Season 1

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 Pippi's First Day TBA Hound Dog by Elvis Presley,
Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy
I've Been Everywhere! By Pinkie Pie
2 Summer Days' Play Snips and Snails, trying to finally earn some respect, audition for a summertime play with a mostly child cast. Will they be able to get decent roles in the play? And, if they can, will they finally be able to get some respect from most of the rest of Canterlot City? Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival,
I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) by The Four Tops
I Eat Everything By Pinkie Pie
3 Faulty Communication Princess Celestia gets foalnapped and replaced by Princess Trollestia; an alternate universe of herself with an extremely cruel sense of humor. Keeping the Mane Six and Spike busy with a series of messages that lead them on one false alarm after another, Trollestia then takes advantage of the heroes' pre-occupation to mercilessly prank Canterlot City. Fortunately, Discord and Tough Apple find out about Trollestia's scheme and step in to thwart it themselves, but can Tough Apple find and rescue the good Celestia while Discord is keeping Trollestia busy in a "'prank-off'"?
Villain: Princess Trollestia
Respect by Aretha Franklin,
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 by Bob Dylan
I'm Cured of Everything By Pinkie Pie
4 Congratulating Graduates Twilight and her family attend the most recent graduation ceremony for Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns in order to congratulate the graduates. One of the students turns out to be Absolute Cinch, the teenage daughter of a former teacher who is now in prison after having been fired for unethical practices a decade-and-a-half ago by Celestia herself - the Equestria Prime version of Abacus Cinch. Sloop John B by The Beach Boys,
California Dreamin' by The Mamas & the Papas
I Had Everything By Pinkie Pie
5 Multiversal Meet-and-Greet Princesses Twilight and Pinkie decide it is time for them to finally introduce their closest friendship to their other-species counterparts. Now two Mane Sixes of different species (but with everything else being extremely similar) finally meet face-to-face.
Villains: All those mentioned by the two Mane Sixes (all mentioned only)
For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield,
What the World Needs Now Is Love by Jackie DeShannon
Hot Springs of Moree By Pinkie Pie
6 Riff It Up A Notch After finding out where Zecora stashed the Alicorn Amulet while the Mane Six, Pippi and Cadance are all busy helping fight the super-charged Evil Cadance in the Mirrorverse, Riff gets a hold of it when Goggles distracts the shamare with a couple of mechanical monsters. With the amulet granting him immensely amplified strength, near-invulnerability, extremely high level geokinetic abilities (as in the ability to control rocks and dirt within his immediate area merely by thought) and a very powerful telepathic link with plants and animals, Riff tries to take revenge on Diamond Tiara and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Even with the help of Zecora, Sunset Shimmer, Flash Sentry and Doctor Whooves, can the fillies beat the super-charged, vengeance crazed bully?
Villains: Riff Tannen and his gang
Get Together by The Youngbloods,
San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie
Goony Tunes By Pinkie Pie
7 Finding Out What Could Have Been Following a particularly busy period, Twilight and Pippi decide to try to use the Mirror Communication Spell to find another universe so they can chat with inhabitants from that universe. The universe they find is one where the chief difference was that Pippi never got cursed and, thus, never disappeared. The two Twilights and two Pippis find out just how significant that one seemingly minor difference actually is over the course of their multi-versal chat.
Villains: Those mentioned by the two Twilights and two Pippis (mentioned only)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) by The Byrds,
Medley: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In by The 5th Dimension
Hand Clappin' - Pinkie Pie and Applejack
8 A Crusader's Birthdays It's time for the CMC's birthday...but their parties are happening on the same day! Will the Mane Six, Spike and Pippi, Tommy, and Annika be able to attend all of them or is there a way for the trio to have their birthday at the same place? Everybody's Talkin' by Harry Nilsson,
Joy to the World by Three Dog Night
Be True to Your School - The Rainbooms
9 Another Gala Story It's time for the Grand Galloping Gala again! And, boy, it's crazy. With Pinkie Pie super-hyper, Pippi Longstocking mocked, the Mane Six harassed by their fans, Twilight embarrassed by her older brother and finally a Luna's old flame is drunk on his DATE, will it be better than last time? Stoned Love by The Supremes,
Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head by B. J. Thomas
Bubble on My Muzzle - Pinkie Pie
10 The Forgotten Case of Gabbing Although the incident of Gabby Gums has been long done and over with, the Pippi and CMC still feel anger and upset for what their family, friends and the citizens have acted like hypocrites and shunned them harshly. To add more salt to the wound, Discord II manages to corrupt the CMC and use their pent up hatred against the town. Can the Mane Six learn about the hidden blackmail in the incident and help cure the CMC of their corrupted hearts? Will Canterlot City realize the error of their ways?
Villains: Discord II, The Cutie Mark Crusaders (in their corrupted states; they return back to good when the Mane Six cure them)
Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man) by Randy Newman,
Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Locomotion - Pinkie Pie
11 The CMC meet the FAS While the Mane 6 and Spike are in Canterlot on a mission, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Pippi make the acquaintance of five representatives of a group of secret agent styled young metahumans known as the Foals Across the Street. Unfortunately, the FAS's arch-enemies, the Pleasant Kids from the Other Side of Town (or the PKOST for short), show up with a trio of mentally controlled monsters. Can the two groups of kid heroes beat the monsters and expose the real mastermind behind the mess; the shadowy and overly authorative Alicorn stallion known only as Pappy?
Villains: The Pleasant Kids from the Other Side of Town, a giant golem, full-grown Ursa Major and Hydra (all three of the last ones under the mind-control of the PKOST), Pappy (the last one behind the scenes)
Running On Empty by Jackson Browne,
It Keeps You Runnin' by The Doobie Brothers
Born Free - Twilight and Flash
12 Another Day for a Bill Two humans have arrived from Philadelphia to start a new life here in Canterlot City. Will the Mane Six be able to make their new home a better home for them?
Introducing the debut of Cherry and Twisty Licorice
I've Got to Use My Imagination by Gladys Knight & the Pips,
Go Your Own Way performed by Fleetwood Mac
Talk to the Animals - Cherry and Twisty Licorice
13 Image Redemption Assistance The Mane Six, Pippi, Tommy, Annika and the Cutie Mark Crusaders try to help out the now grown-up Stout Alvin and the South Side Colts, who were the stars of a 40-year-old semi-biographical foals' book series written by a once-popular but now-disgraced author/comedian. Stout Alvin and his pals are trying to prove that just because the author of their book series did some pretty bad stuff (which they honestly didn't know about themselves until very recently) doesn't mean THEY are bad stallions. However, they will need help to redeem their "positive role model" images. On the Road Again by Willie Nelson,
Against the Wind by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band
Absolutely Green - Fluttershy
14 The Mane Pet Detectives After listening to Twilight reading a rather good mystery novel before going to bed, Pippi starts having a dream where he and the pets of the rest of the Mane Six are all private detectives investigating crimes all over Canterlot City (with Discord providing the narration) Lovesick Blues – Hank Williams,
Sugar Shack – Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs
I Gotta Crow - Pinkie Pie
15 Candy May I? Another new human comes to stay in Canterlot City. Who is this human and what is her connection to the Cakes?
Introduction of Lemon, Line, Angel, and Cotton Candy Ann
Hanky Panky - Tommy James and the Shondells,
Rubber Bullets - 10cc
Genuine Clown - Cotton Candy Ann
16 A Sister for Scootaloo The SisterHooves Social is here again and most the humans are ready to participate. Everyone except Scootaloo. Scootaloo is sad because she has no sister to go with. Can Rainbow Dash and Pippi be willing to go with Scootaloo to the SisterHooves Social? All Along the Watchtower – The Jimi Hendrix Experience,
Soul Kitchen – The Doors
Mairzy Doats - Scootaloo
17 Children of the Night's Visit Divine Star and the Children of the Night come by to Canterlot City for a visit. Will the Pippi and CMC be able to help the orphans fit in? Hello, I Love You – The Doors,
People Are Strange – The Doors
The Wonderful Thing About Pippis - Pippi Longstocking
18 Spike's Last Name As Twilight and Pippi are filling out forms, they realize that they must get a last name for Spike for them to be official. But the question is, which name would Spike like? And will it be acceptable? Love Her Madly – The Doors,
Hey Joe – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Try a Little Something New - Twilight
19 Spike Sparkle Spike now has a new last name: Sparkle. Of course, the question is whatever or not humans will accept it as a last name since he isn't really an official member of Twilight's family. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? – Pete Seeger,
Let's Work Together – Canned Heat
You're the Only You - Pinkie Pie
20 How to Earn a Heart Apple Bloom has been developing a crush on Pippi and is really not sure on how to deal with it. Will Applebloom be able to figure out her feelings for Pippi? Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree – Tony Orlando & Dawn,
Get Down Tonight – KC & the Sunshine Band
Here to There - Applebloom
21 Appleblood's Bloodlust Grimmore made some sort of nasty creature named Appleblood, that appears to be as strong as Applejack, intending on taking over the apple turning humans into apples with their blood! Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd,
Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel
Just Say Yes I Can - Fluttershy
22 Blueblood vs. Celestia Tired of his name being mocked for his aunt's "cowardly" ways, Blueblood demands that Celestia takes him on the next adventure but with no help of Pippi and the Mane Six, but can even he handle it? Break on Through (To the Other Side) by The Doors,
What the World Needs Now Is Love by Jackie DeShannon
When I'm Happy I Sing - Tommy and Annika
23 Hunted By Dr. Whacks Pinkie Pie and Pippi reveal just how they can do all sorts of stuff that should be impossible not just for Earth humans, but humans in general; they know most of the coolest cheat codes in the game we call life. Unfortunately, they end up getting targeted by Dr. Whacks, a super-strong, near-invulnerable teleporting extremist who attempts to crack down on cheat code abusers by hunting down and inflicting massive violence on the perceived offenders. Can Pinkie, Pippi and their friends take down this seemingly unstoppable extremist? Jesus on the Main Line - Alan Silvestri,
I Love L.A. - Randy Newmen
The Right Side - Sweetie Belle
24 Dexter's Anger Dexter is getting fed up of being pushed the point of taking some lessons from Steel Muscles, Iron Will's nastier cousin. Unfortunately, his lessons are worst than Iron Will's and it's up to Fluttershy to snap Dexter out of it.
Pairing: Fluttershy x Dexter
Goodbye and Godspeed - James Homer,
The Best of Both Worlds - Hannah Montana
Part of Your World - Scootaloo
25 Reviewing Bad Acting The humans chose some criticism to the bad actors of Equestria as well as their films, but not every actor enjoys negative criticism. No Music No Music
26 Cosplay Galore Pinkie Pie wants to introduce Pippi to her parents but is worried as to how they will take it. Her friends help out by a sense of co-play but will it work or will it get out of hand?
Costumes: Twilight Sparkle and Pippi Longstocking (as Pinkie Pie's parents), Fluttershy and Rainbow (as Pinkie's sisters), Dexter (as a newspaper boy), Spike (as the Elder), Rarity (as one of Pinkie's old friends), the CMC, Tommy and Annika (as farm help), Applejack (as a roughneck)
Hey There Deliah - Plain White T's,
I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - Scissor Sisters
I Won't Say (I'm in Love) - Pippi
27 The Arrogant Six Pippi and The Mane Six meets six certain fillies who are arrogant, thinking that no one is better than them or could beat them. The girls decide to teach them a lesson by bringing back the Mare Do Well...all six of them! Back on the Chain Gang - Pretenders,
Someday We'll Br Together - Glee Cast
Life is a Runway - Pippi
28 Apple Bloom Faces The Music When helping Pippi test some of her potions, Apple Bloom gains the ability to develop a considerable boost in strength, speed and durability whenever "Pop Goes The Weasel" is played within earshot of her. When her friends find out about this, Scootaloo gets an idea to earn herself and Sweetie some extra bits. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight - Genesis,
Pop Goes The Weasel - Applebloom
A New Way to Walk - Applejack/Applebloom/Babs Seed
29 Sour Cakes Mr. and Mrs. Cake has been getting into a big argument lately. It's up to Pinkie Pie, Pippi and their friends to save their relationship.
Pairings: Mr. Cake x Mrs. Cake
Here's A Health to the Company,
Best Friends - Harry Nillson
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and CMC
30 Creatures, Come Out to PLA-AY! While on a field trip for the School of Friendship, the CMC, Pippi, Tommy, and Annika lost their only transportation home and have to walk back. On the way, they accidentally stumble onto a meeting of the newly formed nasty gangs of Equestria headed by someone named Sirius, who decided to ruin Twilight's reputation by killing the kids! Now the gang got to make it back home while dodging the gangs out to get them.
Villains: Sirius, the various gangs made up of goblins, nasty Dragons, jerk humans, rogue clowns, etc.
Jet Boy Jet Girl - Elton Motello,
Wild Thing - X
Story of My Life - Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and CMC

Season 2

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 Applejack's Rocket TBA Acceptable in the 80s by Calvin Harris,
Bebe by Divine Brown
A Whole New World - Tommy and Annika
2 The World's Greatest Valentine On Hearts and Hooves Day, Twilight makes the best valentine ever for his best friend, Pippi. But when a herd of chocolate-eating scallops threatens the valentine's arrival, Twilight must come up with a plan to save the day and the residents of Carlenlot City. Can't Get You Out of My Head by Kylie Minogue,
Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
Candle on the Water - Diamond Tiara
3 Pippi's play school Pippi organizes a summer play school for six neighborhood children Dare by Gorillaz,
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
Beautiful Memories - Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Silver Spoon, Mash Buttons, Diamond Tiara, and Twilight
4 Pippi's slap shot Pippi amazes an ice-hockey scout with his skills while sweeping up the CHS, and he soon finds himself playing professional hockey! But when he realizes whose team he is playing for, and who he must play against, Pippi starts having second thoughts Funplex by The B-52's,
Girls & Boys by Blur
Movin' Right Along - Pippi and The Apple Family
5 A Party TBA TBA Rubber Ducky - Pinkie Pie
6 Hands off my toy! Pippi is so protective of his new bubble blower, he doesn't even want to take it out of the package. But when his best friend, Pinkie Pie, asks if he can look after the bubble blower for one night, Pippi can't refuse. Pippi tries to trust Pinkie Pie, but he doesn't and decides to check on his bubble blower Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper,
Groove Is in the Heart by Deee-Lite
Come to the Funfair By Pippi and Pinkie Pie
7 Attack of the Golden Bees Pippi catches a bees he's never seen before and brings it to Cherry to find out what it is. Heart of Glass by Blondie,
I Get Around by Beach Boys
Canadian Sunset - Twilight and Sunset
8 Ice-cream dreams Pippi has always dreamed of becoming the manager of the CMC. When Twilight gets the job instead, there is only one thing for Pippi to do -- head to Fair and drown his sorrows in sundaes! I Like to Move It by Reel 2 Real ft. The Mad Stuntman,
Jerk It Out by Caesars
Free Ride - Silver Spoon
9 Stop, Stop Pippi comes to stay with Applejack, and washes everything in sight, then finds nothing clean enough for her taste when they go the zoo Surfing on the Rocket by Air,
Take your Mama by Scissor Sisters
Imagine - Pinkie Pie
10 Applebloom and the Beanstalk Applebloom gets ready to tell his many preposterous stories in the World Canterlot's contest only to be disqualified for telling the truth Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaun,
Canned Heat by Jamiroquai
The Art of Applebloom (parody of Squidward's song) - Applebloom
11 The Great Britain reforms During summer vacation, J.D. arrives in The Great Britain, and ending his career as a swindler Da Ya Thnk I'm Sexy? by Rod Stewart,
Let's Dance by Chris Montez
Row, Row, Row Your Boat - CMC
12 A Topsy-Turvy Tale A sailing car, flying children, and talking cows are all part of a very topsy-turvy world How Bizarre by OMC,
Zoot Suit Riot performed by Cherry Poppin' Daddies
Follow the Leader - Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and the CMC
13 Pippi and the Grand Rascal Pippi and his newly found friend, the great rascal, enjoy humorous escapades as they travel by their wits up and across the Midwest in search of Pippi's family Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon,
Down Under by Men at Work
The Unbirthday Song - CMC
14 Hard Luck, Sweetie Belle Sweetie Belle learns that he really isn't unlucky, just stupid--and the best cure for that is thinking Hit the Rad Jack - Buster Poindexter,
All Right Now – Free
Look on The Bight Side of Life - Sweetie Bele
15 The Twits Pippi and CMC meets the two terrible old people who enjoy playing nasty tricks and are finally outwitted by a family of monkeys Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones,
Tequila - Ecilpse
You're the Top - Tommy and Annika
16 The Italian Spaghetti Mystery Pippi and his pupils accept a summer engagement to entertain at Franco's Famous Italian Spaghetti Inn and Overnight Campground and become entangled in an incredible adventure involving, among others, the infamous Pasta Nostra Mustang Sally – The Commitments and Andrew Strong,
All Shook Up – Ry Cooder
The Smile Song - Pinkie Pie
17 The Giggler Treatment Pippi and the Mane Six must try to stop the prank that the CMC have mistakenly set in motion to punish Diamond Tiara for being mean to his children Dancing in the Street – David Bowie and Mick Jagger,
Get Ready – Rare Earth
Introducing Me - Applejack and Applebloom
18 The Family Summer House Pippi and his "numerous" family spend an enjoyable day in the country, picnicking, admiring the scenery, and putting up a portable tree house Don't You Just Know It – Huey "Piano" Smith,
Sweet City Woman – Stampeders
Honor to us All - The Mane Six
19 Pippi and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day On a day when everything goes wrong for him, Pippi is consoled by the thought that other people have bad days too. Pippi wakes up to a bad day & things get progressively worse as the hours wear on, until he thinks he may escape it all & go to Australia. On a day when everything goes wrong for him, Pippi is consoled by the thought that other people have bad days too. Pippi knew it was going to be a terrible day when he woke up with gum in this hair. And it got worse... His best friend deserted him. There was no dessert in his lunch bag. And, on top of all that, there were lima beans for dinner and kissing on TV! Thank you for Being a Feind – Andrew Gold,
All I Wanna Do – Sheryl Crow
You're the Only You - Pinkie Pie
20 The Piemakers Chronicles the events and preparations that led to the making of the piemakers' masterpiece, a pie so huge its dish had to be floated down river from the foundry Come On, Let's Go – Los Lobos,
Convoy – C.W. McCall
For a Moment - Sugarcoat and Sliver Spoon
21 A Day with Applejack While spending the day in the Applejack household, Applejack's best friend, Apple Cider, joins in the search for Grandfather's missing false teeth and meets one wacky relative after another The Ballad of of Curis Loew – Lynyrd Skynyrd Who Needs You? Not Me! - Pippi and Applebloom
22 The Brain that Wouldn't Obey Pippi dreams of winning the science fair by powering a radio with a potato, but when the potato grows a mind of its own, he has to figure out how to save his school and everyone in CHS Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts,
Ride by ZZ Ward and Gray Clark Jr.
It's You - Rarity and Sweetie Belle
23 The Families die The Pippi family think they are dead when the lights go out Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry,
A Trick of the Trail - Genesis
The Pony I Want to Be - Twilight
24 Tommy and Annika, Lost in New York The Mane 6 accidentally sends Tommy and Annika to New York in a hot air balloon made by Twilight. Pippi and the other kids must follow the course set by Tommy's computer to take them to him. When they arrive, their balloon is trashed, and they meet Rick, a homeless man who has adopted Tommy and Annika. The strange appearance of some of the kids keeps plans to return from going smoothly, but are affected much more so by a clash of cultures. Why Can't Be Friends - War,
Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody
What a Wonderful World - Twilight
25 The Nome Prince and the Magic Belt Starlight Glimmer accidentally opens a box that holds Pippi's beloved magic belt. While the kids try to keep their parents from finding out what happened, Bengt steals the belt and turns all of the CMC except Pippi into glass figurines. It's up to Pippi to save her friends, get her Magic Belt back, and get back to the Emerald City before their parents find out! Black is Black - Los Bravos,
G.T.O. - Ronny & the Daytonas
Stronger Than You - Pinkie Pie
26 Underground Adventure An earthquake stirs up yet another adventure for Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and CMC. What begins as an innocent bus trip for Applebloom turns into a wild underground ride for all the kids as they encounter dragonettes, merry-go-round mountains, an enormous teddy bear and more! Stop the Rock - Apollo 440,
Stop the Rock (Respise) - Apollo 440
Over the Rainbow - Tommy and Annika
27 Who Stole Santa? Pippi and their new buddy, the elf Oliver, try to find St. Nick, who has been kidnapped. Can they find Santa before Christmas, which will arrive in just a few weeks? I Heard it Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye,
Humans of New York - The Influencers
It's a Pony Kind of Christmas - The Mane 6
28 Journey Beneath the Sea Sweetie Belle, who wants to take a boat ride with all of his friends. During the ride, the boat begins to sink and Pippi, Tomy, Annika and CMC enter the water. There they discover two mermaids who take them on a magical and adventurous underwater excursion. When Zog and the sea devils try to ruin their fun, the adventure gets more wild and exciting than Pippi and the gang ever expected. Bridge over Trouble Water - Simon & Garfunkel,
Down Under - Men at Work
I Love Trash - Applebloom and Babs Seed

Season 3

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 For Everything a Season Summer, fall, spring summer . . . the kids can't decide which is best. Twilight helps them gain perspective. The Loco-Motion by Kylie Minogue,
Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer and Eric 'ET' Thorngren
The Jitterbug - Tommy and Annika
2 The Quest The Little Children go out for a festival but never return. Applejack is left on her own to search for them. Will she ever find her friends, and what will happen along the way? Upright (Everything's Alright) by Stevie Wonder,
Free Fallin' by Tom Petty
Perform and Sing and Dance! - CMC
3 A Wedding Story Someone wants to get married, but not before their mate to be accepts everything about them, namely the little children. A Message to You Rudy by The Specials,
Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven You Smile) by Dexy Midnight Runners and Kevin Rowland
Sometimes I Wonder - Rarity, Sweetie Belle, Silver Spoon, Mash Buttons, Diamond Tiara, and Twilight
4 Weary of Life Cherry is sick of all the bad feelings and plans to be rid of them...forever. Don't Stand So Close by The Police,
Spicks and Specks by Bee Gees
Friends to the End - Pippi and The Apple Family
5 The Phantom of Dream Valley Pippi is taken mysteriously to a land of pastel humans. The Mane Six are being haunted by a terrible spirit that turns them to stone! Can Pippi help? But Pippi suddenly awakes in his bed, unsure if the events that took place were real or just a dream. Kiss You All Over by Exile,
Benny and the Jets by Beastle Boys
Cheering For Me Now - Pinkie Pie
6 In the Beginning Memorians have always spoken of the Great Rainbow that created all things. How were humans created, and why are the sentient? Feelin' Stronger Every Day by Chicago,
Cantaloop (Filp Fantasia) by Us3, Rahsaan, and Gerard Presencer
Come to the Funfair By Pippi and Pinkie Pie
7 Eternal As the Cotton Candy Ann turn ten, their parents have to explain to them the burden every humans must carry. Marrakesh Express by Crosby and Stills & Nash,
Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On) by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Ben - Twilight
8 Saving Applejack Pippi, Applebloom and Babs Seed travel on a perilous journey across the mountains, to save Applejack from danger...and all of Entire City! Wild Wild Life by Talking heads and Jerry Harrison,
Top of the World by Carpenters
I Believe - Annika
9 Moon Dreamer Pinkie Pie longs to fly, will her wish come true Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys,
Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire
Smile - Pinkie Pie
10 Staring at the Sun For as long as anyone on earth can remember, to stare at the sun causes blindness. But what if the sun also held the answers to stop a famine? It's A Long Way to the Top (if You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) by AC/DC,
Little Bit is Better then Nada by Texas Tornados
Lady Madonna - Applebloom
11 Pippi vs Boarding School When the Pippi and the children go to Boarding school, their usual Principal disapears, and their sub is just plain evil, so Sunribbon and her friends only see one way out of it...they have to fight the system! Live it Up by Mental As Anything,
Whisky in the Jar by The Tramps
Walking in the Air - CMC
12 Purple Flower Bluffs Applejack leads Pippi around the Purple Flower Bluffs Fire by Artur Brown,
Country House performed by Blur
Favourite Things - Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and the CMC
13 Cusadars From the Lost Mark TBA Here it Goes Agian by OK Go,
Creeque Alley by The Mamas & The Papas
We Make Our Mark - CMC
14 Bowtie and the Brain They're Bowtie and the Brain, yes Bowtie and the Brain...Wait a second... Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep - Middle of the Road,
Collision of Worlds – Robbie Williams and Brad Paisley
Love Songs (Canciones de amor) - Sweetie Belle, Rarity and Mash Buttons
15 A Pair of Little Children Pippi finds Twilight watching the sun rise, and the two talk. But Pippi won't let Twilight stay detached for long, so this has a happy ending. Also an attempt to explain the carboncopy kids. Mary Had a Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan,
My Mustang Ford - Chuck Berry
I Will Always Love You - Tommy and Annika
16 Midnight Run Sunny Daze loves a guy girl, but how can she be with him with Tommy and Annika in the way? And Pippi and Applebloom got in a fight and no one knows why! Can the humans solve 2 problems at once? I Love the life I Live (I Live the life I Love) – Muddy Waters,
Iceman – Albert Collins
I Have a Dream - Pinkie Pie
17 Sweetie Belle's Christmas Sweetie Belle learns that Christmas is Jesus' birthday, but will she able to buy Him the perfect present? Hardtop Race – George Stoger,
Go On – Jack Johnson
White Christmas - Sweetie Belle
18 The Christmas Holiday Club The Dazzlings has banned Twilight from being a member of the Christmas Holiday Club for some reaason and The Dazzlings aren't talking as of why. What did Twilight do wrong to upset the Dazzlings? Defiance: Fight for Truth – Tito Abeleda,
Stuck in a Video Game – Feyer
Frosty the Snowman - Pippi, Tommy, Annika, Diamond Tiara, Babs Seed, Silver Spoon, and CMC
19 Love in the Snow A bit of slush. The midwinter ball sets Love Letter trying to matchmake Ice Crystal. Firth of Fifth – Genesis,
In Too Deep – Genesis
Let it Snow! - Twisty Licorice

Season 4

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 The Children Mane Six Orion, Bismarck, Tempest, Radiance, Peach Cobbler, and Berry and Cherry Pie's debut episode. Maggie May by Rod Sweart,
Spirit by The Kentucky Headhunters
Love Me Do By The Children Mane Six
2 The Bad Case of Stripes A humorous, vibrantly illustrated tale about a girl named Sweetie Belle who is an extreme conformist and suffers some bizarre consequences. Sunshine Day by Osibisa,
Whammer Jammer by The J. Gelis Band
It's a Sunshine Day By Sweetie Belle
3 The Duckess and the Goldfish Appleboom get stuck at water grone and Sweetie Belle counted his number of fishes. Will Pippi, Sweetie, Scootaloo get Applebloom out of Grone? Queen Of Hearts by Juice Newton,
American Woman by The Guess Who
Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) By Pippi, Tommy, and Annika
4 How to Make a Lemonade Applebloom and Pippi learn how to make lomonade, but as gets hotter Pinkie Pie and Applejack Helps to get it right. Guaglione by Perez Prado,
Our House by Madness
Keep On By Twilight
5 Twilight and the Wedding Twilight is getting married to Flash, and everyone is invited to be part of the wedding! Pippi gets to bring out the cake and CMC gets to carry the shiny wedding rings. There's just one small problem: Twilight to pick up the wedding rings. I Just Want to Celebrate by Rare Earth,
I've Seen All Good People by Yes
Ben By CMC
6 Crusaders Baesball When the baseball game is over, Pippi and CMC take over the ballpark to play their own championship ball game Rio by Duran Duran,
Dream Weaver by Gary Wright
Playin' the Field By Pippi and CMC
7 Candy Apple and the Chicken Thief When Pippi and his children accidentally scare their mistress's precious humans into the woods, she prepares to catch an imaginary thief while they try to get the kids back. Ghost Riders in the Sky by Ramrods,
Geno by Dexys Midnight Runners
Candy (Sugar Shoppe) by Candy Apple
8 Good Night, Tommy When Tommy can't fall asleep, he bothers all the other inhabitants of Pippi and the Gang by keeping them awake with him Glad All Over by The Dave Clark Five,
In The City by Joe Walsh
In No Hurry By Pippi, Tommy, and Annika
9 Pippi in Toyland TBA I'm Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band) by The Moody Blues,
You Give A Little Love by Paul Williams
Saturday in the Park By Silver Spoon
10 Happy Bithday, Twilight! Today is Twilight's birthday! But where are the balloons, the cake, and his gifts? On My Radio '91 by The Selecter,
Wicked Game by Chris Isaak
Beer Barrel Polka by Tommy and Annika
11 The Giver Given his lifetime assignment at the Ceremony of Canterlot, Scootaloo becomes the receiver of memories shared by only one other in his community and discovers the terrible truth about the society in which he lives. Freedom 90! by George Michel,
Sweet Sowl Music by Arther Conley
Merry-Go-Round by CMC
12 It's Not Easy Being Bad Pippi and Applebloom try to break into the seventh grade clique system, even though they're not really sure they want to be popular at all. Foolin' Around by The Youngbloods,
City Night performed by Tori Atari
You Need That Rock 'n' Roll by Cherry and Twisty Licorice
13 Two of a Kind When Pippi abandons her best friend, Applebloom, to spend time with CMC and Mane Six, whose friendship is considered very special, she soon learns that she has little in common with her new friends. Could We by Canning,
The Wild Queen by B.C. Taylor
Drummer Man by The Mane Six

Season 5

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 The Coming of Bengt Thanking Pippi and CMC for helping out. Pippi and the Gang face their toughest foe yet...a evil Kid in Town! Johnny B. Good by Chuck Berry,
Big Bottom by Spinal Tap
ABC (The Jackson 5 song) By Pippi
2 Facing the Truth Before Pippi can find out Tommy and Annika's secret, he is determined to let CMC face the truth about his past. Every 1's a Winner by Hot Chocolate,
You Got It by Roy Orbison
All Star By Snips and Snails
3 The Origin of No-Heart This story tells the origin of one of the most nastiest foes the children ever met! I Only Wanna Be with You by Bay City Roller,
Nowhere to Run by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Alphabet Song By Mane Six and CMC
4 The Unexpected Kiss As Pippi is saying his goodbyes to Captain, they soon discovered and explored their true feelings towards each other which may hold serious consequences. Do I dare say? Higher Ground by Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Mule Skinner Blues by The Fendermen
New York, New York By Twilight
5 This Is New Found Love, Homie When Annika chosen Applebloom, the kids went into a state of depression. Who could he turned to for support? Maybe a certain friend? Romeo's Tune by Steve Forbert,
You're The First, The Last, My Everything by Barry White
With A Little Help From My Friends By CMC
6 Call Me Barbara Ann Pippi has lost his greatest love to an evil monster. Who can comfort him in this AU world? Here Comes My Baby by Yusuf / Cat Stevens,
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by The Flaming Lips
Ants Go Marching By Twilight
7 Two Hearts Combined The engaged couple of Canterlot City have a peaceful moment after their last encounter with Candy Apple. Hey, Good Lookin' by Hank Williams,
Up, Up, and Away by The 5th Dimension
Beautiful Life (Ace of Base song) by Twilight and Pinkie Pie
8 Bengt's Love Quartet Tommy and Annika are now together, but a new problem has arise: Tommy's starting to have feelings for Applebloom, while Annika's starting to fall for Sweetie Belle. And Bengt is planning on using their feelings to destroy them! Wipeout,
Y.M.C.A by Village People
Bingo By Cutie Mark Crusaders
9 Robosnail Updated It's Annika's birthday and her boyfriend Tommy got her a present. The problem is, he doesn't know it was a trap made by Bengt...a trap called MegaRobosnail! Surf Medley by Junior Brown,
Eat Steak by The Reverend Horton Heat
Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do the Twist?) By CMC and Pippi
10 The Fairy Boy After breaking up with Tommy, Annika meets Diamond Tiara. And when these two get into situations together, their friendship soon turned into love. Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers,
Mister Sandman by Chet Atkins
Celebration (Kool & the Gang song) by CMC, Pippi, Tommy, and Annika
11 Tommy and Annika's Love Adventure Bengt kidnapped Pippi and company and it's up to Tonny and Annika, who have fallen for each other, to save everyone and defeated Bengt. North Side Gal by JD McPherson,
The Happy Organ by Dave "Baby" Cortez
Funkytown by Pinkie Pie and Pippi Longstocking
12 The Cutie Mark Theft Cutie Marks are being stolen by a mysterious stallion who wishes to have one of his own. Now the CMC must work to get them back from the one known as Professor Whack. Villain: Professor Whack Oerend Hard by Normaal,
Breakaway performed by Tracey Ullman
Get The Sillies Out by Pippi and CMC
13 The Courtship of Griffons It's mating season for griffons. Gilda, disgusted by how other griffons act during this period, wants nothing to do with it, but how long will this last? Jane by Jefferson Starship,
All Night Long by Lionel Richie
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by Cutie Mark Crusaders, Pippi, Tommy, and Annika

Season 6

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 A Pippi & Equestria Girls Christmas! Esteban Felix and Tom Hanks, who tells the story about a holiday. See Soundtrack Below
2 And the Winner Is... Leah visits Pippi and Pinkie Pie's house and accidentally opens the closet where Pippi keeps all of his trophies. Since Leah wants a trophy himself, he copies Pinkie Pie. Foggy Mountain Breakdown by Lester Flatt, Earl Ceruggs, and The Foggy Mountain Boys,
Deep in the Heart of Texas by Gene Autry
The Hamster Dance Song By Applejack
3 Around Town The Around Town bus bounced up and down. Will it ever get to town? Six Months in A Leaky Boat by Split Enz,
Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits
Haven't Met You Yet By Twilight
4 Are We There Yet? Take the world's tiniest villain, add two unlikely heroes, and a sandwich on wheels, and what have you got? Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles,
Right Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale
Hot, Hot, Hot By Pippi and six neighborhood children
5 Bottoms Up! Jokes from Carterlot City Is chock-full of waterlogged humor that will reel in the fans—lift the flaps and get hooked! Does Your Mother Know by ABBA,
Mexicali Blues by Bob Weir
Hot Potato By Pippi
6 Bubble Blowers, Beware! Someone has stolen the CMC's Wagon! Pippi and CMC set out to get the keys back... and end up having an all-out bubble party! Shout To The Top by The Style Council and Jay Mark,
Dancin' Fool by Frank Zappa
I Like To Dance (Yo Gabba Gabba! song) By Pippi and Pinkie Pie
7 Class Confusion Oh, no! The Mane Six is out sick, and a substitute teacher has taken her place! How will Pippi cope? Find out in his comical classroom caper! Shanty by Jonathan Edwards,
Breakfast At Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something
I Wanna B With U (Fun Factory song) by Cherry and Twisty Licorice
8 DoodlePippi! DoodlePippi is dangerous, When Pippi and CMC discover a magic pencil, they have a lot of fun... Until they draw DoodlePippi... and DoodlePippi is angry! All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards by Corb Lund,
Roam by The B-52's
If You’re Happy and You Know It By Pippi, Tommy, Anika, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders
9 Fearless High-speed Car races? Bee stings? What is it that strikes fear in the heart of America's favorite girl? Smoke from a Distant Fire by Sanford Townsend Band,
Never Ending Song of Love by Delaney & Bonnie
I've Been Working on The Railroad By Sweetie Belle
10 Fool's Gold TBA We Gotta Get You a Woman by Todd Rundgren,
Stand By Me by Ben E. King
Jungle Boogie (Kool & the Gang song) by Pippi, Applebloom, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack
11 Good Knight Pippi Longstocking Sir Pippi Longstocking is on a magical quest filled with dragons, wizards, and Treasures, but Just a Pippi's Dream. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn,
The Dukes of Hazzard by Charlie's Angels
Kids in America by Applebloom
12 Bubble Busters TBA Light & Day / Rach for the Sun by The Polyphonic Spree,
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover performed by Paul Simon
Kung Fu Fighting by Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and the CMC
13 Happy Birthday, Pippi! It's Pippi's party, and he can celebrate if he wants to! But where are the balloons, the cake, . . . or his friends? Steal My Sunshine by LEN,
All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar
Macarena by Cutie Mark Crusaders, Pippi, Tommy, and Annika

Season 7

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 Magical Holiday Happenings Pippi, Tommy, Annika and CMC celebrate the different kinds of holidays. Also, Twilight surprises Annika with something special that would change her life... Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by The Beatles,
Tequila by Terrorvision
7 8 9 By Tommy and Annika
2 Rainbow In The Middle Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie get into a fight and decide that they never want to see each other again, and Pippi must try to get her two best friends back together again. Corona By Minuteman,
Money By The Flying Lizards
Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) By Diamond Tiara and CMC
3 Pinkie Pie's Lonely Thanksgiving Pinkie Pie is unable to visit her family for Thanksgiving, so Pippi, Tommy, and Annika decide to invite her to join them for Thanksgiving dinner, but she declines and decides to celebrate by herself (with Twilight, of course). Afternons Coffeespoons by Crash Test Dummies,
American Music by Violent Femmes
Do You Love Me By Rarity and Sweetie Belle
4 Meet The Chicago Parents Rarity still has time before she has to leave Canterlot City and return to the Chicago for the day, so Pippi and Sweetie Belle decide to introduce her to their parents. Mixed Bizness by Beck,
Mr. Bojangles by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Fireflies By Pinkie Pie, Pippi and The Apple Family
5 Shipwrecked Pippi While on a cruise, Pippi and CMC fall overboard and wind up marooned on a desert island, and must work to survive until they can be rescued. Wonderfall by The Mike Flowers Pops,
Duelling Banjos by Banjo Troubadours
Footloose By Pinkie Pie
6 Fire At Apple's A fire breaks out in the Apple's House, forcing Applejack and her friends to temporarily relocate to other towns, all the while wondering how the fire even started. Buddy Holly by Weezer,
Roll to Me by Del Amitri
Fraggle Rock Theme (Under the title name "The CMC Song") By CMC
7 Pranks For Nothing Adagio Dazzle and the Dazzilngs have their annual prank war in the house, but when it begins to interfere with business, they must resist the urge to continue pranking each other, or else Pippi will fire them. Little Bitty Pretty One by the Jackson 5,
Jungle Rock by Hank Mizell
The Freeze Game by Pippi and Pinkie Pie
8 All About That Bass When Plum Puddin gets a new bass guitar and shows it off to Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and MarshE Mallow, they invite him to join Pippi & The Kids as their bass player. Bang Your Drum by Dead Man Fall,
Big Sur by The Thrills
Get Down On It By Pippi & The Kids
9 Berry & Cherry After a few encounters with Pippi, Berry and Cherry Pie realizes that he's in love with her, and decides that it's time to tell her how he feels about her. What a Fool Believes by Self,
Catch My Disease by Ben Lee
Get Ready to Wiggle By The Mane Six and CMC
10 Parents Day It's Parents Day in Canterlot City, and Twilight Sparkle's parents fail to show up, much to her sadness. The Underdog by Spoon,
Express Yourself by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Give Your Heart a Break by Silver Spoon
11 Spike Devastation When Spike gets hit by a car while chasing a ball, Pippi must deal with what has happened to her precious pet dog. New Sensation by INXS,
99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger
Hickory Dickory Dock by Pinkie Pie
12 Zuma's Water Wearyness After getting hurt while on a mission, Rainbow Dash develops a fear of swimming, so Pippi must help her best friend overcome this fear so that he can take back his place as the The Mane Six's water rescue girl. Heroes and Villains by Brian Wilson,
Do The Conga performed by Black Lace
Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Applebloom
13 Queen Pinkie When the Presisent goes away on a vacation, he needs someone to rule the Canterlot City in his absence, so he reluctantly appoints Pinkie Pie as queen of the Canterlot City, and it doesn't take long for the power to go to her head. Who Put the Bomp by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes,
Majestic by Wax Fang
Hit The Lights by Cutie Mark Crusaders

Season 8

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 Pepper Sneezes What happens when the Pippi and the CMC need to sneeze after an unfortunate encounter with pepper? One thing's for sure, though: it's definitely something to sneeze at! Take On Me by A-ha,
World of Our Own by Westlife
(A Monster Went and) Ate My Red Two By CMC
2 What Makes You Hic Pippi and Pinkie Pie try to cure Twilight's hiccups. Poison By Alice Cooper,
Donne By Zucchero & The Randy Jackson Band
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You By Twilight
3 Stand Back Pinkie Pie, I'm Going to Sneeze Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and Pinkie Pie read and reenact the hilarious and intriguing story of an elephant needing to sneeze while his animal friends try to convince him not to. Never Ever by All Saints,
Hold On by Wilson Phillips
867-5309 By Sugercoat and Sliver Spoon
4 Dot and Dust Maybe Pinkie Pie should have picked something else to clean off than a dusty book. Chiquitita by ABBA,
Waterloo by ABBA
A Little Grouch Music By Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Rainbow Dash
5 Pinkie Pie's Not So Peaceful Walk Pinkie Pie just wants to go on a nice walk before meeting up with her friends. The only problem, however, involves a rather persistent tickle in her nose... What's Up? by 4 Non Blondes,
Gimme All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top
Achy Breaky Song By Sweetie Belle
6 Summer in Carlenlot City Applejack's sister Applebloom visits San Bernardino for the summer. He doesn't think he will enjoy his time, but soon discovers the magical fun of San Bernardino. I Heard a Rumour by Bananarama,
I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) by Whitney Houston
All Over the World By Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and CMC
7 Red White n' Blue Day Little Memorial Day fluff expresses on the kids' special uses and values. Cruel Summer by Bananarama,
Hold On by Wilson Phillips
Bachelor Boy by The Apple Family
8 All About That Bass When Plum Puddin gets a new bass guitar and shows it off to Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and MarshE Mallow, they invite him to join Pippi & The Kids as their bass player. Bang Your Drum by Dead Man Fall,
Big Sur by The Thrills
Get Down On It By Pippi & The Kids
9 Stand By Me Once Pippi first met Twilight and fell in love while Rainbow Dash is worried, so he finds a way to get Twilight back. Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3,
New Moon Rising by Wolfmother
Bein' Green By Sweetie Belle
10 Ni Hao to the Pippi, Sliver Spoon! Even with living the life of crime and against the government, Sliver Spoon and her friends won't let anything stop them. Even if they are welcomed members of the Pippi. Follow Sliver Spoon and her many friends as they try and survive in this new way of life and hope that they will be treated with respect amongst others. Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson,
Pancho and Lefty by Willie Nelson
Billie Jean by Sweetie Belle
11 The Real Swiper Pinkie Pie wonders why Swiper sided with the treasure hunters. I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me by Annie,
I Got It From My Mama by
Carbon Paper by Twilight
12 Finding Applebloom's Computer Ever noticed how the Applebloom show is much like a computer game, complete with a mouse cursor that clicks on things? No Secrets by The Angels,
Brick House performed by The Commodores
Cheeseburger in Paradise by Starlight
13 Tommika Love Story The story about how the romance between Tommy and Annika blossomed. I Want to Break Free performed by Queen,
Needle In A Haystack by The Velvelettes
Cartoons Song by Pippi, Tommy, and Annika

Season 9

Episode Number Title Sypnosis Songs Closing Songs
1 Pippi in Pittsburgh Pippi and his family goes to Pittsburgh to meet Cotton Candy Ann. Barbie Girl By Aqua,
Love Is All Around By Wet Wet Wet
Food, Glorious Food By CMC
2 Republic of Make Believe Pippi and them over throw the government of San Bernardino set up a republic. Dancing Queen By ABBA,
Voulez-Vous By ABBA
Where Is Love? By Pippi
3 San Bernardino Nightmare Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and Pinkie Pie has a Nightmare he gets Drunk and steals a Footballs from every Quarterback in the NFL. Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler,
It's Raining Men by The Weather Girls
There Must Be Something More By Annika
4 Pippi Tiger gets Grounded Pippi breaks an old mirror. Gets grounded. Love in the First Degree by Bananarama,
Swear It Again by Westlife
Chin Up! By Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and CMC
5 Pippi's Fire Drill Pippi and the five friends from CMC's school go through a fire drill, they're first one with real fire alarms. Jai Ho by A. R. Rahman feat. The Pussycat Dolls,
Feels Like Woah by Wes Carr
Zuckerman's Famous Pig By Pippi
6 CMC's New Babysitter CMC's cousin Furry Heart babysits the little girl. Good Time by Alan Jackson,
You're Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins
Big Fish Little Fish By Pippi, Tommy, Annika, and CMC
7 Tiara Says Goodbye N/A When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne,
Perfect by Vanessa Amorosi
Act English by The Apple Family
8 How My Imaginary Friends Helped Pippi All Kids wanted was a normal life. But after his unborn sister and his grandpa's funeral, his life wasn't the same since he now has autism. Everything changed on a rainy day, when my friends help him. You're the First, the Last, My Everything by Barry White,
I'm Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston
I Still Believe (Disney song) By Pippi & The Kids
9 Tommy Has Autism N/A Easy by The Commodores,
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone by The Temptations
Bein' Green By Sweetie Belle
10 Ni Hao to the Pippi, Sliver Spoon! Even with living the life of crime and against the government, Sliver Spoon and her friends won't let anything stop them. Even if they are welcomed members of the Pippi. Follow Sliver Spoon and her many friends as they try and survive in this new way of life and hope that they will be treated with respect amongst others. Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson,
Pancho and Lefty by Willie Nelson
Billie Jean by Sweetie Belle
11 Life In A Circus: The Family's Story Family went through in The Name Six? Well, you're about to see how one elephant had and lost her son, how the circus fell apart, and what she did in retirement. Fallin by Alicia Keys,
I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffany
Pineapple Princess by The Mane Six
12 How Cherry Met Pippi And Friends When Cherry and Twisty came to the city? What happened next would change everything Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down,
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) performed by Whitney Houston
Brother John by Applebloom
13 Annika Has Autism Ever wonder what Tails would be like if he had autism, well this story should show what happens and how he experienced a tragedy. Lonely performed by Akon,
Switch It On by Will Young
What a Cute Little Hand (Que Linda Manita) by Annika
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