Lox & Nox is a 1997 American Television Drama movie starring Keanu Reeves, Chad Michael Murray, Seann William Scott (credited as Sean W. Scott), Lenny Kravitz, Melissa Gilbert, Clive Owen, Mirando Otto, Sandra Oh and Don Cheadle.

The film is written by William Wood and directed by David Greene.

It concerns two male characters who are living life on the tough streets of Los Angeles.


Jumby Nox (Chad Michael Murray) is a 18 year old runaway taken up with a mid 20's drifter man named Amben Lox (Keanu Reeves).

Jumby has taken off on his rich ignorant mother Sandra (Melissa Gilbert) who remained blissfully ignorant to the psychical abuse dealt down to him by his mother's bad boyfriend DJ (Ray Stevenson).

Jumby along with Amben take off on an estranged trip across the City of Angels in order to get the misguided Jumby to acquire his life-long dream of being a Hollywood actor, obtain love and eventually bring his mother's bad boyfriend to justice.

Along the way they meet the likes of street-wise crack dealer and addict Martin Minchelman (Seann William Scott), Serene actress Giselle Claren (Miranda Otto) who both Amben and Jumby taken an interest to, Boxer Bentley Park (Clive Owen) who is friends with Sandra Nox's bad boyfriend DJ, Pimp Patrick Florence (Lenny Kravitz), Cannibal Asian Hollywood Actress Linda Makamoto (Sandra Oh) and her cannibal husband Taka (Daniel Booko) and Officer Reece Lane (Don Cheadle) hired by Sandra Nox to bring back her son who she believes to have been kidnapped by Amben Lox.


  • Keanu Reeves as Amben Lox
  • Chad Michael Murray as Jumby Nox
  • Lenny Kravitz as Patrick Florence
  • Melissa Gilbert as Sandra Nox
  • Ray Stevenson as Daniel Jonathen Turner "DJ"
  • Clive Owen as Bentley Park
  • Aidan Quinn as Jumper Nox
  • Miranda Otto as Giselle Claren
  • Sandra Oh as Linda Makamoto
  • Daniel Booko as Taka Makamoto
  • Mila Kunis as Leela Lavendark/ Lesbian Actress 1
  • Greta Gerwig as Dana Drubont/ Lesbian Actress 2
  • Fran Kanz as Street Kid Harper
  • Harry Lloyd as Street Did Donald
  • Leelee Sobieski as Street Kid Diana
  • Donald Glover as Street Kid Joseph Florence
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