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Lucius Heartfilia (Earth-680)
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Lucius "Lucy" Heartfilia
 Current Alias Dragonborn
 Aliases Celestial Wizard, Divine Spirit Wizard, Lost Son of the Heartfilia's, Greatest Dragon Slayer
 Editorial Names Lucy
 Relatives Anna Heartfilia (Acestor), Unknown Father (Father, Deceased), Layla Heartfilia (Mother, Deceased), Lucy Heartfilia (Younger Half-Sister)
 Affiliation Dawn of Light
 Base of Operation Dawn of Light Main Building
 Identity Secret
 Citizenship Ishganian
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Mage
 Education Unknown
 Gender Male
 Height 6'2"
 Eye Color
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Blonde
 Unusual Features
 Origin Celestial Spirit Mage, Divine Spirit Mage
 Universe Earth-680
 Place of Birth
First Appearance
If you want these souls Demon, you have to go through me!!
~ Lucius to the Deliora.

Lucius Heartfilia was once of a member of the Heartfilia family, the older brother of Lucy Heartfilia and the Soul Dragon Slayer.

in Tamriel, he then finds out he's the Dragonborn, the world's greatest and most powerful Dragon Slayer. The Dragonborn is also the only possible Dragon Slayer who has the capability to slay Acnologia.


Early Life

Birth & Childhood

Personality & Physical Traits

Magic & Abilities

Power Grid
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills


Celestial Spirit Magic: Lucius is able to use summon Celestial Spirits use Gate Keys, to which helps him in comba. He is able to make contracts, and form pacts with the Spiritual beings, to which helps him what days to summon or not. However, he did create a Emergency Contract to which he can summon the Spirits is absolutely required.

  • Force Gate Closure: Like all Celestial Spirit Mages, Lucius can close the gate of any Celestial Spirits he has contracted with at will, and againts their will.
  • Multiple Summons: Shown when Delora attacked, Lucius was able to summon the total of his 5 most strongest Celestial Spirits to help him fight Deliora, gving time for the citizens to evacuate.

Unison Raid

Lightning Magic: Lucius wished to learn the usage Lightning Magfic. Heading to the town Tonitrua, Lucius leant some basic spells of this magic.

  • Sparks: A Lightning Magic that fires a continous wall of elecricity. It deals damage the target's Magic Power, draining their magical energies faster due to the electricity's interactions with Ethernano, causing it to break apart, thus the magical energy would break down. However, this spell is one of the most basic of Lightning Magic spells on any continent.

Soul Dragon Slayer Magic: As the legendary Dragonborn, Lucius is capable of using a type of Taker-Over Elemental Dragon Slayer Magic. By absorbing the souls of Dragons, he will have the capability to use the Slayer Magic that particulure dragon (example: Blood Dragon = Blood Dragon Slayer Magic).

  • Elemental Absorption: Depending on what Dragon Slayer Magic Lucius has, and can Take-Over, he is able to devour the respective element of the Dragon Slayer Magic.
  • Soul Absorption (Dragon's Only):
  • Take-Over: Lucius is able to perform a type of Take-Over, allowing him to possess the attribute of the Dragon Slayer Magic.
    • Knowledge Absorption: By gaining the absorbed dragon's soul, he also gains knowledge from the dragon as well, knowledge that allows him to instantly know, and master over a magnitude of Dragon Slayer Magics.
  • Sky Dragon Slayer Magic: By absorbing the Sky Dragon he encountered at the Eastern Watch Tower, he absorbed the soul, and gain the magic of Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.
    • Unrelenting Force: A Sky Dragon Slayer spell, using his lungs, and calling the one of the Words of Power, he is able to unleash wind that be able to knock over people, and creatures. Saying all of the Words of Power, his Unrelenting Force be will so powerful, it will even stagger Dragons, and even knocking them over.
    • Sky Dragon's healing spell:
  • Fire Dragon Slayer Magic: By reasons, he also gained Fire Dragon Slayer Magic from the soul of the Sky Dragon.

Immense Magical Power


Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Strength: Lucius has shown to possess incredible strength, able to wield many melee weapons effortlessly. When he joined the Imperial Legion, he has been using a longsword with a single hand (but by design, is made as a two-handed weapon). Using his magic on his left hand, Lucius is able to wield the Longsword with ease, with no discomfort, or any form of stress.

Genius-Level Intellect: Lucius is shown to be a highly intellectual human being. Due to the fact he was able to learn spells from those who knows the same Slayer Magic. Such as Wendy Marvell, by studying her, was able to learn the Sky Dragon's healing spell when she performed emergency treatment on Lucy.

Former Magics & Abilities


  • Words of Power: He may have the Dragon Slayer Magics, but he must seek out the individual spells, from the dragons themselves, or on the Wall of Power found throughout the world. However, Lucius may obtain a single basic spell from a Dragon soul
  • Take-Over: Lucius must encounter, and touch the Dragon Slayer in order to obtain the capability for that magic.
    • He must still require to seek out the spells, however, he may obtain a random spell from the Slayer.
    • H


Gate Keys

The items Lucius carries as an Celestial Spirit Mage.

Silver Keys:

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