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This is the list of characters in BrandonKR's Horror Movie series.

Horror Movie Part 1

  • Danny Messer - A cop who has a fallout with his wife but must save her from his sworn enemy Shane Casey.
  • Lindsay Monroe
  • Shane Casey (Val Kilmer) - A serial killer and Danny's sworn enemy. When he was born, his mother was too stressed by her husband's death and selfishly abandoned the boy. When he was growing up, people started disliking him because he kept on drinking his own blood and liked being called a monster. A female caretaker found him and took him in but got attracted to him and sexually abused him. The abuse he suffered from caused his sanity to slip and he became a sociopathic monster. At school, he met a nervous girl named Natalie, who was scared of him but he started to toughen her up until her sanity also slipped and she became just like him. They found his mother's house and confronted her but she was disgusted by her son's sociopathic actions and calls him a monster that doesn't deserve to live. Angered and hurt by his mother's cowardly selfishness, he murders her and destroys her house. Before her head dies, he informs her that maybe if she raised him right, he wouldn't have done anything bad in the first place. During the film, him and Natalie kidnap Lindsay and sometimes told her about his past and how he became psychotic. During a fight, he gets thrown into a giant fan and goes into a coma. After Natalie's death, he wakes up and tries to avenge her but is shot to death by Danny and Lindsay. His last words are, "Ready for the big ride, baby." However, he is not pure evil and is only like this because of neglectful mother.
  • Jane Casey - Shane's late younger sister. She was killed by their neglectful mother but was avenged by Shane. Her death becomes of the selfish reasons to how the other events happen.
  • Natalie Davis - Shane's psychotic girlfriend and sidekick. At school, she was a nervous girl but Shane toughened her up and she became psychotic like him. Together, the couple became a murderous couple. During the film, they kidnapped Lindsay Monroe and tell her about Shane's past.
  • Lane Casey - Shane's neglect mother and the Overarching Antagonist of all the films. She is responsible for all the events of the films because her selfish actions had led to chaos.

Horror Movie Part 2 & 3

  • Ginny Field - A counselor who is hired by her boyfriend Paul to run a camp. Her fate is unknown.
  • Paul Holt - The head counselor of the camp and quarterback of a football team. He is later captured and decapitated by Victor Casey as Ginny looked on in horror.
  • Victor Casey - Shane and Natalie's son. He pretends to be a normal farmer but is actually wanting to avenge his dad. In Part 3, Elias kills him by striking his head with an axe.
  • Elias Voorhees - Pamela's husband and the killer of Victor Casey. Elias also died in Part 4 but has a son named Jason.

Horror Movie Part 4 & 5

  • Jason Voorhees/The Savini - Elias and Pamela's son. Unlike the original, he has a different past and it is shown in the beginning. Before he was born, him and his mom could contact each other through mind link. As a young man, he attended Camp Crystal Lake but during a crime, an arrogant rich boy named Freddy Krueger shot Jason and left him to drown in the lake. However, this was witnessed by Mike Norris, who arrested Freddy. Unknown to everyone, Jason survived and mentally informed his mother about this. When Jason went back into town, he saw his mother's killing spree at the Krueger's house and mentally cheered her on but saw her get subdued. Before she dies, they make a mental promise that Jason will get revenge but she gets decapitated as Jason looks on in sadness and horror. Angered by his mother's death, he takes shelter in his parents' honeymoon home and keeps his mom's head on a shrine. During a camping trip, he started killing those that come there since he names it his territory. After deciding to ruin Freddy's life, he went to Kruger's house and killed Freddy's older brother and parents. He then used their bodies as a message. During a battle, he managed to stab Freddy but is also stabbed in the chest and put in a death-like state. However, they have him buried. In Part 5, two drunken men start grave robbing him but a bolt of lightning struck him which causes them to run in fear. Unknown to them, the lightning strike woke him up. He got out of his grave but was angered by the destruction of his tombstone. He then goes into town, finds the two men, and murders them. He then uses their bodies to send a message.

Part 6: The Shape

  • Billy Lenz (Elijah Wood as a teenager and Danielle Radcliffe as a child) - The youngest of the Lenz family. His step-dad and older step-brothers were verbally abusive and his mother Heather and his older step-sisters were sexually abusive. Heather and the older sisters' reasons were to fulfill their personal needs while the other abusive relatives don't show any reason. A local police officer named Hudson knew about this but neglected it. However, he became diagnosed with Dissortive Identity Disorder, a.k.a. Multiple Personality Disorder. He has the ability to act as other people but the final personality is psychotic and dangerous that it targeted the abusive relatives. First, he bludgeoned Road with a boiling iron pot and then pours the hot drink on him. Second, he slit Rob's throat with a knife. Third, he beats Stewart up with an aluminum baseball bat. Fourth, he stabs Judie a lot of times with a knife. Fifth, he suffocated the tied up Abigail with plastic bag. Sixth, he stabs his step-father Gabe's eye with a Christmas ornament. Finally, he drags Heather into the kitchen and turns her into spaghetti, Italian sausage, bacon, and other various foods. Alice lived after being shown the video diaries, making her breakdown crying. The police came after seeing video footage of Billy's life and find him eating his mother's remains. However, they showed sympathy for him and decided to have him live with his father.
  • Heather Lenz (Michelle Rodriguez) - Billy's abusive mother and the Main Antagonist of Part 6. She is never seen as evil due to her beautiful looks but is secretly a monster. She only conceived Billy when she drugged and r***d his father. However, she hates Billy and harms him but sometimes sleeps with him to not feel lonely when her current husband is not around. She warns him that she only does it because of that reason but does seem to like having him around. She crosses a lot of lines by insulting Billy and sexually harassing him. She knows what her step-daughters do and allows them to do it. After he killed his first victim, she crosses the line by cruelly claiming she should've suffocated him when he was a baby. However, these actions cause her downfall. When she and her husband Rice return to find the bodies, Heather cries over this and now realizes what she has done. When Rice goes to kill Billy, she finally shows actual concern and begs him not to kill Billy but Rice is killed by Billy with a Christmas ornament. She breaks down crying in regret and remorse but when Billy decides to kill her, she begs for forgiveness. However, he doesn't forgive her and starts strangling her. When he drags her to the kitchen, she hugs his legs and cries in pain. Seeing this, Billy grabs a rolling pin and Heather closed her eyes in acceptance of death. He bludgeons her with it, killing her and ending her misery. Despite giving her mercy, he removes her clothing and cuts her up into meat before heating them up in the oven. By the time the police show up, her remains have been eaten by Billy, completing his revenge for all the abuse he suffered from. She is usually now only seen in pictures of her and her son where she is seen smiling happily and side hugging her son, showing that she once loved him but it might've been false just to hide her true self. However, she can be shown kindly hugging him in her sleep.

Horror Movie Part 7

  • Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) - A spoiled computer worker who got invited to the Italian mansion for a party. However, it's attacked by a masked assailant.

Horror Movie Part 8

  • Pennyguise (Michael Keaton) - A demonic clown who kills the kids that murdered him in the past.

Horror Movie Part 9

  • Freddy Krueger - An evil spirit of a selfish delinquent who shot and drown Jason Voorhees.

Part 10: Mannequin

  • Franz Sabo (James McAvoy) - As a child, he was babysat by Hannah and he was forced to brush her hair before she lied about them being a future couple. One day, he witnessed her having a sexual intercourse with a man while she glares at the boy and cruelly rejects him. The crying boy go waits in the car but is devastated by this horrible rejection. Mentally scarred and not wanting to be hurt again, he developed a hatred of mean girls and starts killing them until he can find one that is not mean and cares about life. He also plans revenge on Hannah for her cruelty. At some point, he lost his mother to some unknown cause and lost his sanity. At night, he would follow a mean girl and scalp her. No one knows it was him but they suspect it because he's been tricking them into going on dates with him. Also, his mannequins have the same hair as the victims.
  • Hannah (Emma Roberts) - Franz's former babysitter who mentally scarred him as a child and caused his insanity by cruelly rejecting him.
  • Paris (Robbie Amell) - Franz's best friend and roommate who first appears teasing Julie but only to be told off by her. He secretly knows about Franz's killing spree but doesn't bother with it since it's none of his business and was one of the boys to approve of it.
  • Mabel (Samara Weaving) - A kind-hearted fraternity girl who loves both Franz and Paris. Franz seems to not mind her having a triple relationship with them. She also secretly knows about Franz's killing spree but doesn't bother with it and instead shows sympathy for Franz's childhood.
  • Marvin (Billy Otis) - Hannah's boyfriend.