Here are a list of episodes in a horror TV series, The Dark Side.

Season 1

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Summary
1 1 "The Dark Forest" October 1, 2020

A boy named Kyle was trapped in a strange forest and believes that there is a monster in there.

2 2 "A Night at Blood River" October 8, 2020 Jennifer, a girl who has a fear of going into the water stumbles upon a river haunted by a ghost who drowned here.
3 3 "The Lost Circus" October 15, 2020 Two siblings, John and Robert goes inside a circus full of secrets.
4 4 "Arachnophobia" October 22, 2020 Kate, Finn and Bonnie truth was revealed that Finn's science project was a spider. After the principal was being bitten by a spider, he was turned into one with a terrifying price.
5 5 "The Pumpkinhead" October 29, 2020 Four friends discover there was something eerie is going on in the pumpkin patch and strange things happen when a mysterious scarecrow with a pumpkin on its head might come to life.
6 6 "Howl of the Night" November 5, 2020 A scaredy-cat girl and her five friends notices the truth of the howling noise can be real. But, was it a werewolf?
7 7 "Pixie Sight" November 12, 2020 A boy ends up seeing pixies but it might be real. Strange things happen when he gets more than he bargained for.
8 8 "Don't Look in the Water" November 19, 2020 Two siblings thinks that the water has a sea monster coming out of it.
9 9 "Zombie Turkey" November 26, 2020 Two friends accidentally bring a dead turkey back to life during Thanksgiving.
10 10 "My Cousin is an Alien" December 3, 2020 A child thinks that her cousin was really an alien.
11 11 "Captain Atrocious" December 10, 2020 A group of troubled teens think that their favorite comic supervillain might come to life.
12 12 "The Playdate" December 17, 2020 An eight-year-old girl who discovered that a ghost of a drowned girl wants to be her playmate...or her next victim.
13 13 "Not a Creature was Stirring" December 24, 2020 A boy named Robert has a strange present for Christmas and there was something stranger other than a toy.
14 14 "The Magic Shop" December 31, 2020 Three friends think that one of their friends' cousin's magic kit may be real...
15 15 "Invaded" January 7, 2021 A ten-year-old girl named Isla thinks she and her family are invaded by a martian who wants to take over the earth.
16 16 "The Witch's House" January 14, 2021 Sienna and Jason uncover a dark secret about the house who was inhabited by an old lady who turns out to be a witch that ends up kidnapping their mother.
17 17 "The Toy" January 21, 2021 A troubled pre-teen along with her two 10-year-old siblings discover that they are playing with a toy, a mysterious doll that wasn't playing "nice" anymore. The secret is, the doll's possessed!
18 18 "Vampires of Romania" January 28, 2021 A trip to Romania turns creepy when the siblings come A face to face with vampires!
19 19 "One Foot in the Grave" February 4, 2021 Nick and Hazel, two siblings take their fraternal 9-year-old twin brothers to a graveyard that was haunted by zombies and ghosts.
20 20 "Love Potion" February 11, 2021 A little girl at school gets stalked by the boys who are in love with her.
21 21 "The Yellow Ooze" February 18, 2021 A nerdy boy discovers that the yellow ooze is bringing back to life.
22 22 "The Gravedigger" February 25, 2021 Eight friends face with a zombie gravedigger who died 19 years ago while on their trip to a haunted graveyard.

Season 2

No. in Series No. in Season Title Original air date Summary
1 1 "To the House of the Night" October 7, 2021 15-year-old James Feldon meets a 10-year-old girl, Sarah and gets their first taste of how weird his new home is.
2 2 "The Frozen Girl" October 14, 2021 Melody Parker goes inside a scary house where a ghost of a girl who died from freezing lives her. Could Melody find a dark secret inside this house?
3 3 "The Magic Doll Shop" October 21, 2021 13-year-old Kate Davis couldn't believe that her 8-year-old sister brought her new doll but strange things happen when all of the dolls come to life.
4 4 "A Dead Cat" October 28, 2021 A car ran over Millie's cat, and she discovers why did the ghost cat is haunting her?
5 5 "Welcome to the Blood Hotel" November 4, 2021 Penelope Natson and her brother, Jim checks in to a abandoned hotel, which was haunted by ghosts who died in the Blood Hotel.
6 6 "Ghost Horse" November 2021 A 16-year-old named Hannah Rogers is having a nightmare about a ghostly horse.
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