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ExplodingTNT is an American/Canadian TV show that premiered on October 14, 1996 on Null and is still running today. It is the second-longest running children’s animated TV show in the United States, only behind Arthur.


Season 1

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 1)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Money Required October 14, 1996 Notch does not allow ExplodingTNT to play Minecraft if he doesn’t have $49.99 money. When he finds out he doesn’t have enough money, the only option is to show Notch what things he will do when playing Minecraft but fails. However, he finds another trick to get into Minecraft. First episode ever. 1
The Secret October 15, 1996 Purple Shep tries to find out what ExplodingTNT likes so much, and imagines many things, like boogers, diamonds, or TNT cake. He finds out what ExplodingTNT likes so much after installing cameras in his house and finds out he likes cheese! 2
If Milk was Placable in Minecraft October 16, 1996 Notch adds milk to Minecraft. However, even players think there are many issues with the new feature. 3
Troll Guy October 17, 1996 ExplodingTNT invents a troll, but has to stop him after playing bad pranks on the Minecraft players. 4
If Pink Sheep and Purple Shep Switched Places October 18, 1996 Notch decides to switch the places of Pink Sheep and Purple Shep. However, it ends up being a problem and they try to convince Notch to undo it. 5
Notch Potch March 1, 1997 Purple Shep comes up with a silly new name for Notch, which is calling him Notch Potch. However, Notch is angered by this and starts calling him Purple Potch. 6
Peanut Butter Lightbulbs March 2, 1997 A noob keeps on putting peanut butter on everyone’s lightbulbs and try to find a way to stop him. 7
Pros Aren’t Noobs March 3, 1997 The strongest pro ever wants a fight with the other pros the next day, so the pros have to find a way and get new swords to defeat the pro. 8
A Pro a Day Keeps the Doctor Staying March 4, 1997 Doctors tired of having to heal noobs because of the pros, the doctors takes all the pros Diamond armor and Diamond Swords away while they are sleeping and replaces them with Wooden Armor and Wooden Swords. 9
TNT Fools April 1, 1997 ExplodingTNT plays an April Fools prank by putting TNT on Notch’s house and makes the TNT explode. Final episode of Season 1. 10

Season 2

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 2)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Pink Guy Come Home! September 8, 1997 ExplodingTNT and Pink Sheep miss Pink Guy, so they make cake for her. First episode of season 2. 11
Notch’s Bad Luck September 9, 1997 Notch gets bad luck all day. 12
Girl Scouts September 10, 1997 Two new Girl Scouts come to Minecraft: Nadroj and Layla (the weirdest and dumbest) messes up the orders and starts getting out of control and becomes more weird. The Girl Scouts appear in later episodes. Also in later episodes, Layla still acts weird and dumb. 13
Rainy Day September 11, 1997 Every Minecraft player (including Notch) are outside while it is raining. However, thunder hits all of the players and they get inside a rain cloud and have to figure out how to get out. 14
Bacon Smoothies September 12, 1997 A new beverage, Bacon Smoothies, releases. However, while everyone enjoys the taste, it gives them stomach aches and ExplodingTNT and the gang tries to sneak into the factory to find out what they are made out of. 15
Pillow Fight October 20, 1997 ExplodingTNT and other Minecraft players have a pillow fight, but it gets kind of out of control. 16
Girl Scout Burgers October 21, 1997 The Girl Scout Leader makes a new product for the Girl Scouts to sell, Girl Scout Burgers! However, every customer who orders one gets a mostly-eaten burger. 17
The Girl Scouts Movie October 22, 1997 The Girl Scout Leader gives the Girl Scouts a new job, making a movie! However, the Girl Scouts don’t know what should be in the movie and haven’t even started production yet, until they find video clips from their cameras that also include Layla’s silly acts. 18
Wired October 23, 1997 ExplodingTNT tries to make a new electronic, but goes too crazy with the wires and gets tangled. How can he untangle himself now? 19
Eat or Treat October 31, 1997 ExplodingTNT and other Minecraft players go Trick or Treating. However, all of their candy they received are missing and tries to find out who took it! This is the first Halloween Special and also the final episode of season 2. 20

Season 3

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 3)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
ExplodingEverything March 30, 1998 ExplodingTNT eats a large piece of cheese that causes him to make everything explode. First episode of season 3. 21
Nacho Cheese Sticks March 31, 1998 ExplodingTNT and the other Minecraft players decide to dip their cheese sticks into nacho cheese, but gets a bad result... 22
Pranks For a Day April 1, 1998 Pink Sheep and Pink Guy decide to play a prank on ExplodingTNT for April Fools Day, which is by eating all of his cheese! 23
Ownership Abuser April 2, 1998 Notch decides to give Pink Sheep ownership, but after his ownership time expires, Notch finds out he was abusing his powers. 24
Wappy Weal April 3, 1998 After all the Minecraft players buy their Wappy Weals, all of the food is cold! The title has the words Happy Meal, but the first letters in the 2 words are changed. 25
Do Feed the Trolls May 25, 1998 ExplodingTNT thinks it is a good idea to feed the trolls. 26
Soft Ice Cream May 26, 1998 Everyone tries a new softer Ice Cream, but find out it is made out of cotten balls... 27
The Very (Un)Lucky Apple May 27, 1998 Notch releases a secret apple that he claims will make players lucky. However, when the players find it, it gives them bad luck. This is the final episode to air during Phil Hartman’s lifetime (he voiced ExplodingTNT). 28
No Oxygen May 28, 1998 There is a glitch in Minecraft where oxygen is removed. This is the first episode to air during Phil Hartman’s death because he was shot to death in his sleep by his wife the same day this episode aired. Despite that, he still voiced ExplodingTNT in this episode because production for this episode started before his death. 29
Unfair Notch May 29, 1998 Notch decides to remove almost everything from Minecraft except players and blocks. This is the final episode where Phil Hartman voices ExplodingTNT because production for this episode started before his death. In the next episode, which is a Christmas special, the creator of ExplodingTNT voices ExplodingTNT. 30

Season 4

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 4)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
The 1st of May May 1, 1999 ExplodingTNT is excited that not only is it the start of the weekend, but it is also the first day of May! However, the other Minecraft players appear to be having bad luck! First episode of season 4. 31
Crazy Spaghetti May 8, 1999 ExplodingTNT’s spaghetti crawls off his plate like a worm! 32
Brow May 15, 1999 Notch’s eyebrows fall off and has to wait to grow new ones! 33
Layla’s Weirdness May 22, 1999 Nadroj has to stop Layla breaking everyone’s property due to her weirdness or they will get in trouble by their Girl Scouts Leader. Layla still acts weird in later episodes. 34
A Girl Scout New Year December 31, 1999 The Girl Scout Leader gives a job for Nadroj and Layla, to make a cake for everyone to eat! However, after they are done making the cake, Layla eats it all! Later, however, her Girl Scout Leader is able to make a very big cake for once again everyone else to eat! After, they throw all slices of the cake to everyone’s houses! New Year special. 35
ExplodingTNT’s New Year December 31, 1999 ExplodingTNT will miss 1999 and the millennium. However, he realizes that also means a new decade and millennium is coming, and that there will be bigger TVs! Another New Year special. 36
The New Year is Here! January 1, 2000 ExplodingTNT and the other Minecraft players are happy the new millennium is here! New Year special and final episode of season 4. 37

Season 5

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 5)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Fan Trouble March 27, 2000 ExplodingTNT’s mini fan stops working! First episode of season 5. 38
Midnight Snack September 1, 2000 ExplodingTNT wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to get a snack. However, he cannot see in the dark! Final episode of season 5. As a subplot, the Girl Scouts Nadroj and Layla wake up in the middle of the night and learn they have Girl Scouts, so they go back to sleep. 39

Season 6

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 6)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Seanoodles February 5, 2001 Notch removes all the food from Minecraft and adds a new food, called Seanoodles! However, ExplodingTNT does not like it and tries to find ways to convince Notch to remove Seanoodles and add the other Minecraft food back! First episode of season 6. 40
Extreme Games Week February 6, 2001 Pink Guy plays dangerous games with ExplodingTNT for the week to “play”. However, the dangerous games nearly kill ExplodingTNT, so he hides from her. 41
Toilets February 7, 2001 Jeb sneaks on Notch’s computer when he is at the store. While he is on his computer, he adds toilets to Minecraft. 42
The Giant Boil February 8, 2001 Purple Shep gets a large purple boil and tries instructions to get it off. 43
Cracked Bones February 9, 2001 Pink Sheep breaks his bones for the first time. 44
The Missing Key February 17, 2001 ExplodingTNT and other Minecraft players tries to search a missing key to get to Notch’s office to be able to add something to Minecraft. 45
Wild Cherry February 24, 2001 A cherry grows big and tries to destroy Minecraft. Will ExplodingTNT, the superhero, save Minecraft? 46
ExplodingTaco March 3, 2001 A Waco Well employee sneaks into ExplodingTNT’s house, takes him, and puts him in a taco to serve to a customer. How will he escape? 47
Donut Butter March 10, 2001 Pink Guy tries to make donut butter. 48
If You Need a Death License to Die in Minecraft March 17, 2001 Notch adds a Death License to Minecraft. 49
The 50th Episode June 9, 2001 Notch throws a celebration for everyone to join at his office. Finale episode of season 6. 50

Season 7

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 7)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Chicken Nuggets January 7, 2002 ExplodingTNT is obsessed with Chicken Nuggets and doesn’t want to stop eating it. First episode of season 7. 51
Girl Scout Problems January 14, 2002 The Girl Scout Leader announces the sales and ratings of Girl Scout products goes very low to all the Girl Scouts. So, she decides to put glue on Layla’s mouth and then put paper on her mouth to prevent her from eating the food. 52
Bacon Fries January 21, 2002 BaconCrafter sells Bacon Fries. 53
Flu Shot Escape January 28, 2002 ExplodingTNT is afraid to get his Flu Shot because he thinks it will hurt. So, he has to jump over obstacles and run. 54
Sweater Crafter February 4, 2002 BaconCrafter’s grandmother gives him a sweater. Final episode of season 7. 55

Season 8

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 8)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
If Lasers Were Added to Minecraft February 10, 2003 Notch adds lasers to Minecraft. However, it seems to be trouble for everyone, including Notch because he cannot get into his office! First episode of season 8. It is also the first episode to air after a 1-year hiatus. 56
U Hit Me With a Screwdriver? February 17, 2003 Notch wants a good song from all the Minecraft players or they are banned. So, every Minecraft player tries to practice for the song without trouble. 57
The Gum Table February 24, 2003 ExplodingTNT eats by himself at a restaurant, but gets a table all made out of gum! 58
The Glass Frog March 3, 2003 Notch adds Glass Frogs to Minecraft. 59
Nighttime Madness March 10, 2003 ExplodingTNT cannot sleep! 60
Cancellation Horror March 17, 2003 ExplodingTNT’s favorite TV show, Caillou, gets cancelled! So, he decides to contact the channel to make new episodes! However, many other people hate the show (except CaillouFan) and put up obstacles so he cannot get to the location of the channel’s HQ! 61
Tricky Tricks March 24, 2003 Pink Sheep tricks the employees at the restaurant by giving them fake money just for cake. 62
The Bank Robbery March 31, 2003 Pink Sheep tries to start a bank robbery. When he gets the money, he drives away very fast. 63
The Secret of Acorns April 7, 2003 After Purple Shep sees a video that shows a worm coming out of an acorn, he tries to also open up an acorn. 64
ExplodingPedia August 27, 2003 ExplodingTNT goes on Wikipedia and makes an account. However, he gets blocked from editing indefinitely for joking around. So, he creates other accounts. Finale episode of season 8. Also, Nadroj and Layla make a cameo in this episode when they can be seen walking out the window near his house.

This was originally set to be the final episode of ExplodingTNT ever because kids cartoons back in the late 90s and early 2000s would end after 65 episodes. However, because of extreme popularity, the show got a 9th season.


Season 9

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 9)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Spaghetti and Meatsquares January 15, 2004 ExplodingTNT tries to turn the meatballs into meatsquares. First episode of season 9. 66
Growing Out January 22, 2004 BaconCrafter tries to convince his mom he still wants to keep clothes that don’t fit him. 67
If Your Angry and You Know It, Run Away January 29, 2004 Everyone gets angry at Notch because he removed food from Minecraft, so the players run away and beg the villagers for food. 68
BaconNoob February 5, 2004 BaconCrafter drinks a potion he does not know that it makes him a noob. 69
The Donut Bully February 12, 2004 A player named Yma bullies players in Minecraft 70
Fly Away! February 19, 2004 ExplodingTNT tries to stop a fly from eating his food. However, when he finally is able to eat, maggots hatch out of an fly egg and ExplodingTNT tries to get the maggots out his house. 71
BaconFart February 26, 2004 BaconCrafter farts out bacons! 72
Drinkable Macaroni & Cheese February 28, 2004 Purple Shep tries to blend Macaroni & Cheese in a blender... 73
Pot Belly February 29, 2004 BaconCrafter’s belly turns into a pot after its full of hot water and people start using his belly to cook food. 74
The Old Computer March 1, 2004 ExplodingTNT finds his old computer he hasn’t used since 2001. 75
Non-Stop Career March 2, 2004 BaconCrafter becomes popular. 76
The Band Problems March 6, 2004 BaconCrafter starts a band. However, his band members start fights. 77
The Person that Only Cares About Spending Other People’s Credit Cards on Dunkin Donuts April 23, 2005 Many people (including Notch) find unauthorized purchases on their credit cards on Dunkin Donuts and get so angry! So, the police officers suspect many players, until they find the real suspect... 78
A True Player to Minecraft April 30, 2005 ExplodingTNT helps cleanup Minecraft, by removing trash players keep on littering! 79
Staffy May 7, 2005 Purple Shep wants to know the meaning of staff. 80
July the 4th July 4, 2005 The players celebrate the 4th of July! This episode aired on the 4th of July. 81
Boo! October 31, 2005 Everyone gets ready for Trick or Treat! However, BaconCrafter spreads rumors that a ghost will come and eat the players... This episode aired on Halloween. 82
Advertising = No Can Do November 1, 2005 ExplodingTNT learns he cannot advertise stuff on websites. 83
Cookies In Cereal January 1, 2006 Purple Shep dips cookies in cereal... 84
A Girl Scout Adventure January 4, 2006 Nadroj and Layla’s Girl Scout Leader gets a customer far away, and Nadroj and Layla have to go through lots of location, including a place where there is lava... This episode is based on the 1998 online ExplodingTNT game A Girl Scout Adventure on Null’s website. This is also the final episode of season 9. 85

Season 10

Main article: ExplodingTNT (season 10)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Now What? October 12, 2006 ExplodingTNT can’t get his TV to work properly! First episode of season 10. 86
iWalk October 13, 2006 Purple Shep sneaks into the cooking section of iWalk and puts boogers in the food they are cooking... 87
10 Years October 14, 2006 ExplodingTNT is having a party at his own house and gets presents from everyone! This episode celebrates the 10th anniversary of the show. 88
Popcorn Disaster October 15, 2006 ExplodingTNT microwaves the wrong type of popcorn... 89
Prison Escape October 16, 2006 ExplodingTNT gets locked up for no reason and has to find a successful way of escaping. 90
ExplodingTNT and DonutBob October 19, 2006 A crossover episode of ExplodingTNT and DonutBob SquareDonut. 91
A Rich Noob October 20, 2006 A poor ROBLOX noob buys a type of cereal for free after it says you may get lucky and get 1 million dollars but doesn’t get any money, so he keeps on getting the free cereal for the money. 92
Hair Maggots October 21, 2006 After the population of flies gets bigger in Minecraft, flies goes on everyone’s hair (or bald heads), and they lay eggs on the head which causes maggots to eat their hair or just stay on their heads if they have bald hair. 93
Disagreements Causes Feuds October 22, 2006 Everyone chooses sides after ExplodingTNT and Notch have a disagreement about what features should be added or removed from Minecraft. 94
Bacon Buddy October 23, 2006 A ROBLOX Bacon Man has no friends in Minecraft, so he decides to make one! Final episode of season 10. 95

Season 11

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 11)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
The Laws of 2007 October 8, 2007 Notch makes new rules for Minecraft. However, the rules are preventing some players to play Minecraft. First episode of season 11. 96
Unrich October 9, 2007 After a robbery occurs in the office, Notch loses a lot of money, encouraging him to start an investigation. 97
Broke Up October 10, 2007 Notch has no girlfriend, so he makes an announcement telling girls to become girlfriends to boys. 98
6 Years Later... October 11, 2007 ExplodingTNT takes out cheese he has been storing in a cabinet since 2000 and eats it. 99
The Lost Episode October 12, 2007 ExplodingTNT finds an old tape of him and memories of him in 1996. This episode marks and celebrates the 100th episode of the show. 100
Thankseating November 26, 2007 Notch invites everything to his office to celebrate Thanksgiving and feels fine at first, but kicks everyone out of his office and eats all the food after he realizes all the rest of the players may eat all of his food. Thanksgiving special. 101
The Messy Office January 17, 2008 Notch has to clean up his office after Jeb is tired of the mess in the entire office. 102
Faturday January 24, 2008 Notch introduces a new hosting in Minecraft, a food race! The event occurs every Saturday and everyone has to eat at least 500 pieces of food to earn a prize. Everyone worries they will get fat and lead to stomach aches. However, ExplodingTNT gets an idea, which is that he will eat food with 0 calories only. 103
Unsubscribed May 3, 2008 Purple Shep finds out Failboat does not have his favorite channel in his channel package anymore. Due to that, Purple Shep decides to be sneaky and upgrade the channel pacakage. 104
A Piece of Revenge May 4, 2008 After Jeb finds out Notch has ate his cake, he decides to put fake cake in the fridge but made with expired milk. Final episode of season 11. 105

Season 12

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 12)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Peanut Butter Pie March 9, 2009 After a music instructor joins Minecraft, he forces the players to join his music school and study the impossible song, “Peanut Butter Pie”. First episode of season 12. 106
Drained Down March 10, 2009 When all the players start draining their bathtub, they all get sucked into the drain! 107
ExplodingTNT the Superhero! March 11, 2009 After ExplodingTNT saves a missing person in Minecraft, his career becomes better and better! However, his career ends when he sees a missing player, but the Ender Dragon takes the missing player and steals his career! 108
No More Television March 12, 2009 After Notch studies how much television and energy the players are wasting, he removes TV from Minecraft. 109
PB&J - Peanut Butter and Jordan Sandwich March 13, 2009 After a player named Jordan mocks BaconCrafter about his name, claiming it to be incorrect because “you can’t craft bacons in Minecraft”, BaconCrafter calls her a “Peanut Butter and Jordan Sandwich”. Final episode of season 12. 110

Season 13

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 13)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Modcraft June 6, 2010 Notch finds out many players use mods. So, he makes built-in mods. First episode of season 13. 111
My Diary June 7, 2010 Pink Guy keeps many secrets in her diary... 112
Just Questions June 8, 2010 It has been almost 11 years since the disappearance of a player, with only questions, until lots of players see someone with an appearance like the missing player and report sightings. 113
Daisy’s Toy Truck June 9, 2010 A child player named Daisy loses her toy truck, so Notch gets her a new one every time she loses it. However, after investigating, Notch finds out why in the end... 114
I Do Nothing January 31, 2011 ExplodingTNT's laziness proves he can get a blood clot, as he has not walked for over a month. After ExplodingTNT finds out about that, he starts going on walks daily. 115
Moving Out February 7, 2011 ExplodingTNT is sad that he is moving out of his current house, but he misses it too much that he doesn't want to move out! However, he finds a solution at the end... 116
Valentine's Day February 14, 2011 ExplodingTNT and the rest of the players want to find out what their valentines/secret admirers are... 117
Minecar February 21, 2011 Notch adds cars to Minecraft. 118
A New Home February 20, 2012 ExplodingTNT has to move out of his house, but he gets upset. So, he finds a solution in the end. 119
Bored Until Rain March 4, 2013 ExplodingTNT is bored on Monday, until it rains... Final episode of season 13. 120

Season 14

Main page: ExplodingTNT (season 14)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
Losing A Mustache August 3, 2013 After Pink Sheep loses his mustache due to the extreme wind, he goes on a quest to find it. However, he realizes he can't use most abilities because he can only use them if he has his mustache. First episode of season 14. Also, this is the first episode of the show to use 1080i picture format. 121
The Crazy People August 10, 2013 After ExplodingTNT and Steve see a gang called "The Crazy People", they think the gang will destroy Minecraft so they warn everyone about the gang! 122
Diary Reader August 17, 2013 Pink Sheep reads ExplodingTNT's diary. 123
Water Leads To Consequences August 24, 2013 ExplodingTNT, Purple Shep, and Steve are given a new task by Pink Sheep: To get all the paint off of all over the inside of his house! However, if they ruin something and get it wet, Pink Sheep will take their clothing off (or wool), sell all of the clothing and wool, and only leave behind their underwear (or a sheared Purple Shep)! 124
Moved Out June 2, 2014 BaconCrafter moves out of his house, and convinces ExplodingTNT to stay at his house by making up a lie. 125
Tasks For A Shep June 3, 2014 BaconCrafter gives Purple Shep "tasks" which include getting hit by a car, break Failboat's computer, and pee in the clouds to make it rain pee on everyone. It is later found out BaconCrafter gives Purple Shep these tasks for his own laugh and amusement. 126
The New Store In Town June 4, 2014 ExplodingTNT opens up a new store in TNTTown with food and other items, but cannot keep up with the low amount of customers. 127
Sports and Outdoor Games June 5, 2014 Pink Sheep gets bored, so he signs up for outdoor games and sports. However, it's harder than the thought. 128
A Special Surprise July 13, 2015 ExplodingTNT gets a big gift that arrives at his house, but it will not open until after 24 hours have passed. After 24 hours, he is able to open the gift, which is TNT, but he mistakes it for cake and eats it. 129
Nadroj's Temper Tantrum August 29, 2015 Nadroj throws her biggest temper tantrum. This even leads to her skipping a few days of Girl Scouts. Layla tries to help, but to no avail. Layla then finds out there is only one way to stop Nadroj's temper tantrum. 130
No More Days of Lying September 5, 2015 Due to many people lying to Notch, he adds lie detectors to Minecraft. 131
A Very Purple Halloween October 31, 2015 After Failboat tells Purple Shep he should paint his Halloween bucket purple, Purple Shep mishears this and paints everywhere in Minecraft purple. Halloween special. 132
Invisible TNT March 28, 2016 ExplodingTNT invents his own invisible TNT, and tricks players using them. 133
Trapped April 1, 2016 ExplodingTNT wants to see what it is like to be in slime by using a shrink ray. However, he gets stuck in the slime, until someone notices the slime and throws it in lava. 134
If Chocolate Milk Was Added To Minecraft May 23, 2016 Notch adds chocolate milk to Minecraft. Skits (in order): "Steve Has No Chocolate Syrup", "Buster Baxter The Chocolate Milk King", "BaconCrafter Makes Chocolate Milk With Bacons", "Dr. Trayaurus Doesn't Need Money For Chocolate Milk or Syrup", "Chocolate Guy", and "Chocolate Milk Baths". 135
ExplodingTNT's Big Adventure October 14, 2016 ExplodingTNT goes on a tour through the whole world. This episode celebrate the show's 20th anniversary. 136
Witch Shep June 25, 2017 A witch turns Purple Shep into a witch. 137
If Flip Phones Were Added To Minecraft July 2, 2017 Notch has already added smartphones to Minecraft, but wonders what will happen if he chooses to add flip phones to Minecraft. 138
If Mice Were Added To Minecraft July 9, 2017 Notch adds mice to Minecraft, much to ExplodingTNT's happiness. 139
Purple Shep vs Saw July 16, 2017 Jigsaw finally tries to torture Purple Shep with one of Jigsaw's so-called "games", but all of his traps on Purple Shep never work, due to Purple Shep's acts. At one point in the episode, after Purple Shep is able to escape one of the traps, BaconCrafter teleports to it by accident, gets hurt by it, and puts on Diamond armor and a Diamond sword, and chases after and hits Jigsaw, saying "NO ONE MESSES WITH BACONCRAFTER!!". Crossover episode with Saw. This is also the final episode of season 14. 140

Season 15

Main article: ExplodingTNT (season 15)
Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
The Peeing Enderman's Peeing Problem September 1, 2018 The Peeing Enderman has a problem where he stops peeing. ExplodingTNT tries to help him. First episode of season 15. 141
If More Food Was Added To Minecraft September 8, 2018 Notch adds more food to Minecraft, including Mac and Cheese. Skits (in order): "SpongeBob CakePants", "Steve and Noodle Soup", "Notch's Moving Chocolate Cake", "Purple Shep Eats Arthur's Refrigerator", "ExplodingTNT's TNT Cheese", and "Herobrine's Cake Clone". 142
Weak vs Strong September 15, 2018 ExplodingTNT wants to become strong, so he changes what he eats. 143
Microwave September 22, 2018 Purple Shep becomes friends with a microwave. 144
Failboat Becomes Winboat November 5, 2018 Failboat gets help from the internet to become successful at more things. 145
A Build Worth Something November 6, 2018 The animals build a secret treehouse in a forest to hide in order to prevent them getting hunted by players, but their treehouse is no longer a secret after a photographer comes to take pictures all over the forest. 146
WcDonalds Gets A New Goofy Employee November 7, 2018 A new employee at WcDonalds hurts its reputation after he trolls the customers, ruins the food, and destroys WcDonalds property. 147
BaconCrafter Becomes Weak November 8, 2018 After lack of working out, BaconCrafter becomes less strong. 148
Notch's Good Luck and Pink Sheep's Bad Luck March 23, 2019 After Pink Sheep's mustache accidentally falls on Notch, Pink Sheep comes to grab it but accidentally mistakes Notch's beard as Pink Sheep's mustache and puts it on, causing Notch to have good things happening to him while bad things happen to Pink Sheep. 149
ExplodingTNT's Big Search May 5, 2019 ExplodingTNT searches an entire cave to find more diamonds. 150
Sicker Than Ever May 13, 2019 Almost everyone in Minecraft (except ExplodingTNT) gets the flu after someone sneezes on another player. However, after ExplodingTNT later finds a cure and gives it to all the players, they no longer have the flu. This episode was banned from airing on Null in all areas in early 2020 due to the coronavirus. 151
Pink Sheep Needs Crystal Sheep August 19, 2019 After Pink Sheep's girlfriend, Crystal Sheep, goes away for a whole week, Pink Sheep tries to stay calm. 152
Summer School Escape August 20, 2019 Billy tries to escape summer school. 153
If Food Coloring Was Added To Minecraft August 21, 2019 Notch adds food coloring to Minecraft. Skits (in order): "Minnie Mouse Breaks Up With Mickey Mouse", "The Green River", "Food Coloring Robbery", and "You Never Know What This Is". 154
The Peeing Enderman's Parents August 22, 2019 The Peeing Enderman gets to see his parents for the first time in 10 years. Final episode of season 15. 155

Season 16

Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number
BaconCrafter Becomes Homeless November 15, 2019 After BaconCrafter chooses to sell his home for $5000 to get a new one. However, after he gets the money, it gets stolen and he is now homeless. First episode of season 16. 156
If Everyone Got To Go Boxing In Minecraft November 22, 2019 Notch sends invitations to everyone in Minecraft to have them go boxing. Skits (in order): "Steve vs BaconCrafter", "Purple Shep vs IceNoob52", "Caillou vs D.W. Read", and "ExplodingTNT vs Alex". 157
Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater November 29, 2019 Crystal Sheep suspects that Pink Sheep is cheating on her. 158
Notch's New Favorite Food January 13, 2020 Notch only eats WcDonalds's burgers for a week. 159
Too Much Music January 14, 2020 A disruptive musician plays noisy music, causing the whole world of Minecraft to panic. 160
Pink Sheep's New Wool January 15, 2020 Pink Sheep steals cotton candy to use as his wool after Purple Shep eats his old wool while Pink Sheep was sleeping overnight. 161
If More Powerful Bows Were Added To Minecraft January 16, 2020 A company in Minecraft makes new and more powerful bows. Skits (in order): "BaconCrafter Gets Sued", "Scarf Guy But Without The Scarf", and "Robin Hood's Worse Bow Ever". 162
Stevebrine March 2, 2020 Herobrine switches places with Steve even when Herobrine intended to switch places with another player, much to his dismay. 163
Too Bad To Be True (Part 1) March 3, 2020 Failboat plans on going to the moon, but gets his spaceship hit and has almost no way of getting to the moon or back to earth. 164
Boxes As Vehicles March 4, 2020 When BaconCrafter returns his item by putting it in the box while waiting for the return person, he jumps into the box to see what it's like, but doesn't know the return person arrived and took the box for return. 165
What Beach? March 5, 2020 Purple Shep wonders what beach he and Failboat are going to, but it turns out to be a Beach School, the more relaxing version of schools, but not when it comes to Purple Shep. 166
Too Bad To Be True (Part 2) March 9, 2020 Failboat tries to travel to the moon again. However, when he gets to the moon, his rocket bounces from the moon to the sun, causing it to destroy the sun. So, Failboat has to pay $100,000,000,000 to repair the sun. 167
School Trouble March 10, 2020 Billy's goal is to make incidents in the school that will cause it to be the biggest incident in Minecraft history, which is pouring Tomato Soup all over the halls, destroying the Chromebooks by putting them and flushing them down the toilets, and finally, putting TNT in the school. 168
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