This is the episodes containing all of the episodes from Magical Drop. For episodes 1-52, the song to the anime's 1st intro is "The World is Mine" by VOCALOID singer Hatsune Miku, while the 1st ending theme is "Crescent Moon" by KAITO. For episodes 53-71, the song to the 2nd intro during the Dark Priestess saga is "Senbonzakura" by Hatsune Miku, while the 2nd ending theme is "ACUTE" by KAITO, Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka.

List of Episodes

No. Japanese / English Title Japanese Air Date English Air Date
1 She's Here! Her Name is Justice! / Enter the Five Heroes

Kanojo wa koko ni imasu! Kanojo no namae wa jasutisudesu! (彼女はここにいます! 彼女の名前はジャスティスです!)

January 5, 2008 June 19, 2010
Justice, a young Magical Drop warrior is joined along with her allies to rid evil with her own abilities. Her allies except High Priestess and Chariot who are ambushed by Devil and Strength are kidnapped by Tower. Will Justice save them in time?

NOTE: This is the pilot episode for the series premiere.

First Appearance(s): Justice, Star, Chariot, High Priestess, Magician, Fool, Mizuki, Devil, Strength, World, Tower

Boss Villain(s): Tower

2 Where's Star's Voice Gone? The Mystery of Princess Karin / Star's Lost Voice

Sutā no koe wa doko ni ikimashita ka? Purinsesu karin no nazo (スターの声はどこに行きましたか? プリンセス・カリンの謎)

January 12, 2008 June 26, 2010
Devil creates an invention that steals people's voices and he eventually did it on Star who prevents her from singing. Devil then transfers it to an aged Princess named Karin from 50 years ago. Justice and the others will stop at nothing to bring back Star's voice.

First Appearance(s): Vaccor, Karin

Boss Villain(s): Vaccor, Karin

3 Chariot's Grandfather is Dead! King Lion's Wrathful Appearance! / Avenging Grandpa Kurosaki

Chariotto no sofu wa shinde iru! Kinguraion no ikari no yōna gaikan! (チャリオットの祖父は死んでいる! キングライオンの怒りのような外観)

January 19, 2008 July 3, 2010
Chariot's grandfather visits, hoping everyone to make everyone embrace his magical powers. But then, King Lion, who was brainwashed by an unknown woman, suddenly duels Chariot's grandfather. King Lion won the battle by stabbing through his chest with his powerful sword. It is up to Chariot to finish the job by defeating King Lion.

First Appearance(s): King Lion

Boss Villain(s): King Lion

4 High Priestess Unveils a Mystery! The Appearance of Empress! / A Spellbinding Mystery

Haipuriesutesu ga nazo o tokiakasu! Enpuresu no ikari! (ハイプリエステスが謎を解き明かす!エンプレスの怒り!)

January 26, 2008 July 10, 2010
High Priestess gets a call from her author where he is coming to visit her. Chaos erupts when Mizuki (who was now turned traitorous) reveals her true identity as Empress and threatens to combine him and the book named Flopsy into a giant rampaging book monster, trapping Justice and the others inside him where they cannot return. High Priestess' mother appears and tells her that she could not fight without a Magical Drop. High Priestess now transforms into her exorcist form to destroy Fusion Flopsy and rescue the entire group.

First Appearance(s): Flopsy, Empress

Boss Villain(s): Fusion Flopsy

5 The Girl and the Transformed Pig / The Demon Pig

On'nanoko to hentai buta (女の子と変態豚)

February 2, 2008 July 17, 2010
Rini and Piggy were having a picnic with Justice and the others. But when Empress installs a special treat for Rini's pig Piggy, the pig turns into a monster which starts rampaging. Justice and Chariot transform to destroy the monstrous pig, but Rini warns them not to attack her pig. So Rini commands to convince Piggy to stop attacking, while High Priestess creates an antidote to turn Piggy back to normal.

First Appearance(s): Lovers

Boss Villain(s): Monstrous Piggy

6 Magician Makes a Friend / Mind over Magic

Majishan ga tomodachi o tsukuru (マジシャンが友達を作る)

February 9, 2008 July 24, 2010
While practicing his magical skills, Magician discovers there's a beautiful woman who is searching for the jade egg. When Justice and the others travel to the museum they become ambushed by Devil and Strength. Justice and the others transform to fight to rescue the real jade egg so that they can return to the princess. But Empress sets a trap against her and turns her into an evil dragon. Magician transforms to destroy the dragon. In the end, Star explains why Fool left back the real jade egg back at the Magical Museum, while the fake one caused a meltdown against the evil dragon.

NOTE: This episode is like a parodied version of the episode, The Great Egg Heist from Nickelodeon's The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

First Appearance(s): Esmeraude

Boss Villain(s): Jade Dragon

7 Fool and Another Playmate / The Superhero Secret

Fūru to betsu no pureimeito (フールと別のプレイメイト)

February 16, 2008 July 31, 2010
Fool's friend appears and offers to play superhero with him. Empress creates a monster that turns people into Fool-like humanoids. Will Fool and his friend destroy the Humanoid Pod before it turns into a world of Fool-like humanoids?

First Appearance(s): Fool I

Boss Villain(s): Fool Machine

8 Danger! The Hornet Queen Attacks! / Attack of the Killer Insects

Kiken! Hōnettokuīn ga kōgeki! (危険! ホーネットクイーンが攻撃!)

February 23, 2008 August 7, 2010
Justice and her friends go on a bug-watching expedition. As Justice and the others discover many insects, Empress creates a monster that mutates all of the insects. Can Justice and the others destroy the Hornet Queen who was responsible for this mess?

Boss Villain(s): Hornet Queen

9 Enter Black Pierrot... and the Peanut Girls!

Burakkupiero... To pīnattsugāruzu o nyūryoku shite kudasai (ブラックピエロ...とピーナッツガールズを入力してください)

March 1, 2008 August 14, 2010
Justice and the others encounter a dark clown dressed in a jester's suit. The Peanut Girls work together to revive the fallen Tower.

First Appearance(s): Black Pierrot, Peanut Girls

Boss Villain(s): Black Pierrot, Tower

10 Busted! Heroes on Wanted Posters! / The Most Wanted List

Taiho sa reta! Eiyū no boshū posutā! (逮捕された! 英雄の募集ポスター!)

March 8, 2008 August 21, 2010
Justice and her friends run into trouble when they have encountered themselves on each wanted poster. Shinji turns all of Justice's friends to crystallic metal soldiers due to committing an unknown crime. Justice is forced to fight and destroy all of the soldiers and Shinji for good.

First Appearance(s): Shinji

Boss Villain(s): Shinji

11 When There's Smoke... There's Meteors!

Kemuri ga deru toki... Ryūsei ga aru! (煙が出るとき...流星がある!)

March 15, 2008 August 28, 2010
Falling Meteorites concern the gang when Mag Steamer creates meteorites that destroys Magical Land.

First Appearance(s): Mag Steamer

Boss Villain(s): Mega Mag Steamer

12 A Scary Ghost Story! Trapped Within the Haunted House! / One Scary Night

Osoroshī yūrei no monogatari! Obakeyashi ni tojikomerareta! (恐ろしい幽霊の物語! お化け屋敷に閉じ込められた!)

March 22, 2008 October 16, 2010
Justice and her friends are trapped in a scary story when the Pump-King threatens to infiltrate and take over Magical Land.

First Appearance(s): Pump-King

Boss Villain(s): Neo Pump-King

13 It's Christmas in Magical Land! Black Pierrot Kidnaps Santa Claus! / How the Black Pierrot Stole Christmas

Mahō no kuni no kurisumasudesu! Burakkupiero wa santakurōsu o kiddonappu! (魔法の国のクリスマスです! ブラックピエロはサンタクロースをキッドナップ!)

July 5, 2008 November 26, 2010
Justice and her friends celebrate the holidays when Santa approaches Magical Land. But Star warns her that there is no Santa Claus.

NOTE: This episode has aired in Japan during the Christmas in July special on TV Tokyo. While in North America, this episode aired after Thanksgiving on Jetix Revolution.

First Appearance(s): Santa Claus

Boss Villain(s): Empress, Black Pierrot

14 The Old Man in a Cloak, His Name is Hermit! / Hermit's Ambitions

Kakushi-ya no rōjin, kare no namae wa hamittodesu! (隠し屋の老人、彼の名前はハミットです!)

July 12, 2008 January 8, 2011
The group encounters an old man who turns out to be Hermit. Empress summons a monster to crush the entire group, trying to destroy the entire canyon.

First Appearance(s): Hermit, Rocky

Boss Villain(s): Giant Rocky

15 Going Inverted! An Upside-Down Adventure! / The Hanged Man Cometh

Taorete iku! Sakasama shī bōken! (倒れて行く! 逆さましい冒険!)

July 19, 2008 January 15, 2011
Justice and the others visit a digital world when Hanged Man finds out the place is turned upside down.

First Appearance(s): Hanged Man, Gravitrax

Boss Villain(s): Gravitrax

16 An Undersea Adventure! Meet Temperance! / The Goddess of Water

Suichū no bōken! Tenperansu ni aimashou! (水中の冒険! テンペランスに会いましょう!)

July 26, 2008 January 22, 2011
A girl named Temperance discovers a legendary sea creature where it turns out to be a destructive monster by Empress. Can Justice and her friends destroy the sea monster to protect the ocean?

First Appearance(s): Temperance, Octotron

Boss Villain(s): Mega Octotron

17 The Arabian Wonder, Moon / An Endless Night Theory

Arabianwandā, mūn (アラビアンワンダー、ムーン)

August 2, 2008 January 29, 2011
The heroes try to wake up Moon when Shina puts a sleeping spell on her.

First Appearance(s): Moon, Shina

Boss Villain(s): Shina

18 A Mysterious Lady from the Dark Realm! The Wheel of Fortune! / The Arrival of Fortune

Dākurerumu no shinpi-tekina josei! Fōchun no wa! (ダークレルムの神秘的な女性! フォーチュンの輪!)

August 9, 2008 February 5, 2011
A woman from the dark realm threatens to put a curse on Magical Land.

First Appearance(s): Fortune

Boss Villain(s): Fortune

19 Direct from Over the Clouds, It's Judgement! / An Angel Over the Clouds

Kumonoue kara chokusetsu, soreha Jajjimento! (雲の上から直接、それはジャッジメント!)

August 16, 2008 February 12, 2011
A robed woman who visits Magical Land seeks help on Justice and her friends.

First Appearance(s): Judgement

20 The Path to the Power of the SP Evolution

SP shinka no chikara e no michi (SP進化の力への道)

August 23, 2008 February 19, 2011
Justice learns the secret of the SP Evolution.

Boss Villain(s): Dark Hand

21 Justice and the Magical Crystal of Courage / The Hidden Scroll

Jasutisu to yūki no mahō no kesshō (ジャスティスと勇気の魔法の結晶)

August 30, 2008 February 19, 2011
Justice discovers a Magical Crystal of Courage which lets her evolve further to defeat Dark Hand.

Boss Villain(s): Dark Hand

22 Karin Revived! Star's Second Transformation / Same Old Song and Dance

Karin fukkatsu! Sutā no dai 2 no henkan (カリン復活! スターの第2の変換)

September 6, 2008 February 26, 2011
Melvin revives the youth of Karin; Star finds the Magical Crystal of Kindness in a treasure chest.

First Appearance(s): Melvin

Boss Villain(s): Karin

23 Look Out Everyone! Here Comes Daughter Strength! / Strength II Breaks in!

Min'na o mite! Koko ni musume no Sutorengusu ga kuru! (みんなを見て! ここに娘のストレングスが来る!)

September 13, 2008 March 5, 2011
A wild girl wants to join Justice and her allies.

First Appearance(s): Strength II

Boss Villain(s): Strength

24 The Evil King Returns! Chariot Becomes a True Knight! / Revenge of King Lion

Jaakuna ō modori! Chariotto wa shin no kishi ni naru! (邪悪な王戻り!チャリオットは真の騎士になる!)

September 20, 2008 March 12, 2011
King Lion, now transformed as Ultimate Lion threatens to destroy Chariot and his family.

Boss Villain(s): King Lion, Ultimate Lion

25 A Beautiful Transformation! High Priestess vs. The Ultimate Witch Princess / A Witching Approach

Utsukushī henshin! Haipuriesutesu to kyūkyoku no majo no purinsesu (美しい変身!ハイプリエステスと究極の魔女のプリンセス)

September 27, 2008 March 19, 2011
A goth witch seeks help on Karin's defeat; High Priestess must defeat Karin and Melanie, who has paralyzed Star with the help of her mother who has the Magical Crystal of Wisdom.

First Appearance(s): Melanie

Boss Villain(s): Melanie, Karin

26 Magician's Crush! Who is Lita? / The Samurai's Choice

Majishan no kurasshu! Rita wa daredesu ka? (マジシャンのクラッシュ! リタは誰ですか?)

October 4, 2008 March 26, 2011
Magician thinks he has a crush on a beautiful young woman from a Japanese garden; Empress possesses Lita to turn the tide against Magician.

First Appearance(s): Lita

Boss Villain(s): Possessed Lita

27 The Amulet of Evil! Attack on Star's Birthday Party! / The Sacred Possessed Amulet

Aku no omamori! Sutā no tanjōbi pātī ni kōgeki! (悪のお守り! スターの誕生日パーティーに攻撃!)

October 11, 2008 April 2, 2011
Justice and her friends celebrate Star's birthday, but chaos erupts when an unwanted bird possesses an amulet.

First Appearance(s): Shadow Bird

28 The Female Grim Reaper, Death! / A Woman of a Barren Wasteland

Josei no osoroshī shisha, Desu! (女性の恐ろしい死者、デス!)

October 18, 2008 April 9, 2011
Devil meets a mysterious woman who seeks revenge on Justice and the group by luring them into a trap.

First Appearance(s): Death

Boss Villain(s): Tower Soldiers

29 The Phantom Within the Girl's Picture! Melvin's True Identity! / The Mysterious Portrait of Temperance

On'nanoko no shashin no naka no gen'ei! Merubin no shin no aidentiti! (女の子の写真の中の幻影! メルビンの真のアイデンティティ!)

October 25, 2008 April 16, 2011
Hierophant finds a mysterious picture which has trapped a phantom inside.

First Appearance(s): Ghastro

Boss Villain(s): Melvin, Ghastro

30 The Baby is Born! Here Comes the Sun! / The Baby's Arrival

Akachan ga umareru! Koko ni san ga kuru! (赤ちゃんが生まれる! ここにサンが来る!)

January 3, 2009 April 23, 2011
Justice and the other must take care of Sun when she is separated from her mother.

First Appearance(s): Sun

31 Scary Spider Fortress! / The Citadel of Spiders

Osoroshī supaidā no yōsai! (恐ろしいスパイダーの要塞!)

January 10, 2009 April 30, 2011
Justice and the gang enter a walled fortress filled with spiders.

Boss Villain(s): Spider Queen

32 The Computer Hacking Fiend! Watch Out for MAC! / Prisoners of the Pyramid

Konpyūtahakkingufindo! MAC ni kiwotsukero! (コンピュータハッキングフィンド! MACに気をつけろ!)

January 17, 2009 May 7, 2011
Justice and her friends try to rescue two desert princesses from MAC, a computer hacker.

First Appearance(s): MAC, Seryu, Sherri

Boss Villain(s): Super MAC

33 The 2nd Underwater Adventure of a Lifetime! / 20,000 Magical Leagues Under the Sea

Shōgai no dai 2 suichū bōken ​​! (生涯の第2水中冒険!)

January 24, 2009 May 14, 2011
The group try to outrun and defeat Octotron who returns as Metal Octotron.

Boss Villain(s): Metal Octotron

34 Wheel of Fortune's Plan! Attack of the Dark Clone! / A Reclining Mystery

Fōchun no keikaku no hoīru! Dākukurōn no kōgeki! (フォーチュンの計画のホイール! ダーククローンの攻撃!)

January 31, 2009 May 21, 2011
Fortune creates a dark clone out of Justice.

Boss Villain(s): Dark Justice

35 The Palace in the Freezing Cold! A Long Winter Storm! / Panic at the Snowy Palace

Kōritsuku samui kyūden! Nagai fuyu no arashi! (凍りつく寒い宮殿! 長い冬の嵐!)

February 7, 2009 May 28, 2011
Justice and the others except Star become prisoners until Star comes to the rescue to save them in time.

Boss Villain(s): Blizzard Wolf

36 The Haunting of the Ghost! Into the Dark Forest! / Forest of Lost Souls

Yūrei no yūrei! Dākuforesuto e! (幽霊の幽霊! ダークフォレストへ!)

February 14, 2009 June 4, 2011
A Ghost from 10,000 years ago haunts Justice and her friends.

First Appearance(s): Gilda

37 The Powerful Bone Demon Appears! Time for a Deadly Challenge! / Cheap Tricks in the Mist

Kyōryokuna hone no akuma ga arawareru! Chimei-tekina chōsen no jikan! (強力な骨の悪魔が現れる! 致命的な挑戦の時間!)

February 21, 2009 June 11, 2011
A Bone demon plays fearful tricks on Justice and her friends.

First Appearance(s): Zilmar

Boss Villain(s): Zilmar

38 Judgement Captured! Fortune's Ultimate Plan! / Fortune and the Fallen Judgement

Jajjimento ga tora reta! Fōchun no kyūkyoku no keikaku! (ジャッジメント決が取られた!フォーチュン究極の計画!)

February 28, 2009 June 18, 2011
Justice and the others return from the misty mountaintop; Fortune threatens to capture Judgement.
39 Judgement Brainwashed! Magical Land is Cursed! / Judgement Day, Part 1

Jajjimentoburein'u~osshu! Mahō no tochi wa norowa rete iru! (ジャッジメントブレインウォッシュ! 魔法の土地は呪われている!)

March 7, 2009 June 25, 2011
Judgement, now brainwashed by Fortune puts a hex on Magical Land.

Boss Villain(s): Fallen Judgement

40 Defeat the Corrupted Angel! An All-Out Ultimate Clash! / Judgement Day, Part 2

Daten-shi o taosu! Ōruauto no kyūkyoku no kurasshu! (堕天使を倒す! オールアウトの究極のクラッシュ!)

March 7, 2009 June 25, 2011
Justice must confront Judgement who summons an army of monsters.

Boss Villain(s): Fallen Judgement, Berserk Judgement

41 The Alien Overlord Appears! Infiltration of Magical Land! / Urien's True Colors

Eirian'ōbārōdo ga arawaremasu! Mahō no kuni no shin'nyū! (エイリアンオーバーロードが現れます! 魔法の国の侵入!)

June 20, 2009 September 3, 2011
An alien overlord threatens to infiltrate Magical Land.

First Appearance(s): Urien

Boss Villain(s): Urien

42 Black Pierrot's Favorite Creation! Rise of the Float Monster! / Black Pierrot's Fierce Battle

Burakkupiero no sukina sōzō! Furōtomonsutā no tōjō! (ブラックピエロの好きな創造! フロートモンスターの登場!)

June 27, 2009 September 10, 2011
Black Pierrot breaks out of jail and reenacts his evil plan by creating an ultimate float monster to attack Justice and the gang.

Boss Villain(s): Float Monster

43 The Alien Overlord's Dirty Trick! Deal with Uninvited Guests! / Uninvited Guests

Eirian'ōbārōdo no dātitorikku! Shōtai sa rete inai gesuto o atsukau (エイリアンオーバーロードのダーティトリック! 招待されていないゲストを扱う)

July 11, 2009 September 17, 2011
Urien's Alien Minions are summoned to attack Justice and the gang.

First Appearance(s): Alien Minions

Boss Villain(s): Alien Minions

44 Meet the Elite Four! / A Deadly Challenge

Erītofō ni aimashou! (エリートフォーに会いましょう!)

July 18, 2009 September 24, 2011
Justice and her crew conquer many trials that will help defeat Urien and his Alien Overlords.

First Appearance(s): Elite Four Guardians

Boss Villain(s): Elite Four Guardians

45 The Wild Girl's Rigorous Training! / Weight 4 Me!

Wairudo gāru no kibishī torēningu! (ワイルド・ガールの厳しいトレーニング!)

July 29, 2009 October 1, 2011
Strength II wants to train harder so that she can assist Justice and the others in a fight against the Elite Four Guardians.

Boss Villain(s): Elite Four Guardians

46 Make Room for Dessert! The Land of Candy & Cake! / The Sweetest Dream

Dezāto no tame no heya o tsukuru! Kyandī& kēki no kuni! (デザートのための部屋を作る! キャンディー&ケーキの国!)

August 1, 2009 October 8, 2011
Justice and the others enter a world full of sweets.

First Appearance(s): Lumia, Sasami

Boss Villain(s): Cake Monster

47 A Solar Eclipse! The Corrupted Arabian Wonder! / The Desert's Solar Eclipse

Nisshoku! Hason shita Arabia no fushigi! (日食! 破損したアラビアの不思議!)

August 8, 2009 October 15, 2011
A Solar eclipse corrupts Moon and her powers; Justice and the others travel to the desert to find out that the environment has fallen under Moon's control.

Boss Villain(s): Corrupted Moon

48 Lured By the Full Moon! Justice Becomes a Werewolf! / The Shadow of Were-Justice

Mangetsu ni sasowa reta! Jasutisu wa ōkami otoko ni narimasu! (満月に誘われた!ジャスティスは狼男になります!)

August 15, 2009 October 22, 2011
Justice is turned into a Werewolf upon being lured by the full moon of the midnight hour.

Boss Villain(s): Super Strength

49 The Alien Minions Join Forces! Destroy all Heroes! / Alien Minions Assemble

Eirianminion ga kuwawaru! Subete no hīrō o hakai suru! (エイリアンミニオンが加わる! すべてのヒーローを破壊する!)

August 22, 2009 October 29, 2011
Urien and the Alien Minions join forces to destroy Justice and the others.
50 A Little Help from World! Destroy the Ultra Destroyer! / Alien Apocalypse, Part 1

Wārudo no chīsana tasuke! Urutoradesutoroiyā o hakai suru! (ワールドの小さな助け! ウルトラデストロイヤーを破壊する!)

August 22, 2009 October 29, 2011
The Ultra Destroyer threatens to destroy all of Magical Land; Justice and the others go into space and must destroy the Ultra Destroyer.

Boss Villain(s): Ultra Destroyer

51 Final Battle! Defeat the Ultimate Overlord! / Alien Apocalypse, Part 2

Saishū kessen! Kyūkyoku no ōbārōdo o taosu! (最終決戦! 究極のオーバーロードを倒す!)

August 22, 2009 October 29, 2011
Urien and the others combine into one ultimate overlord whom Justice must defeat.

Boss Villain(s): Ultimate Urien

52 Trouble in Magical Land! Empress' Two Servants! / Illusion Confusion

Mahō no kuni no toraburu! En puresu 2-ri no meshitsukai! (魔法の国のトラブル! エンプレス2人の召使い!)

September 26, 2009 January 7, 2012
Empress hires two female servants to attack Justice and her friends. As they continuously battle it out, Devil threatens to kidnap High Priestess and sends her to Empress' Castle for an inspection.

First Appearance(s): Palla, Violetta

Boss Villain(s): Palla, Violetta

53 High Priestess is Captured! The Darkest Enemy Rises! / Birth of the Dark Priestess

Haipuriesutesu ga torae rareta! Mottomo kurai teki ga agaru! (ハイプリエステスが捕らえられた! 最も暗い敵が上がる!)

October 3, 2009 January 14, 2012
Justice and the group try to rescue High Priestess by infiltrating Empress' Castle; High Priestess becomes brainwashed by Fortune and becomes Dark Priestess.

First Appearance(s): Dark Priestess

54 A Mystery Behind Dark Priestess! Time to Make Rigorous Plans! / Fortune's Secret

Dākupuriesutosu no haigo ni aru nazo! Kibishī keikakuwotateru jikan! (ダークプリエストスの背後にある謎! 厳しい計画を立てる時間!)

October 10, 2009 January 21, 2012
Fortune investigates a mystery behind Dark Priestess.
55 A True Identity Revealed! Who is High Priestess' Mother? / An Identity Revealed

Shin no aidentiti ga akiraka ni narimashita! Haipuriesutesu no hahaoya wa daredesu ka? (真のアイデンティティが明らかになりました!ハイプリエステスの母親は誰ですか?)

October 10, 2009 January 28, 2012
High Priestess' mother discovers her true identity; A mysterious woman challenges Shiira to a battle.

First Appearance(s): Shiira, Kari

Boss Villain(s): Kari

56 Mission: Storm the Castle! Save High Priestess! / Raid on Empress' Castle

Misshon: Sutōmu za kyassuru! Haipuriesutesu o sukuu! (ミッション:ストーム・ザ・キャッスル!ハイプリエステスを救う!)

October 17, 2009 February 4, 2012
Justice, Star, Chariot and Magician train faster to bring back High Priestess from Fortune's control.
57 World Battered! A New Puppet Master Appears! / The Attack on World

Wārudo wa abareta! Atarashī papettomasutā ga tōjō! (ワールドは暴れた! 新しいパペットマスターが登場!)

October 24, 2009 February 11, 2012
When Dark Priestess attacks World, it is up to Justice to save her in time.

First Appearance(s): Mindanao

Boss Villain(s): Dark Priestess, Mindanao

58 Defeat the Puppet Master! Work a Miracle, Justice! / Mind Rage

Papettomasutā o taosu! Jasutisu wa gen o kowasu! (パペットマスターを倒す!ジャスティスは弦を壊す!)

November 7, 2009 February 18, 2012
Justice engages in a battle against Mindanao, a puppet master who was responsible for controlling High Priestess.

Boss Villain(s): Dark Priestess, Mindanao

59 A Shocking Trump Card! Dark Priestess Has Transformed! / A Nightmare Evolution

Shokkingutoranpukādo! Dākupuriesutosu wa henshin shimashita! (ショッキングトランプカード! ダークプリエストスは変身しました!)

November 14, 2009 February 25, 2012
Chariot, Star and Magician try to lure Empress' minions into a trap; Justice tries to prevent Dark Priestess from reaching her true form.

Boss Villain(s): Dark Priestess, True Dark Priestess

60 An Encounter with the Mysterious Woman! High Priestess' Shocking Discovery! / Kari Faces a Crisis

Shinpi-tekina josei to no deai! Haipuriesutesu no shokkingudisukabarī! (神秘的な女性との出会い!ハイプリエステスのショッキングディスカバリー!)

November 21, 2009 March 3, 2012
High Priestess encounters Kari who thinks that Dark Priestess has finally vanished.

Boss Villain(s): Kari

61 Mindanao Attacks! Save High Priestess in Time! / Mindanao's Trump Card

Mindanao no kōgeki! Jikan no naka de Haipuriesutesu o sukuu! (ミンダナオの攻撃! 時間の中でを救う!)

November 28, 2009 March 10, 2012
Mindanao attacks High Priestess; Justice steps into the battle to rescue High Priestess in time.

Boss Villain(s): Mindanao

62 Mindanao Transformed! The Black Fog Increases! / The Black Fog

Mindanao henshin! Kuroi kiri ga fuemasu! (ミンダナオ変身! 黒い霧が増えます!)

December 5, 2009 March 24, 2012
Magical Land is engulfed within a black fog.

Boss Villain(s): Demon Mindanao

63 The Evil Within the Scythe! Star is Possessed! / The Possession of the Scythe

Kenja no naka no waru! Sutā wa shoyū sa rete imasu! (賢者の中の悪! スターは所有されています!)

December 12, 2009 March 31, 2012
Death uses her scythe to lure Star into a trap by possessing her.

Boss Villain(s): Possessed Star

64 A Shadow Appears! Dark Priestess Has Returned! / The Dark Priestess Returns

Kage ga arawareru! Dākupuriesutosu ga kaettekita! (影が現れる! ダークプリエストス帰ってきた!)

December 19, 2009 April 7, 2012
Devil attempts to bring back Dark Priestess by creating a shadow out of High Priestess.

Boss Villain(s): Dark Priestess

65 Magical Land is Consumed By Evil! The Age of Apocalypse Begins! / Into the Shadow Realm

Mahō no tochi wa aku ni yotte shōhi sa reru! Mokushiroku no jidai ga hajimarimashita! (魔法の土地は悪によって消費される! 黙示録の時代が始まりました!)

December 26, 2009 April 14, 2012
Dark Priestess turns Magical Land into a Subspace Shadow Realm.

First Appearance(s): Shadow Clones

66 A Rigorous Showdown! Meet the Shadow Clones! / Trapped in Subspace

Genkakuna taiketsu! Shadōkurōn o miru! (厳格な対決! シャドークローンを見る!)

January 2, 2010 April 21, 2012
Dark Priestess creates shadow clones out of Justice and her friends.

Boss Villain(s): Shadow Clones

67 The Young Girl Reaches Adulthood! Fortune Turns the Tide! / Fortune Times Two

Aku no on'nanoko wa otonaninaru! Fōchun ga shio o mawasu! (悪の女の子は大人になる! フォーチュンが潮を回す!)

January 9, 2010 April 28, 2012
Fortune discovers that her child version has a true form on her side.

Boss Villain(s): Young Fortune (True Form)

68 Fight or Fall! Last Chance to Save Magical Land! / Nocturnal Hours

Tatakai ka taore! Mahō no tochi o sukuu saigo no chansu! (戦いか倒れ! 魔法の土地を救う最後のチャンス!)

January 16, 2010 May 5, 2012
Justice and the gang train harder for the final battle to bring back Magical Land and World.
69 Magical Land in Peril! The Dragon Attacks the Heroes! / The Magical Drop Shuffle

Kiken'na mahō no tochi! Doragonzu za hīrōzu! (危険な魔法の土地! ドラゴンズ・ザ・ヒーローズ!)

January 16, 2010 May 12, 2012
Fortune, now turned into a Dragon threatens to destroy all of Magical Land.

Boss Villain(s): Kari, Fortune Dragon

70 Dark Priestess and the Dragon! The Final Showdown! / The Dark Priestess' Last Temptation

Dākupuriesutosu to doragon! Saishū taiketsu! (ダークプリエストスとドラゴン! 最終対決!)

January 16, 2010 May 19, 2012
Dark Priestess and Fortune join forces to confront Justice and her friends in their final battle.

Boss Villain(s): True Dark Priestess, Fortune Dragon

71 A Celebration Party! Shout Out to the Heroes' Victory! / A Victory Celebration!

Shukuga pātī! Hīrōzu no shōri ni sakebu! (祝賀パーティー! ヒーローズの勝利に叫ぶ!)

January 16, 2010 May 19, 2012
Justice and her friends throw a party for their victory and Dark Priestess' defeat.
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