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Livin' the Life with the Stereotypes is a comedy adventure cartoon TV series created by Princess Dynasti. This TV series parodies various teen comedies, dramas, and school comedy films. It is aired on Disney XD from October 5, 2013 until May 28, 2016.


  • Sophia Winterford, Lolita Diamond, and Amethyst Giger are stereotypical 7th grade girls living in Pinewood and attending Pinewood Middle School. There are school divas, goths, outcasts, cheerleaders, jocks, nerds, class clowns, responsible ones, dimwits, loners, geniuses, dumb blondes, school rockers, spoiled rich queens, bully victims, child prodigies, girls and boys who (either) live next door or become neighbors, and tomboys in the middle school. Every character on the show is purposely a stereotype of some sorts.


  • Sophia Winterford (voiced by Tara Strong) is a junior high student who had straight A's.
  • Lolita Winterford (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) is a Goth girl.
  • Amethyst Ginger (voiced by Grey Griffin) is a geek.
  • Charleigh Greene (voiced by Mae Whitman) is an outcast who is brave and responsible for herself. She can be ditzy at times.
  • Madeline Voorhees (voiced by Lara Jill Miller) is a wise-cracking comic relief and outcast.
  • Betty Hawkins (voiced by Janyse Jaud) is the Queen Bee of a Junior High and Sophia's arch-rival.
  • Lorry Coutts (voiced by Candi Milo) is Lolita's rival who is a redneck.
  • Mackenzie Lloyd (voiced by Linda Cardellini) is Amethyst's rival who is the perfect model.
  • Ralph Hart and Cole Winston (voiced by Jason Marsden and Danny Cooksey) are rivals to Charleigh Greene and Madeline Voorhees who make a grand pair. Ralph is the boy genius and Cole is the ladies man addicted to Amethyst Ginger.
  • Chloe Morrow (voiced by Kelly Sheridan) is a girl in a white diaper who cries a lot.
  • Arlene Parks (voiced by Kathryn Cressida) is a prankster in Pinewood Junior High.
  • Mimi Monroe and Bonnibel Southeast (voiced by Debi Derryberry and Colleen O'Shaughnessey) are twin troublemakers with matching orange hair.
  • Alya Winterford (voiced by Jennifer Hale) is Sophia's 17-year-old Sister who, like Lolita, is a bossy Goth.
  • Amelia Winterford (voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern) is Sophia's 5-year-old sister who, like Chloe, is a very loud crybaby.
  • Jill and Thomas Winterford (voiced by Nadine Rabinovitch and Ron Pardo) are parents to The Winterford Sisters.
  • Principal Jodie Castellaneta (voiced by Hynden Walch) is the most fierce tempered principal in Pinewood Junior High who keeps her students in order.
  • Superintendent Bella Brewster (voiced by Minty Lewis) is the assistant of Principal Castellaneta.
  • Lana Fulbright and Sally Walters (voiced by Chantal Strand and Jocelyn Loewen) are bodyguards to Principal Castellaneta.
  • Meghan Combs (voiced by Sarah Hyland) is a straight a student who is a DNA analyzer girl.
  • Alexander Combs (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) is Meghan's sporty older brother who is 17 years old.
  • Hecuba Blackwood, Caroline Stormwind and Josephine Grimsbo (voiced by Jessica DiCicco, Maggie Blue O'Hara and Kate Micucci) are Lolita's goth friends.
  • Ellen Diamond (voiced by Laura Bailey) is Lolita's 17 year old sister, who is nice to her.
  • Scarlet Ginger (also voiced by Kate Micucci) is Amethyst's 17-year-old sister who is as bossy as Alya.
  • Rose Ginger (voiced by Tracey Hoyt) is Amethyst and Scarlet's 5-year-old sister who can throw tantrums a lot.
  • Lynn Morrow (also voiced by Candi Milo) is Chloe's older sister who is 17 years old. She has a dislike in her sister's loud tantrums.
  • Arnold Royce (voiced by Nate Torrence) is a 13-year-old boy from Pinewood whom Amethyst has a crush on.
  • Caleb Greene (voiced by Robbie Daymond) is Charleigh's older brother at the age of 17.
  • Lenny Voorhees (voiced by Rino Romano) is Madeline's older brother who is 17.
  • Baxter Voorhees (voiced by Lainie Frasier) is Madeline and Lenny's younger brother who is 5 years old.

List of episodes

List of Livin' the Life with the Stereotypes episodes

International Titles

  • There are foreign language titles in different countries:
    • Spanish: Viviendo la vida con los estereotipos
    • France: Vivan'* la vie avec les stéréotypes
    • Italy: Vivendo la vita con gli stereotipi
    • German: Das Leben mit den Stereotypen
    • Russia: живу жизнь' со стереотипами (Zhivu zhizn' so stereotipami)
    • Japanese: リヴィン ステレオタイプのある生活 (Rivu~in sutereo taipu no aru seikatsu)
    • Korean: 고정 관념 과 생활 (gojeong gwannyeom gwa saenghwal)
    • Greek: Ζώντας τη ζωή με τα στερεότυπα (Zóntas ti zoí me ta stereótypa)
    • China: 生活在生活的刻板印象 (Shēnghuó zài shēnghuó de kèbǎn yìnxiàng)
    • Norway: Leve livet med Stereotypier
    • Finland: TBA
    • Sweden: TBA
    • Iceland: Vinnuskilyrði líf með Staðalímyndir
    • Poland: TBA

* a shortening of "vivant", meaning "living" - essentially the French equivalent to "livin"


  • Titmouse Inc.
  • Stretch Films Inc.
  • Disney XD Original



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  • This show references Mean Girls, Clueless, 6teenKenan & Kel, Lizzie McGuire, What I Like About You, Girl Meets WorldClarissa Explains It All, Really Me, Mr. Young, and American Pie.
  • The end credits sequence for the series is similar to Loonatics Unleashed.