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These were the series that were Greenlit by Falidon and Falidon Jr., but never came out.

Royale and Stray: The Series

There was originally going to be a series based off the The Royale and Stray Franchise about Smokey, Cecilia, Rascal, Anais, and Quimby as Teenagers, and was going to come out in 2018, but when They began production for Crossovia Safari, they rejected it.

The only things that left trace are A Picture of The Teenage Pups with a New Wolf named Dinancy, and some storyboard footage.

Welcome to The Wally

After P.A.C.P. Agent Laney wrapped production, The creator, TBA decided to make a third show for the company since He did Omblar. This time, for Falidon’s regular schedule instead of The Preschool Block.

The show would be about three kids named Angus, Olimar, and Selena discovering a new hotel called The Wally that has hidden secrets. The show got cancelled before it came out due to The Creator focusing on Other Projects for Other Networks.

Bark and Kat

In 2014, Falidon made a short film called Bark and Kat, which was about A Dog getting used to having a cat at home. The show would of been a Falidon Jr. Show, but couldn’t find room on the schedule since they were getting ready for Power Ponies.