This is a list containing the episodes from the TV cartoon, Super Bearded Friends.

List of Episodes

Episode No. Episode Name Director(s) Air Date
1 Saving the Baby Shark / Pirate Prodigy Bob Hathcock May 1, 2020
The pirates make it their mission to discover a baby shark who is anchored underwater; Captain Blackbeard tries to name his new startup company called Beard Enterprises.
2 Greenie Genie / The Un-Flinchable Kitty Daniels / Ken Tamaki May 8, 2020
Captain Blackbeard and the team track down a genie who was released from a lamp; A legendary sea dragon rises from the high seas.
3 Yo, Majesty / A Parasite In My Pocket Bob Hathcock / Kitty Daniels May 15, 2020
Captain Blackbeard and the gang become rock stars; A parasite gets stuck inside Bluebeard's pocket.
4 Black Ice Magic / Breasted Buddies Bob Hathcock May 22, 2020
The pirates travel through the arctic ocean to see about the polluted ice; A flock of red-breasted geese join forces within Captain Blackbeard and the gang.
5 Island of the Great Fish / On the Graham Ken Tamaki May 29, 2020
The pirates discover a mystic island where a legendary fish was born; A thief holds the key to steal the missing magical graham crackers.
6 Get Up, Stand Up / Magic Marshmallows Kitty Daniels / Ken Tamaki June 5, 2020
The pirates enter Brownbeard in a boxing competition against his former rival; Burgundybeard reads a tale about the Marshmallow Recipe.
7 Loomed Out / Kenneth the Menace Bob Hathcock, Kitty Daniels / Jonathan Grimes June 12, 2020
The pirates find themselves in a gloomy parallel world; the pirates encounter a young stranger.
8 Swashbuckle and Turnbuckle / Flipper's Super Flip Bob Hathcock / Ken Tamaki June 19, 2020
Bluebeard stands with Blackbeard as they confront the two undefeated champions in a wrestling match; Brownbeard befriends a young dolphin.
9 The June Buggy / Subterranean Complex Jonathan Grimes / Bob Hathcock June 26, 2020
Brownbeard gains a mobility vehicle and decides to take it for a spin; the pirates dive deeper inside a cave.
10 The 4th of July Parade / I Was a Teenage Blackbeard Kitty Daniels / Bob Hathcock July 3, 2020
A former villain threatens to cancel the fourth of July fun; A potion turns Blackbeard into a living teenager.
11 Astro-World! / The Idol Jonathan Grimes / Bob Hathcock July 10, 2020
Captain Blackbeard and the others are transformed into Space Pirates after having a run in with an astro belt; the pirates find a golden idol that could change the entire past.
12 Piranhas! / Heroin Heroines Kitty Daniels July 17, 2020
A swarm of angry piranhas threaten the pirates; the pirates battle their female counterparts.
13 The Christmas in July Special Bob Hathcock July 24, 2020
When celebrating Christmas in July, the pirates find themselves locked inside a mall with no way to escape.
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