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|December 3, 2010
|December 3, 2010
| colspan="3" |An unlikely bully makes Irwin the best target; Spike teaches everyone the art of ninjutsu.
| colspan="3" |An unlikely bully makes Irwin his victim; Spike teaches everyone the art of ninjutsu.

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This is a list containing all of the episodes from Pogoville. The first season runs for a total of 13 episodes, while many other seasons run for a total of 20 episodes.

List of episodes

Season 1

Episode No. Episode Title Air Date
1 The Pilot's Pilot September 4, 2009
Irwin and his friends play a new computer game called Ace Pilots 2: The Rescue, a sequel to the original Ace Pilots video game that they play. As soon as they get excited over it, they get transported inside a virtual world of that game.
2 Plague of Grumps / A Tooth's Best Friend September 11, 2009
Irwin discovers a mysterious drawing on a building, but soon it transports him to a dimension where no one will notice him; an exchange student befriends Irwin and decides to get along with him.
3 Cave-In Cavern / Trouble With Goo September 18, 2009
Irwin and the group are trapped in a cave-in when an avalanche hits Mt. Pogo; an ancient goo has a grudge on the citizens of Pogoville.
4 Sugar Shock / Saturday Blues September 25, 2009
Chaos erupts when Irwin invents a cookie recipe that electrocutes everyone in Pogoville, making everyone turn the tide against him; Irwin spends Saturday detention when he has caused a mishap during science class.
5 Crimson Conditions / Bouldermelon October 2, 2009
A heat wave threatens Pogoville; Tex Carter is ambushed by a mob of tigers until Irwin and the group come to the rescue to find the golden treasure.
6 Irwin's Alligator / Raid Raiders October 9, 2009
Irwin discovers a baby alligator who is separated from its mother, but the reptile goes on an emotional rampage when it eats too much food; when a squadron invades peoples' houses, Willy demands the truth that the raid raiders are real.
7 A Cactus' Life / Blackjack Boy October 16, 2009
When Spike saves a cat from a tree, people believed him that he is a hero; Irwin's friends go missing at the mall when an unwanted villain that resembled him double-crossed him.
8 Danger Zone / To the Tower October 23, 2009
A supply of toxic waste threatens Pogoville; Irwin and the group go on a ghost hunt inside the Tower of Mystery.
9 Island of Horror / Slurrmy... the Terrible October 30, 2009
Irwin and the others discover a living ghost ship; a slimy creature falls in love with Oro.
10 The Metal Cup / Candy Chaos November 6, 2009
Irwin and the gang compete in a robotic soccer tournament; Irwin gets shocked when radioactive candy gives everyone in Pogoville superpowers.
11 Fatal Eruption / The Oldest Trump Card November 13, 2009
A veggie-like creature goes berserk around Pogoville, making clones of itself; Irwin and the others play a card game.
12 Look Who's Gobblin' / The Saturation Pod November 20, 2009
A mob of wild turkeys cause havoc when they visit Pogoville during Thanksgiving; Oro discovers a buried time capsule.
13 Journey to Advent Glacier November 27, 2009
Irwin and the others are transported to Advent Glacier where pirates started attacking.

Season 2

Episode No. Episode Title Air Date
1 Bouldermelon II / Flea Gone January 8, 2010
Irwin and the others survive against various obstacles in a dangerous cavern; Fleas cause havoc around Pogoville.
2 Love Stricken / Crescent Moon Fever February 12, 2010
Irwin creates a formula that makes girls fall in love with him, but soon it drives him crazy; Irwin and his family gather to celebrate a festival.
3 Cliff Banger / A Lesson in Crust February 19, 2010
Willy must use his intense climbing skills when reaching a high cliff; an earthquake hits Pogoville
4 Berserk-O-Ray / In the Talons of the Mythical Bird February 26, 2010
Gangrel creates a toy gun that makes everyone go berserk; Irwin and Spike discover a legendary bird hieroglyphic.
5 The Crying Cloud / A Spiky Situation March 5, 2010
A thunderstorm threatens Pogoville; Spike discovers an Synergy Flower.
6 The Greatest Prank Ever Played / Inhuman Transmission March 12, 2010
Irwin creates a formula that makes him and the others go illusionary; a fortune teller sends Irwin and the others into the future at the speed of light.
7 Fad Chance / Fad Timing March 19, 2010
Irwin teaches Fad how to play carnival games; Fad learns about self-defense.
8 Irwin's Sick Day / Froggy Went a Sportin' March 26, 2010
Irwin comes down with the flu; Irwin helps Fad play soccer.
9 Easter Egg Island April 2, 2010
Uninvited guests threaten to cancel the easter fun when Irwin becomes the one to blame.
10 The Shadow Seer / Gold Rush April 9, 2010
Oro is brainwashed by the shadow seer; Irwin and Willy enter a gold mine.
11 Simian Symphony / Walk of the Gators April 16, 2010
Irwin helps a group of monkeys gear up for a concert; Alligators start a war against the Crocodiles.
12 Danger Bassoon / Irwin's Regular April 23, 2010
Irwin causes bad luck when playing the bassoon; Irwin creates a snack that turns out to be aggressive.
13 Granite Flash / Airship of Fools April 30, 2010
A radioactive fly possesses Spike; Irwin and Oro worry about an Airship Invasion.
14 Red 'n' Black / Lost and Found May 7, 2010
Irwin improves his hockey team's equipment with the power of wax; Irwin's friends help find his robotic pet when he goes missing.
15 Irwin Gets June Bugged / Royal Flush May 14, 2010
A swarm of June bugs attack Irwin and the group; Irwin decides to make money by gambling.
16 The Flame and the Frost May 21, 2010
Gangrel starts a gladiator show that has a battle between the hottest and coldest contestants.
17 En Vague / The Mushroom Mutiny May 28, 2010
Irwin goes forth to find the rare egg; a mob of mushroom people abduct Irwin's friends.
18 When Bacon Attacks... / Give 'Em The Axe! June 4, 2010
Pig warriors attack the residents of Pogoville; Irwin and his friends start a band for the talent show.
19 Last Bullet / Tooth Overboard June 11, 2010
A notorious villain challenges Willy to a showdown; Irwin and Oro discover a lost ship that is buried underground.
20 Flea Gone And On June 18, 2010
Fleas return to harm Irwin and his friends.

Season 3

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Turbo Ted / Meet the Roosevelts September 24, 2010
The gang competes in a race against a fast race car driver; a family invites Irwin and his friends to a dinner party.
2 Climmie's Visit / Hyperspace Nightmare October 1, 2010
Irwin's girlfriend visits; Irwin, Spike and Willy find themselves in a virtual dream world.
3 Virgin Voyage / Environmental Hunt October 8, 2010
Irwin and the gang set sail to rescue a mermaid trapped behind bars; gang bangers threaten to trash the environment.
4 Ducks on Parade / Oro's Day Out October 15, 2010
Irwin tries to get the ducks back in time for a parade; Oro decides to go on vacation.
5 The Ghost of Pogoville October 22, 2010
A ghost roams around the entire town of Pogoville on Halloween Night.
6 Blast Tyrant / The Arch-Captor October 29, 2010
The gang discovers a dinosaur footprint; a mysterious warrior crash lands in Irwin's backyard.
7 My Fair Climmie / In the Line of Irwin November 5, 2010
Climmie learns about behaving in a ladylike manner; Irwin saves the president from falling into a trap.
8 Mr. & Mrs. Cool / Bouldermelon III: Rising Watermelon November 12, 2010
Irwin and Climmie pose as cool students; a giant watermelon threatens to destroy all of Pogoville.
9 Puck-Mania / Combative Cougar November 19, 2010
Irwin joins the Pucks on a mountain climbing adventure; Irwin claims to have wrestled a possessed cougar.
10 New Tooth in Town / Sensei Spike December 3, 2010
An unlikely bully makes Irwin his victim; Spike teaches everyone the art of ninjutsu.
11 A Very Pogo Christmas December 10, 2010
Irwin and his friends attempt to rescue Santa who has his reindeer kidnapped by Gangrel.
12 Sea Stack'd / Calling all Canines December 17, 2010
A flood traps the gang at school; Irwin enters a dog sled race.
13 A Futuristic New Year December 24, 2010
Irwin wonders what his new year's resolution would be when the countdown to the new year begins.
14 Wildebeest of the Wild / Bear Off January 7, 2011
A mob of wildebeests get loose in the wild; Irwin and his friends go camping.
15 Wilderness Survival / One Tooth's Gold January 14, 2011
Willy shows everyone that it is tough to survive against the wild; Irwin flashes a gold tooth.
16 Balloon Buffoon / The Seeing Eye January 21, 2011
Irwin takes Oro to a balloon festival; Irwin helps a blinded man who cannot see.
17 Gimmick Rules / Reverse Fanboy January 28, 2011
A factory goes berserk until Irwin comes to the rescue; Irwin's mechanical buddy's voice module corrupts.
18 Call of Darkness / Unstable Impostor February 4, 2011
Gangrel creates an evil duplicate out of Irwin; Eggo runs into trouble when an impostor wrecks havoc.
19 Eggo the Ego / Scars of Evil February 11, 2011
Eggo thinks she is an alter-ego of her cousin; Glowing scars possess the denizens of Pogoville.
20 Rare Rainbows / Uncle Simmons February 18, 2011
Irwin and his friends discover a rare crystal cavern; Willy decides to act like a grown-up when his uncle visits.

Season 4

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 The Whale's Tale / Big Bad Buggyriders June 17, 2011
A whale swallows up Irwin and his friends; a mob of Buggyriders harm everyone in Pogoville.
2 Fast Fiends / Who's Your Pappy? June 24, 2011
Irwin competes in a running race against a fast running rabbit; Irwin and his dad enter a Father-Son convention.
3 Breaking the Bank / Best in Show July 1, 2011
Irwin and his friends become trapped in the bank with no way to escape; Irwin and Climmie's pets are entered in a talent show.
4 Gritty Men / Pogo Industries Inc. July 8, 2011
Irwin, Spike and Willy become hard workers; a nuclear plant erupts in Pogoville.
5 Trouble With Triplets / Incredible Shrinking Irwin July 15, 2011
Irwin is hired to baby-sit his aunt's triplets; Irwin and his friends shrink themselves to the size of insects.
6 Nightmare on Drury Lane / Winds of Helium July 22, 2011
A nightmare about the Gingerbread Monster haunts Oro; Irwin and Willy's voice module change when they are infected by the helium.
7 Summer Survival July 29, 2011
Irwin and his friends gear up for Summer Camp.
8 The Sunny Beach Games August 5, 2011
The group competes in the Sunny Beach Games.
9 Tooth Wars August 12, 2011
Irwin and the others go into space to help an army of rovers on Mars.
10 Asian Province / Critical Conditions August 19, 2011
Irwin and Spike crash land in Poppa City, Asia; Gangrel threatens to plunge Pogoville into a new ice age.
11 Possessed Pet / The Island's Curse August 26, 2011
Irwin must help Climmie when her pet goes berserk; Irwin plans to break a curse on the Thousand Island.
12 Stone Temple / Bubble Buster September 2, 2011
Irwin and Tex Carter unveils a mystery in the Stone Temple; a bubble popping gang threaten the citizens of Pogoville.
13 Colonel Cluck's Cuckoo Chaos / Chocoholic September 9, 2011
A fast food restaurant attracts everyone in Pogoville; people become drunk when Irwin mixes alcohol drinks with chocolate.
14 Underground Bound / Spike on Wheels September 16, 2011
Irwin and Willy dig a tunnel underground; Spike enhances himself with wheels.
15 It / Mr. Xyz September 23, 2011
Irwin and his parents investigate a mystery about something rare; a bio-engineered creature visits Irwin.
16 Maestro Mayhem / Brain Battle September 30, 2011
Irwin and Willy compete in a Musical festival; Irwin discovers Spike's high IQ.
17 Meep's Clean Sweep / Insect Infect October 7, 2011
Irwin helps Meep collect crystals; a swarm of cockroaches roam around Irwin's house.
18 Hideous House / Werewolf Willy October 14, 2011
Irwin's house becomes possessed by an evil ghost; Willy turns into a werewolf upon staring at the full moon.
19 Good Quilt Hunting / ToothTube October 21, 2011
Oro's quilt goes missing; Irwin creates his own video website.
20 Lair of the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a October 28, 2011
The gang discovers an aquatic undersea cavern.

Season 5

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Tooth Wars II: Attack of the Minions January 6, 2012
Cloned Minions begin to eliminate Irwin and the gang.
2 All Cracked Up / Lime Drive January 13, 2012
Irwin gains a severe crack on his head; Willy mistakes everyone's gas fuel for lime juice.
3 Baby Boom / Birthday Bash January 20, 2012
Irwin becomes jealous when the new baby comes to his house; Irwin worries about sharing his birthday party with his baby brother.
4 The Legend of Dark Witch / Married to Moses January 27, 2012
A dark witch named Carmine turns out to be a worst nightmare for Oro; Irwin dresses Willy up as Moses so that he can impress a girl.
5 Animal Actions / The Trigger February 3, 2012
Irwin and the group play charades; Gangrel triggers a weather control device.
6 Cob Hits the Big Time / Floral Decay February 10, 2012
Irwin helps Cob compete on a radio talk show; a flower possesses everyone's minds.
7 Abel's Rule / Forged Courage February 17, 2012
A wise man enhances Spike and Willy's behavior; Irwin competes to be the best block builder.
8 Shocking Acidshock / The Maine Lobster February 24, 2012
Irwin discovers a rare acid-spitting monster; Irwin finds a legendary blue lobster.
9 Skyfall / The Big Cheese March 2, 2012
Irwin worries about his ending world with his friends; Spike becomes an unsung hero standing proud.
10 Underground Ghost Town March 9, 2012
The group discovers a mysterious underworld.
11 Golden Nuggets / Hot Sauce Boss March 16, 2012
Irwin helps a pirate monkey strike gold; Irwin competes in a chili making contest.
12 Ubiquitous Irwin / Willy's Fortune March 23, 2012
The crowd thinks Irwin is omnipresent with a new toy; Willy inherits a fortune.
13 Cry Baby Blues / What the Buck? March 30, 2012
Irwin tries to calm down the baby's crying with bright ideas; Irwin celebrates his own milestone.
14 QWERTY / Shanghai Shindig April 6, 2012
Irwin and his friends are trapped in a letter-making game; Climmie's birthday party turns out to be the worst.
15 April Showers / Hello, Greenback April 13, 2012
The gang visits a tropical rainforest; a mysterious alligator frightens the frogs.
16 Elite Athletes / Fire Tooth April 20, 2012
When Irwin's friends are all busy with a plan, he encounters a league of athletes; Irwin decides to become a firefighter.
17 The Flying Tooth / Boomer's Collection April 27, 2012
Irwin becomes a flying hero; a comrade starts his own collection.
18 Save the Squelchies! / The Squelchinator May 4, 2012
The group tries to find a place for the Squelchies to live; a warlord treats the Squelchies like slaves.
19 RJ & JR / Nature's Candy May 11, 2012
Irwin and Willy encounter their favorite musical duo; Irwin finds himself in a land of fruits.
20 Bronx Wine May 18, 2012
Irwin transforms his house into a nightclub.

Season 6

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 Will Power / Good Travel Buddies September 7, 2012
Willy's invention causes him to read people's minds; Irwin and Spike go on a cruise.
2 Mac Danger / Tooth and Sooth September 14, 2012
Irwin must help a computer robot outrun its pursuers; Irwin unleashes an army of teeth to foil Gangrel's evil plan.
3 Dream Lover / Pumpkin's Little Problem September 21, 2012
Oro dreams of being a princess for a day; an embarrassing moment bothers Perri.
4 Magic Meat / Fad the Flying Fish September 28, 2012
Irwin enhances the school lunch with a hint of magic; Fad thinks he is reborn with wings.
5 Hole-in-One Guru / Orangitis October 5, 2012
Irwin competes in a miniature golf course against his rival; the residents in Pogoville are infected with Oro's disease.
6 Volcanic Panic / An Egg-Celent Adventure October 12, 2012
Irwin attempts to prevent the volcano from erupting; Irwin and his friends investigate a dinosaur egg.
7 Blackwater Blackmail / Pumpkin Bumpkin October 19, 2012
Pogo manor's pool is infected with black magic; Perri becomes an awkward humanoid.
8 Stinky Tooth / Slink or Swim October 26, 2012
Irwin becomes sprayed by a skunk; a rainbow slinky escapes underwater.
9 Laser Tagged / Veals on Wheels November 2, 2012
Irwin and his friends compete in laser tag; Irwin and Willy find homes for all of the calves.
10 Delicious Delicacy / What's Eating Spike? November 9, 2012
Oro makes a savory dish for the cooking show; a caterpillar gets stuck inside Spike.
11 Lost in Japan November 16, 2012
After a plane crash, Irwin and his friends find themselves in Japan.
12 Tooth Wars 3: Dawn of the Awakening November 23, 2012
Space Pirates threaten to invade the homes of Irwin and his friends.
13 No Tooth is an Island November 30, 2012
Irwin and his family visit an island that is home to every living tooth.
14 Song of the Siren / A Veggie Combination December 7, 2012
Irwin helps a mermaid sing for the orchestra; Oro and Cob help Irwin compete to make the best veggie burgers.
15 Little Leevers / The Almighty Dragon Decmeber 14, 2012
Irwin and his friends play baseball against Gangrel's team where the losers get turned to stone; Irwin finds a baby dragon hatching from an egg.
16 Once Bitten / Legend of the Lost Diamond December 21, 2012
A mosquito bite turns everyone into zombies; Irwin races against time to find a lost diamond.
17 The Moonblast / A Very Berry Frost December 28, 2012
A touch from a moon rock hypnotizes Irwin; Snowberries from the arctic plague on the residents of Pogoville.
18 The Ballad of Sensei Spike and the Dark Witch / Raging Tooth January 4, 2012
Carmine threatens to claim Spike as her new boyfriend; a group of bikers challenge Irwin to a race.
19 The Hostages / Viral Infection January 11, 2012
When a wicked queen holds Irwin, Spike and Willy hostage, Oro attempts to break her spell; Irwin dives into the computer to attack the viruses that are infecting it.
20 The Age of Pogopocalyspe January 18, 2012
A meteor threatens to hit Pogoville and Irwin attempts to destroy it before a meltdown.
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