This is a list containing all of the episodes from Dragon Force.

Season 1

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 An Amazing Beginning August 6, 2016
Draco and Lord Darkus fight to possess the Rainbow Dragon Stone. As they battle it out, the Legendary Stone gets destroyed, breaking it into tiny colored pieces which scatters throughout the land of Dragonia.
2 Zircon, Warrior of Space August 13, 2016
A galactic warrior seeks help from Draco in defeating an Antibody Killer.
3 The Lightning Dragon's Lightning Aftershock August 20, 2016
Draco and Zircon encounter a jellyfish warrior possessed by Rancid; Lennon steps in to join the party.
4 The Forest of Synergy August 27, 2016
Draco and the others discover the forest of synergy where spring comes to bloom; Sermon threatens to ruin the environment by defeating Draco and his allies.
5 A Blizzard Breeze September 3, 2016
While on the hunt for the fifth member, Draco encounters an evil, technical warlord who prevents him from reaching the chamber.
6 The Loch Ness Monster September 10, 2016
A Loch Ness monster is possessed by Black Magic.
7 A Mechanical Pyramid September 17, 2016
Draco and his friends discover a floating pyramid.
8 The Giant in the Shrine September 24, 2016
An angry giant terrorizes the Dragon Shrine.
9 Screams of the Siren October 1, 2016
The Dragon Warriors try to rescue a mermaid who is trapped behind bars with no water to survive.
10 An Incredible Shrinking Adventure October 8, 2016
Frey uses a potion to lure the Dragon Warriors into a trap by shrinking them down to size.
11 Ancient Underpass October 15, 2016
Draco and the team discover a hidden underworld.
12 Mansion of Horror October 22, 2016
Draco and the others face their fear of ghosts.
13 Maid of Stone October 29, 2016
When Alex is turned into a stone killer, she gains the ability to trigger a counterattack on the warriors.
14 The Valley of Illusion November 5, 2016
Draco and the others get lost in the Valley of Illusion; Ricco encounters a evil illusionist.
15 An Experimental Trap November 12, 2016
A Dragon Stone possesses a scientist's cyclone experiment.
16 Into the Sea of the Skies November 19, 2016
Draco and his allies dive into the Sea of the Skies.
17 Skyfallen Sky November 26, 2016
After acquiring the final Dragon Stone, Draco and the others try to escape the Sea of the Skies.
18 Darkus' Blazing Ambitions December 3, 2016
Drakken tells that an ancient inscription could destroy the land of Dragonia.
19 Showdown in the Shadow Realm, Part 1 December 10, 2016
Lord Darkus sends an army of monsters to lure Draco and the others into his trap.
20 Showdown in the Shadow Realm, Part 2 December 17, 2016
With the help of the Rainbow Dragon Stone, Draco and the others gain their enhanced forms to defeat Lord Darkus and his army of antibody killers.

Season 2

Episode No. Episode Name Air Date
1 A Continuing Quest March 18, 2017
Draco learns the secrets of an ancient, cursed inscription could corrupt the land of Dragonia.
2 Draco's Continuing Dream March 25, 2017
Draco and the others are sent to a dream world to defeat a villain who has created nightmares around everyone.
3 The April Fool April 1, 2017
An evil joker plays an April Fools Day prank around the heroes.
4 Invasion of the Zero Gs April 8, 2017
Zircon seeks help from Draco in need of defeating a hatred force called the Zero Gs.
5 Thunder and Lightning April 15, 2017
Lennon encounters a Dragon Knight who wants to join the Dragon Force.
6 Sandblasting Arron April 22, 2017
Arron must put an end to an antibody killer who has imprisoned Draco and the others.
7 Freezer Burning Frenzy April 29, 2017
Ricco must defeat a Snowman antibody killer who threatens to plunge Dragonia into a new ice age.
8 The Shadow Dragon Sorceress May 6, 2017
While trekking through their quest, Draco encounters a Shadow Dragon Sorceress who seeks revenge.
9 Code Red! May 13, 2017
Karanis threatens to lure Draco's allies into a trap.
10 Lost in Transition May 20, 2017
Draco gets lost in the future at the speed of light when trying to take down Karanis.
11 24-Hour Speed Run May 27, 2017
Draco tries to escape from the future within 24 hours so that he and the others can continue their quest.
12 Starlight Highway Robbery June 3, 2017
Zircon discovers there is a highway robbery in space.
13 Thunder Struck June 10, 2017
Jeremiah is possessed by Karanis when he returns to aid Lennon.
14 Target: Arron June 17, 2017
Karanis sends an Antibody Killer to target Arron who must fight back for the Dragon Stone.
15 An Icy Underworld June 24, 2017
Ricco discovers an underworld after being sent through an icy terrain.
16 Legend of the Crescent Moon July 1, 2017
The Dragon Warriors learn the secret of how the crescent moon gets revealed.
17 Fight for the Final Dragon Stone! July 8, 2017
With the final dragon stone in possession, Lord Darkus and the others join forces in their powered up forms to confront Draco and the others in their penultimate battle.
18 The Shadow Force July 15, 2017
Draco and the gang must battle their evil clones created by Karanis.
19 Final Battle in the War of Dragonia July 22, 2017
After defeating their evil clones, the Dragon Warriors finally engage in their final battle against Karanis.
20 Dragons Forever! July 29, 2017
When the Dragon Warriors' chance of winning their final battle appears to be in peril, they must seek a way out of defeat by locating a weakness inside Karanis.
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