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Programming currently running

Puma The Magical girll (2016-present)

K9 Academy (2015-present)

Nya Sketchbook (2018-present)

Gacha Life Twinkle (2014 to present)

Pro Gamer Move (2019-present)

SugarSwirlCity (2010-present)

Wii Party Cry Babies (2010-present)( aired on JayMeDino TV 2014-present)

Prototype X (2013-present)

MysteryGirls! (2017-present)

Sooty’s Universe (2008-present)

Gacha Falls (2004-present, aired on JayMeDino TV 2007-present)

Jetshop (2013-present)

Former programming

Gacha Studio (1995-2003) (reran 2007-2016)

YouTubeMans (2008-2013) (reran 2014-present)

Pocket heroes (2003-2007) (reran 2008-present)

The Girl In The Middle (2001-2009) (reran 2010-2017)

Inkpaw (2014-2017) (reran 2018-present)

The Alphajacks show (2012-2020) (reran 2020-present)

Sophia Serval, Mystery Cat-girl (2002-2006) (reran 2007-present)

4 sides of the world (1993-1996) (reran 2007-2016)

Aquired programming

Shugo Cara (2007-2008) (aired on JayMeDino TV 2010-2015)

RU🅱️y (2019-present) (aired on JayMeDino TV 2020-present)

UFO ultra-maiden Valkyrie (2002-2006) (aired on JayMeDino TV 2007-2019)

CustomBlocks (2013-present) (aired on JayMeDino TV 2015-present)

Current short series

Peppa Pig: All Grown Up (2010-present)

Peyton And Sophia Animate The World (2016-present)

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