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Living Tribunal
Living Tribunal.png
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Living Tribunal
 Current Alias
 Aliases Living Trinity, We-Who-Are, Judge of the Multiverse, Guardian of the Multiverse, Second-Above-All, Overseer of the Multiverse
 Editorial Names
 Affiliation One-Above-All
 Base of Operation Mobile
 Identity Secret Identity
 Citizenship Cosmic Being
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Guardian of the Multiverse, Overseer of the Multiverse, Judge of the Multiverse, Cosmic Authority
 Education Omniscience
 Gender Agender/Male
 Height Variable
 Weight Varible
 Eye Color Blue (Glowing)
 Fur Color
 Hair Color No Hair
 Unusual Features Floating head with three faces and glowing object in chest. Shiny gold skin.
 Origin The Living Tribunal was formed by the One-Above-All to watch over, and defend the Multiverse.
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth
First Appearance

The Living Tribunal is a vast cosmic supernatural being, and one who is classified as a True God. The Living Tribunal is the guardian of the Universe, and the Judge of mystical imbalances in the Universe.


Powers & Abilities

Power Grid
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


The Living Tribunal is the emoboduments of both the Multiverse and that of Justice, and outpowers virtually every single being in the Multiverse, only surpassed by the One-Above-All

Supreme Power: The Living Tribunal is virtually limitless, able to perform any action and power, a absolute being in the Multiverse, whose authority is only surpassed by the One-Above-All.

  • Meta Space-Time Manipulation: The Living Tribunal is able to manipulate space and time on a limitless scale, multiversal scale. No matter where, he can control the space-time continuum in any plane, dimension, reality and universe, even where there is none of the two concepts existing.
  • Absolute Psionic Power
  • Almighty Object Fusion
  • Answer Manipulation
  • Cyberpotence
  • Existence Manipulation
  • Illusory Omnipotence
  • Multiversal Manipulation
  • Nigh-Complete Arsenal
  • Nigh Omnipotence Bestowal
  • Omni-Magic
  • Omniverse Manipulation
  • Physical Godhood
  • Plot Control
  • Power Embodiment
  • Psychopotence
  • Quantum Manipulation
  • Reality Embodiment
  • Reality Warping
  • Subjective Reality
  • Supernatural Manipulation
  • Superpower Manipulation
  • Tetralogy
  • Transcendent Science
  • Truth Manipulation
  • Unimind
  • Universal Embodiment
  • Universal Manipulation
  • Zenith
  • Dream Embodiment
  • Nightmare Embodiment


12-Level Intellect: The Living Tribunal is one of the most intellectual beings in the Multiverse, to vastly intelligent, he is able to comprehend the Celestials true form, nature, biology and their technology.