lolbit's funhouse will be a show based on the game fnafworld universe and will star lolbit as well as other characters the series will have 7 seasons and will have thirty episodes for each seasons


lolbit and his friends live a normal life in fellow hills lolbit lives there in a funhouse where anything can happen


the show will have spongebob style humor


lolbit-(rob paulson)he main character and he a silly white and orange aractic fox of the show he is happy energetic and loves to have fun

funtime foxy-(carlos alarzaqui)he a handsone white and pink fox and a fun party thrower he likes his fav foods include pizza red gush soda and hot dogs

bon bon-(andrea libdeman)the blue rabbit puppet and the runt of the groups he is cute and will do anything to help out

sammy the silver fox-(tom kenny)-a character that's new to fnafworld he is lolbit's best friend but sammy doesn't know that

springtrap-(tim curry)the villain of the show he tries to ruin everything lolbit and her friends do but ends up sore

bubba-(jim cummings)springtrap main henchmen he is dumb as a board but is very strong and likes to kick butts as in his catchphrase i like to kick butts and doesn;t like spoilers and will say in the form of no spoilers

cupcake-(debi derryberry)not much is known about him but all he can say is i'm a cupcake

golden freddy-(jim cummings)a wise elder he first appears in the golden bear where he is captured by springtrap thinking he is gold

ballora-(nicole oliver)first appearing in the episode ballora the ballerina she is a beautiful woman and a wonderful dancer and funtime foxy's girlfriend and crush

funtime freddy-(billy west)first appearing in the episode funtime freddy he is a dimwit white and purple polar bear and bon bon's best friend

steven-(tara strong in the style of timmy turner) the only non animatronic in fnafworld he lands in fnafworld via a portal

bonnet-(ashleigh bell) a female pink rabbit puppet she is fiesty and tomboyish despite her color she claims her fur is pink cause she eats strawberries alot

ennard-(dan green)a robot with his parts all mangled he teams up with springtrap to take over but has a change of heart

nightmare-(jim cummings) a freaky looking bear animatronic with sharp teeth his goal is to turn fnafworld into a wasteland with him as king he design is the same only his has a cape and his left hand is metallic looking

foxy the pirate fox-(chris hardwick) a pirate fox with a hook and eyepatch he lives for adventure and fun

season 1 

  1. lolbit's debut-when lolbit learns he is getting her own show she goes estatic but the fame goes to her head
  2. lolbit loses a friend-when lolbit doesn't trust cupcake for stealing from her they're friendship is put at risk
  3. lolbit's first christmas-lolbit experiences his first Christmas and want to make everything special
  4. thanks a lot-thanksgiving is around the corner and lolbit must set up the party before springtrap and bubba ruin it
  5. boo-halloween is here lolbit and the gang go trick or treating but funtime freddy has a secret when she sees the moon he turns into a werebear who give wedgies a wedgie bear the gang must reverse the curse is to give said wedgie bear a wedgie
  6. funtime foxy's crush- when ballora falls in love with funtime foxy the gang tries to get them together but to no avail but when springtrap and bubba capture him she must come to him rescue
  7. cupcake come home-when cupcake hears that he is not needed anymore he runs away especially after he causes trouble around the set
  8. tv warp (2 part episode)- in this two part special springtrap sends the gang through different channels the gang must find they're way back home
  9. lolbit the musical-fnafworld is put under a musical spell forcing everyone to sing thanks to treble clefman (guest voice neil patrick harris)
  10. the case of the missing fnafbucks-when all of fnafworld is robbed of they're fnafbucks lolbit and the gang must become detectives to solve the case
  11. springtrap retires-springtrap shockingly announces his retirement from villany but something is fishy as springtrap's minions are attacking
  12. sammy snaps-sammy having enough of his friend lolbit's pranks get's mad and spanks her in public lolbit and sammy then start to argue with each other threatening they're relationship
  13. the golden bear-golden freddy visits the gang but when springtrap thinks golden freddy is made out of gold he plans to capture him
  14. the search for atlantis-when the gang finds a map for the lost city of atlantis they set out to find it little do they know springtrap is looking for it to for money
  15. ballora the ballerina anfd funtime freddy-the gang meet a ballerina named ballora and an white and purple polar bear and soon become friends but springtrap plans to capture them and force them to dance for his circus
  16. Christmas in fnafworld-the gang celebrates Christmas but springtrap plans to have it all to his own simply because his family never celebrated Christmas with him
  17. bon bon's adventure-while lolbit and the gang are gone bon bon goes on an adventure all by himself
  18. go full force-when springtrap takes fnafworld under siege the gang must become superheros with super powers to save fnafworld
  19. lolbit saves christmas-when springtrap kidnaps santa clause the gang must save him
  20. the golden touch-when golden freddy get's a special ability to turn things into gold he get's obsessed with it and even goes mad with power
  21. bonnet-bon bon falls in love with bonnet a pink rabbit just like him and must woo her
  22. lolbit vs ennard-when a robotic villain named ennard comes to town he teams up with springtrap to take over but soon realizes that he is perfect the way he is
  23. ennard x ballora-ennard realizes that he might be in love with ballora when funtime foxy was jealous of ennard but is too shy to tell him lolbit and funtime freddy helps him get over his shyness
  24. the curse of jack o chica-when an evil spirit called jack of chica appears the gang must stop her before the gang is cursed for life (this is a Halloween special)
  25. twenty thankity thanks-in a special thanksgiving episode funtime freddy is taught how to give thanks (this special is a reference to the homestar runner short of the same name)
  26. christmas time in fnafworld-when santa freddy crashes his sleigh the gang must find his lost magic before it's too late but springtrap wants it so he can take over and create christmas in his own image
  27. timewarp again-lolbit get's frozen in a block of ice and ends up in fnafworld in the year 2024 now she must get home before it's too late
  28. bon bon's quest-when bonnet get's kidnapped and lolbit and the others on vacation bon bon and funtime freddy must save his before nightmare makes her his minion
  29. a villainous team up-nightmare and springtrap team up to destroy lolbit and her friends
  30. potions (season finale)-springtrap creates a potion to make him big hilarity ensuses

Season 2 

  1. spanking time!-lolbit get's spanked by sammy and tries to make up for messing up but ends up messing up and continuously getting spanked
  2. funtime no more-after getting spanked by steven for causing a big party mess funtime foxy declares she will never throw a party again the gang must convince her otherwise
  3. the minereena's-springtrap captures the minireena's but soon regrets it due to they're cuteness
  4. foxy the pirate fox-foxy come to fnafworld and enlists lolbit and the gang's help to find a treasure
  5. the eawf-the eawf extreme animatronic wrestling federation comes to town lolbit and her friends decide to compete but little do they know springtrap is the champion of the league and will do anything to win by cheating
  6. mecha bot-when a giant monster attacks fnafworld lolbit and her friends must find the legendary mecha bot to take it down
  7. who framed lolbit?-in a parody of who framed roger rabbit lolbit is framed for murder of a cartoon representative marvin toony and a detective by the name of buddy pigeon must reluctantly take her case (this special is in the form of a play)
  8. cupcake's birthday-the gang plans a surprise birthday party for cupcake hilarity ensues
  9. fanfworld news-in a special episode we get to see the latest news in fanfworld
  10. wedgie time-springtrap creates a mechanical arm that can give anyone the biggest most chaffing most painful wedgie ever they gang must stop him before it spreads
  11. music tv-the gang stars is music videos of Respect,LIvin la vida loca,what does the fox say?,virus alert,and several Micheal Jackson songs
  12. Lol tv-in a parody of the phineas and ferb episode ferb tv lolbit introduces her friends to a tv station she made where various tv shows are shown
  13. lolbit the nerd-lolbit reveals he is a nerd as she attends school proving to be very smart but also the target of many wedgies
  14. a dangerous mission-in this crossover lolbit and friends team up with danger mouse and the other London agents
  15. ripoffs-lolbit meets a couple a fnaf ripoff games but is unknown to them just being fangames
  16. toy chica loses a friend-when a plushie of terry tiger appears the cupcake suspects it to be stealing her pizza but when toy chica doesn't trust him they're friendship is put to the test
  17. pizza munchers-lolbit is obsessed with a new game but must get over it as the main antagonists are munching up all the pizza
  18. Fnafworld action news-In a special complication episod fnafworld's news team reports on local news such as springtrap being taken to a special security prision toy chica's meltdown on set and the cupcake's confession
  19. the waistband warrior-when captain underpants ends up in fnafworld george and harold must team up with lolbit and her friends when professor poopypants teams up with nightmare
  20. ennard's concious-ennard worries he is ugly his friends try to convince him otherwise especially when circus baby has a secret crush on him
  21. bonnet and bon bon's grand day out-spiringtrap tries to ruin bon bon and bonnet's date but ends up failing as looney tunes style hijinks ensue
  22. superlolbit-lolbit gains the powers of flight strength and ice breath thus becoming a superhero but it might go to her head as she faces off against wedgienator
  23. pizzeria under the sea-when lolbit and her friends end up in a spongebob game the two team up when nightmare and plankton join forces to steal the krabby patty formula and take over bikini bottom to which nightmare says "today bikini bottom tomorrow the world*
  24. random sketches-this episode is just a bunch of random skits so yeah
  25. thriller-the gang is trapped by dancing zombies the only way to appease them is to do a dance number
  26. lost-when the gang get's stranded on an island they must try to escape but the heat plays tricks with they're heads
  27. Lolbit meets bendy-when Lolbit starts playing bendy and the ink machine her friends warn her not to play it too much but she doesn't listen her friends then attempt to help her conquer her fear and they even bring bendy himself
  28. lolchadore-lolbit becomes a masked wrestler in mexico named loco bandita but must call her friends for help when her enemy cheats againt her
  29. lol fu-the gang becomes ninja's and must stop springtrap and his army from stealing all of japan's valuables
  30. spingtrap's sacrifice (season finale)-when springtrap is betrayed by nightmare he realizes the error of his ways and sacrifices himself to save fnafworld

Season 3

  1. a new beggining-a new villain in the form of shadow freddy threatens fnafworld thus lolbit must defeat him and save it
  2. the comedy clipshow-this special serves a clipshow of skits and jokes
  3. the headless horseman-lolbit hears the tale of the headless horseman and tempts to prove it's not real prompting plushtrap to try and scare her but when the real headless horseman appears it's nothing but chaos
  4. happy birthday mr,cupcake-mr.cupcake thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday but little does he know they are planning a surprise
  5. bloopers-the gang looks at bloopers from the show
  6. cheese-ennard becomes obsessed with cheese the gang must help him diet
  7. the scooper-shadow freddy invents a scooping machine to rid himself of lolbit and her friends
  8. The Council-Lolbit and her friends meet the council of elders as they help them with wisdom
  9. Lolbit dooby doo-lolbit and his friends meet mystery inc on her way to her auntie's house and must solve the case of the brick monster lolbit relishes working with them due to her fanboying for shaggy
  10. springtrap returns-springtrap returns as a ghost and guards them from all kinds of terror but wants to go to the afterlife lolbits and her friends help him get there
  11. the banana splits-lolbit and her friends meet the banana splits and try to get them to the show on time as they are all big fans
  12. the easter bonnie-when bonnie is revealed to be the easter bunny shadow freddy tempts to kidnap him
  13. sports day-the gang celebrates sports including sketches about sports
  14. tokyo go go-Lolbit is trapped on the subway and must get through all the obstacles of it and get on the right train
  15. My Piggie And Me-Lolbit's prize winning pig loses it cute little squeal lolbit tries to get it famous again but to no avail
  16. Good Sports-Lolbit helps a group of basketball players that look and sound like the puppet about good sportsmanship after they all start cheating
  17. Pay the toll-after failing to pay the toll it chases after her the only way is to get rid of it is to pay the toll
  18. The Fly-Lolbit deals with a pesky fly and tries to get rid of it to no avail in the end she get's rid of it but ends up missing it so she let's it back in
  19. Lolbit's Bad Wish-After Lolbit wishes she was never born she see's that without her Fnafworld would be a wasteland
  20. The Cavetronics-Lolbit and her friends meet caveman animatronics thus must evolve them into modernized modern day people
  21. In the Future-Lolbit get's frozen and ends up in the future and must get home to her own time
  22. Springtap's Spirit-In a Twilight zone inspired episode Lolbit think she has seen springtrap's spirit protecting her but nobody can see him
  23. The Case of the missing violin-Foxy's beloved Violin is stolen Lolbit and his friends must find it
  24. The mediocre melodies-Lolbit and the gang meet a band called the mediocre melodies but when they are revealed not to be too good of a band lolbit helps them practice
  25. The splits enter-Upset Over the horror movie trailer the splits worry they might lose fans thus lolbit and the friends help them
  26. The animatroinic farm-the gang goes to the farm but must save it as it might get torn down by phantom bb
  27. Tronenstein-a monster made up of forgotten animatronics is made by an evil scientist named tronenstein but all it wants is freedom the gang helps it achieve that
  28. the final battle part 1-the gang prepares for the final battle against the nightmare army
  29. the final battle part 2-with fnafworld in ruins the gang has one chance golden freddy
  30. the final battle part 3-the gang is too late as the nightmares have already taken over the gang must band together and stop them

Season 4 

  1. Super Lolbit-Lolbit becomes a superhero realizing she has powers nobody else has
  2. Independence day-Lolbit celebrate independance day but must save the world when aliens invade
  3. Overlord bunny-the overlord bunny must stopped as he has taken over fnafworld
  4. Lolbit's Funhouse:The Musical-MusicMan Turns Fnafworld into a musical forcing everyone to sing
  5. Team Up-the villains team up to destory lolbit and his friends
  6. The Creator-The Gang Must find they're creator to save fnafworld but in doing so they learn the truth

Season 5 

Season 6 

Season 7 (final) 

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