Full Name Lucifer
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Zodiac Sign None
Gender Male
Species / Type Angel (Archangel)
Class Archangel
Main Weapon(s) Excalibur (Formally)
Current Status(es) Alive (Sealed in Lucifer's Cage)
Affiliation(s) Heaven (Formally)
Alias(es) Satan
The Devil

Lucifer (/luːsɪfə/ loo-sif-ər) is an fallen archangel who defected against God, along with half of the angelic population. During this, Samael also defected with Lucifer, despite Samael was going to be the Captain-Commander of the 4th Heaven angelic military organisation, the 13 Court Guard Squads.


When Lucifer was created by God, he came out as the second-born under the Archangel Michael, and above the Archangel Archibald. Together they battled against the Darkness til they were able to seal her, and God cast her into Hell in the Hell Level, Gehenna.


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