Here are a list of Jeffrey and Josephine episodes. It consists of 5 seasons and 24 episodes.


Season 1

  1. Once Upon a Christian Life - A reluctant dysfunctional Christian family known as the Baxfords move into their dream home so they decided to have a new life.
  2. The Visitation - The Baxfords are visited by Sandra Wilkinson and her sister, Stacy in her home so Ginny proceeds to share it with Sandra, leading into some dire consequences. Meanwhile, Mitch prank calls into inviting everyone to the Pizza Castle to wreck havoc.
  3. When Ginny Met Ella - Sandra thinks there is something strange with Ginny befriending Ella. She was mistaken for a "ghost" by some of the classmates, is fascinated with the death and afterlife, and is a Christian like many others in the school so Ginny decides to have a good time. Meanwhile, Tanner and Mitch go to the arcade to beat a high score in order to have a crush on a teenage Goth girl, Dionysia Chaoswood.
  4. Bad Romance, Bro - Samantha isn't into some "fun and games" so she has a new crush on a womanizing heartthrob, Jeremy Deeks, the new boy at the Catholic high school.
  5. Diary Days - Ginny writes her first diary about joining a Church youth group. Meanwhile, Tanner joins a Church youth group.
  6. Jeffrey and Josephine Go To Downtown - In this crossover special, the Baxfords and Sandra Wilkinson meet at the Littlest Pet Shop to see Blythe Baxter.
  7. A Simple Wish (Sort Of) - Ginny and Samantha's dream comes true when the Fairy Godmother shows up in their imagination. As she wanted to be a fairy-in-training, she confronts an evil fairy queen, Zendora. Meanwhile, Tanner hangs out with Stacy.
  8. A Sleepover of Unfortunate Events - Ginny throws a sleepover for her friends and Tanner doesn't want to join anymore. Meanwhile, Mitch throws a sleepover at his own hotel.
  9. My Big Fat Christian Wedding - The Baxfords plan for a wedding, which leads to crazy and dark results.
  10. Royally Painful - Catherine's ego mysteriously inflates after learning that Mitch has a crush on the it girl in school, Scarlett Quan.
  11. Comic Con-U-Not - The Baxfords go to a Comic Con.
  12. Past But Not Least - Jeffrey and Josephine learns about them and their children's past and shows Ginny's childhood on how Ginny met her friends at the Church youth group and shows the kids' childhood how they met each other.
  13. Ella Unenchanted - Ella, Ginny and Sandra become princesses at a school play known as the "12 Dancing Princesses".
  14. Boy's Night Out - Archibald, Travis, Bernard and Michael invite Jeremy, Mitch and Tanner to a boy's night out that turns into a misogynistic sideshow, which leads to upsetting consequences and dire results.
  15. A Very Christian Halloween - Ever since Ginny and Tanner are forced to go trick-or-treating, they believe that the scariest things while they go trick-or-treating with their friends and the other kids from ending up going to dark places to hearing spooky sounds. Meanwhile, Catherine, Mitch, and Samantha throw a Halloween party.
  16. Un-Womanizer - In this crossover between Johnny Bravo and Jeffrey and Josephine, Johnny Bravo tries to date Josephine and Catherine but they won't let him. Ginny and Tanner help Johnny get a girl for him.
  17. Between Nevada and Crossovia - The Baxfords join forces with Cyro, Blythe and the gang to save the day from Rippen.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

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