List of episodes

Season 1

  1. Pilot - John and Christine wonder what it was like to have 12 children; the children arrive on their first day at school when Edna, Rodrick and Bella were at college.
  2. New Neighbors - John meets up with his rival neighbor, Garrett Fitzpatrick and his eight children whilst Lila seems to have a crush on Theodore, Garrett's teenage son.
  3. Intern and Out - Lila decided to become a high school intern.
  4. Eighteen Candles - it's Phillip and Michelle's birthday, and everyone cannot wait for their own surprise!
  5. Harrisween - When Lila is invited to join a backyard Halloween party, Jaden and Hunter go trick-or-treating while the twins pass out candy.
  6. Baby Not On Board - Bella finds out that she is actually pregnant so she asks her roommate for help.
  7. All That and a Can of Root Beer - Edna decided to drink root beer for her own good.
  8. The Shiny-ing - Maddox tries out for The Shining school play.
  9. Aunt Marisol Comes to Visit - Aunt Marisol Knapp (played by Danielle Fishel) comes over for Thanksgiving, but chaos ensues.
  10. Bi Bi Birdie - Michelle realizes that she is bisexual after admitting that she is in love with both a boy and a girl.
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