Little Kid But Big Love

No. in series: 2
Release date: June 30, 2017

Little Kid But Big Love is a romantic fanfic written by an anonymous author. It is the second story in the Same Love series of romantic fanfictions.

DISCLAIMER: For privacy, characters will be referred to by their first name or by pronouns. Main character will have his name removed and referred to as "the kid" in story summaries.

WARNING: This fanfiction contains material that may offend those who are sensitive. If you happen to be such person, please refrain yourself from resuming reading. Thanks, and enjoy!


My mind goes to travel to my first male love. Samuel. Oh yes, I loved him. But I didn't always find my attraction towards him natural. In fact, when I was first head over heels for him in elementary school, I try to ignore these feelings. They felt...wrong. I came to accept these feelings as soon as I stopped feeling them. Then, I started loving him again. Then I stopped. I started. Again, I stopped. Again and again and again, I would have a crush on him which lasted a month or two. There would be a span of six months in which I felt no affection towards him at all.

So...why was I attracted to him? I can explain that with ease (and a hint of pleasure). He had attractive features, like combed hair and a face that lacked acne or any other facial imperfection. He was very skinny (and was of below average height, probably under 5'4 or 5'0, don't accurately know), and very social as well. No, he wasn't a stranger that I just happened to crush on in the back of the classroom. We were actual friends. So you can see why I love him a lot. But I could never tell him this. After all, as teenagers, being a bisexual is more of a joke than...well...a funny joke. So these emotions were bottled up as liquid love...until one particular day.

I was in the eight grade during this "particular day", and I was heading to the bathroom between periods. I usually do this since I find it easier to go between periods than during class, due to in fear of missing any important information given in said classes. So nothing out of place, right? At first, it was. Anyways, I entered the bathroom, which was empty. Yet again, there was not a hint of strange in the air. I left my backpack and binder in the male's bathroom entrance, and headed towards a bathroom stall. I closed the stall, and starting answering nature. While I was answering, I heard entering footsteps. If I must repeat myself, this was normal. Everyone answers nature, after all. I continued and was about to zip myself up, when I saw something...rather unerving.

Whoever must have entered the bathroom (apart from yours truly) had tried to take a peek in my stall. I was quite surprised, and unnerved as well. Who must take a peek in a bathroom stall they know damn well is being occupied? But I remember a similar occurrence like the one taking place right now, so I just thought that whoever was doing the peeking must have not seen anyone in the stall at first, but must have right at this moment and was going to a urinal or the other stall.

But this did not happen. Instead, this person spoke up. "Is that you, (name removed)?" I immediately recognized the voice as that belonging to Samuel's. I was wondering why he wouldn't head to another urinal or stall and was instead talking to me, who was obviously still occupied in the bathroom. But I answered back with a "Yes."

"Can you let me in?" I was taken aback by this. Did I hear right? Nervously, I managed to mutter with, "What?"
"Let me in!" he said, a bit louder this time.
I reluctantly opened the stall. I also bothered to follow his order only because I did not want to bring attention to myself. After I barely opened the stall door, I realized I had not zipped myself up. Too late. Uh-oh.
"Hey, (name removed)", he said...kind of sensual, I might add. "So, what you're doing?"
What do you think, I immediately started flooding in thought. Did he not know I was doing my business?
"Um...peeing?" I said, which caused Samuel to laugh. He mostly laughs at what I have to say, since I'm not one to openly crack a joke. "Oh, okay," he said, and started eyeing my crotch. "Are you finished?" Before I could mutter even a single letter, he confessed, "Hey! Um, I never told anyone this, but...I kind of like you.
"Of course you do," I came up with immediately. "As a friend. And I like being your friend."
"No, no, not THAT," he continued, "I love you. Like, a lot."
Immediately, my world changed. Everything stopped for a second. My heart went faster and faster than Usain Bolt could ever run. My armpits started getting itchy (this itching begins when I get nervous or shocked), and my head started aching. Basically, I was flattered.
"" I responded. I wanted the part where he revealed everything as a prank to happen already, because I was worried about arriving late to class.
"Heh, no," he said. "I was worried about telling you, since you might have not returned my feelings".
I thought of telling him that I, too, have been loving him for like, 6 goddamn years. So I did.
"I love you, too," I said.
"Oh, really? That's great!" he said, still eyeing my crotch.

I couldn't believe any of this. Here I was, with the love of my life, who had just admitted he too returned the same feelings as me. So, I bravely started passionately kissing him. It was by surprise, so I could tell Samuel was a bit shocked, but he started kissing me back. At that moment, I realized just how much saliva was involved in the proccess of kissing. But both of us could really care less right then and there. After some passionate kissing, he started sucking on my neck, which I never knew he was a god at. Either that, or it was because I never got sucked on the neck in my whole entire life. But then again, who ever did? (Sorry for getting off-topic.) And I cared more about showing my love to Samuel, who did the same thing back to me. After that as well, I got him a hickey, which he started moaning at. I found his moaning erotic.

After we finished out love making, I told him to be on all fours on the floor. He did as I pleased, and then I started giving him a rimjob. He moaned like the little bitch that he was, and tried to force my mouth on his ass. I loved it, and gladly resumed my rimjob. His butthole tasted clean for the most part, though I sensed a hint of sweat and feces. This did not faze me, though, and I finished my rimming by spitting my saliva into his butthole and spreading it around as some kind of substitute lube (I learned this from...certain Internet videos). Afterwards, I stuck my (uncircumcised) penis into his butthole and, as slowly as I could, started fucking him. Samuel moaned quietly. God, his moaning was music to my ears. But as the fucking continued, I rammed my dick harder and harder, up to the point where Samuel was moaning so goddamn loud, that I feared getting caught by someone who would tell everyone how me and Samuel were "faggots" (I'm bisexual, though), and that our reputations would be in ruins. But no, he just moaned louder, and everything stayed the same. While I was fucking Samuel anally, he started stroking his own dick in pleasure. I felt like I was in Heaven.

I finished fucking Samuel anally, and then I made him blow me. He sucked my dick hard and lubed it with his saliva. Honestly, I found it really hot. He licked and sucked my balls, which I didn't think he would do, considering that they always smelled if I hadn't taken a bath beforehand. I moaned as he pleasured me with his mouth. Up and down, up and down, he went, as I forced him to suck more by shoving his head up my boner. I heard him choking a bit, but it turns out that he wasn't, he was getting used to the pre-cum he tasted from my dick. He let go of my dick and I ordered him to lie down on the toilet (with the seat down of course) and lift his legs up so we could ready for missionary. I inserted my dick into his tight asshole and fucked it up. He moaned, of course.
"Nghh...nghhh...yes, (name removed)...ugh...yes!!!"
"You like that, don't you, Shawty?" I sensually whispered in his ear.
"Yes, oh god...nghhh...yesss!" He responded orgasmically.
"Fuck yeah you do!" I told him as I bend down to French kiss him.
Then I continued with our missionary sexual intercourse. During the whole of it, Samuel twisted my nipples, which I returned with a moan. He smiled and gazed lovingly at me. He then started jiggling my man tits. I moaned louder this time. Samuel just smiled and laughed. Later, we did the spoons position. During the whole time, Samuel was fingering my butthole. Probably because he could reach it. He also kept moaning sexually, which I had gotten used to without thinking about it in the false context.

Due to the lovely sexual intercourse I was having with Samuel, I had lost track of time. I had no place in mind as to estimate the minutes (or probably hour???) we had been fucking each other up literally. I must say about half an hour, which surprised me, since I usually don't last this long. Maybe 15 minutes maximum. However many minutes Samuel spent on sexually pleasuring me, I felt it coming. So I told Samuel to sit on the toilet while I cummed on his face. The little bitch did as told (we were friends, after all) and he kept his mouth opened like in a dentist appointment while I was masturbating in his face. 3 minutes passed, and I suddenly let it all out. I moaned as the thick, white liquid originating from my scrotum, splashed all over my lover's face. Samuel made sure to close his eyes, though it was useless since I cummed all over his face. He stood there with his mouth still open, while the semen was dripping from all facial orifices, including his mouth. I let him lick all the remaining semen from the tip of my penis, and then I helped him get the semen from his face by kissing it. He kissed me back, and we were there naked, kissing passionately and not having a care in the world except for each other. We stopped and then layed in the dirty bathroom floor (Yep. Shut up), hugging each other and giving each other loving looks.

That day, my crush for Samuel was realized. And it went beyond a simple kiss. I'm glad it happened. Sure, Bryan was sexy as well, but...Samuel would always remain my first and only male lover.

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