Unlike the block version, which has seven shows, the channel version of WB Kids has several shows due to being a 24/7 cable and satellite television channel.


Note: * = Original series
** = Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu/DC Universe original series

Warner Bros. Animation


Turner Entertainment

  • Tom and Jerry/Droopy
  • The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show
  • Tom and Jerry Kids
  • Droopy, Master Detective
  • Tom and Jerry Tales
  • The Tom and Jerry Show
  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers
  • LazyTown
  • Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Cartoon Network

International productions

  • Robotboy (France/United Kingdom)
  • Jorel's Brother (Brazil, English dub)
  • Villainous (Mexico)

DC Comics

Acquired from Sega

Acquired from Hasbro Studios

Acquired from The Lego Group

Acquired from Corus Entertainment

  • Atomic Betty
  • Rocket Monkeys

Acquired from DHX Media

  • Inspector Gadget (both the original and the 2015 revival)
  • Gadget Boy & Heather
  • Gadget & the Gadgetinis
  • Animal Mechanicals (starting with the fourth season/reruns)
  • The Adventures of Paddington Bear
  • League of Super Evil
  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
  • The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Super Mario World
  • The Little Lulu Show
  • Supernoobs
  • Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs (TV series)
  • Johnny Test
  • MetaJets
  • Dr. Dimensionpants
  • Chuck's Choice
  • Mega Man: Fully Charged
  • Scan2Go
  • Magi-Nation
  • Will and Dewitt
  • Young Robin Hood
  • Storm Hawks
  • Pippi Longstocking (2021 TV series)

Acquired from Fremantle

  • Danger Mouse (both the original and the 2015 revival)
  • Count Duckula
  • The Wind in the Willows (TV show)

Acquired from Xilam


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