This is a list of characters from The CC APP's original series, Flushed!


Cameron Bradberry

Cameron Mason Bradberry (voiced by Zach Callison) is an asocial teenager who has difficulties connecting with others, Cameron unearths his secret superpower of controlling people's luck and twisting it to his advantage. He befriends Noah Jones after realizing he too harbors a secret superpower.

William Bradberry

William Bradberry (voiced by Rick-Jonah Wynn) is Cameron's dad who works at POP (People Of Personality) Technologies. He is soon fired from his job before he could quit.

May Bradberry

May Anne Bradberry (voiced by Grey Griffin) is Cameron's mom who enjoys cleaning and writing, and is a great joker.

Noah Jones

Noah Richard Jones (voiced by Ronald Sotto) is the class smart aleck, Cameron initially finds Noah annoying as with the rest of his classmates, but when it is discovered that he too has the superpower (the ability to control other's intellectual ability), Cameron eventually befriends him in an attempt to aid him in controlling his superpower.

Supporting and Recurring

June Capper

June Jenny Capper (voiced by Ally DeMora) is Cameron's crush at school. Cameron soon finds out she has powers. June is highly secretive, and she can be a bit rough at times, but she is mostly friendly.

John Stiltwood

John Stiltwood (voiced by Jerry Stewfled) is Cameron Bradberry's nosy neighbor who often hangs around at Albert's Diner.

Bobby Nathanson

Robert Nathanson (voiced by Alex Hirsch) is a man who hangs out with William at the Albert's Diner. While he is a grown adult, he is a fun guy who's kid at heart. He usually just orders a burger of a type and exits, after chatting. He tells lots of jokes, and he hopes to become a superhero.

Gwen Parker

Gwen Jessica Parker (voiced by Linda Cardellini) is a girl from East Paulville High School who has a crush on Noah. She is a very laid back student whose hobbies are skateboarding and biking. She and Noah eventually fall in love and start dating.

Martin Peggy

Martin Stanley Peggy (voiced by Greg Cipes) is a student from Jackmack Middle School. He has the tendency to be rude to others, which is why he is often nicknamed Mean Martin. However, Martin does have a secret soft side, but he wishes not to reveal it.

Johnny Wind

Johnny Wind (voiced by Kenny McDonald) is a boy from Cameron's school who Cameron often refers to as a friend. He also happens to be a friend of Gwen Parker. In the episode first segment of the season 2 premiere, it is revealed that Johnny is a bisexual and has a gay relationship with a friend of his named Tommy Ward.

Tommy Ward

Tommy Cole Ward (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is a boy in Cameron's neighborhood, often seen hanging around Martin Peggy. He is a young artist who is easily inspired. In the episode "Noah the Know-It-All," Tommy comes out as gay, and falls in love with Johnny Wind.

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