Here are a list of episodes in Multiverse X. each season has 27 episodes.

List of episodes

Season 1

  1. Welcome to the Multiverse! - Cyro finds herself in a mysterious city-like universe referred as the "Multiverse". When a mysterious villain is on the loose, Cyro teams up with Kirby, Spyro, Blythe Baxter and the Totally Spies to save the day!
  2. Xiaolin Chronicles, Yeah Right - Kimiko, Raimundo, Clay and Omi teams up with the Multiverse gang to save the day from a villain who is unknown.
  3. The Very Usual Suspects - When Cyro's gloves are mysteriously stolen, they have to find out on who stole the gloves.
  4. Rippen the Evil - Rippen kidnaps Cyro's siblings and kept them in hostage
  5. Hot vs. Cold - Flame Princess and Cyro faces off the Ice King and she joins with the toons to save the day!
  6. Peridot! - When Korra faces off the most evilest Peridot, it's up to Cyro to save the day along with her toon pals!
  7. Hex, Lies and Jinx - Jinx is attacking Jump City senseless.
  8. Comic Relief Disbelief - Cyro can't stand the butt of jokes of Grim Gloom so she decided to confront him
  9. Shana, The Another World - Shana from the anime, Shakugan No Shana appears and pays a little visit to Tiriel and Sorath on what they've done to poor Marco Diaz.
  10. Star Butterfly, The New Girl in Town! - Star Butterfly comes to Multiverse, a city-like parallel universe with fictional characters.
  11. New Girl on the Blocks - Alyson Levinson is a headstrong girl who protects others from the darkest evil. She befriends a group of home-schooled girls Pacifica became the leader of. When Mandark captures Pacifica, Alyson has to save her along with the gang.
  12. The Ghost of Esther - Alyson, Raelynn and Aimee are haunted by the ghostly spirit of the dead aunt, Esther Levinson and their mother, Melissa has to overcome their fears of ghosts. Cyro and the gang go on paranormal investigations to communicate the ghost girl.
  13. Eight Crazy Halloween Nights - Cyro and her friends celebrate Halloween until Hildy Gloom unleashes the dead.
  14. Switchin' Bodies - An evil sorceress uses a spell to swap Cyro and Dee Dee's, Dexter and Bolin's, Steven and Flapjack's and Mordecai and Kirito's bodies and Cyro and the other guys thinks their voice are "swapped".
  15. Who Ever Believes in Ghosts? - Cyro and her family goes inside a haunted house, where she finds Kimmy Rosethorn, a 23-year-old ghost and Casper, a friendly ghost to help save Kat Harvey, Poil and Spooky from Carrigan Crittenden.
  16. Penn Animal - Thanks to Raven's take in her animal spell, Penn Zero was changed into a cheetah, so it's up to Blythe, Kirby and Alyson to turn him back into a human.
  17. Clarence - Clarence joins the gang.
  18. Good Morning! - Uncle Grandpa moves his RV to a new town with a lot of the Cartoons live and becomes a member of a gang.
  19. Memories - After Blythe's unexpected memory of all her human friends and pet friends being killed by Rippen, she became upset and heartbroken.
  20. The Amazing World of Gumball.....and Blythe? - Blythe meets Gumball and Anais.
  21. My Crush, Penn Zero - Cyro, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa and Richard must not tell Penn Zero that Blythe has a crush on him.
  22. Gift - Gumball buys a present for Anais, but ends up being captured by Rippen.
  23. Meeting Olaf - Olaf moves to Multiverse and joins the Multiverse gang.
  24. The Good Ol' Friend - Rigby finally moves to Multiverse.
  25. The Skylanders - The Skylanders moves to the multiverse, but they discover Kaos moved there too.
  26. Inferno Extinction - Blythe thinks the humans will be extinct after mishearing that there will be Global Warming.
  27. Rippen's Castle - Cyro and her friends visit Rippen's castle to defeat Rippen and his evil minions

Season 2

  1. Meet Batman - In this second season opener, Blythe and Cyro stumbles across Batman, whom became friends with and they stop Joker
  2. Spirit Investigators on the Roll - Amethyst joins a paranormal investigating group lead by Cyro so they could investigate for the haunted Levinson house haunted by the ghost known as Esther Levinson.
  3. The Blythe, The Bad and The Minions - With Cyro gone to a day-long mission, Blythe meets the Minions, who moved to Multverse, and they have fun adventures until Rippen captures the Minions.
  4. Inside Out of Cyro's Mind - Having a adventure when Cyro caught a flu, they meet Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness!
  5. Blythe's Sad Day - Blythe was acting sad, and it's,up to Penn, Uncle Grandpa and Cyro to find out why.
  6. The Codename: Multiverse - The Multiverse Gang meets the Codename Kid Next Door.
  7. Secretary After Midnight - When the Secretary of Night returns and steal the Cloak of Dreams from the Queen of Night.

Season 3

  1. Who's the Anti-Heroez? - In the two-part 3rd season opener, Cyro meet Marcus Banks, who is from an alternate universe, who wants her help to stop the new threat.
  2. Rize of Darkness - The new threat, Darkness, wants to take over all the multiverse, and Marcus aka Iron Patriot, told Cyro that she's the key to stop him.
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