Little Sadie is a 2017 family comedy-drama film directed by Ron Howard.


When Sadie loses her parents in a car crash, she relizes that she adopted her own parents, one a lawyer and other a businesswoman.



  • Carol Jean Wells as Sadie, the main protagonist
    • TBA as Young Sadie
  • TBA as TBA, Sadie's mother, who died in a car accident
  • TBA as TBA, Sadie's father, who died in a car accident
  • TBA as TBA, Sadie's foster mother
  • TBA as TBA, Sadie's foster father
  • TBA as Ryan, Sadie's brother
  • TBA as Kira, Sadie's sister
  • TBA as Jonah, Sadie's adopted cousin
  • TBA as Alexandra, Sadie's friend
  • TBA as Daisy, Sadie's friend
  • TBA as Lily, Sadie's friend



TBA (writer of the film) will do the screenplay for the film.


The film release in the 2015 film festival on March 10, 2015 and began in theathers March 18, 2015.


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