Love Adventure

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Love Adventure is an American-French traditionally animated romantic dramedy TV miniseries created by Katrina Gehrig for The CC (Cartoon Comedy). It is part of The CC's yearly miniseries airing, in which a new miniseries airs every year on the channel. It aired on the week of June 5 - 9, 2017.


The miniseries focuses on Travis Hill (Jason Ritter), and his "quest" to conquer the heart of a girl named Alaina Moss (Grey DeLisle).

Voice cast

  • Travis Hill (Jason Ritter)
  • Alaina Moss (Grey DeLisle)

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 5[1] June 5, 2017 June 9, 2017
No. Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod.
1 "The Love Begins" Gloria Russell Patricia Tambor June 5, 2017 101
Travis Hill (Jason Ritter) is a 20-year old single male who bumps into former popular girl Alaina Moss (Grey DeLisle), who became more nice and down-to-earth. This leaves Travis falling in love with her and yearning for her love, love he always had for her when they were preteens. He tries to invite her for coffee at Coff Coff, a coffee place, but is rejected because she's too busy with "something". He tries to chat with her, but is told that she's still busy with "something". Travis decides by simply coming face-to-face with her, which is when he discovers that that "something" was packing up, as Alaina is moving to another state, New Hampshire. Travis then decides to pack-up and leave as well, booking a ticket to Hanover, where Alaina is moving. After he leaves his vacant house, a screenshot of a love letter written to Alaina by Travis is shown before the episode blacks out in an ending.
2 "The Love Leaves" Cameron Miller Patricia Tambor June 6, 2017 102
When our two protagonists arrive in New Hampshire, Travis rents an apartment and tries to find the location of Alaina's new residence. He finds her living in a middle-class neighborhood all by herself, turning out that she's single due to her failed relationships which involved men who only liked her for her "rides" and her physique, and not for who she was. So Travis discovers this as an opportunity to introduce himself as a former classmate who just so happened to move out-of-state in the same town as her. However, he chickens each time due to interruptions that Alaina keeps having. His last interruption occurs when Alaina gets a phone call from someone revealed as Alaina's love interest, who convinces her to move to Connecticut with her. She starts packing up again, much to Travis' sadness. He leaves a rose at her doorstep before packing up as well. A hand (presumably yet obviously belonging to that of Alaina's) is shown picking up the rose before the episode ends.
3 "The Love Searches" Miriam Northrop Anna Oakley June 7, 2017 103
Flash-forwarding to a year shows both Travis and Alaina living in the same city of Hartford, Connecticut, though Travis has dumped the idea of pursuing Alaina after meeting another girl, Cindy (Linda Cardellini). They end up living together in an apartment, though after only a year into their relationship, Cindy reveals that she was pursuing a former childhood crush during their relationship and that she managed to finally tell him show she felt, and are even planning on moving together and marrying, not to mention bearing children. Travis feels a mix of heartbreak yet optimism, as he tells Cindy he was pursuing his childhood crush as well and she just happens to live in the same town as him and Cindy. Cindy packs up and leaves, wishing good luck towards her ex. Travis takes her wishes, though reluctant, since Alaina had a relationship. He decides to shop and see if he can find her there, which she just so happens to shop there as well. He follows her after she buys ice cream and only ice cream at the shop. While taking a peek at her living room window, he sees her depressed and drowning her sorrow in the tub of ice cream. He decides to actually tell her his feelings towards her, and knocks. As it cuts to black, the creaking of a door is heard.
4 "The Love Experiences" Gloria Russell Patricia Tambor June 8, 2017 104
5 "The Love Finds Its Way Home" Bella Hermanson Hilda Fulton June 9, 2017 105
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