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Little Runaway is a 2015 dark drama-thriller film directed by Michael Lembeck. It will be released on November 9, 2015 in cinema. The DVD will be released on February 19 2016.


An 13-year-old girl Rachel Gilway discovers her mom that she was on a mental hospital for unabling to handle losing her daughter. In order to bring back her mother, she hired a man named Michael to find her mother before it's too late. Rachel has to run away from her mother on who locked her in a mental hospital. Will Rachel has to handle giving up her mother?



  • Kendall Applegate as Rachel Gilway, an 13-year-old girl who discovered that her mom was in a mental hospital
  • TBA as TBA Gilway, Rachel's mother who has been in a mental hospital for 13 years and has a fear of seeing her daughter
  • TBA as Michael Miller, a man trying to find Rachel so she can reunion with her mother after she run away and he is Rachel's biological father and TBA's ex-lover
  • Megan Raich as Marisol Woods, a 15 year old troubled girl Rachel meets after her runaway
  • TBA as Rick Woods, Marisol's criminal father who is a drug dealer
  • Jake Goodman as Steven Gilway, Rachel's cousin
  • Taylor Hardick as Cameron Hacker, Rachel's best friend


Rachel and Marisol fight over the car they wanted to use

  • (Rachel walk to the car)
  • (Rachel used the beep on the car keys one time)
  • (Rachel walk to the door)
  • (Rachel open the door)
  • (Marisol kick Rachel in the face)
  • (Rachel drop the car keys)
  • (Rachel fall to the floor and groan)
  • (Marisol get out of the car)
  • (Serious music plays)
  • (Rachel get up and grab the car keys)
  • (Marisol push Rachel to the floor)
  • (Rachel drop the car keys)
  • (Marisol grab the car keys)
  • Marisol: My car.
  • (Rachel push Marisol to the car and Marisol groan)
  • (Rachel put the car keys under her trouser)
  • Rachel: My car!
  • (Marisol look at Rachel in angry face)
  • (Marisol run at Rachel)
  • (Rachel trip Marisol over with her leg)
  • (Marisol scream and land on the floor)
  • (Rachel getting in the car)
  • Rachel: What a idiot.
  • (Rachel turn the car on with car keys)
  • (Marisol run to the car)
  • (Marisol open the door)
  • (Marisol grab Rachel in the hair)
  • Rachel: Argh!
  • Marisol: Get out of the car, you stupid bitch.
  • (Rachel close the door on Marisol's arm)
  • Marisol: Argh.
  • (Rachel close the door on Marisol's arm)
  • Marisol (screaming): ARGH!!!
  • (Marisol falls to the floor)
  • (Marisol groan)
  • (Rachel drive the car)
  • (Marisol saw Rachel driving away)
  • (Marisol groan)
  • Marisol: Shit.
  • (Marisol loud groan)


  • Rated PG-13 for ???
  • The films contains some violence scene, some strong language and some drug use.
  • 12 certificate
  • It will distributed by New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures.
  • The DVD and Blu-ray will be released February 19th, 2016.