483px-Lucina SSB4
Nickname Warrior from a Doomed Future
Special Moves Shield Breaker (Neutral), Dancing Blade (Side), Dolphin Slash (Up), Counter (Down)
Final Smash Critical Hit
First appearance Fire Emblem Awakening (2012)
Voice actor(s) Yū Kobayashi (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)

Lucina (ルキナ, Lucina) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. In Super Smash Bros. 4, she was revealed during a livestream on July 14th, 2014 on the official Super Smash Bros. website, during which Captain Falcon was announced and Robin was also revealed. Also, she has the same moveset as Marth. Laura Bailey and Yū Kobayashi reprise their roles as Lucina's English and Japanese voice actors, respectively.

Trophy Description

Chrom's daughter and the future Princess of Ylissee. When she arrives from a doomed future seeking to prevent it from ever happening, she goes by the name Marth before her identity is revealed. She fights much like her adopted namesake, but her entire blade is equally powerful instead of having a more powerful tip.


  • Although Lucina was originally planned as an alternate costume for Marth, she was transitioned into being an entirely separate character later in development once her attacks were given differing traits. Masahiro Sakurai elaborated on this by explaining that "whenever there is even a small difference in abilities, that character gets an actual roster slot." She was one of three intended alternate costumes to be made separate in this way, with the other two being the returning Dr. Mario and her fellow newcomer Dark Pit.
  • Lucina makes a few references to her home game:
    • Her pose in official art of her for Super Smash Bros. 4 is identical to her pose in official art of her disguised as Marth. Lucina also strikes this pose for her Counter (though she instantly shifts to Marth's Counter stance for an extremely brief moment if her Counter is triggered), her up taunt and a victory pose.
      • Her father, Chrom, also strikes this pose in his official art, albeit mirrored.
    • The battle stance she assumes when her reveal trailer's tagline appears is identical to the stance she and Chrom assume simultaneously during their duel in the Arena Ferox tournament.
    • Her in-game model in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U bears the Brand of Naga in her left eye.
    • The mask she used while disguised as Marth is used for her on-screen appearance and down taunt.
    • Both of her lines emitted after successfully using Counter are the same lines used when she performs a Dual Strike.
  • Lucina was the only unlockable character to be revealed before SSB4's release.
  • Lucina is the only clone in the entire series whose special moves, including custom variations, all share the same names with the character she is a clone of. She is also only clone to share every single move with the character they are derived from.
  • Robin and Lucina are the only playable Fire Emblem characters to originate from the same game in their home series.
  • Lucina is the only unlockable character in both versions of SSB4 who was officially revealed prior to the release of SSB4 and the only unlockable character to appear in the opening movie for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
  • Lucina is the only one of the three clone characters to not share their counterpart's screen KO animation.
  • Lucina, Bowser and Dr. Mario are the only characters that players are not forced to play as in any single player Event Matches.
  • Lucina is the only Fire Emblem character whose Counter does not involve her holding her sword in a reverse grip during either her stance or counterattack. However, as stated earlier, she will instantly shift to Marth's stance for an extremely brief moment when her Counter is triggered.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, Lucina has an alternate blast KO voice clip, while she grunts in the international releases. The line itself is "こんなところで" (Must I fall here...?), a reference to her death quote in Fire Emblem Awakening.
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