Wart: Oh, Lucky was going to find something that it was very powerful. Hmm. It will be great to capture him to tell him where it is and what is it and then give it to Fat Cat and Queen Wispwax. Which gives me an idea. Fat Cat didn't know that I holds a key to the X-Vault. Holding the most powerful and strongest Monster of the Monster Prison of all.

(He opens the X-Vault to shown all the frozen cards. Wart begins to laugh. Next scene in the city, and brown monster name Univot walking laughing and people screaming.)

Univolt: Welcome, Rescue Ranger!

Rolly: Whoa! It's brown!

Perdita: Are are you doing to our son?

Univolt: Not much, only to destroy you. Now which one do I want first?

Lucky: Guys, be careful! That monster's from the X-Vault!

Pongo: From the X-Vault?

Cadpig: Not another!

Spot: Realised Lucky now or else!

Univolt: Cyclobots, let's show these Rude Rangers just who they're dealing with.

Lucky: Wait, guys, wait! We can sent the robots today.

Cadpig: Huh?

Lucky: Because all the robots where out of fuel. And Gadget says it will takes us a 50 hours to re-fuel it.

Rolly: 50 hours?

Lucky: That's what shes say.

Perdita: Univolt will crush the city unless we have to find the way how we going to beat him and turn back into the card.

Lucky: That's what I come up for, mother. I was searching for the....

(He heard giant Univolt laughs as he stomp on the ground making Dalamtains Rescue Rangers shake.)

Lucky: Supertrain Armour, Gyro Freeze Card Impact! (Lucky spun around with blue circle light around and heading towards Univolt.) Time's up, Univolt!

(Univolt start to panic as Lucky charge with blue light and hit Univolt in the biggest impact. And explosion burst around Univolt. Then blue light around giant Univolt and it change into a ice cube. Then it started to flat into a rectangle shape.Then it shrinking down, and the frozen card with the picture of Univolt fells on the ground.)

Rolly: Over there!

Pongo: You're under arrest, Univolt.

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