Lord of the Flies is a 2018 American survival drama film written, produced and directed by John Crowley based on Sir William Golding's 1954 Nobel prize winning novel of the same name. Starring Wyatt Ralff, James Franco, Aiden Flowers, Nico Bustamante, Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick and Sarah Silverman.

It is the fourth overall film adaption of Golding's origina novella following the 1963 black and white British film, 1975 Filipino version Alkitrang Dugo and the 1990 American feature.

Distributed by A24 Pictures and Universal the film was released theatrically and in select IMAX theatres on September 30th, 2018 to commercial and critical success.


At a point following World War II a private jet travelling from England to America crashes into the Pacific Ocean. The survivors are a class of military cadet boys and an accompanying all boys choir and one of their escorting corporals: a Captain Benson who is severely injured.

A kind and reserved choir boy Simon among the survivors is able to with head 11 year old cadet Ralph and head choir boy Jack bring the unconscious and badly bleeding Benson to shore. The large collective of boys set up a still unresponsive Benson and overweight choir boy simply known by the nickname Piggy in the midst of gathering important survival supplies discovers a conch, which he brings to the others.

With the conch Ralph after winning out a majority vote of temporary leadership follows Piggy's suggestion that the calling of the conch means it's holder is heard out over the masses. Ralph sorts out the boys: older and younger into various groups to help them progress on the tropical, unnamed island they are now stranded on.

Jack is set to lead a provisions party for food and resources, Piggy to along with Ralph and close cadet friends Sam and Eric set up a smoke signal on the highest ridge and Simon with others to scout the island, with Simon volunteering his time to solely watch the Captain at all other points.

Conflict begins after much struggle to find meat on the island, Jack and unstable cadet Roger successfully slaughter a wild pig, but in doing cause a mess that allows the smoke signal to burn out of control, and another boy Rex is fatally injured.

When Ralph confronts him about this, Jack responds aggressively, assaulting Piggy in the process, who tries to defend Ralph verbally. Benson disappears in the midst of Simon being asked to abandon watch to scout, as the now delirious adult man progresses out with his head trauma into the island. Jack divides with Roger and various others from Ralph, Piggy, Simon and the Sam/Eric duo offering the feast of the pork.

The corpse of a dead parachutist is found and after ingesting psychedelic fruit, Jack and Roger hallucinate the the body as a contorting monster. Jack out of insecurity in his position becomes convinced in his delirium while the sociopathic Roger just utilises Jack's proclamations to instil fear and control in the others.

Simon becomes lost in the woods as a storm hits the island, forcing Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric into a situation where they struggle to fend off Jack and his clan from stealing Piggy's glasses for fire use. Ralph worries for the safety of the others, including the missing Simon who lost and in psychosis sees and hears the pig's head on a pike, swarmed by flies communicate with him: stating to be the Lord of the Flies, that warns it is not the Beast, all the boys are with their spiralling savagery and he will suffer a grim fate.

Simon then discovers Benson dying in a cave and is forced to mercy kill him at the Captain's insistence.

Simon then eventually returns to the shore by night as a wild bonfire is started for the feast by Jack, where Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric are actually welcome. Simon charging through with the parachute is mistaken to be the Beast and is beaten violently to death, Sam and Eric accidentally participating.

Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric come to meet with Jack the following day and while Ralph is enraged at their manslaughter, Piggy tries to reason for a truce, Roger initiates a falling boulder to bash into his head, killing him instantly. Ralph is devastated and Sam & Eric join out of fear Jack's collective.

As Ralph the next day tries a final smoke signal in a new spot, he secretly reaches Sam & Eric to reason for them to try and escape with him, they warn him away as a hunting party is organised to kill him. Ralph is then pursued across the forest, the greenland being lit up in flames. Roger pins Ralph and prepares to decapitate him, forcing Ralph to kill him in self-defence, causing him to burst into tears. Jack catching up with Sam & Eric forces them into beating into Ralph, who eventually breaks free to the shore where a naval officer awaits. The boys stop their attack in shock and Ralph grasps onto the feet of the officer bawling.


  • Wyatt Ralff as Ralph
  • James Franco as Captain Benson
  • Aiden Flowers as Jack
  • Nico Bustamante as Simon
  • Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick as Piggy
  • Sarah Silverman as Ralph's Mother
  • Griffin Kane as Roger
  • Dorian Perez as Sam
  • Tyler Mazzei as Eric
  • James Earl Jones as The Beast/Lord of the Flies


  1. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? - Henry Hall & His Orchestra
  2. Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday
  3. The Younger Generation - Ray Noble
  4. (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo - Glenn Miller
  5. Pistol Packin' Mama - Al Dexter & His Troopers
  6. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrews Sisters
  7. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire - The Ink Spots
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