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The Pope (fem. Popess) of the Synkratic Church is the highest religious office of the Synkratic denomination of Septifidelity. Below are the Popes of Synkratic faith, from the first, from the official founding of the church, predating the schisms, to the incumbent.

Popes are elected from among prominent members of the clergy, with few prerequisites aside for a few things that are outlawed by the church. Early popes were humans of the Zedyl ethnic group. As the government of the church moved southwest toward what is now Feficlivus, the race and ethnic group of the sitting pope became widely varied. Most recent popes are either Incolae, Dell'isolano or Gallique, but they can come from any corner of Qirsyllviar. The whole of the papacy has been dominated by humans throughout the history of the church, but a few non-humans have managed to ascend to the papacy.

Popes also at one time or another held additional titles they were referred to; Bishop of Kitezh, Bishop of Heiligenstadt & Pontiff of Feficlivus among them.

List of Popes

Names Race Ethnicity Home Country Lifetime Pontificate
Papal Personal

Early Popes

These popes predate the use of "Synkratic" Church.
Goran Human Zedyl Zedylrian Empire 351 – 269ACZ 82yrs 329 – 269ACZ 60yrs
Pope Goran, also known as Saint Goran, was the first pope of the church, elected upon the doctrinization and codification of Septifidelity in Kitezh.

Septifidelity in general had been worshiped in one form or another by various sects for at least two hundred years prior; but Pope Goran, a disciple of Saint Radek, one of the leading figures of the more prominent sects of Septidifelity prior to the official establishment of the church, led the first truly organized body of the religion in what became known as the Council of Kitezh, where the first organized doctrines of the religion became the basis for Septifidelic practices from then on.

Lev Human 269 – […]ACZ
Pope Lev was a disciple of Pope Goran. Not only was he the second pope of the church but he was the last of "first generation" to be elected to the papacy. Early in his pontificate, a series of powerful earthquakes struck and triggered the eruption of several volcanoes in the vicinity of Kitezh while he and several high-ranking clergymen were away. When it was over, thousands of lives were lost and the city of Kitezh was buried in an avalanche of ice, rock and snow.

The catastrophe, referred to in history as the Kitezh Cataclysm, resulted in the loss of many scriptures and artifacts and forced the clergy to relocate. Kitezh would not be rediscovered until almost two thousand years later.

Gojko I Svetozar Human Zedyl Zedylrian Empire […] – […]ACZ
The first "next generation" pope following the Kitezh Cataclysm, of which he was a survivor.

Pope Gojko established the practice of papal names, both to differentiate themselves or pay homage to saints or bishops they admired; he chose the name Gojko in homage to Saint Gojko, one of Pope Goran's most loyal disciples. Before his election he worked to help his fellow survivors come to terms with the disaster.

Gojko III Zvezdan Human Zedyl Zedylrian Empire 13ACZ – 10PCZ 23yrs
Sitting pope at the collapse of the Zedylrian Empire

Post-Zedylric Empire

Vlad I Dragoslav Human Zedyl Kingdom of Solram 10 – 52PCZ 42yrs
First pope following the collapse of the Zedylrian Empire.

Atlantian Period

Odysseas I Leotychides Human Atlantoi 1091 – 1122PCZ 31yrs
The first Atlantoi to be elected pope, beginning the "Atlantian Period" of Septifidelity, a period dominated by Atlantoi popes and the city of Atlantis was the center of Septifidelity. It was during Pope Odysseas's pontificate, as the first of the core tenets of modern Synkratism were codified and became doctrine, that the first known usage of the term "Synkratic" came into use.
Charon I Aristagoras Human Atlantoi 1122 – 1132PCZ 10yrs
Charon II Hippoklides Human Atlantoi 1132 – 1155PCZ 23yrs
Charon III Aristocles Human Atlantoi 1155 – 1160PCZ 5yrs
Odysseas II Methodios Human Atlantoi 1160 – 1189PCZ 29yrs
Cepheus Palaemon Human Atlantoi 1189 – 1211 22yrs

Incolization Period

Gaius I Caius Iccia Nero Human Incolo What is now the Solarii Empire 1482 – 1519PCZ 37yrs
The first pope to govern the church from what is now Feficlivus.
Adam III Kaja Holomek Human Volnýařka Zelen 1954 – 2024PCZ 1979 – 1990PCZ
Pope Adam III was born in the Principality of Zelen, a rump state of the former Napájení empire and predecessor state of modern Volnýstvo. His conversion to what became the Northern Vozrod Church set off a chain of events – beginning with his excommunication – that resulted in the Synkratic-Vozrod Schism.

Post-Synkratic-Vozrod Schism

Gaius IV Lucius Septimus Rufus Human Incolo What is now the Solarii Empire 1958 – […]PCZ 1990 – […]PCZ
Immediate successor of Pope Adam III following his excommunication for converting to Vozrodism. Gaius IV was at first an antipope in opposition to Pope Adam. In 1994PCZ, Gaius issued the papal bull excommunicating Supreme Patriarch of Kitezh, Obren, whom in turn excommunicated Gaius, bringing about the Synkratic-Vozrod Schism.

The break between the churches immediately led to war, as Pope Gaius initiated the Northern Crusade, calling upon the devoted Synkratic nations to restore Synkratic power to the north.

Human […] – […]PCZ
Arnhild II Gretchen von Palitzsch Human Starkchen Starkland 2483 – 2565PCZ 82yrs 2525 – 2565PCZ 40yrs
Popess Arnhild, the seventeenth woman elected pope in the church's history, was the incumbent governor of the Synkratic Church at the time of the execution of Shahirazadi (شىحيراظاضئ), the founder of Al-Haqiqa, in 2532PCZ.

Post-Offenheitist Reformation

Clovis II Ivo Renaudin de la Tisseur Human Gallique Gallia 3679 – 3758PCZ 79yrs 3709 – 3758PCZ 49yrs
The incumbent pope when the Reformation kicked off in 3719PCZ, when then-nineteen-year-old Roderick von Nachtigall (3700 – 3771PCZ) nailed his 200 Theses to the door of his local church.
Yvonne III Dominique Arceneaux Human Gallique Gallia 4450 – 4518PCZ 68yrs 4473 – 4518PCZ 45yrs
The twentieth and last woman elected pope in the church's history. Elected Popess at the age of 23.
Claudio IX Luigi Figliomeni Human Dell'isolano Feficlivus 4488PCZstill living n/a 4518PCZ – incum n/a
Incumbent Pope of the Synkratic Chruch.

List of Antipopes

Below are a list of Antipopes of Synkratism, popes who attempted to assume the papacy in opposition to a lawful pope.

Names Race Ethnicity Home Country Lifetime Assumed Pontificate Opposing Pope
Papal Personal
Norman III Norman von Pfaltz Human Starkchen Starkland 4441 – 4495PCZ 54yrs 4473 – 4495PCZ 22yrs Yvonne III
A strong opponent to Popess Yvonne III, he was proclaimed pope by his followers following the latter's election on the basis of Yvonne being a woman.

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