.....light energy?

Trini: She was speaking in riddles. Sound like gibberish to me.

Kimberly: This is Rita we're talking about. She always talks in riddles.

Billy: Then riddle me this: What's green and dumb that always babbles none stop BS.

Tommy: Is that a Batman joke Bill?

Billy: Guilty as charged.

Jason: Even so it's very funny. Cause let's face it the Riddler is the dumbest villain in Batman.

Billy: True but he has genius moments.

Zack: He does. Cause the riddle traps in the Arkham Games are pretty intense.

Jason: Off topic people. Zordon may say we're no match for Lord Zedd but he didn't say anything we can't try and find him.

Zack: What do you have in mind boss?

Jason: Still working on the details. But here's what I had in mind. We're going to investigate the murder scenes TONIGHT. Trini Billy and Zack: You guys will go to the docks. Tommy Kimberly you guys will come with me to the zoo.

Tommy: You're the leader.....boss.

Jason chuckles hearing his newly partner compliment him with that even calling him "Boss"

Trini: You know if Zordon knows if we go look for him he might get pissed.

Jason: I said nothing but taking him on. I meant look for clues on him. I mean Tommy when you were fighting crime did you have to investigate crime scenes?

Tommy: Not much but mostly did after the cops. I even had to listen on Chief Colton's police dispatch.

Jason: You been keeping tabs on our friendly neighborhood police chief?

Tommy: Had to. To get ahead on things.

Kimberly: Well I think you fighting for justice is very brave. I been watching you on tv every day.

Zack: We all have bud.

Tommy: Thanks guys.

Billy: Well first stop: The zoo. I'll drop you three off there and we'll get on to the docks boss.

Jason: Excellent.

Lo and behold, it wouldn’t take much time at all.

The nightfall came rather quickly, which worked well in the kids’ favor but in both ways. Like some delinquent teens who refuse to do anything their parents or elders say, the only course of action was to literally wait until the parents called it a night.

But more Easy peasy lemon squeezy for Tommy as his parents once again were out late on a business meeting and thus left the house all to himself. So sneaking out from his bedroom window came of little consequence.

Zack had little trouble doing the same; his poor mum being too ill to keep track of her precious boys activities whenever he actually came home. Looking down at her shriveled up on the mattress barely passing for a bed on legs in this rotting household never got easier, a slight twitch in his eye expressed his displeasure before he eventually took off.

Kimberly’s method was a presumptuously risky one but still fairly simple: leaving a note by her countertop on the mirror, saying Billy needed help on something regarding on-going college work and that she’d be back in the morning. Outside of just hearsay though, she’d have no official cover…..

…..unlike Jason, whose cover came in the form of his Uncle. Being the only one of the parental guardians who caught in on the secret early, explaining the situation to Lucas was a no-brainer. While not exactly fond of the new threat being released, Lucas made sure to cover for him in case the worst happened.

So up and out the window he went.

Billy getting out of his predicament required…..going out through the garage door. He couldn’t exactly help that the hinges were about as shabby and brittle as his grandma’s toenails and the noise made him incredibly antsy.

Lo and behold though, he slid on out through the bottom.

Poor Trini had the hardest escape route of the bunch.

Following the disaster at the barn, her parents June (Erica Cerra) and Buford (Patrick ) were not at all pleased that Trini effectively dragged her brothers down to the countryside to effectively suck them away also. Despite Keenan and Jackson coming to her defense, June had most of the say in the manner leaving Trini grounded.

Didn’t matter that she was effectively too old for that to happen. Buford begrudgingly took away her electronics, TV, and any allowance money she had earned previously; no new guitar for the foreseeable future. The worst of it all was her mom was taking extra precautions to ensure Trini didn’t do anything drastic by volunteering to watch her all night.

And that last bit is where she eventually failed.

Time short of just 2 minutes to 9:30, June finally doses off from the unrest…..and Trini makes her move.

This left her the last of the Rangers to actively respond to the call of action; remembering her position to check out down by the zoo, she immediately takes off to the left of Reefside, sprinting and speeding off into the night.

But there Tommy Jason and Kimberly entered the reptile exabit where Zedd snatched the King Cobra snake turning it into his staff

Tommy found it's smashed open pen with police yellow tape he even got weird vibes from it

Kimberly noticed the body tapped traces on the flour seeing how close together realizing Zedd took those guards at once which was.....

....odd to her

Jason walked down the halls looking at the mess caused by the event he picked up a chuck of wall that came from what was caught in Zedd's beams and saw the chart were more never cooled off depite how long it's been it's like Zedd's powers never cooled down it even burned him

Jason: EOW!

He dropped it

Tommy and Kimberly (Both): WHAT?!

Jason: It burned me!

They came running beside him looking at the rock charts with Jason shaking the raging burns off his hand

Jason: Whatever happened took place hours ago and this stuff still feels like it came out of a used up barbecue grill.

Kimberly: That is weird.

Tommy: Let me see.

He kneed down

Jason: Be careful Tom. Don't grab it too hard.

Unfortunately he did....and it burned his palm just as bad dropping it too


Jason: I told you not to grab it too hard!

Tommy: What in god's name is the stuff?

Kimberly: I think the question is:.....what in god's name MADE this stuff?

Jason: Definitely not the cook off that's for sure. This Zedd guy must pack wild fire in his pockets.

Tommy: Zordon did say he was consumed by volcano lava.

Jason: He even said his own servants tried to do him in in his sleep. I feel like he has a Freddy Krueger origins.

Tommy: Just hope he don't kill us in our dreams.

Jason: That was always cheesy.

While the boys talked Kimberly turned around to the back corner of the other end of the hall and saw......

....a bit of chart of fire which turned away disappearing behind the wall Kimberly frowned and went over to see what it was

Kim came over and nothing was there with Tommy and Kimberly chatting in the background and the brave heroin saw nothing but.....

....she looked down to the flour and....saw....fiery foot prints running all the way down the hall to the dark end

Kimberly was tempted to fallow and was about to call for the other two till....a melting sound pulled her attention back

She saw....bits of lava flowing out of the bottom vents and later grew into human size which scared Kimberly enough to call for the boys

Kimberly: Boys? Ohhh boys!

Tommy and Jason were pulled out of their conversation and Kimberly twitched her finger to them telling them to come over to her side and they ran up to see the lava bits growing up and morphed......

.....into Zedd's lava putties

Jason: WHAT THE F----?!

The putties all roared burning everything around them as the trio stood ready

Tommy: What are these things?!

Kimberly: They look like putties!

Jason: Yeah they're only on fire.

Tommy: We should morph.

Jason: No. We won't be at our strongest without Trini Zack and Billy. We'll have to hold them off till they get here themselves.

Kimberly: But not in here. They'll burn the building down.

Jason: Not if we take it outside.

Tommy: You guys go. I'll give you a head start.

Tommy jumped forward to the upgraded putties swinging a kick at two in the front while Jason and Kimberly ran towards the exit

They stood out and Tommy knocked down few as he could and ran out himself to join the other two but a handful still chased him outside and when they all came outside letting out growls and snarls the three heroes had to improvise to hold them off in hopes to contact the others back up

Jason: Let's take these beasts!

Tommy: Split up!

Tommy Kimberly and Jason went separate directions Tommy a near by snow shovel that you used to clean up know

He forced the pull off the digger as his hand full of Zedd Putties come charging him with Tommy flicking the stick

Tommy: Welcome to my nightmare.

Perseverant ‘till the end, Tommy didn’t mind making the first move. And that proved to be disastrous straight from the offset.

Smacking the metal shovel up against the first Putty charging up towards him, the shovel is immediately sliced up by the mere contact of reacting to the Putties fiery skin. It left the shovel with just a metal bar charred to the bone and Tommy a mere weapon short.

Alright, fists then, he thought to himself…..shortly before another fire Putty bombards him from the side and tackles him to the floor. A double axe handle is hurdled down on Tommy’s head, delivering twice as much velocity to the body than the normal Putty would. Effectively whiplashed even when covering up his face and body, Tommy was relatively worse for wear.

Another onslaught of arbitrary punches and ground pounds later, Tommy finally sees to push back and create some distance……however he could. Drawing both legs anterior to its chest, rotating back onto the shoulders, and optionally placing hands on the floor proximal to the ears, Tommy moves from hip and knee flexion to hip and knee extension while elevating the body away from the floor while creating force against the ground by pushing off with the hands and simultaneously moving the elbows from flexion to extension.

Kipping up into the Putty on top of him, one swift dropkick to the chest causes him to stumble back into another one behind him finally creating some distance.

At least until another Putty grabs him from behind, gripping him around the neck. Tommy is quick to shimmy backwards before throwing him into the metal bars that confined the giraffe pen. Leaping forward with a Superman punch, one smack to another Putty’s jaw…..didn’t phase him.

It was like the superhuman durability that they gained via being chosen as the next few Rangers almost didn’t matter much anymore. Whoever the hell Zedd was, he had finally begun to truly introduce himself to the Rangers in a capacity that like Zordon told them earlier, went beyond all imagination. Not only had he clearly had been doing a lot of scouting on them all but now the basic foot-soldiers, the brainless NPC fodder behind the main bad guy were a chore to beat.

Before, it was out of monotony. NOW? It was purely

Tommy: Oh hell.

Multiple punches regardless still came and went; the new Green Ranger relying strictly on defense to get by. These new Putties equipped with the normal physiology of an actual human meant this would be slightly more even, but now through lack of trying. All that could be done was to keep blocking and pray the rock monsters eventually leave themselves open.

Eventually, they did as Tommy blocking another punch before gutting it square in the abdomen. A back kick to another Putty later, he goes two for one with a crescent kick roundhouse combo Square across the face before another gut kick separates him from the other three.

One was unlucky to try and land on top of him from the statue within the pen again and what did Tommy do? Clock him upside the head and turn him inside out.

Jason wasn’t fairing a whole lot better. The anamorphic lava rocks were giving chase…..and boy, were they giving him trouble.

Jason: Coked up the ass much, Zedd?!

That was yet to be answered given Jason was soon attacked from behind

Kimberly on the other hand leaped forward around the jungle gym avoiding two putties from grabbing her she was still far from the clear as another knocked her down and burns a small part of her hair

Kimberly yelled out when she fell as she felt the burns from her hair

Kimberly: Jerk! That's my hair!

She flipped kicked the Puttie away flipping back on her feet with four more putties coming her way

She countered two of them off knocking them down only to get grabbed in the arms by the other two but Kimberly uses that as an advantage to flip around and throw them down

Kimberly was MERELY out of breath these putties seemed stronger than the old ones but she was far from giving up

Tommy managed to beat down three putties holding his own but from earlier he was just tired out himself and they kept coming

Tommy flipped back catching his breath pulling out his green communicator

Tommy: It's not looking good. How yall holding up.

No better.

Jason: I think Zedd gave them extra juice or something.

We should morph now!

Jason: Won't do us any better Kim. Not without the others.

Well here we are.

Tommy Kimberly and Jason frowned from all of their separate locations knowing that familiar voice

It was Billy's voice and from out of no where they all appeared knocking many putties out of there way as Billy punched one with his bare fist feeling the burn from the new abomination's fiery skin

Billy: Whoo hot one!

Zack kicked two down with Trini countering off many as possible and soon everyone regrouped with Tommy and Kimberly coming from side directions and Jason ran from behind them and the whole team six were reunited

Billy: Nick deep in trouble boss?

Jason: Unfortunately.

Kimberly: These guys just keep coming.

Tommy: We barely held our own.

All turned to see the Putties on the ground stood back up and more coming at them their numbers were countless it was six against a dozen

Zack: Boy these guys look serious.

Trini: Time we got serious too.

Jason: Everybody ready?

Tommy: Let's do it.


Giving the signal set off the nano-tech increasing the morphings

Tommy - to the Green Ranger

Zack - to the Black Ranger

Kimberly - to the Pink Ranger

Billy - to the Blue Ranger

Trini - to the Yellow Ranger

And Jason - to the Red Ranger

The putties were hardly startled more ready to attack but so were the morphed Rangers


Green Ranger: LET'S DO IT!

Yellow and Pink Rangers (Both): RIGHT!

Black and Blue Rangers (Both): RIGHT!

Similar to Rita’s putties when they were affected by the Goldar dust, it made the putties more durable, run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than previous putties.

Unlike them, however, Zedd’s putties were a lot more versatile… Billy, Zack, and Trin would eventually find out. Finally, fighting the bad guys' disposable lackeys didn’t suck……but if taking care of the basic underlings was as difficult as slaughtering Sans from Undertale, that’s a massive bulging problem.

As expected, these fights were carried out similarly to before. The putties do most of the offensive maneuvering while the Angel Grove heroes are strictly left on the back burner of defense, hardly avoiding the cutting room floor.

Back up above the ground, another chase with the leader drew them away from the heart of the zoo and over to the souvenirs exhibit. Concessions stands and store shops aplenty, it was perhaps the most open area in the entire zoo, this leaving Jason wide open for attacks.

If one Putty’s missed strike at a tackle is anything to consider, however, it’d be a cold day in hell before Jason properly lets that happen.

Rolling over the counter, Jason quickly tosses his sword out in the open like a boomerang with three putties avoiding the weapon…..

…..only to get bombarded with blaster strikes from behind to further irritate them with the sword coming back in his way.

Dipping back over the counter, Jason goes for a double side mic to the ribs of the closest Putty he can find before sweeping it by the legs. Upon stepping over it, he charges full force towards another Putty with a massive spear before rolling over and clobbering another incoming Putty with both fists on the back of its head.

Adding further insult to injury, he grips its head together against the metal of his own sword and decapitates that Putty.

He drops to the ground……but he doesn’t drop dead, much to Jason’s annoyance. Its arms still shoulder-width apart from each other, Jason could still hear his heavy breathing with its head CLEAN off.

Jason: What the—-

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Telescoping the lever within his sword and twisting it down and back, the metal blade of his sword suddenly dipped at a downward angle while extending itself all the way down to the base of his feet. Only a red metal tip is present at the end of the weapon while the familiar blue shielding appears.

His sword was now a bullwhip.

And like any bullwhip, he cracks it against the ground as the headless Putty rises back to his feet quickly…..only to have its legs and arms amputated.

Kim was now fairing in a similar position, being on the receiving end of a chase instead of giving it. She never tried out for track; cross country never seemed to be her bag in high school.

Now the thought of considering it was crossing her mind, had she been in a situation like this earlier.

Dipping past the third chamber in the aquatic area, the fishes hardly took notice of Blurry blobs of pink and raging orange, spike red fizzling away from their tanks. Their peace was unfortunately disturbed once Kim decided to stop being chased….

….and ran up the nearest glass tank before jumping over the Putty behind her who attempted to punch her lights out. Instead, its fist plows through the water tank, startling the poor fishes who witnessed the anamorphic rock monster's arm not being damped out by the water.

Pink Ranger: SIT DOWN!

She spits venomously, kicking the Putty’s head into the water tank not phased at all by its arm not being dampened by the water. Sensing another attack from behind, she split-kicks two more Putties by gliding backward…..

….just in time for Zack to vault over her and blast the Putties with his axe sniper.

Another decapitation and a kickback later, Zack’s guard is put on hold by another charging Putty, scraping its molten lava across the floor while budging against the Black Ranger in a test of strength.

Twisting his arms over with the weapon, he hopes to break the Putties arms off as he slid up from underneath it but all it did was leave Zack wide home for another attack.

Yet another tackle puts off yet another Ranger. But this time was different.

No sooner should the lava rock monster scramble on top of Zack, with the latter barely squiggling up and out of the hold, the monster's multiple arms and hands begin to radiate with lord dormant fire.

Zack: Argh! ARGH!

That’s when it’s entire body began to light up like a Christmas tree and burn with the smoldering embers one would see in the National Geographic channel from freakin’ volcanos.

It was literally about to blow him up.

Black Ranger: Kim, GET OUT THE WAY!

Heeding his warning, one look in front of her and the smoldering hot Putty immediately is thrusted her way via from Zack. She quickly cartwheels away from the ongoing projectile….

….and upon contact with the other lava putties, it explodes in a massive ball of flames and ashes. No more putties were left in that room but that brings upon a terrible recollection.

The fire from the putties worked more in their favor as they also served as mini-suicide bombers, giving the Rangers the needed element of surprise to keep them on their toes.

Rather unwelcome in Zack’s eyes.

Zack: I do NOT need to be reminded of Sunset Overdrive.

But that brought to light another massive stumbling block upon the hornets' nest: simply letting the lackeys blow themselves up further increased the risks of property damage.

And APEX on their tail is the last thing they need if they can help it.

But it seemed APEX was the last thing they should worry about during the fighting all the way from the moon palace under red vision P.O.V. Lord Zedd observed the six heroes fighting off his army of lava putties

He was observing them learning their fighting patterns like he did with Zordon's old Rangers from the dark story he told them

Lord Zedd: Impressive. Most impressive.

Goldar: The Rangers are out in the open.

Scorpina: Shall we attack my lord.

Lord Zedd: That won't be necessary. I need to know they're abilities so I'll know their weakest spots.

Goldar: What if the putties fail sir?

Lord Zedd: I don't expect them to succeed. They're merely just creating the exam for me. And the about to be passed.

Looks like Zedd meant to send his lava putties to the zoo to draw the Rangers there merely for him to exam them and our heroes were unaware of the set up with the fighting raging on

Tommy and Jason were kicked by three putties and both fell into the tiger's pin they landed in the pawn startling two tigers from their cat nap and they snarled at both heroes

They slowly stood on their paws growling softly which didn't take long for the Green and Red Rangers to notice them

Red Ranger: Uhh....down kitties.

Green Ranger: No cat has ever been obedient Jas.

Lucky for them the putties that kicked them down there dropped in the pin themselves the fiery presence scared the tigers off running into their cave and the duo turned to them seeing they were ready to attack

Red Ranger: How we gonna beat these things?

Green Ranger: We'll just keep hitting them till we find a weak spot.

Red Ranger: On three.

Green Ranger: One.....

Red Ranger:.....Two.....


They ran up to them Tommy leaped over the putty on the left and Jason slid under the right one and attacked them from behind

They fell back but more putties came leaping down landing on their feet and Tommy and Jason held them off much as possible T

Tommy side flip kicks two putties with Jason swing punching other two knocking them both down but they kept getting back up

It was not any better with the Yellow and Pink Rangers

They ended up in African bird pin the birds in there were flying around scared out of their feathers six putties came in after them and now the female duo had to improvise a team strategy themselves

Pink Ranger: Think you can give a headstart?

Yellow Ranger: Let's find out.

The Yellow Ranger ran forward kick flipping the puttie in front of her with Kimberly charging full force elbowing the one in front of her turning to the two next to it kicking them off

Trini was almost grabbed by one of her half but easily dodged it but grabbed the other and lunged at the one that was grabbed and kicked the grabbing Puttie

Kimberly back flipped and side kick the two on her end and one fell in the jungle leaves burning them up

At the adventure zone The Blue and Black Rangers were surrounded by Putties coming from everywhere they were holding them off as best as they could

They didn't think much while fighting like the others they still worked as a team but it was a brawl on their end

Zack kick swings three putties instead of two and Billy got one shot at te chest where.....the fiery Z crest and one hit at it......made the Puttie EXPLODE!!

Billy gasped in amazement cause he found their weakness......

Blue Ranger: That's it.....

Black Ranger: What?

Billy tapped on his right side of his helmet to contact everyone

Blue Ranger: Guys! Hit the Z's on their torsos! That's their weak spots! HIT THE Z'S!

X marks the spot? Well, this time, that’d be Z.

And words could not begin to describe the odd displacing sentiment of disappointment irradiating through almost everyone at the prospect at that realization. The trouble Zedd must’ve poured into to tweak and perfect the inferior rock soldiers that effectively became a laughingstock, what was meant to be an extension of Rita almost instantly was just sad. A lot more durable, slightly smarter in hindsight, and even came equipped with a dirty equalizer in case the battle was futile.

The perfect foot soldier was amiss…..only for said weaknesses to be exploited at large and kept hostage right under their noses.

But lo and behold, an opening was created and the Rangers would be fools to not take advantage of said exposure: something Billy did not hesitate on.

A bicycle pump kick is utilized, clobbering the next Putty nearby as the collapse of the Z on its chest left it rotting away to explode into microscopic bits of ashes. Billy swiftly clotheslines another off its feet before encountering another, going for a takeout kick to the knee before clocking it in the chest and knocking the air out its lungs.

Not to be outdone, Zack slides underneath both him and the exploding Putty while tripping up another one in his path. While he manages to sweep the following one and flip over for a leg drop right to the Z, another Putty was swiftly ahead of the curve…..

….essentially Suicide bombing again and blowing up in Zack’s face.

Said blast launches him straight to the nearest wall. And he hardly gets much wiggle room to recover either; another Suicide bombing Putty tackles him and plows him straight through the wall, landing on top and then rolling over the Asian hero.

Quickly thinking, a swift hand outwards calls his Axe back into his possession and itchy trigger fingers calling, Zack shoots the Putty straight through the chest, mere seconds before it can explode. All it had to show for it was its body effectively melting itself down to more ashes.

Black Ranger: Ok….

A confident but stirred Zack speaks loudly to himself.

Black Ranger:….you really gonna make me do COD, huh?

Expressing his displeasure with Call of Duty did little to deter him from going through the motions. Spinning his ax-sniper around, another shot rang out as he plowed through another Putty through the Z on his chest. Faster reloading time meant more room to shoot more.

And more.

And more.

It was essentially a shooting gallery for dummies.

The girls were more graceful in their executions.

Unluckily for the recipients, Trini, making the most of her time by taking out her already pent-up aggression out on them, was particularly vicious in her offensive. Kneeing one upside the head in a flurry of savage knee strikes, that was just the appetizer to her rolling the rock creature over on its back….

….and yanking its right arm off.

Slamming down upon it, it hits a bullseye on the Z, quickly diverting Trin’s attention to the incoming Putty hoarse behind one. Tossing the arm outwards, she does hit one Putty with the boomerang amputated arm, in the Z no less, but it hardly slowed the others down.

Kim was lucky to take care of that; launching two arrows from her bow, they too penetrated the Z’s on their chest. Tightropes were attached to the arrows that allowed her to pull them back with ease just before they exploded.

Another swift save from Kim for Trini.....

Pink Ranger: They always have to self destruct?

Yellow Ranger: It's pretty intense I know.

Back in the tiger's pen Green and Red Rangers held their own and hearing Billy's report Tommy and Jason drew their swords clashing on the fiery beasts

Tommy lunged a right hook on a last minute open spot hitting the Z and their first putty exploded

Green Ranger: These guys are strong but this seems too easy.

Red Ranger: Bit odd I know. But fight now talk later.

They continued clashing with Jason giving a slice on the putty's head falling clean off and when it was open wide Jason kicked the Z making it explode

From clashing kicking and putties exploding they were down to one more that snarled at them

Green Ranger: You want this one? Or should I take it?

Suddenly turned out there were FOUR more cause the other three appeared behind it all snarling at them

Red Ranger: By all means Tommy help yourself.

And once again they continued clashing

During then Jason and Tommy's side was under Zedd's red demonic vision he mainly observed Tommy more knowing that was the Ranger Rita created to do her bidding

Lord Zedd: So....that must be Repulsa's new Green Ranger. If she knew the proper way to lure him on our will she would not need the Green with Evil curse. In fact.....there's a very familiarity to him.

Goldar: He betrayed us sire. I knew he couldn't be trusted.

Lord Zedd: That's because the curse was broken you gold belly rat! There are more ways to subdue a Ranger to do your bidding and I don't use a cheap hypnotic curse. That was Rita's first flaw. I can make a trade with him. I just need the source of that power.

Whatever Zedd was planning it seemed like he had bigger plans for Tommy and none of them involve cursing him again but something.....more sinister

Kimberly and Trini thwart off their half of putties fighting their way to the Adventure zone with Billy and Zack

Jason and Tommy finally beat down theirs and leaping out of the tiger pen running to the same direction with putties chasing after them and soon enough all six regrouped with the putties surrounding them

Red Ranger: LET'S GO GO!

Rangers: RIGHT!

Tommy got the first shots by swing kicking the first one that came at them with his foot hitting the Z exploding it

Kimberly countered another's attacks

Pink Ranger: Ugh! You freaks make me sick! SICK! SICK!

A punch and the Z made it explode

Jason and Zack went back to back with three putties attacking them but punching clashing with his sword and Zack's axe

Trini drawing her daggers and Billy his lanterns paired to take on their half of the remaining putties clashing them with last chances seconds their Z's

Billy and Trini barely had a better had a team effort than their previous partnerships but had a chance

Trini flips over Billy and slashed a putty behind him in the Z blowing it up

And finally Tommy and Kimberly finally had THEIR own duo team up The Pink Ranger drew her bow clashing many as possible with Tommy drawing his dragon dagger using BOTH weapons to clash his hand full of putties

But a putty got lucky kicking Kimberly causing her to fly and hit Tommy making them both land hard but rolling over together holding each other

And the next thing they notice.......

.....Tommy was right on top of Kimberly looking in on one another silent for moment till the Green Ranger broke it

Green Ranger: Hi.

Pink Ranger: Heh. Hi.

Green Ranger: This job is really hard.

Pink Ranger: Yeah.

A Putty pulled him off her and tried to grab her too but last minute kicked it off and leaped back on her feet

Pink Ranger: Had to ruin the moment!

Pissed as she was she took two arrows and shot them with her bow taking out TWO putties at once given they luckily hit their Z's

Tommy leaps back on his feet and sliced off another putty's head off with his sword and hit the Z at the last minute making it explode and the Green and Pink Rangers formed a back to back themselves and handed her his Dragon Dagger

Green Ranger: Give them a taste of Dragon Dagger.

Pink Ranger: Pleasure.

She took the dagger and aimed it on her bow SHOOTING it pierced through one Putty's Z from another another another another to another

Kimberly and Tommy had defeated SIX putties at once

And there, in turn, laid only six more left.

The perfect opportunity to try out something new.

Salivating at the prospect of it, the Blue Ranger hardly had to emote under that helmet to get that point across. His actions spoke loudly enough for everyone to take notice: pixelating his stubbed lances into fruition before telescoping the middle of the pole out before bending both sides out…..

….and splitting the weapon into two.

Eyes gazed over at him, pondering just what in the hell he was doing fiddling around with his personal weapon at arguably the worst possible time. But that’s how confusion often or not works: the time the brain spends processing. It's a fog that clears while you relax with a warm drink and some good vibe music.

Black Ranger: Umm, Bill? Mind if you pay attention?

Blue Ranger: Trust me, I know what I’m doing. Give me your weapons.

Pink Ranger: I’m sorry, what?

Blue Ranger: Just trust me on this, ok? Always wanted to do this.

Clarity will come. Just not as soon as surmised, especially with the rest of the remaining six putties cramping around together before straight up charging at the six Trix-colored alien heroes.

Luckily, Tommy, pulling a trick out from his old playbook, grips his golden Sword of Darkness and slams his weapon through the concrete and into the ground, emitting a trail of lightning to burst through the floor. Blinding, disorienting and even collapsing a few of the Puttie’s body parts, it was an unusual distraction.

But one nonetheless that paid off.

Green Ranger: I trust you, Bill. Hurry.

Tossing his golden sword towards him, the rest eventually followed suit.

For the transformation that followed, this admittedly was completely out of left field for everyone else…..except maybe Mr. Green Ranger.

Not even thirty seconds later, Billy emerged off the ground with a power assemblage of all six of the core Rangers’ weapons with a shape that resembled a much larger crossbow than Kim’s: the Power Blaster.

Its two central pieces were the Power Bow and the Power Axe. The Power Blaster was formed by placing the Power Bow horizontally within the locking mechanism of the Power Axe in Cannon Mode, with the Dagger's and separated Lance Mace's connected to the length of the Bow, with their handles facing forward, acting as additional barrels to the cannon.

Jason’s power sword had an awkward positioning, as his sword locked on top of the crossbow but did a full 360 so that the open handle where the arm goes in becomes an additional barrel as well. Tommy’s golden Power Sword, the key to the Blaster, was locked in on top of the cannon, similar to where an arrow would be placed in a crossbow.

Definitely difficult to deny how badass this looked to everyone else. If looks could kill, this would be in the top five.

Red Ranger: Spiffy new tech.

Yellow Ranger: Definitely from a video game.

Black Ranger: Wait, so we could always do that? Since when?

Blue Ranger: Since ever? Tommy broke it to me couple of days ago when I—

No more gossiping over the cool accessories; more inhumane growling and reassembling of dirt and pebbles and fire diverted their attention. Immediately, everyone ran behind the Power Cannon as Zack grips the weapons extensively with his sweaty hands.

Finger on the trigger, the weapon began to hum with great reverberations, six desolate beams of energy emanating larger and larger out from the barrels of the weapon.

Yellow Ranger: Let’s rain hellfire and brimstone on these motherf—

Red Ranger: FIRE!


And at that shot the Putties were WIDE open and when the shot created a chain reaction they all snarled in terror as it BLEW ALL UP AT ONCE

The Power Rangers were VICTORIOUS!!!!

Rangers: YEAH!

The aftermath was filled with chart dust and burnt ashes with flying fire charts everywhere

Red Ranger: Nice work guys.

Green Ranger: First team effort since Rita.

Blue Ranger: Not bad for your second day on the job huh?

Green Ranger: Second? More like 55th.

Black Ranger: 55th?

Green Ranger: Fighting crooks all month remember?

Black Ranger: Right right.

Yellow Ranger: Guys? I think it's too early for a victory party.

She pointed up and the other young heroes looked up and spotted a helicopter pointing a spot light on them

That chopper was an APEX helicopter and Sheer aboard on it soon spoke to the Rangers on a speaker


Black Ranger: YOU KIDDING ME?!


Pink Ranger: Don't think it matters.

Jason taps on his speaker in his helmet

Red Ranger: Alpha! Activate the teleporter! Bring us back to the ship!



Before Sheers and any arriving APEX agents's eyes all the Rangers SHINED in their own colors and.......


The Rangers were gone and it pissed off Sheer enough she yelled throwing her speaker out

As for Zedd still watching from above in the moon palace through his power vision and he was more satisfied for it appeared he got the exams he wanted from them

Lord Zedd: Excellent. Now I know their every move.

Scorpiona: What good does that do us?

Lord Zedd: By knowing your enemies moves more than they do....they'll be CLAY in my fingers. Hehehehehe.....

Back at the ship IN the underground command center the Rangers appeared from the teleporter with their face shields opening

Alpha: Are you all alright?

Trini: Never better.

Billy: I can't believe APEX is still on our colorful ass's.

Kimberly: I had a feeling they would.

Zordon: Rangers we saw the whole thing through the viewing glob. What happened down there?

Jason: We were uh.....just....

Kimberly: We thought we could try and track anything on Zedd....that is whenever we're ready to face him.

Trini: Yeah not like we'd go after him IF we saw him.

Tommy: But we were ambushed. We think they were putties but nothing like before. They were blazing and fiery.

Zack: Like they crawled out of a freaking volcano.

Billy: And only way we defeated them was hitting them in their carved Z's.

Jason: Any idea what kind of putties they were?

Zordon: I believe I do. They're Lord Zedd's own army of putties. They're fueled by the flames that made him into what he is and his dark magic. These putties are fifty five precent stronger than Rita's army of putties.

Billy: I can't help to feel like it was too easy. If Zedd planned to defeat us with super putties he's gotten sloppy.

Alpha: I don't think he meant for them to defeat you. For all we could be just the beginning.

Tommy: Why is it always the beginning?

Zack: Nǐ bùnéng yǒu yīgè méiyǒu zhòng jiàn huò jiéwěi de kāishǐ (You can’t have a beginning without a middle or an end).

Translation, luckily, didn’t fall on deaf ears. Just like being stranded in a foreign environment, when you adapt and work around your surroundings, eventually you begin to warm up to the interior or exterior designs of wherever you find solace in. Zack’s occasional spurts of Chinese knowledge didn’t add much to their conversations but it always did succeed in brightening the mood.

Would’ve meant a little more if Jason, Kim and Billy understood what any of what he said meant. With only Tommy and Trini understanding the exact translation and what it entailed to, it still didn’t dissect the overarching problem at hand.

And it always seemed to boil down to the three common variables: what, how and when.

Jason: So I take he’s watching us?

Zordon only nods.

Billy: Studying our techniques so he can beat us at our game?

Kimberly: And how long do you think that’ll take?

Zordon: I don’t know. What you had to go through with Rita…..this isn’t anything like that.

A statement Alpha could definitely adhere to.

Alpha: *The former Prince is very diabolically sound when it comes to something he wants to be done: when a rival needs eliminating, he carries it out without a thought to mercy. Rita plays with her food; Zedd gulps his down on the first bite.*

So it was that point in time a pattern began to emerge and it was only now that the team began to take notice of it: Zordon and Alpha sort mirroring each other as far as mannerisms and believability is concerned. The vast majority of the time they’ve spent talking about Zedd harkens back to their time during the Cenozoic era on Earth, how influential he was to Rita betraying them and how evolved into the tyrannical Frieza-replicant he was.

But similar to Rita, not a peep on what to do to beat him. First time around was an exception of sorts since this was their very first time slipping into this line of work and least with Tommy and the Green With Evil, it was a different coating under the same thread so they had to go off of.

Not here. To prying eyes it already looked fishy, but for Trini, it came off like the floating head and his pet were actively trying to prolong the inevitable and keep them away from the man on the moon as possible.

That’s all this was now: a waiting game. Either Zedd would bait them, or Zordon would give them the word and they’d take the action to the inside out Human Torch. Or maybe even take the initiative themselves and end him right then and there, unless the rumors about him come to light but they know enough to not disclose a rumor Zordon or Alpha give them.

Trini: So do you expect us to sit here and twiddle our thumbs while the Dronkey breathes fire down our necks?

That doesn’t mean they can’t get annoyed.

Trini: Because unless somebody here or outside these walls make a move, we ain’t accomplishing Jack.

Well, wisdom comes from unexplained and unexpected places and the beauty of that can arise from the most unbelievable of places.

Stepping up to the plate was Bull and Skull, having hints shone on their faces after being brought in for questioning following their unintended stakeout down at the docks. The poor binocular was used against them.

Bebe: I'm only gonna ask you two this once. What were you doing out there at an official crime scene?

Bulk: We were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Skull: Yeah. We didn't take that left turn at Albuquerque.

Bebe: I don't have time for jokes.

Skull: We were just lost.

Bebe: Lost? Doesn't explain the binoculars I found up there. Your prints were all over them. So what were those for?

Bulk: Sight seeing to ocean. We.....see if we could catch some wails.

Bebe: Hardly any wails in a near desert ocean. Let me just ask you all what you saw.

Bulk: Nothing we meant to drop in on.

Skull: I mean you never know what skeletons are in your closet.

Bebe: Just answer the question.

Bebe was really not in the mood for punk kid jokes but unfortunately that's the least of his worries when they heard the door behind them open

Colton walked in with a disappointing look

Bebe: Chief?

Colton: Bebe we got a problem.

He turned aside and Sheer walks in firmly with her hands behind her back

Bebe: Sheer? What's the meaning of this?

Sheer: An hour ago I nearly had the Power Rangers in my grits. And they vanish like ghosts. only I'LL be taking these boys off your hands.

Bebe: You don't have the authority---

Sheer: Do I? These boys are more likely eye witness's to any alien activity. Making this more of an APEX case then AGPD. So if you want answers from them they have to answer to me.

Bebe: You think you can just STROLL back in our city and take everything we uphold? You're as dirty as any corrupt agency.

Sheer: And for a cop you have a lot of issues that pull you away from your job. Not arresting the Power Rangers is one thing but the bitterness is another.

Bebe gave the Director the most dissatisfying hateful stare unimageable

Much as he wanted to kick the crap out of her he heeded and walked passed her storming out with Colton giving her the same stare and when he left the room shutting the door Sheer looked down to Bulk and Skull.

Sheer: Fargis Bulkmeier Eugene Skullovitch. I been watching you two for awhile. Last reports you were eye witness's to the Green Ranger's attack on Angel Grove. Now here you are in custody over witnessing one of the crime scenes of the latest alien attacks.

Bulk: Well like we told the deputy.....

Sheer: However......

They froze looking up at her

Sheer: One of my under cover agents happen to overhear you at Ernie's that you're looking for the Power Rangers.

Skull: What....makes you say that?

Sheer: Don't play dumb with me kid. My sources overhear a lot. It's easy to know things with someone working from the inside.

Skull: So.....what'd you want to know?

Sheer placed BOTH her hands on the table leaning forward to them firmly

Sheer: Everything.

Two steps ahead of the curve and always threading a step behind in case she did mess up, Sheer definitely meant to think in advance in order to extract whatever threads she could regarding her targets.

Now, of course, Inside sources meant that she possibly had curfews installed in after dark, checkpoints at every city exit, or mandatory digital ID cards placed on every civilian without batting an eye to their safety or privacy. 24/7 surveillance didn’t sound that far out of her catalog either. THESE two were simply wasps on her windshield now....

....but Sheer wouldn’t have wasted her time going after these two numbnuts if they were ACTUALLY bluffing about any of the life-threatening ordeals they faced and merely survived. They actually survived more than most in this town and getting them to admit that would be the first step in actually having some concrete layers of evidence against, or the worst-case scenario, supporting the rainbow-colored Bomberman duplicates and their crusade.

She was hoping for the former. And if not, she’d still squeeze something out of these two.

Sheer: You cooperate.....and I might just make this worth your while.

Gullible as they are, Bulk and Skull knew what they wanted and Sheer was willing to exploit that evolving obsession to weaponize it further to meet her needs as much as theirs.

Cheese in the trap.....and they sure as hell took it.

Well, one of them did.

Skull: Power Rangers! We were looking for them; the weather from a few days ago and the murders down at the zoo. We had reason to assume they were involved.

Sheer: I knew it!

Bulk: Seriously, numbnuts?!

Sheer: I have an intriguing opportunity for both of you it's temporary but the pay will be good. Because of your stealth skills and knowledge.....especially you want to find out who the Power Rangers are as much as I do.....I want to make you two.....temporary agents to APEX.

The duo's eyes widen hearing that

Bulk grew a grind ceasing the opportunity but Skull.....wasn't sure if it was a good idea

Bulk: APEX Agents Bulk and know I like the sound of that! Where do we sign up!

Skull: Wait! Bulk are you sure about this? I mean they're the finest government agency. Are we even govern material? We're just teenagers on some crazy adventure.

Bulk: Don't be a wimp. She said the pay is good. We could get the fame and fortune we wanted buddy boy!

He turns back to Sheer

Bulk: When do we start?

Sheer: Not so fast. I have to know your every experience. You'll mostly be under cover be my eyes and ears in Angel Grove. Going under cover isn't like trick or treating or hide and seek. You'll need some training and simulations before field work.

Bulk: No problem.

Bulk was fully on board with this but Skull wasn't feeling right about this much as he wanted to find the Power Rangers he didn't think they would get involved with APEX.....THIS way

His head was spinning from the inside on his bad feelings about this

When morning arrived hours later all Rangers were back at each of their houses talking on their walkie talkies in their rooms

Jason: Alright since we know this Zedd dude is watching our every move we need a way to keep a low profile.

How do we do that?

Jason: Not sure Tom.

Billy: We could just wear discuses. Hats coats and sunglasses?

You are not catching me..... that kind of clothing. Sunglasses I can tolerate. But not that kind of hat and coat person.

Well we need a strategy. And we need it fast.

Jason: For all we know Zedd could be watching us right now.

Even if he is....

Kimberly: I don't think we're giving him what he needs on us at this moment. Plus Zordon has the command center under ground maybe we can discuss plans there. I mean it's not like he can see things under the ship or in the ship itself right?

It's a good question Kim.....

Zack:.....but Zordon may say otherwise.

And what if he comes.....

Tommy:.....If Zedd isn't able to see things under ground what if he figures where we are.

He wouldn't get in the ship without us knowing anyway Tommy.

Tommy: Yeah but Jas I got in and no one knew till I attacked when Rita had me under her curse.

Kimberly: That's cause you had a coin like us Tommy. Zedd doesn't.

Or does he? Zordon said he had a zord himself.

Jason: Tommy may have a point. Probably wouldn't hurt to ask Zordon if we got extra security at the ship. An hour let's all meet up at Ernie's and head for the ship. That way we can figure out our next move. If we get ahead of Zedd.....

......we might find him.

Billy: What for actually? Boss it's likely obvious where he really is.

Everyone went silent on their radios......and all thought: The Moon Palace

The literal definition of right under your nose. Granted, that slice of life information did diddly dick in the teams favor; they never visited the Moon Palace or were even aware of the castles existence until literally a few days ago in advance. How much help was finding where the big baddie is watching you really going to contribute in the long run?

Chances are, very minuscule. Everyone else, either perched with their backs against the wall or lying down in bed, felt a wave of shame and embarrassment coat them; it shouldn’t have taken them as long as they did to figure that out especially with all the tools and advantages gifted to them.

But at least, there’s an actual lead now.

God, I feel so stupid.

You and me both.

Trini: Hey, somethings better than nothing, a’ight? With that taken care of, our next best—

Her voice suddenly stuffers to silence, her bedroom door cracking with the sound of audibly frustrated knocks against her bedroom door. She’d know that sound and that tone from anyone.

The sound of the knocking might as well be the sound of her heartbeat accelerating, almost as if the door would open by itself.

Family meeting. We’re waiting for you.

Finally, the knocking stops.

Trini: Shit.

Sorry, what?

Trini: Door’s got its own alarm clock; another family meeting for the parents to sink their teeth into me for last time. Look, you guys go ahead and I’ll meet up with you when I can cause this is a disaster waiting to happen.

That ‘end call’ button could not have popped up fast enough for Trin to slam down, ending the call before Zack even had a chance to answer. A heavy sigh engulfs Trini’s body before it leaves her, gently tossing her phone off to the side and letting the comforter wrinkle.

Little did she know how accurate she’d be about the disaster unveiling before her.

Upon stepping out of her bedroom, the tone and atmosphere of the house soured immediately.

Her house, any house would have a kaleidoscope of memories, of photographs adorning the walls, each of them conjuring the emotions of those sweet eternal moments: a gradual lock and key cementing through all the good, bad, and ugly times, that family stood tall above all.

This morning? Trini just felt the sick polluting the hallways the closer she walked to the kitchen and as she finally stepped out into the light...

....she could see why. And her heart sank.




Duffel bags.

All stocked up against one another, crunching up against the doorframe in the most color-coordinated yet sloppily admitted fashion an overprotective parent could possibly organize their children’s belongings. And directly in view too, so no need to peek over and around the chairs or comforter couch to see.

What could be seen however was her entire family at the dinner table: her brothers frozen about and looking about the most uncomfortable they probably ever displayed out towards their big sister….

….her dad, who was trying hard to not express concern for his daughters' wellbeing, well aware of the outrage coming her way…..

….and her mom, arms crossed, eyes stern, body hunched back and exuberantly festering with annoyance and anticipation for Trini’s potential blowout. She was actively lying in wait for a scene to happen.

Trini: Are you kidding me right now? We’re doing this retarded song and dance again?

June: It’s for our own good, Trini. We never should’ve came here.

Trini hardly had to catch a whiff of the bullshit airing out to know this, all of this, was her mother's idea: whether deliberately or otherwise, she had kept Trini out of the loop until what she felt was the last possible second; in a way, she blamed her for almost getting her sons, her brother in trouble.

It was already strenuous enough that the entire Kwan family had to attend two funerals back to back in the coming week but the temerity of having to bury her sons because their daughter decided to take them to the countryside. That was the kind of intolerance June couldn’t stand and yet….

….it was the steaming underbelly to what Trini had always considered being the biggest problem regarding her parents: normalcy. Frustrated and compounded by the fact that the rest of her family is as 'normal' as it can get, she could barely speak to them about the adjustments she needs to make or about her own personal struggles, as she believed they will just label her.

Once again they were proving her right and she was finally done with the facade. Letting loose her stuff mechanisms, she let loose.

Trini: This—I—you….you have invented a new kind of stupid. The damage you can never undo kind of stupid. An ‘open all the cages in the zoo’ kind of stupid. The ‘Clearly, you didn’t think this through’ KIND OF STUPID!

June: Don’t you Hamilton me, miss.

Trini: What?! It is stupid! I don’t catch a peep about this for weeks and out of all the times you could’ve chosen, NOW you want to try and jump ship? We’re not any safer out there than we are here.

June: A risk we’ll have to take on the road again.

Trini: You mean one that YOU’LL have to take.

The room immediately blanks out again; no such words exchanged between the family of five could mask the atomic bomb fanning out through the house: Trini was now actively standing up to her own mother after months worth, years worth of just taking the verbal abuse and rolling with it on her own.

Keenan and Jackson admittedly didn’t see this coming; it’s easy for kids to not catch the signs of a person holding back some form of emotional turmoil, especially if they do a really good job of hiding it.

Buford, on the other hand, knew this wasn’t going to end well. He hardly any say in this decision to just pack his bags and leave anyways but Trini literally putting her foot down was something rather foreign in this household.

Any household they had.

Buford: Honey, can you not—

And that’s all he can see before June just bolts up from the table, shoving back her chair. Hostility bubbling up between parent and daughter, the steaming underbelly for the latter's frustration with the mom didn't need any more tumbling and toiling over.

So of course, with the chips being stacked down, Trin decided "Why not harp on some more?' The ball was already rolling and she was finally being honest.

June: Just what are you getting at?

Trini: Cut the bullshit and just say it. It’ll be easier that way.

She figured it was time Mommy Dearest ditched the facade and do the same.

June: I'm sorry Trin.

Trini: You're sorry? You're sorry? Let me tell you EVERYTHING BOTH of you have to be sorry for. I've had to fallow you everywhere all my life when I was a kid I had to. But none of you ever asked me not even ONCE what I wanted! Nor where I wanted to be. You guys just EXPECTED me to fallow in line with you and not giving me any choice!

Trini's parents wanted to protest but she was far from stopping to talk she wasn't giving them any room to argue

Trini: Sure Angel Grove is hot on alien's list yeah we had more than one disaster but....if they're why we have to leave what were the other reasons when we kept jumping from state to state? Business arrangements? Social gathering? No.....all that's on you. But nothing....was ever on me. Not even when I was old enough to make my choices but I've never been given a choice of my own. I couldn't even turn to you when you expect too much of me. I can't even confine in you about my real feelings. Not like I could with my friends or Gramps.

June: Trin what'd you talking about?

Trini: Why do you care? I was afraid you wouldn't approve but you know what I've had time to realize none of you are even interested in your daughter's intentions. Will you do the same to Jackson and Keenan?

Buford: That's enough!

Trini: No! THIS is enough! You want to go then go! I'm....gonna go with someone who I can really depend on.

Trini grabbed one of the empty suitcase and minutes of more arguing Trini packed cloths her yellow communicator and everything she needed storming out with her mom pleading her

June: Trini honey's only for our safety.

Trini: I decided where I'm more safe now.

Trini dragged her bag out slamming the front door behind her leaving June to cry Buford lost of words facing down sadden and disappointed

An hour passed at the Heart residents Kimberly was still on her pink walkie talkie talking to....mainly Tommy the others cut off and it was just them

Kimberly: By the way....want to say you did well during training.

So did you.... really kept coming. Especially that last shot I gave you. Which I'm sorry again for that.

Don't be. That's what we were suppose to do.

Kimberly: I told you at the bonfire I like a challenge.

Tommy: I remember. Hey uh....I uh...I was just wondering.....

Tommy went silent for a moment

Wondering what?

Tommy: I just.....wondering if....I....I wanted to know if to have dinner with my folks and me. My mom has been asking about you a lot.

Kimberly widen her eyes

Kimberly: Really? Gee I don't know what to say. I...I could arrange it but let's talk about it after patrol.

Tommy: See you at Ernie's

They cut off both feeling...rushed and glowing mildly

At Ernie's the team met up just as Jason got off the phone with Lucas

Jason: Uncs got us covered the whole day Billy said's obvious where the dark lord is. Given he's Rita's boss and....ugh sick to think about.

Tommy: I'm sure Zordon was more disgusted than us I mean to have a fling like Zedd.

Billy: What you talking about?

Tommy: I spent all last month with him and Alpha and all he talked about...was he believes there's still good in Rita.

Kimberly: Ohh Tommy...they were never a thing.

Zack: Yeah he told us they grew up together but they were like brother and sister. Not bio but close enough.

Tommy: Ohh well that just got awkward.

Billy: Happens to all of us.

The boys talk more and Kim noticed Trini had been quiet the whole time and got concerned

Kimberly: Trin?

No response except a glance

Kimberly: You hardly said three words all day. Are you alright?

Trini finally spoke mainly to Kim

Trini: No'm gonna get another drink. Coming?

Trini left the table with Kim looking to the boys when fallowing her to the bar both sitting there

Kimberly: Trini what's going on?

Trini: Oh my parents kicked me out.

Trini felt bad lying to Kim but given she didn't want to go home she didn't know another way to avoid going home

Kimberly: Oh Trin I'm sorry what happened?

Trini: They want to move again. I finally stood up to them we even fought more about my know how it ends.

Occasionally, that was how the story normally would play out with those dysfunctional families and Trini’s parents did seem like the kind who would throw out their kids for refusing to confine to their social structure within the household…..but only based strictly on hearsay.

There may have been some validity behind her departure but stepping outside the stretches of your own home and staying like that for long wears on you fast. Kim would know.

She had been there.

Kimberly: You know you can just say you left on your own.

Trini: Kim, believe me, I—

Kimberly: I’ve seen this song and dance a lot before….and I’ve played it myself twice as much. You can't bullshit a bullshitter.

No point pulling the wool over her eyes at this point. She essentially beat her to it.

But there was something else behind this. And it was pretty obvious from her blue and dark eyes.

Kimberly: You didn't tell them, did you?

Trini: It's not like they'd approve. They never listened to me about anything. They just expect me to go along with EVERYTHING they do and not let me make a choice of my own.

Kimberly: Even if they don't. They can't change what you are. After my dad and brother passed my mom and stepdad expected me to fallow everything with them everything. But I wasn't afraid to tell them what I wanted needed or choose and they did not approve on ANYTHING which drove me into cyber bullying besides being kicked out of the squad but my point is.....I've never been afraid to stand up to my family when I wanted something and don't listen.

Trini: You got spirit. Listen just.....don't tell the boys about this just yet. I promise I'll tell them but I can't just throw this at them since we got a murdering dark lord running around going all wraith of Zeus on the town.

Kimberly: No problem. But....big you have a place to stay till your parents cool off.

Trini: but I rent a room at a hotel.

Kimberly: You.....could stay at my place for a day or two.

Trini looks at Kimberly like she was offered an opportunity but one thing worried her

Trini: What about your mom and stepdad?

Kimberly: They work all day they'll be pouring themselves in bed by midnight.

Trin was relieved and....felt this was her moment but soon snapped out of her thoughts when Ernie came up with their drinks

Ernie: Here you go.

Trini: Thanks Ernie.

She took the drinks and Tommy was the first noticed them coming back making eye contact with Kimberly just till they sat back down

Jason: You ok Trin?

Trini: Never been better.

Billy: So what now?

Jason: Well knowing Zedd's watching our every move.....we can discuss our next move at the ship. So let's head for the van.

Billy: Why use the van....when we now got a new faster way now.

Seems all but Billy and Tommy weren't use to the newly teleporter and they knew how to work it with their coins and were tending to show the others

Under Zedd's vision they all got up and left the room and Zedd heard everything they were talking about

Lord Zedd: So Zordon's pet earthling's know I'm keeping tabs on them. He must have warn them of my tactics from before. He must learned from his mistakes for the first time in a millennia. But they're real smarter than the last ones. We'll have to improvise from here. Zordon will be well protected as well Rita and the crystal. With them with him. But the city will be wide open. GOLDAR! SCORPINA!

They turn their gaze to their newly master kneeling down as he turned to face them as well

Lord Zedd: It's time to begin our first attack. I'll need you two to keep the Rangers distracted....while a visit to an old friend.

Scorpina: So you want us to attack the city?

Lord Zedd: That's what you want isn't it?

Goldar: Our hosts the Hogans mainly wanted the Blue Ranger for their father's fate. But we.....want them all.

Lord Zedd: Just keep them busy long enough till I get there. We night fall.

Which won’t be too long.

Lord Zedd: But for you two….

He tapped his scepter down onto the muddy concrete floor of the castle; its magnetic pull over the weather once more unveiled itself before the stratosphere, blending onto the almost majestic view from afar.

Beneath the stratosphere and bleeding into the troposphere and the tropopause, almost immediately, the weather effect seemed to change dramatically AGAIN. Mild light rain began to pour down from the heavens above before increasing in quantity until the streets were drenched with rain, thunder and lightning......almost as if the hurricane wave that wiped down on the city was re-emerging for Round 2. Luckily, whether by mercy, pity or some sick sense of tradition, Zedd let up on the formation of the rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms.

Two consecutive times in a row in the last few days of flooding and horrific weather would be enough misery for this town and its inhabitants.

The heinous smile creeping up on his face could barely be sensed or detected underneath his visor but the slimy inflection in which he delivered his next statement

Lord Zedd:….your task is required at hand, NOW.

And right when the Rangers dipped out of the precariously timed storm in the best-case scenario of ‘edging it’. Didn’t exactly help that even when phasing through the bubbled vacuum of space and time thanks to the teleporter and getting to the Command Center safely….

….their clothes were massively drenched in water.

With the lights simultaneously clicking on upon the teams' arrival, this left a preoccupied Alpha near the terminals to catch sight of the color-coordinated ‘veterans’ looking like they walked off the set of Jaws. He waddles towards them, quick to drop everything and taking in mind, what happened days prior to this.

Alpha: Are you—the hell happened to you lot?

Zack: We bumped into Hydroman.

For a smart remark, it was relatively tasteless, both on paper and in execution. Alpha, simply scoffing at the remark, was well aware of the seeds of doubt creeping in as to ‘Why? Why can’t we go after him now?’

That answer to that question was never going to be simple, especially since Zedd had directly provoked Trini and she was most likely to pick a fight with him when taunted. And that was, in some measures, a direct violation of Rule #2.

‘Never orchestrate or pick a fight unless forced to.’

So of course, this was a good time to question the obvious while stating the blatantly obvious.

Zack: Zeddy’s up at the Moon Palace.

Alpha: Of course he is. That castle was meant as a gift for Rita after her conquest of Earth was finished. Even on the other stretch of the galaxy, not even she was—

Trini: Are we gonna go after him or not?

Alpha: Patience, patience! Geez.

Trini nodded and faced down in frustration she couldn't get the argument with her parents out of her mind and Kimberly was more concern as Jason open up to alter the subject with Alpah

Jason: What Trini meant to say was.....when we ARE ready to go after him will we need a plan in action?

Alpha: Funny you should say that. Zordon and I were just talking about it and we know it's not gonna be easy. Zedd's tactics are cunning and not to be taking liking. Only a true force a real team of effort with the power as their ally will concur Zedd and his evil will.

Billy: Empire Strikes Back.

Alpha: What??

Billy: Just another earth movie.

Jason: Well if that's the effort it took all of us to free Tommy from Rita's influence. And beat her and the Hogans.

Alpha: It's not that kind of team work that will defeat Zedd Jason. He's not just any villain and to be honest with all of you I hoped you'd never have to. After what happened to the Rangers before you......I feared the worst the minute we realized he was here. Zordon has been blaming himself for it because of his mistakes. And if anything happened to you......well....not only Zordon won't forgive himself but.....neither will I.

The young heroes.....were silent from Alpha's statement Kimberly was more moved by it than the others seeing how Alpha....really cares for them

Kimberly: Alpha......

Alpha: Don't get weird on me. Right now it's time to get back on training.

Before Alpha could get them back in training Zordon's voice echoed in the catacombs

Alpha Rangers.....the city is in terrible danger.

The booming of his voice was loud enough to pound in their ears they covered them

Trini: Did you have to blow our ears out Zordon.

My apologies Trini......but I need to see all of you in the center.

Not a minute too soon they were already in the command as Zordon was at a high rate

Tommy: Zordon what's the jiff?

Billy: You sounded frantic. What's happening?

Zordon: Billy....tried to keep yourself together for this but....the Hogans are back.

Billy was chilled down the spine more than the others as well as they were shocked

Billy: Jacop and Aubrey?

Zordon: Yes but I'm afraid Goldar and Scorpina have taken over them completely by Lord Zedd's power. Deep within the real Hogans are imprisoned by the will of Golden twins struggling to brake free. But will never be....unless they are stopped.

Now since the accident that killed both their fathers Billy felt more sorry for them with them imprison within the monsters they've become

Billy: Well where they now?

Zordon: Observe the viewing globe Rangers.

They turned to the former zeo crystal and saw first hand Goldar and Scorpina laughing as the flood created by Zedd ran down to Tommy's HIS neighborhood

Tommy: Oh my god.....that's MY area!

Kimberly: That’s Harwood County, right?

Zack: Why did it have to be Harwood?

Tommy: Not helping!

That sudden outburst was justified: the harrowing memories of Rita’s own influence plucking back at him from a screen as the flood trickled out like a tsunami. While not as destructive as any recorded hurricane in history, the collective effects it was leaving behind reminded him all too much of how close he came to actively wiping his own home off the map.

Now with his parents actively being dragged into his business, Zedd had already made this conflict personal between the both of them, let alone the rest of the new team of Rangers.

The flood was washing away the old world that the former Aubrey and Jacob despised while they watched from rooftops, their feet much higher than the poor humans' heads once were.

It left the team watching the flood carry away an upturned umbrella, swirling in the eddies, moving haphazardly over the surface. Only Tommy wondered if after it had passed the street would be washed clean if the sidewalks would be a pale silver instead of the usual somber graphite.

He doesn’t want to have to resort to thinking that.

All he had to do was snap his head back towards Zordon, his eyes reflecting that ignitable fire that free him towards the team in the first place. Sensing where this was going to go but unwilling to let this natural disaster carry on, permission was granted.

Zordon: Go, Rangers. They need you.

Nodding extensively, he just turns back to Jason who, in turn, looks back over at Zack and Trini who nod back at him.

Peering over his shoulder, Billy and Kimberly do the same.

With that in mind, it was time for one such thing.


In a quick flash of light, the team molecularly warped into their armors.

Thanks to the teleporter, it had locked onto the location at Harwood County and placed them there squarely, already morphed and ready for action. In that meanwhile, the effect the weather had on Harwood was very difficult to try and explain. The only way to describe it was: WREAKED.

Everything was totaled, completely drenched and destroyed down there: from the houses, the pavement on the roads, the sidewalks......EVERYTHING. It would NOT be a pleasant view for any sudden arrivals here, which spelt disaster for Tommy, on the off-chance his parents were miraculously still here, either under the wreckage or already safe.

The moderate rainstorm took them aback.

Yellow Ranger: Argh!

Black Ranger: Just a little storm! Ain't no big deal!

Blue Ranger: If this is "little", I ain't gonna bother asking what's your take on "MASSIVE"!

Red Ranger: Guys, c'mon. We gotta keep moving.

Despite the huge quantity of rain flooding down from the sky in buckets, they continued through the streets while looking around through house after house after house after alleyway.....and the search kept going on....

.....and on.....

.....and on.....

For only 17 minutes.

They found NO ONE amongst the damp, drenched carnage; much to Tommy's dismay.

Green Ranger: Oh no......

Pink Ranger: I know, I know. This is worse than we thought.

Green Ranger: Do you mind checking the debris over here? Gotta find my folks.

Pink Ranger: Go ahead.

Red Ranger: Whenever you find your parents meet up with us later.

Tommy nods and leaps off towards the direction of his house and Jason spoke out which got the Rangers attention

Red Rangers: Alright guys listen up I'm sure Tommy's parents aren't the only people in danger we need to split up and find if there are any more innocent people that need our help before we go after the Hogans or Zedd himself. Trini take South. Billy the East. Zack West. Kimberly you come with me we'll take North.

Rangers: Right.

The Rangers went to their directions with Trini still under edge about everything given everyone went solo but Jason and Kim even hoped she go with Kim but had to stay focus and went to where Jason told her to go

At the Oliver residence the floods had already burst in through the front door Jeff and Deb had to retreat up stairs screaming and they retreated towards their son's room

Debbie: Tommy?

Jeff: I don't think he's home thank goodness.

Debbie: Wherever he is I hope he's alright.

The sounds of waves got louder down stairs the Olivers feared it may fill up on the second flour but suddenly again they heard glass shattering startling them to turn around

It was the Green Ranger unknown to them their only son with the Dragon dagger in his left grip and holding out his right hand to them

Green Ranger: Mr. and Mrs. Oliver come with me.

They remembered the Green Ranger from when he attacked the city and Debbie once again got that same familiar vibe from him like she did then too but desperate knowing it was their only option anyway they went with him gladly

On Jason and Kimberly's side they found a family of four trapped on their own roof and landed by them

Mom: Power Rangers. Thank God.

Red Ranger: You're all gonna be ok.

Pink Ranger: We'll get you all down town to seek shelter soon. We'll just have to take you all one at a time.

A similar rescue operation had since then been carried out on the Southside of Harwood; a stranded car flat in the middle of the now flooded road was in danger of drowning its recipients inside, one female, three males crowded between the middle and back seat.

Nothing but endless screaming erupted from the instant the car began to flood up with water, instigating that by the time the flood broke in unexpectedly, they were either on their way into Harwood County or out. Regardless, they were now stuck in the middle of calamity and deep deep trouble.

Trying not to panic was immediately thrown out the window; meaning they wouldn’t do well once the car filled up all the way. Luckily, the girl driver immediately tried to be innovative and punch out the front windshield, using the heels of her….heels.

Three smacks against the windshield did nothing.

Neither did four.

Upon the fifth, she was met with glass rupturing around her and the other inhabitants in the van, with a yellow fist punching straight through the windshield, startling everyone inside…..

….at least until Trini ripped it right off, officially alerting them of her presence.

Yellow Ranger: Alright, everyone, listen up: nobody be stupid and everyone lives, ok?

He extends his hand out to the woman first.

Yellow Ranger: Ladies first.

Of course, she was the first to eagerly and hurriedly take the Yellow Rangers' hand before Trini lifted her up and out and into a nearby raft of debris, twice the size of what Jack and Rose had in Titanic. Trin had to carefully step to the edge of the gas compartment in front of the car, holding the next victim slowly.

Yellow Ranger: One step, two step, don't look back. There you go.

Thanks to the water, the van was still barely holding its own before it met its watery grave.

Rinse and repeat for the next next man, who had to manually crawl away from the passenger's seat and into Trin’s reach in the backseat. A slight jolt however took everyone out of focus: the back of the van was beginning to quickly sink; everyone's senses were alarmed and widened to 11.

Now Trin was in a hurry.

However, slow and steady was still the proper move to take, for any more slight jolts meant innocent blood on her hands. With Trini in a minor state of panic, the last man barely managed to slink through the back and into her grasp, eventually exiting the car. Except this time, Trini has to leap off the car with him to land on the raft with the other poor souls she saved.

And just in time for the van to dip down into the drink nose first and turn turtle, sinking.

Zack and Billy’s predicament was a lot less sanitary…..and safe.

Blue Ranger: Wait.

They both stopped dead in their tracks.

Black Ranger: What?

Blue Ranger: Did you hear that?

Black Ranger: I don't understand.

Blue Ranger: Listen…..


Bubbles popping.

Water slowly arising.

Zack got a bit of the hint as he slowly backed up for about two steps and then turned around behind him, and what he sees......stops him dead in his tracks.

Pretty soon, Billy follows suit, noticing his stare and soon turned his attention to what he was staring at and it really was something.

The pavement on the road they were on slowly rips apart as leftover pebbles and ashes fell into the chasm beneath the submerged waves. Pretty soon, fire starts to spark from out the chasm and without warning or other signs of anything worse to occur.....

.....Putties literally start rising up from out of the fiery pits and literally bubbling out of the muddy waters. 90 plus ounces of water submerging the streets and the Putties were immune to the ongoing river, slugging their way towards them.

Needless to say, this was 28 Days Later manners of horrifying.

Blue Ranger: What the f--?!

Black Ranger: Zhè tài fēngkuángle (This is madness).

While they prepared for the attack Zedd observed them under his vision and he chuckled

Lord Zedd: The plan is in motion. With a storm like this it's almost too easy. Time for a reunion. Goldar. Begin phase 2.

Goldar nod and turns leaping away when Zedd lifts his staff clashing lightning from the clouds and vanishing in them

On the roof of the of the Olivers the Green Ranger pulled his parents to safety but wouldn't be for long the flood was really packing

Green Ranger: Stay calm! I'll get you both out of here.

Tommy took his dagger and played his flute to call the Dragon Zord but.....there was no response Tommy kept playing for a couple of minutes and nothing

Jeff: Hey! You trying to save us or entertain us?!

Green Ranger: Sorry. This is how I call my ride. But I guess the storm is blocking my signal.

Debbie: Now what?

Green Ranger: Sit tight. I'm gonna call for backup.

Tommy turns away and tabs on the right side of his helmet

Green Ranger: Green Ranger to Red. Anyone come in I need backup. And I need it now.

At the center Zordon and Alpha saw everything going on through the viewing globe

Alpha: It doesn't look good out there. The storm is whipping the town clean. I don't know if thee Rangers can pull this off.

Zordon: They can do all they can. That's all we can do.

Alpha: If only we found Goldar and Scorpinia before Zedd came. We could have prevented all this.

Zordon: Unlikely. Zedd could do much more damage without them.

Alpha: Fair point sir.

Alarms suddenly went off caught the two of guard and felt an impact outside the ship and Zordon......

....had a feeling who it was.....

Zordon: Alpha.....transfer back to the Morphin Grid. We can't leave anything to chance.

Zordon vanished off the time worp when Alpha stepped on the transport platform transferring him to the morphin grid in the ship

Zordon appeared on the wall like he use to and the shaking continued even Rita felt it in her cell knowing who it was felt.....

....instant fear

The main entrance doors were BLOWN open the explosion spread the smoke down the hall into the grid

Alpha coughed out as Zordon was blind and then heard.....that familiar voice

Don't fret Zordon it's just and old friend come by to say hello.

From the smoke.....the dark lord emerged entering the grid

It wasn't long before a familiar entity stepped out through the smoke dramatically as Zordon just kept this blank yet obvious angry stare smeared across his face, having to remember that dramatic, traumatic image from his past come face to face with him again.

Motionless through the screen, the memories quickly rushed back to him, his eyes flickering through the staticky texture of the wall barely able to his own shadow in the presence of the great conqueror. Since almost nobody would be able to enter this ship without one of the six power coins ~ Keyword: ALMOST ~ this was a definite red flag and one that Zordon should’ve seen coming.

He could still barely see, given his line of vision with all this smoke was still obstructing his line of trajectory. Luckily, the outline of Zedd was vivid enough for the battle-hardened avatar to decipher despite everything.

Lord Zedd: Red……Ranger……

Calling to him by his old surname was the first thing he says upon seeing him again after sixty-five million years? The grudge was still as white-hot as ever; hospitality apparently never went out in style for the former prince.

He gets nothing out of Zordon; just cold, calculating warping through the screen, the latter frantically trying to keep his composure in check.

Lord Zedd: Now where…..are your manners, old friend? Not even a single peep about how my trip went? I’ve been trying to get your attention.

Zordon: You stand there……

Eying down at the morphing platforms where he and his team first completed their actual transformations into heroes draws Zedd’s attention as well, his feet diagonal to the platforms vaguely obstructing the screen.

Zordon:……where my friends completed their oath. Where my teammates vowed to risk their necks out with me for the sake of a brighter, better tomorrow. Your presence in these halls is an irreversible black stain that I’ve sunk these last centuries of my life trying to erase; you are not WELCOME HERE!

His sudden yell reverberated out from the screen, rebooting all the power to the ship and reverting the deeply pissed-off red from the alarms back to the more calming Neo-fluorescent teal blue interior, resetting the alarm.

Normally, a single scream or yell would either knock either inhabitant off their feet entirely or just barely pushed back, their feet barely skidding across the gridded floor.

Zedd didn’t budge an inch.

Lord Zedd: Hehehehe....I love what you’ve done with the place, old friend. It's a little tacky for my taste but when I take over, I'll have my slaves redecorate it.

Silence flooded the room once again as the menacing Lord felt another inhuman chill crawling along the back of his spine. The direction edging out from his far-left behind him, it was literally directly behind revolving double doors that led to this Command Center within the ship.

No point in turning his head over to face his opposition; he was too good for that. Just a sly uneven chuckle was enough to direct the attention back to him.

Lord Zedd: You should know better than to greet your master properly, right Alpha?

Cat out of the bag, the faint mechanical whirring of Alpha took a step forward in revealing himself back into the light, peaking over from behind the door.

Alpha: Who says I'm hiding.....E---Edd.....


Zordon: Focus on me, Zedd. Remember?

Wasn’t wrong in that regard. He was the whole reason why Zedd jumped the shark with him in advance in the first place.

Lord Zedd: Fair. So here’s the deal: I am now assuming command. You and your Rangers will surrender both Rita and the Zeo Crystal to me. I'll leave your precious Rangers at peace when I take over in return can refuse my trade, in which case, I'll force you to watch me have a jolly time killing your precious Rangers…..just like Rita made you watch your own Rangers die.

That brief little end of the statement stung Zordon the most, knowing full well that everything that happened before and after that day was squarely his fault.

Alpha, for one, decided to get involved by moving out from behind, landing an bitchslap square across Zedd’s face. It barely moved the guy.

So he tried again.

No such luck.

Lord Zedd: Are all Edenoites this useless?

He just swats him away. Taking Alpha’s lack of alliance to him as an answer for both himself and Zordon, he fires his scepter at the wall, frying Zordon’s avatar as he bellows out in agony. With not much that could be done, Zedd was left torturing Zordon for as long as he saw fit until he’d get the answer he was looking for.

Unfortunately, that’s when he made his first mistake: taking his eyes off Alpha.

He had managed to slink his way out the room from the side and end up outside the main room. He remembered he stored a secret panel in one of the five cockpits stored on the far end of the ship. It’d be easier if he didn’t run so slow.

Yes, even when running, he ain’t that fast.

Finally, he gets to that panel as he planned to skim his way to the control panels and somehow manage to switch the power stored in the teleporters and restore it into the center of the morphing grid.....which in turn would pose a bit of problem since what Zedd was doing to Zordon now, would cause the electricity to phase in and out from time to time since this messed with the backup generator.

But feeling it was still worth the risk, Alpha goes through with it and it works, teleporting Zedd out and away from the ship and saving Zordon.....


There was ONE thing Alpha overlooked, though: the teleporter has a random effect on teleporting certain people to places.....if there's no direct location set. And Alpha didn’t bother setting a location to ensure Zedd didn’t stay as far away from the ship as possible.

Thus, it teleported the Dark Lord square in the center of the action, watching the flood continue to sweep away all the poor souls that he had effectively marked here for termination. Of course, he should’ve expected that the Rangers would be first responders.

Realizing that he was duped, there wasn’t much Zedd could do except watch from above as the Rangers keep moving about on saving however many poor souls as they can; with the exception of Billy and Zack taking care of his zombie-like water Putties.

However they began to outnumbered them

Blue Ranger: They just keep coming!

Black Ranger: We need backup!

We're heading your way.

Red Ranger: We're heading your. Tommy Trini meet us there.

Already am.

Me too.

Green Ranger: But I need help getting my parents to safety.

Pink Ranger: Use the teleporter. Alpha says it'll work on anyone locked on to.


Green Ranger: Thanks.

He cuts off and Jeff and Debbie

Green Ranger: Listen I got an idea. But you're not gonna like it.

Debbie: Whatever it is if it'll help then go for it.

Tommy locked his coin on them and linking the teleporter on his parents and they vanished when screaming but likely to end up somewhere safe when all of a sudden........

.....he heard a noise behind him sounded like the teleporter he assumed he beamed them back when turning around

But he could not have been more wrong

Zedd himself appeared behind him after being transported out there by Alpha and both locked sights on them

Tommy was beyond shocked but Zedd chuckled mildly

Lord Zedd: you must be Rita's new Green Ranger.

Green Ranger And I take it your that Zedd guy we been warned about.

Lord Zedd: Warned? By Zordon?

Green Ranger: And Rita.....

Lord Zedd: Hehehehe.....I figured she'd tell you about me while you were under her curse. But she failed to understand the real way to subdue a Ranger in surfing you when all it little wax work.

Green Ranger: Enough of this. I'm taking you down!

Tommy draws his sword of darkness and attacks but Zedd disappears in lightning with his laugh echoing

As confused as he was Tommy didn't had time for this his friends needed his help and he leaped his way to Zack and Billy's location

There they were still outnumbered by these abominations they started getting thrashed around they couldn't focus being bumbled at once

They were down on the ground getting stomped none stop

But luckily the Yellow Ranger leaped out of nowhere and kicked them off Billy and Zack

Blue Ranger: About time.

Yellow Ranger: I been busy.

Well there all about to get busy since more putties approached them and all went back to back

More luck was on their side when Jason and Kimberly appeared the same way as Trini

Black Ranger: Perfect timing.

Pink Ranger: Where's Tommy?

Yellow Ranger: I haven't seen him since he went to help his parents.

Red Ranger: He'll catch up to us. Let's teach these guys a thing or two.

The original five fought them on kicking and punching them but their numbers got higher and they thrashed them

The Red Ranger took some beating from behind and Zack and Trini kicked them off him

As for Kim and Billy they went back to back fighting their band of Puddies but then..... knocked Billy down and another grabbed hold of Kimberly from behind she struggles and yells

Pink Ranger: Ugh! Let me go you pile charcoal!

All of a sudden the Dragon Dagger came flying at the Putty Piercing it in the head it shrieked falling over releasing the Pink Ranger and she and all the other Rangers looked over seeing......

......The Green Ranger to the rescue

Rangers: T0MMY!

Pink Ranger: Hell yeah.

Now the odds were mostly in their favor… least for now. Tommy might be the saving grace for the team at the moment but that encounter with Zedd, the brief appearance by that flayed grotesque blob of sick was harrowing for the short time he appeared before him.

The nightmares from months, days before could not have been any clearer than it was at this moment: no denying that was indeed the man who they were warned to stay away from.

Unbeknownst to him and the other Rangers, Zedd was not their only audience member in attendance… even Zedd himself took notice of, surveying the Rangers in the drink from afar.

Mechanical whirring drones on above him, like a fly buzzing buzzing buzzing about in his ears, the latter obscured by his metal visor. Growling underneath his breath, that volatile temper of his boiled over as quickly as one could say Puffles the Jigglypuff. Veins popping out through his neck….

….and his arms, the dark lord did not have the courtesy to gently look up and direct his attention to the nose.

One mean glare later and his visor blasts a heat ray up at what turns out to be an Animarium mini-UFO drone and splits the poor unmanned aerial vehicle into tiny bite-sized pieces before bursting into flames. Wings, hovers, hull, even the operational camera was totaled the instant Zedd plastered his mean face all over it.

That did not go over well with APEX, who sent the drone out to further investigate the sudden emergence of a flood. As expected, the Rangers showed up not too long afterward which put them directly in the directors' crosshairs… she wanted.

But then it got destroyed in front of her very eyes. While not her primary means of surveillance around these parts, actively going after her or her organization without so much as a warning shot was inexcusable; absolutely crossing the line. Despite her being somewhat the passive aggressor in trying to arrest the Rangers every second they got, THIS was ample enough reason to go after them.

And the blistering white-hot fury that was bottling up inside of Melanie showcased that distasteful gesture through her lively eyes.

Sheer: So that's how you plan to bullshit me?

She hisses at the screen, shutting off the computer connected to the console controls and storming off out of the room.

The Rangers were lucky that they didn't have to contend with her at least for another few minutes. All six were contended on cleaning up the rest of Zedd's mess, specifically evacuating the poor stranded fleshing still stuck in the drink. With fifty plus people either up on higher ground or placed safely on make-shift rafts, the Rangers made lemonade out of a single squeezed lemon....

....and they barely helped got everyone out alive that they could find.

And their final victim that merely avoided a watery grave thanks to them was a 16 year old boy shivering from the cold and merely shuddering from being soggy in the drink for merely twenty whole minutes. Had Billy, Trini and Zack not come to his rescue, this would've been a very different story to tell at the dinner table later tonight.

While his parents were on higher ground elsewhere, it was best to keep the young man barely above the now trepid flood, with Billy staying close to him as a form of heat and Zack and Trini comforting him verbally.

Black Ranger: Hey hey hey, look at me. Look at us.

The best they could that is.

Yellow Ranger: It's going to be alright. What's your name?

He hesitates before giving an answer.

Boy: Fr--Fred.

Black Ranger: Well listen Fred you're gonna be alright. Just stay close to us.

He lifted Fred up and he the Blue and Yellow Rangers evacuated him tending to get him to the higher grounds

Meanwhile the Red Green and Pink Rangers held the putties off while Tommy explained.... BARELY his encounter with Zedd

Red Ranger: You saw him?!

He threw a kick at the two Putties in his way

Green Ranger: Yeah.

He lunged one Putty to two more knocking all three of them down

Green Ranger: Ugly dude. Not one you want to take to the prom.

Pink Ranger: If it's that bad must be that gross.

She drop kicked three putties at once and lunged back another from behind her

Green Ranger: Just the point is....

Tommy slices a Putty's arm off with his sword of darkness with Jason stabbing one in the Z with his own sword making it explode

Green Ranger:.... Zordon wasn't kidding that he was burnt. Under that silver armor and mask he--- hold that thought.

Tommy was interrupted by a Pitty charging bat him he countered it off with his dagger

Green Ranger: He's definitely an alien Freddy Krueger.

Jason was about to reply till....a giant golden scorpion tail wrapped around him pulling him away and Tommy was kicked from behind.... Goldar

Kim turns when Scorpina threw Jason aside

Scorpina: Ahh good to be back in the game!

Pink Ranger: Hogan's?!

Goldar: The Hogan's are gone!

Scorpina: There's only Scorpina.

Goldar: And GOLDAR!

He charges at Kimberly to shoot her now at him stunning him down

But Scorpina swings her tail knocking the bow out of her hands and wrap it around her too

Pink Ranger: HEY! GET OFF ME!

When Tommy and Jason recover they see Scorpina pulling Kimberly to her

Green and Red Rangers (Both): KIMBERLY!!

No time to waste Jason attacks Scorpina from behind forcing her to drop Kim soon caught by Tommy

Green Ranger: I gotcha.

Pink Ranger: Thanks.

Scorpina forces Jason off and he lands by Tommy and Kimberly as they helped him up and the Golden twins stood side by side smirking at them

The Ranger trio looked back at them Tommy and Kimberly were more cautious but Jason was more ready for action

Red Ranger: You guys took your time coming out of hiding.

Goldar: With Rita out of comtion and The Dark Lord's return we couldn't miss this opportunity.

Pink Ranger: Zordon said Zedd has you under his control like Rita had Tommy. We can help you both.

Scorpina: Why would we accept YOUR help Power Brats! You HUMILIATED us the last time and we're here to return the favor!

Green Ranger: It's not too late.

Goldar: For you it is...TRAITOR!

Green Ranger: Let's take them together till the others get back. First we'll surround them. And then---

Red Ranger: I'm taking them NOW!!

Jason charged at them only to get SLAPPED aside by Scorpina's tail knocking him aside again knocking him out leaving Tommy and Kimberly alone with her and Goldar

But not for long.

Goldar: Ugh……not the most suitable setting accountable to befit your inevitable demise.

Scorpion: I must say, brother, you speak wisely.

This left both adolescents-turned-young adults in a prickly mood. No guesses were needed as to what they meant by that but with that indication also came the revelation that they’d be falling straight into another one-in-a-million placed trap.

Not that it mattered anyway, seeing that the Rangers essentially rescued every other person drowning about in the flood and foiled only a part of their plan. Unfortunately, that was just the thing: this was a multi-part carefully constructed list of instructions that needed to be carried out with the prestigious of ease.

One tiny crack, any more complications and these two would already be on the losing end again.

Scorpina: Eyes on the prize, twerps.

She sneers aloud before vanishing in a warped portal of dark brown and black mist, leaving them just a step behind.

Just a simple glance about from each other and they both knew they couldn’t stay down here any longer.

Green Ranger: I’ll give chase. Rally the others and try to keep up.

A simple nod and gesture passes from Kim before the two split up, venturing off in opposite directions; Kim bolting back towards the other Rangers and helping them readjust the trajectory of their current situation while Tommy gave chance, sprinting like Bolt in a 200 hundred meter dash….

….before leaping off the edge of a house, just as its roof completely caves in on itself and crumbled to pieces. This left Tommy leaping off towards the mountains.

Putting him in close proximity with Zack’s home and the gold mines, Tommy somehow knew this ventured far beyond the confines of one of his friends and allies home. So around the Pit and bottomless ravine he went…..

….past Zack’s house he goes….

….until coming alongside the train tracks, the latter of which stretches just outside the city lines. Last time this train was used in case of an emergency, it was during Rita’s last attack on the city, where Zack had ordered the police to take any remaining survivors out the city and to the train to take them away for the foreseeable future.

APEX lended a reluctant helping hand to those proceedings as well but only thanks to Zack’s wise words. It was because of him that them and Melanie Sheer in general had reached somewhat of a dysfunctional but also stable impasse until further notice. She thinks they walk out of line again, she’d come after them.

A horrifying sentiment that neither Tommy or the others could possibly hope to accept right now as college and jobs were already on their mind as growing up is a beast…..but one they’d now have to come to terms with as Tommy would soon discover.

Finally halting, the reason as to why the Rangers were meant to be brought here comes clear as amongst the orange-brown grain of the deserted terrain laid two bodies.

APEX soldiers.


In that moment, Tommy knew he was in trouble....and something was gonna come along to burst his bubble.

Not much time left Tommy tapped on his communicator reaching Zordon

Green Ranger: Zordon I found dead bodies in the mines. I recognize they're APEX agents. And they're deaths look recent. So must not have been too long ago. I'm gonna examine them and send you the results.

Very good Tommy.

Tommy cut the contacts and kneed down and scanned the wound of the first victim and when he examined the results he felt.....

.....a little....

.....light headed

He grabbed his head and then he felt hot burns and it was ragging he couldn't grab hold of it due to the helmet and then......

.....his P.O.V. FLASHED

Another vision kicked in and what Tommy saw in this one was more intense than the other one

He saw bits of Zedd sitting in a thrown.....with Angel Grove in ruins a glimpse of the zeo crystal Rita.....

......opening a pit with a boney hand rising out of it.....

....a candle from green magic wax

Kimberly in his arms.....DEAD

And the vision ends........ a glimpse unknown Ranger or some figure that looks like one in the shadows with his back turned and he laughed like Tommy did when he was under the Green with Evil


Tommy finally snaps out of the vision he was on the ground out of breath only to see himself being confronted...... APEEX soldiers pointing their weapons at him

The Green Ranger seemed to be in more trouble than he thought with Sheer walking through her men to confront him

Sheer: The Green Ranger I presume. We meet at last.

She happen to notice the bodies and looked back to the Green Ranger with a serious expression

Sheer: I knew you all were murders.

Green Ranger: What?! You think I---

He almost made a move but a gun was clicked at him

Sheer: Green're under arrest.

Tommy was taken back at the same time he put his hands up

Meanwhile back with the Rangers Kimberly had already rounded everyone and told them about Goldar and Scorpina which brought Billy chills knowing who they are on the inside

Blue Ranger: So the Hogans are back?

Pink Ranger: They don't call themselves the Hogans anymore. They've assumed themselves as the real Goldar and Scorpina now.

Red Ranger: I'll tell ya: That tail of hers packs a more deadly punch than just the stinger.

Pink Ranger: None the less they're out to get all us than just you Billy.

Yellow Ranger: Then let's just find Tommy and end this already.

Black Ranger: Where is he anyway?

Kimberly almost answered till.....


Red Ranger: Hey that's Alpha!

Everyone tapped on their communicators

Yellow Ranger: What's up Alpha?

Tommy needs your help the APEX are apprehending him at the gold mines. Hurry!

Red Ranger: APEX....I knew they couldn't be trusted.

Blue Ranger: Easy Boss. They maybe on the opposite side from us saving the world but they're not our enemies. We'll never know if we'll need their help one day.

Pink Ranger: Well till we do we need to stop them from arresting Tommy.

Red Ranger: Hang on partner.

The Rangers took their coins and set the teleporter at the command center transporting to mines

As if that was yet another predicament they just HAD to stick their grubby hands in the middle of.

In a quick color-graded brigade of rainbow fluorescent light, the lockdown teleportation to Tommy’s location placed them squarely n next to him, dazing everyone in the area except for Tommy himself. Brief but effective, the APEX agents and Sheer quickly turned themselves away from the light, said brightness glistening on for only 8 seconds.

The churning feeling in their stomachs as they came to realize exactly what they stepped into lasted longer. Kim could hardly catch a whiff of the coppery smell of blood of the deceased APEX agents beside her and Zack before her sights turned back to the Agents…..

…..all handguns, SMGs, and rifles aiming back up to Tommy.

And then with them now showing up, the A-Ok was given to double the firepower, pressing more guns up against all the other Rangers.

Sheer: Jackpot.

Peachy as ever, Jason thought.

Black Ranger: You’re making a mistake.

It surprisingly takes Sheer no time to gradually turn her gaze over to the Black Ranger, the only member of the team she’s actually had direct contact with up until this point. Having made a temporary truce with him to help escort fleeing civilians during the last big monster attack, it was a memory she hadn’t long since forgotten.

Was it one she’d like to? Probably.

Crunching her boots up against the gravel as she approached Zack. All eyes were essentially on the both of them, in the most unconventional but tensest of moments.

Sheer: Hasn’t been long, Mr. Black.

Black Ranger: What happened to our little conversation, director?

Sheer: Said it yourself: you step out of line, we’d have to Duke it out later at some point. Needless to say, you working with the enemy…..

She growls with the lost utmost of confidence with guns still pointed at Tommy’s dome.

Sheer:….I call that a direct violation.

Black Ranger: What happened to being the heroes? You think turning us in will boost your stock or notoriety when Angel Grove is in need of people like us?

Sheer: Well, people like the lot of you further wrecked the social establishment that this town had set in stone. In any other state or big city, the police would’ve made nabbing you rebels priority #1. I’m the one making the hard decisions the AGPD are still fumbling about to call so you should all be thanking us.

Yellow Ranger: Thank you? YOU want US to THANK YOU? For further causing Angel Grove twice the amount of money it needs to rebuild?

Sheer: Certain precautions we couldn’t avoid. But it’s better than playing Cain And Abel with a liability and then doing kiss and make-up afterward. This isn’t the Brady Bunch.

A fancy way of saying even with all Tommy did to try and make up for what Rita had him do, he still somehow got off way easier than he probably deserved and that would’ve been a blatantly defeatist argument…..if Tommy hadn’t found himself in agreement with her.

Sure, he’s now in full control of his actions and a much better job was done on gradually keeping a lid on his rather explosive disorder of bodily harm but that doesn’t mean it’s completely depleted. Not to mention the team already had its fair share of naysayers.

Most of which had already quadrupled in size thanks to an attack he carried out. The few supporters visible felt like a little blimp on his radar….

….and playing up to his ego was exactly the play in mind for Melanie, callously bypassing the Pink and Red Ranger. Tommy felt her pulse almost stead-locking with each breath drawn and step directed towards him; an Amanda Waller-esque figure who commanded an entire room.

He felt no fear. And neither did she.

Sheer: I got a special cell in tow…..with your name on it.

Now they were stuck between a rock and, supposedly, a hard place. APEX was essentially ordering the Rangers to move out of the way and give up one of their own members or they’d be forced to fire upon them.

The main six had tried explaining their actions to no avail while noticing most of their line of fire was still aimed directly at Tommy. Given he was who indirectly started the chain of events that led to the town being totaled again leading to Rita’s resurgence, it made sense Melanie would order her men to keep an eye on him.

And it seemed like time was calling them to and fro, as the Doppler effect of axled wheels chugging along the tracks from a measurable distance away assured everyone there that they would eventually have to move.

Scorpina, however, wasn’t in the mood however to sit and watch as she surveyed the scene from afar undetected, hoping to get the drop on them right as the actual train chugged on down beside them.

It would’ve worked.....

.....hadn’t Billy been anticipating the ambush.

With no leeway and no warning, Billy threw down a colored smoke bomb, disorienting both the APEX guards and Scorpina from afar. Unfortunately, she blindly leaps into the smoke before Billy tackles her midway through just as the train came by.

They were lucky to ricochet off the metal onto the top of the train or their strength would’ve taken it off the tracks and totaled it. With the other Rangers not too far behind him atop of the train, it leads to both individuals tumbling alongside the train before their fingers or claws both scrape the top of one of my crates on the freight train.

For now, it was just Billy and the shadow of what used to be Aubrey Hogan.

They seemed to be out of APEX’s hair again.....just not for long.

Scorpina lunged her tail but the Blue Ranger leaps over it drawing his lanterns clashing at the deadly hybrid

Blue Ranger: Aubrey! I know you're still in there! Zedd did this to you! I know you blame me for the accident that killed BOTH our fathers but this isn't you! Tommy was under Rita's control but we freed him! We can free you and Jacob too!

Scorpina: Aubrey Hogan is GONE! IT'S SCORPINA!!!

She pushed him to the other car of the train then the other Rangers charged in to attack

Clashing with their weapons at her too hardly to any avail

Three APEX agents came up shooting at ALL of them which they almost hit Jason when he ducked down

Red Ranger: HEY WATCH IT!

Scorpina swats him AGAIN just for Billy to recover with APEX running at them

Red Ranger: Alright they want to fight they GOT ONE!

Green Ranger: Boss NO!

Not heeding Tommy's plea Jason charged at them and he knocked their weapons out of their hands

Green Ranger ran after him while the others still held off Scorpina


.....that Zedd was heading their way

The Red Ranger fought off any APEX agents that came their way completely ignoring the consequences of the reputation this will create for them

However Tommy pulled him away from them but forced to kick one agent coming their way

Green Ranger: What'd you doing?!

Red Ranger: What'd you think?! They attack us they're the enemy!

Green Ranger: And they're same about us only cause they think we're serial killers. We can't feed into their status!

Red Ranger: Then how else are we suppose to keep them off our backs?!

They heard a shriek behind them turning to see Scorpina coming their way

She slashed Tommy forcing him down to almost to fall off the train but grabbed the edge

Red Ranger: TOMMY!

Jason ran to him and grabs his hands but Scorpina pulls him away and she looks down to Tommy a sinister smirk and lift her foot

Scorpina: End of the line TRAITOR!

The heroic Green Ranger turns away till suddenly just before Scorpina was about to kick him off the train

Trini and Billy attacked her from behind and Kimberly tended to Tommy

Pink Ranger: Hang on I got ya.

Tommy grabbed her hand and she pulls him back up

Far at the end of the train little did our six heroes know......

......The Dark Lord lands on top of the engine car

He chuckled and pointed his staff at the engine BLASTING it causing it to tumble the Rangers APEX agents and Scorpina felt it and the train began to loose control and then it ran off the track and tilts off and.....

....crashes HARD on the ground with dust blowing off

APEX agents on the train were CRUSHED Scorpina.....God knows what happened to her

But as it cleared the Rangers recovered they coughed tilting back up on their feet

Red Ranger: Alright who's not dead? Road call.

Yellow Ranger: Present.

Black Ranger: Still in one piece.

Blue Ranger: Noting broken. Except my ass.

Pink Ranger: Guys.....Tommy's not breathing.

Rangers: What??

They all rushed to Kimberly holding Tommy in her arms

He wasn't breathing but his heart was still active from the thrashing he took from Scorpina and the train crash

Kimberly worried beyond sick but just as she opened his face shield the rest did the same but then Tommy woke up gasping for air

He probably didn't have oxygen through his helmet after the train crashed knocking him unconscious

Kimberly embraced Tommy relieved he was alive

Billy: You okay big guy?

Tommy: I guess so. My side's a little sore.

Jason: Can you still move?

Tommy: Yeah. Piece of cake.

Kim helped him up again as did Billy

Jason: Where's Scorpina?

Trini: Don't know. She could have fled before the crash.

Jason: Just our luck. APEX will probably blame us for this too.

I don't think it's them you need to worry about....I fear.

That dark sinister voice spooked the teenagers with attitude enough to turn around and before they're very eyes

Lord Zedd appeared from the mist more menacing and sinister

Remembering earlier Tommy instantly


Lord Zedd: That's LORD Zedd to you boy. And I take you teenage whipper snappers are Zordon's new Power Rangers. Hehehe....this is too good to be true. For one thing....Rita has lost her touch that she couldn't squash a pair of cockroaches!

Jason: You're one to talk. You could have come down here yourself and do your own dirty work.

Lord Zedd: Ha! Another Red Ranger with a arragont big mouth. Not much seems to have changed the last sixty five million years.

Billy: So you were the one pulling the strings. You sent Rita Goldar and Scorpina here to attack our planet just for a stupid crystal? Making you just as responsible for my death Trini's attack and Tommy's brainwashing!

Lord Zedd: Pretty smart. For a mere infant wearing armor.

Trini: So let me came back here to finish what you sent Rita to start. Use the Hogan's to attack us take the crystal and take over the world.

Lord Zedd: Not just the word my dear. The ENTIRE universe.

Zack: Well not on our watch! We stopped Rita twice. And we will stop you.

The Dark Lord let out the loudest maniacal laugh it echoed through the train aftermath

Lord Zedd: Save your warnings boy. I have lead conquest millions of eons before you were born.

Jason: Won't stop us from trying.

Tommy: Guys... Zordon said we shouldn't fight this guy yet. I tried but he was too fast.

Jason: Maybe for one Ranger. But let's see how he deals with all six.

Kimberly: Jason Tommy's right. Zordon said he and his team weren't any match for him.

Trini: Yeah what good can we do.

Jason: True team work. That's what Alpha said back at the cave. Come on he's already here. Why turn back?

Zack: I say we fight.

Billy: I don't know...but you're the leader Jason.

Tommy and the girls weren't sure about this but hoped Jason knew what he was doing and then

All six Rangers sealed their face shields preparing for battle

Lord Zedd: Foolish children. You do not know who I truly am or what I am capable of. But if you want to play. THEN LET'S PLAY.

And play they did.

More specifically, play, HE did.

One swipe of his right hand and a shadow shockwave emanated through his entire body, crumbling the very ground beneath him. Essentially rippling the dirt and gravel into microscopic pebbles of dust, the ripple effect from the shockwave SLAMS through all six Rangers like a Mac truck, all of them tumbling backward away from the opposition like basketballs.

The VERY FIRST ATTACK launches the Rangers back a mile and a half away from him, denting and damaging their suits in the process.

From that one move alone, it had the group reconsidering going back to the ship and while Jason was somewhat in agreement, he explained the least they could do now was hold the line for as long as they could, seeing that now they had no choice but to fight back.

Zedd finally ushered to move forward and approach the six, slowly cracking his neck from both sides. The Rangers just brought out their weapons and got in defensive mode, for they had no idea what to expect from their new adversary.

Lord Zedd: If any of you even present so much as a challenge, face me NOW.

He holds his hands out to his side while still holding the scepter in his other hand. He was actually giving them the chance to attack him. That was just unusual to ALL of them......

.....but that didn't mean they were gonna sit back and do nothing.

Red Ranger: Alright then.....

He holds his hand out to the side and his resonating Power sword pixelated out of thin air and attaches onto his arm.

Red Ranger: You want a fight? I'll give you a fight!

Jason charged at Zedd with his sword and as soon as he attacks, Zedd deflects it with his scepter and after a not-so-close encounter, he quickly knocked the sword out his hand and UPPERCUTS him with so much force, it sends him FLYING off his feet before he crashing down onto the ground.....


Jason practically left a crater where he laid.

Green Ranger: Jason!

Seeing his friend manhandled like THAT made Tommy the next one to go forward, unsheathing his golden sword.......and he too attacked Zedd who, ONCE AGAIN, deflected it HIS with his scepter.

To be tolerable, their fight lasted a little longer than Jason's since Tommy's armor protected him from most of the damage. And Tommy did get a little offense in, but he wasn't able to land a single hit on Zedd anywhere.

And THAT is when Zedd finally got rid of him, quickly swinging his scepter around, which clocked the Green Ranger square across his helmet and leaves him woozy, as he stumbles to the ground.

But just as he gets back up, Zedd blasts him back.

Pink Ranger: No!

Yellow Ranger: That's it! This guy is pissing me off! Attack him at once!

The rest of the Rangers, stuck in desperation, went forward to attack him with their own weapons but once again, it didn't do them any good at all. Zedd continued to block and counter EVERY SINGLE one of their moves to the point at which it seemed like fighting a self-conscious computer A.I in a video game.

It didn't matter what the team did; whether it was one on one, double team, behind, front, all sides: Zedd had them flustered and beat at every corner.

Absolutely embarrassing.

A backhand towards a hot-headed Zack later, Zedd’s composure began to loosen from the stiff, monotone, static emperor that was described in recent days. Truly, he had waited for this day and only this day for millennia.

Billy bombards him with a running knee to the chin the instant he turns back around. With more body shots to follow, Zedd simply backsteps an attempted sweep of the legs and then sidesteps a pele kick to the dome of his head. The instant Billy springs back up to his feet….

….a discus clothesline from out of nowhere turns the Blue Ranger inside and he lands flat on his back.

Kimberly finally got one such advantage, jumping up to him from behind and wrapping her legs around his arms to limit his mobility; tarantula style. It essentially left him wide open for a recuperating Jason to charge forward and high speeds and clock Zedd across the face with a flying knee.

He drops his staff as a result.

Tommy took a similar approach but instead went low, taking one foot out from underneath him….at least that was the plan. Zedd actually stepped over us leg and just booted him across the face; enough ample time to reposition his arms around only just…..

…..leaping up midair before thrusting himself backward, slamming Kimberly into a nearby boxcar of the disassembled train. Squished between a rock and hard place, Kimberly bellows aloud, releasing Zedd from her grasp.

No sooner should Zedd step down from midair picking up his staff again, he effortlessly dodges and running pump forearm from Jason. Two more punches missed later, he goes low, aiming at Zedd’s abdomen with a kick but he gets caught. With his leg fastened between the Dark Lord’s right arm and armpit, there were one of many ways this would go and neither would be pretty.

Unfortunately, Billy wasn’t much help to Jason. One big boot to his face later and he was flat on his back again.

This left the leader to take the full brunt of the next attack; Zedd resting his left hand on his chest while his other arm gripped tightly around his leg and he lifts Jason straight up off the ground for a one legged spinebuster.

And bust his spine he did, the instant Jason met the ground again.

Zedd hardly had maneuvered over to the next course meal before he felt a faint sting barely grazing his burned, ashy skin. No bullet could leave an impact like that on him; bullets couldn’t even penetrate through his body.

More cannon blasts shake and stir him from the backside, actively agitating him. Finally, he turns around, swatting the oblong ovular energy blast behind him.

Zack wasn’t startled…..hardly.

Lord Zedd: Strong enough to have it all…..

Converting his cannon back into his trusty axe, that meant slicing from Zack’s side of the pond, this was more blind fury and frustration emanating out of him than any competent strategy coming to play. Swinging like a madman, he hardly gets any leverage on the Dark Lord hellbent on their destruction.

Another swing of the axe later, Zack finally scores a hit on his right hip. Coked up high on adrenaline, he goes for another swing to the back of the disfigured monsters head before Zedd ducks it and catches his arm, whips him forward, and then turns him inside out with another clothesline.

He lifts him up off his feet….

Lord Zedd:…..too weak to TAKE IT!

…..and a single punch to Zack’s face launches him back, hurdling him into a boxcar into the train.

Zack was down for the count severely injured from the impact

Blue Ranger: Zack!!

Pink Ranger: He's too powerful. We need to retreat!

Yellow Ranger: No way! This guy killed my grandparents. He's going down!

Trini charged at the Dark Lord with her daggers only to get countered by his staff and lunged her away and she fell hard rolling on the ground

Tommy and Jason clashed at Zedd with their swords and him with his staff Zedd kicks Jason away and continued to counter Tommy's attacks

Kimberly tried to attack from behind but at the last second he turns lunging Kimberly away and a second after does the same to Tommy

Now The Dark Lord turns his attention to the Blue Ranger which made his heart jump.....TWICE

Blue Ranger: OH GEEZ!

Lord Zedd: Geez? That's it? No clever comment? I was looking forward to it.

Billy put aside his fears and charged at him with his lanterns but Zedd easily dodged them and he FLICKERS him away

Billy was down for the count too

Tommy and Jason barely stood back up as Trini crawled to Kimberly to aid her

Yellow Ranger: You okay?

Pink Ranger: Barely.....

Green Ranger: I told you he's too fast. Our team efforts no good.

Red Ranger: He's got to have a weak point somewhere. I got one more idea. Tommy get him distracted and I'll go for an open attack.

Pink Ranger: I already tried that. It didn't work. He turned a second I made a move. It's like he has eyes on the back of his head.

Red Ranger: Damn....

Lord Zedd: What's the matter Power Rangers? Run out of plans? Heheehe.....don't be too surprised the Rangers before you were no different from you. It wasn't hard pulling Rita down to the pit and wipe them out. The thing is....when it comes to just have to know which buttons to push. And you young Red Ranger.....I see so much anger in you. You want to overcome me yet can't. And your ego your pride and even arrogance will overcome you. That's how Zordon fell under my feet and it cost him his body his friends and you are on that road repeating his failings.

Red Ranger: FAIL THIS!

Jason charged at him

Green Ranger: JASON NO! NO!

Zedd blasted his staff at him before he got ten steps away from him forcing him back and he hits the others forcing them to hit another car of the train

They hit harder than Zack did and Zedd laughs

Lord Zedd: Hahahahahaha!!! Pathetic! Earth's greatest defenders crippled by pride and ambition!

Tommy steadied himself which Zedd approached him

Lord Zedd: You my boy I'm more impressed with. You shown no matter how much I brake you....your fighting spirit proves to be stronger. There's something about you that makes you different than the other five. I can expect better things from you than Rita.

Green Ranger: Go.....SCREW yourself.

Taken back with that Zedd KICKS him down to the ground pinning him down with his foot

Lord Zedd: What a waste! Now time to die!

Zedd kept STOMPING and PINNING him on the ground making Tommy yell in agony the pain of his stomps was HARD enough it was cracking his armor

Kimberly looked up and saw in horror Zedd torturing her new love interest

She teared up but grew angry able to stand pointing her bow at him


She took a shot but suddenly Zedd turned again catching the arrow but that gave the Green Ranger one split second to lift the Dragon Dagger and STABS Zedd in the ankle

Zedd let out an agonizing roar and while distracted but the burn of the pain Tommy kicks the newly rival off and tap on his

Green Ranger: Alpha.....activate the teleporter.....bring us back to the ship.

Ayeyaiyai, you answered. Me and Zordon were worried sick about you; where were you?

Green Ranger: You really need to ask?

He really didn’t. The unnerving silence gave him all the answers needed and the expected reaction was foreseen literally a mile away.

You kids……are the worst!

Green Ranger: Just hurry up, ok?!

What did we tell you about making promises you can’t keep?!

Green Ranger: He attacked us first! Just rework that gizmo down there and do your damn job! We’re getting massacred!

That’s all he could say before the conversation was abruptly cut off by a hurdling Zack heading his way. Tommy, barely anticipating it, leaps up to match Zack’s aerial position before grabbing his hand and re-shifting the gravity midair….

….to where he hurdles Zack back towards Zedd and knocks him woozy with a corkscrew cyclone kick, right to the chin.

An opening present, Jason takes a page out of his quarterback days and charges straight into Zedd, attempting to knock him both down.....but only manages to simply skid Zedd across the gravelly terrain. The next 10 seconds is Jason repeatedly trying and failing to lift his disfigured body off the ground while the Lord’s feet kept skidding across the ground, further angering.

Fed up, Zedd simply knees Jason up in the chin, disorienting him and allowing him to chuck the leader aside…..

….or so he thinks because Jason is able to roll him up from behind and take his eyes off the prize off of him for longer than a few seconds.

The Dark Lord is then unfortunately is met with a double knee face-breaker from a sly Trini and with the distraction comes a roundhouse from Billy to the back of his head, knocking him closer to the ground but still having him planted firmly on his knees.

Red Ranger: Guys! On me!

At his word, the rest of the Rangers quickly regrouped, albeit sloppy following the beating they took. The least they were instructed to do was to lock Zedd in their grasps.

While Jason stayed where he was, intertwining his arms around Zedd’s right leg and hip, Billy did the same for his other leg, leaving Kimberly and Zack to lock in his arms and hold him back…..

….practically leaving him wide open in a Bow and Arrow position.

Red Ranger: GOD!

Blue Ranger: PULL HARDER!

Black Ranger: STAY STILL!

Pink Ranger: ARGGHHH!

With him held still, free shots were exchanged by a visibly shaken but battle-driven Tommy and Trini, the latter of whom relished in the chance of taking out her anger on the man who took away her grandparents.

Slash here.

Punch there.

Elbow there.

Kick here.

Cheap shot there.

Cheap shot over there.

Lord Zedd: ENOUGH!!!!

His eyes radiating with rage, his visor erupts with great anger and venomous fury, blasting up at the sky with enough radiance and force that the feedback generates an incinerator explosive wave as a shield… that immediately blows Jason, Billy, Kim, and Zack back away from him.

Trini was a tad bit unlucky, actively getting blinded by his laser beams and tumbling backward from him as well.

Tommy got it the worst. As the one actively up in the air intended to hurl his sword down through his head, Zedd’s visor blast literally burst into his face and entire body and add on top the explosive wave that came with the lasers, he was in full proximity of the blast and in taking the full brunt of it…..

…..crash-landed a full half a mile away from the, crashing into the boxcar again.

Zedd chomped at the bit to see this, quickly recovering from his momentary withheld hold with relative ease. It was a long, trudging stroll back up to the decommissioned train, his legs meeting the ground as if they were old friends eager to meet again and again and again.

In some ways, that would be true…..if what he assumed about Tommy was indeed real.

Finally, the long hike to the boxcar was finished; Zedd walking up the bloody mess on the floor that had quickly become his enemy. His adversary.

He was grotesque. Already Tommy’s eyes were bloodshot here, swollen over there and bloody spit drooled from his slack jaws. His face hardly ashy upon the visor blast shattering his face shield and his armor now as charred and battle-damaged as his enemy with visible tears in the warping metal.

Tommy was now as revolting as he should be in Zedd’s eyes; finally, the outside reflected the man within: the man he hoped he’d be.

Lord Zedd: There is more to your future than you know……

The Green Ranger was helpless due to his injury Zedd would have either attacked or torture him again but before he could....

Zedd felt a shot deflected off his armor and turned around

It was Sheer pointing her gun at him

Sheer: Drop the weapon freak show!

Green Ranger: No's too powerful!

Sheer: Yeah am I. You're ALL under arrest!

Lord Zedd: Old fool!

Sheer took a shot but Zedd deflected her bullet with his staff flying back at her and....her own bullet HITS her in the shoulder

Sheer let out a painful yell and fell Zedd laughs at her fall and turns back to Tommy who ran up despite his injury attacking Zedd with his sword of darkness but The Dark Lord caught the blade......

.....with his BARE hand laughing and...gripped it hard he......

.....BRAKES the sword

Green Ranger: No!

Lord Zedd: Yes!

He kicks Tommy right where he was injured he yells out falling over

Green Ranger: Alpha....what's the hold up. We need help!

Sorry Tommy I'm having trouble locking on to your coordinates. Just hang on for two more minutes.

Green Ranger: You better hurry I don't think we got two minutes! We may not have one.

Desperate Jason had one more idea.....

Red Ranger: We....need....dinozord Rangers.....power up your coins!

Every Ranger had their coins up harnessing them as for Tommy he plays his flute calling the Dragonzord again

And this time it responded in a roar within the caves as did the Tyrannosaurs Rex and Sabretooth-Tiger

The Mastodon trumpets with the Pterodactyl shrieking and Triceratops bellowing

The ground cracks for a moment and then BAM!

The zords POP out with four of them raging down the desert with the Dragonzoerd Pterodactyl flying above them

Zedd hears the impacts from the stomps the Zords were making and turns to direction which were still miles away and The Dark Lord looked back to our heroes as they all regrouped limping from the beating they took

Red Rangers: Alright guys are our only shot. If they can't beat him. I don't know what will.

Pink Ranger: Jason we're barley able to stand. We might not work the words well.

Red Ranger: We got to try.

And soon with Zedd charged at them

Green Ranger: Here he comes.....Alpha HURRY UP!

Locked in!

Zedd finally gets close, intended to lunge down on top of Tommy with his staff. Instead, Trini intervenes. It left her on the offense briefly, given attacking head-on wouldn’t really work since his armor and durability would more than likely trip her up.

So she quickly memorized Zedd’s steps and swings with the staff, barely, before finally catching an opening and ducking the last swing. Before Zedd can even bring it back, Trini flips a dismal three feet away but not before knocking him woozy with a kick to the chin.

No sooner should she recover, Trini unleashes a charged force of energy internally and blows Zedd a few feet back, his feet skidding the dirt. It doesn’t take him off his feet in the slightest more than it pisses him off. Flying back up with malicious intent in mind, he again charges down on Trini again.

Except this time, Trini avoids it coming down, noticing him before unsheathing her daggers out of thin air.

Yellow Ranger: En garde, dickhead.

In the supreme moment of too little, too late, pixie dust circled around the six Trix-cereal colored Rangers, locking them in an invisible force field and teleporting them away from the field of battle… well as their approaching Megazords, just as Zedd fired a bolt of lightning out from his staff and hit nothing but empty air.

Striking out, seeing as he had only hit the ground 23 degrees in front of him, he knew he missed them: an essentially blunt P.S post-it-note that Zordon and Alpha barely recuperated from his onslaught and brought them back home….

….much to the provocative annoyance of the Dark Lord.

Growling underneath his breath but not too disappointed with the results he was met with, Zedd just went about staring up at the sky.

After the rain had subsided, the grey stood still; a woolen grey shawl of wispy silver upon the peaks of the mountain darkening into charcoal. The kind of grey that would make any quarry rock proud, as if they were so pleased to echo the earth. All the grey, all that swirling water in the sky, condensation was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

The sight was good for only a few more seconds of viewing before the Dark Lord slammed the butt of his staff down towards the terrain, vanishing from the scene in a defiant huff.

Only thing left behind was an ailing Melanie…..

…..and more of his ashy residue.

Graciously and miraculously, all six Rangers were beamed back to the Command Center with all their limbs intact but their reputation on understandably hollow ground.

The group struggled to get to the front of the chamber, having to carry each other just to get to that point and Zordon and Alpha didn't try to say anything when brought face to face with them. They were more concerned about the safety of their well-being than being disappointed in them.

Tommy took the longest time walking away from his pad, clenching his stomach and dragging his feet across the marble floor before he collapsed onto his knees.

Everyone was quick to jump to Tommy’s aid, their face masks retracted down.

Zack: I think I’d prefer fighting Rita from now on.

Shakier, heavy breathing follows while everyone else nods in agreement. But now was the time to get serious.

Zordon: What were you kids thinking?

Condescending eyes shot up at Zordon’s tube almost immediately; their mention was even trying to hide how patronizing he sounded in that manner; like he forgot that he had sent them out to stop a flood caused by his minions. Not once did he say anything about avoiding contact with Zedd.

It was bound to happen eventually.

Trini: No no no no no, don’t do that. Don’t you dare give us that ‘I told you so’ petty shit. We couldn’t avoid him forever; I couldn’t do that.

Billy: Zeddy somehow found us and made the first move on us. We kind of had to fight back.

Jason: Guys, stop. It was my bad; it was my idea to have us all hold the line instead of just run away.

Alpha: Then you don’t mind if I share some of the blame too?

Kimberly: Alpha, you were just doing your j—

Alpha: Zedd attacked us first.

Yet another thing that was conveniently left out of the conversation from earlier but nothing that wasn’t expected.

Alpha: I bollocksed up, not setting off your callback inhibitors from your suits to the teleported earlier. If I hadn’t momentarily switched the power from the backup generator, he would’ve made his way down here…..and he would’ve eventually found that.

Pointing over to the viewing globe, now blank, the Crystal radiated from within, sparkling.

But that attention is soon placed back on Tommy, still groaning heavily from his injuries. Blood still dripped from his mouth as his face, now illuminated in light, looked even more swollen than before. He wrestles on through, manually slugging up to one knee, wobbly.

He was in no condition to stand, let alone walk.

Alpha: I’ll get Tommy to the medic wing.

Kimberly: I’ll come with.

Jason: Same.

Tommy: No, I’m—let me just—

His body eventually gave out again as he dropped down to his knees once more.

His collapse concerned everyone Kimberly the most they ran up to him trying to catch him

Rangers: TOMMY!

Kimberly had hold of his shoulder when the others helped him back up

Jason: Hang in there partner.

Tommy let out painful grunts just as Alpha took hold of him but Kimberly wouldn't let go of him

Alpha: Kimberly he needs medical attention. You need to let me give it to him

Kimberly: But----

Tommy: I'll be alright....I promise.

Kimberly hesitantly let him go while nodding and Alpha carried him away with Kim still worried sick just as Jason and the others turned to Zordon

Jason: Look Zordon I take full responsibility for the fight against Zedd when he attacked I lead the battle.

Zordon: That was irresponsible indeed. I expected better from you Jason. But given Zedd came on all of's not entirely your fault. I'm just relieved you're all in one piece.

Trini: As relieved as we all are....Zedd could still be taring shit up. We could have try and stopped him with the zords.

Zordon: In your current conditions it be a futile. Besides your words wouldn't be able to stop him either.

Jason: How could they not stop him? Can't they just smush him?

Zordon: They could yes. But Lord Zedd's power is highly strong.

Trini: Something's gotta hurt him.

Zordon: Well till we figure it out we must play this by the book.

They were completely stumped even Rita in her cell feared the worst Zedd will more than likely come for her again

But in the medic wing Tommy had already passed out as Alpha had already got him on the bed his injury was more server than the others

Alpha: *Ayi ayi ayi. Zedd really did a number on you. Just don't do anything stupid like die on me.

Alpha began scanning the wound and it was pretty sever not sever enough to kill him but enough he couldn't fight for days

And they didn't had days before Zedd takes over the world

Alpha: Come on Tommy we need you.

Suddenly Alpha got a reading that something was acting up from the I-pad he was holding

Alpha: What in Phados is.......

The readings on the pad made Alpha freeze in his tracks like he discovered the eighth wonder of the world

Alpha: It can't be.....

A minute later Alpha came out an elevator entering the deepest part of the caves where ALL the items they kept are held....

....including Rita's scepter

Alpha walked down the path and at the end was held....a small but steel box

Alpha took hold of it and looked at it for a moment and slowly opens it.....


.....another power coin.....

.....a WHITE coin

Forged from the farthest stretch of the universe, a tad farther than where Zedd was conceived, this chalks up Item #6 on the list of things Zordon and himself couldn’t be bothered to tell the rest of the team about. But unlike previous millennia, they had actually had a good reason for such an extreme measure to take.

He knew more about the algid White Light than he had let on when Tommy, Billy, and Trin eventually told him about it after their little encounter with Rita. With its white shell casing covering a gold crystallized gem inside the coin, it was originally written off as just a rumor; another would-be trinket lost to the sands of time as a desperate means by some goody two shoes to rewrite the natural order.

But eventually, the rumors and hearsay quickly began circling out the drain and into fruition until a once said fabrication became a reality. Upon its discovery, Alpha kept the coin and stored it into safekeeping until the means of the last resort: one Alpha was unsure of to finally use.

His eyes still squinting at the exuberant rays of white and gold flashing in his face, Zordon’s humanoid-mechanical assistant wasn’t ready to pull the plug on what this could mean yet.

Alpha: Don’t be a bust, don’t be a bust. Please don’t be a bust…..

Ushering aloud to himself rather frantically, he again pulls out his virtual digital IPad and switched on to medical and physiological diagnosis on Tommy. Surely enough, the feedback delivered via the White Coin caused the device to act up yet again.

The closer he moved the IPad to the coin, the less decipherable the screen became. More static, more glitches, more code being scrambled across both his device and his eyes, as he shared a jointed vision to the device he scrolled also.

Eventually, the IPad shut itself off abruptly. It was safe to assume it had found its user.

Alpha: Aye-yai-yai…….we found him.

Found what?

Jumping from the feedback of the echoing voice, Alpha had failed to notice Billy following him down there shortly after he had exited the elevator, but still frantically moving about, closed the case and shoved it aside.

This is what happens when you spend the last few million years in lonely confinement and you get close to an autistic child amongst many others: he started slipping. But not to his detriment or anyone else's, regardless of the situation occurring.

Alpha: Yiswol obewia phina shzka!

Billy: Seriously?

Alpha: Where'd you come from?

Billy: I'm technically an explorer by nature and you're not exactly a light walker.

Alpha facepalms.

Billy: Also, what's that?

He points to the case.

Alpha: That…..

He ponders looking back at the case before expressing his case to Billy, with confidence.

Alpha:… a last resort.....for a worst-case scenario I pray does not come to pass.

Billy: And why is that?

Alpha: Because it should've never happened.

Billy: Again why is that?

Alpha: Mainly cause....we didn't think it would. Look I don't have time to explain. You need to be up in the command center with the others.

Billy: Just answer this is THIS last resort gonna help us stop that Zedd dude?

Alpha: I don't know. Maybe....It's hard to describe. But look I need to check on Tommy.

Billy couldn't argue with that Tommy needed to he healed soon as possible before going after Zedd again which isn't likely to be long

But even as he let Alpha leave the caves Billy's curiosity was still getting the better of him

In the medic wing Alpha entered where Tommy was still out but breathing silently but painfully from the wound

Alpha still wasn't sure about this nor understand how whatever was happening IS happening

Billy was standing outside more curious what was in that box but couldn't see it with Alpha holding it in front of it

Alpha opened the box revealing the shining White Coin and when it was near Tommy it glowed BRIGHTER than earlier Billy still didn't see the coin but he was blind by the light and Alpha was dumbfounded by it

He REALLY never believed this coin would choose anyone and......

.....the coin shined upon Tommy and HEALED his wound....slowly but FULLY like it was never there

And all of a sudden.....

Tommy gasps himself awake like he just cached his breath when getting out of water both Billy and Alpha were struck in shock

Alpha closed the box before anyone noticed it

Alpha:'re alright?!

Tommy: Yeah....somehow I feel like a million bucks. What the heck just happened?

Alpha: I'll...tell you later right now you're needed at the command center.

They just turned around to see Billy by the exit

Tommy: Billy?

Alpha: How long were you there?

Billy: What.....the hell.....kind of light.....was THAT?!

Again, sometimes getting too close has its difficult dividends.

Now with his robotic jewels caught in a vise, there was only other one other way out of this; in fragments that is.

Fragments, however, was what Melanie could’ve been had she just played it smart out there against Zedd and not shown up. Cause now this was where she was at: cooped up in the bathroom with her back literally up against the wall, her own bullet ricocheted into her left shoulder.

Having already started the homemade self-rehabilitation process, she had already went on to start, pouring Tylenol on her shoulder, drenching her tank top in the process as she gritted her teeth in affliction. And then came a nearby gun stapler which she proceeded to fire into the gaping hole that penetrated her shoulder.

Front and back.


And again.

And again.

Her face clearly tensing up in discomfort never elevates far beyond ‘Just barely holding it in: a testament to how long she had been in business and even longer towards her time out in the field.

Experience that Bull and Skull severely lacked.....

....if the ongoing debacle about the train crash bombarding the news stopped popping up every damn second on people's TV screens.

Speaking of....the adventurous duo walked in when Sheer was being treated she asked for their presence

Skull: You wanted to see us Director?

Sheer: Yes Eugene. I have a task for both of you.

Bulk: Wow! For us?! Does it involve finding the Power Rangers?

Sheer: Sort of. They were spotted at the train crash. I have a feeling this Zedd character is Incahoots with them he was there at the scene right when I stepped in. The son of a bitch somehow deflected one of my own bullets. But I have a feeling they'll strike again soon. I mean REAL soon. So I'd start with downtown. If anything happens out of the ordinary I want you two take recon pictures. Our satellite will pick up anything you shoot.

Bulk: That's it?

Sheer: That's it. You two will pick up your cameras from my Quarterback. However if anything should turn up like say....a weapon or anything that's connected to the Power Rangers bring them to me.

Bulk: We're on it.

The duo left the room just when Sheer was now getting bandaged up

Walking down the hall Bulk was fully on board with their assignments but Skull was still sinking inside from singing up with APEX in the first place

Bulk: Oh yeah our first assignment. The moment of truth of APEX Agent Bulkeimer. Just wait Skull in a few days I'll be assign in the White House protecting the President.

Skull: Oh please. You'd never take a bullet for anyone.

Bulk: Just jealous Skull. Jealous I may shine more.

Skull: That's what you said about getting into that karate commercial.

Bulk: That was back in sixth grade. Plus I almost had that part.

Skull: But on the other hand I'm still unsure if this APEX thing is even a good idea. Even if we're helping them find the Power Rangers. Plus Sheer wants to arrest them. And if she does who will protect us?

Bulk: Who cares? Sheer promised us big money after we find them.

Skull: Is the money even worth making us wide open for more alien attacks? We're practically in the middle of one right now. This Zedd thing everyone's talking about is probably more than likely gonna wipe us all out. Rita tried TWICE and the Power Rangers stopped her TWICE. What if they're the only ones can stop him? If we help Sheer catch them.....the end of the world will be on us.

Bulk: You worry too much.

Skull: I'm just saying Sheer thinks our town is in ruins cause of the Power Rangers....but they got us out of trouble more than once. When the Green Ranger was a bad guy he attacked AG High and the Rangers chased him off. The Black Ranger even saved our asses during the Dragonzord attack.

Bulk: And that was solid but I'm in it for the money. Are you?

Skull: Course I am but----

Bulk: Then quit whining.

Bulk and Skull went silent as they picked up their cameras from the Quarterback as Sheer said instructed how they work they took test shots and soon left on their way

Mr. Skullovitch, however, was actively finding himself on the edge of a conundrum.

There was a feeling in his gut that said, "no," but another in his heart that said, "yes." Cause what is he if he doesn’t fight to find the courage to do what is right for others? What are he and Bulk? What if Sheer knows more about the Rangers than they do and what they’re being led to will uncover something rather unpleasant. That’s called being apprehensive as if he was afraid of being apprehended by something or someone…..

…..but it's all rubbish really, isn't it? When we choose to be brave instead of being the puppets of fear, everything gets better.

At least that was the perception Skull tried to drill into his mind with a few predetermined slaps to his own face, weirding out his best friend. Bulk could tell he was a little apprehensive, but that is the most natural of emotions when we see something or someone that has the potential to bring wonderfulness into their lives. That emotion was mirrored in his soul; he’d hope to rub it off on Skull really soon.

Besides, this was a real moment, significant and potent into them finally becoming something more than laughingstocks.

How the turntables have turned for the Rangers.

After many trickling hours cooped up in the ship which somehow felt more than a few days, the team was finally leaving. Mostly.

Tommy and Billy were the last to exit the ship fully, the revolving metal of the double doors gradually crunching shut behind them all while Billy was left rubbing his head in stitches following what could only be described as informational overload. He was a pretty smart kid on his own so the fact that whatever Alpha told him and Tommy left him too flabbergasted to speak….

….Tommy could understand exactly what that meant.

Billy: I mean—what part of that—Does that mean, for you—

Tommy: I wish I knew how to respond to that.

Billy: But what if it is? I mean--how do we--

Tommy: Let's not worry about that now. Cause from the looks of it.....

His voice lowers the further into the Pit he and Billy ventured into, the stalagmites caved in with pebbles and dirt and boulders eerily matching the mood now being set by the rest of the Rangers near the exit of the Pit; Jason, Kim, Trini, and Zack just waiting for the two to come around.

Tommy:.....we may have bigger issues.

If the glaring posturing faces of anguish is anything to take into consideration, none of them were happy about what Zordon had to say to them: the kind of parental pressure that came from any willing parent paranoid about what thing to do was the right thing. The pecking order was as dysfunctional as it was large......

....a sentiment widely reflected in the teams faces across from Tommy and Billy, both of whom caught wind of the potential news

Tommy: Well?

Kimberly: He told us to stay away from Zedd next time we see him.


Begrudgingly, everyone nods with the mere exception of Trini, her arms crossed and sucking her teeth in disappointment. Not being granted the distinct notion of getting her hands around the neck of the monster who took her grandparents away from her was annoyingly infuriating.

BIlly, admittedly didn't take kindly to that announcement either.

Tommy: All this for nothing?

Zack: I think Zordon's only trying to scare us. We can't assume it's the end just yet.

Billy: But we just saw what happened out there. We barely held our own.

Zack: Well, I rather go down fighting.

Billy: Suicide! This is Suicide, guys and you know it!

That didn’t really go over well. He couldn’t help but notice how static Trini was after that. Nothing had brought her to that big of a dead end since Tommy whipped their asses when Rita had him under his thumb. Even Tommy from looking knew this was uncommon for Trin to be.....vocally or non-vocally stumped....and she was already the mysterious silent type.

The feeling of falling to the Earth unmoving, as if she been shot in the head with a shotgun in Modern Warfare, laying prone with a ghillie suit on almost represented something rather toxic.

She finally inches forward and stared at him, almost visually dumbfounded at what she just heard.

Billy: What?

Trini: This isn’t the Billy I’m used to hearing. What happened to the bright and observant counter-culture man I’ve been hanging out with? The guy that took some time out his journey of self-discovery to help with some of my homework? What happened to you, Billy?

Billy: Nothing happened to me, Trin! It’s just we haven’t come across something this massive of a threat before especially, to this extent.

Trini: So? I’ve never known you as someone to back down easily.

Billy: I’m not backing down from anything. I just don’t know what we can do here. We need more time. Cause ther—

Trini: TIme we don't have! The bastard killed my grandparents, ok?! Zordon literally just told us to put our hands up in the air and cuff ourselves to the wall so Zeddy can bareback screw us over and you're telling me you're ok with that?

Tommy: Don't put words in his mouth; he never said that.

Zack: Then what are you saying, Bill?

Billy: I'm saying considering how easily he molly-whopped us, I don't think we're in any position to question that.

Tommy: He's right. Guys Zordon may have a good reason wanting us to avoid. We all saw him action at the train crash. And he manhandled us like we were nothing. This guy rocked us like a hurricane.

Zack: Does that even matter? If Zedd attacks the town again we suppose to just sit here?


The four looked to where that voice came from

Jason and Kimberly entered with determination

Jason: We do what we tried to do earlier. We use the Zords.

Billy: The Zords?

Jason: I know Zordon doesn't like the idea of taking him on with them but since we hardly had a chance by hand.....the Megazord maybe our last shot.

Kimberly: Jason Zordon said himself they can't stop him either.

Trini: Maybe not separately. But he said nothing about the Megazord.

Jason: Exactly. Alpha said true teamwork will nail him. Maybe that's the Megazord.

Billy: And what if it isn't?

Jason: You got any better ideas?!

Tommy: I think that's besides the point. Maybe we should just do more training. See if----


Jason's outburst made everyone freeze looking at him it seemed like......Jason's anger problem which was the first to pop in his head seeing their friends faces

Jason: Tommy.....I'm sorry. I just lost it there.......but what was the point in all this? Zordon told us himself Zedd brought Rita into what she is. He obviously trained us for this. If we can't find Zedd then what was the point in all this? Besides.......if we don't deal with this now......soon.....well no will get a nickel from their grandmother.

Trini: Now than the Jared Leto joker laugh when we first heard Tommy's maniacal laugh.

Tommy: Gee thanks for bringing that up!

Trini: Sorry! Sorry....but guys Jason's right. This is exactly what Zordon trained us for. If we can't fight Zedd then why bother?

Tommy: Probably cause we're ready?

Billy: And that he turned us into slash dummies he pounded on?

Jason: That's besides the point! Innocent people are dying. And soon Zedd will come for us anyway. He came here waaaaay before he came at us. So if Zedd's attacks don't draw us out he'll come back here. And I rather get a jump on him than on us.

Once again Jason had them beat though Tommy Billy and Kimberly were hesitant about this they nodded in agreement

Jason: Alright. Let's DO this.

The six came to where the zords were stored morphed into their armors locking in their seats

Jason: Alright! Locked and load. Road call.

Tommy: Dragonzord.

Zack: Mastodon.

Kimberly: Pterodactyl.

Billy: Triceratops.

Trini: Sabor tooth-tiger.

Jason: Tyrannosaurs. LET'S MOVE OUT!

Set in their ways, only half of the group knew going into this that whether this worked out or not, none of them were going to walk out of this ‘A rock and a hard place’ conundrum, nevertheless the same they walked into it.

All of them left the battlefield earlier today with their reputations and dignities in taters, arguably just as bad if not worse than what Rita dished out on them and Zordon and Alpha practically telling them to not do anything about it? They weren’t going to let that slide.

They had to make a move.

Yet somehow they always made one before the actual police did; annoyingly so.

Not that Bebe minded anymore. At least he believed he was in the comfort of an outside force who, despite the hardships and mishaps they cause along the way, actively tried to make up for it when it counted.

If only his dear ol’ dad could feel the same.….mostly, that is.

Zedd’s rather frivolous display of carnage this afternoon left the lieutenant’s son in a rather bitter mood, leaving more of their normally quiet town in the same state of disrepair as it was after the encounter with Rita. Their forces were still ridiculously understaffed even by the usual standards and with APEX focusing more of their concern on fighting the symptoms rather than the disease themselves (i.e, the Rangers and the AGPD), it was pretty much a game of hide and go seek, waiting to see if the disconcerting smoke and mirrors would drop again.

Lord knows it will sooner or later.

Bebe: You know they're gonna blame this on us.

Stone: I can already hear the pipes calling; the day in the life of an everyman.

Bebe: Waiting until this dies down won't do anything for our cause.

Stone: And neither is letting Sheer get the better of us.

That took him off balance a little bit. He knew his dad as the middleman of most situations so the last thing he expected was for him to actively pick a side; aloud.

The glare the Lieutenant received from his own son told the bulk of the story right off the margin.

Bebe: Thought you weren't one to pick sides.

Stone: Who said i was?

Bebe: So you're not agreeing with Sheer but you don't think we should do anything?

Stone: The fact that we didn't do anything at that train crash is more than for Sheer to weaponize against us but her acts of callous carelessness is just as big of a factor for the uproar in destruction as everything else. She talks a big game but out there.....

Upon pointing out the window towards the drab, bleak skies of the quiet town, one that looked as dead as a dodo, the sudden blip of pink flashing through the air was a slight blink-and-you'll-miss-it spectacle that Bebe needed to squint his eyes to see if he actually saw that.

That was the Pink Pterodactyl zord. Something was wrong.

Stone:....actions speak loudly than any speech she's ever written.

Bebe: Oh shit!

Stone: Don't ask surprised. You know this already.

Bebe: No, wait wait! You're missing it!

Jerome, not having to pry his son further to take any hints, gets the gist immediately and turns around, only to have both of his windowsills bombarded with a carbon fiber metallic shade of red sliding alongside the outside of the precient, each crunching stomp rattling the very structure of the building as if struck by a 5.3 magnitude Earthquake.

Often felt, but only causes minor damage to its surroundings.

The T-Rex Battlezord rushes past the precinct, its tail hardly skimming the building while the Doppler effect of trampling footsteps continue with the Mastadon zord pounding the tarmac of the road not too far behind.

Triceratops and the Sabertooth tiger were a few seconds late, but nevertheless left the Lieutenant and his son in awe.....

....and very disquieting. It hadn't even been a full hour since the Rangers were on the news and they were already back out in the open?

No point in them literally bringing out their zords unless something catastrophic was just waiting to go down. It was at that moment for Bebe the smoke and mirrors finally dropped yet again.

Back to work for the two of them as they both sprinted towards the front door.

Stone: You get to ground level and find Colton. I'll rally the rest of the guys.

Bebe: Where do we go from there?

Stone: The refugee camp.

From there it was they had a sinking feeling what to find there

The zords on their side soon took different directions Jason ordered to cover every direction

He and Trini took East Billy and Zack West Tommy and Kimberly scout the skies given their zords can fly and while searching....they had time to talk on the communicators

Kimberly: You holding up well?

Tommy: Yeah. You?

Hanging in there.

Kimberly:....Just...I got worried the way Jason wasn't listening to you about this Zedd thing. And the way he snapped.....

It's fine really. He....told me about his anger problems.

Kimberly: Technically I told you right after Billy made your walkie talkie after detention finally ended.

Tommy: With the whole year.

You know what I mean.

Kimberly: With everything that's happen I know Jason hot in the head. He was even like that......when we----

Kim stopped for a moment but Tommy already knew what she was about to say

Tommy: So you two were dating.

Kimberly: We....kissed once....yeah. But that was it. I mean before we met Jacob and Aubrey.....he walked me home but was it. But other than that. We were never really together.

But why?

Tommy: He did say at the bonfire you were.

Kimberly: Well you know how men are. offense.

None taken.

Kimberly: Course he would assume we were a couple. It's just.....


I wasn't myself back then.

Kimberly: Not my true myself. I mean you know I was a cyber bully back in my day.....after my dad and brother died and my mom's second marriage everything was beyond my control. And all I can think about was how much I wanted control again. And when Jason told me he hated Angel Grove....I felt I was......

She went silent again for a moment

....In control again.

Tommy: up with him felt bad if you were controlling him?

Yes she did but also she can't deny how she feels about Tommy but wasn't ready to fess up yet

Kimberly: Yes.

Kimberly told him one truth just not the other

I don't think I deserved him after that. I couldn't let my dad and brother go or forgive my mom for moving on so sudden.

Kimberly: And when you came opened my eyes.

Tommy: How did I do that?

Kimberly: You....inspired us all. When you told us about the fights you been in and....the shop lifting....even when you stood up to Bulk and Skull for me in brought light in our group.

And when Rita brain washed you.....

Kimberly: We.... I stopped at nothing to get you back.

God Kim.

Tommy: I don't know what to say.

Take time to think about it.

Kimberly: Before we have dinner with your parents.


You were asking me to have dinner with your folks weren't you?

Tommy: Oh yeah I----

Kimberly: Then after this....if we lived through this......I'll come.

Tommy chuckled and continued their patrol but were unaware......

Jason.....was the only one who heard them through his communications and he......

....went out of focus from the mission.......

…..and frowned.

He shouldn’t have even been surprised by this: Kim had inadvertently gave him the pink slip that what they had wasn’t going to work anymore, through no fault of her own or his own via their promise. Putting the entire fate of the planet at risk because both of them became so intertwined that they’d get emotionally involved was not going to just fly under the radar.

Resisting the urge to ball up his fists, Jason allowed himself to, at the very least, close his eyes; catching his breath as shallowly as he could muster. With this much seething venom still building up in his amygdala, merely stuffing it down was hardly an antidote.

Thankfully, another crackle over the speakers linked between all six zords broke his immersion; Zack finally broke up the awkward silence.

Zack: Well, umm……got to say I wasn’t expecting a sight like this.

Trini: What do you mean?

This was normally the time where the sight that bombards one field of vision was often too extravagant for the eyes to see and the mind to comprehend so the best that could be done was to just say ‘Come see for yourself’. But for once, not this time.

One could say that seeing the Angel Grove Police Department literally crowding around the refugee camps was a sight for sore eyes but in the context of what already went down this summer, their rapid-fast appearance outside of there already added a wrinkle into the Rangers plans….

….potentially for better and for worse.

Zack: Ummm, got some company at the refugee camps. Look like half the AGPD is there.

Kimberly: Wait wait wait, you mean the police are waiting for us?

Billy: We’re limping around in giant walking tanks; of course they’d take issue with that. But what do we do now?

A few seconds pass before Zack gives back a response to everyone.

Zack: The rest of you guys, meet up with me and Billy there. We could use their help.

Jason: And risk them frisking us the same manner in which APEX always does it? You sure you’ve thought this through?

Zack: I’ve spoken to the Chief and one of the officers before; I believe we’re in good standing with them. Besides, they wouldn’t be fully mobilized if they didn’t catch on to our current situation.

He had a valid point there: for all of the work they did over the past few decades at that, only recently with the Rangers own inclusion into the picture did the AGPD hardly do much to intervene in on the action and whenever they did, it was always after the fact. Now that the town is almost in shambles and desperately trying to build itself back up, the AGPD have a lot more on the line now.

Officially getting in with the Rangers good graces could mean a lot in the long run; unfortunately, that would also mean grappling with the possibility of their souls on their conscious. And Jason knows a good deal about using others trust and durability to his own gain in the past, mostly to disastrous effects.

Finding a tiny soft spot in that shriveled but caring heart of his, Jason couldn’t turn that opportunity down.

Jason: Everyone on me; meet up with Zack at the camps.

Zack: Thanks, boss.

For the actual cops, it was yet another waiting game at the front of the refugee camps.

Bebe: You sure about this? Thought you weren’t a fan.

Stone: Never said I was, Bebe. But desperate times call for desperate measures and they appear to know a lot more than we do.

Colton: Here they come!

The Zords approached them and soon enough all six regrouped and the Dragon and Pterodactyl zords landed beside the Mastodon with the other three stopping right beside them they all lowered their heads opening the hatches revealing the Rangers with their face shields on

Bebe Colton and Stone were frozen beyond belief to encounter the Rangers officially for the first time ever

The six heroes stepped out all standing together face to face with their friendly neighborhood police men

Jason regaining his focus more locked his eyes more on them remembering his house arrest days

Colton approached them carefully and lifted his hand up

Colton: Power Rangers. It's a pleasure....I'm Chief Colton of Angel Grove Police.

Tommy stepped forward and shook his hand

Green Ranger: Pleasure....I mean officially.

Colton: Yes. After all the criminals you helped us catch we been in your dept more than we owe you.

Bebe: But either guys understand why we're here right?

Red Ranger: Just hope not to arrest us. Cause whatever APEX told you we didn't do it.

Colton: We know. And we believe you. APEX has been trying to run our town each time they come here and EXPECT us to fallow in line. But hell with them. We actually like to help since you helped us God knows how many times.

Green Ranger: We appreciate the offer Chief but....what we're dealing with isn't like the criminals we brought in. In fact this guy is a thousand times worse than Rita.

Yellow: Yeah we really got our asses handed to us at the train.

Stone: How bad?

Black Ranger: BAD bad.

Red Ranger: We're dealing with an alien that has the strength of ten or twenty aliens.

Colton: Tell us everything. I think if we know what you all knew may help.

The Rangers looked at each other before turning back to the cops and Red Ranger stepped beside the Green

Red Ranger: Here's what you need to know.

Cutting to down town with a lot of crowds chattering Bulk and Skull were at the heart of the city waiting for something to happen taking pictures of the crowds all though it's not much for APEX to use but got to start somewhere

As Bulk took his first set Skull was still unsure of what they were doing and what APEX is doing still believing if they won everything they would open our world wide open for more alien attacks

Skull nodded in disbelief lowering his camera and Bulk soon turned around noticing him

Bulk: Hey! Why aren't you taking your pictures?

Skull: Sorry I zoned out.

Bulk: Stay focus. Think about the money.

They resumed their photo shoot

Camera shutters flashing all about, it wasn’t uncommon for some unlucky pedestrians to be blinded by the flash and quickly scurry away or just brush by the two chucklenuts via shoulder bumping.

Even outside of high school and with one more year out from actually graduating, they were already rubbing people the wrong way. Sickening.

And it was about to get worse.

For the second time in a single day, rumbling from up above condensed water in the air and as Skull looked upwards, more clouds slowly rolled into formation in form of yet another grey sky swirl of stoic gravitas. Those that gathered, a silver-fade, from the strongest of grey to soft whites, took command of the skies once more today.

Yet normally, what this weather promises, life-giving rain for the parched soil and a chance for new seeds to grow? That would not be the only outcome this atmospheric pressure would have to offer as a reverberation of thunder awoke. A sound cocoon in the black and silver sitting above Bulk and Skull, it came as if it were the petals to a flower fairy, umbrella and cocoon: a roared promise of rain.

Skull: Not again….

And then the unvaried, recurrent, wearisome zig-zag of stop-start lightning, Thunder, and humidity tag abruptly delved into a horrifying sight.

The clouds resonating higher up in the Earths mesosphere, up to 50 miles high in the sky, bled out from a silvery grey to a faint orange before evanescing into a dark shade of red and purple; large-scale electrical discharges occurred high above the cumulonimbus clouds, giving rise to a quite varied range of visual shapes flickering in the sky. Usually triggered by the discharges of positive lightning between an underlying thundercloud and the ground, these red sprites normally happen at night.

And the reddish-orange purple flashes flash a fraction of a second after strong lightning strokes, soaring up almost 60 miles high so nobody’s even supposed to physically see them with the naked eye.

These red sprites of lighting blitzes were visible for everyone in ground zero to witness and while Bulk and Skull were definitely startled, neither ran away.

Other crowded civilians did out of fear the worst would come but the others were just as confused as those two were.

But a quick glance between each other later and now the opportunity that had been assigned to them would come into fruition. Finally, fortune had favored the bold, and luck had come their way.

Taking the bait, Bulk and Skull immediately sprint left, following the trail of clouds down towards the refugee camps…..

….where a bewildered police force and Rangers gawked over the change in scenery; a kaleidoscope of hellfire and sparkling aura bursts of red and purple where an ensuing thunderstorm of grey once stood.

Slowly inching their heads down from the air and back down to face each other, the threat was evident.

Blue Ranger: Guess that’s our cue.

Red Ranger: Lieutenant, got everything?

Stone: Crystal. Just don’t get too far ahead of us.

Nodding ahead, Red Ranger is quick to sprint back to his T-Rex and leap back up into his cockpit, locking himself into his seat before reactivating the big prehistoric zord.

With his teammates not too far behind, a collective of roaring blasted the area upon their re-activation and Tommy was the first to thrust his levers forward and have the Dragonzord take off away from the refugee camp.

Kim’s Pterodactyl was quick to barrel-roll off the ground to pick up speed and catch up with Trini, Zack, Billy, and Jason all playing catch up, intending to do their part in the plan.

With all six trampling over the tarmac road and heading out the barriers of the city, Now it was time for the Lieutenant and the rest of the Angel Grove Police Department to do their part.

Stone: Men! Half of you go with Colton; I want all of Angel Grove barricaded from the inside out. Nobody goes in or out the city limits under any circumstances; don’t wanna take any chances. The rest of you, you’re with me. Stay on my tail. Bebe, ride with me.

From out of the clouds more lightning struck causing a panic downtown people heard that distinct laugh echoing above and right before their eyes a cloud image of Zedd's head appears like at Trini's grandparents farm and this time..... spoke

Earthlings of Angel Grove I am Lord Zedd. Emperor of all he see's! I here by assuming command over your world. The Power Rangers will be more than welcome to try and stop me along with anyone who tends to fight back.....but will pay the heaviest price! Prepare for my arrival!

Lightning strikes again causing a bigger panic and soon enough Goldar and Scorpina appear from the mist in GIGANTIC forms roaring

With the Rangers finally leaving the city they get an alert of the distress

Jason: Now what?!

Trini: Getting an alert of siezement activity.

Tommy: It's gotta be Zedd.

Billy: know who's.

Jason: Turn back.

From there the words were forced to change course and minutes later Billy's prediction was right

Tommy: Well look who's back.

Billy: Somehow I knew we'd run into them soon.

Zack: What now Boss?

Jason: We need to lead them out of the city prevent any casualties. Let's draw their attention lead them back to the refuge.

Kimberly: Right.

The six split in threes and when Tommy hovered down above the Tyrannosaurs he....soon.....felt a chest pain and a little woozy

He grunted placing his hand on his helmet getting a hold of himself regaining his focus

Tommy: Ugh.....

You okay Tommy?

Tommy: Yeah. Fine. I....just zoned out for a minute. I'm fine now.

Jason: Happens to the best of us partner. Let's do this! Tommy Kimberly fly at them and get their attention.

Tommy: On it.

The Dragonzord and Pterodactyl fly above them roaring and shrieking getting the beasts attention and lead them spotting the other zords and charged at them

Zack: Here they come.

Jason: LET'S MOVE!

The 75-foot tall battle zords suddenly switching trajectory and turning back around while scraping the pavement was one of many curveballs shoved into the proceedings that Stone and the other cops had only a split seconds notice to prepare for. The instant he saw the T-Rex’s feet scrape the tarmac while making a completely 180, he radios in the other police cruisers behind him.

Stone: Everyone turn around. Turn around now!

Adapting to caveats in any plan came as an essential factor in the process and now did not come off as an exception. A Doppler effect of tires screeching in sync occurred as the cops broke formation and backed away from the giant zords, curving off and zig-zagging out of their field of trajectory…..

….and just in time too. Goldar and Scorpina, having been baited in by the distraction, charged blindly ahead at the four remaining grounded zords. In doing so, they get bombarded with an endless onslaught of laser gunfire blasting at them from all angles; the four Dinozords making use of their cannons to distract the monsters at bay.

Yet another distraction on their behalf.

Jason: Billy!

Billy: Armed, ready and….

His right hand massaging a digital blue orb on the control panel, the digital loading clock finished its clockwise rotation and beeped upon completion. Nothing holding him back, Billy presses down on the button.

Billy: It’s away!

A few more feet trudged forward, the Triceratops takes a tiny gallop forward ahead of the rest of the four zords and with a bounce in its step, practically leaps up into the air and charges into Scorpina’s midsection….

….while activating the zords energy shockwave attack, pushing the scorpion-based warrior back onto her brother as they tumbled on top of one another. Unfortunately, the shockwave matched more to that of a concussive blast as the ongoing area of pressure expanding supersonically outward from an explosive core expanded beyond just the release dispersal.

Everything within a ten-mile radius of the impact within the city felt the full force of that shockwave; as if another bad omen had been cast over the poor town recipients for what has to be the twentieth time in the past year already. Thirty civilians already took it upon themselves to just bolt for the quickest way away from the scene.

I guess Bulk and Skull had no common sense yet again. Then again, why would they when both halves of the supposed cause of Angel Grove’s increasing deterioration landed squarely in their field of vision? Especially with the Rangers quickly inching away from their supposed enemies?

Luck once again beat them too it and they couldn’t refuse.

Bull: That—that’s them. They’re right there! Camera, camera, cameras! They’re right there!

Skull: I got it, I got it!

A few camera shutters and quick pics later, they had some shreds of physical ‘evidence’ in their back pocket for…..whatever Melanie had planned for later. And it would only get bigger from there.

Skull’s camera scrolled upwards and his heart lodged up into his throat with the Dragonzord indirectly hovering over him. Bulks eyes drooled over at the sight of this serpentine carbon-fiber metallic of a dragon as it lowered itself down beneath its supposed prey; extending its back claws out and around the necks of both Goldar and Scorpina.

Some choking trickles out from the siblings as the Dragonzord lifts them both off the ground before flapping away from the refugee camp, another cue for Stone, Bebe, and the rest of the cops to once again follow suit. It wasn't until the Pterodactyl zord came soaring in under and over the two numbnuts also that they decided to phone in Melanie.

Skull: Call Melanie. Call her!

Already on it, Bulk dials in.

This better be good.

Bulk: Rangers just picked up Goldar and freaky mutant Scorpina. They're leaving town now.

They're leaving town?

Bulk: Probably to carry the fight elsewhere; prevent any more damage.

Follow them. Keep me updated.

Bulk: On it.

With Power Ranger and Police force combined they held the Golden twins at bay

Skull hesitantly but kept taking his pics

Stone and his men kept firing with the T-Rex opening fire but Scorpina swat them with the tail knocking the Tyrannosaur to the ground

Jason: Ugh! Tommy we need some fire power!

On it!

The Dragonzord roars while flying and blows fire at both monsters which knocks them down at first but hardly breaking a sweat

Not that fire didn't do any damage but merely pissed them off

Bulk kept talking to Sheer on the phone but Skull just froze

Bulk: Looks bad Director. From the first set of pictures we just sent you they lead the creatures out of the city so unlikely to be any civilian casualties. But some shit's likely to go down.

I'm looking at them now. I just sent reinforcements. Take more if you can then get the hell out of there!

Bulk: Yes maim.

He cuts the line

Bulk: Let's get a few more and we're out of here.

Skull didn't responded remaining still locking eyes at the event Bulk kept taking pics

Bebe lead a SWAT team to move in on the scene and were armed and ready

Bebe: Alright remember take positions and do not fire till my signal. MOVE!

They spread out to move to their positions but the SWATS in the back....started getting SNAGGED out of the wind One. By. One.

And soon many were snagged off and it didn't take long for Bebe to loose contact with them

Bebe: SWAT 2 come in. I lost your signal. Are you all okay?

No response

Bebe: I repeat SWAT 2 report.

Still no response.

Desperate Bebe contacted his father

Bebe: Dad?? You hear from the secoond the SWAT?

No I lost their signal. What's going on?

Bebe: I don't know I'm gonna reach the first team. SWAT 1 this is Officer Bebe. I need immediate contact. Over.


The last thing both Bebe and Jerome heard.....was static

And then the worse came.

Red lightning illuminated a brilliant pathway above, lifting the eyes of everyone present on the grassy terrain skyward, bringing even the slowest soul-pulses back into a steady and strong rhythm. It came as Earth's AED, as if her heart needed a jump start…..

…..before crackling through the stratosphere and striking the Dragonzord through its metallic armor plating and carbon-fiber mesh ribs. Rocking Tommy from within his cockpit, his precious Dragon almost immediately malfunctioned upon the point of impact, spraying sparks from the joints, elbows and neck.

He was now a sitting duck for everyone to see.

Rangers: TOMMY!

(Don’t worry, no one can hear that)

Scrambling for balance, Tommy yanks back at his levers, shaking in unison with the diving Dragonzord and failing to get any response out of his personal zord. No matter how hard he pulled back on his personal controllers, him simply being jacked into place wouldn’t prevent further injuries.

140 feet off the ground and further careening down into a solid dip, Tommy reaches for the far right of his cockpit, slamming down on the blinking “EJECT” button before his cockpit inched out and away between the external and internal structure of his zord, mutating into an escape pod and launching out.

The metallic covering around the pod guaranteed a safe, if not, durable exit. And given how close the Dragonzord was from actually crashing, the pod was left flipping over on itself six separate times before coming to a complete stop, encasing itself into the ground.

Tommy peeped out seeing his Dragonzord crash land not too far beside where he landed, lifting the dirt out from its soil and blindsiding Bebe and Lieutenant Stone. The Rangers were lucky….

….only if they didn’t have to be blinded before being attacked again by their adversaries, merely ducking a burning slash from Goldar’s sword. The Tyrannosaurus bought everyone else time with a simple push against the chest, a momentary lapse of feet within the distance metric.

Zedd had effortlessly thrown Goldar and Scorpina the biggest bone he could muster while throwing the Rangers themselves under the biggest bus he had available by actively severing their contact with the Green Ranger, arguably the most dangerous and the one with the most potential.

Realizing this, this called for a complete do-over on everyone’s plans…..all except for the giant twins who looked to make every second count now, with one giant stomp.

Zack: Everybody MOVE!

And everyone did, barely. Only a few scraps of metal flew off the handle once Trini and Billy rolled their zords out of the way. Immediately, Trini goes off on Scorpina, firing as many projectile blasts as possible to little effect.

The opportunity came for Billy to redirect his Tricera zord back around and aim for the back of her left leg. A simple tug and full speed ahead charge later, the horns of the zord crammed up against her from behind, causing a muscle spasm that temporarily distracts Scorpina.

Scorpina: ARGH! Pests!

Billy: Charley horses are the worst, amirite?

Normally, the extreme pain of it comes from the continued contraction. The contraction goes beyond what you want to do; the muscle fatigues, it starts hurting, you say, 'all right stop,' but it's doing it on its own — it's not your idea, it's an involuntary action.

Except here, the pain came from an outside source, premeditated. Adding insult to injury, the cannons on the Triceratops' horns blast directly into her leg, causing the pain to burrow further.

Just enough for the Sabertooth zord to pounce up her prone leg and scratch her across the face. Still airborne, the tigers claws crunch down on her left shoulder…..

…..only to get caught in the grasp of the familiar telescoping tail. Crunching down on the metal hull and body, Trini can immediately feel the pressure doubling from within her cockpit almost squishing her.

Thank god for Kimberly sweeping in out of the blue like Tarzan to literally swoop Trini out of the giant scorpions' grasp.

Jason and Zack were taking more physical abuse from her brother on the other side.

Try as the latter might, blinding Goldar with steam in the face was cooped up to a minor inconvenience to the giant molten gargoyle.

It was clear that separate, they’d score very little chance, especially with Tommy’s zord totaled. But combined, the opportunity to level the playing field still looked heavily at large.

Jason: Thinking what I’m thinking, Zack?

Zack: Don’t see any other way around it. Everyone, fasten up!

Telescoping back on both levers, the final stub towards the top left button within his cockpit set the turntables in motion for the inevitable.

Zack: We need Megazord power NOW!

Quickly establishing the next move at hand, both the T-Rex and Mastodon ram into Goldar’s calves to host a response out of him to separate them from one another. With heat building up from within going through his hand, Goldar slams his hand through the terrain, spontaneously sparks the grassy terrain with fire and lava…..

….pushing both Jason and Zack’s zords back, just in time for the Pterodactyl to soar in from behind and scoop up the Tyrannosaurus with ease, thanks to its magnetic grapples on its undercarriage.

Backpedaling the opposite direction, the back-end of the Mastodon rotates outwards a few screws and pops out before telescoping up and outwards while burying its six legs in its hull. Zack’s cockpit shifts upwards into the upper thigh of the leg.

Just in time for the Triceratops to follow the same route, it was just two hopping legs in the middle of a now charred field of grass. The bouncing legs hardly avoided a string of venom from Scorpina’s tail, springing about.

The Sabertooth Tiger evened matters a little bit, its teeth biting down on the head of the former Aubrey before rolling over back on the ground and flipping over on its front paws, and slotting in its back legs. Pouncing forward, the Sabertooth slots its ports into both legs, forming the lower torso, the waist and the hips.

It’s enough traction for the three to immediately start making million-dollar moves on their own, hastily steering clear of the burning sword from the burning molting Gargoyle at the knees. Since there was no upper torso to aim for, Goldar aimed low and only just got a tiny knick at the left knee but following an awkward 360 degree spin following the sword bump, Billy hyperextended his knees upwards and out...

...before Zack clocked Goldar across the face with a bicycle kick.

Scorpina could derail the momentum of the half-constructed Megazord despite her best efforts, looking for a charge from behind only for Zack, Billy, and Trini to flip directly over her, while the former only just kept herself at arms length from accidentally tackling her brother again.

Taking a kneeling position on the Mastadon right leg, the pterodactyl Tyrannosaurus hybrid flew on in from behind at a whopping 50 miles an hour and slid into place on the lower torso. The T-rex's arms and legs began rotating outwards to meet an extension point for both arms while its face telescoped downwards to help make up the upper chest.

With the glowing pulsating reactor chestpiece in play, all the Pterodactyl had to do was re-position and slink its wings onto the back of the Megazord, snap its head into place and.....

Megazord activated.

The Dark Lord himself observed it since this was the first time seeing it in sixty five million years ago

He wasn't that intimidated he was more fascinated and just when The Megazord charged stands it's ground

Jason: Tommy you still alive partner?

Yeah but I can't lift the Dragonzord. Whatever hit me knew where to hit.

Kimberly: We'll keep you covered till you're up and running.

Jason: Alright team let's remind these freaks what happens when you mess with the Power Rangers!

The Megazord launches a punch at Goldar for Scorpina to strike only to get countered

Tommy was forced to evacuate his zord all the manual controls had no avail the Dragonzord was in REAL bad shape and he turned taking his dagger

Green Ranger: Come on buddy don't let me down.

He plays the flute which the Dragonzord softly growled to but Tommy kept playing

The Dragonzord slowly lifted it's neck up still growling Tommy continued to play and the Dragonzord started to try to lift itself on it's front legs until.....

The dagger was blasted out of his hands Tommy looked back to his shock...... was Zedd

Lord Zedd: What's the matter Green your pet Dragon grounded?! What a shame.....I expected a challenge more from you than the other mere infants. Now you have sealed your DOOM!

Green Ranger: Oh I don't think so.

Tommy charges at The Dark Lord where he nearly countered him but luckily the brave hero grabbed hold of his staff and both pulled on it

They struggled and grunted while pulling on it till Tommy.....

.....felt that pain in his chain again only this time it was off the charts

The Green Ranger yelled in pain grabbing his chest giving Zedd an open shot to strike him down and fall on his knees

Zedd was puzzled on what just happened he examined Tommy closely wondering what just happened

Lord Zedd: Interesting. Letting your guard down like that as if you were struck from behind.

It didn't take Zedd even a second to figure SOMETHING out

Lord Zedd: Ahh....I see. It's Rita's poison!

Tommy lifted his head up in confusion

Tommy: What?

Lord Zedd: Oh Rita must not have told ya. The Green With Evil curse has a dangerous side effect. A toxin that amplifies into it's host. Takes days weeks or months to take effect. And looks like it is....

Tommy: No.....

Lord Zedd: Oh yes. Sadly if you die....your power dies with you. Unless.....

Green Ranger: Unless what?

Lord Zedd: I think you and I....are gonna take a little trip.

Zedd was about to grab him....till......

....once again luck was on Tommy's side cause they both heard FREEZE! and turned around

APEX reinforcements appeared out of no where pointing their guns at both of them and in a heart beat The Dark Lord attacks them

In no condition to fight or stand Tommy watched helplessly as the carnage spilled

Green Ranger: No......

Years of academy training from those soldiers were wasted in an instantaneous sweep of dark magic at the hands of an intergalactic warlord…..and Tommy was left powerless, crippled, and physically unprepared to combat the threat, gripping his chest and stomach tightly like a Xenomorph was about to rip through him.

It only made the looming eyes of Zedd slowly gazing back to him all the more nerve-wracking. For once, Zedd was pouring gasoline onto the spark of fear in Tommy’s belly, and the manner in which he repeatedly stumbled over his own feet, scrapping the wet grass with his heels, highlighted the sudden comatose state that the king of the lava world left him in.

Bebe and his pops briefly stepped in, jumping onto Zedd’s back simultaneously. It successfully separated him from Tommy long enough for him to potentially recover but both of them knew it wouldn’t hold him for long.

They both were proven right; the Dark Lord literally swinging Bebe off his left shoulder like a Cabbage Patch doll while Jerome still held himself firmly in place, gripping the sun-dried tomato into a sleeper hold.

No effect.

Zedd effortlessly back-headbutts him, disorienting him long enough to simply chuck the Lieutenant up into the air and onto both his shoulders. With Stone in a fireman’s carry position across his shoulders, Zedd effortlessly threw his legs out in front of them to spin them out while simultaneously falling backward, causing the Lieutenant to land on his face and upper body.

The Lieutenant found himself woozy, disorientated, and in considerable pain following an F-5.

Both cops were neutered and neutralized for the time being…..

…..but their distraction was Tommy’s benefit; pixelating his golden power sword of darkness to try and sneak in one blow from the back. Unwilling to actively go forward on just stabbing him in the back, Tommy intended to make one attack count.

He quickly thrusts his sword down through the ground, spiking lightning out of the grass and striking Zedd in a cataclysmic combination of dirt, flames, sparks, and flesh.

Still gripping his chest and abdomen tightly, Tommy staggers backward following the feedback from the attack….

….only to be caught in an invisible force field, his body lifted off the ground effortlessly, and pressure applied to his neck. Zedd, flexing his best Darth Vader chops, pulls Tommy up towards him and takes his former mantra as King to his usual extremes with his right hand firmly gripped around the second Green Rangers' throat.

Tommy immediately knees Zedd in the abdomen two separate times but is quickly derailed by a quick headbutt from the former prince. The metal from his hard head, visor, and mask cracks Tommy’s own visor, fluctuating his face shield in a sporadic period.

Thank god neither Jerome nor his son was up.

Lord Zedd: What is it that really lurks in your head?

Zedd then taps into Tommy's head feeling a mild brain freeze at first then it headed up like if it was on fire

Tommy yelled in deep agony as a flash came into his eyes and Zedd saw....ALL of his memories

Zedd saw his karate classes his gang hang outs fights when he met the Rangers when Rita infected him with the green coins curse leading him to hi battles with the with the original five

But what caught Zedd's interest more......was the memory parents like he recognized them aaaaaand....the shadow figure from his nightmares....laughing like he did when evil


The memory lane ended in a flash Tommy fell on the ground and the first to notice was Kimberly in her part of the Megazord seeing her love interest with Zedd himself

Kimberly: Guys! Tommy's in trouble!

Trini: He can take care of himself Kim.

Kimberly: No! Zedd's with him!

All: What?!

Distracted to look where Zedd is attacking the Green Ranger Scorpina saw an open shot and STRIKES at the Megazord

With Tommy Bebe and Stone watching in horror Goldar struck at it and they both attack at once Lord Zedd pins the Green Ranger down

Lord Zedd: I know why Rita chose you in fact....there's more you're destined for than just being Zordon's pet! Making your powers too important to die out. I'll need the candle to contain it.

Green Ranger: Candle? What candle?

Zedd responded with a STOMP on his chest worsening his condition and Scorpina knocked the Megazord down and Zedd turned and then.....

.....he fires his staff at it striking it down worse than the beating it took and falls tumbling down

Green Ranger: No......

The Dark Lord continued blasting the Megazord laughing manically the Rangers were trapped and couldn't get out



Zack: MINE TOO!!

Kimberly: God.....this can't be happening!

The blasts were no where near ending and the Megazord was already bursting into flames and may blow up any minute

Desperate Tommy knew what he had to do and in no condition to fight and his only friends at Death's door there was only one way to save their lives and his

While Zedd's still distracted he tapped on his communicator.....again to know how.....

Green Ranger: Alpha.....we screwed up....I'm sorry....but we need your help.....teleport us back....hurry.....

Zedd continues blasting the Megazord and wasn't long till the five heroes began feeling the heat of his blasts

Billy: It's burning up! If we can't get out we're gonna fry!

Trini: Systems are jammed! We're screwed!

Jason: This is my fault! I made us come here! I thought we had a chance!

Another minute......they would have blown up....IF.....

....they hadn't glown in their colors including Tommy still pinned by The Dark Lord and all six were teleported right when the Megazord BLOWS in wild fire

Zedd felt his foot land on the ground looking down to see Tommy was gone

And if he doubt the other Rangers have as well with Bebe and Stone still looking in shock

Lord Zedd: Go on run. But I'll hunt you all down. Especially YOU Tommy Oliver. I know who you really are....and your power will be mine.

Once more with his time wasted, but having come out of it with enough valuable information for later use, Zedd was quick to ditch the scene, vanishing in a ball of flames and leaving the Lieutenant and his son in a petrified state of grievous bodily damage amongst the charred grass.

Along with Goldar and Scorpina, finding alluring satisfaction in having taken out one of the Rangers' main key components.

The first time in approximately 1460 days, well over four years that Jerome Stone had been visibly shaken by a crime scene while on the job. His brain fired up and out at all cylinders, cramming together a portrait of every murder, every theft, every injury, the coppery stench of blood from all of his days to his rookie years as a fellow officer up to being the one in charge of a police precinct….

….and this random menacing, sadistic megalomaniac's utter disdain for humanity and human life topped them all in his book.

It was another first for his son, actively seeing his dad shaken and stirred when the shots ceased firing.

The Rangers didn’t have to imagine such a crippling yet demeaning visual to comprehend the gravity of what had befallen them. Because the worse was already happening.

As if getting blindsided by the numbers game and watching their zords get destroyed again wasn’t an undermining kick in the ass, Tommy didn’t look to be a sight for sore eyes much longer; his right arm quickly gripping his stomach while his left lay solace to his head.

As much as he could, that is.

The lights flashing in front of their very eyes and Zordon’s disconcerting glare through the cylinder tube was the bell tolling; the imaginary question of a man who hears a funeral bell and asks about the person who has died. Thank goodness none of the kids did bite the dust, as it would only prove himself right on the very factor he said himself he didn't want; a universal truth Alpha could relate to, waddling away from the control panels with his flabby arms crossed.

But as the maternal parent to these six kids, there was no beating around the bush when it came to the veracity behind what just happened for the former.

The giant floating head told them, all of them to stay away from the madmen single-handly responsible for turning one of his own friends to the dark side and wiping out both him and his entire team.....and instead, they infuse themselves with HIS coins and HIS suits while hijacking HIS zords so they can sneak around behind his back and embark on a suicide run to pull off the ONE THING he told them not to do.

Zordon: You deliberately disobeyed me.

A truth quivering out of Zordon’s fluttering lips, let alone one that was already written in blood from eons past. His Rangers had once again jumped the gun and almost got killed for it.

While the team looked onwards back and forth from one another, absorbing the unbearable weight of massive peril that essentially dangled two extra Excalibur-like swords directly over their heads, their fresh coats of paint were beginning to chip off on the sides.

Zordon: I told you to stay away from him.

Trini: And what? Let him reduce Angel Grove to rubble? We weren’t going to let that happen.

Zack: We were protecting our home!

Zordon: And you hardly took the time to protect each other.

He mentions aloud, the former man of refreshed candor finally addressing the elephant in the room with Tommy still cooped on the floor on his hands and knees, breathing as hollowly and shallowly as possible. Stinky breath aside, the delivery of compulsive air from out of his mouth could only be described as coarse, like he had spent years worthy smoking and the metal toxins invading his lungs had taken its toll on him.

Jason had caught ahold of the coughing issue earlier on before the fight spiraled out of control but taking a look at Tommy now, the issues appeared to be more internal than anything Zedd did to him.

Not wanting to take any chances, the leader calls out to Alpha.

Jason: Medic wing?

Alpha: Medic wing. Again.

Waddling over to the boy well over half his height and size, that was the intended destination in mind but Tommy, uncharacteristically, swipes his hands away from him.

He nods ‘No.’

Tommy: I can tough it out.

Alpha: From what we saw, it appeared to be quite the opposite, exactly why we instructed you to sit this one out.

Zack: You were asking us to quit.

Alpha: There’s a difference between giving up and letting the chips fall elsewhere. If you guys had just waited a little longer—

Trini: Not only that, how did Zordon even find out what we were doing?

Billy: Viewing globe, duh!

Tommy: I told him.

The room pauses. The band of misfits all looks over at him, some confused, others relieved.

Tommy: I called Alpha to bring us back here.

Billy: Tommy, why?

Jason: He would’ve killed us all if he didn’t act accordingly. If I hadn’t instigated this course of action alongside it

Once again; the leader takes responsibility for the disaster at the forefront to the fault of both his past decisions and his team as a whole.

The rest of whom weren’t that easily willing to accept the blame upon almost getting themselves killed.

Trini: He cheap-shotted us.

Kimberly: We fell into his trap.

Trini: We could’ve had him still!

Kimberly: Trini, I know you’re mourning right now but throwing more caution to the wind is just gonna kill you faster.

Trini: Like Jason didn’t instigate the plan any further before he left?

Billy: Hey! He said he was wrong!

Zack: And we know how much the Boss’s words are worth recently, huh?

Sticking with being as combative as all hell rather than just admitting they all messed up, Trini and Zack's words were quickly turning heads.

Jason: Can we not?

Kimberly: Guys?

Zack: Don't turn away, I asked you a question.

Zordon: ENOUGH.

As per the procedure, his sudden yell almost instantly rebooted all the power to the ship and pushed all six members back, but just barely as their feet barely skidded across the marble floor.

That shut them all up within seconds. Finally, some peace and quiet so Zordon can get his word in.

Zordon: If I came across to you kids as permissively authoritative, let me be the first to offer my apologies.

Jason: But why do I feel a But coming on?

Zordon: But....I want you all to in your coins.

Shocked as anyone would be if just fired from a job the six teenagers with attitude could not believe what their mentor just asked them to do

Even Alpha was shocked

Alpha: SIR?!

Tommy: WHAT?!

Billy: Why?!

Zordon: Because this mission is too much for any of you to handle. I won't risk your lives to Zedd as I did with my own friends. Besides you all restored my faith in the Power Rangers even reuniting all six again and for that I thank you all.

Jason: Then why stop now?

Zordon: I had no right to force this on any of you. You were at the begining of your lives and I held you all back. I even put you all in danger countless times. If it weren't for me Billy Rita would have never killed you. And training all of you brought The Dark Lord here too.

Jason: Hey we're the ones that broke into the ship in the first place remember?

Trini: Sure Rita screwed us over countless times but that's not on you.

Billy: After I died you gave up your only chance to be whole again to save me.

Zack: We all even made mistakes ourselves long before you showed up.

Tommy: Indeed. I was a real bad kid myself. I ran with rough crowd been in a lot of brawls that broke my folks hearts.

Kimberly: And I'll never forgive myself for being a cyber troll. But ever since you came into our lives you been like a father to us all.

Zordon: You must be strong.

Trini: But how can we if you're gonna just let us go? Who's gonna stop Zedd if not us? APEX? They couldn't even catch Rita with their bare hands!

Jason: She's right. By letting us go you're helping Zedd take over the world. And despite Angel Grove turn their backs on us and we saved their ungrateful asses we didn't do it for them.....we did it for the same reason as you trained us: To make up for our own mistakes. It's what we want Zordon.


Zordon: Stupid kids.

That harsh quote made the six sink in their hearts breaking them completely

Zordon: You never knew what you wanted. None of you ever did.

Silence once again flooded the center hurt angry and in disbelief the Rangers saw no point of argument looking and nodding at each other and then.....

.....they pulled out their coins from their pockets and placed them on a table with Alpha still in shock and speechless and Zordon remain silent and face down

After placing their coins down the Young Heroes walked firmly to the teleporter with Alpha pleading to them

Alpha: Wait Rangers....please....Zordon's not thinking really just let me talk to him. The world still needs you!

Jason: Don't waste your breath Alpha. You need to find someone else to stop Lord Zedd from taking over.

Tommy: Just protect that crystal.

Alpha: Guys---

Kimberly: Alpha!


Kimberly: Just take us home.

Sad and still speechless Alpha nodded locking their arrival coordinates and then....

....the six shinned in their colors and disappear

Alpha turned to Zordon in disbelief and believe it or not he was feeling bad about how harsh but he believed this was for their own good Zordon cared too much for them to loose them to Lord Zedd

Like Kimberly told them he was like a father to them they too were like children to them and did what he felt was the only to protect them

As for Rita in her cell she didn't know what was going on but she had a feeling Zordon was down on his luck and.....

....she smirks sinisterly

Eventually, the main six quickly reappeared back into the streets of Angel Grove and landed firmly on separate sides of the streets, with four of the six left befuddled at their mentors' dash decision making and the last two finding most of, if not all their internal emotions crumbling into a white-hot ball of rage after being DISOWNED by their own mentor.

Nobody said a word to anyone else. They all just nodded toward each other and began to part their ways.

Jason went first.....which was understandable.

Zack left next.

Trini went after him.

And surprisingly, Kimberly stepped away as well. But not before she turned to Tommy and asked him.....

Kimberly: Will you be alright?

Tommy: Y-yeah, no worries. I'll find my own way.

Kimberly just nodded firmly at him, still with tears in her eyes as she finally turned herself around and walked off.

The only ones who stayed right where they were on the streets, the only ones who weren't ready to give up on this life yet were Tommy and Billy.

It became apparent as they looked towards one another and then looked back behind them as they saw the mountainside all the way down.

Tommy: We can’t be done yet.

Billy, surprised at hearing this response, just chuckled under his breath and wrapped his arm around him.

Billy: Of course not, man. Doesn't matter what he says. We're friends.....and friends don't quit.

At that point, they both start walking. The sidewalk glistened under the early evening sun, washed clean by a thousand raindrops and then a thousand more. It is as grey as the granite of the mountain peaks, new life growing in the crevices, tenacious, vibrant - tall wands of green upon wind-blown soil grains, each one so precious to the life it supports.

They weren’t soldiers at this moment but regular men, comfortable wearing their real emotions high on their sleeves.

Billy: I guess it's just us. Whatever’s left of us, that is.....but, that makes me wonder: what'd we do from here?

Tommy: Still got our communicators?

He nods.

Tommy: Then we take what we learned about Zedd and put together a mini-checklist of sorts. Better prepare ourselves for next time and also….

Freezing mid-step, he once more massages his chest and hips, feeling a slight resemblance of the aching pains accelerating in frequency within the last few hours. It nearly had them killed and this had all the potential to be a bridge-burner if this continued past this point. If anybody could at least ease him in what could be wrong, it’d be Billy.

At least so he thought.

Tommy: Think you can take a look at me? Find out where all this nagging pain—

Billy: Zack can help. He stitched me up good one time; I’m sure I can get him to look at you.

Tommy: In the meantime, we'll just do what we do best. I mean--I--I don't even know what I do best anymore right now......if I'm gonna be honest with you, being the Green Ranger, making you for the mess I made previously, hanging out with you guys was practically the best thing that I found at this point in my life.

Billy: The Green Ranger......or Kimberly?

That was, in fact, a question that Tommy had thought to himself a COUPLE of times; but....still, it WAS an excellent question to answer or at least ponder about. As he looked back towards where Kimberly left, he really couldn't help but to think.....what is it really that he's best for and when it came to Kimberly, it made him begin to question it.

Did he love her? Did she feel the same?

As the large, consuming number of days began to pass by the ‘former’ team, they didn't seem to mind as much. They all just took up time for their daily routines again; being adolescent adults......amongst the stitched, spit-n-glue shine of their decaying Angel Grove.

Sunny days were almost nigh-nonexistent for the last few days of June going into July. The clock ticking in on June 29th, the approaching descent down to the eventual fourth of July week was overshadowed by the aforementioned doom and gloom of the previous few weeks and more reconstruction on a town that looked to be heading forward but now seemed to regress.

Grey clouds of soft owlet down cosseted yet another sleepy sky, the sixteenth one in a row. With the exception of APEX, it followed everyone else around like a dog with a rabbit in its mouth.

Jason received the concealed ghostly brunt of that sleepless depression and frustration, attending most of his time in the back of the Youth Center and voicing his concerns outwards to a litany of punching bags. Reverberating punch after punch against beanbags with only his Uncle on the other side to hold them, his eyes gradually droop down and outwards.

Just one quick glance at his nephew and he'd get him to confess what's been biting him. Such moments never came.

Billy would be stuck in his garage, working on old projects. Tinkering behind one of his dad's old explosives while gazing off to his communicator, pondering off to any eventual dreamlike scenarios where maybe Alpha or Zordon would call him back. If not to check on him, then give him the solidification that he and the others were needed.

Soon, he thought to himself. He was confident that time would come, as long as Zedd was still around.

Poor Zack felt sick being the most uncomfortable being comfortable, for the first time in his life. He stood still above his fidgety, barely held-to-pieces house where his ailing mother stayed dormant.

It always hurt being home, unable to face the clock ticking down when time is nearly up. But being unable to do the one thing that actually made him feel complete; surrounding himself with people other than her who understand him?

That hurt the hardest.

If Kimberly saw where Zack was situated mentally, she couldn’t agree more with that adage.

She surprisingly didn’t take much advantage of the cloudy days ahead to better her health, body, or mind. All the space and time in the world to prepare herself for the threats still obviously lurking back and behind the curtain call and yet, she couldn’t bring herself to strap on her wrist tape and go through with it.

All because of that one framed portrait sitting up on her nightstand. She and the gang never looked happier; from her stint as a cyberbully to being an actual hero and now having…..none of that, there truly was nothing cruller than memory.

And with that, came a single tear strolling down her cheeks.

As for The Dark Lord now that the Power Rangers have gone dark on him he hasn't been making a single move since which was strange for the Rangers he's been a ghost to them since Zordon forced them to turn in their coins

Tommy more than the others he couldn't shake what Zedd told him about the green coins poison or this candle he mentioned that's suppose to contain his powers from fading if it killed him

All more reason he should take Billy's advice and tell Zack about it and he did one day and told him everything

After Zack saw his golden veins he took a sample of Tommy's blood and he with one microscopic image sight of it Zack couldn't make heads or tails of it the weird blood effects they were nothing like the medical records he read

Zack: Kan qilai bu tai hao (It doesn't look good.) I can't make it out but it doesn't seem normal. Only thing I can figure it maybe a virus unrecord.

Tommy: How long?

Zack: I don't know. Maybe months. Weeks. Like's hard to make out.

Tommy: But will this thing kill me like Zedd said it would?

Zack: I don't know. It's very possible.

Tommy sighed softly

Tommy: Now what I mean Zordon's gone dark on us after firing us and I'm likely to die.

Zack: Don't give up Tommy. I'll run some tests see if we can treat it.

Tommy: I guess hospital's out of question?

Zack: Not if you want to expose us.

Tommy: Fair point. But what I gonna tell my parents?

Zack: Don't tell them anything. We'd put them in danger if they knew anything. I'll see what I can find out but I'll need Billy's help. And if we don't find you a cure soon.....

Tommy: You don't have to say it. I'll die.

Zack: Actually I was gonna say.....we find Zedd.

He wides his eyes

Zack: He knew about the poison maybe he has an antidote.

Tommy: That maybe suicide we may still have our powers but without our coins....we're more likely to get asses handed to us more than before.

Zack: Well what choice do we got? We can't just sit around with our thumbs up our butts. If we don't find you a cure you might die.

Tommy sighs again knowing he had a point

Tommy: So what'd we do?

Zack: I'm working on it. But meantime you go home and rest. And try not to let your folks see your vains.

Tommy: Right.

Tommy stood up and was about to walk out till....

Zack: And Tommy!

He turns back to him

Zack: After you gain your strength I'd talk to Kimberly.

He froze for a moment in silent

Zack: Don't be surprised. We all know how you feel about her. And if the worse should happen.....I'd tell her soon.

Tommy could not argue time was against him and it had to be now or never and replied to his friend with a nod

Tommy: I'll call her later tonight.

Zack: Good.

Tommy nods again and turns away till Zack yelled: And Tommy! making him turn back to him

Zack: Good luck my friend.

While nothing official was coined in regarding his condition or the cause of his sudden condition, the manner in which Zack advised him to be careful might as well have been one giant sticky note plastered over his body saying ‘You’re not gonna last long so make the most out of the time you have.’

Nothing about that bit came off condescending in any which way; just a healthy reminder to keep to yourself and enjoy the time you have left on the off-chance the opportunity to fix this never arises; unfortunately, said circumstances would make the rest of his loved ones more depressed if they were to find out at the last minute. So in all things considered, that conundrum alone chomped away at the bit twisting Tommy’s jewels in a vise.

Not helping matters was Kimberly. If he was ready to ditch the cha-cha foreplay and be upfront with what he was feeling, now may not have been the place and or time to do it but the opportunity was looming. And time was very, very precious.

But it was still the summer, which meant most people were going to abuse the time they had to stay up as late as they wanted and to come and go as they pleased. It was a late night for Ms. Hart, slowly trudging her way down the stairs with mild mis-coordination.

Her mind swam with a departing dream as she awoke; Kim sighs, reluctant to banish it and begin her day……at 10 in the morning. The light of late morning shined into her slowly opening eyes and she brings her hands to guard them, finally reaching downstairs. Everything about her feels heavy from her arms to her feet. Kim lets her head loll from one side to the other, eyes closing one more time as she enjoys the brief darkness.

There was no option to sleep on, no chance to rest and conjure her dream anew, however.

Eventually, Kim’s eyes adjust to the living room with less light being taken in from her peripheral vision until the couch, coffee table, living room, door and picture frames eventually come into focus.

The first thing she saw however was Trini, her butt flat on the couch, hands on her head, crouched over and tapping her foot impatiently.

It had been a few weeks now since she had asked Trin to stay over at her place until she felt comfortable getting back out there. Needless to say, there’s a thing as “too comfortable”. Her parents eventually realized she was sleeping over unannounced and had planned to get rid of her, until both Kim and Trin talked her mom out of it. In a severely brief stroke of luck, Kimberly’s stepdad intervened….

….and allowed Trin to stay for as long as she needed, which meant another week in hindsight.

The last thing she was worried about though was what was staring back at her on the coffee table: two loose leaf pieces of paper, crumbled up with creases throughout. With pencil markings and smudges staining the papers, Trini had been carrying them ‘round the last few days hoping to find that lightning in a bottle strike to carry the song thumping around in her head.

No such luck though. Thankfully, that’s what friends are for.

Kimberly: I take your insomnia kicked in?

A drowsy jab at Trini’s apparent lack of sleep, in general, Trin can only bring herself to stare up at her with an eldritch grin creeping up on her face.

Trini: Hardy-har-har. Good morning.

A disquieting flare in her voice was apparent: lack of rest and the tiniest flares of anger left over from witnessing Zedd murder her grandparents in front of her still left her at large. Her eyes shooting back down to her little pieces of paper, Kim’s wandering eyes eventually followed suit.

The first impression was one that was past the distinction of a first draft. And yet, problems still arose.

Kimberly: Notes?

Trini: If you would consider a song ‘notes’…..

She nods.

Trini: Something was bubbling in my head the last few weeks and honestly, I’m just…..Lost now.

Kimberly: Nothing on a tempo at least?

Trini: Guitars totaled, parents don’t have the money or the time to get me a new one and the only thing I could think about with my grandfather in the ground was how much I want to squeeze—

There she was again, letting her anger boil over and this time, she caught herself. That guitar, her grandparents……that was part of her identity and with Zedd taking that away….

….so briefly went her urge to write.

Trini: I can’t find a rhythm if I don’t have my guitar. It’s more than likely I can do without it but…..

The connection to do so was clearly lacking.

Kimberly: Mind if I help?

Trini. What? Kim, I—

Kimberly: Don’t worry, I don’t have much on my plate today anyways. Scooch.

Confused about the proposal but not willingly fighting against it, she does move over to the other end of the couch and giving Kim more space to, at least, see the paper.

Amongst the giant grayish-black stains of pencils readings and shavings, the only thing that look to be solidified were six total lines outlined in black ink. One made up the intro to the song, and the other made up the outro; so Trini definitely had something concrete to help her move the process along springingly.

Intro read: Darkest of my days, you light the way

Baby, there's no other place

I’d rather be than your eternity

For your sun is all of me

Outro read: My heartbeat is a sail

Your heartbeat is a wave

Kimberly: Starting and ending with a poem, not bad.

Trini: Well, the beginning……I sort of envisioned it like—when I first put this together with a melody in mind, it was a way to challenge myself with “What’s another way to say I love you?” Or, “What’s another way to say you complete me?” Do you know what I mean? And I just felt like this was, it was straight to the point, but it was just a new form of expressing that same sentiment, that same feeling.

Kim somehow found solace in that understanding, for love was a truly universal feeling and this song had the potential to capture the one-in-a-millionth bubble that came popping when love was all about in the air, relationship-wise or whether it was friendly. That’s the way Trin started it, so she’d figured that’s how it would end right then and there.

She got the basis of what the song would be centered around. What she was missing was how to put it down on paper, I.e, everything else.

Kimberly: Then let me lend a hand.

Trini: How?

Kim smiles. She was hoping for that response.

So she literally lends a hand, repeatedly thumping her hand down upon the table and creating a slow but energetic beat with moderate pacing in how she supplied the mood. With only her right hand, only four beats filled the air in succession.

A beat did come out of it and it immediately flicked a switch with Trini's mindset on to what she was being asked of: come up with something on cue.

On her own.

With the help of a friend. Maybe....

The beat flourished for more precious seconds onward, Kimberly keeping herself consistent on her word and not wary to growing impatient. It was Trini's song and she needed to work out the kinks of it.

Trini: Go a little faster?

Kim increases the tempo instantly slightly, putting the former Yellow Ranger in a more comfortable outing. There are times it feels as if the music was teaching her brain how to flow, how to be so peaceful in the past. It's as if the slowly changing tone touched, glistened different parts, a sort of auditory massage for my mind.

This was such a similar feeling. One that she finally lets out.

Trini: They....

Kimberly: Keep going. They.....

Deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

And release.

Trini: They'd rather see me down and out with someone who don't care

They don't wanna see me with you, they want you for thyself.....

Kimberly: There you go.

Trini: They don't wanna see us try to make it work

I know they're just waitin' on one of us to get hurt

Kimberly: Not bad!

Trini smiled. Even before Kim touched her, she felt her hands and her lungs expanded with briny air. Her voice had the lilt she knew so well - her words soft with the smile that already played on her face.

It was hard for Trin to resist the urge to just.....go for it. But she had to.

For a few more seconds, if she could help it.

Kimberly; That was really good. That was off the top of your head, right?

Trini: I just rolled with it. First verse, half of it at least.

Kimberly: Well it's a good start.

Trini: Thanks. And not just for the opinion on this.....thanks for everything Kim.

They went silent for a moment

Trini: My life was a living hell since I was 8 years old. My parents always moving around and stuck in their shadows for years.....then when I met you guys....something changed.

Kimberly: We all changed. All our lives were hell. Still is in a way. But I guess from breakfast club heroes to back to breakfast club....I think we all changed each other.

Trini: Yeah....but....YOU changed me more Kim.

Kimberly: What do you mean?

Trini: For one: You the guys and my Gramps are the only people who didn't judge me for my sexuality.

Kimberly: Yeah you can't judge what you don't understand.

Trini: Exactly. And second: When I'm with you.....You started out as a best friend to the closest thing I had to a sister....and someone.....

Trini looked away for a moment which drew Kimberly into concern till Trin turned back to her

Trini: Someone.....who looked at me for'm something else.

Kimberly: What'd you mean?

Trini gave Kimberly a long moment stare which made Kim confused and before she knew it Trini reached up for Kimberly's face and pulled her face to hers KISSING her

Trini pulled her closer into it with Kimberly struck with shock and confusion and when Trini felt her hands she thought she won Kimberly over but she could not have been more.....WRONG

Kim actually pulled herself off which surprised but worried Trini thought she came too sudden

Trini: Kimberly I'm sorry---

Kimberly: No Trin I'm sorry. It's very sweet and there's nothing wrong with that. It's just.....I'm not a lesbian.

Trini's heart sunk but in a way she wasn't surprised disappointed but understood

Trini: I didn't know. I mean part of me knew but....worth a shot.

Kimberly: Don't take it personally Trin. I mean if I was course I would be in this....I just don't have it in me.

Trini: Don't beat yourself up Kim I get it. I mean finding love is hard for both sexualities. But if you don't mind me's not just cause you're it?

Kim went in silent herself and gave Trini a slight nod

Trini raised an eyebrow and had ONE guess

Trini: Is it......Tommy?

Silent again till Kimberly looked at Trini and.....


Silent again

Trini: Awwwww Kimberly that's sweet.

Kimberly: Really?

Trini: Yeah. Did you tell him?

Kimberly nods "No" this time

Trini: Well you should. I mean it's not like you and Jason had anything.

Kimberly: Nothing but a kiss but I felt Jason deserved better than me cause----

Trini: You felt you were using him yeah.

Kim frown in confusion not remember telling anyone but Tommy

Trini: Jason overheard a conversation you and Tommy were having before the Zords got thrashed through the communicators. He told me at Ernie's yesterday.

Kimberly: How'd he take it?

Trini: Surprisingly.....pretty well.

Kim was surprised hearing that given last time she turned him down for Tommy he was angry causing an argument between the gang till Billy broke it off

Kimberly: Really?

Trini: I mean yeah he was.....still disappointed but....he really took it in his.....own mature way.

Kimberly: And when you say by his own way......

Trini: It's hard to describe but the point is you should tell Tommy soon. With the Power Rangers no longer in commission Lord Zedd could take over the world anytime.

Kimberly: That's another thing. Zedd hasn't made a single move since the Zords were destroyed. There's been no sign of him, nothing.

Trini: Maybe APEX caught him.

Kimberly: That was a joke right?

Trini: Yeah.

Kimberly: Wonder what they're up to too.

Nothing good, that’s for certain.

Turns out Bulk and Skull’s reconnaissance work paid off exponentially well in the long run; for two unknown newbies to trudge through what had turned into what might as well have been a town-sized tourists attraction due to all the monster attacks? That took guts.

It gave the duo something to be proud of…..

….but only if they knew how long that would last.

Unbeknownst to them, Zedd’s last stop before the Rangers disappeared left yet another trace of his ashy residue stained through the grassy terrain. And similar to before, APEX was the first on the scene to ‘investigate’ these markings left behind.

And by investigating, Melanie decided these residue stains could provide fruitful aid for their predicament, not that what happened months ago was a sign of more bad omens to come but she saw this chance to better prepare her and her organization for the long run. APEX’s job was clearly to withhold and detain any alien forces and while these Rangers put a lot of paperwork on Melanie’s table….

….they might’ve inadvertently given her an equalizer to help lessen the blow of these failures for once. If, only once.

This would turn out to be the last splices of residue that would be collected. The challenge in this now lied in waiting.

Fetch-quest after fetch-quest for these inter-dimensional piles of moldy lava dirt proved to be a powerful laxative required for the carefully concealed project burrowing underneath the mountains upon mountains of paperwork, finances and taxes this organization was gaining and burning through simultaneously.

It was down in the containment center where the magic or unbridled madness was unfolding. Or one would say, nearly wrapped up.

All of that excess ashy residue was extradited of its leafy crunchy exterior and ripped down to a more liquidated substance, one that could be multiple molecular shiftings away from being harnessed as an energy projectile capable of firing. And if the metal cannon lining next to the tubes was of any indication, that was exactly what the plan was.

APEX was taking Zedd’s own residue and turning it into a weapon as a counterattack.

Zedd, unfortunately, was too preoccupied with crafting his own: a silent killer.

Lord Zedd: Yyyyyyyesssss. This is it. The only artifact that will allow me to uphold the Green Ranger's powers before Rita's poison can take them with Young Tommy Oliver.

The Dark Lord reached in grabbing something with Goldar standing behind him

Goldar: What is it my lord?

Lord Zedd: Observe closely my simpleton friend. What you will see before is more than what meets the eye. It holds the will power that will contain The Green Ranger's abilities. The Dragon Dagger and the Zord.

Goldar: But sire didn't you destroy the zords on the last battle with the Rangers?

Lord Zedd: Of course my minion! I told you this was more than what meets the eye! Now shut your gapping mouth and pay attention! This artifact I hold in my hand is simply the source of all of the Dark Magic of The Green Ranger.

Zedd turns around to face Goldar to reveal what he was carrying was none other......

......than cup size candle in green wax

Goldar: A candle sire?

Lord Zedd: Not just any candle. THIS up holds EVERYTHING that will contain The Green Ranger's power before Rita's poison can take it's final toll. First we must let it burn out for each stage it takes slowly will I gain the Green Coin's abilities. We'll be able to revive the Dragonzord which only serve me.

Goldar: And how long will it take to burn sire?

Lord Zedd: Three days to be exact. Which begins......NOW.

Zedd snaps his figures letting out a sharp metal scratch sound and his front claw lit like a fire like a lighter and then....placed the flame on the candle string lighting.....

.....the GREEN candle.

Goldar: It's.....beautiful.

Lord Zedd: Indeed. Only I don't get move that easily due to my black heart.

The Dark Lord hands him the candle

Lord Zedd: Place this in the center of my hidden chambers and once the third day arrives....we will capture Oliver....alive.

Goldar: Why alive my emperor?

Lord Zedd: Never mind that for now! Just do as I command! And Scorpina ready for the next phase. We'll be briefing soon.

Goldar: Very well Sire. As you wish.

He takes the candle and Zedd turns walking down the hall entering a dark room and Zedd didn't stop walking

He vanished in the dark till we hear his voice say: On!

And lights turn on revealing what it look like to be.....a flight deck and Zedd stood forward to be....

.....another Zord


A colossal beast of a war machine, it resonated a few inches taller than both the regular Megazord and the Dragonzord combined, this monster was a spoil of the previous war against Zordon around the same time Rita was turned over to the dark side. From its lizard-like philosophy and dragon exterior, this proved itself as an eventual inspiration for the Dragonzord not too far down the line.

It hadn’t been used since the Cenozoic Era over 65 million years ago and needless to say, Zedd never really found a use for it afterward. And that was not without good reason: immersive in body weight as well as in size, it was difficult just being able to move the big lump around. The biggest caveat to all of this however would have to be its regular usage doses a.k.a, High Fuel Consumption.

Despite the other Megazords being just as big, but not as huge as the Serpentera, this massive beast had no central core or flux capacitor installed to maintain a stable connection longer than just a few hours. So durable or otherwise, Serpentera would never be able to spend more than a few hours on the battlefield……not that it needed to since it obliterated all of his foes with ease.

And at the end of the day, that’s what Zedd saw his precious little Serpentera as: the last resort. The green candle would prove to be the real difference-maker in this case: he gets rid of Tommy, he immediately wipes the Rangers' biggest asset off the map and the rest are easy pickings.

And as the next 24 hours raged on, the candle set out to do exactly what Zedd promised it would.

Tommy had found himself over the short span of a few days to be in the worst pain of his life; his heart almost sporadically jumping out of his chest feeling like a clenched fist, constant discomfort in his arms and neck, clammy skin drowsed in cold sweat; almost all symptoms leading to a heart attack. Just a lot more accelerated and with a sporadically arbitrary on and off switch laced with a venom overdose.

Instances even occurred where’d he had to vomit or throw up either in the bathroom or in the gust of the public eye for everyone to bear witness to; much to his dismay. If he didn’t believe the coughs from before weren’t an eerie foreboding of the visions once speaking to him….

….all bets were off by this point.

The young Oliver was in the middle of a relapse, having gone three full days without a single cough or fever breaking out, only for so many curveballs and spotty blood to be thrown his way at once. Feeling as if his soul was being sucked out from underneath him, all unpleasant debilitating sensations of tissue damage also took over a portion of his brain, as if dealing with it is energy expenditure enough, without the effort of new thoughts. It was stealing the part of him he most wanted to share with others, his light and laughter, his generous heart. It was the sort of pain that burns as if some invisible flame were held against his skin.

Said invisible flame eventually crippled him to lying prone in bed by the next day as he was left physically unable to bend his ligaments, take a jog, or literally twiddle his thumbs. Even taking a simple measly step forward for walking led to massive agony and him being confined up to his room for the foreseeable future.

Deja Vu. What a tricky card to deal with and a perplexing one at that.

His room adjusted to a low 62 degrees Fahrenheit, the dreary grey humid weather had long since overstayed its welcome.

Once more his dreams lingered, dancing in the way that dreams do, Tommy's eyes peeled themselves open, coming to arise to the light of the new day.....but only just. Unable to rub his tired eyes with the insides of his palms or rake his fingers through his tossed and tangled shoulder-length hair or properly reposition his head back on the uncomfortable pillow in freefall position with his head only fragments in the right place, the indistinguishable analogy between now and a few months ago was anything less than palpable.

An eerie mirror mimicking the day he found out he was a Power Ranger: forever etched to be one of the most haunting memories of his life…..and here he was, not even half a year later, almost a corpse.

Thank god his parents were here to give off some much-needed R&R with a splash of love. As Tommy couldn’t seek to control how frantic his condition stopped and worsened, his parents were his first supporters every step of the way, trying their damnedest to care for their boy even when the plans backfired.

Having checked in on Tommy on a typical late Tuesday morning, not a whole lot could be done. But there was a fire in that old aga every day that Jeff or Debbie thought of themselves as children, and even long into adulthood. It was a whole thing, more than metal, more than nostalgia. Those aromas and the warmth they brought were so entwined with memories of their parents love manifesting into theirs, those small moments of affection that built the foundation of who Tommy was today.

For better and for worse.

Deborah: Thomas?

He could only moan under his breath, very growlingly in nature.

Tommy: Any….luck?

Jeff: Still trying to get you checked into a hospital. I’m not hopeful that they’ll find what’s wrong with you but it’s a start.

Tommy: Good luck with that, man.

Jeff: Hey, we’re going to beat this. YOU are going to beat this. I have faith.

Tommy: You’re only saying that because you’re my parents.

The two parental guardians seemed betwixt and between, not fully or properly either flattered or taken aback by Tommy’s response: a sign they’ve heard this many times before.

Deborah: Well, it’s because we’re your parents that it should matter to you the most.

Of course, Tommy couldn’t really argue with that. He was physically in no condition to oppose that either way.

But all that could be done was try and make him feel better before then.

Deborah: Umm…..Thomas?

He looked his mother in confusion

Deborah: I....think it's time you knew there's something in our family....that...your father been meaning to tell you.

Jeff: Deb.....are you sure?

Deborah: It's time.

Jeff nodded in understanding as Tommy looked more confused

Deborah: You had a grandfather who.....tried to kill us when your father and I married in secret?

That revealed a dark past to all of us Tommy's grandfather Deb just mentioned must really not approved of the Olivers marriage to want to hunt them down

Tommy didn't know how to absorb this he was completely dumbstruck

Jeff: He father son. And in my yuth he expected me to fallow in line for......some family business. And when you were born he didn't take my actions well.

Deborah: And that's why we moved to Angel Grove.

Tommy: So I wasn't really born here?

Deborah: No sweetie. But you were raised here. Far as we're were born here to us.

Tommy: And why didn't you guys ever tell me I had a psycho for a Grandfather......?

Jeff: Like any parent would we only wanted something better for you than we had it. And with you sick......I figure with you sick.....I guess there was no point in running from it ourselves.

Tommy: I guess I can's just shocking to know you have a psycho in the family.

Jeff: I know what you mean son.

Tommy: But that don't matter now. I....I wanna see my friends.

Debbie: Son, you can’t move.

Tommy: I don’t care.

Jeff: We’ll update them on your status once we get you checked in at the hospital. Speaking of which, gotta make another call.

As if the day couldn’t continue to get any weirder.

Tommy had to physically strain to even keep his eyes on his dad departing the room, his head weighing heavy on him. His mom slowly inched in from his left, holding his head up slightly despite the strain as gently as she could.

It was far from the best she could do to comfort him, especially with the story she just told him. But it was the perseverance of it all that mattered to her, to her husband. To all of them. She found herself lucky to not give out anything overly major, for as she and Jeff learned last that, that perseverance…..

….can be bottled up in a completely different package and give birth to something catastrophic.

Deborah: We will not lose you again.

She swore on that, still cupping the far left side of his cheeks before kissing him on the forehead. That was all she could do for him now; any more spurts of supportive lovey-dovey and she’d sour over any crucial recovery time her boy would get.

One flash, a cheeky smile towards him later and Deborah would soon depart the room.

Seconds out after the door shuts, however, the poor kid’s body gives out.

His head weighing too heavy for him to even attempt to lift back up, it practically droops his neck, shoulders, chest alongside the rest of his body, arms and legs, alongside the bedside area in front of his nightstand.

Tommy was powerless to stop it but damned if he didn’t break his fall, he forcibly holds out his hands and positioned his feet out.

Like a cat straddling on all fours, he catches himself in the Nick of time, his toes and fingers barely stubbing the dusty wooden floor beside his bed. In that brief action, Tommy had inadvertently shown himself two realizations.

One: All of his natural motor functions had returned with no leeway whatsoever. Hands, arms, elbows, toes, knees, legs, the whole kit and caboodle. He could move around now without the nagging worry of feeling sore or completely immobile, as evidence when he tried to bang his left elbow against the ground to test it out.

No pain.

And Two: That this was a recurring pattern. Volatile and destructive to every organ and ligament in his body only to dissipate away like the last trickling flow of splash wave as if nothing ever happened.

Tommy did not need to be confused; he wasn’t in any mood to be like that again. From almost dying one instance to feeling more alive than ever previously, the constant pendulum swing between the land of the living and stepping up to the pearly white gates 7 ft under came off every bit as alarming as it was annoying.

More Deja Vu to when he was first showcasing his Ranger abilities.

And just like his very first time, this came with a heart-wrenching twist.

Pushing himself up off the ground, the basic exercise found Tommy somewhat struggling to push away from the ground entirely; a sign that the uneven sensations of pain didn’t completely disappear on him. But that’s when a moderately loud THUNK echoes across the entire room.

Do I dare look beside my legs? he ponders loudly, hoping that any and all signs of the obvious culprit would not be the answer he hoped. Nevertheless, he grips his fallen coin, his eyes illuminated in a green glow as the crystallized coin is shoved into his face.

But amongst the bright light designed to blind him if he stared into the abyss for too long, what Tommy eventually took notice of finally cracked this hard-boiled egg wide open.

The skin on one's wrist, elbows, and temples is very thin and has blood vessels close to the surface. If your skin color is light enough, you’ll be able to see the veins through the skin in these three locations: cool or warm depending on your skin tone. Normally, when in either location, the veins through your skin will often alternate between blue or green with enough light. Except, in either case, Tommy’s veins weren’t blue or green.

They were gold: the same spelled gold in his veins that once fueled his powers; now actively poisoning him.

Who else had an unnatural faculty for gold manipulation, constructed an entire weapon made out of the metallic piece of jewelry, and almost had reduced Angel Grove to ruble on four separate occasions by molding that natural element into a bludgeoning molten-hot liquidated gold monster? Better yet; who was the one who gifted him this coin in the first place and almost put him in the EXACT SAME position as her?

The damning conclusion was not nearly as quick to follow as previous circumstances but upon putting three and three together, all bets were really laid down on one person.

Tommy: Son of a bitch!

Fumbling back up to his feet, he finds himself sprinting out the door, rather carelessly but in a mad scramble to get help.

Best way to go about it was to talk to the leader himself, as Tommy couldn’t trust himself to stay in stable condition to spread the word out to anyone else.

Jason was his best bet.

Mr. Scott was once again tending his time to the gym at the Youth Center, his attention fully squared on the punching bags ahead of him. No gloves on, just wrist tape, continuing to dish out punching while yelling ferociously.

Breathing heavily and surly, he doesn't take notice of Tommy’s arrival from near the juice bar. Luckily, his aforementioned loud grunts drew the Green Ranger towards him, still a little wobbly from earlier but mostly stable for now.

Panting harder than necessary, all Tommy could muster was to say “Hey” to him while he catches his breath.

Jason refused to stop, leaving Tommy dangling at a standstill.

The sound of his knuckles meeting the inner beanbags vibrates louder and louder until all he could hear was the sound of his fists pounding against the bag strapped to the metal chain buckling against its weight.

Tommy: Jason.

His voice just screeching louder and louder with each blow delivered.

Tommy: Jason, stop!

Even when Tommy tried to hold him back, it didn't deter the current line of action.

He had to forcefully pull Jason away from his set of training bags, ignoring his moody rage-fueled expression and his sore knuckles that were covered in bruises. Beating at punching bags for a full hour straight was guaranteed to have done that.

Having Tommy in his corner seemed to take him down to a mental safe haven. The anger and frustration in his eyes faded as well as his body language and possibly even his mental strength.

Tommy: Hey hey hey, it’s me. It’s me.

Jason: What do you want?

That smart remark took him back. He wasn’t NOT being used to Jason acting like a tough guy; his position nearly required him to be calm and dexterous in the most extreme situations possible. But this was the first time he came off more aloof and detached from him than necessary.

Not too much thought was put into it, however. Tommy wanted to try this out, in hopes of spreading the word.

Tommy: I know it's been a while since I got sick but…..guess what: it wasn’t me. It was the coin.

On the off chance Jason wasn’t catching on, Tommy decided to pull him off to the side to the far right corner of the gym.

Tommy: Seriously, think about it: Rita might’ve chosen me to take her place but you don’t get more extreme than the man she was working for. Zedd’s knowledge, his fearlessness, his exposure to magic; I guarantee he placed a spell on the coin to cripple her on the off chance she would go rogue. He even dug into my head when he totaled the zords; said he knew why she chose me……which means something about me, about US, scares him. Zedd wouldn’t be trying this hard to kill us if I wasn’t a threat.

Mostly connected.

A lot of word vomit…..and none of which seemed to stick through to the former Red Ranger.

Tommy: Look, man, think it over for a few. I know you’re still trying to mull things over. I’m gonna head to the ship to tell Alpha.

Jason: WHY BOTHER?! Zordon doesn't want us there! He cowardly banned us from being The Power Rangers! All cause we made one STUPID MISTAKE!

Tommy: I don't think it was cause of our mistake partner......Zordon seduced Rita into killing his friends. He blames himself that his mistakes lead them to their fate. He probably didn't want us to suffer the same thing.

Tommy coughed making Jason twitched but not about his condition but about his own anger to Zordon

Jason: Don't waste your weaken breath Tommy! We're are finished!

Without noticing Bulk and Skull walked in and they happen to notice Jason and Tommy's heated talk

Bulk pointed at them to Skull and both grinned

Tommy: What does that mean weaken breath?!

Jason: You know what I mean! Ever since you showed up everyone looked up to you more than me! I'm the leader of this team! And you shine like one in their eyes! Kimberly more so than everyone!

That caught Bulk and Skull's attention more than the others

Tommy: What does Kimberly have to do with this? I thought you were over her.

Jason: I am. But.....that's not the point the point is when I heard you guys talking what she told you is something she should have told me first. I never felt used by her! She didn't had to be afraid of tell me all cause I wanted to leave this stupid town! It's not that hard! Yet she runs to you behind my back after she came on to you!

Tommy: *Coughs* Hey take it easy!

Jason: Don't push me!

It was getting intense Bulk pulled out his phone but turns out Bebe was there too getting his own workout he was on a running pad happen to catch Bulk and Skull walking in and Tommy and Jason's fall out

Now Bebe tend to take Bulk and Skull in for questioning on the events with Zedd and the Rangers and maybe APEX but if he were to brake up the argument between the other duo good chance Bulk and Skull would run away

Guess you could say he was in the middle of a conflict

Jason: Don't act like you're my friend. You stole Kimberly from me. You stole my friends love......even after the mess you caused!

Tommy: Hey I didn't intend t----

Jason: Shut it!

Tommy: You know what I don't need this shit!

Jason: GOOD!

The gang happen to show up behind Bulk and Skull and saw the commotion in shock

Jason: We were doing JUST FINE TILL YOU SHOWED UP!

Tommy was about to throw a fist and would have given the gym a show especially Bulk and Skull but.....

.....what stopped him wasn't the gang or Bebe..... was his condition

He coughed and dropped with the veins shifting green which caught the gang EVEN Jason off guard

Gang (All): TOMMY!!!!

All five of them rushed to the poor Oliver’s aid with the air in the Youth Center growing brittle and thin. Everyone else who was present in the center, Ernie included, aired out in a circle long enough for the six to be given room to breathe.

Bebe was quick to brush his way to the outer ring of the circle, getting a front-row seat to the poor adolescent kids trying to shake Tommy awake….

….and Bulk and Skull, upon eyeing up at the Officer off duty and recognizing his face, flee the scene. The two APEX agents originally planning to see a fight break out were then front and center to be potentially filming an online death and upon being hit with the crushing reality of the maybe death of the student who got them placed in Saturday detention in the first place, they thought better of their plan.

Bebe is left sucking his teeth and sighing heavily, frustrated in having to let them go. But a young man was mere seconds away from having a cardiac seizure in the middle of a public venue and he’d be damned if he let another young soul die on his watch.

Jason was already regretting every action that led him to this position: the second time he let his anger towards Zordon blind him from the real threat crippling him and the team right under their noses. The first time left Billy dead, having been drowned by Rita and leaving everyone else powerless to stop it.

Now it was Billy, haunted by the eerie kindred parallels of Tommy’s predicament mirroring his, looking up at his friend, his leader, in objective horror and disbelief alongside everyone else.

Tommy’s body had begun to convulse sporadically, his skin turning pale, a cherry pink and apple blossom white composition before tinting to light green, matching the fluctuating green in his veins before spiking back to gold. With Rita's magic slowly fading from Tommy’s body and the boy’s connection to the green dragon power coin going with it, the former Green Ranger's powers fail more and more with every passing moment.

The spelled gold in his veins that once fuelled his powers was now poisoning him thoroughly.

Billy: The hell did you do?!

Jason: Said something I shouldn’t have said. Help me pick him up.

Kimberly: Goddamn it! Why do you gotta keep screwing us up the ass?!

Jason: I didn’t mean it! Stupid, angry, irresponsible me! Please, just help him up and you can kill me later!

Bebe: No need.

Finally intervening, the cop moves Jason away from his left before tending down to the flopping Tommy Oliver, uncontrollably shaking even after Bebe flips Tommy over on his back and administers CPR.

The emergency procedure consisting of chest compressions often combined with artificial ventilation in an effort to manually preserve intact brain function until further measures are taken to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who is in cardiac arrest, Bebe presses down on Tommy ten times before breathing into his mouth while holding his nose.

This process repeats again. And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Tommy still didn’t regain consciousness. Jason’s heart continued to sink with each CPR compression and the rest of the gang could hardly afford to look at the sight in front of them.

All signs pointed to the former black belt having more than likely passed as Bebe began to take notice of Tommy’s heart in-between beating rapidly and not having one period. But Bebe refused to call this in, not wanting to see this young man die on his watch.

So determined he was in fact, he actively bent down, towering over Tommy before lifting him off the ground. His eyes turned towards the group, before eying over at Trini.

Bebe: Miss, take the phone from my pocket. Dial-in and call 911. Taking him to the hospital.

Trini: What about the rest of us?

Bebe: You related to him?

Without thinking, she nods ‘Yes’. The rest of the gang nodded as well, although Jason, shaken by what he thought he did, took longer to comply with the same basic response.

Bebe: Shit. Ok, you.

He points over at Zack.

Bebe: You jump in the backseat, keep administering CPR. The rest of you, follow me and stay on my tail.

Immediately, Bebe sprints out the Youth Center with Tommy in his arms and the rest of his friends beside themselves with feverish panic and distressed horror. With the double doors opening outside, it was a mad scramble with Jason immediately opening the door to Bebe’s cruiser, allowing him to slide Tommy into the backseat.

With Zack sliding in, everyone else began to pile into their cars to follow the cop. Trin quickly got to work, calling 911.

911. What’s your emergency?

Trini: This is Trini Kwan. I’m with Officer Bebe Stone at the Youth Center; I need an appointment ready for our arrival. A young man just collapsed in front of everyone and is going into cardiac arrest.

Minutes passed and an ambulance arrived and soon as they got Tommy on a stretcher with Jason and Kimberly and Bebe next to him and the paramedics lift him in the ambulance

As worried Kimberly was Jason knew what she needed to do

Jason: Go with him. We'll meet you there.

Kim nods and climbed aboard with the paramedics shutting the doors and just about drove off Jason looked to the other three nodding to them Trini nods back and her and the other two Boys ran for the van

Jason ran after them with Bebe climbing in his car and took his radio

Bebe: This is officer Bebe A local 18 year old is being transported to Angel Grove Memorial General. Requesting immediate with Chief Colton. Over.

As that was being done we finally come back to the ship where in the command center underneath Rita was sitting in her bed.....


Guess you could say Zordon wanted to make her time....comfortable

Sadly HE was the least comfortable

Ever since he let the Rangers go he felt guilty and sad missing them but felt it was the only way to keep them from suffering the same fate as his friends

Alpha had been pleading him to bring them back since

Alpha: Sir.....I really must protest.....the Rangers are Earth's last hope

Zordon: It's not worth costing their lives.

Alpha: gotta snap out of it. That was a long time ago. What happened to them WASN'T your fault!

Zordon: It's not them. I can't afford to loose them to Zedd....because allowed myself to grow attachments and they drew me to let them go. If Zedd killed the......he'd kill a part of me.

Now Alpha understood his reasons the way he grew to care for the young heroes doing what any parent figure would

As understanding Alpha was he still had to protest

Alpha: Sir....I get you want to protect them but Zedd will find them either way. The only thing that can protect them from Zedd is stopping him from taking the crystal AND the world! Besides....there's still the Thunder Zords.

Zordon: We never had a chance to train for them.

Alpha: Then we need to do it soon so we need to bring them back.

Zordon: I can't risk it.

Alpha: Well.....maybe you should know this. We may have found.....our chosen one.

Zordon: What do you mean?

Alpha: Before the Rangers took the Zords to face The Dark scanners picked up a reading from.....the SEVENTH coin.

That made Zordon raise his expression

Alpha: It chose.....Tommy.

Surprise: of something unexpected, cause (someone) to feel mild astonishment or shock; an unexpected or astonishing event, fact, or thing. To be struck with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness, is a constant occurrence on this mudball we call Earth. And an important one at that.

It wasn’t often for Alpha to see Zordon literally freeze up and cease verbal and/or physical contact with anybody. And the lack of emoting through his eyes are mouth was concerning, to say the least.

Alpha: Ummm, sir?

Turns out being surprised works on the dopamine system in our brains, helping us to focus our attention and inspiring us to look at our situation. When physically frozen for 1/25th of a second, surprises usually trigger something in the brain called “find”—it’s a moment that causes humans to generate extreme curiosity in an attempt to figure out what is happening during a surprise.

Then there’s the “shift”— if it forces you to change your perspective, then more often than not, you’ll have to change the way you were originally looking at the situation…..somehow.

Zordon was not immune to these practices; his face was almost reduced to a monochrome statue. If this was behind the wall, faint but visible glitches and ripples would be felt and seen throughout to indicate his avatar physically emoting. While his essence was still mostly digital, him being placed in the cylinder tube reduced him to a giant floating head.

So any visible cues would fly under the radar…..sometimes.

But the revelation thrown at him resulted in, what some humans would like to call…..a brain fart. His fear was completely justified: unwilling to let the fate of this team suffer the same fate as his own millennium's past, crippled by personal dividends and lack of better options. And yet, he wouldn’t still be here thanks to an unbelievable stroke of luck.

He wouldn’t be here still, had the team not saved his head thrice over already. The sheer actuality, the certitude that the trust, and admiration this team had for each other let them persevere through and best some foes that Zordon would’ve last believed were difficult to overcome. But the White Coin…..that was a big bombshell.

Maybe there was hope for the team after all.

Zordon: Alpha…..

Bringing his robot humanoid assistant/friend to attention, all he had to say to him was…..

Zordon:…..bring our family back home.

If only he could see the robotic curl of a smile perking up on Alpha’s face, if he could actually do it. He knew sooner or later he’d come around. Unfortunately, the only downside to that meant the obvious: stepping outside and into broad daylight for the first time in millenniums.

A part of him wasn’t even sure if he was ready.

But he needed to take the risk for the team. And he had a special equalizer in store, just in case.

Alpha then looked at his alien hands and then after a moment....he slowly....phased shift that shifted......

.....into human skin

Back at Angel Grove General Tommy was in the emergency room with Kimberly was worried enough to call his parents when Bebe talked to the others

Bebe: Now tell me again how Mr. Oliver is related to you?

Trini: Yes sir he's my.....cousin....twice removed.

Bebe: Does have he any heart condition to cause this cardiac arrest?

Trini: Yeah he.......he has a mild Arrhytmia. I don't know the full detail but he had been under a level stress lately.

Bebe: And your friends here?

Trini: I introduced him to them. Tommy however is more close with Jason and Kimberly.

Bebe: Jason and Kimberly who?

Trini: Jason Scott and Kimberly Heart.

Bebe looked back at Kimberly who was still on the phone with the Olivers

Kimberly: Believe me Mrs. Oliver we told him not to leave the Hospital either....but it's Tommy we're talking about.

Bebe then turned to Jason who was facing down in guilt how he treated his best friend

Jason thought he was over Kim but guess not COMPLETLEY Zordon letting them go got to him so hard his anger problems set back off

He wasn't really mad Kimberly never told him why she really broke up with him he just didn't understand she tells Tommy before him

And then his anger problems get the best of him AGAIN and THEN this happens and now Jason doesn't know how to live with himself

Bebe however......recognized him from when Colton nabbed him

He approached him and then called out: Jason Scott shaking him back to reality lifting his head back up raising his eye brows up to Bebe

Jason: Yyyyyyeah?

Bebe: I don't suppose we met before?

Jason: I don't think so.

Bebe: Probably not officially but I do remember Chief Colton apprehended a kid named Jason Scott who was under house arrest half a year ago.

Jason: I'm....reformed if Colton is worried.....

Bebe: Not all. However how close are you to Tommy Oliver?

Jason: We're-----we're just buds that went to AG High together. At least that was then.

Bebe: Then?

Jason: Like before I just....I just screw everything up!

He got up and walked off down the hall and when Kim got off the phone she turned back to see him walk off and Trini nodded to her to go check on him

Kim nods back and fallows

Luckily, there was no chase to prolong the inevitable. If anything, Jason made it easy for Kim to find him.

He was perched up to the wall opposite of the bathroom another hallway down, his back arched to the bench beneath him. Slumping back with complete and utter apathy filling his eyes, he looked absolutely destroyed.

Sitting there.

By himself.

With no one around.

Still, it felt odd for Kim to be back here; the second time in a row she had to take Tommy to the hospital. First time wasn’t nearly as disastrous but this was the last thing she wanted: for him to be nearing the edges of life and death, constantly fighting for his life. Jason’s emotional vulnerability wasn’t, by any means, the true catalyst for them all having to rush over the hospital but subjecting himself to peace and quiet

Somehow the drear, cheap chronic underfunding aura that soon embodied the situation became all the more visible in this hallway: lifeless and with no vibrancy.

The hallway had as much personality as the rest of the hospital. The floor is slate grey and the walls dove; above the ceiling is made from those polystyrene squares laid on a grid-like frame. The light was too bright for her eyes after the darkening gloom outside, Kim found it abrasive, enough perhaps to bring on a migraine. There were commercial prints on the wall, tasteful in the dull kind of way; but the cheap prints were insipid, so lacking in vibrancy that they appear sun-bleached.

Only she and Jason’s clothing illuminated the hall with any sepia-tone manner of color.

Then the lights began to flicker about, drowning the two in a slipshod puddle of blackness for three seconds at a time, sputtering out back and forth. As if the mood didn’t need to be any darker.

Jason wished he could say that eerily turning over to his left to see Kim at the end of the hallway brought some manner of light back to his eyes or his heart or even his fire; that inextinguishable fire that the two of them built together. That all six of them had built together.

The spark wasn’t catching fire now. Cause those ingredients were missing.

Jason: I can’t forgive myself if he doesn’t make it.

Kimberly: You can't be hard on yourself

Jason: He was giving us a chance to right this wrong. The only opportunity to fix any of this and I took it all out on him. Again.

It was at that moment where the perspective eventually shifted in Kimberly’s eyes. She had to stop herself from inadvertently milking the trauma out of him any further because of how Jason was kinda justified in being as mopey as he was. Telling him to not blame himself when a large portion of this predicament really did hinge on his outburst came off more patronizing than intended.

It was that same sheer bareboned, hard-headed, unabashed butthole brandishing contrarianism that kept landing them in hot water, regardless of his intention. Outside of proving Zordon right, at best, and briefly taking away one of their most beneficial members, at worst, it was an error of judgment that, to Jason, still genuinely beggared belief not so much because he KEPT DOING IT but due to him putting his own selfish needs in front of others in a moment of weakness.

Sweeping that under the rug with a typical “It’ll all work out in the end” facade wasn’t going to cut it this time. And Kim knew that.

So she approaches him with caution, sitting aside from him on the opposite end of the bench with just a silver of the color lighting up the flickering hallway this time…..

…..but still feeling almost miles apart on edge of each other.

Jason: If it's not too much to ask.….why didn't you tell me?

Kimberly: Tell you what?

She should’ve expected Jason giving her the stink eye, an indication she knew full well what he meant by that. Just a little bit of visible flair in the eyes to spark some anger if the charade kept going.

The cat would’ve been out of the bag, had Trin not spoiled it for her days earlier in their awkward little rendezvous. However, this was indicative of the problem that Kim was refusing to acknowledge.

Even though she said she didn’t want to come off like a control freak regarding Jason and his thoughts about their relationship, the fact she couldn’t bring herself to tell him that…..

….showed that she was technically proving herself right still.

Kimberly: Mostly due to how you’d react…..

Jason: Can’t say I blame you. You deserve better than what I gave you; all of you do.

Kimberly: Jason…..please stop with this.

Jason: Why? Zordon was right, we didn’t know what we were signing up for.

A first, in technicality: Jason admitting Zordon was right about their positioning as heroes and what that meant for their lives going forward.

Kimberly: And yet we’re still here, aren’t we?

Reaching out to him, her left hand massages his opposite shoulder. Just a little rub against the trapezius muscle and she says....

Kimberly: You've done bad things. That doesn't make you a bad person. Remember that?

Jason is quick to eye up at the former Pink Ranger with a sudden since of rejuvenation, hearing the same words he ushered to her the night he comforted her thrown back at him in a moment of emotional vulnerability.

Guilt is a matter of balance. When one needs to feel guilty, it will show how to become a better person, less rotten, more healthy. When one goes too far with guilt, it becomes a heavy bag you were supposed to put down once you'd learned whatever it came to teach you. Forgiving yourself is necessary to enable further personal growth.

This is being human. This is how we are wired. An understanding Jason was slowly coming to grips a single tear strolling down his cheeks showed.

But that, of course, also led to the other underlying factor in all this.

Jason: When are you going to tell him?

Once more, Kim froze.

Jason: You don't make a move now, he may not--

Kimberly: I know.

Jason: Then say something to him. It's the least he deserves.

Kimberly faces down knowing he's right

Jason: Look. As far as I'm is short. LITTERALLY for Tommy right now. And as far as we're ALL concerned we all know how you feel about him. Tell him already Kim. The unthinkable could happen any time now.

Kim looked at him with arms crossed then now

He's right you know.

They turned to where that voice came from

A man (Bill Hader) with in glasses and hands in pockets who was smiling at them which weirded them out

Jason: Uh....can we help you?

Man: First time you ever asked me that.

The man seemed familiar with them but Jason and Kimberly seemed hopelessly confused

Kimberly: I'm sorry sir do we know you?

Man: Ayiayiayi I surprisingly forgot I was in a new form.

When the man face palms the Ayiayiayi caught their attention they only know ONE person who says that

It didn't take them long to figure who this man REALLY is

Kimberly: ALPHA?!

The others heard her and they saw her and Jason with the Human-Formed Alpha which they all ran up to them thankfully Bebe was on his cell talking to his dad and the Chief

Soon everyone regrouped and were all curious

Billy: What's going on?

Human Alpha: It's me Rangers. To make a long story short I have shifting abilities to make me who or what I want to be.

Everyone's jaws dropped

Zack: Duuuuude.....that's amazing!

Trini: But how did you find us? Err---scratch that. What are you doing here?

Human Alpha: I'll answer your questions later. Right now it's just good to see all of you again. Where's Tommy?

Kimberly: He's sick......

Zack: Rita poisoned him when she made him into his pawn. He said Zedd confirmed it during the fighting. And said a candle will give him his powers.

The Human Alpha was in shock it's like he knew EXACTLY what Zack was talking about

Human Alpha: Was his veins golden?

Billy: Yeah how do you know?

Human Alpha: The Green Candle.

Jason: The what??

Human Alpha: I'll explain one detail at a time. However I may have the answer that will save Tommy. But first we need you back. The Power Rangers must resemble.

Jason: What for? I thought Zordon didn't want us anymore.

Human Alpha: I know he seemed a little harsh. But he really meant well. He still blames himself for sixty five million years ago. He didn't had the heart to place you all in that danger. Especially how he inveighs you. He really looks at his own children.

That made Kim think what she told Zordon before

Even the others faced down they all now understood completely

Jason: And he really needs us back?

Human Alpha: He WANTS you back.

Everyone looked at each other not knowing what else to say

Kim then turned to Alpha in mild emotion

Kimberly: So can you really save Tommy?

Human Alpha: I can do more than save him. But....we have to get to the Green Candle so Zedd doesn't get his powers. However what I have is---

Excuse me?

The Rangers and Human Alpha turned around seeing Bebe coming their way

Bebe: Sorry to disrupt you kids and…..

Turning about to see the elephant in the room, he couldn’t help but state the blatantly obvious.

Bebe: Bill Hader?

Alpha (Bill): Even actors need an off day, officer. Just catching up with some old friends.

A quick cover story, albeit a flawed one at that. Having two Bill Haders in two different places at completely different times was not going to fly over the halo; an alibi so flimsy that Alpha really had no choice other than to pull out the first phrase he could stick and pray the officer buys it.

Just a collective wave of shrugs and nods from the five kids followed; anything to avoid suspicion.

Thankfully, Bebe had other matters to attend to.

Bebe: Fair enough. I just came by to inform you that Mr. Oliver is awake.

Music to their ears, everyone just bolts up either off the ground or off the bench elated at what appeared to be the only concrete good piece of news in a while.

Understandably taken aback by the collective jumping, Bebe scoots back a little before continuing, much to the other's shriveling anticipation.

Bebe: He’s still unable to move at the moment but he surprised me when he spoke. First thing he told the doctor was “Where’re my friends?” I’m honestly surprised he toughened his way through all that. We hadn’t rushed him here in time, he probably wouldn’t have made it.

Zack: Can we see him? Are we allowed?

Bebe: I appreciate the—

Suddenly, a thunderous boom rocks the foundation of the hospital, only eighteen full seconds of sudden shaking of the ground caused by the passage of seismic waves through Earth's rocks to follow shortly afterward.

Nobody was taken off physically off balance; just a lot of wobbling about before eventually steadying oneself.

Unfortunately, this was all too convenient for the team. If Bebe was in Tommy's room, supposedly keeping his eye on him as he recovered or worsened, then that designated time period he spent telling his friends that he'd be alright might as well have been time better spent on Tommy himself.

A freak accident? Possibly so. But leaving his post in the most convenient manner possible for something like this to happen told the team everything they needed to know without having to exchange words: it's a trap.

Immediately, all five kids and Bebe sprint down to the end of the hallway with Alpha (Bill) waddling behind before nearly crushing one another to get to Tommy's room first.

Upon sliding amongst the marble floor and getting to his emergency room, Billy is the first one there to discover the horrifying reality behind that brief thunderous boom a few seconds ago. And as Jason, Kim, Zack, Trini and Bebe soon come to realize, it was exactly what they hoped it wouldn't be.

Alpha (Bill), being the last one to catch up to them all, also bares witness to this.

Tommy was now missing; his ER bed and room a total shamble of debris, dust and ripped metal. Even more incriminating, the ceiling was ripped wide open.

Kimberly: TOMMY!

Hearing noise from the hole......

.....Putties came jumping in growling burning anything they step on

Bebe: The hell are these things?

Zack: Zedd's Putties!

Billy: He must have Tommy.

Trini: Then he's crossed our line for the last time.

Bebe pulled out his gun pointing it at them


A putty slapped his gun out of hands and lunged him to a wall knocking him out

Billy: DAMN!

Zack: Now.....what?

Jason: Alpha help Officer Bebe Billy Kimberly find Tommy Trini Zack.....we'll take the Putties.

Bill: Ayiayiayi....then go go Power Rangers

The human Alpha grabbed Bebe with Trini launching the first attack giving Kimberly and Billy the chance to jump up the hole where Tommy was likely talking Alpha carried Bebe on his shoulder and runs out

Jason and Zack joined the fight

On the upper flour above them Kim and Billy soon encountered putties there too and at the end of them Goldar......holding Tommy by the throat

Goldar: End of the line....TRAITOR!

Kimberly: LET HIM GO!

Goldar: He belongs to The Dark Lord now!

Billy: Like hell!

Billy was about to attack till.....he was wrapped by Scorpina's tail pulling him and pulled away from them

Scorpina: Remember me?

Billy: Aubrey??


She threw him down the hall and Kim turns back to Goldar

Goldar: Say goodbye to your knight in Green armor! This is the last time you'll EVER see him!

Tommy: KIMBERLY!!!

Goldar breaks a window flying off with Tommy with Kimberly watching helplessly

Kimberly: TOMMY!!!!

A bonafide exhibition squash in wrestling terms, the lack of supplemented power crystals to be utilized at the Rangers' disposal thus granting them the superhuman durability, speed, resilience, and power they so desperately needed meant that every single member was on the receiving end of a one-sided affair in which Zedd’s perpetual grumpy henchmen were able to showcase their monstrous dominance with ease…..

….as well as the former Rangers' inability to withstand their onslaught. The beatings were quick but painful and the five teens with attitude had not been humiliated to this extent since the Green With Evil epidemic a few months back. Alpha being unable to provide them with their coins was just another source of irritation.

Kim just had to feel the urge to sprint towards the window in a vein attempt to grab Goldar’s leg before too long. Too slow, however, she misses and she’s subjected to watch him quickly hover Tommy further away from the ground with the cloud barely masquerading his appearance through the cloudy skies.

This was a wonder for Scorpina, having felt her brother get away with the main nuisance of the Rangers. The team no longer worth her effort at the moment, she once again chucks Billy up against the wall, the back of his head bludgeoned up against a nearby fire extinguisher case.

Scorpina: See you on the Highway to Hell.

Leaving him and the others with an ample threat not to be taken lightly, Scorpina pompously teleports away with ease along with the rest of the Putties, whose purpose only served to choke out the space ad atmosphere for the rest of the residents in the hospital.

Zack and Trini were finally given some air to breathe. Being rag-dolled by the basic foot-soldiers for once would’ve been a permeant blemish on their records, had they even cared about such a thing.

They were quick to Jason’s aid, lifting him off his keister only to be bombarded by massive frantic screams of paranoia all throughout the hospital. The first sign of Zedd or any designated monster attacks through him in a while honestly called for this kind of response.

And it was that very response that Bebe was pondering how to counteract. Leaning on the edge of his cruiser, massaging his forehead with Alpha Bill not too far behind him, the difficulty in not venting his frustration was adamant.

But this is where that crucial first half of Protect and Serve reaches fruition when one’s back is against the wall: the mission is always to bond with communities and give them real assistance. For when a pan overboils one does not place a lid on more firmly yet acts to reduce the heat. That’s one plus of the AGPD’s mental health awareness training…..

…as a remedy for how shallow the rest of it was.

Regardless of such, Bebe eventually leaned away from his cruiser and straightened his posture with the authority that comes from an officer.

Alpha (Bill): Like I asked before, Officer, what do you plan to do now?

Bebe: I’m not gonna take any chances with that sun-dried tomato, that’s what.

He’s quick to open his door, inching one foot inside the drivers' side before turning back to the Edenoite posing as a famous actor.

Bebe: Going to arrange the meeting with the Chief....and tell him we need every officer with a gun and a badge on this pronto.

That was the least and the most the son of the police chief could promise Bill Hader. Finally stepping into his cruiser, calling for an end to the conversation, no time was wasted. Slamming down on the pedal, his cruiser takes off.

And just in time too as all five former Rangers regrouped, sprinting out the sliding double doors just to see Bebe make the turn off the block.

Anxiety was through the roof with all six of them; running their imagination motor, the fear centre of my brain gets more interconnected, more adrenaline and cortisol flood them. Their best hope to prevent another catastrophe was to get Tommy back.

But of course, they had to get back to the Pit first.

Zack: We gotta go, guys.

Alpha (Bill): Hold on.

They all stop.

Alpha (Bill): There’s no turning back from you'll be needing these.

He simply reaches down into his wrinkled pockets before pulling out of their Power coins in the most inconspicuous manner he can to avoid detection. Both hands were needed to present all five. Needless to say, the sight of the source of their powers within reach of them again was a euphoric feeling.

Nothing but relief and just the tiny silver of smiles throughout. Never gets old.

Kim and Trini go up first.

Billy and Zack were next.

However, Billy then looks over at Jason, gripping ahold of his coin last for only a short period of time, still coping with the burgeoning of guilt from earlier.

Billy: Hey....

Jason: Hey.....

Billy: How you feeling, bro?

Jason: I don't know......ok, I guess.

Kimberly: Hey hey hey. What I’d say earlier? You’ll be able to tell him this later. You’ve forgiven yourself and that should mean something.

Zack: And we’re not doing this without your help, buddy. So.....I think you'll need that.

With the others in tow and in full agreement, Jason slowly perked up a little and firmly gripped his coin, feeling the sudden regime of energy and strength boom back within him, just all the others.

Now they had to get a move on.

Alpha (Bill): Alright, everyone in. Kim, you drive.

Everyone nods and all hop in for this was the beginning of the return of Power Rangers

But back at the ship.....

.....we join Rita in her cell

She's been twitching her fingers while sitting on her bed she was silent and still apart from twitching fingers

Things seem peaceful until.......


That echoing voice Rita heard in her head made her startled and she jumped out of her bed and she seemed....familiar with it given it called her..... Sister

Rita: that you?!

I felt your mind not far from here. But I couldn't link you for months.

Rita: Zordon has me locked into his ship. He built a Command Center underneath. I can't even use my powers here. He neutralized them somehow.

I'll try to link mine to you but it'll take time.

Rita: We don't have time brother. The Dark Lord has returned.

I'll hurry as fast I can....but then I'll need you to get me out. I'll lead you the way.

Rita: Please hurry.....

Whoever this mystery brother of hers was is yet to be revealed soon

Up in the moon palace we finally join back with The Dark Lord himself staring down at Earth from the patio

Soon the mutant siblings came in dragging the sick Tommy in with Zedd turning around to them

Goldar: As you requested my lord. Tommy Oliver!

Tommy coughed as Zedd stepped down from the patio

Lord Zedd: Good work Goldar. Leave us. Prepare the Serpentara to begin phase two.

Scorpina: Yes sire.

The gold twins left the room as Lord Zedd order and Tommy still coughing stands up with a serious expression

Tommy: What'd you want from me Zedd?!

Lord Zedd: To offer you a choice. By now your condition is growing critical. So it seems you're down to two options. I can heal you from Rita's virus.....IF you pledge your loyalty to me. OR you can die.....painfully begging it to take you. Either way.....your powers will be mine.

Tommy: What do you mean either way?

Lord Zedd: Glad you asked.

Zedd moved to the left and revealed to Tommy.....

.....the GREEN candle

Tommy froze in surprise assuming that was the candle he mentioned before

Lord Zedd: By the time the candle will burn out transferring your powers to me.

Tommy was now out of options but he wasn't giving up he was gonna try and get that candle no matter what the cost despite his condition

Tommy: Back off Zedd! I'm getting that candle!

He mildly ran but with how slow he is he was open enough for Zedd to lunge at him sending him across the room hitting the wall hard enough to knock him out with Zedd laughing

We join back with the Young heroes as the Human Alpha explained the situation

Bill: Now we can stop Zedd from taking Tommy's powers by putting out the light from the candle before it burns out. How we can save him from Rita's poison....that's something someone who will go to the moon palace will need.

Kimberly: I'll go. Tommy will need me more.

Jason: In that case I'll go with you Kim.

Billy: You sure about this?

Jason: I feel I got Tommy into this and I owe this to him.

Trini: We keep telling ya it's not your fault.

Jason: I know it isn't I just need to make this up to him.

Bill: Well before we do anything we'll need to get you all set up.

Zack: We're almost there.

The van was now riding down the ramp nearing the ship

Soon as they were there Alpha had already mutated back to his originally state with all five walked in side by side with determination to save their brave friend and the world from by far their greatest rival

Yes they felt Zedd was a greater challenge than Rita

And speaking of Rita she was now under meditation telepathy speaking into her mind with the voice of this mystery brother of hers

Brother.....I can't feel anything.

Keep concentrating Rita. Home in deeper. You'll feel the energy flowing in you once in full focus.

Rita focused as much as possible but she was getting in tense and shakes soon yelling out of the meditation

Rita: It's hopeless!

Sister you're letting your inner thoughts interfere. You must cast them aside for now in order to gain power.

Rita: I can't......Zordon has ruined everything in my life! His pet earthlings humiliated me TWICE! What he did to you was the WORST!

Seems that was another story to be told later can't let him stop you now. We'll have a chance to make him pay for his crimes against us. Just focus Rita.

Rita was silent for a moment

Just think about what you need to do.

Rita looked down then tilt up and soon going back into the meditation

In the Command Center the Rangers were transported in from the morphing grid with all of them looking up to Zordon who stared down in silence

Kimberly: Zordon......?

More silence

Zordon:........ I'm sorry.

Upon coming back to terms on his original thought process, it was now clear to him that letting go of the only thing he had left was a big mistake. And the others could clearly see that.

Zordon: Some scars never mend themselves properly and I’ve been ashamed to wear them for as long as I’ve subjected myself as an avatar behind a screen. How idiotic of me to force you to abandon your post when my scars had already been passed down to you?

Alpha: Sir…..

No need to inform him to speed up the process; he was just finishing up.

Zordon: I had never been more….delighted to have been proven wrong. And I’m proud….to welcome you home, Rangers. I am honored to have you as my family.

An eviscerating shot through the heart in the best manner imaginable.

The first and only time Zordon actively admitted to any of them that they were more than just acquaintances, teammates, partners or even just friends. While the subtle nuances and mannerisms were ever frequent and comradeship growing ever more friendly the past few moments, the reaffirming of circumstances shown was finally cleared up here

For Zordon to say the quiet part out loud when they desperately needed that push, spirits were finally, organically lifted. An aura of warmth and solidarity washed over all five Rangers; most of them happy to see Zordon come to his sense and admit how badly they were needed.

But the time for sulking was done and dusted. Now they had to get down to business.

Zordon: I’ll have to offer my apologies to Tommy after the fact. He doesn’t have long, team.

Billy: Wait, you know about Tommy’s condition.

He can only nod.

Zordon: Shortly after Rita defected, Zedd decided to craft a Contingency for later uses. He was always the crassly stingy type; desperate to corrupt anything good or make sure those who already served him never left despite his cruelty. But on the off-chance Rita came to her senses, that’s when he’d put the Green Candle to use. Mended from a magic wax, he transferred a sliver of his magic onto her coin before calling it to the wax.

Trini: So he basically corrupted her own magic to power that candle.

Zordon: Once lit, said powers slowly transfer over to him. If what you told Alpha is true, Tommy only has an hour left before the flames of the candle rip his abilities away.

Alpha: And uhhh, I forgot to mention….that’s only at best. At worst, if the candle isn’t stopped.....

Jason: Don’t tell me he’ll die.

Alpha only nods ‘Yes’.

They wouldn’t dare crush their spirits like that. Not immediately after the fact.

But this is always the unfortunate double-edged sword when rookies or young kids are left taught by the wiser older veterans or otherworldly prospects in this case: they end up knowing a lot more than they do. And sometimes, more often than not, what they theorize or propose comes to fruition. Only difference here is they needed to question the validity of their words.

They saw enough of Tommy in that hospital bed to get the proof they needed. Pale artichoke, Chitwood, tea shade of green in his skin, the gold veins popping out from underneath, his bloodshot eyes almost blackening from the pressure…..Tommy was almost near death the last time they laid eyes on their friend.

Lord knows how long Zedd planned to let him suffer before the candle went out. Zordon and Alpha wouldn’t have informed with any information that crucial or pressing unless it was a test or they actually meant it.

Here, it was the latter. All the more reason they needed to get Tommy back as soon as possible.

If not for the disturbance that now laid siege underneath them.

After almost an hour's worth of careful meditation and concentration, Rita's efforts were finally paying off.

At that point, that very tactic seemed to formulate from inside of Rita's head as she suddenly felt a huge pulse of strength and energy beam through her, in every aspect of her body. As her left eyes glowed that familiar color, the power-dampening collar around her neck buckled about for minutes....

....before it ripped itself off her neck, snapping itself to pieces.

Jason and Kimberly took it the hardest

Kimberly: I'm going after it myself

Everyone (All): WHAT??

Kimberly: Like you said you said Trin. Zedd has crossed the line. If he thinks he can take Tommy's powers ESPECIALLY his life....he's SORELY mistaken!

Jason: By all means.....I'm going with you.

Kimberly: You sure?

Jason: Like I said I feel I owe this to him after earlier. Tommy was always there when we needed him and all I been was an ungrateful asshole.

Billy: Bro don't let your guilt get the better of you.

Jason: I'm not think of it as redemption.

Alpha: Well before anyone does anything.....let me just show you your newest allies.

Zack; Allies?

Cutting a couple minutes later Alpha and the Rangers came out of an elevator to the same lower level where the White Coin was kept

The gang observed it in amazement as they fallowed Alpha and soon as it got darker.......

Alpha: On.

Lights switched on automatically blinding our heroes for a moment and then saw.......


Red Dragon

Yellow Griffin

Blue Unicorn

Pink Pheonix

And Black Lion

Alpha: Rangers......I present to you......the Thunder Zords!

Billy: Wow......

Kimberly: Thunder Zords.

Alpha: I mentioned them to you once back when Tommy was under Rita's curse. Just no details.

Trini: Alpha they're incredible. You been busy haven't ya?

Alpha: Actually they been here since.....after that night the other know.....Zordon and I built them with any analyze we had on Zedd. They needed time before put into action. The power we installed them acquire much lightning energy.

Zack: And by the colors I can tell who's is who's.

Billy: A Unicorn?? What am I Dee Dee from Dexter's Labortory??

Trini: Excuse me! I'm still under therapy when Rita called me that!

Billy: Sorry.

Alpha: Well anyway. The reason yall didn't see these before is cause you didn't receive training for them yet. But.....we're out options. Tommy is sick and kidnapped and just a matter of time before Zedd unleashes the Serpentara.

They blink

Zack: What's the Serpentara??

Alpha: Let's just say......Zedd had has his own zord much more powerful than the Dinozords. The Thunderzords are close but not 100% equel.

Trini: Well it'll have to do. Either way we're running out of time.

Kimberly: Wait a minute....there's only five. Alpha isn't there one for Tommy?

Alpha: Kinda but....his is pretty tricky. Hard to detail but giving you and Jason are going for him....I need you two to give him.....this.

Alpha handed Kimberly the box that unknown to them containing The White Coin

Kimberly: What is it?

Alpha: Probably the only thing that can help him. But don't open it till you find Tommy. We don't want Zedd finding out about it.

Jason: Whatever you say.

Suddenly the alarms went off startling everyone even with Zordon's voice echoing


Breaking news delivered.

No need to process the shock; they all immediately make a beeline for the stairs on the other end of the floor; the elevator would’ve slowed them down even more.

The second to last level was almost twirling upon arrival; their feet upon the stairs were part of the percussion of our lives, telling so much emotion in their rhythm. Constant pitter-patter of their feet nearly squished alongside one another, Alpha’s feminine waddling the only glaring exception.

Of course, they didn’t need to question Zordon’s announcement in the manner in which he pronounced it. But the visual sensory overload was more than enough for the team to get the picture.

And what a picture Rita left for them all shortly after they arrived at her cell: the eroded metal bars now flattened and bent beyond repair, her bunk bed turned inside out with shards splintered everywhere and the oily residue that spilt out onto the floor as a result.

Not to mention the discarded power dampening collar Billy caught out of the corner of his eye. Only a few red and green blinking doodads were visibly resonant on what was left of the snapped collar.

And with that, a few pebbles of discarded gold from her talon claws. She was still nearby.

Trini: We so do not need this right now.

Zack: She’s not getting out, not on our watch. Alpha, can you beam us up to the ship?

Alpha: Absolutely. But we have to hurry.

Once more, they scramble for the stairs.

Two minutes pass before finally getting back up to the halls of the Command Center; the cylindrical vacuum that comprised of the main hall now laid clocked in a forbidding show of panic and tension. Rita escaping was the last thing on their mind but now improvisation was the only logical course of action with two major league threats roaming the cosmos.

All five members rushed to the back of the room, their backs fastened against the tube chambers required for set teleportation.

This time Alpha made sure to turn ON the callback inhibitors for the team by the control panels in case of an emergency while setting stamped locations for both teams in motion: Billy, Zack, and Trini to be beamed up to the ship.

And Jason and Kim to be shot straight up to the Moon and into the Moon Palace.

Alpha: Locked. Set. And ready.

Jason: Thanks, Alpha.

Alpha: I don’t need to remind you all to hurry. There’s not much time left for any of us.

With his piece finished and more nods from the team solidifying the urgency at bay, six more clicks and beeps from the control panels later and Alpha eventually presses down on a button on his top left….

….pixelating and teleporting all five Rangers to their allotted destinations.

In an immediate flash of light, Billy, Zack, and Trini found themselves, as promised, beamed up to the ship just a few hundred inches above the Command Center and a few more BELOW ground still.

Billy took no time recuperating himself following the beaming; his stomach was not as equipped with the process today as opposed to before. An upset stomach was the least of his or the others' worries.

Utter shades of grey-bluish blackness pinching ahold of the few pockets of light visible. Normally a sort of visual silence that gave revered awe now became a waking haunted house in the making.

The Command Center of the ship felt utterly naked without the illuminating light of Zordon from the wall glistening their path forward, let alone the pulsating sphere that levitated above the pads. Quite a discombobulating feeling, not having the giant pulsating digitized essence of their mentor behind the wall or the light from the Morphin' Grid's multiversal energy field blasting from their peripheral vision....

.....especially with the revolving door up the bridge of the stairs opening as Zack inched his way closer. No other light sources glistened from outside the most important part of the ship.

The darkness had snuck on them all like the thick velvet curtains of a theatre.

To the surprise of the three, the rest of the ship was left completely untouched and preserved. Nothing had been touched, damaged, or dampened with.

Zack: Anybody got a flashlight?

Billy: Not sure that'll help. This isn't your average everyday darkness. This is--

Zack: --advanced darkness.

Beating him to it, Billy just nods.

And in that short but delightful chit-chat, their guard had immediately been shredded.

Zack was tempted to assume she had already left. But Trini was quick to debunk this, noticing and feeling water like a leaky faucet running down on her hair. She’s been in this situation enough to know when there was a surprise attack, the attack is preceded by water falling from above. And Rita couldn’t get any more predictable.

Trini: Everyone move!

Still, the moment she unlatched from the ceiling, Trini backflips away from the foot of the stairs as soon as Rita landed. A misty India/ hunter hybrid green aura oozed out from the shockwave, launching the three back simultaneously; Billy and Zack slammed up against the head jamb of the door and Trini catapulted back towards the vibrating now static wall.

Thankfully, the pain would eventually ebb. Their coins had restored the durability and strength that came with the added Ranger perks on top of that.

Discombobulation was never a guaranteed detractor, however, if Trin and Billy were visibly present to agree upon. Ears clogged up and eyes showered in white, they hardly could move after that shockwave.

Zack, bring the only one of the three to even be remotely up and about on all fours, crawled and stumbled over himself down the foot of the stairs before lying vertically on his back in considerable pain.

Similar to the rest of his team, his retinas became flooded with a barrage of white light; yet a moment was needed to adjust before normalcy returned. Zack found his vision clearing up quicker compared to previous times, luckily.

The Black Ranger found himself unlucky immediately after that, however; Rita hovering directly over him with an uneasy twitch in her eyes and mouth.

Rita: Cage me, will you?!

He hardly has time to roll away before she lunges down on Zack’s throat, her eroding talon gold claws applying pressure to his neck as she lifted him off the floor and off his feet with ease, impeding Zack’s oxygen by preventing blood flow to and from the brain. The trachea was now being restricted, making breathing difficult for the second Black Ranger.

She couldn’t be any more pissed.

Rita: Where is Tommy?

Zack: When’d—you get so sentimental? He’s choking out from the poison you gave him!

She tightens the grip around his neck.

Rita: So condescending, Black. My Black Ranger was equally more of the same…..before I blew a hole through his chest and right through his heart. If you don’t want to suffer the same fate, you’ll tell me where Thomas is!

He could feel the tension and hear the intensity in her tone. There's a great deal of emotion behind these words she is speaking; nothing that would’ve made him care any less.

Zack: Make me, you hideous skag!

Gripping his hands on her arm, Zack had to flip the lower half of his body around to trap Rita’s arm and flip her down and around just to break the hold.

Back up to his feet, he immediately rushes in with a knee to her abdomen before she could react. A single gut punch and punch to the face later, however, and Rita is quick to avoid the next one incoming, grabbing his arm and twisting it about. She extends it briefly before straight-up kneeing him in the arm….

….and then Rita leaps up, dropkicking square in the chest and halfway across the room.

Rita sneers at her opponent.

Lifting herself up and over towards him above the morphin’ pads on the platform, her momentum gets derailed immediately by an awoken Billy, tackling her out of mid-air.

They both crash alongside the screen wall, with Billy the first one to roll back up to a vertical basis and go for another attack. Clobbering Rita with a swift knee to the head, once again, Rita’s attention was sidetracked.

On top of one knee came another from Trini, this time to the back of Rita’s head, fully colliding her face through the wall.

She then felt herself dragged out from her shoulders and arms, Billy and Trini keeping her at bay before dragging her up to her feet. Tying up her arms from underneath and wrapping their legs around her, it essentially left her wide out in the open.

Just in time for Zack to recover and notice the bait.

Trini: Zack! Free shot!

No delayed response required. Billy immediately took the bait, sprinting for Rita.

And yet, ever the sly one, Rita butts Trini with the back of her head to alleviate the pressure on her. Rita simply lifts herself up and kicks Zack back with one leg all while shifting her body weight to drag Trini and Billy backward along with her. Rolling backward, she eventually positions herself opposite the screen-wall.

Another lunge, another missed strike only for Trini to deflect. Trin, this time, goes directly underneath her and interlocks her arms behind her back. With force, she lifts her off the ground.

By two feet.

Rita noticed how tight the waistlock was clenched in with her arms intertwined with Trini still trying her damn way to lift her. Kimberly tried the same and she suffered a painful fate.

Rita: So desperate.

She headbutts from the back and breaks the hold from the waist, flipping Trini directly over her with ease only to interlock her arms around Trin’s back and lift her up, falling backward while bridging her back and legs, slamming the Yellow Ranger down.

Sensing Zack and Billy coming, Rita slows them down with a shotgun dropkick before shuffling back towards 'Didi'. Once again, she bridged herself forward to her with her arms around her back and slams her down again....only this time, keeping the waistlock cinched in and delivering another.

And another.

And another.

However, by the sixth German Suplex, Trin elbows Rita square in the nose as she lifted her up, finally releasing herself from Rita’s grasp. She stood woozy for a brief second…..

….before clocking her with a pele kick to her forehead. No luck in taking her off her feet, however.

It was in that moment that Trini, shooting random blanks whenever she can get them, spins her body around a full 360 degrees before grabbing Rita by the back of her head with both hands and ramming her knees square into her face for a double knee facebreaker.

Now Rita was the one who was groggy.

And perfect timing for Zack, inching up from behind her to quickly effortlessly stun Rita with a black mass kick to the face as soon as she turned around.

Trini then tripped her from behind before grabbing her shoulders, jumping up and putting her knees into her back. She then pulls backwards, her knees cracking into the spine of his foe and jolting Rita upwards into Billy’s arms as he grips tight around her chest and explodes through his hips, forcing Rita through the air on to her back.

Rita’s forced to slink up only to one knee, her time spent in her cell softening her up slightly.

Finally, the team were able to beat Rita one on one, unmorphed and without the Megazord, thus earning a personal victory over the former Green Ranger.

Rita: Heh…..Enjoy this victory while you can still grasp it. You haven’t seen the last of Rita Repulsa.....

Billy: Says every generic Saturday morning cartoon villain ever. We didn’t want to have to take drastic measures against you but you’re making us reconsider.

Rita: You won’t get the chance. Destiny’s calling.

She mildly smirks and chuckled as her entire body began to resonate and glow with green, blinding the four and after a few seconds, an explosion rocks the ship knocking Trini back and causing Zack to look away in desperation.

As soon as the smoke from said explosion wears itself off, they both look over to the door where Rita kneeled and saw nothing. She was nowhere to be seen.

She escaped, for real this time.

But up in the moon palace the teleporter transferred them in the lower level facility

Kimberly: Are we here?

Jason: I think so. It's definitely creepy enough for Zedd and Rita to settle.

Kimberly: Speaking of Rita I just hope the others can handle her without us till we get back.

Jason: Let's just find Tommy put out that candle give him whatever's in this box and get the hell out of here.

Kimberly: What if we run into Zedd?

Jason: Either we run or just hold him off anyway we can.

Kim nods and when they turn.......

.....they both jump at the sight of the Serprentara on display their hearts skipped a beat and began racing

But realized THAT was Zedd's own Zord they mentioned before

Jason: I'm guessing that's Zedd's Serprentara Alpha told us about.

Kimberly: Never thought we see up close till we fight it.

Jason: Come on we need to find Tommy.

They left the room in search for to try and find their missing sick friend from top

It's been minutes as they searched feeling like hours till eventually they found the thrown room

With how wide and big it is they knew Rita spent most of her time the last two times they faced her

Soon enough Jason's eyes caught sight of an unconscious Tommy across the room

Jason: Tommy.....?

Kimberly turned her head and saw him too

At an instant she ran up to him with Jason fallowing her and she dropped down on her knees holds him up seeing up close of him sweating and his veins dark green

His condition was at it's worst now

Kimberly: No......Tommy can you hear me? Open your eyes! Please!

Jason was about to open the box till......


That dark maniacal laugh startled them more than the Serpentara seeing Zedd sitting in his thrown with the candle itself on his left side

Lord Zedd: How tragic.....all your heroics for nothing! All though he tried to fight it at first you both would have been proud to see him so strong.

Kimberly: You son of a bitch......

Jason hid the box in his back pocket and stands up in a confrontation position

Jason: Back off Zedd! We're getting Tommy out of here! But first I'm getting that candle!

Lord Zedd: You're a bigger fool than Zordon then.

He stands up walking down the miny steps from the thrown with Kimberly hugging Tommy's head on her chest

Lord Zedd: Even if you succeed stopping the transfer of his power nothing will save him from certain death!

Jason: Oh don't count on it. Tommy's stronger than you think!

Lord Zedd: I'm sure he is. But have you mere infants ever wondered where his true strength lies? Why Rita really chose him? Did it all accrue to you as a quiescence?

Kimberly: What does it matter to you?

Lord Zedd: It matters great dearly than you can imagine my dear.

Kimberly: You're a liar.

Lord Zedd: Am I?

Jason: Enough! Last chance Zedd give us the candle and we can avoid further violence.

Lord Zedd: More foolish and arrogant than Zordon I see. Well....if you want it......come get it.


In a quick flash of pixelated light and armor, both Jason and Kimberly were back in action, re-energized in their respective alien armor as the Red and Pink Ranger.

Zedd immediately struck his scepter down as it unleashed a lightning-ground earthquake strike as it heads towards our heroes. The attack explodes on impact, as the smoke blocks their point of view for only a moment before Kimberly bursts through the smoke with her weapons intact and charges at him.

But the end result was exactly the same as last time.

Zedd kept overpowering her at every position she could try and think of and he wasn't able to get hit once. Even going for Rita’s German suplex left little to be desired as Zedd just swept his scepter around at her and damn near decapitated her with his power.

However, as luck would have it, Jason then burst through the smoke and snuck a hit on him around the same time Zedd picked Kim up, forcing him to let go. For that brief moment, his guard was down, she slingshots her own bow into a makeshift sword ducking over Zedd before doing a complete 180 and stabbing him in the right shoulder from behind......and it stung. Zedd immediately swatted the bow out of him, but Pink Ranger immediately drop-kicked him back even further than he was before.

He blasted at her again, but she used her super-speed to run alongside the walls to dodge the blasts and launches both of her arrows around him as they simultaneously brought him down to a knee.

And that's when Jason then leaps off the wall and kicks him square across the face.

But that ended up leaving himself wide open and way too close to him as Zedd blasts Red Ranger with his scepter at point-blank range.

Kim unfortunately is the next one to receive the same treatment, this time, the blast from the scepter nearly shattered most of her suit and critically injuring her as the callback from the blast leveled her back into the throne room.

As he stands back up to recover, she lies there, struggling.

After Kimberly stumbles and slides back down to the floor, it becomes clear that she is beaten. Her armor is covered in dust and ruble, its sparking and flickering with damage and as the face cover from Kimberly's helmet opened itself up, she immediately spits out blood from her mouth, covering the rest of her teeth in it.

As she breathes heavily and tries to stand back up, a blast resonates in from behind her while she holds her abdomen, and as soon as she looks up and around, the blast, from out of the wall, explodes, knocking Jason out from the back and further towards the actual candle. He drops his sword in the process.

Neither of the two could barely even stand up at this point. All they could do was just glance their eyes at each other and watch as Zedd emerge from the hole in the wall and approach her methodically.

All Tommy could do was struggle and shuffle at the sight, desperate to remove himself.

Seizing his prey, Zedd takes the initiative once again and leaps forward…..

…..just as Jason rolled over, gripped his handle to his sword, and manufactured the blade just in time as the scepter careened down towards his head.

The metal of the scepter clashed with the stained metal of Jason’s Power Sword, said weapon coated with a vibrant but diminishing blue shield. More pressure was needed to exert his own weapon back against the Dark Emperor’s but that’s to be expected; any weapon user with years worth of practice, patience, and physique can easily wield such a thing and make it their own, and Zedd was hardly even having to try with his, pushing Jason back inches with hardly the faintest of shoves.

Soon enough, Jason found his feet skidding across the hardened muddy floor himself, nearly inches out from one of the arched windows.

Red Ranger: You wanna kill him, you gotta go through me!

He shouts emphatically and with conviction, shoving the scepter away only to collide with the weapon again, clashing with the metal more so with Zedd keeping up with him…..or moreso, the other way around.

Cling, cling, cling.

The constant ringing of inter-dimensional metal banging against itself was all Kim could hear, echoing through her eardrums, slowly coming to.

Lord Zedd: You blame yourself for putting him directly in my crosshairs.

Red Ranger: Killing you is how I’ll have to say ‘I’m sorry’ then.

Lord Zedd: Kill me? You're more like Zordon than ever: Unmerciful. Cruel. Vile!

Red Ranger: Zordon is nothing like you. And neither am I!

Lord Zedd: Then why attack your best friend out of jealousy?! Did you think I wouldn't see your little spars?!

Red Ranger: THAT'S ENOUGH!!

Hastily but with still a measure of control, he slides his sword out from underneath Zedd to buckle his momentum, leaving Zedd momentarily grounded with his scepter incased through the floor.

Jason, thinking quickly, shoved the lever in his sword down and reverted his sword to the lightning bullwhip before locking it in around Zedd’s scepter and right arm. Spinning around in a full 360, twirling Zedd about left him wide open for a spring knee to his abdomen.

The tactic did work; the scepter dropped out of Zedd’s hands.

Wrapping his right arm around the base of Zedd’s head while dropping his own weapon, he attempted to lift him up to an upside-down position before then proceeding to fall backward and slam the opponent's back to the ground. Instead, Zedd’s weight counterbalanced with Jason’s and he instead hurled the Red Ranger up with no leeway at all.

Tossing him into the air with ease, he Suplex slams Jason into a nearby candle chandelier.

He doesn’t anticipate a flying knee from Kimberly to the back of his head before then rolling over his head and grabbing his helmet to drag his face down to the floor.

The impact cracked his visor by a few cracks.

Up to one knee, the Pink Ranger recovers wearily, still gripping her abdomen with the utmost of care. Of course with Zedd taking notice, she knew she had a target fixated directly on her.

And he couldn’t wait to exploit it.

But while he was distracted the leader of the Rangers took his chance to sneak the box within Tommy's pocket which slightly woke him up coughing from Rita's virus as Jason passed out from all the beating he took from The Dark Lord

Tommy soon noticed him and gasped in concern painfully given the poison has been making it hard for him to breath

Tommy: J---Jas----Ja----

He could not get words out the virus had reached his lungs almost blocking his voice box

But soon Tommy lifted his head up and saw Kimberly confronting Zedd which made him fear the worse with Jason out cold and himself at his weakest he tries to let out a yell to Kimberly to run but because his virus was in his lungs and the green candle nearing it's final course

Tommy: Ki---Ki----Kim----

The Pink Ranger and The Dark Lord locked eyes to one another hardly acknowledged Tommy

Pink Ranger: You think you can just come to my world and hurt my family?! All for a stupid crystal?! I'm gonna make you wish you were never born!

Lord Zedd: My dear Pink Princess....I have survived hundreds generations of long before you were born.

Pink Ranger: Well now it ends! Your war against the universe is over you mut pay for your crimes!

Kim clashed her bow with Zedd's staff as Tommy tried to lean up feeling something off in his pocket

He reached in pulling out Alpha's box Jason snuck in his pocket he opens it revealing......

.....the white coin

Kimberly continuing clashing with Zedd but he had the apprehend every blow she made Zedd countered blocked and dodged

Zedd was like the Rangers own Emperor Palpatine powerful and strong in the dark side she merely had mild blows that him but barely slowed him down

The Dark Lord caught Kimberly off guard knocking her to the down

Pink Ranger: Ugh!

Lord Zedd: Face it. You can never overpower me. Many tried all have failed and so have you. Kneel before me!

Pink Ranger: Not today!

Kimberly tried to flip kick him but Zedd easily dodged her and pushed her back down

But he takes his sight over to the green candle running it's final course but Zedd did not had the patience to wait he turns his attention to Tommy who looked back up to him when the white coin was back in his pocket

Lord Zedd: Brave to the end but ashamed you couldn't use your power for something greater. You would have been a better lord.....than HIM!

Again the mention of HIM still weirds Tommy out who was HIM but he didn't had time to ask anyway if his lungs weren't being blocked

Lord Zedd: But by your death....I will become more powerful than him! The universe will be MINE!

Kimberly recovered in time to watch in shock seeing the unmerciful lord raise his scepter intending to strike a deathly blow to Tommy

The Pink Ranger yells NO! rushing between them Zedd and Tommy as he STRIKES

To Tommy's horror Kimberly was IMPALED in the gut by Zedd's staff letting out a dying scream and fell in Tommy's arms

He still couldn't speak but he begged Kimberly to stay with him opening her face shield

In pain and tears Kimberly opened her eyes seeing him in shock and sadness with Zedd's laughter in their ears

Kimberly: Tommy.....

He still couldn't get a word out but he didn't need to Kimberly reached out to shush locking eyes on her

Kimberly: Don't worry about me. I knew what I was doing.....I we needed you... I needed you.....

Tommy with tears sliding down his face tried to speak again still with no avail

Kimberly: Shh shh......Tommy....I....I l---lo---

Kimberly now couldn't get her own words out she gasped painfully as her arm fell to the flour

Kimberly.....was GONE

Tommy's eyes widen and cried hard with Zedd chuckling more and more

Tommy tries to comfort Kimberly more but it was already too late she was already gone he cries more but hearing Zedd's laugh grow louder and in pain in grief......

.....something SNAPPED inside Tommy

There are times my brain fries up. It's no excuse, I know; I own my behavior. I try to help, try to be good.....but then a trigger is flicked. My emotions turn - cold, fearless, indignant…..

His own words, verbatim, he expressed to everyone at his first bonfire together with the team: a lowering of the shields to his defenses after feeling smitten and directionless for so long on his own. There was no turning back from that now; the residents without homes, the victims with no family left to go back to, the people with no more time to pass because of him, all now eclipsed by bearing witness to the execution of one of his closest friends, allies, partners, war veterans…..

….and love interest.

Kim had practically choked on her last breath before she could finally usher those three little words; that reality became so interchangeable within the boundaries of his thought process, that Tommy couldn’t properly pick apart how he was feeling.




Three universal feelings so intertwined that perhaps their names aught to be tweaked to reflect the true origins of those emotions. It was all coming back to him now.

Zedd, finally taking a break from his chuckling seizure, simply rolls Kim over on her back before yanking his scepter out from her abdomen, dried blood coated over the Z.

His sights then turned to Jason, still unconscious 7 feet away from Tommy. Staff in hand, the Dark Lord instead finds himself poised to vaporize him to atoms, his helmet charging up heat through his visor into a scarlet orange haze.

Lord Zedd: Down with the fallen.

Previously witnessing the absolute torture of his friends and family by the hands of Zedd Juniors, and barely repeating Kimberly’s dying wish as her desperate plea for him to fight just to get impaled by Zedd, Tommy’s trigger is flicked.

And he FINALLY cracks.

Tommy: Y—you………ruthless……HEARTLESS……BASTARD……

Slowly speaking a complete sentence without any impediments, Zedd’s attention was caught, only just turning away from Jason to pique his interest in Tommy’s juvenile squabbling. What he found instead, to much appall, was a weary, wounded but furious Oliver with his body convulsing through every ligament….

….rising up to one knee.

Self-control is a finite resource because the part of the brain exerting control gets tired - it requires energy and that gets depleted. So, the repressing of anger needs careful thought. If it is boiling up, how will it be cooled? If it explodes, whom bares the brunt? Because the psyche under siege will naturally seek a more vulnerable (hence "safe") person to explode at.

Zedd was far from vulnerable but he would be the unfortunate soul to bear that righteous fury in full force.

Tommy’s pale complexion in his skin didn’t fade, however, his gold veins continued to pulsate and shine with the brightest of white and yellow light. Eventually, the gold races up through his body before his pupils dilate rapidly, his head shooting upwards almost like his bodily autonomy was glitching up.

Tommy: How… d-dare you? How—-how DARRRRRRE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

His emotions now loose and his nerves finally snapped, Tommy screeches at the top of his lungs, his body exploding with an incredible aura of white and gold, immediately blinding the Dark Lord upon impact. Flares flash all over the throne room and the Palace is soon engulfed in a cascade of light.

Normally, unlike a lamp or our sun, the moon doesn't produce its own light. Moonlight is actually sunlight that shines on the moon and bounces off. The light reflects off old volcanoes, craters, and lava flows on the moon's surface. Said light would normally reach Earth in about 1.3 seconds, or 1.3 light seconds away from Earth considering light travels 300,000 kilometers per second.

Tommy’s glistening glow radiated off of the Moon like a searchlight beam projector, producing very direct and strong beams of light that normal space would have no atmosphere to scatter anywhere or elsewhere. It wasn’t the kind of brightness that enchants the eyes to open all the wider and warms the skin, however.

Anonymity was written all over this bright outburst and as the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible penetrated through the mesosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere instantly, the illumination became too much for the pedestrians to bear.

Commotions were aplenty as well as natural confusion; the only probable time in which the moon would be visible during the day is a solar eclipse, when the Moon passes the Sun and Earth thereby obscuring Earth's view of the Sun, totally or partially. This clearly was not such a rare natural occurrence that begged the natural audience to be in its presence.

Everyone’s immediate instinct was to turn away or use their hands to block the light. Said brightness had already distracted various civilians behind the wheel, with various conga lines of traffic bombarding in on itself. Such ghostly premonitions continued in their homes.... well as back at the ship underground, the unstable fixture of light glitching up the Morphin’ Grid sphere hovering above the platform pads.

No sooner should the mild warping and gurgled noises draw Billys' attention, Trini and Zack caught on as well. Immediately after the fact, the sphere flashes the light in their faces.

Billy: Who turned on the lights?!

Zack: Look away!

Trini: Argh! Power......everywhere!

Zordon and Alpha saw through the viewing glob the light shinning outside both looking at each other and Zordon grinned he and Alpha nodding knowing what's really happening even knowing....

......Tommy is truely.....


Rita from her side looked up seeing the bright light shine but she didn't turn away her heart dropped in fact she was in MORE fear than she was of Zedd

Rita: No.......

Whatever the reason this was scaring Rita the light soon cleared at the moon palace Zedd soon recovered from the brightness and right before his own eyes........

.....The Green Candle crumbled and when looking back to the Rangers direction Zedd was in deep shock


.....had become......

........The WHITE Ranger

Most generous light hearted.....and most POWERFUL Power Ranger known by legend only Zordon and Alpha knew

The light energy not only destroyed the candle breaking it's link to draw the Green Ranger's power to Zedd but it CURED Tommy from Rita's poison

The Newly Ranger looked at his hands and gripped his fists and looked down to the lifeless Kimberly when his hands dropped he clutched his fists tighter and turned to The Dark Lord with an emotionless death stare

Zedd for the first time in his life......

.....felt fear in his gut

Lord Zedd: I've....I've never seen anything like it. His energy is off the charts! But a Ranger can't be this powerful! Unless......

Tommy's stared did not change as he turned fully forward to him

Lord Zedd:......Don't tell me----IT'S TRUE?! THE PROPHESY IS TRUE!!!

Reacting rationally Zedd aimed his staff at him but the newly powerful Ranger speed flash in mere seconds grabbed his staff....and......

.....GRIPPED it.....

....and pulled it out of his hand throwing it on a wall STICKING into it

Zedd lunged to slash him but Tommy caught his hand in a tight grip Zedd actually felt the pain of his grip it forced him on one knee Zedd tried to break free with an electric barrier around them but the electricity had NO effect on this Super Power Ranger

His grip got tighter and The Dark Lord lets out an agonizing roar and The White Ranger kicks him across the room

Zedd landed real HARD on the flour with The White Ranger still staring down at him

Lord Zedd: This is impossible! No one's ever been able to inflict damage on me! I didn't even worry about this prophecy! WHO ARE YOU!

There was no answer from him just kept staring with the soulless emotions of his mask


The only response he got was him approaching with rage Lord Zedd backed up in a rash reaction he reached out pulling his staff with his magic back in his hand

Zedd stood his ground with Tommy still coming right him and attacked but this time The White Ranger countered his every move and at every open shot Tommy deflected any damage on him Zedd felt every pain from every hit and kick from Tommy

Jason manage to recover but when his gaze was blurry it regained focus it caught sight of Kimberly's lifeless body

Jason: Kimberly??

He sat up pulling her up to him pressing down her neck for pulse but.....


Jason: Oh my god......Kim....NO!

He heard Zedd's roars and looked up still holding Kimberly watch in shock of the newly Ranger kicking Zedd's......BUTT

Jason: What the----who in the name of Mary is THAT?!

That…..was the equalizer Alpha had mentioned. The hope that they were instructed to bring out. The last resort that they now desperately had to call upon to even stand a lick of a chance against the wrath of the Dark Lord.


He was left bellowing out in frustration and disbelief, seeing the aforementioned ‘prophecy’ finally come to light. Experiencing fear for the first time, in anticipation of some specific pain or danger? This is perfectly understandable.

Upon looking at his glistening White and gold combo along with a new sword, helmet and a very out of place chestpiece, this new Ranger had a very intimidating and interesting appeal to him overall. But it didn’t still stop Zedd from trying to make a move.

He quickly went over towards the White Ranger as he immediately shot back up and blasted at him with his scepter, but the White Rangers chestpiece immediately absorbed the energy blast and then shot it back at Zedd as he launched back towards the wall, crashing into it and denting his helmet in the process.

Zedd wasn’t about to let him get away with humiliating him in this degrading fashion but White Ranger wouldn’t allow him to make the first move as he stepped down on his head, pushing him down into the ground with his body nearly squirming in agony.

Before long, he chucks Zedd off the ground by the back of his neck and tosses him back behind him; his flailing body hurling towards his own throne before his own weight chips off the back end of the throne, flipping the rest of it off its hinges and tilting it back in the now prone Zedd’s direction.


Shattering about like Muscovite all amongst the floor, the rest of the dust-covered, grimy throne coats Zedd in more ash than he could muster to cough up.

He makes one last-ditch effort to call for his staff, holding out his hand towards the wall. A wiggle and a little push later, the staff does unlodge itself....

....but ends up in the grasp of the White Ranger. With a steady breath, Tommy is quick to grip the staff with firmness and slam it down upon the floor, shattering the weapon to pieces and reverting it back to the mutated Cobra, now dying.

The White Ranger just stares briefly over at Zedd as he growls ferociously, sucking his teeth at the prospect of having been humiliated and embarrassed to this extent for the first time in forever. Many have come close and many have long since fallen under the might of Zedd’s heel.

Not anymore.

Tommy almost considered just sparing the poor creature after this point, for he was finally out of his debts.

The teams debt.

Everyone's debt.

He was satisfied enough with Zedd's pride being shredded by the very thing that was brought up to bring an end to him so what was the point in rubbing it in? Despite the pain from Kimberly's death and the demise of others, despite him mocking his supposed place in the calling cards for this world and everything he stood for, he couldn't bring it upon himself to finish the deed. He was content to let the former prince live with it in shame.

Quietly. Let karma rot him away.

A quick glimpse behind him of Jason cradling Kim's lifeless body confirmed that mentality.

Walking away from Zedd with his back turned, a blatant sign of disrespect, Zedd was once again left balling his fists and gritting his teeth in anger before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Approaching Jason from the one-off, Tommy, looking Jason's way, can see he's one more blow away from breaking. He knew where he would head if such an opportunity presented itself, especially with this new Ranger just letting Zedd off scot free, and no matter the name of the book or the title of the story, it's the same thing, and it's nowhere good.

He simply knees down towards him, almost mentally fainting at having to look at Kimberly's face, teeth and mouth drenched in her now dried blood.

A dried tear melting into her skin during her final moments.

Visible fear eradiating through her pupils as life began to leave her.

BIlly's death was a senseless one, quick, painless but all the more impactful for bringing the team together. Kim's was the opposite: long, drawn-out, and she went out protecting one of their own.....thus bringing together the leader and his second-in-command officially.

All they could muster to do was reach for her face and close her eyes......begrudgingly.

With the crisis averted, momentarily, the burdensome task was now carved out in front of them: informing the rest of the team of another loss to their ranks.

Soon back at the center the Rangers regrouped running back in to inform Zordon of loosing sight of Rita

Trini: Zordon. Rita's gone. Her trail went cold out North. She could have gone anywhere.

Billy: Yeah then we all got blinded by some bright light in the sky.

Zack: Yeah I thought the sun EXPLODED or something.

Zordon: Hardly. That light you saw.....was merely a chain reaction. A power beyond than any Ranger has achieved.

They were about to ask till Alpha interrupts......

Alpha: Sir! I'm receiving a signal from Jason's signal. I think they got Tommy.

Billy: He's alive....thank God.

Zordon: Bring them back Alpha 5.

Alpha punched in their location with the three running up by the teleporter eagerly awaiting the other three and once Alpha locked in the coordinates the teleporter beams up and then......

....shining in their colors but there were only two and of them was white which confused the trio more that there was no green and pink light and then......

Jason and the White Ranger carrying Kimberly appeared and acknowledging Jason first they embraced him relief

Zack: You ok boss?

Jason: Not exactly.

Billy was the first to notice the White Ranger not knowing it's Tommy carrying Kimberly's body who approached without a word and as he passed them they all noticed with Zordon looking horrified

Billy: Who is that?

Trini: And was that Kimberly he was carrying?

Zack: And where's Tommy?

Three questions answered all at once with Jason facing down in sadness

Jason: Guys we were too late. I don't know what happened to Tommy but....this guy whoever he is.....saved me and....he whooped Zedd's ass like it was nothing. still wasn't a victory cause....that WAS Kim he was

Trini: Jason.....please don't say it......

Jason: I'm sorry....she's gone.

Dead people are the natural progression of alive people in the passing of time; We all pass on, we all move from being a person to a cadaver, the tragedy thus is not death but when, where and how? If the life was one of joy and love it is a time of celebration and thanks. If the life were lived in suffering and struggle, or cut short by violence, then it is a tragedy greater than Shakespeare ever wrote.

There is only tragedy if there was suffering or foul deeds; the latter had its stink all over this. Emotions varied but they ran wild.

Zack’s eyes raised and lowered with a mixture of sadness and anger, covering up his face to painfully fail at shielding himself from such news. His soul almost warped back at his house in the mountainside with his mom, towering over her as she coughed herself to sleep, worrying if tonight was gonna be the night she goes.

Billy’s reaction was nearly identical, except massive pacing back forth amongst the group.

Trini, with each vital piece of her heart shattering the more she repeated the news in her head, simply drops to her knees, her entire body slouching akin to a cyborg switched off of autopilot and remotely shutting down to the Windows XP startup sound. Lightheaded and lost, the last few weeks of her life flashed before her before eventually, settling back on the destroyed barnyard.

The death of her grandparents.

Her guitar totaled.

Any semblance of peace now rocked to its core. And here, one of her closest friends, the gal that made this team feel more than just a team…..laid deceased in front of her. The woman she once felt a craving affection for.

Just a lot of huffing and hyperventilating choked the air out of the room; the stakes were already high enough regarding Tommy’s condition and this somehow made everything worse. While Zack and Trini were preoccupied with sulking, Billy had to set the record straight.

He had no reason to disregard Jason’s word; when push came to shove, he eventually tell it like it is when the chips were stacked against their favor. But no, he needed to hear it from the new kid on the block. Staring down the White Ranger, still gripping Kimberly’s body in his hands, he could barely nudge his helmet upwards to look Billy straight in the eye.

All Billy had the strength to ask of him was…..

Billy: Was—was this Zedd?

No hesitation required as the White Ranger just slowly nods his head ‘Yes’.

The main four were in-between anguish and a white-hot ball of rage. The immediate sight from Zordon’s and Alpha’s perspective was horrifying. In a way, what Zordon feared had came true: he lost another one of his students/family closest to him. First Billy and now Kimberly.

Unwilling to let this tragedy come true, Alpha immediately took her body from the White Ranger and rushed in rapid fire to the operating room a hallway past the teleporters. Brushing past everyone with them catching up, he was to have hope to save her despite time having ran out.

Alpha: Out of the way; doctor's here!

Jason just backed up out of the room in utter shock from what he was just forced to witness as Alpha converted both of his hands into paddles, rubbed them together and placing them on her but not before snapping the coin out from her armor, demorphing her back to normal.

Alpha: *Clear!

It pumped vigorously as the body of Kimberly shook.

But it was still showing a flatline.

Alpha: Again. Clear!

Still flat after the second pump.

Unwilling to be stopped, Alpha continued applying pressure to the paddles and clearing the dead body of Kimberly. Billy just stood by the doorway, anticipating any kind of eventual answer or result that would come out of this......and hopefully, to him, the answer would actually BE good given he’s the only revived dead person in the room.

But with his heart racing in disbelief and depression, it was hard to think of anything else to do.......same goes for Trini and Zack.

Pump after pump after pump from the paddles jolt and convulse Kim’s prone body on the table, leaving her friends in a perpetual state of shock, panic, and worry. Unlike Billy’s death where everyone sat down in silence and collectively mourned him in silence, here was a complete reversal.

Everyone was up on their feet, almost sewn together tightly like knits. Jumbled up and messy but still a unit crowding the door, all eyes firmly scanning that table for as long as they could milk it. They couldn’t bear the thought of Kimberly really being gone for good if they can help it.

And yet, the brain waves or heartbeat measured on that electronic monitor at the corner of the table continued to drone on with that long, drawn-out BEEEEEEEEEEEP.

It takes two full minutes for Alpha’s hands to shake and tremble with paranoia and a dose of fear. Having to willingly force himself away from Kim’s body, his defibrillator hands slink away the metal around his elbows before becoming his teal blue elastic arms once more.

If he could find it within his soul to cry, to break those robotic lacrimal glands in his yellow eyes and bellow out in anguish along with the rest of the team when he had to break the news, he could.

Alpha, at that moment, wanted nothing more than to be vulnerable for everyone. To everyone.

And yet, as melancholic as any regular robotic servant, Alpha had to power through as the others eventually looked up at him.

With a heavy heart……he shakes his head ‘No’, confirming the worse.

The White Ranger clutched his fists facing down and Alpha gave him a pat on the arm

Alpha: I'll give you five minutes.

He walked to the others as he approached Kimberly with a sad image Trini ran down the hall in complete sadness Billy and Zack noticed her run looked at each other in concern and then went after her with Jason angry but sad at the same time.

Alpha looked up at him in a sad image too

Alpha: I'm sorry.....

Jason: Is there really nothing we can do for her?

Alpha: I want to say there is. But with the flat line response in every charge.....she's likely to be beyond help.....

Alpha looked back at Tommy who took Kim's hand with a wonder.......

.....but Jason pulled his attention back when he spoke

Jason: Some leader I am I have no doubt I lead Kim to this. My arrogance got the better of me each time we faced Zedd. And Tommy's gone too. If not for that new guy over there me too. I don't know what else to do.

Alpha once again looked back to the White Ranger who took Kimberly's hand

Down the hall Trini was crying sitting leaning on the wall arms wrapped around herself the loss of Kimberly was hitting her like a truck Billy and Zack sat next between her

Zack: You okay?

Trini: She's really gone......

Billy: I know we're all feeling the same way.

Trini: First my grandparents and now's like all the people I open up to....always's like fate is my greater enemy than Rita and Zedd.

Billy: What'd you talking about?

Trini:.....the thing is.....after Zordon ban us I had this moment with her....that.....

It barely took a second for the boys to figure where she was going

Zack: So you did make a move.

Billy: And I'm guessing she tried to let you down as easy as Jason.

Trini: Put in the friend zone cause Kim was straight. But unlike Jason I took it pretty well right afterwards. But what really made me feel that way about her.....she was never afraid to be what she was. Unlike me. Or at least not afraid to show it in front of others. She never even gave up when the odds were against us especially after Zordon banning us and when Tommy was controlled by Rita.

Billy: I know Kimberly will always be our Rock. Our inspiration she was even willing to take you in after that thing with your parents.

Trini: Yeah but Tommy was all over her face and despite I was let down on the inside I didn't want to come between them. But now.....they're gone.

Billy: We don't really know where Tommy is. He wasn't with Jason and that new Ranger.

Zack: Jason said he was no where to be found he could have escaped after putting out the candle.

Trini: But where is he now? What if he doesn't know about Kimberly?

Zack: Wherever he is....I just hope he's not suffering.

Trini dried her tears though her grief made it hard she sniffed and standing up

Trini: I guess the only way to know for sure.....we do what he and Kimberly would when the odds were against them. We kick Zedd's ass. With the help from that Seventh Ranger.

Zack: Who is this guy?

Billy: I don't know. But until we find out keep a lid on it.

Trini: We know one thing.....after he bringing Jason and Kimberly back here safely.....and if Jason is right that he overpowered Zedd.....I know we can trust him.

Gears switching from sheltered and broken to a more determined and headstrong front, it was perhaps the most apparent about-face turn of Trini trying to shield obvious trauma with no such luck. Pushing on in vain to not think about it much further, there was one crucial element tying to Kim’s untimely demise that Trin was overlooking.

And that the boys already caught onto.

Zack: You gotta tell them.

Straight to the point and begrudgingly snapping Trini out to attention, she wanted nothing to do with what she thought he was talking about…..and yet, still turned towards him, eyes glaring over.

Trini: Tell who what?

Billy: Your parents. Brothers. Save yourself some agony by sharing it with them.

Trini: They won’t let me have the—Wait a second, how did you know I left?

Billy: That’s what happens when you’re forced to know someone for a while: strengths and vulnerabilities will bottle over to the surface; doesn’t matter how hard you try.

Immediately, Trini’s face washed blank with confusion, like her brain cigs couldn’t turn fast enough to tie in the information from her dull grayed eyes.

Billy: It’s been weeks away from home. You can’t tell me you don’t miss it? Miss them?

Trini: So what if I did? They’re not gonna want me back and at this point, I’ve been a few shits away from not caring for days.

Zack: And you’re not worried about your brothers?

Trini: From the bottom of my heart, I pray for them but this right here, this is my point to prove. I’d rather get hepatitis, rabies, lockjaw, whatever happens to me out here than to come home and prove them right: I can’t make a change being different from them and I can’t make it on my own.

Zack: And by them, you mean—

No point in finishing the sentence as she’s quick to nod at the notion that, yes, she really meant her mom wasn’t going to take any glances with her after that little outburst. And statements like that were a huge bludgeoning symptom regarding why: Trini stating she was willing to die for her beliefs and what thought it was right if it meant it’ll make a difference in a world turned procedural, cold, indifferent to the tuning tides.

It was an ironclad will that Zack and Billy came to admire, nodding to each other before turning back towards her. A respectable notion to anyone who isn’t comfortable with the cards traded to them but the impact it normally leaves in it’s wake was what Trini was glossing over. What if her parents mold Keenan and Jackson into them?

What if they come to resent her in the following years for standing up to herself and the pain becomes too much to bear?

This talk wasn’t progressing properly with Trini still drowning herself in tears, sorrow, and her own walls of self-fortitude but this is what friends are for: to help build back up one another.

Billy: You remember what I told you guys at our bonfire?

He starts off, his voice more sentimental than his usual chipper tone; taking them back to when they were just acquainting Tommy to the rest of the team, it seemed pointless. Billy had already skimmed through his story in full detail.

Trini: So? We keep telling you it’s not your fault.

Billy: I’m glad you still think that…..

Or so they thought.

Billy:…..cause that’s the last thing my sister wanted to hear.

Once more, the air is sucked out of the room like a vacuum cleaner and one could practically cut the tension with a machete. The eyes suddenly peer over to Billy, intentionally leaving yet another crucial detail that could’ve been useful at those bonfires.

Better late than never in the grand scheme of things. But a sister?

Trini: Your…..your sister?

Zack: You never mentioned—

Apathetically groaning as he nodded ‘Yes’, Billy shared that same internal confusion and regret.

Billy: She wasn’t there…..when the accident happened but she and Mom were the first to know. And then the next I know, day after day after week after month, she would not let me speak my piece. Saying that it should’ve been me—

He croaks.

Choking on his own turmoil with the guilt worming its way back up to the amgylda in his brain stem and the two of them couldn't help but watch. Just watch his eyes completely droop in and out as he breathes real slow.

Billy:—that—that I’d planned it for weeks. My mom never gave up on me and when my sis finally left the house......I felt even more alone.


Billy: We did eventually smooth things the E.R. Car accident almost crippled her. I can--I'll never forget the look on her face when we surprised her in the morning. Thought she'd have me kicked out in a heartbeat but after 10 minutes, she just reached out for my hand. I'm grateful she's still walking.

Nodding to himself as much as Trini, he took joy and pride in the deconstruction and rebuilding of his sibling relationship. And the point was beginning to pierce through.

Billy: We had time. We had chance......and I'm glad we took it.

Something in Trini at that point resonated with a hearty hum blossoming from within her, slowly bubbling over. It was yet another instance of Billy's selflessness proving his character just and able while also revealing his empathy. A common misconception about autistic people is that they lack empathy, but in actuality, while autistic people can have difficulty identifying the emotions of others, they tend to respond more empathically than average once they have done so. Billy’s empathy had helped the others form emotional bonds with one another, which proved critical in unlocking their abilities and resolving the plot with Rita.

It eventually proved fruitful in letting the storm pass before his sister's grudge was finally put to rest.

And in that entire tangent, Trini could sense where Billy was going with this.

Looking over at Zack, he simply says....

Zack: We all come home eventually.

His story had already been explained months prior and his body language spoke it every waking second on full display for her to witness.

Expressing their own fears and faults with their families and admitting they dreaded the day they’d drop off the face of the Earth not given the chance to say goodbye, with Billy’s own loss for his father and nearly losing his sister and Zack’s constant fear of his mom dying, it did strike to Trini how bad they felt about Kim's situation. If anything, they felt worse because they already lost something.

The message was simple: implore Trini to embrace and love whoever she has left cause given what happened to Kim, they might not have enough time anymore. Patch things up with her parents.

Having finally gotten through to her, Trini finally reaches out to the both of them.....before slouching next to them, resting on both of their shoulders.

Even with the pain of loss still lingering through, the bond these three delinquents shared grew strong enough to whisper at the iron bars that held them and see them bend out of their way, like the craziest magic. That's what love can do: fix souls, fix brains, cure all.

But that's the miracle regarding emotional pain as well: it leaves physical, mental, and invisible scars in its wake, yet they can be traced by the most gentle of touch. Sometimes, like a cyst, the "wound" must be opened to be healed; other times a well-meaning person may seek to heal what should be left alone. If it can be ignored and a normal happy life resumed, isn't it kinder to have faith in the natural healing process?

Such a time-consuming procedure had to befall the team eventually with a looming threat still at large; a sign neither Jason nor the mysterious White Ranger were comfortable in acknowledging.

There they stood, almost glued in place for the entire five-minute duration Alpha gave them to speak their piece and say their goodbyes to their fallen comrade. Alpha had to keep peering his head back around to the both of them, towering over Kim from opposite ends of the operating table watching their body postures droop and sink and almost shrivel.

Almost an exact recreation to how the morale of the rest of the team depleted following Billy’s death. It was never going to be easy following this.

Alpha: Ok, guys. We’ve said our goodbyes. Now we have to….

Once again, he almost chokes up.

Alpha: ….lay her to rest.

Five minutes was what he promised and he was delivering on that despite his waning mechanical heart telling him otherwise; it truly wouldn’t be the same without her. Every member of this team brought out an particular spark in themselves to where everyone else benefited from it.

Zack was the hopeful.

Billy was the genius.

Trini was the soul.

Jason was the light.

Tommy was the passion.

And Kimberly…..Kimberly was the heart. And without that heart, this team was just a cheap shell of its former self. It’s absence caused the light inside of Jason to trickle out and fade as he glanced down at her for the last time.

Inching towards her now ashy pale skin, he plants a kiss on her forehead, a memento of sorts for the life they could’ve had but the unbreakable comradeship and support they shared.

Bypassing the White Ranger while slightly brushing up against the black matte on his chestplate as he exited the room, it left the now seventh Ranger of this already precariously unstable group to his own devices. His eyes through the helmet visor locked onto Jason following him out, almost as robotic as Alpha’s whirring eyes.

He does turn back towards Kim before quickly placing his arm over Kimberly's lifeless body. Almost falling into deep depression at that very moment, he was oblivious to his tears, as teardrop after teardrop imitated a leaky faucet, plodding down onto his visor….

…..before trickling on through said visor and raining down on Ms. Hart’s pale face.

What he didn’t catch was his glowing hands suddenly brightening, shining brightly on the table. His white coin then detached itself from the armor, levitating up into the air and spun around, until it created a whirlwind of sparkling barely visible sparkles of light.

Amazed at the sight before him, he was confused for a few seconds after witnessing those sparklers of Power from his coin and hands simply fly inside of Kimberly's deceased body, sparking a different shade of white and gold while surrounding the former high school cheerleader in a force field covering up her body from head to toe.

The aura glistened with the same blinding white light as before, pushing Alpha back and the White Ranger only covering his eyes away from the operating table. Always expect the unexpected should’ve been an honorable mention in that slab of Ranger rules.

Eventually, the light dims down. The aura that coated Kim's body and illuminated the room now vanished.

Her skin? Reverted back to her regular complexion.

The only glaring imperfection was her abdomen still sliced open with no more blood.

Alpha couldn't see White Ranger from under the visor frown in confusion but then his coin shot up and out through her stomach and flies into his hand at break-neck speed. What both he and the White Ranger could hear was the skin slowly pulling inward. Normally, red blood cells help collagen, which are tough white fibers that form the foundation for new tissue: granulation tissue.

The gaping open wound where the scepter impaled her through quickly began forming new skin to form over this tissue, the edges pulling inward and the wound getting smaller due to the White Coin.

Now only a scar remained visible on her stomach.

And then suddenly, Kimberly bolts up off the table, gasping at the top of her lungs and taking Alpha back by surprise.


The rapid cry attracted the other Ranger's attention and drew them back into the room in a panic where, upon examination, they were in a state of disbelief seeing Kimberly perched up on the table, gasping for air more steadily as she then looked around frantically.

Everyone else just looked back both her and Tommy in disbelief. Luckily, his face mask was still on so there was still no telling who he was underneath.

More disoriented than confused, Kimberly almost slumps back on the table, hands in her eyes view waiting for someone to comment. She turns slowly, not even hesitating to read the room. Kim examines the tight structure, and the direction of the lightbulbs, straining her ears. Her eyes keep wandering, feet moving faster until she almost spins. She stops - mouth buckling, eyes wet.....when she locks eyes with her friends by the door.

At that point, more tears were shed from the young cadets who feared the loss of one of their own.

Her immediate response was blunt but addled......

Kimberly: Di--did I just die?

The response she got was everyone embracing her all at once in joy and relief

Trini: We thought you were gone.

Billy: We can't believe you're alive again.

Jason: We didn't know what we were gonna do without you.

Zack: And now here you are.

Kimberly: I'm relieved too.

Kim soon happened to notice The White Ranger behind them but still no sign of Tommy

Kimberly: Who is that?

Everyone looked back to him uncertain themselves who their new ally is unaware it's an old ally who's powers healed both himself and Kimberly

Jason: We don't know Kim. But.....believe it or not he overpowered Zedd and he somehow revived you.

Kimberly: And Tommy? Where is he?

Here the newly Ranger would have finally responded but was cut off when Zordon's echoed again

I can answer that Rangers. All of you come to the Command Center and I will inform you of everything.

With no time like the present everyone walked out after Jason Trini and The White Ranger helped Kimberly out of the bed and all gathered at the center minutes later

Zordon: Welcome back Rangers. Especially you Kimberly I'm just as relief that you have returned to us.

Kim grins but couldn't stop looking at The White Ranger with Tommy not around and appeared after her temporarily death she had an obvious feeling

Zordon: As you all are aware The Green Ranger has been dismasted by Rita's poison from the Green Coin. If the worse were to happen Alpha and I felt the time to create a Seventh Ranger. The newest member of your team. And now my Young Friends I present to you.....The White Ranger.

The team turned to him the unknown hero who stepped forward nodding to everyone

Zordon: Welcome White Ranger. The time has come to reveal your true identity.

He gives Zordon another nod and turned to the Rangers reaching up for the back of his helmet dethatching it apart as Kimberly's heart began to race while looking at him and with one good glance......

......she fainted without the others noticing and finally......

......The White Ranger's identity was revealed to be.......

Tommy: Guess who's back. shock surprise but in relief The Rangers were in excitement to see the friend they nearly lost to Rita again only by death

Jason: I'll be damned!

Billy: He's back!

Trini let out a joyful laugh as the gang gather around him and embraced him too with Zordon chuckling

Zack: Man I don't know how we didn't know!

Trini: You gotta stop scaring us Tommy.

Tommy: I'll try.

Billy: Above that we were hoping you were alive.

Jason: Especially Kimberly. She would not back down when it came to you.

The mention of her name made Tommy look back behind them with Kimberly unconscious on the flour

Tommy: Speaking of Kimberly.

Tommy walked through the crowd of the gang and came up to Kimberly placing the White Ranger mask on the floor and held her up in more relief his new powers revived her

Tommy: Hey beautiful time to wake up again.

Kimberly let out soft moans as she fluttered eyes open gazing up at his face and lets out a soft chuckle

Kimberly: I can't believe it. I must still be in Heaven. Is it really you?

Tommy: In the flesh and blood.

And just then the future couple embraced

Kim snuggled in. At that moment, Tommy’s arms squeezed a fraction tighter around her and Kim breathed more slowly, her body melting into her friend as every muscle lost its tension to the air.

This was the exact kind of enlightenment, determination, hope that this team needed; that this town and the world needed: an act of true courage from the bravest part of the soul. To open ones eyes and be willing to see that the road to better things is challenging and full of effort because how else is this broken world ever going to get fixed?

By casting out the darkness and shedding some light their way.

If the darkness could speak out, it’d probably just scream out into the empty void and then leave itself to its own abject misery; a proposal of failure Zedd was now standing up against.

Imagine that for generations, for eons, for centuries, you’ve set your sights on a highly immoral task to crown yourself king of your own personal profession. Scarred for life, disfigured by mistake, shunned by his own accord, the only chance to make yourself worthy of power and glory beyond your wildest dreams is to use every opportunity to acquire all of it and place everyone else below you under your heel.

You send out one your personal servants to complete a task for you. It goes awry but you don’t mind since there are other distractions to attend to. But backpedaling towards that unfinished business means alternately getting your hands dirty once your servant failed. After a few interesting but underwhelming battles, you get too cocky, you get too full of yourself….

….and you unleash a new enemy. One that, despite being nowhere near your level, overpowers you in seconds without so much as missing a step. He destroys your prized weapon and leaves you an embarrassed wreck on the floor in the place you called your arena.

Zedd had never felt so humiliated; the public failure of his own status claim to burrow deeper and deeper into his subconscious. The man who almost fancied himself a god felt a very human chill crawl up his spine.

As he had reappeared away from the main bustle that made up most of Angel Grove, he found himself humbling down to both of his knees, almost meditating on the roof of the airport no less than 20 minutes away from Angel Grove entirely. The chill was strengthening as the wind blew past him and through the mostly empty airport as if they were its chaotic drum beat.

The marching band of one without fingers or hands.

His helmet wary and his visor cracked but functional, his optical vision expands back towards the city streets where, to his appall, the police were finally doing something.

Like Bebe had promised to Alpha beforehand, it surprisingly didn't take much convincing to get his Pops to agree with the practice they were carrying out. With Zedd still at large and no direct link to where the Power Rangers are, the AGPD clearly was not suited to just sit around the bend anymore and actively wait for shit to hit the fan to do something.

Recruiting whoever they had left on the depleted squad and Chief Colton, the first step would be the trickiest: get everyone out of the city as fast as possible. Or at the very least, get out as many as they could.

A benchmark “evacuation time” had been established for this emergency evacuation for well over an hour and a half and since then, the AGPD had completed the first four of six phases to evacuating.




And reaction.

With the pre-movement time taken care of, movement and transportation were all that was left.

With police officers and even SWAT swarming the roads and streets, it left Bebe and Colton in the midst of the gas-filled, overcrowded, claustrophobic road directing traffic towards the highway leading them out of Angel Grove; the few lucky recipients getting out and driving further away from the new burgundy 'Welcome to Angel Grove' sign that once promised changed.

Even the few poor souls who were repositioned to the refugee camp had to be forced out for their safety.

Nothing but lies.

Colton: Everybody move in an orderly fashion; this is an emergency!

Bebe: We are evacuating the city; it's 20 minutes to the airport!

Colton: Exact change is appreciated but not necessary!

Bebe: Let's go, let's go! Keep it moving! Hey, no honking!

Annoyingly shouting at the closest car to his closest left, antsy was the appropriate term when it came to witnessing his flustered these civilians really were. They’ve had to endure their peaceful mornings, afternoons, and nights of mediocrity being rippled away from them by six rainbow-colored aliens in mech suits on top of aliens completely wrecking the town every few weeks and now they were being told they had to leave?

Of course, they weren’t going to take that lying down.

Especially not Lucas.

And to his surprise he happen to encounter the Olivers

Lucas: Jeff Deborah.

Jeff: Lucas. What the hell is going on?

Lucas: I think we're in for another attack.

Deb: They just never stop.

Jeff: What's worse the kids are missing again.

Deb: I just got off the phone with June. Trini ran away from home. Her and an Buford are devastated.

Lucas: I can understand. Jason told me they had a wall between. Trini may not know but I don't think anyone love their little girl more than Buf and June do.

Jeff: I had the same thing with Tommy. But wherever the kids are now I just hope they're safe.

Lucas looked at the Olivers in concern given he was the only one there who knew their secret and hoping they show soon especially his nephew

Lucas: Come on kid. Where are ya?

As the evacuation was now in motion it wasn't long till APEX was moving in

Director Sheer and her finest men were flying in on choppers knowing the situation

Sheer: Lt. Carter. Have your men scout across the city evacuating as many as possible. And have them arm our new weapon once the attack hits. If the Power Rangers show up and I know they will have your weapons for stun. I want them alive for questioning.

Lt. Carter: Yes maim.

The Lt. patched on his radio to spread the order

Lt. Carter: Attention units this is Lt. Carter. Get an evacuating crew in active at once. Have our best arm forces ready the weapon and keep an eye out for the Power Rangers.

The order was out and the choppers scatter

As for the Dark Lord he was fully recovered from fighting Tommy but furious the way he was overpowered it was now personal knowing what he knows about Tommy especially where his White Ranger morphing ability came from

Now his bigger main objective than retrieving the Zeo Crystal was finding the source of that power and destroy it for it was the only thing Zedd ever feared in this universe......

....unaware of Zedd's anguish Goldar and Scorpina kneeled down with Zedd staring out to Angel Grove

Scorpina: My's ready.

Goldar: At your command.

After a brief silence......


The yelling was excessive; too much so in fact. Zedd had a penchant for screeching his lungs out, his reputation for being frustrated easily preceding him with flying colors. This screech out to the clouds was the closest the twins could experience as far as witnessing a jumpscare; Zedd’s most iconic display of strength displaying, realizing that loss of control.

Reading the room, no puzzled glances needed exchanging or rearranging; they knew better than to waste time when given a direct order. The twins dissipated away, leaving the Dark Lord in the abject pool of misery that he considered a momentary lapse of peace.

Anything to try and wipe this dollop of stink off his preverbal shoe.

To have the upper hand on the team, only for this new White Ranger to crash in and completely outclass him was just embarrassing. Now feeling completely and utterly broken, in the same position Rita was in, he now knew how frustrating it was to be in her shoes.

He wouldn’t stand for it....but there was no need to rush. The poor homo sapiens crowding up to the airport wouldn’t make it far.

Back at the center after much embracing and reunion it wasn't long till questions were asked

Zack: I don't get it man. When we last saw you you were close to death.

Jason: Yeah Kim dies herself and you revived her with that weird light show.

Trini: Which was like that bright light in the sky.

Kimberly: What does all this mean?

Zordon: Perhaps Alpha and I can answer that. We knew Rita's poison from the Green With Evil would consume him long before we ever find a cure. However.....the seventh coin you carry no ordinary power coin. The White Coin is fueled by a force of light and true. It would choose a master that had the will power of both motives. Your tempts of fighting crime team effort and your will to give your life for the others. The White Light of goodness found you worthy by your courage and pride to become......The Legendary White Ranger. The light power even has healing powers that cured him from Rita's poison.

Billy: Ahh yes. I saw it earlier when Alpha had it in the catacombs. I thought I felt heavy energy from it. And that healing energy you mentioned.....must have brought Kimberly back.

Zordon: That is correct. Tommy's powers as the Green Ranger may have been decimated by the virus left by Rita however his new powers by the White Coin were created by the will of pure goodness and true and can never be corrupted by the forces of darkness.

Alpha: And to answer your question from before yes Tommy will also have a new zord of his own that will stand with the five thunder zords. Run by an enchanting sword called Saba. Saba will assist the White Ranger in battle with a high steel blade and high tech laser eye beam. If I may.

Alpha walked to the back of the room where to gang's curiosity he came back with a large wide box the size of a harpoon spear

And to their shock especially Tommy Alpha opens it revealing......

......the white saber he just mentioned: SABA

Alpha: Extend your hand Tommy and accept all that has been given to you?

Tommy reaches into the box grabbing the handle with the white tiger head and lifts it up with everyone Kimberly more with her hands on her chest feeling her heart racing and Jason.....

....pausing in thought.....

.....of a growing possibility

Zordon: Congratulations Tommy are now the LEGENDARY White Ranger.

Tommy: God it's good to be back.

As everyone praised him again Jason went deep in his thought

He flashed back from everything they went through the past year and it all lead back to everything that happen ever since Tommy came into their lives

He made great impressions with Zordon and Alpha even the gang looked up to him Kimberly more due to her crush on him which was now growing in front of him

Jason even realized his time as a Ranger had become more affecting not only fighting Rita Zedd the twins and Putties but Angel Grove's most wanted

Many thieves rapists and murderers were all behind bars because of him many innocent people are alive because of him and all of Angel Grove looked up to in....those who look up to The Power Rangers

The more Jason thought about it the more he thought of the possibility Tommy could make a greater leader but he wasn't sure JUST yet for he only thought of this cause Tommy was much wiser than him and despite his jealousy his respect for him had finally crumbled it completely

But even if Jason would make the decision now it would have to wait anyway....

....for the alarms.....

....went OFF

Everyone froze.

There had been something of a collective pattern established when it came down to how the team operated down in the Command Center, both of them actually: step in, get some information, the alarm goes off, and then on to the next location. It’s rather remarkable how nobody notices the monotony of an entire series of events until somebody breaks the pattern and they actually stop to think about it.

The one time they all really needed to be glancing back towards the Viewing Globe and observing whatever projection it showed of what was happening in the city…..they refused, even as the alarm continued to glare on and on annoyingly in the background.

Everyone in there, Alpha and Zordon included, felt no need to rush over to the Zeo Crystal-powered viewing globe or ponder on what could possibly be happening; it was only a matter of time before the threat would show its face again after suffering a humiliation that bare-boned and degrading. And even so, monotony wearing thin wouldn’t completely cripple the morale the team had built up for themselves since the beginning of the year.

They had been stuck here long enough to know how the game is played and the variables needed to play with.

Zordon: Rangers……

He started off, his usual reserved demeanor spiked with a dash of coyness as he surveyed the scene through his cylinder warp. The team could swear they saw some mild warping in there; Zordon gathering together his thoughts and composure before giving the word.

No more time was wasted.

Zordon: …..give ‘em hell.

All six adolescents with attitudes nodded toward each other and back to their mentor and assistant, finally being given permission granted to go out and put an end to Zedd permanently.

Which only meant one thing.

Darkness within the gravely confines of the mountainside came as strong protective arms, holding its stalagmites close until the promised dawn had reached them. If the earth had a pulse it rose through the mountains, creating their bold silhouette. To the naked eye, their peaks are the green line of a doctor's graph. Seeing those rocks at dawn, those slopes that give a home to so much life, a foundation for trees and shrubs, grass and ferns. Without blue above and below, in the sky and lake, without the sun rising, there was no guarantee it would be a good day...

Said concealment from yet another grey, colorless, gloomy day might’ve been further warranted without the appearance of a homicidal space tyrant. A celebration of greys, from sweet blue-slate to silver-white yielded no news of goodwill with the absence of hope.

Hope lied just inside the Pit.

Audible humming purrs through the blackness, decreasing in pitch with each passing decibel. The hum becomes something of a collective groan, even fainter than the hum, emitted with the mouth partially or entirely closed while walking with the head down.

They can be heard at a distance of up to 400 meters.

Eventually, a growl emanates from afar; a low-rumbling frequency pitching higher before a carnivorous roar breaks out. This sound, produced by the expulsion of air, collapses one side of the mountain; an avalanche of boulders, rocks, pebbles, and dust coats the grassy terrain not far below. The cave wall now lay split apart.....

....and the White Tigerzord stepped through, emerging out of the rocky womb into the desolate grays of light.

24.5 meters in length and weighing in at over 150 tons, Tommy's new zord was dipped in matte black and metallic white galore with splatters of gold around the tiger's paws, tail, shoulders, knees, and head of the beast. The latter of which almost resembled a crown.

Following in tow with the other Rangers' zords, Tommy needed to have full access to his morphing capability in order to interface with the Zord, becoming one with it. His cockpits had no indistinguishable differences to the others, locking him in via a cord that connects to his spines through the armor, forming a neural interface and having

The only difference that stood out was instead of relying on switches and levers to move the big tiger around, his newly acquired enchanted short-sword, Saba, would act as both when slotted into the console, maintaining influence over the Tigerzord.

Roaring aloud, the Tigerzord eventually sprints down the terrain and away from the mountain, no less than four and a half miles away from Angel Grove.

Tommy: You guys catching up or what?

Beat him right to the punch.

More rumbling crept up from behind him and galloping on in from the distance was the Blue Unicorn on his left and the Black Lion on his right.

Incoming air support wasn't far behind; a certain Pink Firebird swept in directly over the three ground animals flanked by a Yellow Griffin directly on her six. A giant gust of air constantly blew over the dust and grass beneath them.

And last, but certainly not least....out flew the Red Dragon.

It lets out a bellowing roar when active and minutes later The Thunder Zords came out of the cave with the Red Dragon Griffin and Phoenix Zords flying above The White Tiger Lion and Unicorn running on the desert ground all of them roaring at once

Jason: Tommy I see why you and Kim like it up here.

Tommy: Now I'm the grounded one.

Zack: Zordon and Alpha really over did it with these.

Trini: Everything's auto activated.

Kimberly: Nice stereo.


On manual the Zords headed straight for the heart of Angel Grove ready to save the world again

Meanwhile they evacuation continued with AGPD still leading the people to safety with the city alarms still blasting

Everyone knew what was coming it was just a matter of time

Sheer accompanied by Bulk and Skull were posted at a base blocking road ways making it hard for others to get by before the city would be empty

Sheer: Gentlemen the situation is getting dire but thanks to the recon you provided for us our new weapon is ready for anything.

Bulk: Will we have our money after everything's straighten out?

Sheer: Course it'll all be received to you by the end of tonight.

Skull: Depending if we live after this.


All three startled looked back seeing Colton and Bebe get out of their car and stormed over to them

Bebe caught sight on Bulk and Skull as the Chief confronted the Director

Colton: You controlling bitch! This evacuation is far from over and you're cutting our citizens off for them to be in the crossfire again!

Sheer: Jesus Christ Colton they wouldn't be in the crossfire if you for once in your entire life handled it the proper way! You let things slide by letting the Power Rangers destroy countless lives each time they step in the situation! How many casualties will they'll be if we stand by for them again! I don't even know why you didn't arrest The Green Ranger after the people he murdered with that robot Dragoon of his!

Colton: There's no pass that but if it weren't for him our prison cells wouldn't be fuller than ant hills. More importantly The Power Rangers are the only things standing between us and any other world threats that comes crawling out of the woodwork! And believe me Director there will be others after this!

Sheer: I don't know how you sleep at night but this draws the line! If the Power Rangers my men will shoot first and ask questions later.

Colton: Then you'll kill us all! As I recall when the first attack happen you didn't do a damn thing about it! The second time you just stood by! And now you force people to sit tight accusing me of letting them die in the crossfire?! I think the REAL question is how do YOU sleep at night?!

Sheer: I don’t. Unlike the lot of you, I take my job seriously. I’m not prone to siding with the enemy.

Bebe: And that, Director, is why WE’RE still employed and adamant about your involvement: we’ve been aware of the risks but we’ve seen firsthand how the Rangers have proven their worth not just to us but to the few desolate souls who still decide to live here. We’re still punching. We’re still struggling. We’re still here because you can’t do your damn job.

Sheer: I can say the same about your father, Officer.


Bebe: ‘Thundercracker’ Britton Sheer tell you that?


Sticks and stones can break one’s bones but words can never hurt them. In this case, this one did.

While not visibly butt-hurt over the accusation, Melanie felt…..depleted for once. She and APEX had been effectively turned into the butt of the town for barely doing so much of anything to actively help the city the last time they were present. From talking all that smack criticizing the Power Rangers' credibility as heroes when they cause as much damage as they solve to almost actively, relentlessly, risking civilians' lives just to prove a point, it appeared that chord was finally struck.

Familiarity never felt so…..haunting to Melanie.

The light in her eyes almost dwindled out as she slowly looked back towards Bulk and Skull, both of whom just ferociously shook their heads almost egging her on. Having to watch that invulnerability almost crumble before them was an unexpected sight.

An almost unwelcome one at that.

Heart beating faster, starting to sweat, beady little eyes looking all over the road; now she and the cops found themselves surrounded by more antsy Angel Grove civilians roped into the conversation upon being blocked off. Lucas, Jeff, and Debbie were amongst those staring down the supposed authority figures; these glares of dissatisfaction and angst in their prying eyes just begging them….


….to call a sabbatical and put a hold on this whole situation.

Luckily, outside interference did the job for them.

A low humming Boom Boom Boom rocked beneath the feet of all civillains in attendance; Sheer and Bebe were the first to immediately exchange glances towards each other before snapping their heads over towards the hills overlapping and towering over the town.

The Ranger's had their zords and were headed their way.

And people were still here. So now it's a mad scramble to get everyone out while softening up the 'entrance ramps' for the alien-like rainbow warriors tasked with protecting this town and, moreso, the world.

Colton: Ok ok, what now?

Bebe: Proceed as planned: get everyone out!

Colton: Alright, everyone move! Keep away from the sidewalks and stay off the road! Nobody dies today!

Off of their pedestals, procedures went about the same as before with Chief Colton escorting a few pedestrians around the barricade and off the roads. Having the cars be sitting ducks for people to potentially be crushed down to size was the last thing any of the cops wanted to worry about, a notion that other officers and SWAT followed up on to the letter.

As agitated as the Angel Grove citizens were, the notion and respect for the Rangers had mutual link: they either wanted to make room for them or they wanted out. So they followed protocol.

Lucas, Tommy and Deborah were an exception.

This gave Bebe a little leeway to patch a call to the Lieutenant.

Bebe: Pops, Rangers are back. Closing in on us.

Perfect. I'm on the way.

Sheer, however, still wasn't willing to call off the attack so she calls her own team. So help her, APEX would be triumphant on this day.

Sheer: Lieutenant, ready that damn weapon! Farkas, Eugune, stay close to me.

Bulk: Yes maim.

Skull was hesitant but nodded and fallowed them still unsure the money was worth jeopardize the fate of the world

Traffic was still jammed angry and scared citizens were honking their horns chatting and yelling even the sounds of kids crying and complaining

It went on since the evacuation started and we see the Kwans in their car

The two little boys were asleep in the back

June was crying with Buford behind the weal was in tears himself after a day Trini left they had regretted the spas they had with their daughter they had been moving a lot never allowing her to settle where she wanted.....not even once

It was no wonder she only convey in her grandparents instead of them yet during their death from the storm unknown to them was created by Zedd

Now that the evacuation was giving them what they want it felt it cost them their daughter

Buford: What have we done?

June: We can't leave without her.

Buford: But we don't know where she is she left....mainly cause of me.....I'm a terrible father.

June: No's just as my fault as yours.

Buford: Even so.....I just....I just hope we'll see her again...and tell sorry I am.

June: How we both are.

The Kwan's held each other's hands as Keenan soon begin to yawn out of his nap looking out his window and his eyes widen and he shook Jackson's shoulder to wake him up

Keena: Jack? Wake up! They're here!

That caught their parent's attention and all looked out gasping

The Boys smiled and all got out as did many civilians from their cars all in amazement

~Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme without lyrics~

The Griffin and Red Dragon Zords flew over them making people yell and cheer especially the kids

From the back way into town quarter miles from them The White Tiger Zord roared with Phoenix in hovering above it

And the Lion and Unicorn came in from the East

The people cheered as did Jackson Keenan at the Griffin unknown to them is their sister piloting it

Lucas and the Olivers where they were with other civilians applaud for the Red Dragon Lucas most pleased knowing that's his nephew in it by the color

The Power Rangers had arrived to save the day

But.....little did they know.......

.....APEX spotted them

Sheer: About time they showed up. For once before the action starts.

Lt: The weapon's ready Director.

Sheer: Good.

Skull: Uh....miss....Sheer....maim?

Everyone including Bulk turned to Skull with serious expressions

Skull: I....started thinking lately.....what....what if....w---we could just....use it on this Zedd guy?

Bulk: Pinhead. You're way to uptight.

Sheer: If we do how are we gonna stop the Power Rangers?

Skull: That's the thing. We might not have to. We could just help them instead we could beat the bad guy with the weapon.

Sheer: And how do we do that without further casualties than the last two? I'm sorry Eugene I can't take that risk. Lt? Launch the Weapon.

Lt: Yes maim.

Skull: So you’re just gonna bring down the Calvary?

Sheer: I AM THE CALVARY. The President specifically authorized this organization to be here for this situation. I run this company and in doing so, APEX stays until the end of the line. I brought the lot of you knuckleheads in for a cup of coffee and I can cut you off any time I want.

Skull: If you really felt like we were that big of a burden, you should’ve cut us off by the first day.

In a bizarre rush of emotions and emotional turmoil, Skull wasn’t really paying that much attention to his own words in the heat of the moment, manifesting a sudden spike of courage out of nowhere to stand up to the director.

Disobeying just the very structure of rules, in general, wasn’t uncommon to the lot of them; hell would have to freeze over before either of them garnered second thoughts on the why of their actions. Now that very conundrum was coming out in clutch for Skull: a decision that had been building up rather sporadically over the last few days.

Staring down the director rather uncharacteristically,

Sheer was in no mood to negotiate. Stirred a little following Bebe's more-than-specific stab towards her family history, no more cracks in her armor had to be shown; she wouldn't allow it.

But she had the wherewithal to admit.....

Sheer: I need…..the both of you.

Skull: Then let these people leave. The less blood on your hands.....OUR hands, the better.

Familiarity rears its ugly head yet again.

The Black Ranger had a much more drawn-out, serious conversation with her regarding something along the same lines of responsibility and pressure no less than a few months ago; a conversation that she directly references the last time she saw her before Zedd forced them into 'hiding'.

Once more, Zack's words echoed louder and louder through her head.

'Being a hero isn't what I'm trying to be; it's what I am. It’s a long, tedious, and painful road but my team is ironing out the kinks the best way we can. I’m running the same race and jumping the same hurdles as you so there’s no reason why you gotta trip us up. For someone who claims to be there for the people and say we have to stick together, you don’t even know what the hell that means.'

Once more, the truth comes full circle.

There’d be no point in any of this if there’s no city to save and the last thing they needed was for this juvenile squabbling to curb-stomp their attempts at doing so.

All the sleepless nights, millions wasted, flushed down the toilet, and equipment spent on trying to fight the symptoms instead of the disease garnered nothing but harsh criticism and even condescending comments and remarks from even some of her own employees. They wouldn't be this adamant in droning on about the same relevant points in rapid repetitive succession if it wasn't true.

And once more, a crisis of conflict ravaged Melanie's head.

Weapon's primed, Director. Pulse cannon armed at the Pink Ranger and ready.

Melanie's quick to turn behind her, seeing more helicopters hovering over their location, circling that section of the road like vultures would upon spotting their decomposed prey to pick at and snack upon. Instead of the copters, however, her attention turned towards the roof of the airport....

....about the same three and a half miles needed for the Angel Grove civilians to get checked in, out, and fly away from the home that brought them so much misery.

Said Pulse cannon was densely structured around the size of regular rocekt propelled grenade launcher, strapped over Carter's left shoulder. But it just so happened to pack an incredibly powerful long-range firing capability utilizing the frame assembly of a sniper rifle; requiring a short charge time, displayed by four quarter-circle segments around the center of the screen, or by four small vertically placed dots on the right side of the screen, the power of the shot was equally dependant on the charge time.

Once fully charged, it will stay charged and automatically fire after a short time, possibly wasting a potential of the few downsides of using Zedd's own residue to charge it.

And that very weapon was being aimed at the Pink Firebird also circling around the road, looking for potential bystanders to help out.

But just as he was about to pull down on the trigger.....

Sheer: Stand down.

Everyone looked at her in surprise especially Bulk and Skull though Skull was relieved

Lt: Director?

Sheer: Eugene's right. We need to worry about the current threat. For now.

Lt: What about Power Rangers? Are we trusting them now?

Sheer: Not even close but they're not our priority right now. Right now I want this Zedd in custody.

Lt: Yes maim.

It didn't take long for the Rangers to notice APEX weren't targeting them anymore

Trini: What's going on? Why are they backing down?

Billy: Maybe Sheer had a change of heart.

Jason: Doesn't seem like her.

Tommy: Never mind her for now. Zedd will strike with that Serpentera thing in no time.

Jason: You're right you're right.....let's focus Rangers. Let's support the evacuation as much as possible. Let's split up. Billy Trini search for anyone not evacuated yet. Kimberly Zack be my second eyes on the evacuation and APEX. Tommy you keep an eye out for Zedd and the Golden twins soon as you see anything unusual you signal us and we'll come running.

Tommy: Then may the power protect us.

The thunder zords all bellowing out went on their assignments with people still cheering them on and Sheer unsure if she made the right decision Bulk and Skull confused as ever

AG's finest were in route to process the evacuation

Bulk: I don't get it. She was so determine to bring down the Power Rangers. Now she let's them go? What did you talk her into?

Skull: Nothing as far as I recall. But.....she's right The Power Rangers shouldn't be the priority. Plus they maybe our only bullet.

Bulk: Since when did you get soft?

Skull: I'm not. I'm just saying.....

Skull went silent as he paused completely like he was witnessing a murder making Bulk more confused

Bulk: What's your problem?

Skull: Dr---Dr----

Bulk: WHAT?!

Skull: DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upwards he points and the horror was unfounded.

The sky once again split apart, cumulonimbus clouds widening out like a HUGE crater through the pavement as everyone on ground level, on the roads or by the street or just hanging by braced themselves. And it just so happens that the Olivers and Lucas were amongst those hanging around, although the temptation was too great to not at least back up a little bit.

Eventually, the dragon BURSTS out from above, red lightning spurting all about and it becomes so freakishly large and long that by the time it gets up to its tail, half of the road was already destroyed. This huge mutated robotic dragon-like creature, one of Zedds own personal toys was finally finished, fully operational and ready to cause some mayhem.

As it stands firmly on its own two feet, it roars with so much intensity it practically would've broken any type of glass that a sonic boom wouldn't have done.

NOW the initiative was there for people to make a beeline for cover.

Bebe: Go go go!

Sheer: Everybody back up! Take cover!

Colton: Airport! Now!

By the time Lieutenant Stone and his cops finally roll up on the scene, he had already missed out on the cascading predicament beforehand, leaving him no space to question APEX or Sheer for the moment. Stepping out rather slowly, it really was just another day at the office.

The worst kind of day.

Lt. Stone: Not again.

Once again, like Sheer had predicted, Angel Grove was in chaos. Homes were being totaled, financial aid was rocketing further through the roof and the twin was sinking under its own ruins with citizens having no choice but to flee for their lives. Had they not barricaded the way down to the airport, a few more civilians would’ve just been able to squeeze into check-in without having to worry about being trampled.

And unfortunately, Zedd had no qualms on cold-blooded sadistic serial homicide. With him comfy in his main control hub of Serpentara, him boldly sitting down on his own throne meant he was in complete control.

He took great relish in trampling over the tarmac, crushing the metal trinkets of cars clogging his path, plucking away the vermin clouded around his creation and infesting the streets; all the time in the world was granted to him while in this thing and what better way to shove his embarrassing defeat under the rug than by taking the fight back directly towards this towns saviors?

Eventually, his efforts were rewarded.

Radar beacons, newly installed into the consoles of each Rangers cockpits, immediately blared a high-pitched beeping sound this indication an imminent threat nearby. Turning back behind them or to their left, their fears were founded and the terror Alpha spoke of came to light.

From a distance, this hybrid Dragon, lizard monstrous atrocity that Zedd called his finest creation already made what Rita did with Goldar look like a paper-cut. Alpha wasn’t bugging about the Serpentera’s size or massive girth of power, which only made them dread what it would be like by the time they actually get up close to face this beast.

While they were tempted to move towards the scene of the event, the Serpentara was wreaking as much chaos and destruction as it could possibly endure. From breathing and blowing fire out of its mouth, and rampaging across the streets and avenues, it truly was a machine of destruction and death.

Zack: That the Serpentera?

Billy: Has to be; definitely not friendly at all. We need to find a way to direct its attention towards us.

Trini: I've got that covered.

Kimberly: I'll be right behind you.

At that point, they press down as the Firebird and Griffin begin to fire from their mouths and shoulders. The blasts seemed to have no effect on Serpentara or his monstrous size, but as both zords flew above the head of the Serpentara shrieking…..

… caught Zedd's attention.

He was momentarily shocked seeing Kim alive and well after he damn near ruined her vital organs to pieces but at that point, he caught more attention coming his direction.

The Red Dragon roared above in the sky as the White Tigerzord charged along with the Unicorn and Lion zords not too far behind the other.

As soon as they got close and the Firebird and Griffin came back around, they all stopped and stayed together as all six zords proceeded to hold the line just like they did with Rita. The White Tiger, Unicorn, and Lion stayed centered right on the ground while the Red Dragon, Firebird, and Griffin floated center above them.

And as expected, this promoted the large abundance of terrified citizens to come back and observe, especially the Olivers and Lucas, who had come out of hiding then. Sheer, Bebe and Colton included.

The Kwan’s had to settle for being trapped in the car while viewing from afar.

Zedd: So Zordon’s given you brats more toys?

Zedd laughed out loud maniacally with the Rangers now as cautious as ever

Lord Zedd: It won't serve any of you good. Cause after the Serpentara crushes you all like the bugs you are I'll pay Zordon another visit and take the crystal by crumbling his precious command center!

Kimberly: Like hell you will!

Tommy: This time we all attack him together.

Jason: I was just about to say that.

Lord Zedd: Your time has come Rangers but Oliver the power you possess is something beyond what Zordon could give you. I can help you understand it more. I can even show you why it chose. There is a prophecy behind it that fortells it's true purpose when darkness and light meet in the hour of destruction one will fall by the other.

Tommy: What'd you getting at murderer? You saying I'm tied to this prophecy?

Lord Zedd: It is your birth right.

Kimberly: You don't know what his birth right is!

Lord Zedd: But I know it was that power that brought you back to life! How would else would I know it?! I killed you and you're suddenly alive again.

Tommy: Whatever you think you think you know and even if it's true I have no interest in it. Everything that's happened Rita the Hogan's me under Rita's curse everything you caused....was all on you! And now it ends!

Lord Zedd: And so it does.

The Dark Lord set the Serpentara to attack mode and it roars with the Thunder Zords stood in defensive positions

Jason: We still need to get it outside of town! We can't afford more casualties!

Tommy: Agreed. Pull back!

The Thunder Zords turned and rang and flew

Lord Zedd: So it's cat and mouse huh?!

Zedd set his dark zord to chase after them their plan to lure it out of town worked

However APEX was still on sight of them

Lt: Director they're heading out of the city.

Sheer: They're luring it out of the city. Keep the weapon armed and have a chopper ready.

Lt: On it.

Even AGPD caught it with Bebe catching it with through binoculars

Bebe: They're leaving. But that thing's fallowing them.

Lieutenant: They must be luring it away. We got a fighting chance. Colton get the exits ready we don't if that thing will come back.

Colton: Yes sir.

The zords headed south which was not far from the ocean and to their hopes the Serpentera was still after them as was Zedd on it's head

Zack: He still after us.

Billy: That's affirmative.

Jason: Keep moving. We need to get him as far away from the city as possible then we attack.

Tommy: But this time we'll do it together.

Jason: I was just about to say that.

The chase kept on but eventually the Serpentera caught up.....

....and bit hold of the Phoenix Zord

Kimberly: AAH! WHAT THE?!

Kim looked out the window of her hatch seeing the Dark Zord trying to pull it down

Kimberly: Dammit! Zedd's trying to pull me to the ground I can't break free!


The zords turn and the Griffin flew in first lashing at the Serpentara at the face forcing it to let go of the Phoenix

Trini: I got you girl.

Kimberly: Thanks.

If they wanted to get its attention, they were already one step ahead. So what the hell was step two? Apparently, avoid getting burned to a crisp.

Trini noticed the Serpentera almost bottling up its throat, awkwardly arching over while the sky, once clouted by cumulonimbus clouds; crackling comes as a sound cocoon in the blackness. As another molten silver sky quenched the earth, lightning struck.

Billy noticed the oddness of the giant dragon almost stalling and the predilection towards thunder and lightning for what had to have been the tenth straight time in weeks was finally coming together; if Zedd’s mere presence didn’t call for these repeated occurrences, then the giant beast was charging its body up with the surrounding flashes of white lightning to increase its power.

Right on the money.

Only a minute passed before the giant dragon bothered to open its mouth. Similar to Tommy’s Dragonzord, strong gas pressures within the dragon, harnessing oxygen, then creating a spark — either with ingested rocks in the gizzard, or mineral coatings on their teeth would force the beast to expel hydrogen regularly, which due to its high flammability allows it to breathe fire.

With one incy wincy teenie tiny distinction to separate it: instead of fire, lightning began to crackle out from its gullet.


Heeding his command, all six of them venture off and split up, their zords either barrel-rolling or sprinting off in separate directions while the yellow spew of lightning breath vomits out the Serpentera, torching the terrain behind them. Firing off in a continuous stream, all the wet grass, plants and wildlife blossoming behind them burst into flames; nothing but fire igniting as the Serpentera continues to shoot at them.

Even when venturing off, Zedd would not let up.

Zedd: Flee, weaklings! FLEE!

The Serpentera barrel-rolls its own body around, still spewing lightning out of its mouth while bending its tail backward. The ongoing g-force combined with the speed of the swiping tail knocks back an unsuspecting Zack, his Black Lion flicked across the terrain.

Hoarding back on his levers, one yanked up and the other pulled back, he barely gets the Black Lion back to a vertical basis, its claws scraping the now torched grass.

Instincts follow suit; shoulder pads pop up out from the Lion’s shoulders as an endless stream of missiles is launched at the intended target. If only the weapons he had equipped were up to standard.

Missile after missile collided with the skin of the 345 ft tall beast; not even so much as a dent unveiled itself.

All it did was catch its attention, forcing Zack to pounce away from yet another stream of lightning. This was all kinds of bad news.

Zack: Uhhh, boss? Think we got a problem.

No, we don’t.

Rather dismissive from the team’s leader; quickly debunked by the Red Dragon slithering above raining down fireballs over the arched back of the Serpentera. Torching the beast all along its serpentine slithery form did nothing for the second Red Ranger.

Jason: You’re looking at what I’m looking at.

A rather pompous, smart-aleck way of saying he was having the same problems as everyone else. At this point, now was the time for improvision.

Jason: Ok, I got an idea. Tommy, flank my right. Billy, flank my left.

Tommy: Right behind ya.

Billy: Seconds out.

Jason: Everyone else, circle the beast.

Everyone went on their assignments as Zedd found their new strategy amusing

Lord Zedd: What's this?! A new tactic?! You mere infants are no different than Zordon! I still don't understand how Rita had trouble with you!

The Griffin and Phoenix circled it which distracted it long enough for Red Dragon Unicorn White Tiger and Unicorn to make their move

The Unicorn bashed into the Serpentara with the White Tiger slashed at it and the Red Dragon biting down it's head

Zedd let out a frustrating snarl with all the shakes he felt with the Red Dragon shaking the Serpentara's head

Jason: I got him! Keep attacking!

With the Red Dragon holding on to it

Tommy: Launching attack!

(Phil LaMarr): Activate warrior mode!

Tommy flinched at that voice looking around hardly there be anyone with him

Tommy: Who said that?

Down here!

He looked down to see the tiger head of his sword spoke to him it was unbelievable

Saba: I am Saba. Constructed by Alpha 5 to assist you against The Dark Lord.

Tommy: Whoa guys my sword is talking!

Jason: It's what?!

Distracted the Serpentara forced The Red Dragon off and countered the words off especially The White Tiger

The Rangers fell hard but still struggled to stay in control

Jason: Tommy what the hell's going on?!

Tommy: I have no idea! My sword just talked!

Trini: Well ask if it has another plan or we're gonna thrashed again.

Tommy: Sorry. Saba what'd you mean warrior mode?

Saba: I can convert this Zord to warrior mode to give us the advantage.

Tommy: Sounds like it becomes own Megazord. Well before we forge that we need to hold off the line.

Saba: As you wish sir.

Zack: Done making out with your sword Tommy? Case you forgot we got a crises here!

Tommy: Right right. Jason? Any more bright ideas?

Jason: Sorry Tommy last one was my LAST.

Billy: I got a few but Trini Kimberly I'll need you both with one of them.

Trini: What'd you want us to do?

Billy: I think I can fire the horn. But I think I may have one shot. Just keep him one spot.

Kimberly: We're on it.

Zack: But what you want us to do.

Billy: If this doesn't work just fallow my lead.

Then on The Griffin and Firebird Zords flew circling the Serpentara which annoyed Zedd to the bone

Lord Zedd: Baahh! Mangey insects!

The Serepentara was just about to fire it's own breath till Billy had a direct lock on and the Unicorn's horn FIRES and before Zedd could see it coming it HITS the dark lord from behind

It fell in fire in smoke

Zack: Bullseye!

Tommy: Direct hit!

Jason: Nice shot Billy!

But this was still far from victory not only did Billy's shot stun the Serpentara.....but Zedd....was PISSED

His monster, his prized possession, his personal destroyer of planets and eater of worlds being stunned by a measly little unicorn? Let alone by the same Ranger Rita killed first after being resurrected?

Absolutely not. It didn’t matter that the horn merely flicked the back of the Serpentera’s head and mildly inconvenienced the savage beast without actively hitting it. Lord Zedd was livid.

Zedd: Cocky pricks!

The sudden use of gendered language and obscenities spewing from the already foul prince was alarming. Immediately, the Serpentera leaped upwards toward the Unicorn, who immediately sprinted away from his current location, only to have the ground effectively do the rest of the heavy lifting for him. The mere weight of Serpentera crashing back to ground zero with that much velocity bounced the Unicorn off balance.

Billy rolled 10 feet away with the dirt over his Unicorn’s knees and hooves. Scraping against the terrain, its knees buckle when skidding along, eventually stopping itself.

Laser eyes were the next priority, the Unicorn's eyes squeezing two large gaping beams of heat out from its sockets, aiming right at the head of the large beast. Even then, those lasers do not dent the Serpentera’s armor.

Not so much as a dent against its scaled, hardened metallic armored skin. Having stunned the beast mere minutes ago, Billy know something wasn’t adding up.

Billy: Ummm, hello?! Hit!

Still, the lasers went off at the dragon to no avail. Eventually, Serpentera got impatient, swiping the lasers away with an indelicate smack.

The reflected laser ball found itself hurled upwards into the higher end of the troposphere, where the Griffin zord found itself as it surveyed the outer layers of the beast, looking for a weak spot. Trini was brought back to attention once the radar blared in her ears.

Looking down from her cockpit, incoming lasers quickly re-shifted her focus.

Trini: Holy shhh—-

Pulling back on her levers, she hurls the Griffin away from the trajectory of the blast, barely avoiding oblivion.

Whatever plan that was, it landed them firmly back at square one momentarily. Incoming Plan B, courtesy of Tommy finally going through on his word to his talking sword.

Tommy: Ok, ok! Warrior mode, how do I do it?

Saba: Press down on me.

Weirdly specific. But no time to squabble about.

Pressing down on the butt of Saba, however, froze the Tigerzord momentarily as it rolled backward following another failed pounce attack. Its legs reverting its arms around to different positions, a new set of legs and arms showed before it stood firmly on the concrete. Back legs split apart before folding the legs inside its chambers and out pops new arms.

The entire front of the Tigerzord gradually slides down to lock into place as the Megazords chestplate. Finally, its head popped up from inside as its red eyes glows brightly, constructing: the White Tigerzord in its Warrior Mode.

A massive first for Tommy, having his own personal zord being able to operate on its own accord without the other’s added accessories. He laid motionless for a brief moment, soaking in the euphoria of it all.

All eyes, as expected, drifted over to the White Tigerzord standing up on its own two feet effectively staring down the serpentine dragon-snake responsible for wiping out entire galaxies.

Trini: Ay dios mio (oh my god).

Billy: I… loving all of this.

Zack: Yeah, I feel you, Bill.

And apparently, so was Zedd.

Zedd: Ha ha ha ha ha! Impressive; upgrading your metallic hull of a vessel! I’ve made some upgrades of my own!

Nothing about the manner in which that statement was carried out delivered much hope to the team……and it wasn’t hard to see why seconds later.

All six were left mortified at the sight of this 500 feet long lizard-dragon snake hybrid digging its claws into the ground, physically pushing the other zords back against each other and away from the threat at large…..

… the dragon slowly arched over, bending back its body to stand upright.

It was a lot taller than the Tigerzord.

Kimberly: Sweet's bigger.

Tommy: I got an idea but it maybe the craziest one yet.

Jason: Do what you got to do I got a feeling we're gonna need the Magazord soon.

Tommy: Saba. I want to keep Zedd focused on me.

The Tiger Zord in warrior mode marched at the Serpentara and clashed at one another

Lord Zedd: Fool! Even if you succeed you'll never know where your power came from! Zordon only knows so little!

They continued bashing each other with the Rangers unsure what to do next

Trini's Tommy's gonna killed we should attack now.

Kimberly: He knows what he's doing.

Jason: Whatever he's doing let's forge the Megazord now.

Billy: Not yet. We need to make sure Zedd's completely distracted or he'll get a jump on us again.

Zack: How will we know?

Kimberly: I think we will when we see it.

The Tiger Zord and Serpentara kept on one another it was a struggle for both of them Zedd had to struggle only cause the White Tiger was fueled by the light energy as well as Tommy's new powers

Zedd was even forced to use 80% of the dark zords power to hold him off

It bashed the White Tiger Warrior Mode forcing it to the ground which set off Kimberly enough to go off on attack mode

Kimberly: Tommy!


She launched the firebird zord like it's own torpedo and unleashed full phoenix fury with a streak of fire hitting the Serpentara which barely scratches it but forced it away from the White Tiger Warrior mode long enough for it to stand back up


Lord Zedd: Let's see you resurrect from THIS!

Zedd pressed a button causing the head of the Serpentara to blow lightening out of it's mouth barely missing the Pheonix

Tommy: Saba. Have this zord on autopilot. I'm going in the Serpentara.....AFTER Zedd.

Saba's eyes glow bright red setting the Zord on autopilot his face shield seals hatch opens and Tommy leaps out landing on the Serpentara

White Ranger: Don't see a hatch. Guess I'll have to make one.

The Ranger of Light draws Saba and slices open the steel armor and leaps in but not without the others noticing

Trini: What's he doing?

Jason: Tommy! We just saw you brake into the Serpentara. What'd you up to?

I'm gonna keep Zedd busy for you guys to were down this piece of junk.

White Ranger: I'm the only one who rivals his magic. I'll buy you guys enough time to bring this thing down but I don't know how long.

Zack: Then it's now or never. Boss?

Jason: I'm calling it.

Lightning strikes


Both the Unicorn and Griffin mirrored one another, charging themselves forward before zipping past the Tigerzord, the Griffin above and the Unicorn by its leg; the Red Dragon their intended target.

Jason, needing a few more potshots, clicks down on the triggers on his levers, shooting more fireballs at the seemingly durable Serpentera, distracting it while the White Tigerzord shifted its attention to the dragons tail. The Serpentera quickly swats at the Red Dragon but gets its tail in the face for its efforts.

Once more, to no avail.

Suddenly, the upper half of the dragon's body unbuckles before turning around a full 360 degrees in midair. Its thick neck, spine, and sinuous tail crack to form two kneecaps while feet pop out from the far ends.

The back and front legs collapse into each other to form two sturdy arms while the tip of the tail pegs into the chest of the Red Dragon. Its pulsating core lights up and emanates from within and the head eventually pops up.

The Red Dragon had also achieved its warrior mode. Guess Jason had a reason to be enlightened too, also having a separate form outside its animal counterpart.

Jason: This…..this is definitely trippy. Rangers!

He exclaims right as the Serpentera stomps down on the terrain once again, another ripple effect amongst the grass forcing the White Tigerzord and the Red Dragon away from it, back-flipping from the on-going ripple.

The Griffin is quick to split its body into two pieces: one half stored away its talons and slotted its tail as a portable blade, wrapping around the Dragon's right arm as a gauntlet. The other half makes practical use of the wings, forming the armor plating around the cuirass.

Trini: Griffin, locked on!

Billy’s Unicorn folded its legs up, reverting itself into a boot for the Dragon to slide in. Zack’s Lion followed a similar procedure as a boot but not before it also split its back half off, forming another gauntlet for the Dragon's other arm. The mane also snapped off the lion's head, locking itself around the fist as a portable blaster.

Billy: Unicorn, locked on!

Zack: Lion, locked on!

Last but not least, as tradition calls, the feet of the Firebird acted as magnetic talons fastening themselves to the shoulders of the Red Dragon. The flames of its wings fastened and harmed to a metallic shape, the rest of its body and head converting into a helmet for the Megazords head.

Kimberly: Firebird, locked on.

Lights flashed through the helmet as its visor became active.

Unlodging from their personal zords, all five zip out from their personal spaces before locking into their cockpits operating the entire Megazord.

Thunder Megazord is active.

The entire combined entity of robots merged into one only tripled their combined sizes up to a total of 62 meters or 2440 inches in height and 510 tons in weight.

438 meters shorter and weighing far less than the giant Serpent. Two Megazords against one and they were still down a peg short.

Zack: Anybody switch cockpits?

Jason: Nope. I’m, Uhh, I’m still in the middle.

Billy: Wish I could counter that. I’m still a leg.

Trini: Right arm, still.

Kimberly: I think I got the legs now.

Billy: You a leg too!

Zack: Left arms mine. Not much of a do-over but it’ll have to do.

Everyone instinctively nods in agreement…..just as more lightning spews out from the giant Serpentera. Both the Thunder Megazord and autopilot White Tigerzord rolled away from the lightning streak, leaving a burned trail where they once stood.

Both blast at the giant Dragon with their portable blasters; Lion mane machine gun and the White Tigers pulse cannon.

Still, no visible damage.

Serpentera sweeps at them with its arm. The White Tiger barely avoids its claws but only because the Thunder Megazord took the brunt of it. A single swipe scratching the paint job and effectively stun-locking the Megazord.

Jason: Hold! Hold! Everyone hold!

Billy: Balance, balance, I got it!

Barely keeping them stable, it did nothing to stop another attempted attack with the giant Serpent clamping down on the terrain again.

The tail comes their way next and playing hop-scotch with it hardly did much for their morale.

Zack: If anybody’s got an idea, love to hear it!

Trini: Anything clicking yet, boss?!

Jason: Do you see it flinching to anything? Basic attacks do nothing and it’s ricocheting every blast we throw at it!

Billy: So we keep trying! Let’s go around the back, get to the tail.

As that plan was formulating we join back with Tommy inside the Serpentara with the White Ranger as when he landed in after cutting it open with Saba that's still running the auto pilot on the White Tiger

He was in some dark hall not knowing where to go it was like a maze in there

Tommy prepared for himself whatever danger he'll encounter with Saba in his grip

White Ranger: Saba keep defense mode active. We could find anything in here.

Saba: As you wish.

Tommy made his way in cautiously feeling the fighting outside from the impacts on the dark zord

As minutes passed he eventually made it in the Control Room where The Dark Lord sat in another thrown running the Serepentara while fighting the Mega Thunder Zord

Zedd sensed a presence and he set his zord on auto pilot himself stood up and gazed at his newly MAIN enemy

Lord Zedd: Tommy Oliver.....

White Ranger: You will answer for crimes! Your diabolical schemes ends here!

Lord Zedd: Fool! You may have gain the power of light as the Prophecy foretells but my conquest in the universe had rain for thousands of generations! You may have caught me off guard last time but I was unprepared now......I am fully prepared.

White Ranger: So am I.

Tommy draws Saba in BOTH hands with Zedd lifting his hands in to blast him with his magic

White Ranger: The Rangers will destroy this zord either that or you call it off!

Lord Zedd: They can't! The Serpentara is beyond indestructible with it's energy source. All shall kneel before Zedd!

White Ranger: Not on my watch!

And there The White Ranger and The Dark Lord clashed ONCE MORE

This time was merely different than last time Zedd wasn't kidding when he said he was prepared before the attack while Zedd was repairing himself after being dominated by Tommy before he had charged up his energy level more higher than usual along with the Serpentara

Zedd had an extra charge you might say making him nearly as powerful as Tommy's light powers

So the second round was even odds more than last time

Zedd countered Tommy's thrashes as did his

Tommy then leaped over Zedd in hopes of getting a strike from behind but Zedd turned and easily blocked him Zedd launched a kick knocking Tommy off his feet but luckily he landed back on them blocking Zedd's blasts at him which The White Ranger deflecting it with Saba's blade

Zedd's rage burned higher than ever he was more angry the way Tommy humiliated him back up at the Moon Palace he wanted to humiliate him too Zedd learned how much Kimberly meant to him for her death set him off to embrace the light power

Meaning he could humiliate him by taking her from him AGAIN but he would have to ware him down first Tommy was just too fast and kept countering his every attack

Part of Tommy wanted to kill Zedd for EVERYTHING that has happened in Angel Grove was all cause of him he sent Rita to retrieve the Zeo Crystal unleashed Goldar and Scorpina by cursing the Hogan twins killing Billy forcing Zordon to give up his ONLY chance to be whole again to revive him Rita cursing him under the Green With Evil making him trying to kill his friends and destroying his home almost killing him later with it's poison and Zedd himself....killing Kimberly earlier

He was furious for all of it but due to the light of goodness another part of Tommy wanted Zedd to stand trial and live the rest of his day concealed like Rita

Their fight moved outside the control room into the corridor Zedd takes an advantage to blast again at the White Ranger but Tommy dodged it by leaping aside but Zedd hopped he would

He blasts again before Tommy could land hitting him and the brave hero was forced back hitting the corridors wall violently

Tommy was down and Zedd used this advantage in hopes of finishing him off but Saba sensed the danger coming and it's eyes glows bright red SHOOTING a laser beam striking Zedd wide open it didn't kill him but injured him giving Tommy enough time to get back up and was amazed at what Saba did

But he didn't had time to ask him yet Zedd was recovering and Tommy knew he had one shot to stop him

He launches a karate kick knocking Zedd to the flour

He raises Saba to strike a finishing blow but Zedd rolled over dodging the attack

As both fights. ragged an APEX choppers approached the battle field with Sheer and the LT with their new weapon active

Lt. Carter: Director, I got all three of them in view. The Rangers don’t seem to be doing much damage to this dragon. Taking a beating.

Sheer: Seems just as good a time as any then. Soon as you find an opening on the dragon, open fire.

Lt. Carter: Working on it.

No clear shot would come for the next few minutes as these giant robots, despite their enlarged stature and weight, move just as lightly and as agile as a regular Transformer would.

Begrudgingly, neither the Thunder Megazord or the White Tigerzord were fairing much better. Yet another failed attempt to land anything close to actual physical contact on the giant serpent did not meet dividends in the slightest. Despite doing a good job avoiding the cliff and, in hindsight, the watery depths of Davy Jones locker below, the five could tell the end would draw near soon if they didn’t think outside the box….

….or if Tommy didn’t find what he was looking for.

Grounded and positioned up on one knee, the Rangers were exhausted. The brunt of the storm that came their way was hotter than they anticipated even with all the tips they received; Jason holding onto his head.

Billy and Trini mildly breathing hard.

Zack hunched over the control panel.

And Kim leaning back in her chair.

Hull damage: 35 percent.

Trini: The hell is Tommy doing up in there? We’re sitting ducks down here.

Jason: I’ll reach him.

Sooner rather than later, fortune would be running on empty so it was almost trivial that Tommy or APEX made a move.

And he was holding his own for the most part against the tyrannical Zedd; disorienting him with a corkscrew roundhouse and pushing him back. With the slight disorientation, Tommy’s quick to charge at him with a rapid knee strike.

Spent and a little dazed, it was enough time for Tommy to regain his bearings....just in time for his helmet to pick up the incoming call from Jason.

White Ranger: Yeah?

A little update up there would be nice.

White Ranger: Bastard's persistent. Doesn't wanna let me get the slip on him again.

Think you can speed things up and find something to make our jobs down here a little easier?

White Ranger: Literally going right now.

He cuts off the transmission.

White Ranger: Ok Saba, what am I looking for?

Saba: Our best bet would be to locate the power core powering the Serpentera. Disabling it will have to shut this beast down.

White Ranger: Alright then, lead the way.

He asked and he shall receive. With Zedd currently disoriented and not aware of his surroundings, it seemed just as good a time as any.

So off Tommy rushed down the hall like his life and the others depended on it....because it did.

Zedd was quick however to recover from the attack as woozy as he still wobbled about. Anything to avoid humiliation and defeat once more. Unfortunately, the lack of Tommy in his sight gave him all the insight he needed.

Where Tommy was headed was the last place Zedd wanted anyone to be.

Zedd: No, you don't!

He takes off after Tommy, but suddenly holds his ribs, limping.

Zedd snarls in frustration but he wouldn't give up he had to stop Tommy any means necessary

He enters a room which is the biggest yet within the Serepentara it was the main core the source of all it's power

White Ranger: Whoa......

Hearing Zedd still snarling he turns that Zedd roars in an angry and scared tone


White Ranger: What is this place?

Lord Zedd: If I tell you that I'd be a fool to think you wouldn't try anything. Weather or not you are prophesied for a greater destiny I will not let you foil mine further!

White Ranger: Sorry to burst your brain bubble but I think you just gave it away. Your outburst made it obvious.

Zedd howls in pure rage glowing bright red he attacks him roaring out loud

Tommy countered him but fell on the flour due to Zedd's limp

Outside was getting critical the Thunder Megazord and the Serpentara were evenly matched even with The Warrior mode Tiger-Zord

It kept thrashing both them at each open shot

Lt Carter still had a hard time arming the weapon

Sheer: What's taking so long?!

Lt: Going as fast as I can Director!

Apparently not fast enough the Serpentara had knocked down the Thunder Megazord thankfully The White Tiger clashed it away giving the Rangers enough time to get it back up

Trini: We're getting thrashed still. We can't keep this up forever.

Billy: I hope Tommy's doing better than we are.

Kimberly: One way to find out. Tommy! Tommy come in!

In the reactor core Tommy and Zedd continued fighting but despite his limp Zedd still had a lot of strength left only enough to rival Tommy's strength

Zedd's claws clashed on the blade of saba and the minute the White Ranger heard the Pink Ranger's voice in his communications which distracted him to be open for an attack

The Dark Lord took this advantage and SLASHED him in the chest of his armor

Tommy yelled and Zedd kicked him away Kim heard his yells through the communications

Kimberly: TOMMY!

Jason: The hell's happening?!

Unfortunately this distracted the young heroes enough to be wide open for an attack the Serpentare blew it's Atomic Breath stunning it and falls again the Rangers yelled in the shaking of the fall and hit the ground

The impact knocked out Trini and Zack the other three were barely hanged in there

However The Warrior mode Tiger Zord was left to face it alone......

......or was it

Lt. Carter: Wait....I GOT IT!

A wide gaping hole cut through the outer shell of the Serpentera’s armor could only just been seen from the Lieutenant’s scope on the pulse rifle. It took a while longer than expected but an opening was found.


Pulling down on the trigger, the Lieutenant braced for impact. Holding down on the weapon and the trigger meant a concentrated bolt of fusion plasma, that emanated from Zedd’s own trail of lava boiling up in the chamber.

A few seconds later, the weapon fired.

An incredibly fast-moving small orb of red light blows out of the chamber of the weapon, buckling the Lieutenant’s positioning to where he almost lost balance on the edge of the chopper. With Sheer nearby, she instinctively grabs him at the last possible second.

Due to the above-average speed of the heat of bolts from the orb, and the rate at which they could be discharged from a weapon, if this was any group of stationary or fast-moving targets, it would inflict extreme pain on its victim, quickly causing death as the extreme heat of the bolt burned through them.

Unfortunately for Zedd, his precious pet was no exception to the rule as the pulse rifles blast PLOWS through the hole Tommy caved in to get inside and no less than a few seconds later, punches a hole through the beasts' abdomen.

While pulling the Lieutenant back up, Sheer’s eyes gaze towards the Serpentera arching his back over again. But this time, in agony. She saw firsthand the blast fizzle out and completely disintegrate the Serpentera’s invisible fields and shock absorbers along with it, leaving the beast two fewer upgrades short of its original nigh-durability. While not brought down to its knees, its immense body weight could be felt even inside of the beast.

Both Tommy and Zedd almost buckled under the sudden shift in weight following the blast and if the sudden drop in altitude didn't hammer the point home, the computer made sure to remind them.

Shield disabled. Shock absorbers destroyed.

Zedd: WHAT?!

His rage was reflected through his visor, eyes radiating with so much red. No following up on it: Tommy noticed the blistering fury in Zedd's refusal to move and without hesitation, swipes at him with Saba, further launching him away from his location.

Not an ideal distraction but still one nonetheless.

White Ranger: The shield's down, the shield's down, guys! Throw everything you have at it NOW!

Almost a bloodcurdling scream erupts from Tommy's voice, an urgent plea issued out to the rest of the team. Calling Jason, Billy, and Kim at attention and awaking Trini and Zack from their unfortunate stumble, the picture was perfectly marked for them all to see.

The Serpentera almost kneeling above them. This giant beast tending to the giant gaping wound through its abdomen that crippled its defense mechanisms.

It can be hurt.

Billy: Opening. Opening! WE HAVE AN OPENING!

Kimberly: Incoming headshot!

No guidance needed; the Thunder Megazord fires its lion line blaster straight for the head of the giant serpent…..and it actually staggers the foundation of the Dark Lord's most reviled and feared creation from the ground up to its ugly head.

What once garnered no reaction previously now staggered the menacing beast further. All that was needed was to chop it down to size.

Jason: He came through. Alright, everyone up! Give 'em everything you got!

The Megazord rises.....

Wide open for an attack The Megazord launches an attack that the White Tiger pushed it into and BANG!

The impact was enough to knock both Tommy and Zedd off their feet and slide down since the Serpentara was pushed by the White Tiger Zord

Soon both zords kept attacking it that they forced it near a near by cliff leading down to the ocean

Billy: We're heading for the cliff!

Trini: And Tommy's still in there!

Kimberly: Tommy come in! Tommy we're near a cliff about 30 stories!

There was no answer

Kimberly: Tommy?! TOMMY!!

Still no response

Kimberly: Jason! We can't end it while he's in there!

Jason: I know Kim! I know. Tommy's bought us time now it's our turn. We got to hold it off till he gets out then we END this!

Trini and Billy (Both): RIGHT!

Kimberly and Zack (Both): RIGHT!

And so they kept it in hopes Tommy will get out soon

Back inside the Serpentara Zedd tried regaining balance and was about to....till he spots Tommy trying to do the same

Lord Zedd: Hehehehe.....

He looked up at his direction

Lord Zedd: Do you still think you can destroy me?

White Ranger: Maybe maybe not. I know how powerful you are. And I may die here.....but.....if I have to die trying to stop you.....then I will do what I must.

Lord Zedd: Then you will die braver than any hero who has fallen by my rein.

Zedd held out his hands and thee White Ranger Saba Zedd blasts his electric lightning similar to Emperor Palpatine's force lightning and Saba blasting it's laser eyes again

Both beams HIT in a beam clash

The beams were so powerful the Serpentara was tilting a bit which puzzled the Rangers

Billy: What's going on in there?

Trini: I don't know. Something's brewing.....

Kimberly: It's gotta be Tommy.....

Jason: Let's hope he's escaping.....we can't hold up much longer.

The Zords continued to hold it off but Sheer....was starting to get impatient again

Sheer: What'd they doing?! They need to finish that thing off NOW!

Lt Carter: They must have something in stored.

Sheer: Well whatever it is they're wasting time. Fire again!

Lt Carter: I can't. The beams are recharging.

Sheer: Shit!

Time was definitely of the essence here, for both parties involved. The only caveat to that was despite the sustainable damage taken to the Serpentera, it was going to take more than just one well-placed shot from a pulse rifle to knock down a behemoth this well constructed and designed. And everyone was aware of that.

Any hopes of putting this matter to bed lord heavily on whether the Neo-plutonium core gave way or the Serpentera’s weight itself.

The latter, unfortunately, wouldn’t buckle under pressure and as a result, easily pushed back the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord with ease. Rolling along the wet plains, both Megazords clamped down hard beneath the soil to maintain their balance.

Just in time for the giant dragon to leap forward and clamp down in an attempt to squash them both. Unfortunately, it was missed.

The Thunderzord clashed with Serpentara as it leaped up a full 500 feet in the air just to punch him square across its face before knocking him back with a dropkick. Serpentara slid along the grass too, scraping the soil. But it didn't knock him off its feet.

But then, a blast comes from out of nowhere and it hits Serpentara square across the face.....that it knocks him completely off the road and off his feet as he crashes onto terrain land.

The large monstrous giant Serpentara rises up to its back to see it was the White Tigerzord who fired that projectile blast out of the actual mouth of the tiger head.

Finally standing up from his throw, the Serpentara powered up again to 100% of its full velocity, STOMPING on the ground with so much force that it caused a landslide side effect, pushing both of the Megazords back a few feet.

But luckily, they both remained intact.

Billy: One dragon is one too many!

The Thunder Megazord is left with the sight of the Serpentara charging directly at them at FULL FORCE. As soon as it connects, the Thunder Megazord is left instinctively putting its right arm forward in a desperate method to block its bite. Pushing it back proved fruitless; the dragon was nudging the Megazord forward toward the very tips of the cliff behind them.

The pain was all Zack was experiencing.


At that point, the White Tigerzord pounced up from behind and forced the Serpentara down to a knee with a swift kick. Yet, it quickly swats it back with its tail again not too long after dropping to that knee.

Now the team had themselves in a precarious position. Their right arm was lodged in-between the girth of a dragon's teeth and was seconds out from being torn clean off its hinges. Either they let go or the Serpentera charges up its foul-smelling breath of lightning and shoots them off.

Neither was friendly.

Trini: C’mon, c’mon! Let go!

Zack: Can’t break free! Lockjaw’s got me clamped!

And that's not even the worst of it.

Continuing to yank back, slowly but surely scraping the Thunder Megazord's arm off the socket, the Serpentera starts to grind its teeth, teeth tinted and covered in residue.

Then, as the dragon releases its hydrogen- and methane-rich gas, the gas mixes with the oxygen in the air only to be ignited against the metallic residue....which sparked bad memories back in Billy. He saw this draining method a few months back and it was aggravating then but this was of the worst quality.

Billy: BRACE!

There was no time to prepare or recover so they had to take Billy's word for it and it wasn't hard to see why. Instead of a large blanket of fire spewing out amongst the terrain and coating the grass and Megazord into ambers and ashes, there was lightning.

Its lightning breath fires out from its mouth in a powerful continuous stream, frying the circuits of the Thunder Megazord at point-blank range; the pulsing purple chest-piece of the Megazord is left torched by the constant streams of fire breaking out, immediately setting off a domino chain of pain for everyone inside the cockpits.

Sparks began flying all around the inside of their cockpits and around every joint of the Megazord, from the arms, legs, joints, shoulders, calves, even up around the head; every available cell that had any sort of electrical outing of any kind was either shutting down or shorting out. And as a result of this, nobody was able to properly move the Megazord anymore from where they were. The feedback of the attack launched the Thunder Megazord back as if the Serpentara unleashed a SHOCKWAVE, that literally blew a cloud of dust over an entire city from miles away....

....but it forced them back.

It got to the point in which so much force was struck onto it that it couldn't stop sliding and rolling over itself.

Kimberly: ARGH!

Jason: I'm trying something, but it ain't doing nothing! Has anybody got any progress??

Billy: Controls aren't responding! Did he break them?!

Zack: I sure hope that isn't the case, cause I DIDN'T BRING NO BATHING SUIT!!!

Zack wasn't kidding at all, as amidst the wild sliding and rolling and flipping, the entire team was heading towards a nearby cliff and it was the point of no return for our heroes.

Either they catch themselves or they perish.

Luckily, Trini jerks the controls back in her favor before barely gripping the edge of the cliffs. One arm holding up the entire weight of the Megazord at the last possible second all while looking over the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Their city was the far-western portion of a peninsula that is a major extension of the Fraser River's delta; The delta juts into a part of the Pacific Ocean, separating them from the mainland, called the Strait of Georgia.

It was nearly off the ledge, but that was a close call.

Jason: Ugh! Hold on!

At that point, the other arm gripped onto the edge as well. But by that point, it was already too much weight for the Megazord to support itself.

Trini: It's….too….heavy!

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  • Two APEX Astronauts - Killed by Zedd
  • Dock guards/zoo guards - mutilated by Zedd
  • Trini's Grandfather - Pulled into a tornado
  • Trini's grandmother- collapsed by debris in the farmhouse
  • Scylla (Cenozoic Black Ranger) ~ struck down by Rita's scepter
  • Kimberly Hart (Pink Ranger) - Impaled by Zedd's staff (Temporally)
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  • ???

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