Love Lined Regrets is a 2014 American Drama film written and directed by Steven Soderbergh starring Robert Downey Jr., Rose McGowan, Armie Hammer, Harvey Keitel, Kristin Davis, Gabriel Byrne, Bill Murray, Jami Gertz and Penn Badgley.

The film was released theatrically on March 27th, 2014 but was screened to critics and select audiences in advance at the Cairns, New York and Los Angeles Film Festivals to phenomenal praise and reception.

The film worked as a box office success and was praised for it's strong story, deeply broken characters and realism.

Robert Downey Jr. was awarded with an Oscar For Best Leading Actor, the film itself was awarded with an Oscar For Best Original Screenplay, Armie Hammer received the Oscar For Best Supporting Actor for his character and the film itself received several other Oscar Nominations.

Rose McGowan was awarded with her first Oscar nomination losing out the Best Actress Award to Jessica Alba for The House That Spades, Kristin Davis was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and the film was nominated for Best Picture but lost out to the House That Spades which followed in a theatrical release on April 10th, 2014.

The film is set in Manhattan which served as the primary shooting location but filming also took place in Baltimore and Vancouver.


Louie Carpenter (Robert Downey Jr.) is a passive aggressive former big time Los Angeles film director.

He has high functioning Aspergers and ADHD and is attempting to pick up his career directing a big budget New York romantic drama film titled "Love Lined Regrets."

After an explosive episode he had previously had back in L.A Louie is authorized to see a local Manhattan psychiatrist Dr. Mort Hartley (Bill Murray).

He finds himself at a crossroads when his comeback film he is set to direct has it's screenwriter almost incinerated by a housefire and hospitalized before the film's full script can be finalized.

Louie is then tasked with writing the movie himself and finds writer's block as he cannot expand on the film's characters as he does not possess any friends and fails to understand people.

Dr. Hartley assigns him the task of letting the next three people he meets he will befriend and get to know them on a personal level.

Louie's first person he meets the following day is Love Lines' new temp, fumbling Jasper Donovon (Armie Hammer) an outgoing but somewhat shy homosexual whom he comes to become close with.

The second by coincidence is Jasper's older sister Katelyn (Rose McGowan) who is a passive aggressive, bulimic with impulse control problems.

Louie becomes almost immediatley attracted to the unstable Katelyn and comes to spend his spare time noting out the experiences and stories of Jasper and Katelyn.

The third person Louie comes to meet is own long lost father Rick (Harvey Keitel) who ran out on him as a boy.

He consults Dr. Hartley in regards to his task of befriending and becoming close with the next three people he meets seeing as the third is own father that abandoned him and has caused much of his severe emotional trauma.

Dr, Hartley instructs that he must befriend and get to know his father who has re-appeared in his life.

He discovers his father has shown up in New York to coerce his son into taking over a position at his firm as he strongly believes that Love Lined will not bring back his successful career and he will remain broke.

Louie builds up a time bomb of emotional distress and anger towards his dad which he takes out on NYU student Russell Llewis (Penn Badgley) who beats up Jasper for his sexuality at a local train station.

Louie puts Russell in the hospital and finds himself in prison.

He is bailed out by father and finds Katelyn waiting for him in the parking lot.

She takes off with him and thanks him for what he has done.

She drives to a cafe and asks him to have breakfast with her tomorrow at the cafe at an exact time.

She drops Louie off and then the following morning as the two have their breakfast date she reveals she has a psycho drug addict ex who use to beat her senseless.

Her ex then comes barging into the cafe and begins yelling at her and gets attacked by Louie who lashes out in his bottled anger and beats him severely.

Katelyn then flees in terror of Louie and Louie makes a day by day attempt of trying to get back close to her.

He finds company in Jasper and Jasper is taken out by Louie for a multi-orientational speed dating service which caters to straights, bisexuals, transexuals and homosexuals.

Jasper finds a match in a homosexual former Varsity Jock of his high school and a fiasco breaks out as Louie sees Katelyn arrive at the speed dating service.

The two argue and when Louie seizes her arm Katelyn has a breakdown and begins slapping him which in turn causes Louie to break down and begin throwing down tables.

The police arrive and he is apprehended into custody again.

His father and Dr. Hartley come to visit stating he will not be posted bail and the studio of Love Lined have agreed not to fire him as director/screenwriter but he is to be transferred into a two week course of intensive therapy.

The therapy is run by no other than Jasper and Katelyn's troubled mother Helen (Kristin Davis).

Louie comes to council Helen instead on the troubled, strenenous life she leads.

She becomes marked off as Louie's third friend he has gotten to know on a personal level as he come to learn nothing from his father.

The lead actress in the picture Love Lined drops out after reading Louie's finalized script of the picture and a casting call is put out for a replacement actress.

Katelyn comes in and auditions for the part, securing it almost immediatley after concluding her lines.

The male lead of the picture drops the project after Katelyn's hiring as after making an advance on her she attacks him.

He reports the incident as an accident out of shame of being beaten by a girl and then leaves the picture.

The studio then threatens to pull the project as they don't have the money and time to set up all over again.

Louie's father however agrees to fund the picture and Louie takes up the male lead role leaving the director's position to Jasper.

An intimate on-screen moment consumates into a real one with Katelyn as they passionatley kiss and the film itself opens three months later after post-production and is a commercial and critical success.

Louie shares his first hug ever with his father and then is embraced in a hug by Helen, Jasper and Katelyn who then kisses him afterwards as fireworks shoot off.


  • Robert Downey Jr. as Louie Carpenter
  • Rose McGowan as Katelyn Donovon
  • Armie Hammer as Jasper Donovon
  • Harvey Keitel as Rick Carpenter
  • Kristin Davis as Helen Donovon
  • Gabriel Byrne as Jack Donovon
  • Bill Murray as Dr. Mort Hartley
  • Jami Gertz as Patricia Seingold
  • Penn Badgley as Russell Llewis
  • Ron Livingston as Evan McCormack


  1. I Believe In A Thing Called Love- Darkness
  2. No More Drama- Mary J. Bige
  3. I Don't Feel Like Dancing- Scissor Sisters
  4. Golden Skans- The Klaxons
  5. 19-20-20- The Grates
  6. Everybody's Changing- Keane
  7. The Modern Age- The Strokes
  8. Pompeii- Bastille
  9. Waiting All Night- Rudimental feat Ella Eyre
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