Logolandia is an American animated comedy television miniseries which aired 6 episodes for the week of June 13 - 18, 2011. It's part of a yearly deal by The CC (Cartoon Comedy) to air a miniseries every year. It is the third miniseries from that deal. The miniseres was influenced by the short film Logorama.


Logolandia focuses on the adventures that happen in the island of Logolandia, where logos and mascots dwell.

Voice cast

  • Julius Pringles (Rene Auberjonois) - The mustachioed, bow-tie-wearing mascot of the Pringles brand of potato chips, who is infatuated with Sanrio mascot Hello Kitty.
  • Hello Kitty (Soness Stevens) - An expressionless, female Japanese Bobtail cat who sports a red bow, and the object of affection for Julius Pringles.
  • Charlie Tuna (Jeff Bergman) - The hippie tuna mascot for StarKist (brand of tuna).
  • Twinkie the Kid (Daniel Franzese) - Hostess' brand of golden, cream-filled snack cakes' mascot whose name is a parody of "Billy the Kid", the famous Western gunfighter. He is a wrangler who is very brave and not afraid for an adventure or two.
  • Mr. Clean (Stephen Stanton)

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 6 June 13, 2011 June 18, 2011

Series (2011)

  • All episodes are written by creator Dipper.
No. Title Directed by Original airdate Prod.
1 "Julius Pringles and Hello Kitty" Kenneth Dumont June 13, 2011 101
Julius Pringles is meandering around a grassland when he sees Hello Kitty, whom he's immediately infatuated with her. He starts flirting with her and asks about her expressionless face, to which she reveals that it is so she can represent any of her fans' current emotions. Julius takes this that she may be infatuated with him as well, so he asks if she's also infatuated, to him, but she denies this by saying "Actually, I really don't."

Logos featured: Nike, Walmart, Staples, Target, Julius Pringes, Twitter's Larry the Bird, Hello Kitty,"I Love Lucy" iconic title shot

2 "Loony Charlie Tuna" Dipper & Annie Oh June 14, 2011 102
Charlie the Tuna desperately tries to get caught by the StarKist company, as he personally claims he's hip and cultured enough to have "good taste" for the company. He is rejected at the end in the form of a note that reads: "Sorry, Charlie". A narrator explains that StarKist is looking for good-tasting tuna, not tunas that have so-called "good taste". Charlie the Tuna is about to give up in his pursuit of being caught, until Punchy from Hawaiian Punch tells him not to give up in his "refreshing goal".

Logos featured: Charlie the Tuna, Punchy, Sunkist sun
Note: This is a nod to the animated StarKist commercials, right down to the plot.

3 "Mean, Lean, Mr. Clean" Grekk June 15, 2011 103
A hungry Mr. Clean goes to a Big Boy restaurant and orders the Big Boy hamburger. He accidentally makes a mess by dropping the hamburger, however, and he expects Big Boy to clean it up for him. Big Boy seems unfazed by this and does nothing like cleaning it up, which infuriates Mr. Clean. He orders him to clean up said mess, and after Big Boy stubbornly declines, he yells at him and gives him his products. He tells Big Boy that he will never come back to his restaurant unless he cleans the mess up. Big Boy does this, and afterwards, finds himself cleaning the whole restaurant! Something which he had never done before. After Big Boy declares the restaurant clean, Mr. Clean then turns towards the camera and, breaking the 4th wall, says his slogan.

Logos featured: Mr. Clean, Jaguar, Big Boy, Nickelodeon "splat"

4 "Twinkie the Kid In: A Yummy Adventure!" Fatima Mataraci June 16, 2011 104
Twinkie the Kid pursues Cow Cakes in the hops of raising them as cattle before ultimately gobbling all of them up. They lead him to a ghost town, where he encounters various Snapchat Ghostface Chillahs and tries to find the Cow Cakes. He eventually finds them and is about to gobble them up, but Little Debbie intervenes, saying that they'll make great sales in grocery stores. She turns to Kid and also mentions how he would make a great snack before pulling out various packages which stuff Kid and the Cow Cakes in. In a store, a packaged Kid and Cow Cakes are in shelfs, where they are eventually bought by Julius Pringles.

Logos featured: Twinkie the Kid, iCloud, Ghostface Chillah (s), Little Debbie, Julius Pringles

5 "Bibendium Ultimatum" Poppy Livingston June 17, 2011 105
Bibendium tries to sell his famous tires to no success. He ends up going into a rampage by driving a car and throwing wheels at everyone so they can keep 'em. His speed crusade ends as he runs into a Timberland tree, rendering his car a wreck. Logos featured: Bibendum (aka Michelin Man, Bib, or Bilelobis)
6 "Julius Pringles and Hello Kitty's Date" Lamar Robinson June 18, 2011 106
Logos featured: Julius Pringles, Hello Kitty
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