Little Shop of Horrors is a 2017 3D American rock musical horror comedy film released on the Blu-ray 3D on September 19, 2017.


On September 23 in an early year in a decade stated to be "not too long before our own" (Kennedy is mentioned as being the president, so it appears to be the 1960s), Seymour Krelborn (Rick Moranis) and his colleague, Audrey (Ellen Greene), work at Mushnik's Flower Shop, lamenting they cannot escape the slums of New York City, living in a run-down, beat up neighborhood referred to as "Skid Row." Struggling from a lack of customers, Mr. Mushnik (Vincent Gardenia) prompts to close the store, only for Audrey to suggest displaying an unusual plant Seymour owns. Immediately attracting a customer, Seymour explains he bought the plant, which he dubbed "Audrey II", from a Chinese flower shop during asolar eclipse. Attracting business to Mushnik's shop, the plant soon starts dying, worrying Seymour. Accidentally pricking his finger, he then discovers Audrey II needs human blood to thrive.

Audrey II continues to grow rapidly and Seymour becomes a local celebrity. Seymour soon attempts to ask Audrey out, but she turns him down because she has a date with her violent, sadistic dentist boyfriend Orin Scrivello (Steve Martin). Despite this, Audrey is interested in Seymour, as well as dreams of marrying him and escaping Skid Row. After Seymour closes up shop, Audrey II (Levi Stubbs) begins to talk to Seymour, demanding more blood than Seymour can give. The plant proposes Seymour murder someone in exchange for fame and fortune: Seymour initially refuses, but agrees upon witnessing Orin slapping Audrey.

After Orin was finished with his patient, Arthur Denton (Bill Murray), who requested "a long, slow, root canal", Seymour books an appointment with Orin and arms himself with a revolver: however, he cannot bring himself to use it. Orin, who abuses nitrous oxide, puts on a type of venturi mask to receive a constant flow of the gas. Accidentally breaking an intake valve and unable to remove the mask, Orin begs Seymour for help removing it as Seymour just stands there. When Orin asks Seymour what he ever did to him, Seymour replies, "Nothing, it's what you did to her." Orin dies fromasphyxiation and Seymour drags his body back to Audrey II. While dismembering the body for the plant, Seymour is unknowingly spotted by Mushnik, who flees in fear.

After feeding Orin's parts to Audrey II, Seymour discovers the police investigating Orin's disappearance. Audrey, feeling guilty about wishing Orin would disappear, is comforted by Seymour and the two admit their feelings for each other. That night, Mushnik confronts Seymour, about what he witnessed, and is prepared to report him to the police for the murder of Orin. Holding Seymour at gunpoint, Mushnik offers to help him escape, in exchange for the plant and the routine on how to care for it, but if Seymour refuses, they go to the police. Out of options, Seymour gives a fake care plan for the plant, and causes Mushnik to back into Audrey II's open mouth, who then devours Mushnik.

Despite widespread success, Seymour worries about Audrey II's growth and insatiable appetite. Offered money and a contract for a botany TV show, Seymour plans to escape Skid Row with Audrey using the money, leaving the plant to starve. After Audrey accepts Seymour's marriage proposal, Audrey II catches Seymour leaving and demands another meal: Seymour agrees, but insists on meat from a butcher. While Seymour is gone, the plant calls Audrey, coaxes her into the shop and then tries to eat her. Seymour, returning in time to save Audrey, escapes the store with her. 

Seymour rescues Audrey, who is fatally injured. Confessing to a dying Audrey he fed Mushnik and Orin to Audrey II, Audrey requests Seymour to feed her to the plant and earn the success he deserves and she dies in his arms after that he attempts to commit suicide by jumping only to be stopped by Patrick Martin (Paul Dooley). Martin offers to reproduce and sell Audrey II as he had grown a smaller Audrey II from one of the clippings that he harvested as the smaller Audrey II smiles at him. He also warns Seymour that his consent isn't necessary as plants are considered public domain. Realizing Audrey II's plans for global domination, Seymour climbs down the roof with the resolution to destroy the plant. Returning to the shop, Seymour confronts and tries to kill Audrey II, who tears down the shop. Seymour survives the shop's collapse, but the plant grabs and slowly eats him. Audrey II then spits out Seymour's glasses and laughs. 

The three chorus girls appear in front of a large American flag and tell how although Audrey II buds became a worldwide consumer craze, the buds grew into an army of monstrous plants who begin to take over the Earth. Giant Audrey II plants are shown destroying cities, toppling buildings, as well as eating people. The final shot shows the U.S. Army as it attempts to fight the buds as they ascend the Statue of Liberty. And then, an Audrey II breaks the fourth wall by coming out of the words "THE END?!?" to eat the audience as the camera zooms into its open mouth.


This film was original release in theatrical on December 19, 1986. This 3D film was not release in 3D cinema.

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