The Phoenix Defenders is an American animated television series. It lasted for two seasons. The show spanned 28 episodes across both seasons.

Season One

  • It Begins: A group of extraordinary teenagers finds out that they are the current yet the youngest Star Guardians and must save the world from the antagonistic witch named Zatavia.
  • Switched: As a teenaged superhero, one finds themselves in a lot of weird situations. What happens if a villain came to Goldmoor and his magic goes haywire and being inside someone else's body is probably the worst?
  • Hocus Dorkus: After Julie gets bullied, Zatavia gain control over her body.
  • Terror in the Woods: As the Star Guardians include Muffy, Melanie, Jan, Brent, Zak Saturday and Doyle Blackwell camp out in the Sierra Mountains, animals began to attack them for no apparent reason and the group must survive the animal onslaught and make their way to safety.
  • Star Guardians Beyond!:
  • Good Girl Gone Bad: In an attempt to make Maya be nice to her, Julie, with Jan's help used Soul Eater to turn her into a "bad girl". However, the spell had nefarious side effects.
  • Magic Mystery: The Mystery Inc. gang attend a music festival in Goldmoor. But when strange things starts happening, The Mystery Inc, Hunter, June and the Hex Girls start investigating and need to work together to figure out who is behind these mysterious attacks.
  • Let's Go Hunting: Desperate for friends, Julie met and quickly befriends a goth girl named Katie, who along with her mother, moved to Goldmoor for one mysterious purpose.
  • The Bitter Visit: As Trixie takes Hunter and Julie to visit her younger sister Candace, the other members of the Star Guardians comes with them. However, things go wrong when Candace gets possessed by a necromancer who wants to destroy Paul.
  • Two Teams, One Era:
  • The Bitter End: Tired of the Star Guardians for protecting her from Celia, Julie decides to confront her alone, only to discover a shocking origin story that will shock her forever.
  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Phoenix Defenders!: Our heroes are getting ready for Halloween until a supernatural force came to get rid of them and the residents of Goldmoor to unleashed a powerful evil the world as ever known and see.
  • It's No Joke: Batman pays a visit to Goldmoor and reunites with Hunter and Julie, meeting the Star Guardians in the process. But the Joker's in town too and he got a few tricks up his sleeve...
  • Saving Private Zeta: The Star Guardians must protect Zeta and Ro from.
  • Ding Dong, I Ain't Dead: Trent, Wendy, Brent and Jan get a surprise visit from The Grim Reaper, who only showed up because Trent cheats death for the past 5 years.

Season Two

  •  :
  • How the Star Guardians Save Christmas: The Star Guardians must save Christmas from The Grinch.
  • The Unsuspecting Assassin: When Mayor Spoons is targeted by a mysterious assassin, Lisa's dad became his new bodyguard while the Star Guardians began to investigate the crime scene.
  • My Riddles Three: The Star Guardians face some mythical monsters who are out for their blood.
  • Prom Edition: It's time for the team's prom and everyone is getting ready. With some drama, romance and friendship, Can the Star Guardians survive the ultimate high school experience: prom night?
  • Mechanical Mayhem: Although a giant robot in Goldmoor sounds pretty bad for the Star Guardians, they soon learn that there is something worse, a giant robot designed for their destruction! Who is behind this machine and will he strike again?
  • Deadpool and the Star Guardians: Zatavia hires Deadpool to assassinate the Star Guardians.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House?: It's bad enough that Paul and Trent are stuck sick in the house together. When the house is broken in by a knife wielding villain, will the two be able to work together and fight him off in their current states?
  • Boom: The peace in Goldmoor is interrupted by a villain with highly destructive habits. Can the Star Guardians stop him before the city is rubble?
  • The Gremlin: The Star Guardians must stop a villain who is actually a gremlin.
  • Bitter Reunion: A creature that feeds on energy roams the streets of Goldmoor and it's up to the Star Guardians to take it down. The only problem is that the creature might be somebody that one of the Star Guardians know.
  • Hit the Surf: Everybody needs some time off. Even superheroes. After calling in some people to watch the city while they're gone, the Star Guardians decide to hit the beach! What could possibly go wrong?
  • Arguments Can Cause Tears: After Katelyn threatens to kill Berna in front of everyone, Aeolus made an ultimate decision that would shatter their relationship in pieces.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 1: Maya gets over pressured after Macy threatens her to stay away from Julie, causing her to avoid Julie at all costs. Julie then founds out the truth behind the reason of why Maya is so harsh towards people.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 2:
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 3: Once they finally reconcile, Berna then founds out the truth behind the reason of why Sera is so harsh towards people.
  • The Eye of the Hurricane Part 4: Maya and Julie publicly announced their relationship to the Star Guardians, who are shocked yet supportive upon hearing the news. Yet, Paul became very depressed upon hearing the news and not everybody are not as accepting of a same sex relationship.
  • Star Guardians Go Comic Con:
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