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This is a list of episodes for the American hand puppetry shock comedy webseries, Mia Stories, which began airing on April 29, 2017. It has been renewed for seasons 2 and 3, and a poll on The CC APP, which airs the episodes, is looking into the audience's opinion on a season 4. 49% of respondents have agreed to a fourth season. The poll ended on June 23, 2017, with only 49% respondents agreeing. Due to the "50%+ agreement" deal, the season will not be picked up and the third season will be its last.

The show aired the season 1 finale on June 15, 2017 with the TV movie, A Mia Movie: The Mia Stories Movie. The second season premiered the next day, on June 16, 2017, with a 3-episode premiere. The second season aired its season finale on July 14, 2017.

On June 28, 2017, the show went on a hiatus. On July 5, 2017, a single episode aired. A week later, on July 12, 2017, the show continued its normal schedule. Season 3 premiered with 5 episodes on July 15, 2017, and is expected to end "before August", as creator Kenneth Dumont announced. The series finale, The Way to LA: A Mia Stories Series Finale, premiered on July 29, 2017. Overall, the show aired 3 complete seasons, 104 episodes, and 248 segments. The show is not over, though, as a 2-episode spin-off called Mia's Days in LA, details Mia and Edben's new life in LA. It premiered on August 2, 2017. A reboot to air on the official The CC (Cartoon Comedy) channel, branded as Mia Tales, was scheduled for a May 31, 2019 air date, but was promptly shelved on May 11, 2018, for unknown reasons, before airing a single episode.

Series overview

Season Episodes Segments Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 40 108 April 29, 2017 June 15, 2017
2 39 97 June 16, 2017 July 14, 2017
3 25 43 July 15, 2017 July 29, 2017
Spin-off 2 4 August 2, 2017
Reboot 13 Unaired

Season 1 (2017)

Main article: Mia Stories (season 1)

  • All episodes are written by creator Kenneth Dumont.
  • Episodes debut weekly on the app. Recently, it has been daily.
No. Title Directed by Air Date
1a "Mia's Birthday" Kenneth Dumont April 29, 2017
1b "Piss Tay" Kenneth Dumont April 29, 2017
1c "Mia and Her Grandmother" Annie Oh April 29, 2017
2a "Ruby Likes Jackson" Poppy Livingston May 6, 2017
2b "Mia and the Cookie Factory" Ingrid Gibbons May 6, 2017
3a "John and the Anime" Ingrid Gibbons May 7, 2017
3b "Attack of the Forsyth" Diane Reed May 7, 2017
3c "Eileen and the Sports" Ursula Reynolds May 7, 2017
4a "Mia Likes the New Teacher" Annie Oh May 27, 2017
4b "Back to the Miature" Kenneth Dumont May 27, 2017
4c "Jacob Sartorius at Oakwood" Jason Muto May 27, 2017
5a "The Last Day of School Detention Special" Kenneth Dumont May 28, 2017
5b "Mia and the Pool Shark" Poppy Livingston May 28, 2017
5c "Mia Visits a 70s Lesbian Porn Star" Kenneth Dumont May 28, 2017
6 "13 Reasons Mia" Annie Oh May 29, 2017
7a "Tom Comes Back" Ingrid Gibbons May 29, 2017
7b "John and the Lunch" Jason Muto May 29, 2017
7c "Eileen and Mila" Jason Muto May 29, 2017
8a "Something Better Than Cookies" Poppy Livingston May 30, 2017
8b "Mia and the Disneyland Trip Gone Wrong" Grekk May 30, 2017
8c "A Christmia Carol" Annie Oh May 30, 2017
9a "Mia and the Spelling Disaster" Annie Oh June 1, 2017
9b "The Cookie Commercial" Ursula Reynolds June 1, 2017
9c "Ruby Has the Hots for the Principal" Grekk June 1, 2017
10a "John and the English Class" Jason Muto June 1, 2017
10b "The Musical Episode" Grekk June 1, 2017
10c "Tracy West" Poppy Livingston June 1, 2017
11a "The Oakwood Untalented Show" Poppy Livingston June 2, 2017
11b "Mia and the Unamused Park" Poppy Livingston June 2, 2017
11c "John and the Library" Jason Muto June 2, 2017
12a "Mia in: No, Diego, No!" Kenneth Dumont June 2, 2017
12b "The Principal Makes a Bunch of Dumb Rules" Amy O'brien June 2, 2017
12c "Mia and the Birds and the Bees" Annie Oh June 2, 2017
13a "Mia and the Ghetto Lunch Lady" Fatima Mataraci June 3, 2017
13b "Mia and Mia and Mia and Mio" Fatima Mataraci June 3, 2017
13c "When Eileen Bells Toll" Ingrid Gibbons June 3, 2017
14a "Mia and the Cookie Fan Club" Grekk June 3, 2017
14b "M.I.A. Titanium"
"Cruisin' the Titanium"
Kenneth Dumont June 3, 2017
14c "Mia's Schooled Halloween" Annie Oh June 3, 2017
15a "Mia's Idea" Ingrid Gibbons June 4, 2017
15b "Flames of Love" Poppy Livingston June 4, 2017
15c "Mia and the Cool Kids" Diane Reed June 4, 2017
16a "Mia and the Golden Cookie" Fenton Cole June 4, 2017
16b "John and the Recess" Kenneth Dumont June 4, 2017
16c "Foody for Eileen" Diane Reed June 4, 2017
17a "The Principal Gets a Date" Grekk June 5, 2017
17b "A Kidnapped Ruby" Poppy Livingston June 5, 2017
17c "EI13EN"
"Eileen 13"
Annie Oh June 5, 2017
18a "Get a Job, Boi!" Fatima Mataraci June 5, 2017
18b "The Principal and the Janitor in: Alone Fun Time" Kenneth Dumont June 5, 2017
18c "Ruby's Career Day" Ingrid Gibbons June 5, 2017
19a "The Ruby Look-Alike Who Looks a Lot Like Ruby" Bubba Guiana June 6, 2017
19b "The Janitor Breaks Up With the Principal" Bubba Guiana June 6, 2017
19c "Oakwood On Air" Bubba Guiana June 6, 2017
20 "Momma Cumma Dies" Ingrid Gibbons June 6, 2017
21a "Eileen and Ruby Adopt a Kid" Poppy Livingston June 6, 2017
21b "Eileen and the Dinner Ritual" Poppy Livingston June 6, 2017
22a "Eileen Visits Mila in Prison" Donald Fairbanks June 7, 2017
22b "Mia and Ruby's Sleepover" Amy O'brien June 7, 2017
22c "The Principal and the Principal From Cypress Grove Meet" Ingrid Gibbons June 7, 2017
23 "Cypress vs. Oakwood" Grekk June 7, 2017
24a "Mia and the Thanksgiving Turkey That Came to Life" Kenneth Dumont June 7, 2017
24b "Mrs. Forsyth in: After School" Poppy Livingston June 7, 2017
24c "Amber" Fatima Mataraci June 7, 2017
25a "The Principal and Esmeralda's Relationship" Kenneth Dumont June 9, 2017
25b "Eileen and His Kid" Ingrid Gibbons June 9, 2017
25c "John and the Group Project" Annie Oh June 9, 2017
26a "The Principal in: Sick Day" Lorelai Mumford June 9, 2017
26b "Mia and the Cookie Restaurant" Lorelai Mumford June 9, 2017
26c "Rosie and the Anime Forbidden" Lorelai Mumford June 9, 2017
27a "The Janitor Gets Fired" Fenton Cole June 10, 2017
27b "Ruby Uncovers a Conspiracy About Fast Food" Ingrid Gibbons June 10, 2017
27c "Mia in: Knocked-Out Maleni" Diane Reed June 10, 2017
28a "Mia at the Movies" Grekk June 10, 2017
28b "Mia and the Triggered SJWs" Ursula Reynolds June 10, 2017
28c "Ruby and the Late-Night Disturbance" Jason Muto June 10, 2017
29a "The Principal Who Was Killed After All" Lester Gomez June 11, 2017
29b "Murder Miastery" Amy O'brien June 11, 2017
29c "Mia and the TV Fight" Jason Muto June 11, 2017
30a "Mia Goes to Ceil Store" Grekk June 12, 2017
30b "Mia and the Specials Class" Jason Muto June 12, 2017
30c "Mia and Mima" Jason Muto June 12, 2017
31a "Billy Langley in: Daycare Despair" Kenneth Dumont June 12, 2017
31b "How Mia Was Born" Fatima Mataraci June 12, 2017
31c "Mia and the Forgotten Porn Collection" Lester Gomez June 12, 2017
32a "The Ghetto Lunch Lady Serves Expired Lunch" Bubba Guiana June 13, 2017
32b "Grief on the Principal" Donald Fairbanks June 13, 2017
32c "Mia in: Fuck Maleni's Ballet" Annie Oh June 13, 2017
33a "Mia's Miasic Video" Annie Oh June 13, 2017
33b "Mia's Spiral of Viral" Kenneth Dumont June 13, 2017
33c "Ruby in: Jerkin' and Workin' Out" Poppy Livingston June 13, 2017
34a "John Runs For His Life" Grekk June 13, 2017
34b "Flames of Love 2" Lester Gomez June 13, 2017
34c "The Agonizing Asparagus!" Fatima Mataraci June 13, 2017
35a "Momma Cumma and the Retirement Home" Donald Fairbanks June 13, 2017
35b "Mia and the Cookies Gone" Bubba Guiana June 13, 2017
35c "Last Days of Momma Cumma" Kenneth Dumont June 13, 2017
36a "Mia and the Mini Prom" Poppy Livingston June 14, 2017
36b "Ruby and Eileein in: Kissing, Interrupted" Ursula Reynolds June 14, 2017
36c "Mia's Dad Does a Favor For Her" Fenton Cole June 14, 2017
37a "Mia Goes to a Garage Sale" Diane Reed June 14, 2017
37b "John and the Theatre" Fatima Mataraci June 14, 2017
37c "Eileen and the Indian Chores" Jason Muto June 14, 2017
38a "Esmeralda Finds Love Again" Kenneth Dumont June 14, 2017
38b "Mia and No More Lesbian Porn?!" Grekk June 14, 2017
38c "Rosie Meets John's Parents" Annie Oh June 14, 2017
39-40 "A Mia Movie: The Mia Stories Movie" Various June 15, 2017

Season 2 (2017)

Main article: Mia Stories (season 2)
A second season was announced on May 10, 2017, with 39 episodes and 97 segments announced for said season. It was to be the last season before the show gets rebooted in 2019, but a third season ended that status. The season premiered on June 16, 2017.

No. Title Directed by Air Date
41a "Mia Goes Camp" Miriam Northrop June 16, 2017
41b "Mia In Trouble" Lester Gomez June 16, 2017
41c "Billy Langley's New Friend" Grekk June 16, 2017
42a "The Mrs. Villarreal and Mila Team-Up" Ingrid Gibbons June 16, 2017
42b "John and the Poem" Ingrid Gibbons June 16, 2017
42c "Mia Visits the Doctor" Annie Oh June 16, 2017
43a "Ruby and Eileen's Movie Night" Grekk June 16, 2017
43b "Mia and Maleni Bond Over Bond" Diane Reed June 16, 2017
43c "Momma Cumma's House Cleaning" Fenton Cole June 16, 2017
44a "Mia and the Cookie Pet" Ingrid Gibbons June 18, 2017
44b "Billy Langley's Birthday Cheeks" Kenneth Dumont June 18, 2017
44c "Rosie Goes to Anime Con" Poppy Livingston June 18, 2017
45a "Mia Starts a Cookie Band" Annie Oh June 18, 2017
45b "Miss Kinky's Class" Grekk June 18, 2017
45c "Billy Langley's Bath Cheeks" Lester Gomez June 18, 2017
46a "Mia's Cookie Fanfiction" Ursula Reynolds June 18, 2017
46b "Mia and Maleni in: Getting Diego" Lester Gomez June 18, 2017
46c "Miss Kinky's Porn Tape: Part One" Jason Muto June 18, 2017
47a "A Mia and Her Dog" Ingrid Gibbons June 19, 2017
47b "Billy Langley's Parent Cheeks" Ingrid Gibbons June 19, 2017
47c "John and the John" Poppy Livingston June 19, 2017
48a "Esmeralda and the (Vice) Principal's D-d-date!!! Kenneth Dumont June 19, 2017
48b "Mia in: Replacing Maleni" Grekk June 19, 2017
48c "Mia Uses Cookie In Everything" Annie Oh June 19, 2017
49a "Billy Langley's First Day of School Cheeks" Ursula Reynolds June 19, 2017
49b "Esmeralda Cannot Get The Principal Out Of Her Mind" Poppy Livingston June 19, 2017
49c "Diamond" Poppy Livingston June 19, 2017
50a "Soap Miapera" Kenneth Dumont June 20, 2017
50b "Mia Makes a Religion Out of Cookies" Lester Gomez June 20, 2017
50c "John Doe" Bubba Guiana June 20, 2017
51a "Billy Langley's Blocky Cheeks" Lorelai Mumford June 20, 2017
51b "Mia and the Locker Share Scare" Grekk June 20, 2017
51c "Mia and Rosie Share A Love of Anime" Ingrid Gibbons June 20, 2017
52a "Get the London Look, Like Mi(m)a Villa(falsa)rreal" Grekk June 20, 2017
52b "Informiarcials" Kenneth Dumont June 20, 2017
52c "Billy Langley's Dinner Cheeks" Kenneth Dumont June 20, 2017
53 "Mia and the Meaning of Her Life" Ingrid Gibbons June 22, 2017
54a "Mia in: Maleninapped" Lorelai Mumford June 22, 2017
54b "Mr. Villarreal Falls in Sith Love" Jason Muto June 22, 2017
54c "Billy Langley's Hateful Cheeks" Grekk June 22, 2017
55a "John and the Reconnection" Annie Oh June 22, 2017
55b "Eileen's Hentai A-dick-tion" Ursula Reynolds June 22, 2017
55c "The Villarrealshank Redemption" Poppy Livingston June 22, 2017
56a "The Principal of Hell" Miriam Northrop June 22, 2017
56b "Maleni Teaches Mia the Art of Ballet" Lester Gomez June 22, 2017
56c "Mia and the Chore Whore" Anthony Gilligan June 22, 2017
57 "Hostile Hospital" Fitzpatrick Sinclair June 23, 2017
58a "Mia's Cookie Boyfriend" William Ebert June 23, 2017
58b "Mia Goes to the Mental Asylum" Timothy Lane June 23, 2017
59a "Mia's Sculpting of Porning" Fatima Mataraci June 23, 2017
59b "A Touching Class" Lorelai Mumford June 23, 2017
59c "Mia's Computer Ass" Fenton Cole June 23, 2017
60a "The Principal's Many Deeds" Diane Reed June 24, 2017
60b "Mia Puts Her Cookie Dress On for School" Fatima Mataraci June 24, 2017
60c "Billy Langley's Brother Cheeks" Ingrid Gibbons June 24, 2017
61a "The Principal and the Vice Principal" Kenneth Dumont June 24, 2017
61b "Alexis From Texas" Annie Oh June 24, 2017
61c "How To Cure Doug's Depression. It's That Easy!" Amy O'brien June 24, 2017
62a "Baby Driver" Poppy Livingston June 25, 2017
62b "Mia and the Porn Rehab" Fitzpatrick Sinclair June 25, 2017
63a "Doug Has No Friends" Grekk June 26, 2017
63b "Mia and Her Big Sister" William Ebert June 26, 2017
63c "May" Jason Muto June 26, 2017
64a "Alexis and the Public Puberty" Fatima Mataraci June 26, 2017
64b "Mia Be Field Trippin'" Diane Reed June 26, 2017
64c "Candid Camiara" Kenneth Dumont June 26, 2017
65 "The Flames of Love Sweepstakes Come at a Price" Annie Oh June 26, 2017
66a "Talkity Talk Talk With Mia Villarreal" Lorelai Mumford June 27, 2017
66b "Mia and Ruby Go to Starbucks" Poppy Livingston June 27, 2017
66c "Mia's Public Display of Humiliation" William Ebert June 27, 2017
67a "John and the Snacks" Lester Gomez June 27, 2017
67b "Corpse Robbing for Dumb-Mias" (Part 1) Anthony Gilligan June 27, 2017
67c "Momma Cumma x Mr. Villarreal" (Part 2) Bubba Guiana June 27, 2017
68a "Billy Langley's Mind World Cheeks" Ingrid Gibbons June 27, 2017
68b "The World, But Upside Down" Timothy Lane June 27, 2017
68c "Maleni Is Basically Mia 2.0" Jason Muto June 27, 2017
69a "4th of You-Die" Poppy Livingston July 5, 2017
69b "Mom-and-Daughter Affair" Pamela Atkins July 5, 2017
70a "Things Get Villa-Real" Fatima Mataraci July 12, 2017
70b "Billy Langley's Eileen's Parent's Cheeks" Bubba Guiana July 12, 2017
71a "Mutation Digestion" Diane Reed July 12, 2017
71b "Mia Villarreal Vs. the Tabloids" Fenton Cole July 13, 2017
72a "Momma Cumma Makes Mia Her 'Chore Whore'" Grekk July 13, 2017
72b "My Wife Won't Let Me Join Her Twosome With Her Step-Daughter!" Poppy Livingston July 13, 2017
73a "John's Touch of the Violin" Kenneth Dumont July 13, 2017
73b "Wake Up In the Miarning" Amy O'brien July 13, 2017
74a "Teachers' Lounge" Lorelai Mumford July 13, 2017
74b "Where In the World Is Mr. Villarreal's Asparagus?" Fenton Cole July 13, 2017
75a "Mia and the Time Capsule" Grekk July 13, 2017
75b "The Great Porn Magazine Robbery" Ingrid Gibbons July 13, 2017
76a "Mia's Back-to-School Shopping Supreme" Pamela Atkins July 13, 2017
76b "Guess That State!" William Ebert July 13, 2017
77a "Maleni Gets No Cookies" Grekk July 13, 2017
77b "Mr. Villarreal's Condom-Mission!" Fatima Mataraci July 13, 2017
78a "Mia's Bathroom Lock-In Emergency" Miriam Northrop July 13, 2017
78b "Diary of a Valery" Lester Gomez July 13, 2017
79 "Mia's Friends From College" Kenneth Dumont July 14, 2017

Season 3 (2017)

Main article: Mia Stories (season 3)
A third and last season of 26 episodes and 52 segments (decreased to 25 episodes and 43 segments due to the season 4 cancellation) was announced along with seasons 1 and 2 extended episode orders. The series finale will focus on Mia's move into Los Angeles. It aired on July 29, 2017, to a staggering 321,899 viewers.

The season premiered on July 15, 2017, with a 5-episode premiere. This is the first season in which each episode will equal 2 segments instead of 3 segments like from season 1 to midway through season 2.

No. Title Directed by Air Date
80a "Mia and the Stripper Bus" Lorelai Mumford July 15, 2017
80b "The Budget Cut Cutting" Donald Fairbanks July 15, 2017
81 "Billy Langley's Salvation Cheeks" Pamela Atkins July 15, 2017
82a "Genie in a Cookie Packet" Lester Gomez July 15, 2017
82b "Billy Langley's Sister Cheeks" Donald Fairbanks July 15, 2017
83 "John and the Poet" Ingrid Gibbons July 15, 2017
84a "Fapping 101 From a Clueless Dad" Ingrid Gibbons July 15, 2017
84b "Mia No Wiping!" Grekk July 15, 2017
85a "Rosie's Notebook" Kenneth Dumont July 17, 2017
85b "Mia and the Bad Hair Day" Anthony Gilligan July 17, 2017
86a "Diary of a Valery 2: Diary of a Kinky Kid" Poppy Livingston July 17, 2017
86b "Billy Langley's Vegetable Cheeks" Amy O'brien July 17, 2017
87a "8 Complex Rules For Kissing My Kid" Fatima Mataraci July 17, 2017
87b "2 Kids With 2 Kids" Miriam Northrop July 17, 2017
88a "Aren't You The New Black?" Donald Fairbanks July 17, 2017
88b "Mrs. Forsyth Causes a Fart Fire" Annie Oh July 17, 2017
89 "Mia's Lesbian Porn Watch: Origins" Kenneth Dumont July 24, 2017
90 "Mia's the Man" Patricia Tambor July 24, 2017
91a "A Look Into Mia's Future" Fitzpatrick Sinclair July 24, 2017
91b "Diary of a Valery 3: Shower" Fatima Mataraci July 24, 2017
92a "Mia's Got Talent" Grekk July 24, 2017
92b "Scavenging the Asparagus Hunt" Poppy Livingston July 24, 2017
93a "The Principal Meets the Principal of AMCMS" Amy O'brien July 24, 2017
93b "John and the Tuesday Night Family Bonding Time" Lorelai Mumford July 24, 2017
94a "Fightin' the Prison: Prison Yard" Ingrid Gibbons July 24, 2017
94b "Mia's a Good Role Model" Wendy Conroy July 24, 2017
95a "That's Hot" Annie Oh July 24, 2017
95b "A̶s̶p̶a̶r̶a̶g̶u̶s̶ Tomato Soup" Miriam Northrop July 24, 2017
96a "Mia's Changing Body" Grekk July 28, 2017
96b "Billy Langley's Attached Cheeks" Donald Fairbanks July 28, 2017
97a "John and the Rose" Pamela Atkins July 28, 2017
97b "Squ-ear Dance" Lester Gomez July 28, 2017
98a "Directed by Mia Villarreal" Anthony Gilligan July 28, 2017
98b "Nature Sucks" William Ebert July 28, 2017
99a "Rosie Changes" Dipper July 28, 2017
99b "Mystery of the Lost Vibrator" Fatima Mataraci July 28, 2017
100 "Apologies From Mia" Kenneth Dumont July 29, 2017
101a "Bring Your Lesbian Daughter to Work Day" Poppy Livingston July 29, 2017
101b "Diary of a Valery 4: The Last Fucking Entry" Calvin MacKenzie July 29, 2017
102a "Billy Langley's Elementary Cheeks" Dipper July 29, 2017
102b "Caught Whore-Handed" Dipper July 29, 2017
103-104 "The Way to LA: A Mia Stories Series Finale" Various July 29, 2017

Mia's Days in LA (2017)

The 2-episode spin-off, titled Mia's Days in LA, details Mia and Edben's new life in LA. It premiered in a single day, August 2, 2017.

No. Title Directed by Air Date
S1a "Mia Has the Hots For the Lifeguard" Kenneth Dumont August 2, 2017
Mia falls in love with a female lifeguard (Dipper), and proceeds to pretend drown so she can get CPR from her. The female lifeguard gives her CPR before leaving her shift with her boyfriend, which disappoints Mia, since the other lifeguard starting his shift is gay.
S1b "Mia and the Delicious Cookienut" Fatima Mataraci August 2, 2017
Mia is on the search for a "cookienut", a coconut which internally contains a cookie. She searches on all of the palm trees at the LA beach, to no avail. She does find it and eats the cookie, and afterwards attempts fellatio with Edben at the ocean. Her mother eavesdrops on this, but seems unfazed.
S2a "Why You Gotta Be So Nude?" Poppy Livingston August 2, 2017
Mia and Edben think that Mrs. Villarreal took them to the wrong beach after finding themselves on a nude beach. Mrs. Villarreal reveals all along that she wanted to go to the nude beach, much to Mia and Edben's horror as Valery strips naked.
S2b "King and Queen of the Sandcastle" Grekk August 2, 2017
Mia and Edben sign up for the annual LA beach sandcastle competition, but Mia lacks at making sandcastles, so Edben kicks her out and signs up Rosie instead. They practice making sandcastles while Mia misunderstands their conversations as flirting or seducing. The day of the competition arrives, and of course, Edben and Rosie win. Mia gets even jealous and is hit by the competition banner while Rosie gives Edben a peck on the cheek.

Shelved season 4

A fourth season was possible with the help of a poll set up to see the audience's opinion, found in the app. 49% of respondents have agreed to a fourth season, but 50%+ of respondents in agreement were needed in order for a season 4 green-lit. The fourth season was never green-lit and instead shelved, making the third season the last. If the poll was successful, this season would have been the last and have 13 eps./39 segs. Due to this, season 3 will have a decreased order of 25 episodes and TBA segments.

Cancelled reboot

On May 10, 2017, a second season was announced for the show, in addition a reboot set to air in 2019. Though details for this reboot were scarce, it had been announced that the show was to be a puppet/CGI-animated hybrid TV series that would retain its shock humor, though this means that the show would have to air late at midnight on Friday nights with a TV-MA rating. 13 x 22 episodes were going to be made before the reboot was abruptly shelved on May 11, 2018 without explanation, before airing a single episode.