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Baby Boo is a 1997 children’s animated television series. It premiered on Null on October 20, 1997 as part of Null’s Special Month event. It also aired on Pull! (another channel owned by the Null company) from 1999 to 2018, when it’s rights to air the show expired. It aired its final episode of the show on March 21, 2008.

The first episode of the show, Adopt Me, started production in 1995 though it first aired in 1997. The idea for the show came up in 1993 and Null approved it to become a show on its channel in mid-1995. The creator of the show, Wacko Boo Nam, said that production for each episode takes 9 months (except the Adopt Me episode).


Season 1

Episode Name First aired Episode description Notes Episode number in season
Adopt Me October 20, 1997 Baby Boo is getting adopted at the adoption center. First episode of season 1. This episode also started production in 1995. 1A
Candy Boo October 20, 1997 Baby Boo tries to be sneaky, go on the counter, and take a lot of candy. 1B
Daycare Center October 21, 1997 Baby Boo gets their first day at daycare. 2A
Nwo Sibling! October 21, 1997 Baby Boo does not want a sibling. 2B
Rich and Spoiled October 22, 1997 Baby Boo's mother gets rich and is able to buy Baby Boo all the stuff she wants. 3A
Baby Boo's Best Day of the Week October 22, 1997 Baby Boo tries to think what her favorite day of the week is. 3B
Baby Boo's Only Way To Sleep October 23, 1997 Baby Boo can only sleep with at least one light source on until she falls asleep. 4A
Other Babies In The Adoption Center October 23, 1997 A quick overview is shown how babies in the adoption center (which Baby Boo was previously in) are doing before they get a mother. 4B
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