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Living On The Cloud is a 2017 American Drug Themed Drama Romantic Drama Tragedy film written and directed by Lasse Hallstrom starring Arlen Escarpeta, Brandon T. Jackson, Shenae Grimes, Michael B. Jordan, Liam Hemsworth, Scott Caan and Luis Guizman.

The film deals with explit moments of realistic violence and drug use and despite it's raw material and controversial subject matter which explores themes of racism and discriminatory violence as well as a take on the segregation of Christianity the film was met with overwhelming positive reception.


African American, alcoholic trying to do right and deal with his childhood bestfriend's drug habit Trey Everett (Arlen Escarperta), must also deal with an emotionally damaged girl, whom he inadvertenly attended his senior prom and who through severe manic depression has fallen into the L.A underbelly of illegal narcotics to ease her pain as well as drinking away her sorrows at a local seedy club hotspot: The Cloud.


  • Arlen Escarpeta as Trey Everett
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Tyson Pellson
  • Shenae Grimes as Steph Tara
  • Michael B. Jordan as Joseph Tuttle
  • Zoë Saldana as Eve Simons
  • Zoë Kravitz as Lana Simons
  • Liam Hemsworth as Taylor Fades
  • Scott Caan as Lavario Guizman
  • Luis Guizman as Rodrigo Santerrez
  • Octavia Spencer as Patricia Fallstone
  • Evangeline Lilly as Rebecca Fades
  • Margot Robbie as Allison
  • Ayla Kell as Wendy
  • Carly Schroeder as Tracey Everett
  • Josh Blaylock as Tristan Desperon
  • Luke Kleintank as Rhys Westerfield
  • Max Thieriot as Rice Breckenridge
  • Ross Bagley as Marcus Cornerstone
  • Tori Black as Whitney
  • Francia Raisa as Dancer
  • Laura Wiggins as Bartender
  • Laura Linney as Jacklyn Everett
  • Lorenzo Lamas as Dr. Cobalt Stevens
  • Kym Karath as Lavario's Girl 1
  • Madeleine Stowe as Lavario's Girl 2