Lord Ryker
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Lord S. Ryker
 Current Alias
 Editorial Names
 Base of Operation
 Status Incarcerated
 Marital Status
 Gender Male
 Eye Color
 Fur Color
 Hair Color
 Unusual Features
 Place of Birth
First Appearance

Lord Ryker is a main antagonist in Vigilante, serving as the primary antagonist of Season One. He is a powerful businessman and crime lord whose desire to destroy and rebuild New York City brings him into conflict with Archangel.



Skills and abilities

  • Expert Tactician: Ryker has managed to cause a fair deal of the criminal activity of New York City for years without revealing his identity to the public. Even when he revealed himself, he fooled the public into rooting for him and viewing Archangel as a terrorist.
  • Expert Combatant: Ryker is a man of immense brute strength. He can lift a grown man into the air with a single arm, and was able to toss Archangel across an alley. Despite having no formal combat training, Ryker's size and pure muscle make him a very formidable opponent.




Season One Appearances
  • Ep 1: Birth of a Guardian Angel
  • Ep 2: Bloode Ties
  • Ep 3: Dark Knights
  • Ep 4: Forgotten Past
  • Ep 7: The Brave and The Bold
  • Ep 10: Public Enemy
  • Ep 11: The Enemy of My Enemy, Is My Friend
  • Ep 12: Who You Really Are
  • Ep 13: City of Angels
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