This is a list of episodes from AniGamers.

Season 1

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 In the Very Beginning... Mario (Super Mario) Greg Devon September 28, 2013
Damien Gilford, a gamer who is invited to the world of video games, finds himself and his friends into a video gaming universe.
2 A Gaming Adventure of a Lifetime Ryu (Street Fighter) Richard Daniels October 5, 2013
Damien captures his second card; Centinela and Kyle discover their own Gamer Pods.
3 Secret of the Gamer Pods Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) Richard Daniels October 12, 2013
Damien and the gang figure out how they got their own Gamer Pods.
4 The Curse of Lord Xeroth Samus (Metroid) Greg Devon October 19, 2013
Lord Xeroth plans to corrupt the video gaming universe by sending two hackers to destroy it.
5 Cojiro, the Blue Cucco Link (The Legend of Zelda) Ian Velasco October 26, 2013
Centinela befriends a blue Cucco; Damien must help Anju bring back all of the Cuccos that were separated from her.
6 Day of the Yoshis Yoshi (Yoshi) Greg Devon, Ian Velasco November 2, 2013
Damien and the others travel to the land where Yoshi and the others are raised.
7 Flipping the Switches Kirby (Kirby series) Ian Velasco November 9, 2013
Kale lures Damien and Centinela into a trap; Kyle must finish the job by defeating Kale to rescue the others.
8 New Queen on the Block Ness (EarthBound) Richard Daniels November 16, 2013
An evil hacker named Xenamira, traps Damien and Kyle, until Centinela comes to the rescue.
9 Forest of the Piranhas Captain Falcon (F-Zero) Richard Daniels November 23, 2013
Xenamira tricks Damien and the gang by blasting them into the forest of the piranhas.
10 Hawk-tooey! Master Chief (Halo) Lisa Redman November 30, 2013
Saliva-spitting hawks attack Damien and the others.
11 Preparations for the Tournament Dante (Devil May Cry) Greg Devon December 7, 2013
Damien, Centinela and Kyle try to train for the upcoming Neo Gamers Tournament.
12 A Nightmare Scare King Boo (Super Mario) Richard Daniels, Lisa Redman December 14, 2013
When a horror movie frightens Damien, the group is dared to visit the Shadow Woods where Boos exist.
13 Fatal Strike Snake (Metal Gear) Ian Velasco December 21, 2013
Wild bandits from the badlands attack Damien and the others.
14 A Showdown in Skyworld Pit (Kid Icarus) Lisa Redman December 28, 2013
Pit from Angel Land seeks help from Damien.
15 The Neo Gamers Tournament Begins! Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers) Richard Daniels, Greg Devon January 4, 2014
Damien is all fired up for the Neo Gamers Tournament.
16 The Decision Pac-Man (Pac-Man) Greg Devon January 11, 2014
Damien struggles to defeat an undefeated champion, but first, he must defeat his opponents.
17 A Rematch with Xenamira Chun-Li (Street Fighter) Greg Devon January 18, 2014
Xenamira declares revenge on Centinela who recently won the last battle against her.
18 Kale's Crisis Skull Kid (The Legend of Zelda) Ian Velasco January 25, 2014
Kyle attempts to defeat Kale for the second time with a stronger card in his deck.
19 A Showdown with the Emperor Kratos (God of War) Lisa Redman February 1, 2014
Damien attempts to defeat an undefeated champion named Wendell Crystal, who was responsible for defeating Centinela and Kyle on his last battle.
20 A Crowning Champion! Bowser (Super Mario) Greg Devon February 8, 2014
Damien's battle against Wendell Crystal comes to a close.

Season 2

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 New Generations Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) Lisa Redman, Greg Devon June 14, 2014
Damien is transported to a new dimension where his master knows the secrets behind the Gamer Pods.
2 Mushroom Kingdom Under Siege Peach (Super Mario) Ian Velasco June 21, 2014
Damien and his friends try to defend the Mushroom Kingdom before it gets infiltrated by its enemies.
3 Ways of the Samurai Takamaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle) Ian Velasco June 28, 2014
Damien encounters Takamaru, who has his princess stolen by his ninja enemies.
4 Enter the Nexus Spyro (Spyro the Dragon) Stephen Graham July 5, 2014
The going gets rough when Kale and Xenamira kidnap Spyro.
5 Chaos Controlling Damien Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog) Richard Daniels July 12, 2014
Things get out of hand when Damien touches a Chaos Emerald.
6 Too Cool for Cheating Dr. Cortex (Crash Bandicoot) Richard Daniels July 19, 2014
An unwanted student wants Damien's rare card.
7 Rumble in Kongo Jungle Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong) Lisa Redman July 26, 2014
Kongo Jungle is under attack by King K. Rool, and Damien must save and defend it.
8 Journey to Death Mountain Darunia (The Legend of Zelda) Lisa Redman August 2, 2014
Damien and his friends travel to Death Mountain, where the Goron tribe lives.
9 Eruption in Death Mountain Reimu Hakurei (Touhou Project) Donald Keaton August 9, 2014
Damien and the others try to escape Death Mountain before the crater erupts.
10 Wrestling Impact Zangief (Street Fighter) Richard Daniels August 16, 2014
Zangief is possessed by a dark ring, making him go berserk.
11 The Severe Case of Bad Luck Arthur (Ghosts n' Goblins) Ian Velasco August 23, 2014
After opening a golden fortune cookie, Damien believes he is having bad luck.
12 Behind the Mask of Lucina Marth (Fire Emblem) Donald Keaton August 30, 2014
Damien and the others meet Lucina, who was Marth in disguise.
13 Huitzil Attack! R.O.B. (Stack-Up & Gyromite) Donald Keaton September 6, 2014
An army of robots attack the entire city and Damien along with his friends.
14 Who Framed Damien? Kazuya Mishima (Tekken) Ian Velasco, Lisa Redman September 13, 2014
Damien sees himself on a wanted poster, into thinking he is the worst AniGamer of them all.
15 War on Brinstar Zero Suit Samus (Metroid) Geoffrey Kinney September 20, 2014
Damien, Centinela and Kyle find themselves on Planet Zebes.
16 Brinstar Depths Elec Man (Mega Man) Lisa Redman, Geoffrey Kinney September 27, 2014
Damien and the others discover the deepest part of Brinstar.
17 Lord Xeroth's Plan Lucina (Fire Emblem) Ian Velasco October 4, 2014
Lord Xeroth sends a giant monster to attack Damien and the gang.
18 Breaking the Code Ken (Street Fighter) Donald Keaton October 11, 2014
Damien and the group try to escape Brinstar by remembering the code.
19 Awakening of Evil, Part 1 Nabbit (Super Mario) Greg Devon, Lisa Redman October 18, 2014
Damien finally engages in a battle against Lord Xeroth.
20 Awakening of Evil, Part 2 Demitri Maximoff (Darkstalkers) Ian Velasco October 25, 2014
Lord Xeroth unleashes a trump card on his rare character card.

Season 3 (Strikeforce)

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 Enter Kabuki, the Quantum Fighter Wario (Super Mario) Ian Velasco January 24, 2015
Damien is separated from his friends and is pulled into another dimension.
2 A New Gamertude Felicia (Darkstalkers) Geoffrey Kinney January 31, 2015
After a battle with Kabuki, Damien encounters two new AniGamers.
3 Magical Uprising Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) Kenneth Montgomery February 7, 2015
While trekking through the Millennial Dimension, Damien encounters Sheik who is seeking to rescue a manakete princess from their enemies.
4 Mechanic Mayhem Meta Knight (Kirby) Ian Velasco February 14, 2015
Damien helps Meta Knight and Chrom battle Huitzils.
5 Trouble in Twilight Town Roxas (Kingdom Hearts) Lisa Redman February 21, 2015
Damien gets help from Roxas when he has fallen in Twilight Town.
6 Danger Abounds Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) Kenneth Montgomery February 28, 2015
A mysterious warrior named Gringill holds Coco Bandicoot hostage.
7 The Koopa Bros. Koopa Troopa (Super Mario) Ian Velasco, Lisa Redman March 7, 2015
Damien and the others battle four Koopa Brothers.
8 All Aboard the Comet Observatory Rosalina & Luma (Super Mario) Bobby Taylor March 14, 2015
Rosalina sends Damien and the gang throughout the cosmos.
9 The Freezing Plains Ice Climbers (Ice Climber) Lisa Redman, Kenneth Montgomery March 21, 2015
Damien meets two young ice climbers who are looking for the sacred treasure.
10 The Mirror Master Viridi (Kid Icarus) Geoffrey Kinney March 28, 2015
A mirror master lures Damien and the others into his trap.
11 New Rivals Approach! Marisa Kirisame (Touhou Project) Bobby Taylor, Ian Velasco April 4, 2015
Damien and Kabuki battle two young girls with their secret power in them.
12 A Hasty Choice M. Bison (Street Fighter) Geoffrey Kinney April 11, 2015
Gharnef brainwashes Tiki so that he can force her to destroy Damien.
13 The Four Noble Sisters Minerva (Fire Emblem) Ian Velasco, Geoffrey Kinney April 18, 2015
Damien and the others meet four sisters who appear from the Fire Emblem universe and learns about the secrets of the hidden scroll.
14 The Siren's Battle Cry Peppy Hare (Star Fox) Geoffrey Kinney April 25, 2015
Neff from Altered Beast kidnaps Krystal; Damien must rescue Krystal by battling an AniGamer who has Neff in his deck.
15 The Secret Garden King Dedede (Kirby) Stephen Graham May 2, 2015
The group's tea party is interrupted when Petey Piranha crashes the party.
16 Temple of the Master Sword Toon Link (The Legend of Zelda) Donald Keaton, Stephen Graham May 9, 2015
Damien thinks he is chosen to pull out the Master Sword.
17 The Finishing Move Scroll Slime (Dragon Quest) Donald Keaton, Ian Velasco May 16, 2015
Damien finds a hidden scroll that will help defeat an unknown challenger.
18 Tag Team Takedown Waluigi (Super Mario) Lisa Redman May 23, 2015
With the help of Kabuki, Damien teams up with her to battle Xenamira and Kale.
19 The Power of Pandora, Part 1 Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken) Ian Velasco May 30, 2015
Damien helps Ling Xiaoyu find and discover Jin Kazama who was injured during a battle.
20 The Power of Pandora, Part 2 Jin Kazama (Tekken) Ian Velasco May 30, 2015
Jin and Xiaoyu are both possessed by the power of the pandora gems.

Season 4 (Strikeforce, Part 2)

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director Air Date
1 Strange Days on Wumpa Island Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) Stephen Graham September 26, 2015
Wumpa Island is attacked by the Crimson Dragon Knight named Volga, causing everyone to panic.
2 Inside the Water Temple Ruto (The Legend of Zelda) Stephen Graham October 3, 2015
Damien and the gang venture into the Water Temple.
3 The Ultimate Disguise Q*Bert (Q*Bert) Ian Velasco October 10, 2015
Damien and the group engage in a battle against Wizzro who was Zelda in disguise.
4 The Land of Sweets Rumia (Touhou Project) Ian Velasco October 17, 2015
The AniGamers compete in a baking contest to see who can bake the biggest cake in the land of sweets.
5 Horrors of Raccoon City, Part 1 Chris Redfield (Resident Evil) Lisa Redman October 24, 2015
Chris Redfield will need Damien's help to battle a mob of zombies who are attacking Raccoon City.
6 Horrors of Raccoon City, Part 2 Albert Wesker (Resident Evil) Lisa Redman, Stephen Graham October 31, 2015
Albert Wesker threatens to attack Damien and the others during a battle.
7 The Goddess of Nature Nina Williams (Tekken) Donald Keaton November 7, 2015
Viridi from Kid Icarus: Uprising joins forces with a Puppetmaster who was controlling the strings.
8 Palutena Possessed! Palutena (Kid Icarus) Geoffrey Kinney November 14, 2015
Palutena becomes possessed by a dark sorceress named Cia.
9 Light Show on Laser Island Akuma (Street Fighter) Stephen Graham November 21, 2015
Damien's 4th of July festivities are cut short when M. Bison interrupts the entire party.
10 Chaos in Inkopolis Inkling Boy (Splatoon) Stephen Graham November 28, 2015
Chaos erupts when Cia attacks Inkopolis where the Inklings live.
11 The Arrival of the Squid Sisters Inkling Girl (Splatoon) Eddie Gould December 5, 2015
Damien and the group encounter two Squid Sisters.
12 Survival of the Inklings Angelo (Dragon Quest) Eddie Gould, Ian Velasco December 12, 2015
Damien and the gang must battle against an AniGamer who has the Squid Sisters in his deck.
13 The Royal Rumble Games Falco Lombardi (Star Fox) Stephen Graham, Ian Velasco December 19, 2015
Damien and the others compete in the Royal Rumble Games; Kim has a showdown with a female battler.
14 A New Power-Up! Geno (Super Mario) Donald Keaton, Eddie Gould December 26, 2015
Damien has a new power-up card for one of his character cards.
15 Hammer of the Kings Lucas (EarthBound) Geoffrey Kinney January 2, 2016
Jim encounters a challenger with a trick up his sleeve.
16 Kabuki vs. Rupert Blanka (Street Fighter) Eddie Gould January 9, 2016
Kabuki struggles to defeat Rupert who has married her 10 years ago.
17 Tag Team Trouble, Part 1 Bowser Jr. (Super Mario) Geoffrey Kinney January 16, 2016
Two young children attack Jim and Kim.
18 Tag Team Trouble, Part 2 Aqua (Kingdom Hearts) Stephen Graham January 23, 2016
Damien and Kabuki battle against two undefeated AniGamers.
19 Fatal Fury, Part 1 Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury) Lisa Redman, Ian Velasco January 30, 2016
An undefeated champion has a stronger card up his sleeve.
20 Fatal Fury, Part 2 Pyron (Darkstalkers) Lisa Redman, Ian Velasco February 6, 2016
Damien discovers that an undefeated champion has revealed his true identity as a woman.

Season 5 (Generation XD)

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 Into the 20th Century Simon Belmont (Castlevania) Lisa Redman September 3, 2016
Damien is traveled into the 20th century where new battlers await him.
2 The Island of Gold Doubloons Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) Lisa Redman September 10, 2016
Damien struggles to help a pirate get back all of his gold doubloons.
3 A Galactic Destination! Ridley (Metroid) Geoffrey Kinney September 17, 2016
When Ridley kidnaps Ron and Kirsten, Damien attempts to defeat an AniGamer who has that monster in his deck.
4 Team Galaxy Showdown Doctor Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog) Stephen Graham September 24, 2016
Team Galaxy has a grudge on Damien's friends by challenging them to a battle.
5 The Night Before Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde (Pac-Man) Ian Velasco October 1, 2016
The ghosts from Pac-Man haunt and roam around the castle hall.
6 The Witch Princess Witch Princess (Harvest Moon) Eddie Gould October 8, 2016
Damien encounters a witch princess who appears from the Harvest Moon era.
7 Overpowering Link Young Link (The Legend of Zelda) Ian Velasco October 15, 2016
Young Link is overpowered by the transformation masks he cannot remove from his face.
8 Commander Zowler and the Corrupted Fi Mega Man (Mega Man) Eddie Gould October 22, 2016
Fi is brainwashed by Commander Zowler who plans to turn the tide against Damien; Damien attempts to save Kyle who was fallen under Fi's control.
9 Road 2 Ruin Fox McCloud (Star Fox) Stephen Graham October 29, 2016
Damien and the group are ambushed by an unwanted team called Star Wolf.
10 Raid on the Scarlet Devil Mansion Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou Project) Donald Keaton November 5, 2016
The Scarlet Devil Mansion is under attack by the soldiers of hatred.
11 Curse of Zero Captain Olimar (Pikmin) Lisa Redman November 12, 2016
An unwanted AniGamer has an army of poisonous monsters.
12 Enter Dark Samus! Master Belch (EarthBound) Ian Velasco November 19, 2016
A brainwashed Samus attacks Damien and the gang.
13 Trouble in the Great Library Patchouli Knowledge (Touhou Project) Eddie Gould November 26, 2016
Patchouli is turned to stone by a possessed princess and an army of creatures from the Distant Planet.
14 Under the Full Moon, Part 1 Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight) Ian Velasco, Stephen Graham December 3, 2016
Centinela and Kyle discover that a young rabbit girl has been held captive by Doctor Wily.
15 Under the Full Moon, Part 2 Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) Ian Velasco, Stephen Graham December 10, 2016
Princess Melody puts a hex on Damien's friends and allies.
16 A Race against Time! Doctor Wily (Mega Man) Geoffrey Kinney December 17, 2016
Damien is trapped in a duel against the fighting polygon team.
17 The Dark Forces Draw Near Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) Geoffrey Kinney December 24, 2016
After becoming a puppet of Ganondorf, Cia and the dark forces band together to defeat Damien and the others.
18 The Shining Beacon Hammer Bro (Super Mario) Eddie Gould January 7, 2017
Cia creates a dark clone out of Link; Damien goes into the chamber and must defeat an army of Dark Links.
19 Cia's Last Stand Cia (The Legend of Zelda) Ian Velasco January 14, 2017
Lana tries to prevent Cia from terrorizing all of the video game universe.
20 The Last Temptation of Cia Bayonetta (Bayonetta) Eddie Gould, Geoffrey Kinney January 14, 2017
When Lana becomes merged with Cia, Damien attempts to finish the job by rescuing her from the fusion spell.

Season 6 (Superchargers)

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 The Gaming Adventure Continues! Vega (Street Fighter) Ian Velasco June 24, 2017
Commander Zowler's minions begin to eliminate video game characters that were on the good side.
2 The Barrier of the Beanbean Kingdom Magnus (Kid Icarus) Lisa Redman July 1, 2017
Damien and his allies plan to break the Beanbean Kingdom's barrier.
3 Fawful's Fury Fawful (Super Mario) Geoffrey Kinney July 8, 2017
Damien and the group try to rescue Prince Peasley when Fawful has trapped him inside an egg.
4 Enter the Chameleon King K. Rool (Donkey Kong) Eddie Gould July 15, 2017
Damien battles a shapeshifter who has a crush on Centinela.
5 Four AniGamers and a Baby Lana (The Legend of Zelda) Stephen Graham July 22, 2017
Damien travels into the chamber and discovers Cia who was reborn as an infant.
6 Viewtiful Joe Makes the Scene! Viewtiful Joe (Viewtiful Joe) Stephen Graham July 29, 2017
A hero named Viewtiful Joe comes to aid Damien and his friends.
7 Meet the Broodals Isabelle (Animal Crossing) Ian Velasco August 5, 2017
The Broodals from Super Mario Odyssey commit crimes throughout the video game universe.

NOTE: The Broodals from the Nintendo Switch video game, Super Mario Odyssey make their debut in this episode before the video game gets released in the Fall of 2017.

8 Neff's Revenge Nemesis (Resident Evil) Ian Velasco August 12, 2017
Neff reenacts his evil plan; Centinela and Kyle go missing when new AniGamers abduct them.
9 Master Hand and the Hidden Realm Chocobo (Final Fantasy) Ian Velasco August 19, 2017
Master Hand discovers a hidden realm that turns out to be lured by the light.
10 Goin' Crazy! Guy (Final Fight) Lisa Redman August 26, 2017
Master Hand teams up with Crazy Hand to destroy Damien.
11 The Cursed Ink Battler Yellow Iris (Battle Circuit) Lisa Redman September 2, 2017
An AniGamer enhanced by black ink curses Kabuki.
12 Out of the Ordinary Rodin (Bayonetta) Stephen Graham September 9, 2017
Damien's battle with Shin turns out to be a deadly brawl.
13 Journey to Dracula's Castle Cut Man (Mega Man) Eddie Gould September 16, 2017
Damien and the gang travel to Dracula's Castle where horrors await.
14 Into the Dark World Nitrus Brio (Crash Bandicoot) Eddie Gould September 23, 2017
Hilda traps Damien and the others into the Dark World.
15 Julia the Weapon Expert Gray Fox (Metal Gear) Ian Velasco September 30, 2017
A woman who was brainwashed by Hilda attacks Damien and his allies.
16 Queen Bean's Deadly Trap Dunban (Xenoblade Chronicles) Stephen Graham October 7, 2017
Damien is forced to defeat Julia when Hilda has planted a parasite into Queen Bean.
17 Metal Face's Deadly Game Robin (Fire Emblem) Stephen Graham October 14, 2017
Shen threatens to destroy Damien with Metal Face in his deck.
18 Showdown in Dracula's Castle Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) Ian Velasco October 21, 2017
Damien and the gang battle through Dracula's Castle.
19 The Wrath of Dracula, Part 1 Alucard (Castlevania) Eddie Gould October 28, 2017
Damien is challenged into a showdown with Wizard Keno where the winner gets Centinela and Kyle.
20 The Wrath of Dracula, Part 2 Master Hand & Crazy Hand (Super Smash Bros.) Lisa Redman October 28, 2017
With the help of his friends, Damien finds a way to spot Dracula's weakness.

Season 7 (Superchargers, Part 2)

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 Tyranny of Kubo Angelo (Dragon Quest) Eddie Gould June 23, 2018
Kubo devises a plan to strengthen his army of villains.
2 The Chameleon Strikes Back AiAi (Super Monkey Ball) Humberto Roosevelt June 30, 2018
The Chameleon lures Damien and the group into his trap.
3 Radical Highway Alph (Pikmin) Ian Velasco July 7, 2018
Damien and the others cross over into Radical Highway.
4 Infiltrating the Station Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog) Geoffrey Kinney July 14, 2018
A mysterious battler controls a monster who swallows each and every chaos emerald.
5 The Egg Fleet Richter Belmont (Castlevania) Geoffrey Kinney July 21, 2018
Damien and his allies prepare themselves for a showdown in the skies when Dr. Eggman unleashes a fleet.
6 A Fortress in the Storm Guts Man (Mega Man) Humberto Roosevelt July 28, 2018
Damien faces his fear of lightning strikes when trying to infiltrate the fortress.
7 Attack of the Koopalings Daisy (Super Mario) Ian Velasco August 4, 2018
Kubo challenges Damien to a battle with the help of the Koopalings.
8 Hoshido and Nohr Roy (Fire Emblem) Lisa Redman August 11, 2018
Two squads from the Fire Emblem universe appear to aid Damien in his battle with Kubo.
9 Hilda's True Colors Hilda (The Legend of Zelda) Lisa Redman August 18, 2018
Hilda creates dark clones out of Damien's cards.
10 The Shadow Queen, Part 1 Ancient Ogre (Tekken) Ian Velasco August 25, 2018
A devil queen abducts Sinon and Greg.
11 The Shadow Queen, Part 2 N. Gin (Crash Bandicoot) Geoffrey Kinney September 1, 2018
Damien attempts to defeat Rin who has the Shadow Queen possessing Peach in her deck.
12 Earth Reborn in Shadows Porky Minch (EarthBound) Stephen Graham September 8, 2018
Damien's tables are turned when planet earth is consumed by evil.
13 Snowblinding Damien Jago (Killer Instinct) Humberto Roosevelt September 15, 2018
Damien is lost in a snowstorm and befriends a snow soldier.
14 Lana's Return Rash (Battletoads) Geoffrey Kinney September 22, 2018
Lana returns to reunite with Cia; Damien teams up with Lana and Reimu to exterminate troublesome youkai.
15 The Scorching, Troublesome Divine Flame Utsuho Reiuji (Touhou Project) Stephen Graham September 29, 2018
Utsuho Reiuji threatens to summon monsters to destroy Damien and his allies.
16 Yuga, Sorcerer of Lorule Cammy (Street Fighter) Lisa Redman October 6, 2018
An evil sorcerer named Yuga joins forces with Utsuho; Damien and his allies try to defeat an army of dark clones.
17 Victory Road Ripto (Spyro the Dragon) Humberto Roosevelt October 13, 2018
Damien is one step closer to defeating Commander Zowler.
18 Check and Mate Firebrand (Ghosts n' Goblins) Ian Velasco October 20, 2018
Commander Zowler begins to eliminate the AniGamers; Utsuho and Yuga step in.
19 Duel on a Planet of Darkness, Part 1 Sigma (Mega Man) Ian Velasco October 27, 2018
When everything fails, it is up to Damien to finish the job by defeating Commander Zowler.
20 Duel on a Planet of Darkness, Part 2 Medusa (Kid Icarus) Ian Velasco October 27, 2018
With Damien's friends turned to crystallic stone, he must find a way to expose the weakness of Commander Zowler's ultimate trump card.

Season 8 (Pokémon Saga)

NOTE: This is the only episode where all of the Silhouette Characters appear to be Pokémon.

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 Pikachu! I Choose You! Pikachu (Pokémon) Ron Frost, Ian Velasco March 16, 2019
Damien believes he has caught a Pikachu.
2 Blazing Fury Charizard (Pokémon) Ian Velasco March 23, 2019
Charizard goes berserk around the video game universe when it gets possessed by the black ring.
3 Jigglypuff's Lullaby Jigglypuff (Pokémon) Ron Frost March 30, 2019
Damien discovers a wild Jigglypuff; a giant Donkey Kong goes on a rampage throughout the video game universe.
4 Lucario of the Aura Lucario (Pokémon) Humberto Roosevelt April 6, 2019
Damien tries to help Lucario master the ways of the aura.
5 Greninja Makes a Splash! Greninja (Pokémon) Ian Velasco April 13, 2019
Damien and his friends battle a mysterious battler with the help of Greninja.
6 The Almighty Incineroar Incineroar (Pokémon) Ron Frost April 20, 2019
Damien helps Zangief confront Incineroar who was possessed by one of Kaizo's black rings.
7 The Big Perfect Shot Decidueye (Pokémon) Ian Velasco April 27, 2019
A wild Decidueye sets its sights on Damien's friends.
8 Detective Pikachu and the Missing Pichu Pichu (Pokémon) Humberto Roosevelt May 4, 2019
Damien helps Pikachu reunite with Pichu when it gets lost in the depths of the forest.
9 Pikachu vs. Raichu Raichu (Pokémon) Humberto Rossevelt May 11, 2019
With Raichu possessed, Damien and Pikachu team up to defeat and save it.
10 A Legend Reawakens Mewtwo (Pokémon) Ron Frost, Ian Velasco May 18, 2019
Yuga discovers an ancient realm where Mewtwo was once revealed.
11 The Chameleon's Dirty Trick Ditto (Pokémon) Ian Velasco May 25, 2019
The Chameleon and Ditto use many disguises to lure Damien and his friends into many traps.
12 Future Frenzy Celebi (Pokémon) Ian Velasco June 1, 2019
Celebi's Time-Traveling incident causes Damien to be stranded within 20 years.
13 The Shaymin Village Shaymin (Pokémon) Ron Frost June 8, 2019
Damien and the group discover a hidden village.
14 Power of the Elements Arceus (Pokémon) Ron Frost June 15, 2019
Kaizo summons Arceus to terrorize the video gaming universe with the power of elements in its possession.
15 Psychic Control Suicune (Pokémon) Humberto Roosevelt June 22, 2019
Mewtwo begins possessing everyone so that the group can turn the tide against Damien and his friends.
16 Meet the Pokémon Trainers Blastoise (Pokémon) Humberto Roosevelt June 29, 2019
Two Pokémon Trainers seek help from Damien and the gang.
17 Venusaur's Roar Venusaur (Pokémon) Ian Velasco July 6, 2019
Kaizo implants a dark ring inside Venusaur; Damien and his friends try to save Venusaur by battling it.
18 The Rainbow Stone Ho-Oh (Pokémon) Ian Velasco July 13, 2019
Damien goes forth to find the legendary rainbow stone.
19 The Power Inside Mewtwo, Part 1 Meloetta (Pokémon) Ian Velasco July 20, 2019
Mewtwo's minions begin to eliminate Damien and his friends.
20 The Power Inside Mewtwo, Part 2 Jirachi (Pokémon) Ian Velasco, Ron Frost July 27, 2019
With the help of Ho-Oh and the rainbow stone, Damien finds a way to rescue everyone who was possessed by Mewtwo.

Season 9 (World of Light and Darkness)

Episode No. Episode Name Silhouette Character Director(s) Air Date
1 A Journey Into the World of Light Spring Man (ARMS) Ian Velasco January 4, 2020
Damien and his friends find themselves in the World of Light and Darkness where a guardian of light threatens to vaporize everyone into spirits.
2 Smoky Mario Toadette (Super Mario) Ron Frost January 11, 2020
A spirit of the Smoky Progg possesses Mario.
3 The Blaster of Blasters PTX-40A (Lost Planet) David Nishimura January 18, 2020
A robotic gargantuan gets possessed by the dark ring after it gets attacked by Kaizo.
4 Pyra Descends! Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles) Humberto Roosevelt January 25, 2020
An aegis takes aim on Kaizo.
5 Secret of the Missing Gastly Yuri Kozukata (Fatal Frame) David Nishimura February 1, 2020
Damien helps two mysterious women search for a ghost Pokémon who is roaming around the tower of terror.
6 Battle in the Base Trevor C. Belmont (Castlevania) P.J. Ramirez February 8, 2020
Damien battles a challenger who has an army of machine cards.
7 A Showdown Against Galleom Luminary (Dragon Quest) Ian Velasco, P.J. Ramirez February 15, 2020
Damien encounters a legendary machine monster.
8 To the Forest Hill! Sōki (Onimusha) Gary Faris February 22, 2020
When a fog affects the Forest Hill, Damien and his friends get lost.
9 The Monster Hunter Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter) David Nishimura February 29, 2020
Damien teams up with an autonomous hunter who's mission is to defeat the legendary beast.
10 Yuri's Lost Days Geese Howard (Fatal Fury) Ian Velasco, David Nishimura March 7, 2020
Yuri cannot remember why Mio and Mayu combine themselves into her.
11 Meeting Mythra Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles) Gary Faris March 14, 2020
Damien and Pyra see an opportunity to clean up crime against a ceremonial challenger.
12 Raging Rathalos Rathalos (Monster Hunter) Humberto Roosevelt March 21, 2020
A legendary dragon starts attacking the Forest Hill.
13 The Red Hot Molten Fortress Blaziken (Pokémon) Humberto Roosevelt March 28, 2020
Utsuho Reiuji threatens to turn up the heat in the World of Light.
14 Giga Bowser's Spicy Return Demitri (Darkstalkers) Gary Faris April 4, 2020
Giga Bowser makes a spicy comeback when Damien engages in a showdown against a burning challenger.
15 Enter Joker, the Great Phantom Thief Joker (Persona) Ian Velasco April 11, 2020
When a member of the Phantom Thieves rescues Damien he gains the ability to tag along with him to defeat the guardian of light.
16 The Chameleon Squad Strikes Back! Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters) Ian Velasco April 18, 2020
The Chameleon threatens to use Minerva's younger sister, Princess Maria as a pawn.
17 Slime Party X (Mega Man) Gary Faris, Ian Velasco April 25, 2020
The Slime village gets under attack by Yuga, who attempts to possess them using dark rings.
18 Museum of Horrors Off the Hook (Splatoon) Humberto Roosevelt May 2, 2020
An unknown spirit attacks the entire museum.
19 Revenge of Galeem, Part 1 Yoshimitsu (Tekken) David Nishimura May 9, 2020
Damien and the group join forces to take on the emperor himself named Giran, who summons the creature Galeem.
20 Revenge of Galeem, Part 2 Count Bleck (Super Mario) David Nishimura May 16, 2020
Damien's chances of winning appears to be shattered until he powers up to defeat Galeem.
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