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This is a list of episodes for the American animated television series, The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, which premiered on The CC on July 23, 2013, and ended on November 2, 2016, with 4 seasons and 86 episodes. The series was originally going on an indefinite hiatus after the season 4 finale, but ultimately got cancelled due to budgeting issues.

A fifth season was announced unexpectedly on May 12, 2018 with an order of 30 episodes, as part of The CC (Cartoon Comedy)'s efforts to continue or revive its already existing properties for additional seasons or television films. It premiered on June 1, 2018, after airing of the Robot Buddies television film Robot Buddies Reprogrammed, to an astounding 6.8 million viewers, and concluded on March 29, 2019. The following two episodes also garnered high ratings, and on June 19, 2018, the series was renewed for a 30-episode 6th season. The succeeding fourth episode, airing on June 22, 2018, was the 90th episode for the series overall, making it one of the only series on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) to hit the 90th episode milestone. The series also aired its 100th episode a couple of months later on August 24, 2018, becoming one of only two series (along with My Weird School) to reach a broadcast of 100 episodes. The 6th season premiered on May 24, 2019, and was watched live by 7.7 million viewers, a bigger uptake in views than the 5th season premiere. This led The CC (Cartoon Comedy) to quickly renew the series for a seventh and last season that will consist of 30 episodes and air in early 2021.

As of April 2020, the series is in an indefinite hiatus following the premiere of the season 6 episode "This is Spindoll Trap" due to the continuing worldwide coronavirus epidemic. Although not officially confirmed yet, the series was rumored to return in the latter summer months, but this never occurred. On September 2, 2020, a new promo revealed that the series would return in September 25, 2020, and broadcast its remaining episodes throughout 2020.

The series spawned a franchise, unofficially titled The Stuffniverse, which comprises three failed spin-offs (The World of Teddy, a sketch comedy, and TM, a mystery drama) and two successful spiritual successors. The first one, Freshmen, was short-lived, airing for a week from June 16 through 23, 2014, despite 120 scripts being written. The second spin-off, titled Stuffy Quests, aired on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) on September 11 (formerly the 18th), 2017, with its first batch of episodes. It's the most successful spin-off of the two, as it has aired 3 seasons (with a fourth one currently in production) and 52 episodes so far.

The third and most notorious out of the unsuccessful spin-offs, The Bart Simpson Show (also meant as an unofficial spin-off of the long-running adult animated sitcom The Simpsons) was supposed to air on December 4, 2017, but was immediately cancelled following threats of a lawsuit by creator Matt Groening and channel Fox, and replaced with the succeeding show in the schedule, Toapy Is Awesome. The pilot for The Bart Simpson Show is now completely in the hands of Fox Broadcasting System, who has shelved it indefinitely.

Series overview


  • A pilot for the series was produced and pitched to The CC but never aired on the main channel. It is now considered lost.
Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 July 23, 2013 August 12, 2014
2 16 January 13, 2015 June 30, 2015
3 21 October 6, 2015 April 5, 2016
4 23 June 27, 2016 November 2, 2016
Television film November 17, 2017
5 30 June 1, 2018 March 29, 2019
6 30 May 24, 2019 December 4, 2020[1]
7 30[1] 2021 TBA

Season 1 (2013-14)

Main article: The Adventures of Teddy and Friends (season 1)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
1 1 "Tedtanic" Fatima Mataraci Poppy Livingston July 23, 2013
2 2 "Cloudy With a Chance of Meteors" Ronald Munoz Tamara Morgan July 30, 2013
3 3 "The First Day of High School...With An Alien Invasion" Marjory Katz Calvin MacKenzie August 6, 2013
4 4 "The Wizard of Paws" Van Allen Donald Fairbanks August 13, 2013
5 5 "Poistelladon" Dipper Annie Oh August 20, 2013
6 6 "Teddypendence Day" Amy O'brien Annamarise Scarborough August 27, 2013
7 7 "Around the Teddymind in 80 Teddyminutes" Wendy Conroy Grekk December 3, 2013
8 8 "The Gangvengers" Fenton Cole Thurop van Orman December 10, 2013
9 9 "Stuffy Friday" Kamden Middleton Diane Reed December 17, 2013
10 10 "Alien Invasion Around the Galaxy" Patrice Harrison Thurop Van Orman December 24, 2013
11 11 "Date With Stufftiny" Calvin MacKenzie Grekk December 31, 2013
12 12 "The Exorcism of Mr. Snuggles" Poppy Livingston Anthony Gilligan January 7, 2014
13 13 "Stuffed In Love" Dipper January 14, 2014
14 14 "From San Anteddio With Ransom" Annie Oh Lester Gomez January 21, 2014
15 15 "Undercover Gang" Joe Ansolabehere Grekk January 28, 2014
16 16 "Gang on the Run" Wendy Conroy Ronald Munoz April 2, 2014
17 17 "Fun and Stuffy Games" Fatima Mataraci Diane Reed April 9, 2014
18 18 "Teeny Tiny Stuffies" Ingrid Gibbons Thurop Van Orman April 16, 2014
19 19 "The Stufflimpics" Dipper Miriam Northrop April 23, 2014
20 20 "Stuffy COPS" Sherm Cohen Calvin MacKenzie April 30, 2014
21 21 "The Para-Teddy Universe" Poppy Livingston William Ebert May 7, 2014
22 22 "Comic Book Gang" Marjory Katz May 14, 2014
23 23 "Tragic Magic" Wendy Conroy Anthony Gilligan May 21, 2014
24 24 "Tedzilla" Kamden Middleton Ronald Munoz May 28, 2014
25 25 "Cartooned In" Patrice Harrison Lester Gomez August 5, 2014
26 26 "We'll Always Have Bibi" Dipper August 12, 2014

Season 2 (2015)

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No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
27 1 "Stuff Me to the Moon" Kamden Middleton Grekk January 13, 2015
28 2 "Journey to the Center of Stufflandia" Annie Oh Diane Reed January 20, 2015
29 3 "Teddy's The Man" Patrice Harrison Lester Gomez January 27, 2015
30 4 "Land Before Stuffies" Fenton Cole Thurop Van Orman February 3, 2015
31 5 "Double Pet Teddy Trouble" Wendy Conroy Patricia Tambor February 10, 2015
32 6 "Teddyman" Calvin MacKenzie February 17, 2015
33 7 "A Stella Carol" Fatima Mataraci Diane Reed February 24, 2015
34 8 "Hey, Teddy Krueger!" Aracely Tepes Miriam Northrop May 5, 2015
35 9 "The Stuff and the Furious" Poppy Livingston Amy O'brien May 12, 2015
36 10 "The Statue of Liberteddy" Marjory Katz Patricia Tambor May 19, 2015
37 11 "Wrath of the Aliens" Anthony Gilligan Donald Fairbanks May 26, 2015
38 12 "Stuffier Adventures of SherTurbo Holmes" Ronald Munoz Calvin MacKenzie June 2, 2015
39 13 "Legend of the Ax Teddyman" Patrice Harrison Annamarise Scarborough June 9, 2015
40 14 "TV Stuffy" Dipper Grekk June 16, 2015
41 15 "Liberteddy Controlled!" Amy O'brien Wendy Conroy June 23, 2015
42 16 "Stuffarama" Joe Ansolabehere William Ebert June 30, 2015

Season 3 (2015-16)

Main article: The Adventures of Teddy and Friends (season 3)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
43 1 "Stuffageddon" Poppy Livingston Donald Fairbanks October 6, 2015
44 2 "Stuffy Killer" Fatima Mataraci Miriam Northrop October 13, 2015
45 3 "Stuffdiana 500" Marjory Katz Patricia Tambor October 20, 2015
46 4 "Teddy-O and Julie Kitt" Wendy Conroy Lester Gomez October 27, 2015
47 5 "Scary Stuffy Stories" Calvin MacKenzie Annamarise Scarborough November 3, 2015
48 6 "The Stuffing" Annie Oh November 10, 2015
49 7 "Stuffy Hollow" Sherm Cohen Tamara Morgan November 17, 2015
50 8 "Teddy/Alien" Patrice Harrison Thurop Van Orman November 24, 2015
51 9 "Bloody Teddy" Ronald Munoz Calvin MacKenzie December 1, 2015
52 10 "Diary of a Stuffy Kid" Kamden Middleton Amy O'brien December 8, 2015
53 11 "Stuff No. 9" Marjory Katz Diane Reed December 15, 2015
54 12 "Stuffsy the Snowstuffie" Poppy Livingston Donald Fairbanks December 22, 2015
55 13 "Santa Stuffy" Joe Ansolabehere Grekk December 29, 2015
56 14 "The End of Teddy?" Ronald Munoz March 1, 2016
57 15 "Meet the Teddies" Annie Oh Donald Fairbanks March 8, 2016
"New Stuffy Year!" Kamden Middleton Thurop Van Orman March 15, 2016
60 18 "Drama Teddy" Marjory Katz Grekk March 22, 2016
61 19 "Teddyfoot" Patrice Harrison Wendy Conroy March 29, 2016
"Aliens Rise" Amy O'brien April 5, 2016

Season 4 (2016)

Main article: The Adventures of Teddy and Friends (season 4)

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
64 1 "Slumberstuffy Party" Fenton Cole Calvin MacKenzie June 27, 2016
65 2 "We Are Stuffamily" Fatima Mataraci July 4, 2016
66 3 "Poistelladon 2: The Return of Blue" Dipper William Ebert July 11, 2016
67 4 "Stuffy Admirer" Anthony Gilligan Donald Fairbanks July 18, 2016
68 5 "Teddy + Stella" Fenton Cole Miriam Northrop July 25, 2016
69 6 "Murder Mystery" Ronald Munoz Patricia Tambor August 1, 2016
"Baby Teddy" William Ebert Annamarise Scarborough August 8, 2016
72 9 "Stuffi: Dawn of the Hawaiian Zombie" Poppy Livingston Wendy Conroy August 15, 2016
73 10 "McStuffie's" Annamarise Scarborough August 22, 2016
74 11 "Going Viral" Fenton Cole Donald Fairbanks August 29, 2016
75 12 "Fundraiser Stuffies" Marjory Katz Lamar Robinson September 7, 2016
76 13 "Who Let the Stuffies Out?" Fatima Mataraci Amy O'brien September 14, 2016
77 14 "Dolly the Talking Stuffie" William Ebert September 21, 2016
78 15 "Stuffscouts" Dipper Calvin MacKenzie September 28, 2016
79 16 "New Stuff City, We Have a Problem...Again" Anthony Gilligan Lamar Robinson October 5, 2016
80 17 "Stuffy From Another Planet" Wendy Conroy Ronald Munoz October 12, 2016
"Easter Stuffy" Poppy Livingston Thurop Van Orman October 19, 2016
"New Stuff City Cotton Massacre" Dipper Diane Reed October 26, 2016
"Pomp and Stuffcumstances" Dipper November 2, 2016

Television film (2017)

Title Original airdate Prod. code
"Teddy: The Movie"
November 17, 2017

Season 5 (2018-19)

Main article: The Adventures of Teddy and Friends (season 5)
Due to the high sales of the Teddymovie: Teddy vs. Aliens DVDs, a fifth season was announced out of the blue on May 12, 2018. It consisted of 30 episodes, and began airing on June 1, 2018, right after the premiere of the Robot Buddies television film, Robot Buddies Reprogrammed, all the way until its season finale on March 29, 2019. The first five episodes consist of the Sweetheart Saga miniseries in which Teddy and his children are abandoned by Kitty due to her seeing another person. He meets Stuffa in a park, and they admit their love for each other before dating. He eventually marries her and they begin living together.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
87 1 "Kitty's Out of My Life"
Sweetheart Saga, Part One
Marjory Katz Dipper June 1, 2018
88 2 "When Teddy Met Stuffa"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Two
Ronald Munoz Annamarise Scarborough June 8, 2018
89 3 "Stuffy Date"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Three
Poppy Livingston Lamar Robinson June 15, 2018
90 4 "Here Comes the Stuffy Bride...Or There, Or Somewhere Else"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Four
Calvin MacKenzie Diane Reed June 22, 2018
91 5 "The Haunting In New Stuff City"
Sweetheart Saga, Part Five
Sherm Cohen Patricia Tambor June 29, 2018
92 6 "Back to the Stuffture" Annie Oh Miriam Northrop July 6, 2018
93 7 "Mission Instuffible" Fenton Cole Thurop van Orman July 13, 2018
"Holy Crud, The Aliens are Back!" William Ebert and Patrice Harrison Tamara Morgan and Calvin MacKenzie July 20, 2018
96 10 "Oprah Teddy" Wendy Conroy Diane Reed July 27, 2018
97 11 "Stuffhood" Ronald Munoz Lamar Robinson August 3, 2018
98 12 "Citizen Stuff" Kamden Middleton Grekk August 10, 2018
99 13 "The Ted-inator" Amy O'brien Fatima Mataraci August 17, 2018
100 14 "Doctor Stuff?" Anthony Gilligan William Ebert August 24, 2018
101 15 "Are You There, Mom? It's Me, Teddy" Marjory Katz Donald Fairbanks August 31, 2018
102 16 "Like Father, Like Son" (Part 1) Joe Ansolabehere Annamarise Scarborough October 5, 2018
103 17 "Like Mother, Like Daughter" (Part 2) Ingrid Gibbons Lester Gomez October 5, 2018
104 18 "Stuffmento" Aracely Tepes William Ebert October 12, 2018
105 19 "Bonnie and Teddy" Poppy Livingston Wendy Conroy October 19, 2018
106 20 "John of the Dead" Van Allen Amy O'brien October 26, 2018
107 21 "An Alien's Bribe" (Part 1) TBA TBA January 4, 2019
108 22 "An Alien's Deal" (Part 2) TBA TBA January 4, 2019
109 23 "The Stuffy Party of the Stuffy Century!!!" Ronald Munoz Lamar Robinson January 11, 2019
110 24 "Stuff-Tea Party With the Mad Stuffer" Kamden Middleton Thurop van Orman January 18, 2019
111 25 "Stuffpocalypse Now" Wendy Conroy Annamarise Scarborough January 25, 2019
112 26 "The Lords of Stuffbush" Calvin MacKenzie Diane Reed March 1, 2019
113 27 "Rebel Without a Stuff" Joe Ansolabehere Donald Fairbanks March 8, 2019
114 28 "The Tedfather" Annie Oh William Ebert March 15, 2019
115 29 "Stuffshank Redemption" Aracely Tepes Fatima Mataraci March 22, 2019
116 30 "Tuffa" Poppy Livingston Anthony Gilligan March 29, 2019

Season 6 (2019-20)

A sixth season comprised of 30 episodes was announced on June 19, 2018, succeeding news of the impressive ratings of the season 5 premiere "Kitty's Out Of My Life". It premiered on May 24, 2019, with a 4-part miniseries entitled "Bibi and Teddy's Extraterrestrial Adventure". The season went into an indefinite hiatus after the broadcast of the episode "This is Spindoll Trap" on January 31, 2020, as a result of the ongoing global coronavirus epidemic, but might resume later in the summer.

No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
117 1 "Galactiator"
Bibi and Teddy's Extraterrestrial Adventure, Part One
Sherm Cohen Patricia Tambor May 24, 2019
Resuming where the season 5 finale "Tuffa" left off, Teddy and Bibi are approached by the one-time Alien King Father and Alien Queen Mother in the aliens' spaceship. The two try to simmer down the situation, but the previous extraterrestrial rulers do not oblige to their peacemaking and tranquilize them with an unknown substance that knocks them unconscious. The two finally rise from their temporary coma to be greeted in an extraterrestrial gladiatorial arena, where they are pitted against numerous other captives of the representative alien planets. The loser is beaten to a pulp and left for dead, while the winner rises through the ranks among others of their magnitude until they're the ultimate winner. Teddy and Bibi cannot object and unwillingly partake in the battles, although they spare their more weaker opponents (as they're much younger than our brotherly duo) with only slight injuries that still disqualify them. Triumphantly declared the contenders for the highest-ranked gladiators, the two realize they must kill their opponents in order to win. Before they off them, (mostly) Teddy and Bibi apologize profusely, consoling them with the fact that "everyone dies at one point-we'll just die later than you," before ending their lives. Bibi ends up severing his hand, but is otherwise uninjured, while Teddy has his right ear torn off. The two are crowned champions and returned to the erstwhile royals, who punish them for rescuing Tuffa by injecting them with the anesthetic substance as previously done and dumping them in a foreign, futuristic extraterrestrial planet.
Title reference: Gladiator
118 2 "Ted Runner"
Bibi and Teddy's Extraterrestrial Adventure, Part Two
Patrice Harrison Amy O'brien May 24, 2019
Teddy and Bibi regain consciousness following their abandonment on exotic, celestial territory and are apprehended by the local police department, who task them with arresting other fugitive alien beings from their planet who have escaped to other nearby planets as barter for their freedom. Meanwhile, the AKF and the AQM aim to capture Tuffa under the guise of SPS (Stufflies Protective Services) workers who falsely slander Stuffa for being engaged to a "deadbeat, absent father" who has not "properly taken care of his children", instead opting to "have wild escapades with his brother [Bibi]" while his wife "relegates herself to a doo-wop 1950s housemaker stereotype". Stuffa is offended and negates everything, but it's fruitless as Teddy is not by her side to make her case look better. With their force, the two royal-bloods unlawfully "take custody" of their children, when in actuality they're kidnapping them. The AQM banters that although she only had eyes for Tuffa, the other children will suit her just fine, and the AKF responds with malicious contentment towards the Teddies, saying that his "little princes" will make good rulers one day.
Title reference: Blade Runner
119 3 "Children of Alien"
Bibi and Teddy's Extraterrestrial Adventure, Part Three
Wendy Conroy Grekk May 31, 2019
The Alien Princess Daughter and the Alien Prince Son turn over a new leaf and dispose of their malevolent plans after they become informed of their parents' own evil schemes, devising a way to extract the kids from their grasps and return them safely to their rightful guardians. Their parents, on the other hand, take refuge in a planet along with the that can no longer see the women there bear children due to an inherited trait that enables them with infertility, but are found by their biological children through the tracing of their spaceship and demand for the retrieval of Teddy's children. The two formal head royals refuse and give out a lengthy monologue about the APD and the APS' "disappointing nature" and how they no longer view them as their kin, resulting in Teddy's children's rapt to coax them into leading the throne. Appalled by their parents' insane ideations, the two brothers denounce their parents' actions and disown them, before shooting at them with arms and taking the children with them. Back to Teddy and Bibi, they arrest their last vagabond and are relieved by their sojourn's police officers and encounter the ADP and APS with Teddy's youngins. They're reunited with Teddy to his delight and is gracious towards the ADP and APS. An injured AKF and the AQM are observed with minor injuries but manage to contact their planet's newly-established military force and call for them to prepare to fight a war.
Title reference: Children of Men
120 4 "Clash of the Aliens"
Bibi and Teddy's Extraterrestrial Adventure, Part Four
Ingrid Gibbons Lamar Robinson May 31, 2019
The Alien military force imposes war upon Stuffearth, and with this realization, Teddy, Stuffa, his kids, and his closest friends, heed their next moves and devise a way to retard their ultimate word takeover plan, but Teddy's role as the de facto head of the group is shattered when Stuffa's mistakenly taken by the aliens, so the rest of the gang tries to assimilate without him. Meanwhile, the predecessors to the Alien throne are enraged after finding out that they've enslaved the wrong stuffy, choosing to plot her torture instead before being knocked out by Stuffa, who mimics AQM's voice and asks for the military force to arrive at the spaceship. There, they run into the hierarchy's slumped-over bodies and are confronted by Stuffa revealing herself to have stopped their evil ploys and announced it to the entirety of Gaxillion, who are nonplussed that a stuffy was able to conquer over their own kind but plead for her to become their first stuffy queen, which she rejects due to their "history of stuffy discrimination and hatred". In her place, the ADP reluctantly takes place as the temporary queen, while her brother scrams to accomplish his dreams of being a Stuffologist but stays in touch with his sister for when she steps down from her limited-time position. Stuffa, after coercing a few impressionable aliens, makes it back to New Stuff City with her hubby and her children, bring back joy to Teddy. Lastly, the AKF and the AQM are hospitalized in stable condition, spotted pledging ultimatum towards Stuffearth until told to "be quiet or die" by their doctor.
Title reference: Clash of the Titans
121 5 "To Kill a Stocking Bird" Marjory Katz Miriam Northrop June 28, 2019
Another flashback episode centering on Teddy's childhood that deals with him coping the death of a Stocking Bird that was accidentally and fatally wounded by him, with the emotional support of his uncle, Fraser, during a period of racial injustice and civil unrest in his home planet. His uncle also educates him on other stuffy races, indulging in aliens and pillow stuffies, and how they're all likewise, regardless of any differences between them. One day, walking home from school, Teddy witnesses an alien being ganged up by a cabal of stuffies, and he protects him at the risk of being brutally beaten by the stuffies. He finishes his walk and relates the anecdote to his uncle, who extols him for this and invites him to watch a Stocking Bird warble in his porch. In the present day, Teddy tears himself to sleep over his forced rivalry with the aliens, coveting instead for a truce between the stuffies and the aliens.
Title reference: To Kill a Mockingbird
122 6 "John Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Aracely Tepes Calvin MacKenzie August 16, 2019
John Crazy is in legal trouble after one of his maniacal concoctions cause near-fatal injuries for one of the Teddies playing nearby, who luckily only suffers from some benign injuries Teddy, however, argues in court on behalf of John, arguing that this has not been the first instance in which one of his children was playing in the same room as John and that the latter meticulously and considerately recreates his experiments whenever the children are within a short distance from him. This serves to be inefficacious, as John's found to be mentally unhinged, after which he is institutionalized at what is implied to be a mental asylum. During his short stint at the asylum, he befriends many of the other asylees there, finding out that all of them have been wrongly labeled as insane and sanctioned. They then revolt against this and are immediately restrained by the security guards, but Crazy anguishes over one of the hurt inmates and rushes to treat him, which the guards are impassioned by. After a mental evaluation, they are found to be mentally stable and allowed to live out normal lives. Later, John announces that he has been accepted to medical school so he can become a doctor, much to the gang's enthusiasm.
Title reference: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
123 7 "Driver's Ted" Van Allen Donald Fairbanks August 23, 2019
Teddy receives driving lesson so he can finally be granted his driver's license when the oldest of Teddy's children, Terry (from the Teddies), himself acquires one from driving school. Unfortunately, Teddy fails catastrophically on his first two tests, so he peruses around for help until he finally calls for his uncle Fraser (who made his first appearance in the episode "To Kill a Stocking Bird", and is shown to still be alive and kicking), who was a race-car driver in the prime of his life. In the span of a few days, Fraser lands on Stuffearth and starts Teddy's driving lessons, during which they bond over their current lives and forced to grow up quickly ("play grown-up as children"), even after Teddy crashes Fraser's car and they must obtain another one. Eventually, Teddy's driving shines, resulting in finally earning his driving permit. He and his family, alongside Fraser, drive out into the country to commemorate the accomplishment, but on the ride Fraser spots an excruciatingly familiar spaceship (confirming the retired alien royals' return) and visibly tenses up as the episode ends.
Title reference: Driver's ed
124 8 "Killing Me Stuffly with His Song" Annie Oh Maurine Proudfoot August 30, 2019
Teddy endows Stuffa a record player with an album in vinyl of her favorite singer Sewna for their "half-year" wedding anniversary, and Stuffa originally falls in love with it, listening to the entire album in one sitting. She comes down with the flu following the first time hearing the album in its entirety, so she replays the album to pass time while bed-ridden. Yet again, after listening to the album, she becomes paralyzed as a result of Guillain-Barré syndrome, but still doesn't match the illnesses to her exposure to the album until she plays it for the third time and suffers a brain injury. Afterwards, Teddy corroborates the link between the album and the pattern of Stuffa's illnesses and impairments, and reverses all of her shortcomings by simply rewinding the record three times for each of Stuffa's sicknesses or disabilities. She reverts back to normal, after which Teddy makes it up to her by replacing the record and album with two tickets for an upcoming Sewna concert.
Title reference: "Killing Me Softly with His Song"
125 9 "Five Nights at Teddy's" Joe Ansolabehere Tamara Morgan October 25, 2019
To earn extra money, Teddy gets interviewed, and employed, for a part-time job as a security guard at a Halloween-themed family entertainment center called "Teddy Fuzzbear's Pizzeria" which has animatronic monster performers as their main gimmick. All appears completely ordinary at first sight, but soon Teddy senses that the animatronics (observed closely through security cameras) can roam around on their own and have gained sentience. even interfering with the security cameras. He starts putting things together than they might be leading him to something, and he just has to pursue them it figure it out. After tracing their path, the cameras malfunction and turn obsolete, rendering them worthless. Teddy follows the animatronics into an old, decrepit storage room where the animatronics were originally kept before it was abandoned. The animatronics open upon to reveal their exoskeletons, which look to be the stuffed remains of stuffie corpses. Upon this horrible implication, Teddy screams his lungs out, after which it's revealed it was his avatar on a horror computer game called Five Nights at Teddy's.
Title reference: Five Nights at Freddy's
First Halloween episode of the season.
126 10 "Lord of the Stufflies" Poppy Livingston Annamarise Scarborough October 25, 2019
When Teddy's children are the sole surviving passengers of an airplane headed towards the island nation Drierland (parody of Ireland), for a Halloween school excursion, they find themselves stranded on an unrecognizable island (which is not Drierland) which they must learn to adapt to. They quickly discover that they're not alone, as they encounter another junta of kids who claim to have been astray longer than the Teddy siblings have and thus have a proficient knowledge of acquiring resources and enduring the elements. The brothers thereby integrate to the other group of kids and the oldest of them, Terry, is even elected as the "chief" that oversees the group and maps the sites with the most abundant resources. Shortly thereafter, however, the siblings realize too little too late, that the other misplaced children might have a few screws loose (with delusions of a beast stalking them on the island just one of the indicators of their derangement), and are potentially planning to cannibalize them.
Title reference: Lord of the Flies
Second Halloween episode of the season.
127 11 "Teddy's Revenge" Anthony Gilligan Diane Reed October 25, 2019
While making a late-night trip to the grocery store, Teddy blindly enters an apartment he believes to be his, only to discover that it has an alternate appearance before getting knocked unconscious. When he arises, he finds himself face-to-face with serial killer Teddy Krueger on a television screen, whose apartment he'd previously broken into by accident in the season 2 episode "Hey, Teddy Krueger!" He reveals that he got an early release from prison for good behavior but declares that he " doesn't act very nicely when others break into [his] apartment one time - let alone two times," and has televised himself from his basement to conceal himself and to better his chances of claiming innocence should he get arrested again. After his arousing speech, he inflicts several torture methods from torture devices embedded within the room he's imprisoned Teddy in, while the latter has to figure out how to circumvent these devices and enure his escape.
Title reference: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
Third Halloween episode of the season.
128 12 "Psycloth" Ronald Munoz Fatima Mataraci October 25, 2019
During a road expedition for a business meeting, Stuffa makes a pit-stop at a motel and subsequently encounters its proprietor, Norman Threads (Jason Ritter), who invites her over for dinner at his office. He opens up about his domineering, mentally unstable mother who forbids him from fully living his life, and resides in a decrepit mansion perched above the motel. Moved by his story, and feeling sorry for him, Stuffa decides to stay a while and aid Norman in institutionalizing his mother so he can liberate himself from her. She starts regularly receiving hostile notes from Norman's "mother" threatening to kill her for "polluting his mind" with "perilous individualistic ideologies" which have led him to "basically signing [her] death warrant" by transferring her permanently over to a mental asylum. They eventually engulf Stuffa emotionally to the point where she connives to have a stern talking to with Norman's mother. What she doesn't know is that Norman's "mother" is actually his alter ego, based on his mother which he really murdered a decade ago, and that the threatening letters were just a ploy to lure her into the house where Norman plots to kill her.
Title reference: Psycho
Fourth Halloween episode of the season.
129 13 "Stuffy Scares Cinema" Kamden Middleton Thurop van Orman October 25, 2019
Teddy and friends star in three parodies of horror films from the modern era. The first one is Thread Out, where Bibi unveils a horrifying, speciest secret involving his girlfriend Matilda's family, while the second one is Fureditary, in which Teddy's family is terrorized by a nefarious, demonic being after the death of Teddy's oddball great-aunt. Last, but certainly not the least scariest, is Midsewmmar, where Teddy's now-adult stuffy children attend a festival with their respective partners that only occurs once every 900 years merely to find themselves embroiled in the activities of an ancient cult.
Title reference:
Movie One: Get Out
Movie Two: Hereditary
Movie Three: Midsommar
Fifth and last Halloween episode of the season.
130 14 "Dry Hard" Marjory Katz Calvin MacKenzie January 10, 2020
Generally faced with misfortune every time he seeks employment, Teddy finally lands a job as deputy legal for the New Stuffy City sheriff's office following rigorous training. To celebrate the good news, his family and friends organize a party that extends its guest list to neighbors who wish to partake in the festivity. Taking full advantage of this, a group of terrorists, wanting to retaliate for their past failed terrorist attacks on New Stuff City, hold all the partygoers hostage and abduct Stuffa and Teddy's children, making sure to latch the door so police officers cannot barge in. Teddy, having been the only one unscathed after leaving to go the bathroom, accepts that he alone must resolve this matter using the skills he's learned at the training academy.
Title reference: Die Hard
131 15 "1991: A Space Paw-Dyssey" Dipper Bubba Guiana January 17, 2020
A flashback episode focused on Teddy's parents during their 1991 internship as astronauts at a space agency in the planet OrionallysX2001, a little over after Teddy was born. Although mostly content with their diligence, seeing as though they might actually get promoted to career astronauts embarking on legitimate aeronautical missions, they long to reunite with their beloved bundle of joy that is their son. But before they can solicit paid leave for this spontaneous family meeting, they are whisked away alongside a motley crew of novice astronauts to investigate esoteric artifacts on a distant planet, where they must resist the desolate isolation of outer space and the stoic incantations of their ship's supercomputer PAL 900.
Title reference: 2001: A Space Odyssey
132 16 "The Sweet Tearafter" Fenton Cole Lamar Robinson January 24, 2020
Teddy and Stuffa debate how to converse with their children on the gritty subject matter of the death after one of their school buses careens onto a pedestrian sidewalk, instantly killing a couple of their school friends. As Teddy would much rather have a direct and earnest approach to the topic at hand, his wife would rather underrate the matter and dumb it down as much as she humanly (or stuffanly, heh) can. At the same time, Teddy is confronted by an insidious lawyer (Steve Blum), who admonishes that he must file a lawsuit against the bus driver who drove that fateful bus for involuntary manslaughter. The children themselves brainstorm ideas on how to immortalize the memory of their fallen furry friends, with one of them, Kesha, overhearing Teddy's argument with the lawyer and relates how the bus driver was not culpable in the fatal accident, as she had attempted to swerve from a jaywalker. She describes the jaywalker in fastidious detail at the beseech of the two adults, leading Keesha to become a prime witness in a trial that successfully fines the jaywalker $1,000, the highest a jaywalker can be fined, since he unintentionally provoked the deaths of those innocent students.
Title reference: The Sweet Hereafter
133 17 "This is Spindoll Trap" William Ebert Maurine Proudfoot January 31, 2020
An episode filmed in the style of a mockumentary revolving around a rock band formed by Teddy's oldest son, Terry, consisting of his friends from school and Theodore, at the behest of Teddy to include his younger brother. They settle on the name Spindoll Trap, titled after a particularly alluring actress who stars in nearly all of their favorite action flicks that they all wish to "trap", or become engaged to (excluding Theodore, who believes all girls are repulsive). Spindoll Trap aim to achieve viral success by posting all their "live shows" and "concerts" (purely attended by their supportive relatives) on the Internet, where they garner only a couple views, and attempt to book performances at numerous local events and parks, where they get rejected due to their amateurish production set. The other kids at school also tease them for their lack of musical talent and inability to reserve performances at public outlets. Following his fellow band members/friends' deaths in the fatal bus crash from the previous episode "The Sweet Tearafter," Terry becomes colossally sluggish and unwilling to pursue his musical career moreover, so he disbands the group and bereaves for his deceased confidantes. Teddy gradually motivates him to write and perform a tribute song to his contemporary band members/friends. When a state park ultimately permits Terry and Theodore to perform this song live, they give a heart-wrenching rendition that movies the audience and finally gains Spindoll Trap (the remaining members of it, to be exact) the fame that Terry had craved for. Despite this, he chooses not to revive the band out of respect for his dead friends.
Title reference: This is Spinal Tap
134 18 "Fraser's Game" TBA TBA September 25, 2020
135 19 "Stuffs Jam" TBA TBA September 25, 2020
136 20 "Dr. Strangeglove" TBA TBA October 2, 2020
137 21 "E.F. The Extra-Furrestrial" TBA TBA October 9, 2020
138 22 "Gartoyles" TBA TBA October 16, 2020
139 23 "My Beautiful Pawndrite" TBA TBA October 23, 2020
140 24 "TBA" TBA TBA October 30, 2020
141 25 "TBA" TBA TBA November 6, 2020
142 26 "TBA" TBA TBA November 13, 2020
143 27 "TBA" TBA TBA November 20, 2020
144 28 "TBA" TBA TBA November 27, 2020
"All Is Fur In Love and War" TBA TBA December 4, 2020

Future episodes

Production code Title Reference
"Alien-Nation" (2-hour Series Finale) [3]


The series has had three spin-offs which also aired on The CC (Cartoon Comedy), one of which was canceled after it was nearly hit with a lawsuit.


Freshmen is a spin-off of The Adventures of Teddy and Friends, though it is more telenovela-like in plot elements. It only lasted throughout the week of June 16 - 23, 2014, for a total of 8 episodes, and was canceled afterward. If not, the series could have finished airing the remaining 18 episodes of the first season and could have aired 5 additional seasons as well.

Stuffy Quests

A spin-off show titled Stuffy Quests started airing on September 11 (formerly the 18th) on The CC (Cartoon Comedy). It finished completion of its first season on February 19, 2018. It was renewed for a second season that began airing on May 28, 2018 and concluded on January 21, 2018. A third and fourth were announced coincidentally, with the third season premiering on May 27, 2019.

Canceled spin-off

The Bart Simpson Show was supposed to be another spin-off of Teddy and Friends airing on December 4, 2017, but was canceled after Matt Groening and Fox threatened legal action against The CC (Cartoon Comedy).


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